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If we have no friends, we have
. no pleasures. Lincoln.
The 7B-1 class is still ahead of the
7B-Z in the arithmetic race.
New news reporters have been se
lected in each room. They are the
8 A Elbrige Warford, Haezl
8B-1 Mary Hanlin, George Ses
sler. Specials, Leta Willey, Lottie
8B-2 Jasper Linn Ray Cook.
7A Lowell Miller, Louise Hud
dleston. ' 7B-1 Robert Stooksbury. Vera
7B-2 Loraine Lake. Lester Cain
Those who have received the Pal
mer button in penmanship from the
Palmer Method of Business Writing
Co., are: Robert Hall, Truman Pen
nington, Ray Cook, Irene Martin El
wina Ellis, Auburn Light, Donna
Belle Light, Lottie Snyder, Geraldine
Yocum, Gwendolyn Shelledy.
Eighty pupils have sent work ap
plying for a Palmer button from
which we hope to hear soon. Seventy
five of these pupils are now working
for the Progress pin. The pupils are
showing more interest in their work
which proves the system a beneficial
Some J. H. folks think that an as
pirin tablet is writing paper.
A boy had Shown an old man the
way to the bank buliding. The old
man asked:- "How much do I owe
you for directing me?"
The boy replied, "Quarter."
! "But isn't that pretty high pay,
my boy?"
"No, sir not for a bank direct
or. It's so hot in Arizona they have
to feed the chickens cracked ice to
keep them from laying hard-boiled
Onp Hav b teApher c-nvp a test and
Bked a boy to name the products of j
India. After several had been named
girl's hand went up and she said,
"India-gestion "
Judge: "Can't this case be settled
out of court?"
Boy: "That's just what we were
trying to do when the police inter
fered." So wide,
. So tall.
Just Claude,
That's all.
An Old Man's Story
The old man stood on the corner,
With a wistful look in his eye;
Says he: "I've just six cents left,
And to it I must say good-bye!
I've not eaten a bite for several days
And only an apple at that
And when I spend this six cents,
I'll be busted, good and flat. -
I went to school just three winters,
And then stopped to loaf on the
I made a mistake right there, my
And grew up to be a big cheat,
I've just a sninll education .
And that I think more of than
How I wsh I had learned mure
But now I guess I'm too old
My mother said "Go to school, John"
But I played hookey instead,
And I will not start to school now,
. With long, gray hairs in my head.
You'd better take warning from me,
And go to school all you can,
For I know you'll not regret it,
When you are an old, old man.
Junior high school Teachers' meet
ing will be held at the Lincoln build
Barksdale's Specials!
No. 2 Kidney Beans, 2 for 25c
No. 2y2 Spinach . - 25c
Macaroni, 2 lbs. for 1. . . .15c
Choice Onions, per lb. 5c
Apples, per bushel $1.20
Pork Sausage, lb. .. . ...i. ..15c
Beef Roasts, per lb .7c to 10c
Barksdale's Grocery
Phone 496
ing. Thursday the twenty-frist .A
program is being prepared by" the pu
pils. Thinking of . the child as a
good American, the subject for dis
cussion is: "The Good American Is
Kind." Special topics to be discussed
"Kindness in Thought and Speech,
Mrs. Morrow. j
Discussion: "Acts of Kindness." '
. Mrs Wooten. i
Discussion !
All are invited to come and take
part in the discussion. Mothers who
have little children do not need to j
hesitate to come because they think j
they cannot enjoy the program and ;
care for the little folks, too. The
girls of the J. H. are glad to care for j
the little ones. They will be taken
to a separate room and amused while
their mothers are enjoying the. pro
gram. Be sure to bring the little
Mr. Light is giving McKinley, Gar
field and the Junior High School
each some new basket ball goals, and
basket balls. We surely appreciate
this gift from Mr. Light We almost j
believe he has the Chrsitmas spirit,
the whole year through.
Tyrone Items
C. A. Newman returned Friday
from Kansas City and other points
in Kansas where he has been visiting
few days.
Mr. and Mrs. G, B. Hinshaw of
Sharon Okla., are here visiting. Mrs.
Hinshaw is a sister of Mrs. 0. P-
The revival at Eureka closed last
Sunday night.
Mrs. Kimberly left last Friday for
Haviland, Kansas to visit relatives.
Fred Harrison and family and John
Harrison and family spent Sunday at
E. A. Stroup's.
Before making your farm loan, see
Griffith at Griffith & Baughman's
for his attractive loan rates.
Those who took Sunday dinner at
the 0. P. Bookless home were Mr.
and Mrs. G. B. Hinshaw, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Bookless and son Frank, W.
L. Bookless and family, G. S. Book
less and family and Floyd Hook.
There have been a number of peo
ple hauling sand from the river for
Crescent church. There has been 36
loads hauled, with about fourteen yet
to come. There were five loads of
lumber hauled Monday. Work will
progress as fast as the weather will
Bruce Hinshaw and wife spent
Monday night at the W. Bookless
Mr. E E. Hearn has been quite
sick for the past week but at this
writing is some better.
Mrs. Humphreys has been assist
ing U. G. Warren in fixing out tick
ets for his drawing which will be
pulled off at the Photoplay on Wed
nesday evening this week.
We will load car of poultry Mon
day and Tuesday, Dec. 18th and
19th. Bring your poultry in on those
dates. .The Liberal Produce Co.
The Ladies Aid of the M. E.
church had their bazaar, and dinner
iind supper last Saturday. Your Ty
rone correspondent had the pleasure
of both dinner and supper throue;h
the courtesy of friends of the Aid.
The leading ones of this society are
Mrs. Olin Cline, Mrs Luther Barnes,
Mrs. Fred Speakman, Mrs. Harry
Riffe, Mrs. John Grant. They are
all much enthused with their work.
The Woodman's Lodge initiated a
large band of converts on Monday
night after which an oyster supper
whs served, and all had a royal good
time. The Liberal Team Camp No.
1745 had charge of the initiation.
There were 81 new members. This
seems to be a fine start for this
tmmu i ! i ! i .mmmmmm .tstsststsatatMsasam - - - . .. . . . I
Refinement is breathed in the grift of Jewlery; good taste is proven;
lasting pleasure is assured. Whether you wish to spend little or much, let
it be for a gift which will last, to constantly remind of the Christmas it
was received. Our lines have stood the strain of Christmas shopping and
are still full of beautiful, desirableGift articles.
i .
Make her happy with THE GIFT SUPREME. We have a complete selec
tion of DIAMONDS mounted in Ladies' white gold and plain settings.
We await the pleasure of showing them to you.
Prices $25.00 and up 1
1 "jff' 'i
For Mother, Sister, Wife,
Sweetheart or Friend, a
Wrist Watch. Our guar
antee with. every Watch
we sell.
Let us show them to you.
nf v.NT 77V I I 11 i.i m 1 m i ..
auras wyj.n :rYW&nMmAlLji' jxe-iywi .ri&x vMisfsi
Mum as
Lighted Candle
By Christopher G. Hazard
g. lu. Wut.ra Nw.ppr Union.)
MT'M SURRY for anyone who has to
1 be out tonight," laid Mrs. Gentle,
as she drew down the window shades
and stirred the hearth Ore, shutting
the light In and the darkness out
and tending a host of sparks up the
chimney to tcare away the storm. The
disappointed wind howled In Us rage
and shook the house, the .(now
whirled about and heaped Itself up,
the rold tried to get In at every crack
and crevice, but Nelly and her moth
er were as snug and safe at any
Christmas eve eeuld with to find
.them. The Christina! tree looked all
ready for the youngsters who were
fast atleep upstairs and dreamlnu
about It. with Its
bundles and gild
ed nails It fairly
twinkled In the
flrellght. like the
star of hoi that
guided those wise
people that
brought their
gifts to the
Christ Child long
"Mother,- tald
Nelly, "this la
at - comfy at It
can be with
father away on
the wild sea. hut
I don't quite like
to have the out
aide of the house
U dark; I like to think of friendly
lighthouses when It storms and of our
house as kindly guide In the dark
Rings, Beads, Cuff Links,
Wahl Pens, Eversharp Pen-
cils, Mesh Bags, Bar Pins,
'Silver ware. Cut Glass,
Clocks, Candle Sticks and
Art Candles, Gold Knives,
Pearls, Metal Belts, Ear
Bobs, Scarf Pins, Waldcrmar
Chains, Emblem Pins 'and
Buttons. Engraving free.
(At Wiley's)
"Well," answered her mother,
"suppose we do at they did In that
lovely story we read the other day.
and put a candle In the window to
guide the Christ Child through the
storm, and you can hang up another
storking, in case he should come."
86 the four stockings by the chim
ney corner became five, a shade w
lifted a little to give a glimpse of the
pleasant room, and the lighted can
dle sent Its beams out Into the stormy
night, looking for any little wanderer
who might be astray. The cheering
rays played with the snowflakes and
they teemed to feel Invited In as they
pressed upon the window panes.
While they sat there listening and
looking, there came a step . on the
stair and there was Tommy, In hit
nightgown sad peeking through the
partly opened door. Falling to see
Santa Claus, he was about to flee up
to his room again, but Nelly caught
him and said that he must ting them a
song lirst. at a punishment for his
curiosity. Tommy had just learned a
new song, to he was willing enough,
and this was It:
Five IIUI. brether tat out together
T journey the lifelong day:
In a curious can-ta.se, all made of leather.
They hurried away, away.
One bl( brother and three quite email.
One wee fellow, do alte at- all.
The carriage wae dark and not too rooaiy.
They could not move about;
The Bve little brothers grew quit gloomy,
The wee one began to pout.
Till the blggeet one whlapered. "
"What do you ay? ' '
Left leave the carriage and run away."
80 off they scampered, the Bve together.
Far away they aped:
When somebody found the carriage of
leather, -Oh,
my I How the ahook her head I
Twae .her little boy't thoe: at everyone
know a,
The Ave little brothers were five little
toe. .
i "
Then, with a bow. Tommy was off
to hit dr""m m-iln.
. T ' .. W?W 1 - .
Silver Hollo wware .
Sandwich Trays, Fruit Bowls, Cream and
Sugars, Vegetable Dishes, Mayonnaise Bowls,
Childs' Cups, and other articles in silver of
wonderful quality ,
Prices $3.50 to $25.00
A mans Watch is one of
his dearest possessions.
Sec our stock of Elgins,
Walthams, South Bends,
Hamiltons, Illinois.
Give him a Gift that will
last for years to come.
The ft. t-as burning low and so
was the candle, so It wss time te go
upstairs and get
out of Santa's
way, but Just as
Nelly and her
mother were
about to do so
there came a lit
tle face up
against the win
dow pane and
they beard a
mall voice, so
faint that they
could not know
what It was say
ing. It took Nelly
tut a moment to
throw open the
door and' bring
the little strang
er In, but It was
longer then that before they could cud
dle him up Into comfort and warm bis
celd Uttle toes. It was not until Christ
mas morning that the searchers found
out where the little boy had wandered
to, and when thrfy came to Mrs. Gentle's
house he was happily busy In open
ing bis stocking, and did not want to
go borne. After be had gone away,
with bis stocking under his arm and
candy marks all over bis face. Nelly
said. "Mother, I think there ts a good
deal of truth In that story sbout guid
ing the Christ Child to your house
with a lighted candle."
J. W. Buckridge of Gray, Okla.,
was trading here the first of the
Earl Davis . who lives on North
Sherman, is reported very ill with
pneumonia. '
Wm. Erdman, of Fowler,- was in
The city Wednesday on business. He
is a produce dealer at Fowler. '
5 Si
BJ mm
Hilkia P. Wedel and Lena Wedel,
both of Kismet, were married at the
residence of H. P. Wedel Thursday,
December 7, Rev. Henry Gaede of
ficiating. James D. Caldwell and Miss Vlrgie
Foster, both of Lorena, Oklahoma,
were married Saturday, December 9,
at the Court House, by Probate Judge
J. W. Campbell. , v '
- Clarence Cooley and Golda NikelL &
hnth of Liberal, wprn married Mori-'
day, December 11, at the Court
House, December 11, by Probata
Judge J. W. Campbell.
The W. C. T. U. ladies fo Pleas
ant Valley will hold a food sale at
the Enterprise Mercantile Co. Sat-'
nrday afternoon, Dee. 21. There
will be fresh country chicken, but
ter, cream, eggs and cakes.
Mrs. Roy Twist of Meade, was here
the first of the week visiting at the
A. F. Gorman home.
E. C. Elliott of Pratt, was trans
acting business here Monday and vis
iting friends.
Tim: "How are you getting along
at home while you wife's away?"
Jim : "Fine. I've reached the height
of efficiency. I can put on my socks
now from either end' American
Mutual Magazine.
' An Artie Tale
"Yes, mum, shot right through here, "
I was." - 1
"Oh, but that's impossible the bul
let would have gone straight through .
your heart." - v -r
, "Me heart was in me mouth, mum., V

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