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The board of education announce!
Monday, September the fourth, as
opening: day for the school year of
1922-1923. With one exception the
teaching force for the school is now
complete. The board feels that it has
been fortunate in selecting teachers
with qualificatins and preparation
that especially fits each one for the
position which he or she is to fill In
the school system for the following
achool year.
The schools will necessarily be
somewhat congested again this year
for lack of available room. Howev
er, the proper co-oparation on the
part of parentsjatrons and friends
of education with the faculty and
achool board will do much to relieve
this situation and aid in accomplish
ing' results in spite of these crowded
Educationally, Liberal can look
forward to a new day. It is expected
that the new high school building
now under construction and which
is to be the best in Western Kansas,
will be ready for occupancy at the
beginning of the next school year.
This splendid addition will make it
possible for every boy and girl in
Liberal from the grades to the high
school to be comfortably and com
modously housed. Then, with the
Bring or send US your
., We get your work done
PROMPTLY and guaran
tee our work to be SATIS
FACTORY. Give us a trial We
know we can please you.
stoner Sly. co.
At Wiley's
coming of new equipment and an
increased interest in school affairs
on the part of patrons and friends
of educational effort, there is no rea
son why Liberal should not have one
of the "best school systems in Kan
sas. Cooperation on the part of all
concerned will accomplish this. Let
us get back of the Liberal School
System NOW.
The following boundaryy lines
will determine at which building
your children will attend. Please
study these statements carefully in
order that they may report at the
proper building at the beginning of
school. However, after school begins
it may be necessary to change some
of the grades or buildings.
1. The line separating the City
into north and south districts is j
known as the main dividing line. This
line runs from the east limits on I
Third street west to Grant avenue,
-then on Grant north to Fourth
street and then west on Fourth to
the west city limits.
2. All nunila in the Seventh and
Eighth gTades will attend the Jun-
ior High School in the Lincoln build-1
3. All pupils in the second,
third, fourth, fifth and sixth grades
living south of the main line will
attend the Garfield school.
5 Al pupils in the first grades
living south of Fifth street will at
tend at the Garfield building, and
all living north of Fifth street will
attend at the annex west of Lincoln
5 All pupils in the first grades
and sixth grades living north of the
main line will attend at the McKin
ley building.'
6. All pupils in the third grade
living north of the main line and
west of Lincoln street, will attend
at the McKinley school. All other
third grade pupils living north of the
main line will attend at the annex
room just east of the Lincoln build
ing. 7. All 'pupils in the 2A class of
the second grade north of the main
line and west of Lincoln street will
attend at the McKinley school, and
all 2B pupils in the second grade in
the same territory will attend at the
annex west of Lincoln building.
8. All pupils in the second grade
living north of the main line and
east of Lincoln street will attend at
a room in the high school building.
9. In the past there has been the
difficulty of lurge first grade begin
ning classes in the falll term and
smal( classes at the beginning of the
second term. In order to avoid half
day 'sessions for beginners' and to re
lieve the congested condition in this
grade, the board has passed the fol
lowing ruling: '
"All beginners must be at least six
yyears of age on the flay that the'
school term opens."
All1 grade and Junior High School
pupils will meet with their respec
tive teachers at nine o'clock on Mon
day morning for opening exercises,'
assignment of books and materials
to be purchased and for futher an
nouncements. The Senior High School will as
semble at the study hall In the high
school building at nine o'clock on
Monday. There will be teachers at
the high school office to explain the
course of study and to enroll any one
who is entering high school for the
first tme, on the Thursday and Fri
day preceding the opening of school.
Any one wishing to room and
board teachers or students or know-,
ing where these accommodations can
be secured, should call Mr. Mahuron
or Miss Henry. A list of places where
room and board or either can be se
cured will be kept and presented to
the teachers and students as they
are called for.
All high school and grade teach
ers will meet at the high school
building Saturday morning, Septem
ber 2, at 10:30. ' j
All persons and patrons who will
have children enrolled in the Liberal
school this year should carefully oh-,
serve the school announcements and
information given below: :
Lilt of Teacher by Buildings and
, Grades
High School j
N. B. Mahuron, Superintendent;
Elizabeth Henry, principal Latin;
Mary Jane Shepherd, Domestic Sci-(
ence and Art; Ona Dodd, Mathe
matics; Edith Lloyd, Commerce; P.'
E. Roller, Science; Fannie Smiley,1
English; Elsie Dershem, English;
Georgia Anthony, English and
American History; Kinqie Stitt, '
Mathmetics and Biology; Frank
Strickler, Manual Training and Ath
letics; Bertha Millstead, Normal
Training; Jessie Willett, History and
Social Science; Bess Reed, Music;
Edna D Haven, secretary. I
You Need Them
In Your Business
Business equipment is just as necessary to a successful business
as to the machinery of the industrial planUs to industry.
Woodstock Typewriters
The most convenient, substantially
built Typewriter on the market.
Standard in every respect. Fully
The Dalton Adding Machine
Does everything any other machine will do and a
lot of things they can't! Adds, substracts, multi
plies, figures fractions so simply anyone can op
erate it on the largest problems.
We sell Woodstocks and Daltons on payments
that enable anyone to own oneJ We will be glad
to call and demonstrate either machine if you
ask it. -
' ' i.i 'inPV -
J. B. MILLER, Manager
Agency Seward, Stevensand Meade Counties. "'U
Our Exposition of the
New Fall Vogues
DELIGHTFULLY varied and fascinatingly distinctive,
the new Fall Frocks and Gowns are even more interest
ing than usual.
The smartest models are astonishingly simple, but just
the right bit of embellishment-knowingly applied,
lends them an inimitable chicness. '
The deeper jewel toncsuch as sapphire and garnet are
well liked and used with ravishing effect.
Dry Goods, Furnishings, Shoes
Junior High School-
Jessie Walker, Principal, Mathe
matics; Mrs. Zetta Pitts, Penmanship
and Drawing; ;Mrs. Verda Riggs,
English; Kate Barnard, Geography;
Gertrude Auer, Agriculture; Bertha
Lowder, History.
Garfield Building:
A. V. Ebersole, principal, Sixth
grade; Mrs. R. E. Hart, Fifth grade;
Nellie Davis, Fourth Grade; Blanche
Brown, Third grade; Josie Lipprant,
Lions Takes Second Place and Legion
, Retains Lead in City Leaguee
The best ball game of the week was
that between the Lions Club and the
Fire Department Tuesday night. There
was not a very large crowd on account
of this being a postponed game from
Monday nght. Thjere was some real
good fieldine. hut the game was brok-
Second Grade; Edythe Ellis, Second on to by a number of errors. The
and First grades; Mrs. Gertrude Dir. hitting by Buckley of the Lions Club
First grade. was a feature of the game.
McKinley. Building Berwick did the twirling for ' the
Harvey Ross, (principal, Sixth Lions and Ernest Evans for the Fire
grade; teacher to 'be selected, Fifth Department. The score was Lions 7,
grade;. Mrs. Ruth Pankratz, Fifth ( Fire Department 4. The game Fri
grade ; Laura Barnes,- Fourth grade ; 1 day night between the Legion and the
Lyda Beasley, Fourth grade; Effie Methodists was a walk-away for the
Farmer, Third grade; Edna Shorb, Legion and at no time during the
Second grade. ' game were they in danger of being
Annex eas of Lincon building ; run over by the Methodists. The
Mrs. Mary Mahoney, Third grade, game was almost a continuous error.
Annex east of Lincoln building ! The games this week tied up the
Nettie Taylor, First and Second standing of the three tail-enders,'
grades; Mrs. Lucile Lake, First Methodists, Christians and Railroad
grade. ' ; ers. The Legion are retaining the
Annex room in hgh school buldng lead with not a game against them.
Mrs. Olive Eddington, Second The defeat of the Fire Department by
: , . of second place and agve the Lions the' m Kentucky where he has been vis-
THE ETERNAL TKIAJNti LIS ' gnd honors.
Treated in Novel Manner in Ethel There will be good games this week
Clavton'a "Exit the Varan" . and H those who enjoy seing a good,
. called on Harry
. Hans Morrow
Ford Monday.
Mrs. Jessie Graff is viisting her
sister, Mrs. H. S. Burris.
Floyd Burrow called on Miss Vel
ma Cline one day last week.
Mr. A. J. Gafford, wife and daugh
ter Mae are going to move to Elk
hart this week. Hub is going to stay
on their place.
. Bethany Bruce and J. B. Morrow
and Velma Cline were shopping In
Midwell and watching the ball game
Harry Ford was a Sunday caller
at J. M. Smith's Sunday. The rea
son is unknown.
' Several from here attended pray
er meeting at J. M. Smith's Sunday
night. '
Guy Thompon was a Sunday caller'
at G. W. McDonald's.
Guy and Harold Thompson left
this (Tuesday) morning for Hooker
U) seed broom corn. ,
, There is to be an ice cream sup- '
per at C. E M.yyepcmfwyp8hrdju
per at C. E. Beaman's Tuesday night.
Tyrone-Route 2
Floyd Ireland- returned last Sunday
iting for some time .
, Mrs. Frank Kimberly spent Mon
day afternoon with Mrs. 0. P. Book-
1 1... ..
, . , , . , .. , . . . . .. : , . W. Bookless, wife and son,. Frank,
The eternal triangle which often dis- should not fail to attend the ganu Newman, Floyd
plays itself in the material affairs of Friday and Monday nighte, , JTT .
men and women, is treated in a re
freshingly novel manner in fcthel
ciayions latest raramuuin. jwt-.uir-, . .
... v . .orado Springs and Manitou.
"Exit the VamD." which cornea to. y 6
the Tucker Theatre next Wednesday
and Thursday. The story deais with
the trials of a wife whose husband
nf another woman'
i R. M. Jones and family have re- daughter, Mr. and Mrs. E. A Stroup
turned from a vacation trip to Col- and children, and Mr and Mrs. John
Harison and children went to Mus
sleman last Sunday to attend, an .all
day meeting.
We had a nice sprinkle Sunday
JXHAZ JK,IUIHJUI,U Wheeler Mvers and Vivian Delav
spent Sunday with Verne Bookless.'
Gaude Carpenters spent Tuesday
nf -Tnlin M-Alififam- .
of takin the law in her own hands Pleasant Ridge and Midwell play- ,x . . . iS
and eating vengeance as some worn- ed hall Saturday evening Score IB I - SrTTS Z
who deliberately vamps him. Instead evening
: mus-
en m iiko circumsvanceB uu, - " "f- day Schiool and preaching followed
wife adopts theunusual metbjod ofl W . M nd P , b . - dinner. The afternoon
herself vamping ner nusoana wiin ine " 'u"u,, , ... . . . . ,
TTT-.., s Bin twi, n.fl1 thru rtj. ' service wiU consist principally of l
result mat wb rem vwup w w. , -
nations mat tnnu ana exerv . - iank flpent Sunday at
ful appeal. . ; T Roy Barnes is leading Gilbert Morrow's. Mrs. Oshela. , ' , - , : ' ;
W. Bookless Is having his house re-
Ult inai IBB rem vnuij, w v w, - -o- r-- .".a. Evervone cordiallv invited in at-
V The picture is filled wH sit- vicinity Thursday, taking some cat-, T 5
ions that thriU and exert apower-! tie to , town .He spent the night at .
. j vi Li.. . . Jnttn Mnrrnw railed at J. J".
man ana neaaa- a lUKiuy couiuuo uir - : ,
SSSL' ' FnTfamfly made a tj;. W
n-y,-- ' . . " " ' !to Gnymon Saturday. :. ' i .Tf? L ...
V; r,ri m A. rwiarmo and child-1 r- rv.r..o Dave Irelands new htouse is alomst
, "'y T3Ti;i T I' W i ' I WIOi A1R1VIU Aiavsaif ovaa wasa vajr
van TwfiiiTWwl MAtiiirtV nltrht fWim A sUutw -wtfV TTaIavt Ttirtmnann . '
C A.' Myers and wife called at the
van rnturnnl Hfortdav' nlellt' "from a Mn W TT mtna and Nelma pallaif
two'Weeks trip In jfco.oradq. u,t' ' ' !t GilhertMblrrow's Sunday evening0- P"bo6k4e hbni' Friday- evenfli.

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