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Those who have tickets to give you
for the Majestic Merchants' Matinee
of Saturday afternoons, are as fol
lows: .'"
F. Murchison, D. C. D. Garage
Peoples Oil & Supply Co."
Chas. Suhimers & Sons
' Tice's South South Grocery
South Side Second Hand Store
Annex Cafe
Snnford Hotel
The Liberal Democrat
: Liberal News
Rucker & Scott, Renl Estate
Pullman. Cafe
Roy E. Davis Barber Shop
The Tiro riosvital ' '
Rolen Tirv (InnAa Sfnro
. .
Longwell's Up-to-date Shoe Shop
,' Peoples Cash Grocery
; Klean Klothes Klean
Calvert Bros. Grocery
. Cash & Carry Brocery
Ideal Bakery
Lincoln Cafe
Eagle Grocery "
-Taylor's Drug Store . v
Bill Onions, Shoe Expert
i Snell Auto Top- Co.
.Cpzy Barber Shop
.0. K. Radiator Shop
Hahn's Tailor Shop
Gormanja Store
Ellington's Barber Shop
Wilkins', Jewelers & Optometrists
-mm yjmtemmm
Values arc here that invite every man
aid young man to come to this store
whether in 'need of merchandise now
or later. . And with the prices go every
assurance of the utmost quality.
Suits, Separate Trousers, Hats, Caps,
Gloves, Shirts, Ties and Shoes
A full line of Work Clothing
Dry Goiods, Furnishings and Shoes
I North Side Hand Laundry
I , J.T. Delay, Prop.-' f
; Open for Business f
I Silks and Baby Clothes a Specialty
I We call for and jleliver all work, and guar- 1
S J J ! - - 1 .1 ? ' 1X
f aniee saiisiaciiuii, aiiu uur pncc arc iignu
We Close on Saturdays 1
i: . ' " I
I Phone 2186 . New York and 11th 1
', "I'. ' J
i '"'.. .-,. . I
We are making them right along
1 Get Our Propositoin I
I Prompt Inspection Quick Closing
Moore & Franklin
Smith Building
Mi-Lady's Hat Shop , . ' '
Briggs Co., Furnishing Store
Chamber of Commerce ',
Dubois' &. Kaveuscroi't
City Market
Spruulings furnishing Store
Keust's Novelty Works ' .
Ktggie Bro's. (irucury
Purity iYieat Market
Liberal Undertaking Co.
Kldon Dudley Cleaning Parlors
P.ie Studio
Liberal, Ligiit Company
The Star Grocery
Wilson i'uriniure Company
S. i S. Bakery
T. L. Gray & Sons Furniture
White House Thirst Parlor
Southwestern Hardware Storo
Liberal Eleetria & Wiring Co. .
Vickers Grain & Sued Co.
Light Grain & Milling Co.
Tucker Electric Co.
Star Lumber Co.
Enterprise Grocery
Geo. S. Smith & Bro.
J. D. Mahoney & Sons Grocery
Rock Island Tonsorial Parlors
1 Johnny's Hamberger Wagon
J. E. George Grocery
Langley's South Side Barber Shop
Liberal Auto Supply Company.
Dr. !,. ii. ieighuors, Dentist, new
locuuon over ruuf eoples Suae linns
across the hall from Dr. Pellette's.
Phone 102
The Bible School tukes the lead in
the attendance contest .with Garden j
City.' The Liberal school had an at-
tendance of 304, and Garden City U
only 207. Oar 'school got oil" for a '
bail st irt, but is s.ating the pace U
now. Wc invite till who are not at- g
toiidng to.ne other school ts visit our H
fine school. B
Ne.it Sunday is Men's Day. The
men will have charge of the opening
exeivises; something special. We 3
want 100 men next Sunday. Come,
help Liberal win. , p,
At Ihe evening service the. Ladies g
Mb-sdonary Society will give a pn- pi
geant, '"A Mid-Day Dream." Mrs. jg
Fortna will sing at the morning hour, p
All are invited. ' g
The Christian Endeavor gives our 'g
young people training to speak in g
public before an audience, besides J
the study on the Christian problems g
of today. They also enjoy manytgood jj
social times'' together. And special g
nunjbers are a part of each Sunlay g
evening program. If you are not at- g
tending elsewhere un the city, we cor- p
dially welcome you to our meetings, g
If you'll come once, you'll come 'jj
again. Christian Endeavor at 6:30 1
o'clock every Sunday evening at the 8
Christian church. I P
On Sunday afternoon, January 15, g
Archdeacon Jones drove to Liberal t?
from Garden City. Evening service U
was held at the home of Mr. W, G. ' j
young. After the service a congre-
Rational meeting was held, and it was j
greatly enjoyed by all. The Arch-j
leacon related many intere tingj
fa.'ts in connection with the Wichita
Eagle contest, in which he won the
Templar car, and nho an Fsex. H'
feels that the gentlemen conducting
the content were absolutely fair in
their dcplings ivith all.
Church schoiil at 11:00 a. m. at
the Baptist Annex. ,
Church service at 7:30 p. m., at
the W. (J. Young home, conducted by
Archdeacon J. V. Jones.
IloLinnino-.l.Vhroai-v fifth we will
hav a serins nf snl' savins snrvires'
undfli- the direction of linv. V. O. '
whitou-nii n n f ci,n,i ni h,. 1
homi. Rev. Vbitewell is a st,on, 1
man who has a burning mesnrc fori11'1 ihv Col"Uv Commissioners, who
men. He has a sold on fire for Cod! own the two lra('ts of lnni' ""Joining
and the salvation of sohls. He be-! Mr- W't's. To start the )ark pro-
i;. ; r,A ranl ,..y.
Roeks to ruin men. And he believes in'
Jeasus Christ as the only sah alien
from sin, and that there is none other
name under heaven given among men
whereby we must be naved. Make your
nlans to hear him everv night. It will
bo worth j'our while.
The revival services at the Meth
odist church will , continue for an
other week. If you have not attend-
ed, we urge you to come. Mr. Ger-
many is surely producing some music
with the big chorus. There is a com-'
fortable seat, a song book and a wel-
come for you. Come and bring youri
friends. ' .
The subjects for the comirnr week
are as follows:
Thursday "Hen es and Cowar ' ".
Friday "Tho Drama of Life".
Saturday "Rerr m'nvces".
Sunday, 1 1 o'c'. -' "B--rn Fiom
7:M0 p. m. "A Mai ke Man".
Monday No service.
1 eodjiy "A Question of Escr.p".
Wtu" sday "A Question of f ek
ing". Thursday "A Qiu tion of Waiting '
Miss Dorotv.v KUon, lnusit d'"ec
tor in the city t,--1, jols, was called t-
her home in Neo: "''a, Wednesday
afternoon by a telei i aniui r.cing
the illness of her motht.1.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Vi: ; l -.nd
Henry Bartcl of Lehigh, were .icre
on matters of 'business Friday a .1
Suits Pressed
Suits Cleaned and Pressed
without odor
Suits Cleaned and
Pressed $1.00
All other work accordingly
Special orders in three hours
All Work Guaranteed
The Palace
A. B. Mitchell, Prop.
Phone 333 Liberal, Kans.
fi l"ll"u"lll"''w"iniu''"'uiiimuiiuuiihiuiuiniiiiiimmm m i i, miumimmuu ii iiiiuliliiiiiiiiiuilr.ji,iMtinHiiiMnii.1ntilMiiiNiti!miuiiin.luiii.r..:ll,.iii..uiiih g
Regular meeting of the Lions Club
of Liberal was held at the Grior on
, Monday noun, with J. E. Donnelly
! as chairman.
I At ImmI Monday's meeting the park
proposition which tho club has been
interested in, and which when com
pleted, will give the town of Lib
! crn! a 10-ncro puhljf park, was taken
I up for discussion. This proposed
Public improvement for our comm-V
wlls lr,adL' P0SRib, ""'V through
tho Pcnerousity of one of Libera
loading citizens, C. M. Light, logeth-
cr with the Mayor and City Council,
position off however, it was neces-
snry to raise $2000,, which is to be
! held pending complctfon or partial
I completion of the park, and it is this
1 t"';'c that the 'Lions Club assumed,
j After a brief discussion of the
mutter, Secretary J. H. Salley broke
the ice by announcing that he would
advance $500 of the $2000.00 loan
needed, which remarks- brought con
siderable applause. C. M. Yocum
of the Yocum Hardware, then an-j
nounced he would hnndle $500, and
F. O." Rinriom followed with another;
$500, both gentlemen being heartl-
ly applauded. This left only $500
to raise, anij Presiderit G. L. Light j
assumed the, responsibility of get-i
ting that amount together
other members of the club. ,
At this Monday's meeting report
was made by the park committee on
tho progress being made toward this
: -ded pu,blic improvement, and the
r ;r littee instructed to keep in close
touch with the. situation.
"epor: made by President G. L.
Li1 lit on the presentation of Char
' ?r Banquet cr the Rotary Club of
' ilvnil. Mr. 1 ! ,!it was a guest of
f Rotary at !s banquet, rep
resenting the L: in.. '"' ib. He rc
p' ..ed t'-at a cr- -iTnTgL'tic and in
lar. j':ig meeting '.'as h:.d and the
Rotary Cl'ib of Liberal is a It', j bunch
v ho will be heard from.
Tho L or i I'.'c- 0"artetto, consist-
irt of C. V. T' -e P. y Kennedy, F. j
'7. Foitna ami .T 'in Knaack, then;
r nderetla couple ' " lathetic ballads,
causing some joy and some sadness. I
The strains of Sweet Adaline waft-;
I ?d to the lunch counter and into tho
e - of Joe Trindle, who was eating
lifach, nnd the Grier immediately lost
one customer ; but Joe's musical edu
cation has been neglected. Much
applause was received by the quar
tet, but some of It was act-calls. Dr.
Beatty, jealous of the singers, hooted
considerable, but the fellows who
really understood high class music
showel their appreciation. The Club
Quartet has an offer from a large
chautauqua company for next sea
son (to act as csnvasmen).
Tho next meeting of the Club'will
be Monday noon. Every Cub be
there, and don't forget your dues, j
Dr. E. H. Neighbors, Dentist, new
location over The Peoples State Bank
across the hall from Dr. Pellette's. :
There will be an important meet
ing of the Boy Scout Council' for
Liberal on Tuesday, January 24th,
at 7:30 p. m. at the Chamber of
Commerce rooms.
IIIIHIillDlilllilllllllllliliirJIII Illlilllll!lllllllllllllll)ll!lllllllllllllllllllllllll!l!lllll!llllll
Dr. R. II. Neighbors
formerly with Dr. Beaty
wisjtesjtu announce
that he has opened
ti modern dental office
over the Peoples Slate Bank
on West Second Street
Call on me for prices
Office PlfBnc 188
Residence Phone 477
Mellugh A Son, who rucunlly sold
the Liberal Buick coni)any, are now
engaged in the wholesaling of auto
parts and supplies, having their of
fice with the Southwestern Hardware
Company until more commodious
quarters can be! Secured.
They are featuring the DcLuxo
Pistonn, for which they have a ter-
We are goin to load a car of Poultry next
week, and want YOUR Poultry 1
We guarantee to pay as much as anyone
else buying here, and if possible, will" pay 1
more. . We MUST luVyc the Poultry
Scott Produce Go. I
Phone 55.3 Liberal, Kansas 1
m'" I I llllirillulllMIJUIinilIlinriJI!lItJIJIUJIIMMllllliJtr(IIlfLIi;iUl
In our Farm Loan fund, now
ready for immediate
Miller JJIdg! Liberal; Kans.
tr: .
m .
The Destructive
I Force of Fire I
FIRE -one of the most useful gifts to man often
becomes a source of much destruction and ex
pense. Frequently fire breaks loose. When this
happens, homes, buildings, fixtures, and stocks are
destroyed or badly damaged.
Fire cannot always be prevented, but Fire Insur
ance Policies written from this agency can save
the policy-holders loss after such accidents occur.
Miller Building Suite G
1 .
f m
rltory comprising goventeen counties
in Southwest Kansas. Thoy have
n 1 t'lIl fl it litlilf 111! n trimrl 1,iiuinnae 1,1
this line and have equipment for re
boring blocks for theso pistons.
They expect to handle all kinds
of motor parts and supplies as the
business expands.
Ray WoodK son of D. C. Wood of
the Liberal rroduce company, came
in from Wichita recently for a visit.
III J II 111 1 1 IN Kill HI I Uil 1 1 IU I II FUI II 1 1 II tn ! M I j It HI IM1 II I II II Fl :m III inuti I 111 u tni i ilj. f 1 1 1
Phone 382

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