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We Will Pay 10c per pound Extra for Sweet Cream
The Sunflower Creamery Company
Has purchased the building and business of the? T.ih-
eral Creamery Company, and Mr. C M. 'Waters will
have the management of the business.
We will pay the highest market price for cream, aYid
will pay 10c extra for good, sweet cream; Bring us"
your cream and help us to grow.
All persons having ice cream packers, empty soda
cases or gas drums will please call Phone 71, so we can
. call for them. We will appreciate this.
We shall strive to make our products as nearly perfect
as possible, and will appreciate your patronage. Ask
your grocer for Sunflower Butter.
The Sunflower Creamery Company c,lliir
Guymon JSerald says: , .
Through the services of County
Engineer W. A. Ingram, supported
by Commissioners 0. C. Glatthaar
and Sam B. Hall, Texas county is to
secure Federal Aid for the building
of highways through Texas county.
This means that the Federal govern
with the tax payers of Texas county
nient will put up dollar for dollar
to build substantial highways for .the
use of the citizens-and the tourists
who travel this way. This was fin
ally arranged for by Messrs. Ingram
and Glatthaar while they were in Ok
lahoma City last week, and they
brought the contracts' back with
them, which were signed and return
ed to the Highway Commission early
this week. This contract was accom
panied "by a warrant for sixteen odd
thousand dollars, the amount now on
hand of state road funds. This means
that road work to the extent of thirty-two
housand dollars will be con
tracted by and executed under' the
direction and inspection of the Fed
eral government in Texas county.
We understand that the first work is
to be done on the Atlantic-Pacific,
or what is better known as the Right-of-Way
Road, which parallels the
Rock Island tracks from northeast to
southwest, through the county, and
that the road between Guymon and
the Kansas-state line will be given
the first attention.
The County Commissioners held an
adjourned session Saturday to con
sider this proposition, and it was at
this meeting that the contract was
decided upon. For some reason Com
missioner Landess had a change of
heart after first favoring the Federal
aid project, for after conferring with
local political guides, he conclluded
he would not sign the contract for1
the Federal aid. It is safe to say
' that he, did not get such a "bum
steer" from the good roads boosters
of Hooker and Tyrone in his district
who attended the recent Atlantic
Pacific Highway convention held in
Liberal, Kansas, because they were
they were unanimous in - their insis
way for Federal aid should be se
tence that recognition of this high
cored at the-earliest possible mo
ment This highway is already rec-
' ognized as one of the very great
highways of the nation and they will
not relish any action that might tend
to block its progress, and' develop
ment through . their communities.
There is a chance now to have the
entire community back of the base
ball for the summer. The members
of the team agree to' play all games
on week ddys and as far as possible
to make the games in Liberal on
Wednesdays, so that it can be made
a special day on the part of busi
ness.' They also agree that they will
give us clean sport, free from gam
bling, and conducted in such, a way
that ladies may at all times be wel
come at the games. They ask that
the community back them by attend
ing the games and by buying season
tickets, thereby helping to finance
the games. The tickets will be good
for ten games and will sell for $2.50.
Children's tickets for $1.00. The
money will be placed in the bank and
held by a citizen's committee com
posed of members selected by the
churches and ( various civic clubs of
the town and paid to the ball team
as the games are played. ' . .
Next Tuesday afternoon a canvas
of the city for the sale of tickets will
be made. ' We believe this is a move
in the right direction and should re
ceive the hearty support of the peo
ple. In this way we can have clean
sport and in such a way that the en
tire community can get back of it.
This plan has received the sanction
and support- of the Ministerial asso-1
ciation and churches and is looked
upon favorably by the Rotary and
Your garment is first placed in a
big cleaning machine containing a so
lution which is chiefly made from
high grade Naptha and Gasoline
Soap. Run until garment is clean,
then rinsed twice, in Naptha, then it
passes to extraetor, which dries it;
they goes-to dry room to. take out
odor) then the garment is spotted,
repaired and pressed with steam, and
delivered to your room on hanger,
for no more money tnan any other
shop. Call Us, Phone 126.
PENNY & CO.,, Tailors
Miss Mary Hitch entertained at her
home on the ranch near Guymon, Okla.
Sunday for Misses Hazel and Ruth
Wolly, Leo Reynolds, Pauline Sturman
of. Chicago, and Mrs. W. S. Wolly.
For County Sheriff
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for the office of Sheriff of
Seward County, Kansas, subject to
the action of the Democratic prima
ries in August.
Liberal, Kansas.
For Register of Deeds i
I hereby announce myself as a can
didate for the office of Reirister of
Deeds of Seward county, subject to the !
will of the Republican voters in the
August primaries.
Kismet, Kansas.
For County Sheriff
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the office of Sheriff of Seward
Lions Clubs. It is meeting with favor County, subject to the will of the
in h minrfo nf the business men. voters of the Republican 1 party in i
We should like to urge that you buy the August Primaries,
as many tickets as posible. Business
houses that have made . cash dona-j ,
tions in the past can finance.it this- - ' For County Sheriff
way and have the tickets for the use hereby announce my candidacy
, ' . . , , . . for the office of Sheriff of Seward
of their patrons and employees 1 Countyi subject to the will of the
Let's all get together and back the voterg of the Democratjc party in
team. It will do all good and the the August primaries,
community" will profit by clean -O. E. DOBSON,
amusement of this kind. i Liberal, Kansas.
Liberal, Kansas.
. For District Clerk
G. H. Davis of Haviland Kansas was I hereby announce my candidacy
."J. 7 T .. , t, , . , for the office of Clerk of the District
shopping in Liberal the latter part of un of Seward County, subject to
the week. j the will of the voters in the Repub-
' ' liean primary in August. '
Ernest Evans of the Evans Har-. HAD W. LANE,
ness Company made a business- trip . Liberal, Kansas.
to Perryton the last of the week
hiii IIIIIIIHtlll III I lllll 1 llll II II I I I I I II llll I II I I ' Mill 1 I I lllll I I I H
niUIIIUUIJiJUI(IIUUiillllllilU(IUlIllillltMUItllilllllIlliiiiiiiMiiiiiti'iii"iuuiiiaiiii. g
I hereby announce my candidacy
for the office of sheriff of Seward
County subject to the will of the Ro
manes. publican voters in the August pri
Liberal, , Kansas.
g I hereby announce my candidacy for
1 the office of Register of Deeds of
Seward County, subject to the 'will of
' the voters in the Repubican primaries
in August. '
a Libera, Kansas
Summer Frocks
Are Refreshingly Dainty
Their airy loveliness is as refreshing to the eye as their
breezy coolness is comfortable to the wearers. .
Though the lines of these I'rocks are simple, they are
often attractively garnished with delicate bits of
handwork, lace or ribbon.
"Exquisite" you'll say when you see them.
Dry Goods, Furnishings, Shoes.
For Representative
I hereby anounce my candidacy as,
Representative in the Sstate Legisla
ture from Seward County, subject to
the wishes of the voters Jn the Re
publican primaries in August.
Liberal, Kansas.
Are You Ready for
Memorial Day
Observance? v. .
On this day-you. will want to do your part to show
honor for the men of the great wars whjch .preserved
jus as a nation. v ,
Let us call for your garments and put them in good
shape. We work for all the family father, mother, sis
ter and brother and it your garments come from
Klean Klothes Klean j
You'll have no regrets . g
, .- ' . . FONE 2 .' 1 -
Miss Follett of t';e Wesley Hospital
at Wichita who has been in the city
for National Hospital Day returned to
Wichita. Miss Follett was formerly
with the Liberal Hospital.
Miss Pauline Sturman who has been
visiting with her cousins, Misses Olive
Fulton, Leo Reynolds, and Mrs. Harry
Ravenscraft, and Homer Reynolds left
Saturday for her home in Chicago. .
I, F.
L. Rigney, convicted on the
14th day 6f November, 1921. of the
crime of-False Pretense in Seward
County, Kansas, will apply on the
31st day of May, 1922, to the Gov
ernor, at his office in Topeka, Kansas,
For Probate Judge
I hereby announce my candidacy for E'xecutive clemency.
45tp (Signed). F. L. Kigney.
for the office of Probate Judge of
o . a l a it.
ivoewara county, ouuieti iu me
t the Republican voters in the August
' primaries.
- ' W. O. NELSON,
Liberal, Kansas.
bidder for cash in hand the follow.
ing described real property, to-wit:
Lot Twenty-one (21), and the
North Half of Lot Twenty (20 ,
in Block Eight (8), Farmer-
Terwilligcr Addition to the City
of Liberal, Seward County,
said property Deing levied upon
and will be sold as the property of
aid defendants to satisfy the judg
ment rendered in said action.
hereunto set my hand at my office
in Liberal, Seward County, Kansas,
tnis Z7th day of April, 1922.
Sheriff, Seward County, Kansas.
By J. W. Freeman, Deputy.
For County Attorney
I hereby announce my candidacy
for re-election to the office of coun
ty Attorney of Seward County, sub
ject to the action of the voters at
the Democratic' primaries in August,
i Liberal, Kansas.
For Superintendent of Schools
I hereby announce my. candidacy
for re-election to the office of Super
intendent of Schools of Seward
County, subject to the will of the
voters at tne uemocrauc jirimmieo
in August. .'
Liberal, Kansas-
See the Maasay-Harris Combined
machine. Thos. W. Gaw. 48t3c
(First published April 27. 1922)
State of Kansas, Seward County, ss.
GIVEN .that under and by virtue of
an execution issued and delivered to
me out of the District Court of Sew
ard County, Kansas, and dated
March 27, 1922, irj an action where
in Mrs. R. A. Barrell is plaintiff- and
J. ,N Stickler and Alta M. Stickler,
his wife, are defendants, and by vir
tue of the levy on the property
hereinafter described, I will' on the
Saturday, May 27th, 1922, at the
hour of 10 o'clock, a. m., at the west
door of the court house in Liberal,
Seward County, Kansas, offer for
sale and sell to the highest and best
Stale of Kansas .Seward County, ss,
TAKE NOTICE, that a legal peti
tion signed by W. S. Higgins and other
Householders of Fargo Township, in
said County, has been presented to the
Board of County Commissioners, pray
ing for the location of a township road
as follows, viz: -
Beginning at a point where ' the
south line of the northeast quarter of
33-34-33 intercepts th north line Jof
the - Chicago, Rock island' J& Pacific
rail-way rght-or-way; thence "in a
northeasternly direction parallel to
and adjoining the Chicago, Rock Is
land & Pacific Railway right-of-
way on the north to a ' point
where said right-of-way crosses 'the
sduth line 'of of section 27-34-33;
thence east across, said right-of-way;
thence northesat parallel to and adjoin
ing said right-m-wiy on the sjuth side
continuing in. said direction following
'v. '. ' : -'Y'"
said right-of-way to a- point on the
south line of section 9-34-32, where
the sai'l Chicago, Rock Island & Paci
fic railway right-of-way crosses said
section line; thence east on said sec-
w ne mam street or the atjwn
of Pajnc, Kansas; thence norlJn
Main Street fcvo blocks, thence east
two blocks; thence north to the Chica
go, Rock Island & Pacific Railway
right- of-way, all according to the
recorded plat of said town of Hayne,
Kansas; thence northeast on the south
line of said right-of-way, parallel to
and adjoining said right-of-way to the
point. in section 2-34-32 where said
right-of-way comes- nearest to the
north ad south road now located on-,
half-section line in said section 2-34-32;
thence east about 66 feet to said
half-section line1 and terminating at a,
point on said half-section line direct
ly east of the point where said Rock
Island & Pacific Railway right-of-way
comes nearest to said half-section line,
same being about 960. feet south of
the center of said section 2-34-82,
said road as petitioned herein to be
sixty feet in width unless otherwise
ordered by the county commossioners. t
And that said Board as viewers will U
meet at the point of beginning: of said ri
proposed road on the 25th day of May
1922, and proceed to view said road, J
as the law directs, at which time and U
place all persons interested i may at
tend and have a hearing. In case said
yjewers fail to meet on the day desig- r
nated, they may meet on the following ;i
day, as provided by law, without fur- ;i
ther notice.! .
, Witness my hand and the official -1
seal of said County this 2nd kdayof .i!'
County- Clerk.
v '

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