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Meade County News.
Published every Thursday by
John D. Wrhkle, Editor.
Entered in the Post office at Meade, Kans.
as second class mail matter.
Subscription, $1.00 per year.
Advertising rates made known on applica'
tion. Locals ran "tf." and charged for at
5 cents per line for each insertion.
JANUARY 3, 1901.
It looks as though Hanna's ship-
subsidy bill might be defeated in
the Senate.
Very few people now upon this
earth will be living at the dawn of
the next century.
A bill has been introduced in the
U. S. senate by Senator Allen of
Neb., providing for a bounty on
farm produce exported, as follows
Wheat and rye ioc; flour 50c per
bbl; corn 5 c per bu.; corn meal 7c
per 100 lbs.; cotton ic per lb.; to
bacco 2 c per lb. The bill provides
an additional bounty of 10 per cent
on any of these products exported
in vessels of American register.
A curfew law is being enacted by
many cities and towns which requires
all children under the age of 14 or
16 years to be off the street and at
home after a given hour in the even
ing, generally 9 o'clock. This is a
wise act and could be enforced with
profit by every municipality in the
country. Young children can learn
nothing good by being on the street
alone or with others usually found
there late in the ' evening and the
chances are that they will learn
much which is sinful, so they are
better off at home.
The board of inquiry investigat
sng the hazing at the West Point
military academy which is alleged
to have caused the death of Cadet
Oscar L. Booz, of Penn., finds
plenty of evidence that hazing is
carried on there- as much as ever.
Putting tabasco sauce in the mouths
of cadets, bracing and other forms
of hazing are commonly practiced.
That hazing is not confined to any
one school is evidenced by the re
cent treatment of Frank Lust, a
student of the Northwestern Uni
versity, who was stripped, his body
covered with ink and soft soap and
otherwise treated in such a brutal
manner that he fainted while being
taken home.
Mrs. Nation, or Medicine Lodge,
Kas., President of the W. C. T. U.
of that place, went to a saloon at
Wichita and demolished about
J 2, 000 worth of mirrors and other
fixtures. She was arrested and sent
to jail where she remained, refusing
to be released on bond. She sent
for Sunday-school Stanley, who is
at present Governor of Kansas, and
she was refused, later the chief ex
ecutive claimed to be sick. The
lady, no doubt, had read his recent
temperance interview and supposed
she could depend on him, but the
governor is one of those fellows who
talk temperance, but when it comes
to a "show down" he's not there.
The war in South Africa is being
continued as vigorously as ever.
The Boers, who have no towns to
defend, confine their operations to
skirmisheing and attacking British
forces not easily or quickly reached
with re-enforcements. Some of the
recent battles have been as large
and disastrous to the British as
those during the earlier period of
the war which Lord Roberts has
pronounced as being over. In one
engagement nearly 500 . British
troops were killed or taken prison
ers. The Boers do not care to
bother with their prisoners nor feed
them, so they are returned after tak
ing away their arms and ammuni
tion. Gen. De Wet, who has been
trapped several times, has succeeded
. in eluding capture even when seem
ingly surrounded by a superior
force. His efforts are strikingly in
line with the remarkable escapes of
Gen. Washington during the Revo
lutionery war. Lord Kitchener has
asked that all available mounted in
fantry be dispatched at once to
South Africa. The war already cost
England 520,000,000, 47,000 men
and 500,000 horses and mules.
Tit Meade-Beaver Telephoae Co.
The stockholders of the Meade-
Beaver Telephone Co., of Meade,
Kansas, met at the office of E. D.
Smith at 8 o'clock p. m., Saturday,
Dec. 29th, for the purpose of or
ganizing. Mr. A. x. coaie jr.
made a statement of the object of
the meeting.
Motion was made by A. T. Bodle
Jr. that. Frank Fuhr act as Chair
man of the meeting, which was sec
onded and carried.
Motion was made that Geo. B.
Cones act as Secretary of the meet
ing, which motion was seconded
and carried.
Motion was then made by A. T.
Bodle Jr. as follows:
That a joint, stock company, to
be known as The Meade-Beaver
Telephone Co. be formed, for the
purpose of constructing, operating
and maintaining a telephone line,
extending from Meade, Kansas, to
Beaver, O. T., and intermediate
points; that the capital stock of said
company be Eight-hundred Dollars,
($800.00), divided into Eighty (80)
shares of Ten Dollars ($10.00) each,
and that each stockholder be entitl
ed to one vote for each share held
by him and for each fractional share
a proportionate vote." Motion was
seconded by W. S. Berryman and
carried. Motion was made that the
Secretary read the names of the sub
scribers for stock and the amounts
subscribed. Motion made by A,
T. Bodle Jr. that the officers of said
Company shall be President, Vice
President, Secretary, Treasurer and
Superintendent, .and shal be elected
by ballot; and that said officers shall
have full control and management
of the affiairs of the Company; that
said officers shall be elected to serve
for a term of six (6) months or un
til their successors are elected and
that said officers are to serve with
out compensation. That the first
semi-annual meeting and election be
held on the first day of July 1901
and thereafter on the first day of
July and January of each year and
that the officers elected at this meet
ing shall hold their office until the
first day of July,. 1901. Motion was
seconded by Jnp. D. Wehrle. Mo
tion to amend by W. S. Berryman
was made and seconded, as follows
"That the office of Auditor be in
eluded in the offices of the Com
pany." The motion as amended
Motion was made by B. S. Mc
Meel that E. W. Williams be elect
ed President of the Company; mo
tion seconded by J. D. Wehrle and
carried. Motion made by Jno. D
Wehrle that W. F. Casteen be elect
ed Vice-President of the Company
motion seconded by A. T. Bodle Jr.
and carried. Motion made by A
T. Bodle Jr. that Elery Cooper be
elected Secretary of the Company
motion seconded and carried. Mo
tion made by Geo. DeCow that W,
S. Berryman be elected Treasurer
of the Company; seconded by R
Buis and carried. Motion made by
W. S. Berryman that A. T. Bodle
Jr. be elected Superintendent of the
Company; motion seconded by Jno,
D. Wehrle and carried. Motion
made by W. S. Berryman that D
B. Stutsman be elected Auditor of
the Company; motion seconded and
carried. "
Motion to adjourn by John D
Wehrle; seconded by Geo. DeCow,
carried, and the meeting adjourned.
Geo. B. Cones,
The Official Vote.
All the States having completed
and declared the offiicial count of
the vote for President, the exact re
sult can now be stated:
McKinley, Republicn... 7,216,677
Bryan, Democrat.. 6,357,853
Wooley, Prohibition'.. 307,368
Debs, Social Democrat... 94,552
Barker, People's 50,188
Malloney, Socialist Labor. ....... 33,450
Scattering 6,211
Total ; .13,967,299
McKinley's plurality 859,824
McKinley 's majority . 468,055
The total vote is thus shown to be
only 43,92 1 greater than in 1896.
Mr. McKinley's vote is 112,898
more than it was four years ago and
Mr. Bryan's vote is 145,072 less.
Mr. McKinley's plurality is 256,
310 greater than in 1896 and his
majority over all is 181,327 greater.
The largest plurality ever given to
any Presidential candidate before
was 762,991 to Grant in 1872.
The greatest battleship in the
world,' the Retvizan, built by the
Cramps, of. Philadelphia, for the
Russian government, is 3 76 feet long,
with a displacement of 12,700 tons
and a speed, of 18 knots an hour.
Her battery consists of four 1 2-inch,
1 2 6-inch, and 48 smaller guns and
six torpedo tubes. ' The main belt
of armor is nine inches thick.
The weather - still continues
fine, but rather cold.
John Conrad was a pleasant
caller in the burg one day last
week. He reports cattle doing
fine up that way.'
Eddie Palmer spent . a few
days during the holidays with his
folks in this part.
Rev. Henderson took hisXmas
dinner at William Krisle.
The coal famine is now over
and the writer has the pleasure
of sitting by a good, warm fire,
instead of playing freeze out as
he has compelled to do for the
past month.
Maurice and Mattie Frazier,
Lettie Palmer and Percy New
ton spent Christmas day at Mr.
Several of our young men were
in trie city one aay last ween
banking the dirt up around the
postomce and otber nouses, mak
mg them more comfortable for
the winter.
It is rumored that several of
our young people, while going to
literary, had tne luck to drive
through an old cellar, but no ser
ious damage was done.
We wonder if our friend, the
correspondent of the Globe from
this place, doesn't think he has
it pretty nice, advertising in an
indirect way. ..-
Tra Rurforrl. from Sumner
county, came in faat Tuesday to
spend Christmas with his cousin,
Mr. Burford, of this place.
We were rather inclined to
think that the matrimonial feyer
would break out here about
Christmas, but we are doomed to
On account' of ill-health Mrs.
Dyer was compelled to go east
seeking- medical treatment. Mrs.
Turner arcompanied her as far
as Wichita, where her sister met
her to take her the remainder of
the way.
Eaf Johnson took his departure
eastward Monday morning where
he expected to spend Xmas.
We have the problem solved as
to what made the boys so noisy
last week. It was due to the wa
ter coming down the slough and
washing out Hugh Mullen's foot
. i , r 1
log, wmcn, 01 course, uncovered
the old cow, which was not quite
Ed Miles and wife spent Christ
mas day out at Mr. Green's, and
came back reporting the
rabbits as thick as mosquitoes
on a summer night.
A well and -cellar- filling com
pany was formed by the young
men of the city and vicinity, wno
a rf !il a
met : las, r riaay wun teams,
plows, scrapers, spades and
shovels and filled up all the old
wells and cellars in the city.
W. T. Miles made a business
trip to Kansas City last week.
Mr. Burford's folks were pleas
ant callers at M. M. v razier's
last Sunday.
Since beg-inniner these items
the weather has come to a sud
den change. Quite a storm came
up Sunday but blew over with a
little snow.
On account of his eyesight
Maurice r razier is not able to be
in the store at presnt.
There was not a very large
attendance at Christian Endea
vor Sunday night on account o:
the storm.
The old year is gone and the
new one is here and we think it
would be a good plan for some of
our people to make resolutions
to do better this year than they
did last.
We wonder what has become
of the other correspondents. We
wish they would come more ire
J. C, F. McCauley was loading
a car of wheat the first of the
Maurice Frazier went to Dodge
Monday to have his eye treated
Quite a number from the city
attended the ball at Meade Mon
day night, ' returning early the
next day.
" Cracker jack.
" t
We have had a little cold weath
er this week, but not much snow.
A few young people gathered
at Mr. Altenbernd's Monday
night to watch the old year out
and the new one in. The evening
was spent in games and singing
and all had a good time.
School is going on again and
work is progressing nicely since
the holidays are over.
Miss Bertha Long is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Cole, and is wel
comed into the social circle here.
The Sunday school attendance1
was small last bunday as it was
too cold that all could not come.
A large crowd attended the en
tertainment at the Evergreen
school house on Xmas eve. The
program was short but good and
the tree was loaded with pres
ents. The crowd seemed to en
joy the evening. Santa Claus, of
course, was there to oversee
things. ' ' ' '
On Christmas , day a .surprise
dinner was given Mr. Woodruff
and family, the neighbors going
and taking a good dinner. The
dinner and the whole day was
much enjoyed by all present.
Additional locaI.
Gerow & Roberts half-sole shoes
for 50 cents.
Hand-sewed half-sole for 80 cents
at Gerow & Roberts.
This office has blank receipt books
for sale. If vou need one call and
secure it.
Mrs. Harry Reas went to Liberal
last week to visit for a few Jays
with relatives.
The cold wave struck Meade last
Sunday and everyone kept close to
their firesides.
Gerow & Roberts will half-sole
your shoes for 50 cents; hand-sewed
sole for 80 cents.
There were no preaching services
at the M. E. church Sunday owing
to the sickness of Rev. Booth.
The thermometer registered 1 de
gree below zero Sunday night. This
was the coldest night this winter.
When you want fine job work, this
office can accommodate you at the
most reasonable prices. Brine us
your work.
Three train loads of graders' out
fit passed through Meade last Sun
day. The work will undoubtedly
begin in a few days.
This office has just added a 25
inch Paragon paper cutter to its al
ready finely equipped printing outfit
We are now prepared to furnish any
thing in the printing line.
The Meade Band furnished music
for the social at the home of Mrs
Roberts on last Friday night. They
received many compliments and s
vote of thanks from those present.
We have received from William
H. Barnes, Secretary of the Kansas
State Horticultural Society a pam
phlet entitled "The Kansas Cherry,
It also treats briefly- the apricot and
The Meade State Bank
will handle all local loans of
fered, and will give you bet
ter terms than are proposed
by individuals or foreign loan
companies. See us before
placing your loan or making
a renewal.
W. S. Berryman,
I wish to thank ahe people
Meade and Meade county for their
generous patronage during the last
year and trust that I shall merit a
continuance of your esteemed favors
for the coming year.
I guarrantee all my work to give
satisfaction, and am located at the
same old stand the year round to
make my warrant good.
When in need of an Elgin watch
see me, lean save you money.
C. K. Sourbeer,
The Artesian Jeweler,
I want to purchase a stock ranfh of about
25,000 or 30,000 acres with or without stock,
If vou have such for sale write me.
C. E. Abell,
I-24 Ashland, Kas.
I90I, 2 P. M.
Opening exercises Louis Eschbach.
An original story Moses Black.
Physiology of the Human Hair C,
Three minute talks
1. School Dicipline John Keith.
2. The Teacher's Personality Maud
3. Should we abolish recess? Jennie
4. - Influence of good books Florence
5. Should erening study be encourag
ed? Dora Haver.
Paper Subject to be Selected Arie Gil
strap. Election of officers. v
The Study of Literature Chapters IV and
V Maggie Martin.
United States ond Foreign Powers Chap
ters IV and V Carrie Painter.
You should never mail a letter without
having your name and address printed on the
npper left-hand corner of the envelope. In
case of its not being delivered it would then
be returned to yon. Call at The News office
where you can get the best quality, XXX en
velopes, with your name and address printed
upon them for ONLY forty cents per hun
dred. The envelopes alone of this quality
will cost you double this price anywhere else.
Call and have some printed while you wait.
No. 63 eaat 9:47 a. m
No. 61 going west 5:44 p. m.
N. B. Pbck, Agent.
TOUNQ We can place YOU in GOOD po-
MKN AND sitions through oar Employment
YOUNO Bureau. Most be rood Stenog-
WOMIM. raphers or Bookkeeper. Wa pre
pare each at Tk. Kansas Wes-
lcyaa Baalaeas College Largest and best
equipped Business College west of the Mississippi;
highest standard, national reputation. Twelve
profeasional teachers. Positions gwarranteed to
all competent Stenographers and Book. keepers
ironvonr school. Tuition low. Board cheap.
T. W. ROACH Sapt Sails Kansas.
For Sato
This ofice can procure yon a tuition in the
best colleges in the state. ' It will be to your
adTantage to communicate with us.
Address, The News,
Meade, Kansas.
T1i Twfcw-Wfc ItpiUic
Every Monday and Thursday a newspaper
as good as a magazine and better, for it
contains the latest by telegraph as well as in
teresting stories is sent to the subscriber of
the "Twice-a-Week" Republic, which is only
$t a year.
Repairer of
Best Mainsprings, $1.00.
Cleaning, 75cts. '
Glass 15 to 25cts.
New pivot $1.25.
New jewel 75c ts.
Agent for Roger Bros 1847 Silver
ware, Elgin Watches,
Clocks etc.
All work warranted.
Leave all work at Postoffice.
DR. W. F. FEE,
Offers his professional services to the people
of Meade and vicinity.
Office over the Meade State Bank.
Painter and - Papernanaer.
Henry Bosch & Co. Wall Paper Co.
Feed Stable
Horses cared for by day or week.
B. F. RXKftf Alt.
Notary Public
touts Boehleb
Atty. at Law
E. F. RIEM AN 6c CO.
Ranches and cattle for sale. Titles perfected
Rents collected. Taxes paid fo
llbUUb II
Fresh beef, pork and lard always on hand
Hides bought and sold.
and you will know where to go for bargains
in seennd hand buggies, road carts, spring
wagons, farm wagons and machines. Will
trade for old vehicles or buy them and pay
all they are worth - as I am in the business,
Good old wrought iron purchased at 25cts
per hundred, delivered. Call and see me
and you can get a trade as I trade and traffic
in all articles from a pocket knife to a steam
boat. You will always find me at my shop
at work.
A. W. Callendar,
Meade, Kansas.
For Sale or Trade.
One Black Jack, 15 hands high, 5 years
old, weight about 1050, good style. Will
sell or trade for young cattle.
W. W. Green & Sons,
l-IO OI Fowler, Kansas.
Faao Fon Sals.
500 shocks kafir corn,
300 shocks corn fodder,
75 tons cane,
25 tons millet, ,
20 tons prairie hay. '
Will feed cattle or sell it and furnish cor
rals and wind brakes for any one to feed in.
tf W. H. Lewis,
Fowler, Kansas.
A. W. Callendar desires to call attention of
the general public to the fact that he can be
found at the old Baxter stand at all hours,
prepared to do blacksmithing, wood work,
painting, and practical horseshoeing in a first
class manner. I ask your patronage and thus
assist me, our town, and yourselves as well.
Give me a trial and be convinced. All work
done on short notice.
A. W. Callendar, Prop.,
Meade, Kansas.
The Meade State; Bank
buys School Orders, County
Warrants, and all negotiable
and Jewelry
MJUttS i Hi ESliil
Rents collected and taxes
Agents for .
Niagara Fire and Tornado Insurance Co.
i iEtna Life Insurance Co.
Thoroughly Reliable. -
MEADE, - -
I lllUMaII IIIlllllBiallw wivvvwiw
The Winter Term Opens November 13, '00
Complete College Course,
Leading to State Certificate,
good in any school in the state.
Special attention eiven to pro
fessional work. Campbell Uui-
yersity is doing everything in its
power to aid the district schools
and the high schools in their ef
forts to do better work.
Collegiate, Normal, Law, Com
mercial, Shorthand and Type
writing, Art, Pen Art, Music,
Elocution, Telegraphy, Prepara
tory. All courses are thorough,
up-to-date, and in charge of spe
cialists, who have prepared them
selves for their work in some of
the leading colleges and univers
ities in the land. Excellent Li
brary and Laboratory Facilities.
More than 1,000 new volumes
added to the library in the last
year. One of the largest tele
scopes in the state.
One thousand dollars inyested
in improving the science depart
ment and tht many other depart
ments of thdUniversity.
Boarding Accomodations. By
buying at wholesale rates and by
practicing economy, we can offer
students good board at a remark
ably low price. The lower floor
of the dormitory affords tvo,
good large and convenient board
ing halls, adjoining which are
kitchens, rooms for help, store
rooms for provisions, etc. Good
Is. N. JOHNSON, President,
1 1
Union Lock Poultry Fence.
For Poultry, Rabbits, Orchards, Gardens, etc.
si j&j p-s
III II 1 1 ! J I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s
Stronger and closer spacing than any other rnak.
Our Union Lock Hog, Field and Cattle Fence, Union Lawn
Fence Gates, etc., guaranteed first class.
Your dealer should handle this line if not, write us frt
prices. Catalogue free.
Good turnouts furnished the Public. Horses
boarded by day or week.
On Jaae 21 Jly 7, 8, 9, f O 5 18, and Ac.
2, ticket from point, west ctf Muwouri River, and
east at Colby, Kas. to Denver. Colorado Springs,
Manitou, Pueblo, Salt Lake City and Ogden,
Utah, and return, will be sold by the
" . At rate d
One Regular Fore Pius $2.00 lor Round Trip
Return Limit October 31, 1 900.
. Be&f Line to Denver
Take advantage of these cheap rates and spend
your vacation in Colorado. Sleeping' Car Reser
ratioaa may be made now for any of the excur
sions. Wnte for fall information and the beautiful
sent free.
E. W.THOMPSON, A. G. P. A., Topeka, Kans..
JOHN SEBASTIAN, G. P. A., Chicago.
: mmsi
paid for non-residents.
Leading to Degree A. B.
board is furnished at the rate of
$1.50 per week. For those who
wish extras that $1.50 will not
buy, we sustain a better grade at
$2.00 per week.
Pleasant, Well Furnished
Rooms. In the dormitory are
large, light, neat and well fur
nished rooms. Recently a num
ber of these rooms have been re
papered and newly carpeted, aud
all of them are in excellent con
dition. Two students are assign
ed to each room, and the cost tov
each is 50 cents per week. Vis
itors pronounce the Students'
Home superior to any other, for
the price charged, to be found in
the country.
Tuition. Tuition in any regu
lar department is $10 per terra
of ten weeks. For instrumental
music or voice culture,, twenty,
lessons, $12. Art, thirty lessons,
three per week, $15. - Portrait
painting, thirty lessons, three
per week, $25. Shorthand, for
the course, $30. Telegrapliv,
three hours a day, per term, $15.
LaWj per term, $10.
Holton is the county seat of
Jackson county, in the northeast
part of Kansas. Holton has three
railroads. The Rock Island, the
Leavenworth, Kansas and West
ern, and the Kansas City, North
western. With three roads and
many daily passenger trams,
Holton is the most accessible,
school town in the west. For
further information send for cat
alogue. . Address,
Feed - Mill,
Grinds all kinds ot grain.
West side square. MEADE, KAF
find Onrnnnn
II Will OUipil,
All calls promptly answered, day or night.
Office at Drug store.
Meade, Kansas.
Brand on left shoul
der, oon left hip. Oth ;
brands, x on leftthih.
U S on right jaw, H if
left thigh. Ranch or
Spring Creek, 3 mile
southwest of Meade-
P. O. Meade, Kan.
Brand anywhere n
animal. ,
1 Horse tr;ini.
Range, bead oi

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