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VOL. XV. NO, 12
Vice-President 01 The Big Heart
'. Oil Company Pays Rental
On Leases.
Albert L. Brown, vice president of
the Big Heart Oil Company was in
Liberal several days last week, and
spent the time with County Attor
ney Eugene E. Davis, in connection
with the affairs of the company here.
: When the oil excitement was at
Its height this company took leases
to a large block of acerage, and dur
ing his stay here Mr. Brown paid the
rentals to hold the acreage for an
other year.
Speaking of the company Mr.
Brown said -that the Big Heart had
merged with the Barnsball refining
Company with a capital of $30,000,
000. The Barnsball company is com
posed of 29 different corporations,
making it one of the largest inde
pendent oil development companies
in America.
Mr. Brown is optimistic over the
' future outlook of the oil industry,
although at the present t'me the oil
companies are hard hit. He said that
for the past eight months American
and foreign economic ronditions had
made it difficult for the companies
to do business, but he thinks the
crisis is over, and that general
healthful conditions will prevail, and
-within the next eight to twelve
t months the oil industry will be well
on the road to a normal condition.
When this time arrives, he says
the big oil companies, including his
own, will carry on a campaign for
new production, which is made im
, possible at this time because of the
fact that there is from 60 to 90 per
cent storage on hand and no de
mand for the refined product. Un
til buying In this country readjusts
itself, and foreign exchange' is sta
enabling producers to export
-their product, production will nec
essarily have 'to be limited. .
Mr. Brown was very conservative
In his remarks concerning the pos
isible future of the Liberal field, but
-the fact, that he paid lip the rentals
on the acreage owned by his com
pany is .taken to mean that they
still have faith in the field and ex
pect to develop their holdings as
-soon as conditions are right for the
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Jay Bent
ley Sept. 4th a girl.
Born to Mr, and Mrs. E. H. .Barnes
".Sept." 7th' a boy.
Born to Mr. and Mrs Oral Park
er, Sept. 7th a boy.
The early enrollment in the Lib
eral schools has shown a remarka
able increase in attendance this
.year. The increase has been more
noticeable in the Junior high and
iSenior high, and the primary de
partments have remained about the
. :ame.
The enrollment Monday morning
for the schools was 1124, and it is
.expected that there would be many
. more1 enrollments later in the week.
'; The enrollment in the primary
departments is an even hundred.
'The Garfield school has an enroll
ment at the. present time of 247,
;and the McKlnley school242. There
are 162 pupils in the different an
' nex rooms, including the beginners
in the annex at Lincoln. This is the
enrollment for the first six grades.
-Junior high has shown an increase
of 39 pupils, making for the year,
.188 pupils.,.
The high school has advanced ac
cording to the attendance. At the
end Of , the first week of last year
'the high school had an enrollment
of 211, and this year' 244 regis
tered Monday morning
There are also several post-graduates
attending this term. They are
Leo Ackers, Lucy Barbee, Wanie
Condit, Paul and Laura Barrier.
The increase in enrollment is suf
ficient proof that the Liberal schools
are advancing in every way. The
only thing that is needed to make
Liberal first-class in every way' is
a new school building, and we hope
this will soon be built .
of the week
Reports . are ' That Downpour Wai
General Over ThU Part of Ok.
lahoma and Kansas :
The Southwest was visited by one
of the nicest rains of the season
Wednesday. ,Rain fell here about
six o'clock in the morning, and again
in the afternon and evening. In all,
2.17 inches of moisture fell here.
Reports from tlie north and east
are to the effect that the precipi
tation was greater than here vand
from the south we get information
that the rain extended well, across
the Oklahoma Panhandle.
Considerable hail fell with the
rain-here Wednesday afternoon, but
did no damage that we have heard.
Dear Friend: We, workers in the
churches of Liberal, take this means
extending you this invitation and
trust that you will take this invi
tation in the spirit in which it is
meant. a spirit of plain every-day
good . will from one person to an
other. We who give you this invitation
are largely business people, no bet
ter and no worse than the average.
We go to church practically every
than thuu, not because we are affraid
we will go to hell if we don't, but
than thou, not because we are anraid
just for plain, every-day business,
civic . and spiritual reasons. We go
to church because we think if every
one did, this world would be a better
place in which to live, and that Libr
eral would be a better place in which
to bring up our children, and we are
not slackers but believe in doing our
part. -
We think too, that as people of
affairs, the change of thought, the
cange of environment, and the
change of mind, will rest us and help
us in our work during the other six
days of the week.
Those of us who have - children
also go t'o'church to set' the young
ones a good example. Those of us
who do not have children also go to
church to set a good .example to
both old and young. But none of
us go to church because we are scared
into doing it. ' ' '
We invite you in-the same spirit
to attend some one of the churches
of our city. And we do more. We
promise you something. We think
that the ministers of Liberal are
good men, good speakers and inter
esting preachers. We enjoy hearing
them and want to. share that enjoy
ment with you. They tell us things
that make us think about the better
and nobler things of life, and that
give us viewpoints that are good for
any man. .
. So, in all heartiness, we invite
you to come arohnd to some tone of
the churches for the services next
Sunday. You will find a welcome and
someone to say "How-de-do" if you
want us to, ready to' greet you as one
person greets another, and you will
find us, we think, just about the
same sort as yourself. Come in Sunday.-
We will be glad to see you.
With best wishes, we remain,
Workers in the Churches of Liberal.
The band met in the band room
last Tuesday to go thru its regular
performance. On- account of the
Chautauqua last week, no meeting
was called and so this week the play
ers were full of pep, having time
to gather it in. "The Brazen Coin"
was tried and pocketed. A retreat
was necessary on "A Charge to Vic
tory," altho no one slipped on "Slip-
perinnis". After murdering "The
Elves" the final march with 'The
Pride of the Parade".
The band consists of 8 pieces, two
cornets, two baritones, one clarinet,
one trombone, one bass and - the
drums. This is a fairly good start
but not enough for a good band.
There are plenty of bandmerr in
town to make a good band if they
would come and practice. Liberal
needs a good band badly, and if
a good bunch of band men would get
together, the city would probably get
a competent director. , .
The next practice is at 3:00 Sun.
day afternoon on Mr. Willey's front
porch, at 730 North Prospect.
Everyone ;that wants in the band he
sure and come.
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- s
., ,Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Sans of Siel
ing Oklahoma who have been here
visiting at the C 8. Jarret home re
turned to their own home the last
The Baler at the Bottom of the Hole
Is Causing Delay In The
The Seward County Oil & Gas
Company has a fishing job in their
test on the Sealey farm, north of
Liberal. The baler is at the bottom
of the hole, and until they are suc
cessful in hooking it, drilling is sus
pended. The remarkable run of good luck
is being followed by the customary
run of bad luck in this test, and it
is hoped that the recovery of thej
baler will mark the end of the run
of misfortune which has delayed
drilling for the past several weeks.
Nothing is known of the intentions
of the Traders Oil Corporation re
garding operations. Mr. McQuipg
has not yet returned, and although
many rumors are afloat that the
rrew has been ordered to report on
September 15th, nothing definite is
Little interest is disvlayed in. the
oil game at this time. The visit of
Vice President Brown of the Big
Heart Oil Company caused a little
ripple of excitement for a few days,
but nothing has transpired as yet to
justify a great deal of interest.
Hugoton to be the Scene of Big
Entertainment September
26, 27, and 28
The Stevens County Fair and Race
Meet will be held this year Septem
ber 26, 27, and 28 and three big
days are promised.
According to, the programs there
will be horse races, ball games, bron
cho riding shows,, melrry-go-Tound,
ferris wheel, dancing, picture shows
and many other amusements,
There will also be aeorplane
flights everyday by Hugotons own
airplane, a bunch of boosters bought
for this purpose.
Liberal folks should pick a day and
go over en-masse and show the Hug
oton bunch that we appreciate the
visit they made to our Chautauqua.
We are promised a good time and
the trip would be a pleasant one. ,
Mrs. George Hall was shopping in
the city Thursday.
Mrs. Artie Hodges was operated
on Thursday at a local hospital for
Hallis Alexander was operated on
at a local hospital Wednesday for
Mrs., Roy Twist returned to her
home in Meade Thursday after visit
ing at the home of her sister, Mrs.
A. F. Gorman.
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S . .
I ItWillPay You
"The need of the hour is not more
legislation; the need is more Reli
gion" That means better church attendance ;
that you and I should go to church
regularly. ,
This is an invitation to you to at
tend one of the churches next Sunday.
You will be welcomed. Get the church
going habit. It is the best of all busi
ness assets. ,
A man who is immersed in business .
' all week needs to come up on Sunday
and enjoy the wholesome ' atmos
' phere of religious services. '
It will help you to be a better man
and a better citizen. ,
"Come to church Sunday" is the
invitation of the churches. : ; ;
It Will Pay You V
Will Be Located On North Kansas
Next To Exide Service
The Public Library Board ' has
rented the Walter Krohne building
on North Kansas avenue as a loca
tion for the library, and workmen
are now finishing the building, pre
paratory to moving the books to the
new location. It is expected to have
the library in operation by the mid
dle of the month.
The board used good judgment in
getting this location which is handy
to the business district and as near
centrally located as possible. It is
a large light room and an 'ideal place
for the purpose for which it will be
The library is bound to become an
important factor in the life of the
city and the Democrat is pleased to
say that it is to be improved as fast
r.a conditions justify.
Just what portion of the time the
library will be kept open is not yet
settled but every effort will be made
to give the best possible service with
the funds available.
The Chautauqua fund was swelled
again this year, and the committee
is to be congratulated on the show
ing made financially, as well as in
the handling of the Chautauqua.
The Chautauqua Association owns
a $500 Liberty bond, and will have
almost that much more to invest this
year, a good record to be sure.
We. think good judgment was used
in putting Ray Kennedy at the head
of the organization, and while he
may feel that he should retire after
this year, we think that on account
of his youth and good looks, he
should try it again next year.
And another thing which added
to the pleasure of Chautauqua was
the fine Packard piano loaned by
Chas. D. Taylor & Co. Not many
fellows would care to place such an
instrument in an old-tent for seven
days, but Chas. took the chance and
if the piano buyers are as enthusias
tic as the Chautauqua folks, he will
not loBe either. .
The editor of the Democrat has
been sleeping in a tent most of the
summer for the healthful in flu
ence of fresh air, and has become
so used to the canvas walls and
breezes that it is a sort of habit.
Then along comes the storm Wednes-
afternoon. blows our tent away
pours hundreds of gallons of water
nn nur dnwnv couch and makes a
pond of our bed-room. Now we are
Mhittinir the hay" in our old accus
tomed haunts. Truly, t'is a cold and
cruel world.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iihii
Will Take Management of .Lumber
Yard at That Place
September 15
Capt. A. T. Hilyard is arranging
his affairs here preparatory to going
to McCracken, Kansas, where he is to
take the management of a large Lum
ber yard September 15th.
Mr. Hilyard has' been here so long
that Liberal folks have considered
him almost a fixture here and it is
with regret that the Democrat tells
of his early departure.
For the past several years he has
been captain of Co. E., K. N. G.,
and has been able to build the com
pany to a high state of efficiency and
stands high with the officers and men
of the company as well as the higher
officers in the state, and the business
people of the city.
Hilyard is an enthusiastic worker
and fits well into the business and
social life of a community and his
loss will be a real one to Liberal.
McCracken is to be congratulated
in getting so desirable people as Mr.
pnd Mrs. Hilyard and we recommend
them to the good people of that town
as worthy of all confidence and
Liberal is short a lot of her best
young folks since the opening of
school, many going away to attend
college at the different schools.
While it has been impossible to get
as complete list we have secured as
many as possible.
T. J. Smith, Jr., Robert Ellis,
Willard Harnden, Evelyn Molter,
Velma Bond, and Francis Morrow
will attend Southwestern at Winfield.
Robert Levi, George Spradling,
Roscoe Jones, dary Farmer, Vernon
Engel, Wallay Heaton, and Ruth
Cure will attend Kansas -University
at Lawrence. '
Ralph Bane, Jas. Taylor, Jr., and
the Misses Etzold are going to K. S.
A;. C. at Manhattan."
. Lets Nickel will take her first years
work at P. A. I.-at, Goodwell, while
Edwin Browning will attend business
college at Plain view, Texas.. ,
Clifford Leete has gone to Cin
cinnati,' Ohio, where he will take a
course In the Polytechnic Institute.
Accepted Proposition to mark Road
Through Liberal to Lamar,
Good roads boosters from Lamar
and Two Buttes, Colorado, and John
son City,, New Ulysses and Satanta,
met with representatives of the Ok
lahoma Automobile Association and
Liberal men last night and practi
cally closed the deal for the Inter
state Highway from Oklahoua City to
Lamar, Colorado.
These men have been working- on
the project for the past several
weeks, but have .been unable to
come to an agreement (un'til last
night when all the differences were
ironed out and plans perfected for
the marking of the road.
The road will run through Forgan
to Liberal, thence north to Satanta,
slid west through Ulysses, Johnson
City, and Two Buttes, thence north
to Lamar, where it will connect with
the Santa Fe Trail to Colorado
According to the agreement with
the O. A. A., the road will be marked
with substantial markers which the
Association agrees to maintain with
out further cost to the towns af
fected. It is claimed that it is by many
miles the shortest route from Okla
homa City to the mountains and will
be a much traveled highway once it
is put in good condition. ' '
We'll eat and drink the Lion's share,
Now don't forget, old Cub, be there.
At 7 bells, down at the Grier, -You
bring your little wifie dear. .
We'll have good eats, and lots of
jokes, 1
This spread is for the women folks.
So don't come down there all alone,
Or I'll invite ypu to go home.
r(Tailtwister). ,
' Monday Evening.
' Subscribe for the Democrat. ''-
F. E. Cawley and family visited
at the Kimball home at Beaver Sun
day, Richard Farmer who has been
visiting in Beaver for the past week
returned with them.
City LandCounty Land and lani
Donated by C. M. Light Furnish
' Ground : ;:;
For many years there has been
agitation for a park for Liberal, but;
the most enthusiastic boosters had
about given up hope in securing the
object of their dreams, when all of
a sudden comes . the announcement
that the newly organized Lions club
has turned the trick and that the -park
is even now almost a reality.
The park will be located on the.
west side of North Kansas Avenue,
near the two big wells recently
"d by the city.
The city owned a tract 185x940
f-t near the wells, and C. M. Light
owned ' a similar tract. ' Sewaird
county also had a piece of ground
ibout the same size adjoining. The
Lions club took up the matter of a
park and H. Hobble, Ed Donnelly,
Frank Fortna and Fred M. Beaty
were appointed as a park committee. .
Mr. Light was approached in the
matter and very generously agreed
to donate his land for park pur
poses if the city and county would .
do likewise, and have the grounds
At the meeting of the County
Commissioners the matter was taken
up by Mayor Griffith and that august
body unhesitatingly agreed to the
plan. .
The three tracts comprize around
fifteen acres and is well situated for
-rk purposes, being cloBe to the
pavement and the auto camp grounls.'
It is planned to have trees set as
-on as possible and the work of
beautifying the grounds should have
the backing of every man, woman
and child in the city. While the
Lions Club is sponser for the move.',
ment and has made a great start'
It does not mean that they will not
welcome the assistance of everyone
in making this tract a beauty 'spot
within the next few years.
While no definite plans have a
yet been worked out, it is likely that
a part of the tract will be used as a
lake and the suggestion has been
made that a free swimming poof be
constructed. Trees will be set out :
and in time a landscape gardner will
likely be employed to assist in lay
ing out the grounds. v '
The matter of raising money for
the trees is one of 'the big questions, .
but the Democrat knows of an in- ;
stance where this was overcome
easily in this way. A canvas' was 1
made of the residents of the city
and they were requested to buy a
tree, and this should furnish all the
trees needed' without anyone being
hurt. The money for the swimming
pool might be raised in a similar
manner later on, as this is something
which could and would be enjoyed
by almost every citizen of the town.
. The public spiritedness of Mr.
Light is to be. commended. Charlie
has always been a real booster for
Liberal and when the park has. be
come a real attraction to the city
the full benefit of his gift will be '
realized. '' ' . ; '
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Ira Salley died Sept. 3rd. , '
Mrs. Llninger underwent an oper-'.
ation at a local hospital Tuesday., ,
Miss Ruth Wright was up from
Tyrone Thursday.
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-The Liberal high school football
team has been doing light practice
several days this week. With so little'
practice so far, it is hard to judge
just how efficient the team will be
when they get to playing games.
However, we believe, after watching
the men practice, that Liberal will
have team that , will win most of .
her games by a good percentage. - v, '
The school lost almost all of last
year's letter men, but there are still k:
the former substitutes, and this year
these men playing with several new ;
men, hope to make the teani a name..
There have been about thirty men
out for practice and with such ma ,
terial the teams should be good.' All.,
of the men are young In high school
and Liberal should have the .beatT
teams in the whole southwest fa the
next three years at least . , ,
, .1

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