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VOL. 15. NO. 15
! mo stop
Seward County Oil & Gas Co., Comes
To Decision To Go On ,
At All Cost
A meeting of the board of direc
tors of the Seward County Oil &
Gas company was held the first of
the week and plana mate for contin
uing: work at the company test north
of Liberal.
' There was more or, less gloom in
the air for a few days after the test
shut down, but this has been swept
aside by the action of the directors.
- In drilling up the part of the baler
which .could not be taken from the
well, a hole was punched in the ten
inch casing at the last joint. This
let ia the quicksand and stopped
work. The casing could not be
pulled, so it was a question of put
ting in the eight-inch or calling the
deal off. 1 ' ,,
Here is where the directors showed
good judgment. Instead of changing
drillers or abandoning the test, they
again contracted and with E. J.
Skaer and bought a string of eight-
inch casing and . this is now being
hauled to the test. Skaer will re
sume work as soon as the proper
amount of -casing has been hauled.
The accident has cost Mr. Skaer
a lot of money as well as the com
pany, and more money was-jieeded
to buy the casing and continue the
work. The members of the board
went down into their pockets and
dug up,f 500 each, making more than
$5,000 available. However, this is
not going to be enough to finish the
hole, and the directors are going to
sell a limited amount of sock at parT
While the money is not needed right
now, they figure that it will be be.
fore the test is completed, so it is
VP to the folks to do a little digging
We cannot expect the members of
we boara to arm an oil well and pro-f
tect our stock this is unreasonable.
Everyone should kick in with from
950 to $500 and see this project
' Over at Dodge City, with a whole
lot less chance than we have, the fel
lows are putting up real money to
ret a test, and The Democrat be.
lievea '. that the business people,
the stockholders and lease-holders of
Liberal and vicinity will see the
' wisdom of doing their part in this
- The condiion of the big companies
is such that it may 'be a year or two
years before they do any develop
ment work, and we can either see
. this proposition through, or sit and
wait until the oil market makes it
profitable for the big fellows to do
See one of the officers or direc
tors and slip him a check. They have
shown their faith and have used good
business judgment in their action, so
cet hack of them alid let them know
that you are for them and help to get
this test completed.
Mullinix Sc. Layton Opened "MiLady
Shop" Wednesday, With Fine
' Line Exclusive Millinery,
f, The new millinery Bhop in the new
Tucker Theater building, which was
opened to the ladies of Liberal and
vicinity on Wednesday, September
28th, by Mullinix & Layton, is known
as "MiLady's Shop," and opened
with a new line of exclusive milli
nery. Other lines will probably be
added later. ,
Both these ladies are experienced
business women, as the appearance
oi me new snop attests, jney nave
. some beautiful fixtures and the ar
rangement is excellent ..'
They have all new stock, and ex
end a cordial invitation to the ladies
of Liberal .and surrounding country
to visit them in their new location.
. They will appeal to the school girls
, and working girls by offering ten
per cent off on all hat purchases.
Mesdames L. E. Johnson, Jno. W.
Baughmen, A. F. Gorman, L. W.
Stevesson of Liberal, and Mrs. Roy
. Twist of Meade, will leave Monday
L.moming for Kansas City, where they
will atend the P. E. O. Convention.
-Mrs. R. E Love was a shopper in
Liberal" Wednesday
Popular Company to Plajr 1 a Three
Night Stand at the Majestic
Last Half of Week
The ever-popular . Wallace Bruce
Players will open a three day stand
at the Majestic 'this evening.
The company is carrying ten peo
ple this season, and are presenting
all new plays, with special scenery
and electrical effects.
Manager Bruce says he has the
best company he has ever had, in
cluding so meexceptfrnalky good
vaudeville folks, and will give the
people of Liberal a good entertain
ment for heir money. Wallace Bruce,
the head of the company, says he is
always glad to come to Liberal, and
especially so this year, because he
has something extra good to offer.
Unloaded an Intertypo The First of
i he Week and Will Soon Be
In Operation
The Democrat has marked another
mile-post in its upward march by in
stalling the second type-setting ma.
The new machine is an Intertype,
in most respects like the Model 14
Linotype installed several years ago,
and will handle the straight matter,
or news matter for the paper, leav
ing the larger machine for the set
ting, of jobs and advertisements.
When the Model 14 was first in
stalled, we were only able to run it
part time. Finally business increased
until it required the machine nine
hours each day. Finally this was
insufficient and we had to resort to
n'ght runs to keep up. Even this has
proven unsatisfactory and we found
that to handle the business in
prompt manner, another machine
must be added. '
The growth of the Democrat the
past Ave years has been phenominal.
First, tte Model 14 was added to the
equipment, then the Ludlow Typo
graph for setting the big display
faces. Now, the second type-seter is
required, so it can be seen that the
business coming to the paper has in
creased many times since the present
management has bedh in control.
We do not want our patrons to
C get the impression that because we
hnve found it necessary to have more
equipment, we are getting rich by
any means. The printing business
has been conducted ona very small
margin, depending upon volume for
profits, and this is the reason for the
new machine. We expect to still in
crease the volume, allowing us to
branch out some and make a little
more money.
With the best subscription list of
nrty paper in the Southwest, ample
equipment to handle all business
lhnt comes to us, with printers not
surpassed in the country, there is
every reason to beieve business can
bo further increased.
""he Democat has placed at the dis
posal of the users of printing and
advertising, not only of Liberal, but
the Southwest as well, the very best
m advertising servce and printing
service and they are showng their
appreciation in a nice manner.
We are pleased to announce the
installation of the new machine and
will appreciate the opportunity to
use it for you. .
i 1 e
Liberal Merchant Believes in Adver
tising to Get th Business See
Big Ad in This Paper
In this isspe will be found another
big ad for Greenbergs, which tells
its own story in plainer words han
we could.
Green berg is a live-wire alright,
and uses great quantities of printer's
ink to get his messages to the peo
ple. Mr. Greenberg says business has
been good, but that he wants to keep
it that way,' and he believes in feed
ing the public with prices to make
fat business. -
You can't miss the ad, so there is
no use asking you to look it up. The
only admonition We have is to read
the whole of it , ,
i m '
' Mrs Ida Mctiride of Tyrone, was
shopping and visitin with friends in
the. city the first of the week.
New Show Room and New Fixtures
Makes Most Pleasing Lady's and
Baby's Shop
Workmen are putting the finish
ing touches on the new millinery
and ready-to-wear department of
Gorman's store, and another force of
men are busy building the show
cases and racks, and by the last of
the week the room will be ready for
the new goods being bought for the
The opening days, Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday, October 6, 7 and
8, will be great days in the history
of the store, for when the new room
is opened, Liberal will have a ladies
furnishing store equal to the best in
the whole Southwest. 1
Plenty of room, plenty of light,
and a magnificent showing of goods
wil make shopping pleasant, and ex
perienced salesladies' will be on hand
in sufficient number to insure' care
ful service.
Mr. Gorman has spent a lot of
time and money to have these de
partments as complete as possible,
and he is anrious for the ladies of
Liberal and vicinity to come and see
how well he has succeeded.
Keep the date in mind and be
among those to visit the store on the
opening days.
Trimmed. Hugoton. Bunch to the
Tune of 19 to 10 Fri
day Afternoon
The L. H. S. foot ball team took
the long end of a 19 to 10 score
when they defeated the Hugoton
high school team last Friday. .
The fellows played exceptionally
good ball for a new team, and while
Hugoton -had a strong team they
could not get over for the needed
points to win the game. '
A fair sized crowd saw the game
and there was considerable enthus
ian, but hardly as much as the game
The story of the game as it aap
pears below tells better than any,
comment the story of the game, and
we will only add that the Democrat
was well pleased with the showing
made, and is of the opinion that af
ter a few games are played the fel
lows wil develdpe better team work
"and that Coach Wood has the ma
terial for a crack team.
The details of the game are as
' Hugoton kicked off to Liberal, Hill
receiving1 and returns to the thirty
yard line. Hugoton penalized for
off-side on first down. Hill goes off
end for twenty yards. Liberal first
and ten. Liberal fumbles and Hugo
ton recovers, making first 'and ten
for Hugoton. Hugoton 1 yard thru
line; 2 yards thru line; 20 yards off'
end. Made downs. Made 3 yards thru
line. ( Davis replaces Hart for Lib
eral.) Hugoton yard thru line; fail
to gain. Davis goes around Hugo
ton's end and makes splendid tackle,
causing 5 yard loss for Hugoton.
Liberal's ball ; Scott 4 yards thru
line; Dickerson 30 yards around end;
Diekerson loses 2 yards; Hill gains 2
yards on end; Dickerson around end
for 8 yards; Scott fails to gain.
Hugoton' ball; They fail to gain;
then 3 yards thru line; third down
fails to gain, and punts. Dickerson
returns punt to 10 yard line; Hill
fails to gain. Dickerson makes 3 off
end; Scott 4 yards around end. (Gray
goes in at center for Liberal). Fum
bled ball behind Liberal's line and
ball goes to Hugoton on twenty yard
line. Hugoton's pass failed. ' Hugo
ton penalised 10 yards for back field
in motion. Make 16 yards off end;
complete pass for ten yards; fail to
gain ; drop kick of goal makes Hugo
ton three points, first score of game.
Hugoton kicks off; Hill returns
to 40-yard line; Dickerson around
end for 10 yards; Moore 8 yards
thru tackle; Black fails to gain; Mil
'er completes 30-yard pass;Pile fails
to gain ; Hill fails to gain ; two passes
fail. Hugoton 2 yards thru line,
quarter ends. Score: Hugoton 3; Lib
trn 0.
Hart replaces Davis at end. Hugo-
ton 8 yards thro' line; 8 yards off
end; 8 yards around end; fail b gain;
(Continued on Page 4)
Big Crews Have Been Busy all Week
Laying Steele and
"Looks like business this time for
sure" is the expresion of those who
have visited the scene of activity in
connection with the building of the
Kansas & Oklahoma railroad west
from Liberal. ,
This evening will see the finishing
of the line to the west side of Lib
eral, the steel and ties have all been
laid and the workmen are going back
straightening and surfacing the
track. I has taken a lot of money
to lay this section of steel, and is
assurance enough for he ordinary
individual that Mr. Byers is actually
going to build the road. '
The attitude of he Rock Island
other evidence of the faith the offl
in putting in the connections is an-
cials of that road have in Mr. Byers'
ability to finish the line.
This is the time for Liberal to get
back of Byers. If we are to main
tain a Chamber of Commerce, the
first thing that body should do is to
ascertain how they can assist Byers
in building the road to the Colorado
coal fields, and then get busy and
do that.
Liberal needs the road and right
now. Dalhart is about to get a road
nut through Oklahoma, and if this
deal goes through it will be too late
for Liberal to expand in that direc.
tion. If Liberal is to' be a city we
must have railroads and while the
crew is on the job is the time o work.
Let's have the co-operation of ev
ery individual and keep Liberal on
he map.
Opening of Season a Few Weeks Off
and No Available Place For
Practice Even
The question which is now agita
ting the minds of the school authori
ties, the students and the fans is,
where the teams are going to play
basketball this season.
The foot ball season opened last
Friday and closes Thanksgiving Day.
Previous to that time basket ball
practice should have been under way
several weeks, but a this time there
is no place to practice, much less to
hold the games.
Every little town in the country
has an indoor court, except Liberal.
Think of it no place where our
young folks can hold their games,
and unless this condition is remi
died, Liberal will have no basket ball
games this 'season.
Can Liberal afford to have the
news go out that she has no team be
cause ,there is no place to practice?
Would that be good advertising for
the town?
We are told that Forgan is spend
ing a couple of thousand dollars in
building a basket ball court. Plains,
Tyrone, Beaver, Hugoton, Sublette,
all these towns, all smaller than
Liberal, have places' to play basket
Will- Liberal make good as she al
ways done before? That is the burn
ing question. Liberal has agreed to
provide an armory for the National
Guards, but we have heard of no
plans being made as yet. Let's get
busy on this proposition right now,
and provide the Armory and the bas
ket ball court at once.
The time is 'short. We must get
busy at once.
Next Sunday will be Rally Day at
the First Baptist Church. Every
boy and girl, every father and moth
er who are in any way connected
with the work of the church and
Sunday school, is expected to be
Special arranged program given
by the pastor. Come worship with
us. A good live church a cordial
, We welcome the public.
i ' -
While playing football last Satur
day afternoon, little Robert Millman
happened to an accident, dislocaing
I his arm at the elbow. The Injury
proved to be quite painful, though
j Robert expects to be back in school
' in a few days. I
Regular meeting of the Lions club
of Liberal was held 'Monday noon at
the Grier. John Moss acted as chair
man. A report was made by the
highway committee, and also by the
park committee.
Next Monday evening will be the
Charter meeting of the Club at which
time Mr. John H. Boys, district gov
ernor, of Wichita, will be here and
present the charter to the Liberal
club. An invitation has been extend
ed to the Lions clubs of Hutchinson
and Pratt to attend, this meeting,
and a delegation ia expected from
each of these cities. After the pre
sentation of the charter, officers of
the club will be elected for the com-
nig year. E. D. Cooper, pres. will
officiate at the meeting October 3rd.
All Lions be present.
Plead Guilty. In Stevens County Dis
trict Court Was Given
Harry K. Ellis, self confessed mur
derer of John Longnecker, Beaver
count, Oklahoma, farmer, and Henry
Smith, a life-long friend, was sen
tenced to spend his life at hard labor
in the state penintentiary, after he
had pleaded guilty to the charge of
killing Longnecker. ,
Ellis is perhaps the champion liar
in tho history of the Kansas courts.
Arrested for the murder of Long
necker, he accused Smith, whom he
had late killed, as being the murder
er. Then he implicated Frank Mil
ler in the killing. Numerous con
fessions were made at different times
but finally when , they had been
proven' false, he broke down and
told that his 14-year old brother was
his only assistant in the Longnecker
killing, and that he killed Smith by
Ellis is but seventeen years old,
while his brother, Hosea, who he says
helped to kill Longnecker, is but 14.
Hosea will have to stand trial in
Oklahoma as an accomplice.
Ellis realized the futility of stand
ing trial and entered a plea of
guilty. There was so much evidence
against him aside from his own
statements that he stood no chance
of acquittal.
He is one of the most hardened
criminals which could be imagined.
Detectives accustomed to dealing
with bad men, are of the opinion that
Ellis is a tough customer and it is
to be regretted that he could not be
made to pay the penalty with his
life. It is altogether probable that
after a few years have passed, he will
be paroled, as is the custom these
days, and will be a free man. Even
though he should not again break
into crime, himself, there is a prob
ability of his marriage and the rais
ing of a family, to which his crimi
nal tendencies would more than like
ly be transmitted. There should be
no pardons or paroles for such as he
Ellis was under heavy guard pre
ceding the trial to prevent his pos
sible escape. He appeared in court
weighing considerable more than
when" arrested, showing that his in
carceration has not been detrimental
to his health. Those who saw him
say he must be fifty pounds heavier
than when first arrested.
When You Get Tired....
Of spending your money for all sorts of "catch
penny", "gct-ric-quick", expensive advertising
schemes, which do not advertise, call Phone 116,
and have the services if an experienced advertis
ing man who will sell you advertising which gets
the money for YOU.
Thc Democrat Cut Service Beats Anything Shown in any
City in the Land It's Free to Our Advertisers ..
"Dardinella" a Musical Comedy Was
. the Bill and Pleased
Audience. , -
The Tucker Theatre, Liberal's
magnificent new playhouse, was for
mally opened "Wednesday evening
with the musical comedy "Darda
nalla," whidh wat Jspflendidly pre
sented. The new building is a beauty and
comfortably seats within a few of
one thousand persons. The arrange
ment is ideal, modelled after the
plan of the best heaters in the
country, while the lighting and deco
rations are as near perfect as one
can imagine.
The play Wednesday night was a
strictly high class production. Some
of the best voices ever heard in Lib
eral, some of the cleverest acting and
beauiful costumes made the play
most pleasing, and those who atten- ,
ded, are loud in their praise of the
There was one disappointing thing
however, connected with the opening
of the theater, pronounced the best
comparatively small attendance for
the opening night. Ordinarily, the
seat sale would have been very sat-
seat sale would hav ebeen very sat
isfactory, but for the grand opening
a crowded house was anicipated, and
mis am not occur.
.Manager Tucker was keenly dis
appointed in the turn-out on opening
night Democrat reporter inter
viewed him this, morning and he ex
pressed himself as both surprised and
appointed with the number, and
ventured the opinion that it would be
impossible to get shows of this class
unless larger crowds attended.
There was considerable fault-flnd-
- iniy avai ka.mm4Mt i.ml. . i. 1. r - v
Democrat is of the opinion that this
was ill-timed. It is a time-honored
custom to charge a higher price for '
the opening of a theater and the rule
is that the regular admission be in-
pliment to the management .
Howeve, Mr. Tucker did not sea
fit to raisi the price very much over
what has oeen charged for similar
Bhows wit i half the number in the
cast "Th Only Girl" which showed
here som. time ago, tarried about
one-third J many people as "Darda
nella," yet the seats sold for f 2.20,
and every seat in the house reserved
at the same price. Thus it will readily
be seen that the price for this show
was not in the least unreasonable,
and that kicking' on the admission
was no justifiable.
Liberal wants good shows, and we '
believe that the people of the town ' ..
will be fair enough, once they get ,
to. thinking, ,to pay what they are
worth, and that their indisposition
to sufficiently patronize th's one will
not be the means of depriving us of
high class attractions.
Everyone should desire that the
new playhouse be a paying invest
ment and boost for it It is not
(aa InfA n nnnr annranlnf Inn nt thjt
splendid structure.
Dr. P. H. Hanlin made a profes
sional trip to Tyrone Wednesday.
L. O. Hood of Tyrone, was trans
acting business in the city Wednes
day afternoon. 1 -.

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