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. Win. Brune and family
from Optima Saturday.
Miss Mable Janten of Tyrone was : WIIIIIIWII1IMIM '
were up
shopping in the city Saturday
.Floyd Drunjrj of Plains was in the
city Saturday doing some trading.
J. A. Kelly was over from Hugo
ton the latter part of last week.
Mrs. F. A. Sewell of Texhoma, was
a visitor in the city this week.
C. W. Nasbit of Chicago, was at
tending to business matters 'in the
- J. C. Keller of Forgan was a busi
nes visitor in the city Saturday.
Miss Nellie Winans of Satanta was
shopping in the city Monday.
H. H. Forbes of Meade was a vistor
in the city Saturday.
C. P. Smith was up from Guymon
Saturday, attending to business mat
ters and watching the airplanes.
K. A. Northrup of Great Bend was
3 business visitor in the city this
week. " '
C. A. Wilson was here from Hutch
inson on matters of business this
week. .
A. (?. Brown was up from Guymon
the latter part of the week, attend
g the air frolic. .
W. L. Newman of Hooker was here
Saturday consulting physicians.
. Sheriff Bridgewater was up from
Beaver City, Saturday, attending the
airplane frolic.
Ed Gardner was up from Beaver,
Oklahoma, Saturday and Sunday,
taking in the airplane meet.
Mrs. Harry Vincent of Texhoma,
is visiting in uie cuy wie inner pun
f the week.
Mrs Mntt.il! Friz7.nH was un from
-. -. - j g
Texhoma. visiting with friends this, a
Owen Dowdy left last week for
St. John where he expects to be for
several weeks.
D. J. Dickerson of Dalhart was in
the city Monday consulting . physicians."
Lot l's Do Your
Watch, Clock
and Jewelry
All Work Guaranteed
Give Vs a Trial
Prompt Service
at Wiley's
1 Miss Alta Edwards was down from
Meade Monday for ostapatliic treat
$52 Will Put
An Automatic
Electric Washer
In your home if you act now. Pay for it while
you use it and cut out the drudgery of wash
days, but you'll have to hdrry.
George Clossin of Meade was at
tending to business matters here Saturday.
i Miss Opal Creeden spent Saturday
and Sunday visiting with Miss Lucy
W. H. Fecthler and family were up
from Optima Saturday attending the
air frolic.
Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Venable of Bal-
i ko were shopping in the city Satur
Mrs. Maud Dubois was down from
Meade Saturday doing some shop
ping and attending the airplane
Mrs. H. T Davis returned to her
home in Plains Saturday, after re
maining here for a few days taking
osteopathic treatments.
Mrs. Minnie Broadfoot, who has
been confined to her home for the
past several weeks on account of sick
ness, is at her work again over the
Peoples Bank.
Consists Entirely of Adjusting the
Movable Segments of the Spinal
Column to Normal Position
' Science is classified knowledge. It does not
depend upon chance, or luck, or guesswork. If a
method is scientific it must work out not some
times, but ALL the time. No method of combat
ing disease has ever deserved to be called scientific
until Chiropractic was developed. The treating
of disease by remedies is an ART in which skill in
diagnosis and in predicting the rather dubious
-reaction of the patient to the rtjmcdy MAY bring
good results.
Chiropractic is a SCIENCE. The Chiroprac
tor is trained to detect spinal abnormalities by
hand and verify by X-ray until he knows, with ab
solute certainty, the position and relation of the
spinal bones. His methods of adjusting these are
so exact, so specific, that he can be absolutely posi
tive that the adjusment will be followed by just
one result the utmost effort of Nature to cure..'
The only element of uncertainty leftthe only rea
son why a Chiropractor cannot promise a com
plete cure to every patient in the world is the
possibility that the case has gone so far that Na
ture herself will not cure it, which means that no
treatment on earth would be of any avail.
Chiropracors do not depend for their success
upon the uncertain elements which form a basis
for other methcls. The very simplicity of the
system makes IV r accuracy. For instance, the
Chiropracor kne ,s not guesses but KNOWS
what organs in the bod;- arc weak or diseased af
ter he has analyzed the spine. Conversely, he
also knows which organs arc healthy and sound.
His word is the word of authority. There are
things about disease which he cannot find out in
this way, but these things are not essential to the
cure, and here again the scientific naure of the
system .hows self. He knows, with a certainty
from the beginning, what is hidden from him. He
never mistakes a guess for a fact.
It is because Chiropractic is exact, specific
and definite, that Chiropractors achieve a higher
percentage of results than any other prpfession.
Palmer School Graduate
: Phone 218 ; Miller Building " Resi. 171
Right now you can get
a brand new Automatic
Electric Washer at $80
and pey as you use it.
The terms are
$5 Dpwn
$9.38 a Month
for 8 Months
A Special
During this sale only,
wc will give an addi
tional discount of $3.00
for cash, making the
.cash price now
I i
By the Factory Representative
For more than ten years Automatics
have been washing in Liberal. No state
ment I can make, no proof I can offer, can
be so convincing of Automatic durability
as the record established here in Liberal.
The machine we offer now is more
convenient, safer, easier on clothes than
the earlier models, but we still use the
fine materials that made the old Automa
tics so long lived and Automatic mechanics
still build the machine so that they will
be remarkably free from breakdown.
The motor is still water-proof so that
the-user is saved the considerable expense
of re-winding should water be spilled; it
is still the clutchless type to avoid the
frequentburn-outs caused by cheap con
struction, but it ismore powerful than
the old one.
The wringer rolls are the best that
money can buy. They are made for elec
tric service and are guaranteed by .the
maker for three years.
And about the work it does Just ask
a friend who has one. Look at the clothes
on her line. Notice how white they are,
and how clean.
The old way of washing was too hard
for a woman, but (5 will now enable you
to have cleaner clothes the easier way.
Only a few machines are ofered at
special terms. They will probably go
quickly and no more can be secured, from
the factory to sell at so low a price.
HI f ZI..
B Sttlit : i
Only a Few
Machines Left
At this price and' the next ship
ment will be higher. Better buy
yours .now.
You Take No Chances
The factory guarantees the machine. Wc
endorse the guarantee. '
There are over 300 Automatics in Liberal.
Ask youi neighbor about hers.
At the Light Office
3 5,- .....iiiHMimiu.i
S uiHIItlilimlllimlHIIIHUIHIUIIM""'"""'' mi
iSim mm mul
Lorena Items
Mrs. H. E. Board is quite sick at
present. They had a doctor with her
Sunday evening.
Guy K. Cogswell' of Wichita was a! Illtllllllllllllllllllltllliltg
business visitor the first of the week.
. Roscoe Morrell was over from Mos
cow c" business FrM.'
Edgar Combs of Dodge City, re
turned to his home Saturday, after
a few days visit with his mother and
other relatives here.
Wm. Bodecker of Wchitais visit
ing at the Newby home this week.
Cecil Sears of Ludell, Kansas was
a vistor here the first of the week.
W. E. Groves, has returned from - -Illinois,
where he has been visiting1 M; W. Burchheld of Hooker
with his father, who has been quite iWtts "hPP'nK nthecity Wednesday.
Mrs. Mae Mullinix made a business
Johnnie Smith has scarlet fever, j riP to Tyrone Wednesday.
He is not very sick, but is confined
to his bed. !
D. V. Dickerson of Dalhart was a
1 TiiiL'iiiQLa vjaitnft. in tliA Aiftr Warlnao.
Nearly everyone from this neigh- , a.y
borhood attended the big days at !.
... , , . . ... Rev. Henry returned from Pratt
Liberal, and enjoyed the programs '
...... Wednesday after spending a fewlays
and air frolic. !A.
There were sixty-four present at
Sunday school last Sunday; collec
tion was 4.40; very good, but let's
do better.
H. B. Sherman was down from
Mullinsville, the first of the week at
tending to some business interests:
Mr. and Mrs. Clevenger were not;
nut to Sundav school Sundav. as thev i
are helping to care for Johnnie Smith . v's'k
J. M. Bellivod of Wichita was here
the first of the week on a business
3 Four Blocks West High School Building on Eighth Street
I Friday, Saturday and Monday, Only
g Tropical Coffee, 1-lb can . 40c
e Mikinda Steel Cut Coffee, 1-lb paekage 20c
I No. 10 can Red Pitted Cherries .-4 $1.45
s No. 10 can Peaches , 60c
1 No. 10 can Pears 70c
1 No. 10 can Blackberries ...... , 1.00
1 " . No. 10 can Apricots' ;. r 70c
g No. 10 can pure Apple Butter 90c
I K C Baking Powder 20c
1 Red Salmon, per can 30c
No. 2 can Tomatoes 12c
g No. 3 can Tomatoes 16c
Cream o'Wheat, per package 30c
I 4 bars Crystal White Soap 25c
g Yeast Foam, one cake 8c ; 2 cakes for 15c
C. B. Evans will lead prayer meet
ing next Sunday evening. Large num
hers have been attending these meet
ings, and we want them to continue
to come and bring their friends.
L. H. Pilzer was down fromGarden
City the first of the week, attending
to business interests.
Mrs. M. Ai Casady is still with her"
daughter, Mrs. Lee Swan, who is ill.
Mrs. Swan is getting along nicely at
this time.
Rev. Charleton of Bucklin held ser
vices at the Presbyterian church Tues
day Wednesday, and Thursday. .
Mrs. W. F. Melvin took the place
of county clerk while Mr. Stoufer at
tended the county officers convention
a nt i.
Mrs. R. W. Vno. IbH nravor bik. 81 iu'en
... - - - f , -
: ci j a a .
nK ounaay even.ng. Alter prayer ... r. .stt, plirn, s.ho.
meeting Brt. F H Neff of Flo,! g , wa, here the first of the
gave a splendid talk on what the: gchoolB
inurcn was aoing in regnra 10 win
Two East Front lots" in I
Sunny Side Addition. Just 1
South Second Street. 1
Price $325.00. .
One Standby" campaign. Bro. Neff
will preach at Independence Sunday
evening, November 87th, and every
two weeks in the evening for sometime.
Mrs. Torn Lane arrived Tuesday
from Dalhart, Texas, to attenl the
wedding of Miss Gertrude Lane and
Mr. LaGue, which took place Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Fillbeck and
children of near Hugoton, were vis
iting at the home of Mrs. Fillbeck's
mother, Mrs. Cinda Robinson, Sun
day. They also wltnessel the maneu
vers of the airplanes. '
1 A Few Special Bargains
I Read the following propositions over carefully as they
1 arc some choice locations at a reasonable price and es
f pecially good terms.
I Three Room House. Five
j blocks west of post office.
North front; Sidewalks;
I Lights, and Water in back
I yard. A cozy little hornet
I priced $l,(!flti. Good terms.
I Two EastFront Lots, 1b-
I ated on North Grant,
g These lots can't be beat
I for loeaion at the price of
1 -1350.00. '
I Callat the office and you will be surprised how easy ar-
I rangements can be made for you to handle 1 nc of these 1
I propositions. 1
Several acre tracts seven
and one-half blocks from
main part of town. One
twentieth down and one
twentieth monthly. No
Mr. and Mrs. William Redding and Is
daughter of near Peryton left Wed
nesday for Los Angeles, California,
where they will visit with their son.
They expect to Bpend the winter there.
It is reported that Kansas City.
Wichita and Hutchinson have a great
many cases of Small Pox. There is
one death out of every three cases in
Kansas City.
Miss Clementine LaGue returned
to her. home in Concordia, Kan. T'ed-
F. T. Hunter of Newton, was visit
ing in the city Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Perry and Geo.
Brown ovisited at the home of Mrs.
Perry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
S. Banks during the latter part of
laut week.
Oliver Welch, who has been stay
ing with his grandmother, Mrs. M.
nesdav after attending the wedding i V. Welch, and attending high school,
of her brother, Mr. LaGue and Miss' left Tuesday for his home in Wilbur-
ton, Oklahoma. '''"
Mrs. M. A. chuler and little
daughter. Mildred, who have been in.
Liberal for sometime, taking adjust
ments, returned to their home near
Gray, Oklahoma, Sunday.
Misses Fern and Dorothy and Ad
rian Schuler and Messrs. Albert and
Amos Schuster of near Gray, Okla
homa, were guests at the-home of
W. G. Young over Sunday.
J. C Mahoney left Wednesday for
Eldorado on a business trip. "

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