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Mr. Plunk of near Tyrone, wag a
business in the city Thursday.
Fred Fox of Plains, was IiTthe city
Thursday, attending to business
The following is a page from "Liberal's Lively Limited," a paper printed for the real estate firm of Grif
fith & Bayarhman. While both the oil and railroad news may have changed slightly since the "Limited"
was printed last week, the general information is worthy a reproduction and the pictures of the oil wells
will be interesting. ' ' ,
G. E. Sockstill of near Hugoton,
was transacting business in the city
Mrs. W. B. Reedy came in Thurs
day night from Brownpoint, Indiana,
for a visit at the home of her broth
er. Warren Farmer.
Miss Marie Long is working in the
new library building this week, help-
, ing to arrange the books since they
have been moved to their new location.
The George GranO Grain company
of Hutchinson, has opened an office
here with Jess Lankford In charge.
They have their temporary office
with Riney & Newby, in the Citizens
State bank building.
D. D. Land of Hiuttaville, and
Bert Whims of near Moscow, were
visiting in the city the last of the
week. Mr Whims and Mr. Land are
former residents of Liberal, and at
one time, owned the "Economy,"
which is now known as "Gorman's."
Chas. Fightmaster and family, ar
rived in Liberal a few days ago, from
Lemons, Missouri, and expect to re
main here during the winter. If the
location suits them, they will return
to their old home and sell out and
here for the future. They will live
on North Kansas.
The Epworth League entertained
the youngpeople of the church, Tues
day evening at a social hour. The
evening was spent In playing games
and Mis Wannie Conditt gave a de
lightful reading. About 150 young
peopr were present and 25 of these
were taken in as new members of
the League. At the Close of the even
ing a watermelon feast was enjoyed
by all.
We have a high-grade piano stored
in Liberal, which must be sold or
ynoved at once. For quick sale to
reliable party will greatly sacri
fice price.- Terms if desired. Write
for particulars to the Denver Music
Company, Denver, Colorado. 14t3c
Subscribe for the Democrat.
Official Statement of the Financial
Condition of the
at Liberal, State of Kansas, at the
close of business on the 16th day of
September, 1921.
Loans and discounts $235,332.19
Loans on real estate 3,600.00
Overdrafts, unsecured .... 2,053.96
U. S. Bonds on hand 1,218.25
Cash items and clearing
house items 1,359.60
Cash and sight exchange,
legal reserve 176,107.36
Collections in transit 17,876.91
Total.t $437,448.27
Capital Btock paid in $ 25,000.00
Surplus fund 25,000.00
profits $3145.48
Interest 2543.94
Exchange 49.13
t .
"ran current ex-
DenSea 9174 7U O r! rr
Dividends declared but
not Paid 40.OO
Demand deposits:
Individual deposits,
subject to
cheek $324,262.97
Cashier's checks
7,832.20 332,095.17
Time Deposits:
Certificates of deposit .... 51,748.55
(due on or after 30 days)
'State 5
County of Seward, SS
I. T. A T I-- . .
bank earner of said
nk, do solemnly gWear that the
above statefconf i. .. lne
other than shown on the above state!
and belief. So help me God.
hisS29thriHbed 8;dc8Wrn t0
his Z9tn day of September, 1921.
Wm. A. Naylor,
ln . . Notary Public.
(Commission expires on the 19th
day of December, 19247)
Correct. Attest:
' T. A. Tegarden,
J. N. Evans,
Paul W. Light,
' Ezra Shorb,
.Frank G. Boles,
i Directors.
1 I, A
Traders No. 1 Well on fire Picture taken at night Location NEK
of NW, Section 3, Township 85, Range 34, 4 miles west of Lib
eral. This well is estimated to have a flow of 10,000,000 cubic feet of
wet gas, which was found at a depth of 2716 feet, the guage showing
625 pounds pressure per square inch. The well has now been drilled
down to a depth of approximately 3000 feet No definite report has
been given out of the results, but the indications to us are very favor
able indeed. Gas from this-well used for fuel in drilling Traders No.
2, shown below.
Definite Location U
Given Under Each
We Will Gladly Far
nih Any Other In
formation Possible.
The Beaver Oil &
Gas Co., composed
principally of Lib
eral people, with
head offices at Lib
eral, are drilling a
deep test southeast
of Guymon, Okla
homa, on a location
27 miles south and
16 miles west of
Liberal. They are
well equipped with
a combination stan
dard and rotary rig
and are making a
thorough test with
good resuta.
" ,. j v 1 . n. : .v
(:-'. ' " ' "I ; :V::' '
Seward County Oil & Gas Company's Well No. 1 Now drilling Loca
tion NE of NEK, Section 20, Township 33, Range 83, 8 miles
north of Liberal. This well is being drilled by local capital. They are
in a financial condition to make, a thorough deep test. They have now
made definite contracts for that purpose, which contract! are being
fulfilled as rapidly bb conditions will allow. Watch your daily newspa
pers for reports on this well We are lookbfg for favorable result in
the near future.
Oil Men Wont
Stay Away
Persist in Coming
to Liberal to Look
Over the Field
"Five men were in the city from
Eldorado Tuesday. They visited
in the country and interviewed
a number of the local men who
are interested in the oi) develop
ments. Every week there is a new
crowd visiting this section with
the idea of making investments.
Every crowd makes about the
same circle, visit the Boles well
the Bunting and the Seward Oil &
Gas well, and then a drive over
the "formations" which about sur
round the town. When this is done
and they learn of the gas, its
density in
carried afar
ful field. And, well, we believe
that way, too." "Liberal News,
August 23, 1921
gasoline, the report is j-.-tT-r
that this is a wonder- $M$&dft
Gas Strong In
Traders No. 1
Reporter Present at
the "Blowing-Off"
Gives Testimony
Traders No. 2 Location SWV of SW, Section 4, Township 35, Range
34, 5 miles west of Liberal, and 3-4 miles south. We call your attention
to the exceptionally large and well-built tower and the five big boilers, fuel
for which has been gas from this company's well, No. 1. We are not In a
position to give definite information regarding this well at this.time. We
would ask that you watch the daily papers for reports in the future. The
fact that this large company has expended such a vast sum on this well, .
after having drilled No. 1, is good enough indication to us that a profita
ble development will result. ' - ,
. A Democrat representative accom
panied H. M. McQuigg of the
Traders Oil Corporation to the
big gas well on the .Boles farm
west of Liberal Tuesday after
noon to see the well given an
"airing". The well is opened at
frequent intervals to keep the flow
in good condition, and this was
the purpqse of the visit.
After standing in the derrick lis
tening to, the terrible hissing of
. the escaping gas, we can give per
sonal testimony that there is .
enough pressure there ' to suit
. The big valve was opened Blowly
at first, ' then turned loose com
pletely and we stood there with
a finger in each ear, and the noise
was terrible. There have been ru- '
mors that the flow of gas had
stopped but we know- absolutely
that such is not the case, and
while we are not in a position to
state positively that the flow is as
strong as at first, we are inclined
to believe it is. Liberal Demo
crat, July 14th, 1921.
New Railroad Through Liberal
Kansas& Oklahoma Railroad Now Building
Drill for Oil in Stev
ens County, Kansas
The new( railroad being built by the Kansas & Oklahoma Railroad Co.,
will connect with the Wichita Falls & Northwestern at Forgan, Oklahoma,
(30 miles southeast of Liberal). This will give Liberal a very valuable out
let to the South. It is proposed to extend north and west from Liberal
through Stevens and Morton counties, Kansas, to the Colorado line, with
the objective point as Trinidad, or possibly some other good Colorado town.
At ttjis time a majority of the grading between Liberal and Forgan has been
done, and a grading crew has just completed the grade within the city limits
of Liberal, running west. i
When this new line has been completed, it will give Liberal a nearly direct
route to the Southern markets and. the coal fields of Colorado. It will open
up to Liberal one of the richest and fastest developing territories in the
Southwest, and will be a large contributing factor to the growth of our
little city in the future.
The Wonder Oil & Development
I Co., which owns a good block of
leases in Stevens county, are at
this time (September 1921)r haul
ing material and building a der
rick on a location 4 miles east and
3 north of Hugoton, the county
seat of Stevens county. This loca
tion is 21 miles west and 3 miles
i north of Liberal. The material
was hauled from Liberal, and
from an inspection of - same, it
would indicate another "real" rig
and test for this territory.
The Opportunity of the State of Kansas
is Seward County
Skaer & Skaer Rig No. 1 Located on SWVi of
SWK, Sec. 6, Twp. 34, R. 33; 5 miles north and
1 mile west of Liberal. This location is on a good
block of leases but no drilling yet commenced.
And its "going concern". It will continue going. We are practically as
sured a big gas field and things look mighty good for an oil field
but our land sells itself on its merits. There's nothing in Kansas for the
money equal to it. Buyers say so. You will say so when you investigate.
Oil Leases for Sale
' Our activity in the real estate
. business has placed us in a position
' to control a number of well loca
ted leases. If you are interested,
prices will be quoted you upon
Liberal, Kaniat
W. E. Farmer and family, John
Priefert and family, Mr. and Mrs.
Ed Fitzgerald, Mr. and Mrs. L. E.
Gardner, Mr. and, Mrs. Harve El
dridge, Bevton D. Mann, Mr. and
Mrs. J. E. Mann. Albert Edwards and
wife were among those from here
who attended the Fair at Hugoton
during the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver A. Kuns have
returned to their home in Minneapo
lis, Minnesota, after having spent the
past week with Mrs. Kuns' father,
M. Fraim. and grandmother, Mrs. P.
A. Fraim. This is Mrs. Kuns first
visit here since her marriage and her
many friends were glad to see her
Rffain. ,
Third St. and Kansas Ave.
Physician and Surgeon
B- H. DAY Specialist
Eye, Eye, Nose and Throat
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Gorman spent
Sunday in Meade, the guests of Mr.
and Mr. Roy Twist
String Instruments
Sheet Music
Molthop Studio
630 North Kansas
(First published Sept 15, 1921)
PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given
that under and by virtue of a Judg
ment rendered in the District Court
in the County of Seward, in the
State of Kansas, in an action wherein
The Peoples State Bank, a Corpora
tion, is plaintiff, and Mary L. McCor
kle, and others were defendants, and
of an order of sale issued on said
Judgment, to me directed and deliv
ered, I will, on Saturday, the 15th
day of October, A. D.; 1921, .at
10 o'clock, a. m., of that day, at the
front door of the Court House in
Liberal, in the County of Seward, in
the State of Kansas, offer at Public
Sale and sell to the highest bidder,
for cash in hand, the folowing tract
of land, situate, lying and being in
the County of Seward, in the State
of Kansas, namely
Lots 10, 11 and 12 in Block 12, .
' of the Terwilliger-Weidensaul .
Addition to the City of Liberal,
' W. '0.,NELSON,
Sheriff's Office, Sept. 12, 1921.
(First Published Sept. 9, 1921)
Department of the Interior:
U. S. Land Office at Topeka, Kan-
sasy September 3, 1921.
Notice is hereby given that Wil
liam T. Wear of Moscbw, Kansas,
who, on March 14, 1917, made Ad
Jit.innal Homestead Entry. Serial No
04704, 014245 D. C. for W -NE
W SE 14, Section 21, Townshir
31 S., Range 34 W. 6th. Principal
"'eridian, has filed notice of inten
tion to make Three Year. Proof, to
establish claim to the land abqve de
scribed, before the Clerk of the Dis
trict Court of Seward County, Kan
?as, at Liberal, Kansas, on the 17th
v of October, 1921. , r
Claimant names as witnesses:
A. J. Schmook, Charles Rand, A
O. Ridenour and C. E. Downing, D
if Moscow, Kansas.
INSURANCE We write it in the
best of standard companies. Let us
write yours. Moore & Franklin.
improved half section of fine wheat
land to trade for new or slightly im
proved land. 13t2c
All persons owing notes to the es
nf Davis will take notice
IVof anma must hp. TIBld Wltnin Ul8
. ... R 1 I. 1, -H
next miry ujra -
rangements to settle within that
time. This is imperative and for the
benefit of debtors.
r.. O. DAVIS
15t4 Administrator.

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