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YOL. 15. NO. 21-
Beat Advertised Attraction
; Pulled Off in the Great
. - Southwest
Following the big Armistice Day
celebration Friday, Liberal will be the
scene of the biggest ' airplane frolic
ever staged in Kansas. The aviators
are already arriving and others will
come Friday to be on hand to com
pete for the prizes.
The legion boys, the Lions Club and
the Liberal Chamber of Commerce are
cooperating to make this the biggest
and best affair ever given in this sec
tion of the state, and are sparing no
trouble or expense that the crowds be
entertained as never before.
. The program for the air frolic is as
follows: '
Saturday.-November 12th, 1921
1:00 P. M., Battle formation of gov
ernment planes.
1:30 P, M., Wing walking and acro
batics, including standing on head on
. upper -wing, hanging by teeth under
plane, standng on top wing while it
loops, spins and spirals and many
2:00 P. M., Looping contest for the
commercial planes, (cash prize)
2:30 P. M., Twenty-five mile race
. (triangle) for government planes;
(loving cup.)
3:00 P. M., Fifteen mile handicap
race (open to all) (loving cup)
8:30 P. M., Parachute contest in
landing for spot from 1000 to-BOOO ft.
(loving cup.)
4:00 P. M., Special Acrobatic con-
test; loops, spins, immelman turns;
(loving cup.)
4:?0. P. M., Tlie humnn squirrel will
fly two miles on his back; (plane up
- side down.)
4:45 P. M., Spot landing contest
with dead motors from 1000 ft. (cup.)
5:00 P. M., Sensational Parnchute
drop; (a real thriller) by.Mss Hardin
a lady aviatrix.
' Sunday. November 13th, 1921
1 :00 P. M., Bombing formation of
big planes protected by scout planes
from the enemy.
. 1:30 P. M., Aerial combat (same as
used in a real fight)This js worth the
price of admisson alone.
2:00 P. M., Curtss race 10 mile; Jr.
4's and OX Standards (cash prize)
2:30 P. M., Specfal Wing walking
and stupt work.
8.00 P. M., Altitude test of 8 minu
tes for DeHaviiand planes; (cup)
8:30 P. M., Forty mile handicap
race fonen to all); (cup.) " "-' -
4:00 P. M., Four parachute drops
from one plane (all at once) racing
five thousand feet to the ground. -
4:80 P. M.'lady wing walker (best
In the world.)
6:00 P. M.. Bomb dropping contest
for spot on field and many other spec
ial stunts.
That those from a distance may se
ccre accommodations for the night a
committee from the Lions Club Is list
ing up all the rooms in the city. The
committee consists of Henrv Gois and
Rev. F. Olin Hunt. Parties having
rooms phone Mr. Goss at 121.
The various committees are as fol
lows: Finance: Ed Donley and Chas.
Treas: J. H. Sallev.
Entertainment: Ray Kennedy, H.
It. Knotts and H.
Grounds: E. D.
C. Moss,
Cooper and Irwin
Concessions: R.
E. Summers. E. W.
Davis and Rolla Tobias.
Season tickets sell, for $1.50 for
adults and 75c for children under 16.
Children under 10 admitted free.
The sights at this meet will be dif
ferent from those usually seen. The
committees have spent hundreds of
dollars getting - the best talent that
money can buy and the planes con
testing will receive a split of $800 in
cash prizes.
Come to Liberal both davs if possi
ble as there will be new stunts each
day that you will want to see. The
good things are divided and if you see
it all you wll want to be on the ground
early each day.
Another Liberal Boy ..Lands a Nice
Berth in The
"Big City"
'Gene Stoufer, son of. Mr. and Mrs.
Abe K. Stoufer, who went to Chicago
a short) time ago, has again broken in
to the newspaper game in a pleasing.
After workng on the Liberal papers
he went to the city and this week Lib
eral friends retrieved copies ' of the
Lincoln Square News,' and the name
' of E. E. Stoufer appeared at the mast
head. ' The paper is 'the official organ of
the Lincoln Square Business Men's
Association and has.a guaranteed cir
culation of 8,000 copies. The pages
are magazine size but there is a great
quantity of them, and it is a real
sheet -. '
' The Democrat predicted that 'Gene.
would make good and it begins t6 look:
as if our prediction would come true.
While young in years 'Gene has a lot
of newspaper talent and will develope
into a good newspaper man. No one
is more pleased to hear of his meets
than the Democrat and we hope he,
continue! to rise.
Legion Hat Arranged for the Burton
D. Mann Garage, Formerly .
. Old Armory
Through the courtesy of Mr. Bur
ton D. Mann Dodge distributor, the 1
erican Legion of this city, has been
able to put on the biggest wrestling
match that the city has ever - seen,
this match is to take place Saturday
night between Mr. Elmer Guthrie of
Hutchinson and "Demon" Bartell of
. The Legion feels proud to present
to the public such men as the above,
while Mr. Guthrie needs no intro
duction. to the fans, having wresteled
the Terrible Turk, Frank Burns and
Vanaman and having won all three
bouts it might be well to say a few
words with reference to "Demon"
Bartell. Demon Bartell may be re
membered as the celebrated mat ar
tist who toured Australia under the
leadership of Mr. "Snowy" Baker,
the famous fight producer and while
in Australia he defeated the best 158
pounders that Australia could pro
duce. Since returning from Austalia,
Demon Bartell has been under the
management of Mr. Tom Law, the
wresting promoter of Wichita and
the majority of his matches have ta
ken place in that city
Mr Guthrie is well qualified to
wrestle undv the auspices of the
American Legion owing to the fact
that he served on the battle field of
France as Sergt Guthrie of the 353rd
Infantry 89th division' The following
is a clipping from the Hutchinson
paper ''Elmer Guthrie gets belated
decoration ; Reno County Boy award
ed D S. C. for Heroic Conduct in
last Drive; Elmer Guthrie, well
known to local wrestling fans has a
much coveted decoration awaiting
him when he returns from the har
vest fields where he has been work
ing. Sergt. Almond of the local re
cruiting office received a distin
guished Service Cross for the Reno
county boy by mail yesterday so far
he has been unable to get in touch
with Guthrie.
The citation shows that the award
is made for conduct on the opening
day of the last big push which found
the 89th division advanced about 20
kilometers and well across the Meuse
river on the morning the armistice
was signed. It was in the fighting of
the first day when the' Kansas boys
in the 363rd infantry distinguished
themselves together with the 864th.
infantry in capturing the Barricourt
heigth commanding the entire-Meuse
valley against heavy opposition on
the part of the Boche. The Kansans
had but little artillery support in the
feat which was consummated on No
vember 2nd. due to the fact that the
artillery could not possibly get up
whole rows of machine nests along
the crest of the heights and in the
under brush intervening did not "top
the Kansans.
.... A BIG TIME AT K. C.
Turned the Old Town Upside Down
and Hit the High Spot
In Society
Liberal had a big delegation in
attendance at the Annual Convention
of the American Legion in Kansas
Citv last week, and the fellows all
admit having had the time of their
lives. The city was 'expecting a lot
of nranks and was not disappointed.
The cops were blind to the doings of j
the Legionairres, ana mere was
nothing to interfere with their fun.j
One member tells of a bunch of I
fellows who took a donkey and a:
. . ' (1 1 1.1 I'
steer into tne MunieoacK nooiei, uu
not satisfied with this stunt, went
into the rooms) secured pillows, cut
holes in them and' showered the
feathers down upon the crowd in the
s Another bunch took over1 a drug
store and run it until they tired of
the sport, but everyone took the an
tics good naturedly and there was
no trouble from any source.
Traveling men complain that they
could not get hotel, train, trolley or
taxi accommodations, and after one
experience, steered clear of the city.
Among those from Liberal were:
Dr. and Mrs. E. H. Nighbors,' Price
Davjs and sister, Harry Lightcap,
Clayton Malone, Rolla Tobias, Har
ry Ravenscroft, D. C. Stoner, Tom
Horton, Eugene Franklin, Grover
Still. Susie- and Dor.ithv Farmer,
Tolman- and Eldon Dudley, Frank
Pile, Nolen Bond, G. Rector, Alvin
McHargue, Walter B. Knig and
Nova Dickerson. . . !
. There were possibly some others
whose names we did not learn.
Organization Perfected Wednesday Evening
Which Will Be of Tremendous Importance
in Agricultural and
Local Board to Have
Credits and Will Loan On Stock, Farm
' Products and Land
'An organization of far-reaching im
portance was formed in the room of
the First National Bank in Liberal
Wednesday when the Liberal Loan
Company was organized with a capi
tal stock of $100,000.00.
The organization is the idea of 0. P.
Byers, president of te Kansas & Okla
homa railroad, the Wichita & North
western and other lines. Mr. Byers,
realizing the need of the farmers and
cattlemen of the Southwest, went to
Washington and met with the War Fi
nance Board and with the assistance
of Senator Curtis and Congressman
Tincher convinced the Board that
there was need for finances for the
finances for. the live stork and farm
ing interests of this section, As a re
sult of the conference Mr. Byers was
informed that all the money would
be placed at the disposal of the com
pany he' expected to organize and he
returned to Liberal to perfect the or
ganization. The final plans were completed
Wednesday evening when the fol
lowing officers and directors were
President, J. F. Fuest.
Vice Presidents: J. A. Kelley, J. N.
Evans, C. G. Stevenson and W. P. By
ers. Treasurer: C. E. Woods
Secretary: Jennie Karau
The Board of Directors will be com
posed of J. F. Fuest J. A. Kelley, J.
N. Evans, C. E. Woods, Ernest Wil
son E. M. Dean and W. PByers. "
The formal organization makes
available te the farmers and stock
raisers $1,000,000.00 at this time and
the organization has the promise of
more if needed. Applications are be
ing received today for loans and there,
is no red tape. The board of Hi rectors
has the power to pass on collateral
and it is expected to have the money
available within a few days after the
approval of the security.
The company will loan money en
live stock, either already in the pos
session of the raiser or to purchase
additional stock, will also loan on any
kind of grain, broomcorn or other
farm product held on the farm, as
well as second mortgages on land up
to a certain point
Mr. Byers went to Topeka to se
cure a charter and it was but a few
minutes tack. He explained the prop
osition to Governor Allen . .Til H era
Reed, Secretary of State Pettijohn
and a member of the supreme court
oi Kansas and all promised their
their hearty co-operation. Governor
Allen said "nothing which has hap
pened in the last ten years which will
be of such far-reaching importance."
The organization of the company
Will not only benefit the agricultural
interests of the Southwest, but will ef
fect every .class.Itis a stipulation that
the company will lift the farm paper
now held by the banks, and this will
allow the banks to finance other lines
and will mean a revival of business in
this section which just now is hamper
ed by lack of ready money and should
be the d awn of a new era of improve
ment in Liberal and surrounding ter
ritory. The company loans at & per cent
for three years, enabling the farmer
or stockman to turn his products at
the most favorable time thereb7 re
ceiving the benefits of the best mar
kets. The Liberal company is the second
organized in the United' States. The
first was organized at Fort Worth,
and as a result ', the price of steers
jumped $1 per head in a few . weeks
time. It will be seen from this that
the company will be a big boost to the
cattle industry, forster increased pro
duction and as the country prospers so
will the city and its instjjiitons. j
' This is not a money-making prop
osition for the men back of it but is
in the interest of ' the common good,
and it could not be placed in better
hands. The officers and . directors
are al! men whom the people have the
Live Stock Industries .
Absolute Supervision of
greatest confidence, and the fact that
the proposition is to be handled right
here at home will expidate the trans
actions. The southwest owes a debt of grat
itude to O. P. Byers for spending his
time and effort in putting theiropos
ition across and all must admit that
he has done one of the biggest things
for the country that could be done.
When this money begins circulating
things are going to look up in Liberal
and we hope that the people will gve
the credit to Mr. Byers and the gen
tlemen who are associated with him
in distributing this money.
The Hutchinson News has the fol
lowing regarding the organization:
Washngton, Oct. 22. Largo ad
vances for finnncing livestock in
terests are to be made to a new live
stock company being organized by O.
P, Byers, Hutchinson, Kansas, it was
nnnounced today by the War Finance
corporation. The new company, the
corporation said, is to be capitalzeij
at from $500,000 to $1,000,000 and is
to tnke care of the financing in con
nection with restocking the farms of
southwestern Kansas w'th cattle.
A message this morning from Mr.
Byers states that he had seen Sena
tor Charles Curtis and Congressman
J. N. Tincher on Thursday and on
Friday morning called on Eugene
Meyer and Mr. Thompson and they
called the directors of 'the War Fin
ance corporation together.
"The Board has assured tne that we
can have credit of ten times our cap
ital. They are glad to take female
cattle as security. They talk big fig
ures. Congressman Tinker and my
self suggest starting with $100,000
capital. Loans can be made for full
purchase price if parties are prepared
to care for stock. Two years maturty
of a million dollars is now available
for our Iocalty and I am satisfied we
will have generous treatment in cred
ts here. Curtis and Tincher are re
sponsible for this whole situaton."
A few weeks ago Mr. Woods, a well
known banker of Liberal was here on
his way to appear at the regional
meeting of which Pet Nation of this
city is a member. At that time pre
liminary plans were laid for the form
ing of a cattle association for this
very proposition. It is the biggest
thing for the southwest which has
come the stockmen's way for many
months and will revive stock-raising
in the southwest. Plenty of feed is
on hand to stock all the bg ranches
it is said.
Prominent Real Estate Man
Flight While Billing Air
E. D. Cooper, manager of the John
W. Baughman offices, took quite an
airplane trip Monday. He accompan
ied Aviator Mayes to Plains, Meade,
Bucklin, Dodge City and home by the
way of Garden City and Sublette.
Earl says the plane is very comfor
table means of travel, and that this
long trip did not tire himjn the least.
After the twenty-five miles he felt at
perfect ease and no more concerned
than had he been riding in a car.
He says that all the towns visited
showed quite an interest in the affair
and that it is likely that there will be ,
good crowds here if the weather is j
favorable. . ,
A. H. Courtney was a visitor from I
Wichita Wednesday.
Pre-war prices 1837 Rogers Knives
and Forks, $7.50 per set. Wilkins,
Martin Quin was up from Beaver
Wednesday visiting and attending to
business interests. -
Mr. and Mrs. R.'c Buckles and Mr.
and Mrs. D. S. Buckles of St John
were visitors in the city the first of
the week. . '
Frank G. Holes in New Assist. Cashier
Both Officers Widely Known
Over Sonthwest
Ma meeting of the Board
of Di-
rectors of the Peoples' State Bank
held last week, J. N. Evans was doc- o'clock.
Ue;l cashier to si co I T. A. T. garden This i3 the third anniversary of the
deceased, and Frunk G. Holes, tho signing of the Armistice and if we
popular merchant, was elected to sue-1 could' justenter into the affair with
ceed Mr. Evans as assistant cashier, j the thrill that was ours on that No
Mr. Evans was one of the organiz- vember day three years ago and turn
ers and has been with the bank since loyally as we then did this
its organization and has had a large celebration would be so full of pep
part n the management and success of hat t M enliven a wooden stat
the institution. He came to Seward ;ue- .
county with the early settlers and has The day's program is full of good
remained because he realized the pos-, entertainment as will be seen by
sibilities of the country. He was for king at the program elsewhere in
several years postmaster here and is this Issue The committees have
uilDiciitu jas vi iv M j t uiid i iui m-no ,r in
. .. 1
one or the most substantial!
business institutions in the Southwest 1
. . .....
Mr. Evans for the place. It will take
a good man to fill the vacancy left by
the death of Mr. Tegarden, for no one
could be better liked or more popular
and at the same time better judge of
Mr. Evans throvgh his long resi-
dcn.ee here, his knowledge of values, nn(l tnoP0 who nre fortunate enough
his ivh'e acquaint unre and a reputn-ito ne I)rest,nt are assured of a pleaa
tion for square dealing lasting more ' ,lnt .dinner.
tlrnn a quarter of a century, is ad-j -r,e fellows are figuring strong on'
mirably fitted to succeed to this 1m- j lnfi Krnnd milltnry ball at the Llbor
portant position. He has a wide circle Auto Company garage. This is
of friends' and acqimintnnces who are Rn jd to be the largest dance floor in
congratulating the Hoard on their scl-' this part of the state and there Is
ection. , ! room for all. Everyone is welcome to
Mr. Boles is equally as well and come and enjoy the dance, age is no
well and favorably known, and har and those who never saw a war
while he will not appear behind the
window at the bank will be conven
ent when his judgment and services
are needed.
The Pennies State bank has made a
wonderful growth since its organiza-1 in the matter of the parade. Every
tion and with these men at the helm j one turn out and help make this a
shoud continue on its upward course, real parade.
, And as the . clock points to the
Mr. and Mrs. .H. Hobble and fam
ily are now at home in their beau
tiful new home on North Sherman.
The house is most pleasing in de
sign and nicely proportioned. It is
modern In every sence of the word
and is one of the nicest homes In the
c'ty. 'I
The building was erected by the
Paul W. Light Lumber company, and
Mr. Hobble says that their plan of
building mos sai.siac.ory. n
loud in his praise of the firm, md
says that ne lines xo speaic a gooa
... , - -,uti. .
good job, and that he is glad to rec
ommend their plan and their execu
tion to anyone contemplating build
Gradlnf. Contract, for First,
and a Half Milei I Now
LeMonnier Brothers have finished
their contract for the grading of the
first two miles on the Kansas and
Oklahoma railroad out of Liberal
and have started on the second two
and one half mile contract. They
have started grading on the Gasa
..,. f. .hin, nn toward
The best information we can get
Is that the management will have
no trouble in Stevens County and
if there Is no further opposition in
that section the work will progress
at a rapid rate.
All concede that the road is just
as good as built and unless some un
forseen circumstances arises Liber
al will have another railroad before
spring. ', . " i
C. F. Hall of Kansas City was here
this week an a business trip.
W. H. Robertson of Wchita was a
visitor in the city this week.
Pre-war prices 1837 Rogers Knives I
And Forks, $7.60 per set. Wilkins, '
Jewelers. -Good
Apples at Riggle Bros. $1.75
per basket. tic
C. J. Clark of Wichita was looking
after business interests here this
J. C. Embey of Garnett, Kansas
, was1 transacting business here this
. Pre-war prices' 1837 Rogers Knives
and Forks, $7.50 per set. Wilkins,
Mr. and. Mrs. Ray Carlson of Bell - be reduced from 46 to 80 feet in
Plain were here visting ia the city width. The petition being almost nn
t his week. ' . (" mnlmous it was allowed,
All Arrangements Have Been Mad
For Third Annual Celebration
As the Demv-rat goe3 to rres the"
finishing touches are being made OS
the big Armis ice Day celebration to
bn started
Friday morning at 10
tin and there should be no hitches.
,. ... . .
inis will us tne Airav hpjjchjmiiwv
I of the new Liberal band, and these'
who are in position to know, say that.
. . ,r ,., ,,
the band is making some excellent
' In the evening a banquet will be
served the visiting legion men at the
San ford Cafe and preparations are
under way for a great feed and
big time. Admission will be by ticket
, win be welcome if they have the .
price of a ticket and a pleasant dis
position. The" people of Liberal are urged to
coonerate. with legion members in
noon hour remember that the body
of an unknown soldier, representing'
the unknown soldier dead, is being
lowered into the grave at Arlington
National Cemetery No matter what
.1 . . a f I
your errand pause ana remain "
lutely silent for two minutes as the
body is placed in the tomb. If you
are driving a car stop the engine,
matterKwhere you are, ,nd .
Thji ,g ,
t-.ffu, t K nhnerved bv all and
matter to be observed by aji and
and no one with an ounce of patriot
ism in his makeup win intentionally
violate it. Two minutes is a short
, deyote to honor ot th,
no one ghou(, b
, . .
: fudge it.
Hon. John W. Davs who has just
returned from a trip to the battle
fields of Europe, will speak in the
evening telling of the sights he Raw
and conditions in that country. His
address is educational and interest
ing and should be heard by all.
Look up the program and clip it
out for reference, and try to be a
part of the celebration and show tha
ex-Rervice men that their efforts are
appreciated. -
At 8:30 the Guthrie-Bartell wrest-
ling" match will be staged at the old
armory, now the Burton D Mann Ga
rage. Both Guthrie and Bartell are
clever wrestlers and an excellent
bout is promised.
Aviator Williams Made a Good Trip
By the Air v
Aviator Errctt Williams arrived in
the city Tuesday morning to take
part in the big air carnival. He was
accompanied by his wife. He had
been to Kansas City and Omaha
where he took part in an air carnival
and drove his plane from Omaha to
SatantS in one day, coming to Liberal
the next morning. Williams is one
of the real ones in the air game and
takes in al the big meets and wanted
to be on hand early for the Liberal
meet, Saturday, and Sunday. He says
there are a lot of planes coming this
week to take part also.
B. J. Scott of Hutchinson was trans-,
acting business in the city this week.
The City Council held a special -meeting
Monday morning to. hear a'
petition from the property owners on
South Grant asking that the paving
on the four south blocks on that street

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