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Qntte a nnmbrr of oar ynun folk
will attend the But Fair.
ITaa anybody aeon the " wet moon n
prophet? He b wanted in thiaTictnity.
A com mine ion as notary pnblic baa
been granted to P. P. II illrrroaD, of Em
poria. The red and blue pottage stamp idiocy
U raging with great violence in Em
poria. We would like to know w hat has be
come of oor Hartford correspondent,
-By Jingo."
John Hammond has secured the con
tract for building a vegetable ball at the
fair grounds.
Papawa are ripe, and are almost as
sweet this yenr as pretty girls or candi
dates for office.
The "Taler question " stares ns in the
face with serious aspect. You can buy
a bushel of little ones for 1.60.
Nick Lockerman has finished cutting
bis corn and thinks the yield will be
much better this year than last.
Messrs. Good it and Bond, of Kansas
City, are in the city putting in the Rut
tan beaters at the Constitntion street
school bouse.
Persons having school work for exhi
bition at the county fair are requested to
leave it at the office of County Superin
tendent Wharton.
El. Holderman has returned from his
lake trip and is now with his brother at
Morris, III. His health has Improved
since leaving Emporia.
J. II. Davis's "'ayhawker" was put on
the cars for the Bismarck ' Fair, Fri
day. We trust he will "get there" in
the language of the turf.
Robt Milliken laid off the ground for
the wigwam to lie erected for the sol
diers' reunion and the State Sunday
school convention, Friday. '
The shooting party that went to Green
wood county on Wednesday returned
Thursday. They killed - about sixty
birds and hai a good time.
The Emporia chorus voted last week
to aid the soldiers' reunion, to be
-held in this city in October, and will
prepaie a number of war melodies for
that occasion.
The Emporia Gas Company are re
ceiving bids for the construction of the
works in this city, and they -will be
opened and considered about the 10th of
the present month.
The committee having the matter in
charge have advertised for bids, to light
with the electric light the new taberna
cle or wigwam which is in process of
construction in this city.
- John L. Jones and Nellie Jones were
married at the residence of the bride's
parent on Dry creek Thursday, by Rev.
IL Rees, pastor of the Welch Cengrega
tlonal church of this city.
The following school districts which
have not yet reported to the county
clerk are requested to do so at the earli
est possible moment: 0, 23.25,27,45,
47, 50, 07,69,70.71.84,88,81.
The cast of the Union Spy was ar
ranged at a meeting of the Emporia
Rifles last evening, and the first rehearsal
will take place to-morrow evening under
the direction of Col. Temple.
Forty veterans have already registered
for the State Soldiers' reunion to be held
at Topeka, beginning the 15th of the
present month, and it is thought this
number will be more than doubled.
The first annual fair of the Bourbon
County Fair Association will be held in
October this year from the 18th to the
21st A reunion of old soldiers and a
competitive military drill will be among
the features of the occasion.
Judge Graves, in the case of Edward
McGraw, overruled all motions for his
release in the district court of Coffey
county, last week, and the prisoner was
brought back to Emporia by'B. F. Ro-
maine and lodged in jail on a bond of
Ledger : R. B. Welch, P.J. Carmlchael,
. T. Davis, J. H. Hill, N. W. Sonne-
decker, W. F. McMahonand A. A. Wells
have been appointed by the county su
perintendent a committer to prepare a
course of study for use Lb the schools of
Lyon county.
Hartford Call: R.T. Soediker, who
has been so long and prominently con
nected with the sheep interests of this
county, has retired from the business
and will probably take tip his residence
in Hartford. In what business be will!
engage has not transpired.
The Santa Fe has agreed to furnish
half rates to all parties living within a
hundred miles of Emporia who may de
sire to attend the Bute Sunday School
Convention, to be held at this place in
October. For all distances over one
hundred miles the round fare will be
An operation was successfully per
formed Thursday afternoon upon David
Davis, the young man who crushed his
ankle by falling off a horse that day.
The foot was amputated a short distance
above the ankle and the unfortunate suf
ferer is doing as well as could be ex
pected to-day.
Eighteen years ago, on August 25th,
18C3, quite a heavy frost fell In many
places in central and northern Kansas.
It was the earliest frost that has ever been
known in Kansas since its settlement.
It may not be necessary to remark that
there was not a very heavy frost in
Kansas daring An (rust ot this year.
I. D. Fox & Co. sold four high priced
pianos last week, the purchasers being
Mrs. Dr. FUkins, tho Hennlng brothers,
C. Burnett and W. E. Sprott. In spite
of the drouth and dull times Messrs.
Fox & Co. state that their trade In this
line la steadily increasing and that they
are unable to get the goods la as fast as
they are sold.
We learn that a number of Informa
tions have been filed In the district
court against parties charged with
violating the liquor law. There is no
doubt that a good deal of surreptitious
whisky selling is going on in this city,
and all friends of temperance should
stand by the prosecuting attorney in his
efforts to bring transgressors of the law
to J ustice.
We learn that an arrangement has been
consummated by which the water works
will be permitted to remain where they
are until spring. What will be done
then baa not yet been fully determined.
The city council are trying to 3nd the
shortest and best way out ot an embar
rassing situation and will exercise great
care that the steps they take ia this mat
ter will not have to be retraced.
Dr. Northingtoa has received a letter
from s relative in North Carolina, la
which a deplorable condition of affairs
in that state ia depicted. The writer de
sires to sell bis land that be may Immi
grate to Kansas, but he finds bo pur
chaser, and indeed no cne seems to want
to invest anything In property there. In
addition to the usual political and moral
blights with which that region is afflict
ed the drouth baa this year, as elsewhere,
parched and dried up almost everything.
Marshal Leslie brought into our office
yesterday a specimen of apiece of sod
corn which be bad raised this year on
bis place on the Neoaho, east of Em
poria, which are a caution to unbeliev
ers in the ability of Kansas to raise
com. "Thecoma was planted on the 25th of
last May, and the stalks shown to us are
fourteen feet high. They have several
ears of Terr well developed corn, and
lhe field will average "well.
T.-E. Gilbert, of Ivy, send In some
stalks of corn, the tsltest of which
measured fifteen feet. This growth was
made after the 25th of May, and had it
not been for the dry weather the field of
24 acres would probably have yielded
100 bushels to the acre. As it is the corn
Is good, and the yield will he very satis,
factory for a "dry year." We hear of
several fields which are estimated at
from 40 to 75 bushels to the acre. A
man needs but to travel a little to find
out that we have much here yet to be
thankful for.
The time of year has come, earlier
this year than usual on account of the
drougnt, when the destruction of fences,
stacks of grain and hay and farm build
ings by fire is daily reported. It i
time for the greatest caution. Pipes,
matches and rubbish fires should be
caret ully guarded. It is the part of wis
dom to protect stacks and out-buildiogs
by plowing a few furrows around them,
so that if fire starts from any cause, the
progress may be checked before destruc
tion results. A few hours' work may
save the products of a whole season's
labor. Let the work be done at once.
Julia wife of Conductor James R.
Lewis, died last week at the family
residence on Constitution street, near
First avenue, after an illness of some
days from typhoid-malaria, at the age of
twenty-six years. The funeral took
place this afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Emma Jane, daughter of John Davies,
died at her father's residence on Dry
creek, yesterday afternoon, at the age of
18 years. The cause of death was
typhoid fever.
Christian Chnrfrh, Meeting;.
A church meeting of the congregation
of the Christian church was held last
week to transact business which in
cluded the selecting of a pastor for the
coming year. Upon taking a vote the
present pastor, R. L. Lotz, was unani
mously chosen to continue here another
year. The condition of the church was
found to be prosperous, and the congre
gation Is growing in size and import
ance. The public at large will be pleased to
hear that Mr. Lotz has been continued
another year. Since bis arrival here on
August 26, 1880, be has done very satis
factory work ia his calling, and has
made many friends by the faithful per
formance of his duties as a minister and
as a citizen.
A Very serious Aeeldeat.
While a young man named David
Davis, in the employ of Col. Whitley,
was riding through town Thursday
on horseback with a wash-boiler in one
hand, his horse began prancing when
near I. D. Fox & Co's., and threw the
young man off. He fell in such a posi
tion as to cause a compound fracture
of the ankle, we believe, and upon
taking him to the residence of
Mrs. Connor, on Merchants street, it was
found by the attending physicians that
amputation of the limb would be neces
sary, and that operation was to have
been performed this afternoon. Mr.
Davis was unmarried. He was a brother
of the Davis who was klllod by the
falling of a derrick at Cottonwood Falls
some time ago.
A Mew Enterprise.
Prof Oval Pirkey, late president of
Abingdon College, 111., and one of the
men chiefly instrumental in building up
the Christian University at Canton, Mo.,
has been in the city for a week or so,
with a view to establishing in our town
a select literary, scientific and classical
Institute, in case sufficient encourage
ment is offered by our citizens. He
represents to us that he is very much
pleased with the city and the en
couragement shown, and ' that he
has secured rooms and will
open a school inside or thirty
days. Besides the courses in natural
science and the classics, a full course
in commercial studies is contemplated ;
also a primary department will be
opened. The school will be open to
both gentlemen and ladies.
Prof. Pirkey left tor Canton, Missouri,
Friday, but will return shortly, when
further announcements concerning his
undertaking will be made.
A Propoaltloa Conferring- Power to Sell
Our M. K. T. Stock to be Sub
mitted to the People In
Co i' ntt Clerk's Office, J
August 31, 1881. )
Board met in special session. All
members present.
Wm. Flicklnger, Chas. Henshaw and
J. V. Carter, were appointed to view a
road on petition of J. W. B. Hewitt
et. al.
The board approved the appointment
of the county superintendent of schools
for appraising the west half of southeast
quarter of section 10, township 18, range
10, said appraisers being A. C. Sackctt,
D. W. Stanley and D. A. Stahl.
The Board also took into considera
tion the advisability of submitting a
proposition to the people at the regular
election in November, for selling the
stock now owned by Lyon county, In the
M, K. & T. railroad company, and after
careful consideration the Board conclud
ed to submit such a proposition to sell
said stock at not less than 45 cents on
the dollar, and to purchase the outstand
ing 7 per cent, bonds of the county with
the proceeds derived from such sale.
Board having no further business, ad
journed. Wm. F. Ewinq. Co. Clerk.
County Fair Superintendents.
The following is the list of superin
tendents of the various departments of
our county fair this year, which will be
held on the five days beginning Septem
ber 20 and ending September 24:
Cattle Dan. King.
Horses D. R. Holderman.
Sheep W. T. Walters.
Swine Jacob Taylor.
Poultry H. 8. Alexander.
Agricultural Implements C. C. Far-
Mechanic Arts E. F. Sprague.
Farm Products H. H. Gray.
Horticultural and Floral Department
W. B. Ross.
Fine Arts Mrs. C. H. North.
Textile Fabrics Mrs. J. F. Stratton.
Natural History Mrs. I. E. Perley.
Honey A. P. Kelley.
Children's Department Mrs. J. C.
Ladies Equestrienne and Specials E.
P. Bruner.
Educational Exhibt O. B. Wharton.
Speed Ring 8. B. Warren.
General Superintendent of Floral nail
Regarding; Profeeaor Pirkey.
Eds.Nxws: In answer to inquiries
concerning the select school by Prof.
Oval Pirkey, I will say that arrange
ments are made to open a first-class Com
mercial and English school, with a pri
mary department attached, in the rooms
formerly occupied by the Emporia High
school, either on the 19th or 26th of the
present month. We know Prof. Pirkey
to be an experienced teacher in all the
branches, and a gentleman of high stand
tag wherever known. I was a student
of his for four years. Respectfully,
R. L. Lots.
A Wsneorrel Blaeerery.
For the speedy cure of consumption
and all diaeaaee that lead to it, such as
stubborn coughs, neglected colds, bron
chitis, bay fever, asthma, pain in the
side and chest, dry hacking cousrhs, tick
linr in the throat, hoarseness, sore throat
and all chronic or lingering diseases of
the throat and longs, Dr. King's New
Discovery baa no equal, and has estab
lished for itself a world-wide reputation.
Many leading physicians recommend
and use it in their practice. The formu
la from which it Is prepared is birhly
recommended by all medical journals.
The clergy and the press have compli
mented it In the most glowinr terms.
Go to your druggist and get a trial bot
tle for ten cents, or a regular size for $1
For sale by B. Wbeldoa & Co.
Mr. Frank Hall, son of T. P. Hall, is
home from New Mexico on a short visit.
Dwight Bill returned last week
from Colorado, looking and feeling first
class.. Si. Woodruff,- brakemon on freight
No. 0, hadhis leg brokt:n at Cottonwood
James Benson and family have gone
to Builer county, to establish them
selves upon a farm near Eldorado.
Our fellow townsman, G. W. Williams,
Esq., has recently returned to Emporia
from a tour to his old home in Illinois.
Sheriff Moon has made a good selec
tion in appointing B. F. Rutnaine his
deputy, to succeed the late Jas. Spill
man. Mrs. Dunlap and Mrs. Waller, who
have been visiting friends in this city
for some weeks, returned to their homes
in Ohio last week.
Miss Nellie Perry, assistant book
keeper with Sieven&on, Emery & Taft,
of Topeka, is spending her vacation with
Mr. and Mrs. Engineer Case, on Neosho
Winfield Courier: Judge J.Jay Buck,
of Emporia, is in the city, a guest of Col.
McMullen. Judge Buck is booked for
an address during the temperance camp
II. W. McCune, of the Emporia Ledg
er, returned Thursday from a visit or
some weeks to his old home in Indiana.
His mother, whose Illness called him
thence, is slowly improving.
Finn Irwin and James Hilton, who
went west some weeks ago as guards in
the employ of the Santa Fe company,
have returned to Empora. Mr. Hilton
will resume his position at the Santa Fe.
depot. "
Air. R. M. Mills returned from a visit
of some weeks to his old tramping
ground in Maine, last week. II is
wife did not come with him, being de
tained at the bed-side of her sick
Tom Flynn, formerly messenger for
the Western Union telegraph company,
at this place, but latterly operator at
Reading, has been transferred to Cot
tonwood. As this is the nature of a
promotion we congratulate Tom on his
good fortune. -
Newton Republican : Rev. Dr. Cord
ley, of Emporia, addressed the members
of the Sunday school convention at the
Opera House last Wednesday evening.
He had a large audience, and he fully
sustained his reputation as a strong, forc
ible and an entertaining speaker.
Mr. Jesse Fell, of Normal, Illinois,
was in the city Thursday. He is mak
ing a tour of the state in the interest of
the Chicago & Alton railroad company,
which is about to inaugurate a system
of forest planting, as a means of sup
plying the future demands of that cor
poration for ties with which to extend
its lines.
Mr. C. Mixer, who has-been employed
for some months past as operator at the
train dispatcher's office of the Santa Fe,
started last week for San Marcial, New
Mexico, where he will hold, a similar
but a better position. During his stay
in Emporia, he proved himself a gentle
man in every sense of that term, and
made very many friends who regret his
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Stotler returned
from a visit of five weeks among friends
in West Virginia .and Ohio, Thursday,
They were accompanied by Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas Murdock, who have been
absent from Emporia for nearly a year.
The entire party are in the best of health
and are' well satisfied to get back to
Hon. J. S. Codding, president of the
Kansas Sheep Breeders' and Wool Grow.
era' Association, returned from bis trip
to Eureka and went west Thursday. He
was much pleased with the sheep farms
of Greenwood county. He had little
time to spend in this city, but reports
that sheep men everywhere arc alive to
the importance of a first-class exhibit of
wool and stock at the State Fair.
Newton Republican: We congratu
late the Republicans of Lyon county on
the nomination of our boyhood and
lifelong friend, W. F. Chalfantj for
Register of Deeds. We know him per
sonally as an honest man, a life-long Re
publican, a patriotic soldier, who carries
the scars of wounds received in defense
of his country, and in addition to all this
he has tho very best qualifications for
the office. He deserves the unanimous
support of the patriotic voters of Lyon
Pruitland Items.
Thursday, September 1st.
We are still suffering for the want of
rain. Water is getting very scarce, es-
peciallynear Cahola. The stock men
have brought most of their cattle to be
herded near here, so as to get water from
our springs. ...Miss Sadie Stanley,
daughter of Thomas Stanley, will soon
be married to Mr. C. II. Carter, publish
er of the Western Friend, of Quakervale,
Cherokee county, Kansas. We wish
the young couple all the happiness pos
sible to be enjoyed on this earth. . . .We
attended Mr. W. J. Hugglns' sale, last
Thursday. Things went rather low.
Mr. Powell, a Friend minister, who has
leased the place, bought most
of the articles sold. We
are truely sorry to lose Mr. and Mrs.
Huggins from our neighborhood. They
go from here to Ohio and from there to
California. Mr. Powell, who has rented
the place, is from New York, and has a
very pleasant family. We hope he will
succeed in our "sunny Kansas". . . .Wm.
Humphrey, of Cahola, considers himself
the wealthiest man now in Kansas. It
weighed ten pounds We had a pleas
ant visit from Rev. J. Barker, of Amerl
cus. ...We were pleased to meet Mrs.
Moulten, of Michigan. She is the
mother of Mrs. F. W. Drake
..The wolves are making sad
havoc of John Stanley's and Nathan
Beal's turkeys. . . .May Herbert has re
turned from Emporia and is resting up
ready for teaching. May, as a teacher,
is a success. . . . Daniel Bundy is going
into the stock business From the way
N. Strain bought household goods at the
sale we expect an item from there soon.
. .Robert Vickers sold forty acres of
corn in the field at $11 per acre.
L. H.
Mote, of Travel.
Last Friday I boarded Lewis' train,
Missouri Pacific, and rode all the way
to Americus. There I boarded a buggy,
drawn by two mules, and set sail for
Four Mile creek. Rev. J. VanVoris
was both engineer and fireman on the
mule train. We made twenty miles in
five hours, not very easy. The sun shone
with August fury upon us, and tho wind
whirled the dust right into our faces.
On our way we crossed Wright, Rock
and Big John creeks; the Neosho near
the mouth of Four Mile creek, then
drove up Four Mile to a point four miles
south of Council Grove. We also drove
by the city of Dunlap.
Four Mile heads up in the hills of
Morris county, runs almost directly east,
and empties into the Neosho about five
miles below Council Grove. The bot
toms are narrow and fertile. There is a
good deal of second bottom land on the
north side of the creek. High, rocky
hills press up closely to the creek on
the south side. The creek is sup
ported by springs and affords a good
supply of stock water. The herd law
prevails, the crops all grow outdoors
and the people live on the commons. I
think the people are about ready to
fence. Wheat was about half a crop;
early planted eorn ditto; late planting, a
failure. I found some old friends here,
J. C. Pickett and Wm. Johnson, and
they are readers of Tbb News.
a R. R.
To promote a vigorous growth of the
hair, use Parker's Hair Balsam. It re.
stores the youthful color to gray hair,
removes dandruff, and cures itching of
the scalp.
The Pacific road is to have a new foun
dry at Parsons, and is now receiving the
brick ror same. .-
The Kansas City Mail says It looks
very much as if there would be a good
many changes in the Missouri Pacific
administration, and. knowing ones hint
that an entirely ne-v set of officers will
be chosen.
Commonwealth: Mr. F. W. Giles
went tQ Garnet I yesterday to attend to
business connected with the building of
the Garnett and Topeka railroad. The
first proposition to aid the company was
voted upon yesterday.
The D. Sc R. G. railway have contract
ed to pay $100,000 for blasting out a
single cut seven miles below Lake City
in San Juan county, Colorado. The cut
will be 400 feet long. It costs some
thing to buiid railroads in that country.
Iola Correspondence Topeka Capital:
Hon. F. W. Giles visited Iola in the in
terests of the Topeka, Iola & Memphis
railroad last week. It this road ia com
pleted it will be a great benefit not only
to this part of Kansas but also to the
capital, as it will give a direct route to
Topeka, instead of the round-about way
by Ottawa and Lawrence. No doubt
much trade will be transferred from
Kansas City to Topeka. Ia case tins
road is built, the large machine shops
here, for many years unoccupied, might
again be put to use.
The track of the A-, T. & S. F. road,
which was washed away for a considers,
ble distance between Alburquerque and
Deming has been repaired and trains
will now run regularly. For four days
it was necessary to transport passengers
in carriages over Glorietta mountain, a
distance of twenty miles, which was
done at a great expense to the company,
who also provided meals, and, where
necessary, sleeping apartments. The
passengers experienced . some incon
venience, of course, but in speaking of
the incident, said they enjoyed the
change from the cars, and the pleasant
Eureka Herald : It is reported that
an engineer corps has been ordered to
Howard to run a line from that place to
the south line of the state for the im
mediate extension of - the Kansas City,
Emporia & Southern road. The matter
is not fully ready at present, we believe,
owing to the necessity of making repairs
and finishing up work at several points
on the main line. But it is said that as
soon as the men and material can be
spared from these it is the intention of
the company to extend the line as above.
We hope the work will be speedily ac
complished, and that the business and
length of the road will justify the run
ning of a regular passenger train daily,
instead of the mixed train we now have,
A correspondent of the New York
Tribune, writing of dishonesty in Mexi
co, says : "In regard to stealing, this I
know, that nothing along the line
of the. great 'Mexican' railroad from
Vera Cruz to the city of Mexico is left
outside after dark; nothing that the
strength of two men can lift Even the
car couplings are taken inside the station
and locked up. This road once intro
duced air breaks on their cars, but the
workmen punched holes in the pipes
and stole the tubing, so they were taken
off. On the 'National' road, and doubt
less on all others, also, they stole the
borts that fastened the rails to the ties
until they were finally riveted on. One
of a gang of workmen undertook to
steal the cap off a cartridge of dynamite,
and the result was that he and several
others went to their reward."
State Pair Motes.
Major Anderson promises the finest
display the Flambeau Club ever made.
Generals Sheridan and Pope are rus
ticating in Colorado, and will undoubt
edly be present at tho reunion. Other
notable army officers have also been in
vited. The fireworks to be used during the
sham battle, were shipped from Chicago,
yesterday. The list embraces 200 dozen
eight ball colored Roman candles, 10
dozen half pound colored rockets, 2,000
No. 5 cannon fire crackers, 50 four inch
shells, and 50 maroons and the mortars
from which to fire them.
The organization of the members of
the corps that marched with Sherman to
the sea, was proposed to Capt Geo. R.
Peck, and the idea struck him so favor
ably that he at once took steps to see it
carried into effect As a result, all
members of Sherman's army who
marched to the sea, arc requested to re
port to Capt. A. M. Fuller as soon as
possible in order that all may be en
rolled, and the details of the proposed
march be completed. The plan, so far
as developed, is that the Shenoen men
shall march together in the grand march
to the fair grounds, on the 15th, singing
"Marching Through Georgia" and other
songs. This, like many other happily
conceived projects, will add greatly to
the interesting features of the reunion.
In answer to the strictures of the daily-
press charging the management of the
Stat Fair with offering attractions
which they knew would not be on hands,
the Topeka papers claim that as to Grant
there is at least a possibility of his being
there and that when they promised
Maud S. and St Jclien the managers
had reason to believe that they might be
procured. It is, however, unfortunate
that in the face of the lying promises
made by the Bismarck fair last year the
managers of the State Fair this year
should have promised so many things
which they will not be able to show up.
There will be a series of contests at
base ball during the State Fair between
the Westerns, of Topeka, and a profes
sional club of the west
A-Card. We desire to return nnv
tbanks to the friends, members of our
church and congregation, who gave us
anh m. hartnv anmviaA last Ti,..,.
eveniner. for the valuable r resents whirl
1 f J H.w.aaw .ua. Ul. OUU .
we received from them, and we assure
them their kindness is greatly appre
ciated, and will never be forgotten.
Catbabtxb Joitxa.
ESts Perfscl Sitlafasiln forjii
ExcbMof HanTg Co.,
Bl. aUW&.a XaU.
Till 13 ST0Y2 CSAIES.
For sale bt
Emporia, Kansas.
Go to
Otty 13
Books 1 Stationery
The Finest Selection in tlie City.
The Illinois Store Still Mead.
Hundreds of Bargains in.
Dry Goods and Notions.
More Nice Prints at 5 cents.
Plenty of Cheap Bleached and Brown
Musi ins, &c., &c., &a
Another lot of those cheap Walk
ing shoes for Ladies and Misses, from the same alatsaehncetts factory ; new Cotton
Shirtings, front a well known factory; a large lot of Batting, for quilts and
comforters; aline of new Ginghams and Calicoes; black Spanish.
French and Guipure Laces, from a New York Importing;
iiouae; a line of cheap Bilk handkerchiefs, from
Boston, and plenty of Boots and Sboe.
tyWe have Table Napkins from 50 cents a dozen up.
f3f All-linen Table Linen, from 80 cents up.
3FAny quantity of Ladies' Colored Cotton Hose, at 10c.
3?" And 1,999 other Great Bamina.
169 Commercial
St Emporia.
Go to P. W. .JONES & CO'S
NEW GROCERY STORE, l.vSSnfe'rciafS?''!
N. B. Highest market price paid for produce.
Grange Store,
Groceries, Provisions,
First door north of Dr.
Bottom Prices to
Sixth Avenue Hardware Store.
Sueeeeaore taS. J. Smith Co.
the Place to Buy Bird Cages.
Late Bruner & McMurtrie, has established a
Stove and Tinware Store
East Side Commercial Street, EMPORIA, KANSAS.
Buy the old reliable Cook Stove, SUPERIOR. If you want a good Cook Stove
for wood and coal buy the SCOTIA.
Mrs. D. Kidder,
Over G. W. NEWMAN &C0.'S Store.
Lata. Stiules. Mtou. LUMBER. sasD. Doors, SLIHDS
.. St.
1866. T.M. FRITS. 1881.
The Oldest Jewelry House in Emporia.
Carries the largest stock of first class goods in
the city at prices as low as the lowest.
All Work Warranted First Class.
Saaessaaa tot WHITE BOUOCS, .
Kanreia City, Lio. y:
Qiieensware& Produce
Moore's Drug Store.
Cash Customers.
A Full Line of Pumps, Etc. :
THE - :
and A. 9 .
P. J.
MniuT44itAt a.?
BRIDLES, : WHliro, 3CC
Uncle Sam's Harness Oil always
anu cneapiy. mi
Pure Drags and Medicines,
Sewing" Machines.
Read what Plankinton &
house firm say whep first buying
the Machine.
Office or Plankinton & Ahmocb,
Kansas City. Ma. March 6, 1880. t
Gentlemen: We would say that we have been trying for nearly ten years
to get a sewing machine that would sew satisfactorily the heavy muslin bags for
hams. Have tried a number of machines, but until we tried the Royal St. John
we have never been able to get a machine that would make a long elastic stitch
without drawine or nuckerme the cloth. Your machine does the work perfectly.
on account of the firm, round, elastic stitch peculiar to the St, John ; and by its
rapid motion and light running we are able to make on one machine about 1,500
sacks per day with ease to the operator. This we could not do on any other ma
chine, although we tried them thoroughly. We also regard it as the simplest, most
durable and lightest running machine we have ever tried. We have put it to the
severest test and freely recommend it.
Plankinton & Armour, per W. P. Alleutt, Supt.
What they say after
would be equal to 3 hours
dinarv family use. No
lly machine.
Messrs. Trcmbclu, Reynolds &
inquiry as to how we still like the
bought of you, would say that alter using tnem almost constantly tor some eigntcco
months, and makins on an a vera so of over half a million sacks on each machine,
or at the rats of 1,500 to 1,800 on each machine per day, we like them as well as
when we first bought them. Cannot see any precepuble wear, and no Sewing Ma
chine that we have ever seen would have done the work as satisfactory and with
as little trouble and expense to us, not having cost one cent tor repairing.
Plaskiston & Abmocb, per Wm. P. Allcutt, Supt.
if you want the best Machine in the market call on
Aeents for the Royal St. John.
Iron and Steel, Nails,
Etc., Etc. Sole agents in Emporia for
Deere & Co.'s Plows and Cultivators,
G-ilpin Sulky Plow,
New Hone and. Singer Sewing Uaclies,
Champion Reaper and Mower.
Are also sole agents in Emporia for the celebrated
Glidden's Steel Barbed Fence Wire,
The original
Manufacturer's of and dealers in
Manufactory: At the Emporia Water Power Furni
ture Factory, one mile south of Emporia.
Sales-room and store: No. 164 Commercial street.
(Ml and exaniiiie our stock. We will quote
prices that will surprise yon.
at. h
m sly attended to- calls as any ta. night or Sunday, promptly attended to by Mr.
at Wolf; rwMeses eorser st rsaris srssss ssa asrsn loam.
Undertaker's Goods, Mirrors, t, :
Crame. Ll Street JfortU of tU Jlew OfSce.
' fesMe! Calls atteaoed al any bow.
day ox alga. .. . " "
o n4 f$AQ
on hand. Repairing done neatly
wuis saiin.ui
Armour, the ereatlpacklne
uslnt? It 18 months, which
a day for 15 years In or
other Machine CAN SHOW
use only the ordinary fam
Office of Plankinton & Armour,
Kansas City, Mon Apiil 25, 1881.
Allen: Gentlemen in answer to your
ROYAL ST. JOHN Sewing Machines we
Horse - shoes, Fence Wire,
patented wire.
....... . SIieiifTs Ssue.;
Lewis Haver vs Anderson Mstea.
Bv virtue of an ex cution. ksned hv the
Clerk of the liistriet a eon. in anil for Lyon
coamy. kuso. ana o tue a reciea t win on
Honda v the 10th day m tjrptesaber. ,. D .
18-1. at 10Vloek a n. at the front rioor of
ti t Cuurt rimae, in ine eity of Kmpont. t.yon
coenly. Kansas. uffor lor sal- ami aell.at pub
lio auction to the big-hett bidder for cah all
right, title, interest anu claim or the said ue
feauaut In and to the following lieacrlbeu real
estate, to-wit : Lot Mo (11) elevea. blork No.
(M) ninety-iou-, in Amerieoa, Lyon countr,
Hana The said pronerty to he tol-t aa the
property ol said defendant to aattfy said
execution. . . .. B- mimin.
snenn or i.ynn tonniy, ivanaf.
Emporia. Kaa Anut8,1881 S3 6
Sheriff's Sale.
O. Jacobs vs. . J. Hunt, et als.
Ko.ir la aerebv siren that bv Tlrtoe nC an
alias Older ot sale issued out ol the Fifth Ju
dicial Uintrict Court, in and for Lyon county
and ruate of Kansas, in the above entl led
caue. anx to me directed, 1 will on Monday
the isnn aay ot oopiemucr, . iwi
o clock a. m., at ua - -House,
in the el y or hmporia. Loa county,
it an!.- nIT.r fnr ale and aell.at Dublio suc
tion, to the highest bidder for cash, all ibe
right, I'll-- anu interest oi ua aauu nemuu.
ia and to the lollowinr described real eatate,
to-wit- 1 he south half of the northeast
quarter, and the southeast quarter of the
northwest quarter of aooitoa (21) twenty-one.
townablp (IM) nineteen, range uz) twelve anu
(5) Ore acre, of timber, being the same five .
acres eanveved to li. P. Snoar by deed, dated
January 4. IMS', recorded in book "H" page
876. in the oBioe of Begister of Deeds of said
l.yon county, ana oy aaia anew ana wiwiw
vcyed toE.8. Water ourv, as shown by deed
anXnrded In book "X" of deeds, pace 594. of
said Register's oflice, and by said Waterbnry
and wile conveyed to L. D. Jacobs, as shown
in deed recorded in uook -a." page wj, an in
Lyon eottntr, State of Kansas. The said
uronertv to be sold as the property ot the said
defendant, O. J . Huut, to satisfy the order of
sale. J B. MOON,
snerin: ot .yon touoiy, ivansas.
August 8. ItML 82U
Road Notice.
Kattaa Is herebv riven that a vetitioa baa
been presented to the Board or Oounly Com
missioners of Lyon county, Kansas, ask.es;
for toe location of a county road, as follow,
to-wit : Commencing at the northwest cor
ner of section lz, townsnip is, ran (re lz, inraca
west on the section line as near as practicable
to the northwest corner of section 9, town
ship 1(1, range It: and apoa said proposed
road the Board appointed the followlna view
ers: J .J. W.Stinaon. Jamec Pollock and A.J.
Smith to meet at thebecinninKofsaid road on
toe 17th day of Sepi A. 1. 1S81, at 10 o'clock
a. m anu lUCUDJUBCIlua witaunuiuuij u-
vevor, to view, locate and survey said road,
and to rive all parties a hearing, lij order
of the Board.
S5U Wat. F. EWIXG. County Clerk.
Road Notice.
Notice Is herebv riven that a nctition has
been presented to the Board of County t on.
miastoners of Lyon county, Kansas. aking
lor the location ot a county roaa as iomows.
to-wit: Uommenclnr at the southeast corner
of lection as, township 16, range 11; thence
east on the section line as near as practicable
to the southeast corner oi section sz, town
ship lo, ran fie li. and npon said proposed road
the Board appointed the following viewers:
T. K. Gilbert, John Brambill and
Ueorge Best to meet at the berin-
B in g oi sb Hi roau. on inc xzu any m acpttmnar,
A.l. lHtil. at 10 o'clock a. in , and in
conjunction with the County Surveyor, to
view. locate ana survey saiu roau, anu
to rive all parties a hcarinv. By order of the
Board. Wat. F. EWING.
35 ts County Clerk.
Road Notice.
Notice Is herebv riven that a petition lias
been presented to the Board of County Com
missioners of Lyon county, Kansas, as! ins;
for the location of a county road as follow,
to-wit: Coinmencinr at the southeast oorner
of the north half of northeast quarter of sec
tion SO, township in. range 11; thence directly
west to the sou in weft corner ot nonn nan ot
northeast quarter of said section zfi; thence
north to northwest corner of northeast Quar
ter of said section Sti; thence went on the
section line to toe northwest corner or nomt
east quarter of section 27, township IS. range
it ; ana upon sain propotea roeu me uovu
appointed the following viewers: Wm. B Kos
J V stratton and T. P. Hall to meet at the
beginning of said road, on the iyih day oi
Sept, A. D. lil. at 10 o'clock a m, and in
conjunction with the Connty Surveyor, to
view, locate and survey said road, and to give
all parties a hearing. By order ol the Board.
SitS Wat. F. KWING, County Clerk .
3. Ledcrer,
You will take notice that yon have been
sued by the Meriden Silver I'late Company,
that the petition in said cause has bren filed
in the office of the Clerk of the Diatrict Court
of Lyon county. Kansas; that the names ot
the parties to the said petition are The Me
riden Silver Plate Company, plaintiff, and
you, J. Ledcrer, d fendai.t; that yu must
answer said netitlon so Sled, on or before the
30th day of Septemb-r. 1881, ur aaid petition
will be taken a true and judgment rendered
accordingly thereoa as follows to-wit: The
amount doe from yon to the alerlden Silver
Plate Company, for rocds, ware, and mer
chandise sold and d livered y it to you, from
the Stb day f October 1S0. to the 1st day ot
January, 1&1, will be ascertained, and the
property belonging to you, anil the debts
owing to you,heretolore attached by garnlah
mentla the bands of J. K J onion and II. J.
Bird, in Emporia, Lyon county, Kansas, will
be appropriated, or so o mb thereof aa may
be necessary to the payment and satisravtion
of the amount so ascertained to be due from
yon to the seridea Silver Plata Com pany.ana
Judgment will he rendered arainst you tor
the sum of 2.164 00 and the coats of the ac
tion, and said property and debt attached
and gamisheed. will be applied to the pay
ment of the same.
Att'ys for The Meriden Silver Plate Co.
Final Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned
administratrix of the estate orW. M. Wirks,
deceased, will on Monday. October S, 1 Mil, at
the office of the Probate Judge of Lyon
county, Kansas, ia Emporia, make final set
tlement of said estate. A. J.WlcKS.
Final Notice.
The undersigned executor of the estate of
Joseph cole, deceased, will on the 1st Monday
of October. 1K81. at the office of the Probate
Judge of Lyon county, Kansas, la Kmporia,
make final settlement of said estate.
&5U GEO. W. PTE.
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby given to the creditors ami
all others Interested In the estate of John M .
Hunter, deceased, that the undersigned in
tends to make final settlement of said estate
at the next term of tba Probate court or Lyon
county, Kanaas. commencing on Monday. Oc
tober 8, 1881, and on said day or as soon there
after as the same can be heard.
Executor of the estate of John M. Heater,
deceased. lots
Notice of Final Settlement. .
Notice is hereby riven to the creditors and
all others interested in the estate of David
Johnson, deceased, that the undersigned in
tend a to make final settlement of said estate
at the next term of the Probate Court of Lyon
county, Kansas, commencing oat Monday,
October S, 1SL
Administrator of the estate of Lav id John
son, aeoeased. Mtt
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice Is hereby given to the creditors and
all others Interested In the estate of Martin
D. Bates, deceased, that the undersigned in
tends to make final settlement of said estate
at the next term of the Probate Court of Lvoo
county, Kansas, commencing on Monday.
October a, 18H1, and oa that day or as soon
thereafter as the same can be heard.
Executor or the will of Martin D. Bates, de
ceased. SS-M
Notice of Final Settlement.
Notice is hereby givea to the creditors ami
all others Interested in the estate of Esther
Miller, deceased, that the uadersigned in
tends to make final settlement of said estate
at the next term of the Probate Court ot Lyoa
county, Kansas, eommenclag on Monday,
October 8, 1881, and on said day, or as soon
thereafter as the same can be heard ; and that
st said settlement I shall present my account
lorvaervioes as administrator and ask for Its
allowance. ALBION MILLER.
Administrator of the estate of Esther Miller,
deceased. M
wot cBraa, aqoRH ntevawa rnrnsr.
Warden of Bad College. Beeiae, Vis,
Loans Trust Company
(Incorporated.) ; ' "
Lioans on Mortgage of Real
Extate and Other
H. C. CROSS, President;
L. 8K VERY, Vice President;
VAN R. HOLMES, Treasnrert
OTIS D SWAM, Secretary.
IkTOETHKKS TEXAS offers greater artrae-
X sums la the wsy of read, cheap
healthy country, mild ellmate. abundance of
timber and water, diversity of prodacts, than
any other region now open to settlement, la
this rapid : y develop! a g aeeUen.the Texas
Pad As Railway has in opt ratios over e00 miles
of road, along which an to be had, at low
prices and on easy terms. mUUoas of acres of
good and cheap Railroad and Government
Tsoda, bot recently opened for settlemeat,
wot erreaiars aaa nip.
ririnr trnthfal in.
formal kaa. address W . .
k. A B RAM'S Land
Railway. Mara Ball.
Com is lu loner, T.
A p.
1 0,000 f i,erarSw.5
all Kinds. Price, 9A. Send your address
on Postal Card for oar Illustrated 4 redar.
. Sew Oxford, Adams Co., Fa.
BBS - - -, ajat B -
, ,
M aV 2 n LaSF- "1 snea or i - "i "J
fiBSVx! ta u von4 i- srt
r""bBeasBB it bus rx bui - vn a
-smy fs&?!&ta mitrzte - r .,
ii a, u-f f- .. bece B ck -g no fore)
-fas trrfat kiT braijoe, siftq Crt trx jenti et
r. ji tKioriiB?. I'taoC: urn HacitiBes, oom-i'laar-Bra.
Cunsaa. rmmete-eta-as for .3aie. U is
JilSarANTlf O to ewrt.i3 SO tj.-roiattlB, -S-or
bus by ailffmt-faaise ombjub. ITCmr hoi
Oflapo of Ttaof rta Aiiaat .J natxt Xiaa
81 IWIcrHraai Avomae. Chicago. bflnoeSyA
SATIS LA3TSJU2H A w3Si psa,,,;tn, P

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