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NO. 27
A contract has been sismed be
tween the Seward County Oil & Gas
Company and R. 0. Bodine for the
cleaning and completion of the test
started by the Seward County Oil &
Gas Company, and Mr. Bodine in
forms The Democrat that he will fire
p and start the work on January 1st.
"The tools and equipment for doing
the work have been purchased and
paid for," says Mr. Bodine, "and I
believe I can clean the hole in 90 days
s.or less."
The contract calls for cleaning the
ole and drilling to production or 3,
00 feet and Mr. Bodine feels confi-
. dent that it will not be necessary to
go anywhere near the 3,200 foot
In fact affidavits prepared and
worn to by men who were in the rig
the night the oil and gas was alleged
to have been struck, and which form
part of this article, would lead one
to believe that soon after the hole is
cleaned and the drill starts the well
will be a producer.
There has been a perssitent rumor
for some time that oil and gas was
encountered the night the string of
easing dropped into the hole, and now
' the men who were at the rig that
H'ht have, made affidavit of what
, they saw.
C. A. Sealey, who owns the land,
and is an extensive land owner and a
responsible citizen, makes a very
positive statement, as well as Dr. A.
M. M0rrow, John LaRue, J. D. Ma-
Vny and Sam Fields, 'all of whom
are .responsible men, so it looks like
,Jhe rumor had a good foundation.
This test was started several years
ago and has had a more or less
stormy career, and it looked as tho
would ha've to be abandoned when
Mr Bodine appeared and offered to
lean the hole hmd drill -i"ne fyell Jn
, r a consideration of Stocks ' and
Mr Bodine has spent a lifetimo in
the oil fields of the United States.
He was torn and raised in Bradford,
Pa., having been born in 1872, and
at the age of 8 years pumped two
. wells and went to school. When' 16'
J years of age he went to Little Wash
ington, Pa-i, and Worked as a tool
dresser in the first well drilled xiri
East Maiden street by R. H. Robinson
& SonsAwand the second well drilled
In the field, a b'g producer. - He then
worked in tho Coffey's Crossing and
Taylor sTowri fields for John Mo
' Cune, an arly day oil operator of
Bradford, Pa.. When 21 years of age
he went to work as a driller and
worked on the first well brought in
in the Turkey Creek field and later
he brought in- 3,500 barrel well for
Black and Graber in the Baldwin
field. His next job was at Sister
Ville, W. Va.', as driller on the. old
Polecat No. 1; the first well in that
field"", remaining there until 1893,
when he came to Kansas to drill for
Griffith & Miller in the new Inde
pendence, field, working on the first
gasser brought in in this field and in
the state. ' He then spent some time
working for J. J. Nkjkerson in the
Perry field, and then went to fishing,
'hls first job being on the Bartles-
viiie,- uuanoma, No. 1. Returning
to Peru he started out as a contract
ing driller and remained seven years,
going to Cleveland, Oklahoma, when
the boom hit there. He drilled in the
second well at Yale, Oklahoma, and
did contract work at Drumright, run-
t . lng three strings of tools and drill
ing 42 wells, making the best drill
: ing-time 'made in that field. Altol
V gethe he has had 33 years' experi-
, ence in drilling and fishing and
knows the game as well as experience
Veaa teach if He saysnhis job looks
. easy to him as he has never yet failed
to clean a hole when he started,' and
' that he 'is too old to fall down now.
Mr. Bovine has between f 2,000 and
13,000 worth of stock to sell to fi
nance the cleaning and drilling job
and he is asking the people to take
this stock to get this test finished.
There will be no solicitation for stock
subscriptions. Mr. W. O. Woods will
receive applications as trustee at his
office, "and. all desiring to see $he
job completed at an early date ean
assist by calling and taking up this
stock, v If he is successful, as we hove
every reason to believe he will be,
there is little doubt but what the Lib
t ral Oil field will be a realitv before
v ' ;-" (Continued on Page 4) ,-". ,.
Holiday Sales Indicate the Country
Is Prosperous.
While many have been disposed to
think that this Christmas would be a
very slim affair they are doomed to
disappointment. Never before has
there been such crowds in the city
and such a volume of trade. We ,
have consulted a number of the mer
chants and they are absolutely as
tonished at the big Christmas trade.
Everybody for ' miles around has
been in town sometime during the
week prior to Christmas and everyone
of them took out a lot of presents.
The spirit of good cheer and good
times has been in the air and the
whole town has caught a new inspra
tion. On every hand you hear, "Isn't it
wonderful?" Th's has been a real
ChristmRS this year. No one has been
neglected. Everybody is happy. The
smile that won't come off is seen ev
erywhere you turn. What a wonder
fu hoiday season this is going to be I
Just about ever since Liberal has
been a town C. M. Waters has been
a booster of the most pronounced
type, and consequently has . made
friends as the town grew and more
people came, until it is likely that
he is known and liked by as many
as any man in Liberal. '
For years "Cash" as he is familiar
ly called, has failed to yield to femi
nine charms and was considered so
"sot" in his ways that there was lit
tle likelihood of his giving up his
state of single blessedness.
However Cash knew more about
his plans than even his close friends,
so when he returned to Liberal last
week and announced that he had
been married, many thought him jok
However when he began to intro
duce' Mrs. Waters to some of his
friends it 'dawned on them that he
was really in earnest about it.
The bride is a splendid lady of
charming manner, a favorite in the
circle' in which she moved and in ev
e'ry way qualified to grace the home
to be created.
" Cash Waters is one of those "good
fellows" whom everyone admires,
and is numbered among the more pro
gressive business men of the town.
He" ii a builder. and his efforts have
had much tordq with the advancement
of the " interests of Liberal and the
Southwest. v ':' C'y :
This splendid . couple will make
their home', in, ' Liberal to the satis
faction of alFwho know Jhem.
The Democrat joins in wishing
them a long and happy life together.
" ' : '"''V 1
Tlil Rotary Chib
Clifford Leete had charge of ihe
program at Tuesday's luncheon. It
was a young man's day. Earl Rod
gers gave a fine address on "Ideals,"
to which every one listened with close
attention and 'gave evidence 'of their
appreciat'on. '.Every step in human
progress has been- made in following
and working toward an ideal.'. Not
every goal is reached, not every ideal,
is attainable; the ideals of some ate
Utopian and the barriers to their
realization are insurmountable. .
Eli Waker cited", examples bl right
and wrong ideals and their "effect on
individuals. '' '.!". '' "V '
Jini Darst gave' an illuminating ac
count of recent-. developmental': in
power-producing machinery, "which,
are nothing less" than revolutionary,
wholly changing the methods of; ap
plying the energy of steam, gas and
oil, and hinting at further improve
ments. One machine, developing
9 800 horse power, costing more than
$800,000, made .by the Allia-Chalra-ers
Company andi, sold to the ; Gary
Steel Co., is run wtolly by .the waste
gas from smoke stacks' connected to
their coal-burning furnaces." . After
instalfction the fuel that energises
this 9,800 horse power mach'ne does
not cost one cent It is said that no
one is larger than his imagination;
how large .1 the, man whe-jmafcined
sucn an engine , ,",','. 1
' The crippled ehildren's comm'ttee
was authorized rto have ;an opera
tion performed on a ntne leiiow,
the hospital making special rates, and
the surgeon donating his services.
GAME, 33 TO 8
We felt like they would do it, but
we didn't think they would do it quite
so - strong.
This comes near telling the story of
the first basket ball game of the sea
son played last Wednesday night be
tween Liberal and Tyrone High
Tyrone did not play football this
season, and started practicing early,
and add to this a, clever working
bunch of boys, and this f'nishes the
The game started with a rush and
it seemed that all the Tyrone fellows
had to do was to get possession of the
ball and give it a toss and it would
eventually find its way through the
basket. For the short practice they
had had the Liberal boys showed up
splendidly and fought gamely until
the final wh stle, but were unable to
cope with the smooth-working ma
chine from Oklahoma.
The Liberal team was made up of
Miller, center; Ravenscroft and Van
Hyning, forwards ; Reust and Wilmot,
guards. Substitutes were: Bradford
for Ravenscroft, Latham for Wilmot,
Dickerson for Van Hyning.
The score was 33 to 8 in favor of
Tyrone, but it was nevertheless a
good game, due to the fact Liberal
fought gamely and showed up so well
against the strong Tyrone team.
, The next game will be played Jan
uary 12, when Hooker comes for a
double-header. By this time the Lib
eral team will have gained some prac
tice, and expect to give a good ac
count of themselves.-
For the first time in the history of
the Catholic church in Liberal a
grand solemn high mass was held in
St. Anthony's church on Chjf'stmas
day. The church was filled to capac- mond Boies, J. J. Cure, Jr., Charles
ity, many non-Cathol'cs attending to j Hatfield, Joe Rawlings, Gilbert Mar
hear the musical program arranged, : tinez, Charles McCombs, Harry Ekle,
under the direction of Miss Mary j B-lly Nichols, R. B. Smith, Orin Kidd,
Flood. St. Anthony's choir which is James Munsey, Chas. . Buchanan,
noted for the number and quality of Richard Zimmerman, Warren Zim-
its trained voices, more than fulfilled
expectations. Tho same program
w 11 be repeated at the high mass next
Sunday at 10:30 a. m.-'
Sunday School at 9:45.
Service for worship, 11:00.
An old fashioned watch n'ght scrvr
ice Sunday evening at 8:00. The scrv'
ice will open with the young peolpe's
meeting, followed with a message by
the pastor Time will be given for
an old tme spiritual "love feast."
The meeting will'dose with a con
secration service led by our district
superintendent, A. M. Gibson. . ,
Special music will be one of the
features. . .'.?
Come and start the New Year
right; ' ,
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Masters who
have been visiting for the past two
weeks at the home of their daughter,
Mrs. Wilfred Bush, left Wednesday
for their home in Burl'ngame, Kan
sas. They will visit a short time in
Hutchinson with friends before re
turning home.
Mrs.'W. H. Vickers returned Wed
nesday from Wichita where she and
Mr. Vickers spent Chritsmas at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Vickers.
Mr, Vickers remained for a longer
visit .
Mrs. E. H. Huls and chidren left
Wednesday fdr-! Santa Rosa New
Mexico where they will v sit at the
home of Mrs. Hula' brother, Mr. R.
E.:jBhover. -r .
5f.vG.Pata and family returned
Tuesday from Guynioa, where they
spent Christmas .and attended the
golden wedding anniversary, of v Mr.
Pate's fatner and mother.'
, . ,
..'?Mi's Blan Brisendine'. and Miss
Ruth..,Wright went to Tyrone Wed
nesday for a few days) .visit at the
Philpott home. :'-;. - V-
i " " '
Mr.-; and : Mrs. Berwick of L'ttle
River Kan." spent Christmas at the
home .of th,eir son JoeyBerwicfc
Mrs. xZetta'. Pitts left iFriday eve
ning for Wichita wheW he is spend
ing. -the holidays with" her danghter.'
. ' 1 '' . '
Miss "Nettia Taylor lsft Friday eve-
ning for her home In Almena, Kan.
The Boy Scouts were given a treat
last Friday evening by .John W.
Baughman. A pleasing program was
rendered after which the treat was
distributed to the members present
The Scouts then sent Mr. Baugh
man a splendid Christmas greeting,
signed by al the Scouts present, as
Liberal, Kansas,
December 22, 1922.
Mr. John W. Baughman,
46 Chestnut Ave., Long Beach,
Dear Mr. Baughman: .
Once again the Boy Scouts of Lib
eral have been made happy by your
thoughtfulness and. generosity. We
well remember our first trip down on
the Coldwater in 1921. Again the
long journey to Taos Ihe following
year, and then the wonderful trip to
Cheyenne last year. All these glori
ous days of travel and pleasure made
possible by your goodness of heart
Tonight, as we enjoy this splendid
Christmas treat, we feel deeply
grateful. How we wish that you and
Robert were here! Since you are not
we take this method to thank you
and to express our best wishes for
your welfare and happiness. May
God bless you with health, wealth and
happiness for many, many days and
years. Loyally and lovingly yours,
The foregoing message was signed
by the following Boy Scouts:
George Gray, Wilford Light, John,
Irvm, Charles ugnt, cnanes uyger,
Clifford Walker, i.evi waiiora, wairi
Hazel, Harold Irwin, Vernon McGrew,
tiaroia nazei, ueorge Kicnaroson,
Bert l.ane, Wayne rey, J. K. oor-
dan, Joe Spradling, Kenneth nelson,
ir .u T Tl 1 Di'.L..Jaii
i eiiiiciu u,, iimiai ...a,uoU..,
: Jarnti Rkhardson,- Paul Cruy, Ray -
; merman, H. C. Franklin, Dr. Smith,.
Ernest Higins, Wayne Hemphill,
Lawrence Anderson, .raul . Harding,
Chester Carson, J. D. Sapp Jr., P. H.
Mingle, Herman Shore,-Wallace Dot -
son, Paul Pellette, Herbert Hobble,
Kenneth Sawyer, Carl Jones, Joe Tay-
lor, Robert Tice, (Jarl Ualvert, Ker -
mit Hill, Roe Burns, Pool Donley,
Paul Sturdivant, Earl Ames, Leon
Ravenscroft, Elbridge Warford, Har-
nn stepnens, j. u. urown, aan ra, -coal hfuliing they "will soon see the
Ralph Pellette, Arthur Clark, Albert , 8dvigabifity of boosting the road.
Wallace, Jeff Quigley, Edward j There are still evidences of unfriend
Gee Wendell Miller, Caryl Ught,, Eli ,inegg hcre and there but those mugt
Walker. , ,, noj. be aiiowed to- interfere with a
CLOSE ELEVATORS BECAUSE buai"0B8 porpoaitlon which means so
. OF THE WHEAT SHORTAGE : muh " thls "'lroa1d- . . t .
, i Right now Liberal can do a lot of
''A1 number pt towns on the Rock work which will hasten the day con-
Isjand that hBve been receiving plen- nection will be made with the Katy
ty of cars for hauling grain up to the at Forgan if all will pull together.
past few days, have been compelled It is worth the effort and if Liberal
to close their elevators because of a looks to her interest in the matter,
sudden shortage. The wheat price in ' will be on the Job boosting in every
Pratt is holding up well, wheat being
quoted at $1 05 today. Kafir is quot
ed at 70 cents, a high water mark,
and corn 60 to 76 cents. Hutchison
Miss Meyers of Greensburg is vis
iting this week at the homes of her
sisters, Mrs. W. Hi Vickers and Mrs.
A. D. Roberts. " ;
Miss Ester Herbert returned1 the
f'rst of the week from Haistead,
where she spent Christmas with her
parents. ',,'
Mr. and MraJ A. D. Alexander and j ing young" People' meeting. They
children went to Tyrone Tuesday for bave , fn gervice each Sunday eve
several days visit with friends andnjng, i
relatives. ' ' Pastor's sermons for next Sunday,
M.. m v
nr' i it nr ir anl
iiri ana . wui'w
.nil l.u.a 4
Coldwater where they are visitmg at
the home of Mr. Griffith's parents.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Daniels left
Tuesday evening" for Quincy, 111., to
attend the funeral of Mr. Daniel's
sister. , '
Mr. and Mrs. James Bray spent
Chrsitmns !at tho:home of friends
near Perryton. ' -
W. H. Weaver of Grand Valley, Ok-
lahorna, was a: Liberal, visitor Wed-
j nef "a
. , DeLaval Separators. Thos. W. Gaw.
Jack Gray, while driving his new
Marmon roadster north on Kansas
avenue Saturday night, bumped into
the rear end of A. T. Willey's Chevro-
let, parked at the", curbing.
The Marmon was going fast enough
just how fast is not known but 't
put the Chevrolet out of business for
a time. A hind wheel 'was smashed
and the back fender and .part of the
running board torn away. The Mar
mon suffered a badly bent fender.
A new wheel was put on the Chev
rolet Tuesday morning and regard
less of the severe jolt to its consti
tution, was run to the garage under
its own power.
The track laying gang is working
on the K. & O. southeast of Liberal.
To date they have laid one and one
third miles of steel and the work con
tinues. Another shipment of steel is
on the way and if this and the re
mainder of the ties arrive with suf
ficient regularity the track will be
laid to the state line within the next
few days.
The Railroad Committee of the
Chamber of Commerce settled the
right-of-way claim of the Tucker es
tate and the road is now well across
this tract. The Biltgen claim will be
handled as soon as the track laying
crew reach the land.
As soon as the road is constructed
to the state line a grain dump will
h. ift..ij n(i .hinment. of erain
wil, be hauled to LiberRl.
A contract Wfts .ilrne4 tod.,v ad
handed to strlcklin l4 Smedley for
, the gg from the state lino on
uth UeMTSi stricklin & Smedley
were hefe t0 gee pre8ijent Eyers re-
, gardiag th,g contract and were sue-
' g .! j ja-ndi 'jt
Mr. Byers is still as optimistic as
ever regarding the road. While
there Are matters to be ironed out
conditions are very favorable for an
early completion of the road, both
northwest and southeast, and Mr.
Rvnrt hna Tin hpsitnncv In unvinir that
j(. will be buiided ln directions.
At th last t ,93 carg of
graill( gix carg o live gtock nnd two
, carg of meloilg had boen ghipped over
I tha -nrti,u,nir. lin. nnd . rnnnl of
nt ,,, i,ow haBn jhup,i nVfi, .
1 the road
Thjg gnou,d look good to the fam.
, .lltV,on.f. nf ,. i t.ho will
; f . th gan on theIr ,nd ,
possible way
Sunday school attendance contin
ues to climb uphill. 200" present last
Sunday. We expect more next Sun
dayt i Come and have a good time
with a real live bunch of folk.
;"'Dr, Rawlins is giving some very
fine musical numbers, at , the evening
church- services. If hey, are a real
treat Hear him next Sunday.
' Large crowds attend all the wor
ship services of this church One of
the verv fine features is that grow-
fitting , for the close of the year.
. . . ,. r.
. "
. J 1
than a hundred additions. . Increased
enthusiasrrt'fn every line of "activity.
Miss . Catherine Hitch' returned
Tuesday i rom Obar, New Mexico, af
ter visiting several days at the home
of her parents. . ,
.' "
Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Henry and lit
tle daughter Mary, of Kansas . City,
' rre .visaing this week at the home of
relatives. i
;S Y.'i Cupp . left Saturday for
Pre""? hfcridge, .Texas, where- ho is
attending to business interests.
forty Families visited with
gifts and all seemed
to be pleased.
The Goodfellows' Club was acti'va
Christmas morning and brought tha
Christmas cheer to something like 40
homes in Liberal, and about 17S
children were t reated to candy, nuta
and toys. In all $275.00 worth were
The big truck, appropriately dec
orated, was in charge of H. Hobble,
E. D. Cooper and Herbert Dir, with
Ray Kennedy as Santa Claus. Early
in the morning they started out to
cover the town, and if anyone doubts
the gladness with which their ap
proach was noted they should hare
followed them a while. The littia
folks just swarmed around tho truck
and Kennedy was kept busy passing
out the gifts.
It was a' splendid thing for the fel
lows to So and the members can feel
gratified in the way the folks ac
cepted the gifts of the club. Mr.
Cooper says all seemed glad to have
tha Christmas gifts and showored .
thanks upon the organization. The
membership this year included:
J. N. Maxwell, J. D. Parkor, W.
O. Woods, L. R. Diehl, R B. Smith,
D. C. G. W. Sawyer, Ben J. Foster,
H. R, Lindley, J. W. Campbell, C
W. Ellsaesser, C. E. Woods, W. L.
Ekel, B. E. Keating, Paul Schenk, Jr.,
John Galloway, Dr. Smith Bro. ; A.
J. Barrett R B. Howell, C, L. Cra
mer, Earl L. Smith, J. B. Miller, Bay
M. Meyer, A. E. Henry, V. B. Spill
man, . ffi. Anderson, Dr. l ev), Ralph
Boles, Bert Long, Arthur Bentte, D.
C. Wood, R. A. Evans, L. D. Weiden
saul, D. S. McIIugh, Earl Dawson,
Mable Grainger, H. F. Dir, Vickers
Gr. Co., T. B. Moore, H. V. Tucker,
B .H. Day, T. W. Gaw, A. K. Stouf
er, J. F. Fuest, W. Zimmerman, A.
F. Gorman, Eli Walker, Ira Hiney,
C. H. Leete, J. I. Darst. T. G. Pate,
E; B. Rodgere, Paul W: Light, C. A.
Brown, R. B. Ravenscroft, S. A. Mill
er, J. S. Miller, Bert Dubois, F. G.
Boles, J. N. Evans, John L. Boles,
J. G. AulVvL: W. Stevessorf, T. J. "
Smith, C. H.'Leete Jr., E. F. Pellette,
W. E. Layman, C. V. Rice, 1'. J. '
Stutzman, C. M. Raub, W. J. Bodeck
er, R. D. Logue, J. R. Pennington, '
J. S. Dodd, W. B. Kinc, J. D. Ber
wick, F. O. Rindom, F. M. Bcaty, n.
Hobble, P. R. Buckley, G. Y. Gaines,
V. V. GrifCith, G. L. Light, C. W-
Law, Ji. R. Knotts, C. M. Yocum, H.
B. Muhuron, L. L. Holland, C. D.
Taylor, II. E. Gaslcill, E. 1) , Cooper,
F. W. Fortna, Ed Donnele'y. Ray Ken-
nedy, II. E. Tenny, E. W. Davis, Geo.
' vr n t : V. i T r T .K . T irt
ijew, j. lu. liigui u. rj, ,'uuiihiu, A. 'IS
gle Bros., Carson Wright, L. B. Wil
kins, Frank Summers, O. W. Sprad-'
ling, C. E. Ames, Light, Ice & Pr.
Co.. Summers & Sons, W. E. Stal
lard, J. T. Newby, W. 3. Wolley, Ned
Snyder, V. K. Grinste-id, E. A. Ev
ans, O. E. Dobson, Mrs. H V. Tuck
er, Dr. Messersmith, Mrs. Biltgen, O.
L. Cain.
' The graduates of the Liberal High
School will hold a banquet at tie
Methodist church tomorrow evening. ,
There will be an alumni organised at
this time, of the former graduates. ,
There was at one time ah alnmnf or
ganization but it has ceased td, eist
for some time. , A large number of
tickets have been sold and a great
time is being planned' by. those in ;
charge. The tables will be arranged (
in the form of an "A" and the. room
decorated with the high school solors,
pennants and trophy cups. '
Everyone who is a graduate ol ,
the high school owes it to the school N
to attend this banquet: .The, oDow-
ing program will be given: . ,
Toastmaster .Hairiet. Boles 2L ,
Swinging. Doors' Lester Ellsaesser v
'23.'' : . -:f ' -y-, -rn '
The Road that Leads to Yesterday -.
Mrs. fi.'D."Cooper '08. V' '
The Wayide Inn Clif ford Leete '21. ; ,
Bypaths-Mary Farmer '20. V. C . . .
The Cross Roads Marlin Kelly 22. j
At the Turning of the Road1 Mable ;
; , Evans '15. ;'
Whither Boundt F. O. Rindom.' ;f"
Miss Marv Howard will leave S tui-
day morning for Pratt, where she
j will take' up her school work. : She '.
is teaching near St John.
Genevieve Strickland, who is teach
ing "near St John, Kan., is Spend
ing tha holidays at the' home of he;
parents here.'- , v .

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