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Hugoton penalized 6 yards for off
aide ; fail to gain ; then punt Liberal
returns to 40-yard line; Miller yard
thru tackle; Hill 85 yards off end;
Moore 8 yards around end; Liberal
showed excellent interference at this
time. Scott 25 yards around end;
ceives and carries ball to- 30-yard
lines ;make 5 yards thru line; in the
three following downs, Hugoton was
only able to make 3 yards. Liberal's
ball; Hart makes 7 off end; Moore 1
thru tackle, and Hill 7 off end. Dick
erson fails to gain; Scott 45 off end;
Miller 8 around end; Hill 8 off , end,
and Black makes it first and 10. Pile
3 yards thru line; Dickerson fails to
gain; am 40 yards arouna ena; lor-
Moore 8 yards around end for touchy paM makeg Llbenk,.B
down. Goal kicked. Hugoton re- ...nnj taunhdown. Goal failed. -
Hugoton re-
Our Aim:
Best Values
Boy's Suits
And we never have missed
the target of public appre
ciation. Particularly this sea
son are the values in Boys'
Clothes greater han they ve
been jn several years.
Think of getting all-wool
Suits, of the finest styles
and the best crade of work
manship for $12.85.
But we almost forgot to
mention most of these
Suits have two pairs of
... &
Outfitters from Lad to Dad'
Reust replaces Scott.
ceives and returns to 40 yard line.
Black intercepts forward pass and
carries ball back for 20 yards. Half
ends. Score Hugoton 3, Liberal 13.
Pate replaces Cott; Schneider re
places Gray;' Pearcy ; replaces Dickr
erson. Liberal kicks to Hugoton, who
return to 20-yard line; complete pass
for 8 yards; pass fails; fails to gain
on end; makes 2 yards on end; makes
pass for 5 yards; pass intercepted by
Hill of Liberal, Pearcy make yard
off end; Pile 8 yards thru line; Reust
makes 8 yards; Hill loses 6; Liberal
loses 3 yards, and then punts. Hugo
ton returns, 10 yards. Pass fails;
Tail on second down; Hugoton makes
it first and) 10 on recovering free
fumble. Reld replaces Bloom for Lib
eral. Hugoton makes yard thru line;
pass fails; complete pass for 25, and
then two passes fail. Zimmerman re
places Hart. Hugoton makes 5 off
end; make another 5 around end.
En ifle replaces Pile. Hugoton 7 yard
off end: 1 yard thru line; makes 2
yards thru line; Hill recovers Hugo.
ton's fumble. Hill makes 1 yard off
end: Zimmerman receives pass for
10 yards; Pearcy loses 3 yards; Zim
merman makes 14 yards off end; Hill
20 yards around end; Miller 9 yards
tnd Reust goes over for touchdown.
Fail at goal. Quarter ends. Score
Hugoton 3; Liberal 19.
Liberal kicks and Hugoton returns
to middle of field. Scott replaces
Pearcy. Hugoton 3 yards thru line;
fail to gain; 4 yards off end; and 35
yards for touchdown. Goal kicked.
Liberal receives and Reust returns
ball to 42-yard line; Reust 4 yards
off end ; Scott 2 yards, and pass fails.
Moore 2 yardB thru line; Zimmer
man receives pass for 20 yards. Lib
eral penalized 5 yards for off-side.
Liberal punts and Hugoton returns
to 15 yard line. Hill recovers Hugo
ton's fumble; makes 8 yards' off end;
Hugoton intercepts Liberal's forward
pass. Hugoton makes 1 yard thru
line. Hugoton punted and gains a
touchback. , ' '
Hugoton ball on 20 yard line ; pen
alized for pushing; punts and Reust
returns, to 20-yard line; Black makes
11 yards ,off end. Gentzler replaces
Engel for Liberal, and Massey re
places' Massey ' for Hugoton Black
makes 9 yards off end; Scott fum
bles , and Hugoton recovers. Scott
intercepted Hugoton's .pass: "Hill off
i'nd for 11 yards; pass fails; Black
fumbles, Hugoton. recovering. Hugo
ton failed to gain; punts, Reust re
ceiving and carries ball to 35-yard
Mne. Game over. Score: Hugoton
10; Liberal 19.
The line-up: '
Hugoton.- Position' ' Liberal
Morgan. LE Miller
Hershey LT Pile
Wheaton LG Cott
Hoist' C Schneider
Jennings - RG Bloom
Madden RT Moore
Lees ' RE Hart
Hershey RH Dickerson
Helfrick . QB Hjll
Richardson FB Black
Referee, Will Engel; Umpire, Ern
est Evans; Head lineman, Francis
Harnden; Under linemen. Dicker-
son and Mahoney.
I Greenberg returned Friday night
from points in the East, where he has
been buying stock for his store here
and the one at Great Bend. Green
berg's stores are doing such a busi
ness this fall that it keeps him on the
go continually, keeping the stocks
filled up.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Long, Mrs. M.
H. Flood and Miss Jessie Jordon
went to Dodge City Wednesday, to
attend the Federation Meeting of
the District Women's Clubs. The
ladies are representing the Liberal
women clubs.
The water from the city wells was
recently inspected and tested by the
state officials and the analysis was
shown excellent. The chemical and
bacteriological tests both showed the
water in good condition. r
Mrs. and Mrs. J. H. Hickey and
children were over from Plains Sat
urday shopping and visiting with
friends. a ,,
Golden i"
What is Each Customer Worth to You
in $'s and Cents
Sales slips invariably show some
errors when figured with head and
pencil. These errors may either be
in iuvor oi ine customer,-or in
favor of the merchant both ways,
the merchant loses.
Five additions, over-added 10c
daily means the store gains 50c
every day, but takes the risk of los
ing customers through overcharges.
. Five additions under-added Uc
daily means the store loses 50c
every day, which it has little or no
chance to recover.
No store can afford to lose its
customers neither can it afford to
lose its profits. Why not have us
demonstrate a Dalton Adding-Cul-culating
Machine let us show you
in a definite way how you can make
money and get more customers with
now'110" Sm (,l),ifia,ion' I,nonc
E. B. Wright,
Disrtict Sales Agent,
106-108 W. Eighth St. '
Kansas City, Mo.
II' ' JF fl
. ilv ' mm
r""""""""'""'""""""'' mmmmmmmm .., , mmm, mmmmmmmmmmmJL , , 1 ,, lmllB.
Dalton Sales and Service
There is a Dalton right here in Liberal which vou mav try free of
all charge. Call Phone 110 anl we will bring it to vour place
of business. - , "
When the Dalton gives you a more flexible machine, at a price
equal or less, you owe it to yo urself to give it a trial.
Liberal Typewriter Exchange
With the Liberal Democrat
Made of the best wheat milled by the bakers who
. know how for the people who like the best. And
Pies, Cakes, Cookies and Buns. In fact, anything in
the Bread line.
and our fountain is the place to bring your friends
for a .cool ref reshing drink or that delicious Ice Cream
We Promise You the Best of Service
W. E. Stallard, Proprietor
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim MiuunminrTnnttfmmra
Veo Eugene Mills and MIbs Etta
M. Levy, both of Hugoton, were mar
ried at the court house on Saturday,
September 24th, by Probate Judge
Campbell. .
George W. Statler and Miss Hilda
E. Needham, both of Tyrone, Okla
homa, were married Saturday, Sep
tember 24th, by Rev. Bolton.
C. E. Adams of Hooker, Oklaho
ma, and Miss Grace Brownell of Lib
eral, were married at the court house
in Liberal, on Sunday, September
25th, by Probate Judge Campbell.
Hobart Gadberry and Marguerite
LaCost, both of 'Liberal, were mar-:
ried by Pobate Judge Campbell, at
the court house on Monday, Septem
ber 26th by Probate Judge Campbell.
Raleigh W. Dennis of Spearman,
Texas, and Miss Delia Lindlow of
Beaver, Oklahoma, were married at
the court house in Liberal, by Pro
bate Judge Campbell, on Wednesday,
September 28th.
Dr. J. B. Kelly of Galena, is here
now and likes the place so well that
he has rented offices and decided
to move to Liberal at once. He has
rented office rooms in the new thea
ter building and will soon have his
equipment in and be ready for the
Know the Truth I
To know the truth, to be sure, to be confident, affords j
a satisfactionbcside which no other is at all comparable; g
it is only solid ground in a world of doubt, conflict and I
danger. g
When.you know the truth you can sweep away every
kind of doubt or error of any kind, because the "truth is 1
mighty and will prevail." g
The humblest intellect can readily fortell the result ft
of any action when he knows that it is based on truth, but
the mightiest intellect, the most profound and penetra- 1
ting mind, loses its way' hopelessly and can form no con- g
ception of the results which may ensue when his hopes g
are based on a premise which he knows is not true. 1
I am selling- Tailored to Measure Suis at 1
$20, $25, $30, I
$35, $40 I
Hundreds of j
Stylfes and Samples
Drawn for the November term of
District Court of Seward County,
Kansas, to appear on Tuesday, No
vember 15, 1921, at 9 o'clock, a. m.
Warren Zimmerman, Liberal; Jno.
L. Tice, Liberal; W. L. Rucker,-Liberal;
"Robert Dodd, Plains; Henry
Shumate, Liberal; C. Crissiyan, Lib
eral; C. N. Yarbrough, Moscow;' A;
Barrett, Liberal; L N. Brown, Lib
eral;' A. L. Light, Kismet; Wm.
Bangs, Liberal; C. C. Sealey, Lib
eral;. J. A. Robertson, Plains; F. W.
Pankratz, Liberal; E. C. Franklin,
Liberal; T. G. Pate, Liberal; Pat
Stockton, Kismet; Bert Allen, Lib
eral; A. Bozarth, Liberal; R. J. Sli
tter, Liberal ; F. S. Davis, Liberal ; W.
B. Taylor. Liberal; C. E. Larrfb, Lib-'
eral; L. H. Fincher, Liberal; Chas.
Meyers, Plains; Harry Lightcap, Lib
eral; Tr M. McGchee, Satanta; C. M.
Kiddoo, Kismet; John Priefert, Lib
eral; P. W. Hall, Liberal; W. V.
Griffith, Liberal; L. N. Latimer, Lib
eral; Geo. Krell, Arkalon; F. C.
Davis, Liberal; W. S. Longacre, Kis
met; R. F. Lowrey, Liberal.
Abe K. Stoufer, County Clerk.
E.L. Gaskill and family were over
from Moscow Sunday.
, Mrs. W. C. Stout, of Arkalon, was
itor in the city Saturday.
Clyde O. Hinds of Pratt was an
out of town visitpr in Liberal Tues
day:. ' ,
1 In Craig-Building-
Over Boles i
The L. H. S. football team goes to
Dodge City, Friday, October 7th, and
there should be several cars of root
ers with the team. Liberal should
take the game from Dodge this sea
son, and if the boys have some good
support they will more than likely
do it.
We defeated Dodge last season,
and can do it again, but the game
was on Liberal grounds last year and
the record crowd of the season was
out in support of the team.
Liberal can take every game this
season, with possibly one or two ex
ceptions, provided there is enough
enthusiasm on the part of the fans.
They deserve this. A winning team
is a good advertisement for the town
and there should be several who will
take the day off and take a car of
rooters to Dodge.
Carl Ricker and wife of Emporia,
were in Liberal this week,' visiting
with the Melvin J. Wheeler family
at 711 North Lincoln. They were
on their way home from California.
Mr. Ricker is in the jewelry busi
ness in Emporia, and is an old friend
of Mr. Wheeler's .
Next Sunday is promotion and
Rally Day. A promotion exercise and
program will be given at the morn
ing hour. We want an attendance of
300. Let every member of every '
class be on hand promptly at 9:45.
The pastor's evening sermons are
attracting and interesting some
splendid- audiences. The subject for
next Sunday evening will be: "Is
the World Growing Better," 1
Every day new improvements are
started in Liberal. Some of them are
big things and some are small. Yet,
there's one big thing that should be
started soon and that is a new high
school building. The present build
ing does not fit our needs, for in
stance, the students are sitting two
in a seat in chapel. Here's hoping
that the next thing started will be a
high school building.
Geo. W. Feidler, the piano tuner
and pipe organ repair man, is here
looking after business. Mrs. Fiedler
came in the first of the week, and
they will remain ..here until the first
of the year. - '

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