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Now that everybody, old nnd young
bas taken to decorating tho house
tops with weird contraptions of wood
and wire, and causing their necks to
aettle in their foundations under the
'weight of headphones, there seems
to have come a new answer to an old
?roblem how to keep 'em down on the
arm. Ail of which will be explained
at ie International Wheat and Farm
Products Exposition to be held in
Wichita from September 25 to Octo
fcer 7.
The popularization of radio has
finished what the Ford and the phono
graph started for the farmer, and has
lone a lot that they could not even
Jbegin. It may be likened to a super
iperlodical, a concert hall, and a univer
sity, it gives the latest news and
trings to everyone the voices of the
greatest thinkers, scholar's, and sini
stra of the day.
Pa gets the news of the latest aero
batics of wheat prices; Ma learnt
how to make the new rutabaga frit
rs; Bud finds out that the Sox ar
still limping a'ong; and Sis gets Pol
ly Persimmon's latest dope on, the
Heart. And before long they'll be call
ing the stock by radio, or be lulling
them to sleep with "I'm a Jazz
"For new improvements are being
made in the field every day. They
are even considering kil ing flics with
the ma?ric Hertzian wave, and Sig
nor Mai-cori, vho made radio what it
la, Is now sVinoting radio waves in
whatever direction he wills, as from a
These wonders and many more will
be exhibited nt the Wheat Show, as a
part of the district conventions of the
American Radio League and the Kan
sas Radio Leairue.
Lorena Items
, Everybody drilling wheat In this
neighborhood. The rain. Friday .aft
ernoon put the ground in fair shape.
L. A. "Richardson and wife, Mrs.
A. L. Richardson and children, Mrs.
J. B. McNew, Thelma and Shirley,
Mrs. D. R. McNew and Alice, Mrs.
Lyle Wheeler and Mrs. Luther Will
iams and children, Went to the Range
Valley garden for tomatoes. '
School began at Friendship last
Monday. There are
this term,
'Rev. A. E. Henry, Harvey Franklin,
M. H. Scandrett and Rev. Frank Neff
are attending a big Methodist meet
ing at Wiohita this week. . Bishop
Waldorf has called the annual area
council, and ministers and laymen
from all over the area, composed of
the four states, of Louisiana, Texas,
Oklahoma and Kansas,' will attend
the meeting. The primary purpose of
four beginners the meeting is to plan the year's
work and to report progress during
Jessie Foutz of Oklahoma City, a the past year.
There are several very important
matters to' be brought before the
council and it is thought that this
will be the largest meeting of its
brother of A. J. and Bertha Foutz,
is helping at the store. He may' go
on to California later.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Archie Kooi,
September 14, a girl to whom they, kind ever held in this area,
have given the name Geneva Helen.
Brother Neff will preach next Sun.
day morning and administer the or
dinance of baptism to those desiring
to be baptized and a cradle roll will
be organized at the Sunday School
Grace Brown went to Pratt Sun
day, and will go on to Wichita to
visit her sister, Mrs. Pete Ratzlof f .
October first has been designated
by the Sunday Schools of Liberal as
Community Sunday School Day. An
attempt to get everybody in Liberal
to some Sunday School that day will
be made. ' There are a number of
fine Sundav Schools in Liberal. Se-
Rev. Davenport will preach Fri- ict tne 0ne of your choice and at-
day and Saturday evenings at Lone tend that daTi . See that your
Star and Sunday evening at Jnde- fam0y ad an your neighbors are
pendence. . there. You will be very welcome
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Combs are at- wherever you go.
tending the Hutchinson lair. Mr.
and Mrs. Kennedy are staying at the
Combs, place."
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hodges and
Mrs. Frank Wheeler and Zita went1
to the Range Garden last Saturday,
petting tomatoes, sweet potatoes and
G. L. Light attended court in Hu.
groton today.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Benson of Kis
met were shopping here Wednesday.
J. W. Campbell and Clarence
Stutzman made a business trip to
JMoscow this morning.
Dr. McCloud of Tyrone was in Lib
eral Wednesday. He brought a pat
ient to alocal hospital.
Robert Green Sr.' of Pratt, is vis
iting this week at the home of his
daughter, Mrs. A. M Morrow.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Ber
wick, Wednesday evening, September
20, . 19,23, a daughter, to whom they
lave given the name Carolyn Jane".
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Sid Bradley
September 12, a boy, to whom they
have given the name of Eugene.
Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Walker ani Mr,
and Mrs. J. H. Crabtree of Beaver,
Okla., were Liberal shoppers Wednes-
Mrs. Will Scott returned Tuesday
from an extended visit with relatives
and friends in Coffeyville and Inde
pendenee, Kan.
. Dave Phillips, who has been confin.
ed to his home for the past two
weeks on account of illness, was able
to be up town this morning, and wlil
probably be back to his work at Tay-
'or's drug store the latter part of the
More than all else, the one thing that
tnakesamansay, "It pays to own the
Hupmobile," is the uncommon way it
stays fit, with the least of expert tuning
nd tinkering; and the way it lastq.
Can you think of any other car, high
priced or low-priced, that has the same
kind of fine reoutation everywhere?
Phone 423 Automotive Garage
Abound in "Back Pay" a Paramount
Picture Soon to Be Saen Here.
A meeting of Troop No. 1 of the
Girls' Scouts was held Tuesday night
at the Methodist church. This is the
first meeting the girls have had since
July owing to the hot weather and
various conditions. The night - of
meeting has been changed from Tues
day to Wednesday night at the same
hours. The girls are .. now having
charge of the meeting and Thelma
Outdoor scenes of rare beauty are stitt has been appointed chairman,
notable in "Back Pay," a Paramount : Ethel Cross secretary and, Charlotte
picture 'created by Cosmopolitan Pro-j Gasaway treasurer. The Court of
ductions which will be presented at Honor was also appointed, which con
the Tucker theatre Wednesday and ; sist8 of the Patrol leaders and Cor
Thursday, September 27 and 28. The' porals and Captains. Their duty is
story tells of a country girl who is to make the plans for the meetings,
dissatisfied with her surroundings Alice Nicholses entitled to the gold
in a small town and goes to New star from the fact that-she has made
York. For the rural scenes, Frank a perfect attendance to Scout meet
Borzage, who directed the picture, igs in the last year. She is also
took his company to Delaware Water working on her first class test which
Gap in Pennsylvania, one of the see-! wm entitle her to the Golden Eagle,
nic wonders of America. The gor-l The Scouts have been meeting at the
geous mountains, the peaceful Dela- Craig swimming pool each Friday eve
ware tnd the lakes that abound in nng this summer. Lieutenant Win-
that region formed wonderful back- ters and Captain Scandrett have
grounds for the country passages in some very good plans for the Scout
the production. The natural advan-1 worit this winter and it promises to
tages were fully utilized by the cam
eraman, Chester Lyons.
be very interesting to "the girls.
"The Terrible Turk.". Special ser-
0 :45 Sunday School. mon at the Christian church next Sun-
11 a. m. Sermon by the pastor, dav eveninsr. What does the Bible
"The Spirit of Progress," or a study gay about the Turk? His massacres,
of the real factors in all progress. ; bloodshed and abominations? How
7:00 p. m. Epworth League devo- ' great will be the curse he brings upon
tional service, led by Alta Miller. the world? What will be his fate?
8 p..m. Sermon by the pastor, Hear the sure word of prohpecy.
"The Sacrifice of Seflishness." What Next Sundty morning. at 9:45the
is the man who always looks out for Bible School will hold their annual
"No. 1," losing in life? i Promotion Day, exercises. A full at-
. You will be welcome all day. , . tendance is desired.
The Parent-Teacher Association
You will be. quite delighted with
thfl music of the chnir. lArtipfi' chnruft.
will have their first meeting this year ,e quartetV3 and anthemS.
at the Mc-Kinley school building Fn-; You are cordialIy invited to hear
day afternoon, September 22, at the 8ermon8 gtudying the Turkish
3:30. A splendid program has been war doudS( which geem u threaten
arranged and the parents are espe- another world war Thege gtudleg
cially invited to attend the first meet-, will . ... ,: of hl-Bfop ,H
All are
0. J. Rolo left Wednesday evening
for Kansas City where he will be
with Mrs. Rolo, who has been criti-j
cally ill for some time. Friends of I Whereas Liberal Rebekah Lodge
Mrs. Rolo will be pleased to hear that No. 622 has suffered the loss by death
she is improving. , of Laura Dickerson, a most loved
member who was ever faithful to the
Mr. and Mrs. Clareice Boles and teachings of Odd-Fellowship, be it,
children of near Moscow were shop- j Resoive That we a8 the Lodge, ex
ping and Visiting here Wednesday tend to the bereaved family our sin.
Mrs. Fred Grimsley and little son
Jack, of Arkalon, were shopping here
Quick, convenient, com
fortable transportation at
economical cost has made
the completely equipped
and newly improved Ford
Coupe the busiest car on'
our thoroughfares today.
A saver of time and
money. Terms.
When is a Spot
Not a Spot?
When you bring your
soiled dress or garment to
us. Every, inch of your
garment is gqne aver
carefully to detect the spot
that you prhaps over
looked. And, best of al, there's no
after-cleaning ' odor when
its delivered to you. Try
us this time and you will
try us next time.
Klean Klothes Klean
fone a
Mrs. Fred .Wettstein was shopping
in Liberal Friday.
"Rite it With Ray"
Phone 382
Phone 382
Tomorrow May Be Too Late
Have you thought of your fire Insurance? Are you well pro
tected by a policy in a Good Old Line Insurance Company? This
is a matter -that should haye your attention. Invoice your insur
ance, see if you have enuogh, in case something should happen.
For information, rates, call me without obigation. Phone 382
ruie 11 wun nay
Phone 382
Phone 382
cere sympathy in this hour of sor
row; also, - v
Resolved, that a copy of these res
olutions be sent the sorrowing fam
ily; a copy be spread-upon the min-
utes and a copy sent to each of the L and L. V. Gardner made
local papers, and that our charter be business trip to Hugoton Tuesday.
draped for a period of 30 days in
loving remembrance of our esteem
ed sister.
In internal medicine for the patt
twenty years. '
Will Give ' Fre Cnotultation on
Wednesday, Oct. 4th,v
from 9 a. m., to 4 p. m.
They Come (fany Miles to See Wm
Dr. Doran is a regular graduate in
medicine and surgery and is licensed
by the State of .Kansas. He visits
professionally the more important
towns and cities, and offers to all
who call on this trip consultation and
examination free, except the expense
of treatment when desired.
I According to his method of coming
to your nearest city to see patients
; he gives all sick people an opportu
; nity to obtain the best that medical
. science can offer right at home. He
does not operate for chronic append!
I citis, gall stones, ulcers of the stora-
acn or other chronic diseases.
He has to his credit manv wnnriof. .
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Newby "drove to fuI results in disease of the stomach,
Dodge Citytoday to attend to busi- 'DwSK '
ness interests. , - . catarrh, leg ulcers and rectal ail-
iments. . '
Mr. and Mrs. Dave Coons of i
Plains was shopping and visiting here I I' you have been ailing for any
Tuesday. -, i ,.enrth ,time nd do not get better,
. , " I do not' fail to call, as improper meas
Mrs. Weir Brown who has been "ther than disease are Terxof-
Liberal the latter part of the week in visiting with her 'mother, Mrs. C. Hi. j trouble. " '"ur tn
MUs Pearl Laptad, Red Cross Ad
visory nurse, of St. Louis, was in
the interest of the Red Crone work Cox, returned to her home in. Elk'
here. A meeting of the Red Croat hart Tnseday evening. '
was held while she was here. Miss . "T"" .
Miss lottie fcdwards
Remember above date, that exami
nation on this trip will be free, aad
in the Boles store this week while' Married ladies must com. wit
1 i..- that Ilia fraofmanr la Af-tavT ,
Tjmtjwl n hr.lf . hin " tawaras is awiBwng
weu pieasea wren tne way tne woric. - -" , - - , - ;-
is progressing at thia place. She was wua Ny10.r m BUicmnson a.
a guest of Miss Borne, while in the tendln" the Stata Flr- "
their husbands, and
tneir parents.
children with
A 33 ' e . e .
Mrs. L. J. Ottinirer and daughters ' Aare88: ooratory ef
. . i , . , , - jjr. uoran, aao-aai
Mrs. Eueene Jarrett and little son Mrs. Earl Mahoney went Minneapolis, Minn.
335-336 Boston Blyeci,
4-a . Tnvlinma Qntulnir anri
arrived Tuesday from Nar. Visa, Sund ,t their daughter and
New Mexico, for a-visit at the home ' Mrs. JR. R. Shull.
of Mr. and Mrs. C. S, Jarrett, and
at the home of her .parents, Mr. and' M A, Steven8, an old timer in this
Mrs. M. M. Wimmer. country, but now of Porterville, Cal
ifornia, is here this week 'greeting
old time friends. Mr. Stevens sees
many evidences of progress here, al
J. C. Brown made a business trip
to Hugoton Wednesday.
Ed Brier was operated on Tuesday though he ia still pleased with Cali-
at a local hospital for appendicitis, i fornia.
Joseph, the little son of Mr. and
Mrs. George Sessler is rapidly
proving at a local hospital.
Mrs. 'A. A. Dowers went to Persy- :
ton today for a few days' visit wtth
'Mrs. John Duncan of Hugotea, b
quite ill at a local hospital. - ' -

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