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VOL. XV. NO, 13
Shipment of Tiesand Rails Expected
in Any Day. Then Work
Will Start
A car of ties hnsbeen unloaded
in the local yards and several addi.
tional cars of ties and rails are ex
pected to arrive any day, and upon
their arrival work on the line west
will be resumed.
Chief Engineer Meaner informs
the Democrat that all plans have
been made for building the road
to the Morton county line by January
1st, if no more legal entanglements
are encountered.
' The connections have been made
with the Rock Island out of Liberal
in both' directions and the grade is
completed to the city limits on the
west Engineers are setting the
grade stakes and as soon as the steel
is laid to the city line,, a work train
will be sent here from Pratt and the
work of pushing the line westward
across Seward and Stevens counties
will start.
Officials of the road are out this
afternoon dealing with Mr. Krieble
for land for a station and everything
is arranged to facilitate the work of
building the road.
Mr. Messer says they expeet to
have the road to the Cimarron river
in Morton county in time to build
the bridge across the river during
the winter, as that is the best time
to build.
It begins to look like the K. & 0.
would soon be a reality and it will
bt a big thing for Liberal when thiB
happens.. -
V v
i The Liberal Country club met
Wednesday night and adopted by
- 'Mrs." J. W.' Moon Buffered sever
"blirns on her hands Monday, when
the gas in a Ford car became igni
ted. Mrs. Moon was washing with a
power washer when the gasoline in
the engine became exhausted.- She
-went to the garage to get some gas
out of the tank of their Ford car,
and while thus engaged, the gasoline
caught fire. Just how, no one knows.
Her cries attracted the attention of
Chas. Dykes and he succeeded in ex
tinguishing the blaze without serious
damage to the car. .
The Hugoton Hermes last week, con
tained quite an article regarding
the Harry Ellis case and asks the
public what should be done. It
seems that the Beaver county au
thorities want Ellis to be brought
there for trial, while Stevens county
also would like to have Ellis tried
in - that county. According to the
Hermes, if Ellis is tried in Kansas,
he can be sentenced to the penin
tentiary, as the Kansas law is dif
ferent from that of Oklahoma, un
der whose laws the heat he could get
would be a reformatory sentence.
'If this is the case he should be
tried in Kansas. Ellis is a dangerous
character. With two cold-blooded
. murders to his credit, the reforma
tory is no place fo him. The chair
. , woujd he the thing, but on account of
r'tfS youth," it is hardly likely that he
would receive that severe penalty
even tough Kansas laws recognized
the same. .
The Democrat would like to see
this criminal tried . where he could
receive the greatest punishment, and
- - we don't can) whether it is Africa
or Spain.
Ellis sonld be punished severely
the more severely the better for
society in general.
Miss Bernice Crotts who has been
visiting with her sister Miss Fern
Crotts, left for her home in Chiclgo,
Earl Craig returned Wednesday
fromAmarilla, Texas, where he has
been playing with the Clinton, Okla
oma team against Amarillo.
Mrs. ' I. Greonberg has" gone to
Great Bend on a short business trip
in connection 'with the store at that
place, r - v .
V dham Mnlar ha returned frnm a
' bnsiness trip to Wichita.
Ailud to Locate Milting Couple by
Clarivoyant Power For
Miss Alice Nichols, editor of the
Nichols Journal, has received hun
dreds of letters from alt parts of the
country containing offers of mar.
riage, partnership's, ,and the like but
the best yet came to the Democrat
Sunday, It seemed that the writer
thinks Miss Nichols possessed of
clarivoyant powers and desires her
asistance. The letter addressed to
the editor of the Democrat says:
"Dear Sir: In a paper that was a
girl editor of a paper in liberal kan
sas that could for tell anything if
so I will paw her if she will give me
news about a party that-left the 5
day of Aug. and not been seen ner
heard from if she can tell me where
ware both come home I will pay.
"the party was a man and a girl."
Very truly yours."
Starting Monday, September 19th
and lasting all the. week, the. famous
Copeland Bros., and their splendid
company of twenty people will play
a weeks' engagement in Liberal un
der the auspices of the American
Legion. This company is new to
Liberal but comes direct from -the
larger cities of Texas, where they
have 'played for ten Consecutive
seasons with flattering success.
The company is made up of such
well-known artists as Audress Walsh
late leading lady with the Avenue
Stock, Detroit, Minnie Wardell, Per
ry Crarida)l and Verne Douglass and
a well balanced company of artists.
The vaudeville is above the average
carried with a company of this char
acter, The Four Copelands comedy
quartette and Zent, the jail breaker,
are two features extraordinary.
The ten theatre is the largest and
finest traveling, the plays all new,
late royalty releases, the prices with
in the reach of alL
The opening play on Monday night
will be the famous home play, "The
Tie. That Binds," featuring Alverna
Copeland ink the role of the little
.On Monday night only, the ladies
will be admitted, free if with escort
holding a paid adult ticket, by pay
ing five cents war tax.
Marguerite Thrapp was in the city
last week in the interest of Home
Service work of the Red Cross. Miss
Thrapp is of Topeka, and is repre
senting the Southwest Division of
the Red Cross at St. Louis. The fol
lowing disabled soldiers went from
Liberal to meet the Clean-Up Squad
at Garden City to be examined and
have their needs looked after: Vir
gil Harrison, John Lust and Mr. Rich
ardson of Beaver county, Oklaho
ma. They report fine treatment and
everything posible done to meet their
requirements. Theo. B. Moore and
J, B. Miller, secretary, were active
in making these arrangements.
Fred Lunt, who has been promi
nently connected with the oil game
here since the start, has written a
Liberal man that he will return here
within a few days. '
Whether his return has any special
significance cannot be learned but
it is known that he has been working
on a proposition of considerable mag
nitude and the impression is that he
may be ready to start something up
on his return.
Otis Turner inform the Democrat
that Chas. Mayse will be here Sat
urday and Sunday with two airplanes
and a parachute jumper, and that
they will give some atunt flights and
take up passengers.
Mayse has been here before and
is known as a careful, competent
pilot. Watch for the planes Saturday
and Sunday and see tbe stunts.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Fred Allen
on September 12th, a boy.
Mr. and Mrs.-G. M. Gentzler re
turned Thursday from an extended
trip in the eastern part of the state.
Harold Sutton has returned to !
Lawrence to resume his studies at
the state univesity. Jimmie Woods
has taken his place in the Wiley drug
Stevens County Justice Frees Man
Charged W.th Complicity With
Smith Murder
Frank Miller, charged as an acces
sory after the fact in the killing of
Henry Smith, is a free man and will
not have to face a jury in the dis
trict court in Stevens county.
A preliminary hearing was held
at Hugoton the first of the week be
fore Justice Bayles and the justice
could not see sufficient grounds for
holding Miller for the district court
Several went from Liberal to at
tend the hearing and they are not at
all pleased at the outcome of the
case. According to reports, there
was ample evidence to warrant the
case being taken to the district court
and they, were amazed when the
court rendered its verdict.
Miller seeihfjd fo" be Very friendly
with Harry Ellis, self-confessed mur
derer of Smith, and it is thought by
those close to the inside that Miller
knew more about the case than has
been brought out. Detective Proper,
who worked on the case, advised
holding Miller for trial and said that
there was sufficient evidence to war
rant him being held.
Of course, Miller may be Ihtirely
innocent of any connection with the
crime, but the majority of people
would have preferred to let a jury
decide rather than one man. There
is a general dissatisfaction here over
the outcome of the ease.
- All ex-service men who desire to
attend the National Convention at
Kansas City, must belong to the Am.
erican Legion to get the benefit of
the one cent per mile fare. If you
wish to attend this big convention
setf on of the officers of the local
post, and get your membership re
ceipt before buying1 your ticket.
Some day, dear readers, you will
meet a temptation or, undergo a tnaf
but you will come through triumph
ly, for alUhrough the years you haye
been gaining strength for that exper
ience from the bread of moral life
which is broken for you at the church
services which you constantly attend.
Attend church next Sunday at the
Presbyterian church and lay up some
moral strength.
Divine worship at 11:00; theme:
"Jesus and the Will of God." The
Sunday school meets at 9 :45. A good
attendance is urged in order to make
h'nal preparations for rally day, Sep
tember 28th.
The Christian Endeavor meets at
7:00. Topic: "Sins of the Tongue,"
James 3 : 1-5. Leader, Harvey Burns.
Evening worship at 8:00. Subject:
"Jesus and Temptation." A welcome
and a worshipful atmosphere awaits
you. ( :
Subscribe for the Democrat.
The Call!To
In a nobler sense, the Churches of Liberal are the
greatest social centers of our city.
Within their influence meet more persons than are
brought together by social clubs, secret societies, dance
halls, labor unions, society functions or any ither agency.
Anybody who will look squarely at life knows that
the Church is a social agency of unmeasured influence. x
Some social sets are exclusive. The Church's social
life is inclusive. She placard her door with the invita
tion : "ALjL WELCOME."
To, go to the Church next Sunday may mean fir you
to enter into a large, beautiful and happy life of friend
ship and activity.
And better than all it may mean the beginning of
Fellowship with Him, who, yhen on earth was the friend
of the friendless.
In'case of illness, death or other trouble, any Pastor
in the dity will be glad to help.
Attend the Church of
Your Choice Sunday ,
Baler Has Been Taken From Hole and
Crew is Now Baling
Out Sand
The outlook at the Seward County
Oil & Gas Company test on the
Sealey farm, north of Liberal, is
considerably brighter this week. The
drillers have finally succeeded in get
ting the baler which was buried by
quicksand, and are now baling the
sand from the hole. The 10-inch cas
ing has been run to 1200 feet, and
indications are that they are about
through the sand!
It Is hoped to have the 10-inch
set and drilling resumed early next
and this is possible should no fur
ther trouble develop.
A Democrat reporter interviewed
Ezra Shorb this morning and found
him' feeling a. great deal, more opti
mistic than for several weeks past.
Mr. Shorb says that if they can be
gin drilling early in the week and
nothing happens to stop the drill, te
shallow sand, which is supposed to
exist between fourteen and sixteen
hundred feet, can be penetrated
within the next two weeks.
Officers of the company are set
ting a great deal of store on finding
something in this sand, and the opin
ion is shared by others familiar with
the oil game, and all are anxious to
see the drill reach this depth. Two
towers will be run as soon as drilling
starts again, and every effort made to
complete a well before cold weather
starts in.
There are many rumors concern
ing the financial status of the com
pany, but Mr. 'Shorb laughs at these
rumors. He says the company has
always been able to raise the money
to keep the work going, and that
while the available funds have been
used pretty closely, he is not in the
least concerned over the- money mat
ten, and that there Is no grounds
whatever for anyone to spread ad.
verse rumors.
Conditions in the oil business are
such that there is little likeliood of
immediate development by any of
the big companies, and it now looks
as if the Seward County Oil & Gas
company test was going to be the
only chance oil getting something
right away. For this reason the test
is being watched with a great deal of
interest by both the stockholders and
the public.
, o
NOTICE We have marked our
wall paper stock down 25 to 30 per
cent. Wiley Drug Co.
The small daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Weishaor of Hooker, Oklahoma,
d her tonsils removed Tuesday, at
a local hospital.
E. P. Frantz of Balko Oklahoma
wat in the city' .Wednesday on his
way to Hillsbora Kansas.
Mr. and Mrs. . H. Smith, who
have been visiting at the T. M.
Smith home, south of town, returned
to their home in Texhoma yesterday.
' O. D. Nickel was minus a mule
the first of last week. He hunted
almost everywhere for the ani
mal and came in Thursday and
put a want ad in the Democrat.
Friday a neighbor called and
told him the mule was at his
place. O. D. says Democrat
want ads not only do the busi
ness, but do it quickly. ,
O. W. Spradling advertised
some full blood Holsteins in the
Democrat last Thursday. "Let
the cow ad run again," said Mr.
Spradling to the Democrat solic
itor, "I sold one of the bunch
advertised, Friday." as soon as
the paper was out.
It pays to advertise in a paper
with (he circulation.
Merchant Report Good Trada
Building Proceeding la the
City Boost Your Own
Despite dreadful conditions said
to prevail in the East, Southwest
Kansas is not taking any backward
step this year, and Liberal in par
ticular, is in condition to make a
healthy growth.
A drive over town shows many new
homes being built, new sidewalks and
other Improvements being made, and
the scene gives one a cheerful feel
ing, indeed. ,
Business men report trade in
creasing and traveling men say that
the southwest corner of Kansas is
the good territory this year.
The fact that this section raised
a big crop this season is helping to
tide over a bad time in good shape,
and Southwest Kansas is more for
tunate than many" sections in this
From over the country comes the
report of falling property values,
but this is not in evidence here,
and while buying is not fast, there
is a steady change of property at
good prices And those' best posted
look for an increase rather than
slump. Their reason for this is that
Liberal is just entering an era of
advancement, and the demand will
always bo good. Close in property
will never see the former price level
on account' of : the ever-increasing
demand for good rentals, and while
rents are higher in Liberal than in
surrounding - towns, the importance
of the city from a commercial stand,
point justifies the difference.
Liberal is a town of good salaries,
substantial businesses and high rents.
The three go hand in hand and while
rents are high those who rent are paid
sufficiently -to enable them to meet
the cost.
Liberal is growing right along and
the next few years are going to see
some big changes in th town.
.Oil development, while a trifle
slow now, will eventually proceed
full blast. The Byers road will be a
big thing for Liberal, the new high
school, -the city park and the new
library will each be a factor in bring
ing this condition.
If everyone will 'take oft their
overcoat and thaw out and do a re
ligious job of boosting, Liberal will
never know the meaning of hard
times. Stagnation is the one and only
cause of hard times and the town
which forges ahead is not affected
by any dummy nightmare like hard
times of business depression.
Do your share of the boosting.
Build if you can scrape up enough
to start; buy what you need and
you'll be helping to keep Liberal on
the map.
Birthday Party
Opal Fuller entertained a number
f her little girl friends Saturday
vening in honor of her fourteenth
Sirthday. The girls spent the even
ng in playing various games, after
which ice cream and - cake were
served. Many beautiful presents
were, received by the little hostess.
Those present were: Leulla Sturdi
vent, Murriell and Lucile Zimmer
man, Mildred Davis, Margaret Daugh
erty, Elwina Ellis, Helen Ruth Far
mer, Mary Alice Armstrong, Mil
dred Chittiden, Louise Meridith, Fern
McColIough and Irene Fuller.
The Ladies Aid of the Christian
church will hold a food sale at the
George Grocery Saturday, September
17th, at 2 o'clock.
Subscribe for the Democrat
Edgerly and Associates Are Building'
The K g and Will Start
Work Soon
Edgerly and Associates on the Ter.
williger farm in Stevens counts, four
mues east and three north of Hum.
ton, will complete their derrick Fri-;
day, and those who have seen, say
that it is one of the Jbest and most
substantial in this part of the coun-,
As soon as the derrick is finished
a rotary outfit will be installed and,
drilling started. Just how long thi
will take cannot be stated, but Mr.
Edgerly is anxious to get the hol.
made and will lose no time in making'
the arrangements.
With the rotary, unless trouble'
occurs, can make the hole the re
quired depth in a few months time, ,
and if everything goes along smotth- .
ly, Stevens county win have a real
test at an early date. ,
. The geology of that territory i '
equal to anything In the state and
those interested with Mr. Edgerly
are enthusiastic over the prospect
of developing something good. ;
Machinist C. W. Brown is driving
new Ford car thesee days.
The small son of F. M. Fry got hi '
arm broken Wednesday.
The Winfrey sisters of Grange, !
Oklahoma, had their tonsils removed
Tuesday at a local hospital
H. Biggie has had a neat porch
constructed in the rear of his new ,'.
residence on North Kansas.
T. M. Ellis purchased a new BuicV
Six of the Liberal Bifick company v
today. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis will go
Hutchinson Friday and attend th '
state fair. .
- '
The first social meeting of- the
Lions Club of Liberal was held at
the Cimarron hotel, Monday ' even
in, ' September . 12th, at 8 p. m.
when the Cubs entertained the Cub
lets. It was truly Ladies evening
and a very enjoyable time was had.
Chairman for the evening was O. L.
Light, and after a sumptious meal
the following short program was en
Piano, Miss Fern Crotts. The wel
come to the ladies was given by Mr.
H. A. Gaskill, and replied to by Mrs.
Herbert Hobble. The next was a
musical number by theLions Trio,
consisting of Ed Donnelly, H. A.
Gaskill and Ray Kennedy. This was
much appreciated, as the singers are
well trained, and their execution was
fine, in fact, by the time they were
half through everyone was in favor
of it. These artists sing songs back
wards as well as correctly.
The roll was called in a novel way.
Every member was asked to answer '
roll call by giving his wife's correct
age. Some of the smaller, weaker
members preferred to be checked ab
sent rather than answer the call, and
the remainder of the members must
have married their - better halves
when exceedingly young, as it was
"Eighteen", he Sure did "Raub" the
cradle. . .
An interesting talk was made by '
H. Hobble defining the purposes 'and
intentions of the Lions club.
Short talks were made by Dr. F.
M. Beaty, C. M. Light and Chas.
After this program, two. applica
tions for membership way presented
and refered to Chaiman Raub of the
membership committa. The ovaning ,
closed by all standing- and singing
"America." . ; - ,
Those present were: .;
Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Light, Mr. and
Mrs. Ed Donnelly, Mr. and Mrs. Ray
Kennedy, Mr. and Mrs. Chas.' D.
Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Holland,
Mr. and Mrs. W. V. Griffith, Mr and
Mrs. F. M. Beatty, Mr. and Mrs. C.
M. Light, Mr. and Mrs. John Moss,
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Yocum, Mr. nd
Mrs. Bert Hobble, Mr. and Mrs. John
Igou, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Summers,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fortna, Mr. and
Mrs. H. A; Gaskill, J. H. Salley and '
Mrs W. E. Salley, E. E. Stouter and
the Misses Crotts, Mr. and Mrs. J.
P McKiernan, Miss Pearl Thompson.

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