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MISS FPAIVCFS M. ANnFBfZnN. r1n,,rrhtrr nt HHM .IrmnK
ANDERSON, of Virginia, ia at
corresponding secretary or tne
u t a. y w
uiai vuy. curcu or Ma grippe oy
Corresponding Secretary of the
Higher Educational League,
writes frlom the"Astoria,"Wash
ington, D. C, the following:
"About two months ago I was taken
very III with la grippe and was obliged
to go to bed. I took three bottles of
Peruna with very beneficial results,
and was able to leave my bed In a
week and regained my usual strength
very soon.
" have nothing but praise for Peru
na, and recommend it to those simi
larly afflicted whenever I can."
Frances M. Anderson.
La grippe is, Btrictly speaking, epi
demic catarrh that is to say, a variety
of acute catarrh which is so contagi
ous and runs a course mere or leas
definite, the same as scarlet fever,
whooping cough, etc
During the acute stages of la grippe
It Is not a very fatal disease, but the
condition In which it leaves the sys
tem has caused the death of a count
less number.
Indeed nearly every person who has
tad la grippe within the last three
years finds himself more or less de
ranged by the pernicious effects of this
disease. The majority of those who
have escaped death find life scarcely
worth living.
If this vast multitude of people could
only know with what certainty and
promptness Peruna would relieve them
of all the bad effects which la grippe
has brought upon them, what an untold
amount of suffering would be averted!
Thousands have already heard how
quickly this remedy will cure In these
cases and have been saved; but tens of
thousands havo not yet heard, and con
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had on application to the Superintendent of
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eases, nook of testlmonluia and 10 DATS treatment
Vheo losweriog Advertisements Kindly
Mention Tbis Faoer.
il'tS mUt ALL HSF flllS.
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in Tim& E5oia dt aramsca.
present in Washington, D. C, as
nig tier Educational League, of
r -
tinue to suffer cn, dropping into the
grave one by one.
Peruna cures catarrh in all stages
and varieties, whether acute or chronic,
and Is therefore the most effective
remedy ever devised for removing all
the derangements which follows la
Samuel M. York writes from Union
Grove, Ala., the following letter:
Dear Sir "Laet week I was taken
with la grippe and catarrhal deafness.
I wrote you for advice and followed
your directions. After taking two bot
tles of Peruna I found myself well of
la grippe, and my hearing was fully re
stored. My health is better than It
has been in five years.
"My wife improved In health very
much after taking Peruna." Samuel
M. York.
Miss Caroline J. Kahl, Otisco, Ind.,
writes as follows:
"Three years I bad la grippe and
pulmonary trouble. I was very sick.
I bad hemorrhages-of the lungs nearly
every day for a year and three bottles
of your Peruna cured me. The doctor
said I bad consumption. I am now In
better health than I have been for
many years.
"I highly recommend Peruna to all
my neighbors and friends. Peruna is
my favorite medicine. I shall always
have Peruna in the house." Miss Caro
line J. Kahl.
If you do not derive prompt and sat
isfactory results from the use of Pe
runa, write at once to Dr. Hartman,
giving a full statement of your case
and he will be pleased to give you bis
valuable advice gratis.
Address Dr. Hartman, President of
The Hartman Sanitarium, Columbus, O.
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Two Thousand a Month Is The
Average Rate.
Washington, Jan. 21. Active re
cruiting for the army is in progress in
all the principal cities of the country.
The authorized strength of the fvgular
army is at present 65,000 men, and the
recruitiDg ia progress is with a view
to maintaining it at that strength
after the discharge of 35,000 volunteers
June 30 next. All enlistments are for
three years and the number of recruits
averages about 3,000 a month. Owing
to the delay in action on the army bill,
the impression prevails in the war
department that it will be almost im
possible to get all the volunteers to
th:s country in time to permit their
discharge here by June 30. In tha
case it will be necessary to discharge a
number of them in the Philippines On
that date in order to keep them thef e
until replaced by regular troops now
being recruited. Otherwise it would
not be possible to keep the Philippine
army up to the limit of 40,000 men.
regarded as essential to the enforce
ment of the president's policy, while
the proposed reorganization of the
army is in propress. It is said at the
war department that while it is settled
that all volunteers will be discharged
June 30, the course of events in the
near future will determine to a con
siderable extent whether the dis
charges shall take place in the Philip
pines or in the United States. Every
effort will be made to get as many of
them home as possible before their
Strike In Shipyards.
New York. Jan. 21. A strike in the
Nixon shipyards at Elizabeth N. J.,
threatens to tie up the yard and
greatly delay the government work
now in progress on ships for the navy,
besides a number of private contracts,
including five submarine boats.
The strike took place because nine
alleged non-union carpenters were
employed. A delegation of four men
waited on Mr. Nixon and asked if he
would not discharge the men. He
refused to treat with the men, and
instead of discharging the non-union
men. discharged the delegates.
Would l'ay Employes First.
Topeka, Jan. IT. Representative
Hallett believes that the wages of
employes should be protected in case
of business failures and he has pre
pared a bill carrrying out that idea
It provides that when a firm or cor
poration fails the wages of the em
ployes shall be paid first ont of the
assets. Then, if there is anything left,
the other creditors can fight over ifc
Mnst I'se the General Law.
Topeka. Jan. 19. The senate ways
and means committee has resolved to
turn down all special bills to vacate
townsites and parts of townsites, for
the reason that there is already a law
providing for such vacation. The
action of the committee will greatly
reduce the calendar, as about TO bills
now in are for this character of legis
lation. Orient Concession.
Chicago, Jan. 21. A special to the
Chronicle from El Paso, Tex., says:
Oovernor Miguel Ahumada of Chihua
hua. Mexico, who is attending the
midwinter carnival here, has signed a
concession for a railway across his
state to A. K. Stilwell of Kansas City,
the promoter of the Kansas City, Mex
ico and Orient railway.
The Asylnm Scrimmage.
Topeka, Jan. la. The asylum fight
between Parsons and Clay Center is
pending in the legislature. The cities
fought it out in the courts as to which
city should be made the site of the asy
lum. Parsons lost, but maintained its
Now Clay Center gloats in the dis
comfiture of its rival because the pro
ject is to repeal the bill of the previous
legislature which made an appropria
tion of 8100,000 for the building of the
proposed asylum, available until June
30, 1901.
Rockhlll Needed Here.
New York, Jan. 13 A special to the
Herald from Washington says: Mr.
W. W. Rockhill, special commissioner
of the United States to China, has been
Mr. Rockhill's withdrawal is due to
the desire of the administration to have
him in Washington, where he will be
able to advise the president and Secre
tary Hay on the Eastern problem. He
will leave Pekin for the United States
as soon as navigation opens.
Western I'nion Wins Salt.
Fort Scott, Kan., Jan. SI. A jury
in the district court here refused to
give Mrs. Touise Rogers a judgment
for any amount against the Western
Union Telegraph company on account
of the company's failure to deliver to
her a message of the death of her son.
The son died in Joplin and was buried
beveral days before she received the
telegram which was sent on the day of
his death. The company claimed to
have made a diligent effort to find her.
She sued for 85,000.
Therefore 8nbject to City Ordinance.
Kansas City, Jan. 18. Judge Hook,
m the United States circuit court, de
cided in favor of the Her Brewing
Company against the United States.
The government collected 83,140 as
revenue on proprietary medicines, the
government's contention being that
the "tonic" was a tonic in the medical
sense. It also collected upon it the
beer tax of 82 per barrel. Her brought
suit to recover upon the ground that
the tonic contained 2 per cent alcohol,
and was, in fact, not a tonic but a beer.
Senator Clark Wins.
Helena, Mont, Jan. 16. The joint
senatorial caucus waa attended by 37
members, every one of whom voted for
William A. Clark for the position now
held by Thomas B. Carter. It is con
fidently believed Clark will have a
majority 1b both houses and may be
elected today. The Democrats took no
action on the short term senatorship.
The Republican caucus named Thomas
H. Carter for the long term by a vote
of 39, the full Republican strength of
the legislature. -
Army Reorganization Blii feoe. a Con
ference Xow.
mirr-iiGHTH bat.
The army reorganization bill continued to en
rage the attention of the senate, and Is likely
to do so during the first half of the week or
longer. Among the questions under discussion
are the amendment concerning the appoint
ment of officers of the volunteers to offioes In
the regular army, and the provision for the en
listment of FlliplnoH in the regular army. It is
expected that the general appropriation bills
will next be e nidered in advance of all other
measures. Mixed In with these the ship sub
sidy bill is likely to All the gaps.
Senator Jones read a letter from an Indian
Territory lawyer and denounced the lawyer's
alleged attempts to swindle people.
The house passed by unanimous vote the bill
to permit Ind an id ludian Territory to sell
their lunds and improvements and emigrate
elsewhere, when 3uo or more Indians petition
for authority to do so; under the approval of
the secretary of the interior, who shall also pro
tect their rights and interests in all essential
particulars, including the approval of their
agreement with the foreign government which
they may make.
Senator Baker (Kas.) introduced a bill to ap
portion the lands and funds of the Osage In
dians, the lands to be inalienable for 26 years
and the trust funds to be paid to them in live
annual installments.
No progress was mode apon the army bill ; all
talk snd no voting on amendments.
The bill for a new judicial district in Western
Missouri. Which had passed the house, received
a favorable report from a senate committee.
Senator Teller attaeked the provision in the
army bill for the retirement of General Eagan,
and denounced that officer in sensational lan
guage. Calling Eagan a miserable blackguard.
Mr. Calderhead introduced a bill to authorize
the secretary of the treasury to remit all duties
on seed wheat, not more than '25.flJO bushels, to
be imported by the Kansas Millers' association.
The house made good progress on the river
and harbor bill.
TBiR-f IETH 1aY.
Senator Bacon's (Ga.) amendment the
army reorganization bill, striking out discre
tionary power of the president, was defeated
SO to ,
The senate committee on finance are working
and arc close mouthed. It is probable tiiat the
committee will recast the war revenue reduc
tion bilL
In the house efforts were sain made to se
cure provision for the irrigation of arid lands
by amendments to the river and harbor bill, but
it was a failure.
The house took umhratre bH-nuse the senate
resolution providing 7 ooo for the Coming in
auguration was drawn so as to confine the par
ticipation in it to a senate committee, and sent
it to committee to provide for inaugural cere
monies under the auspices of a joint committee
of the senate and house.
In the debate on the army bill several sena
tors denounced as brutal cowardice the acts of
the cadets at West Point in the practice of haz
ing young cadets. The most severe language
was used by senators. A demand for the dis
charge of hazers from the service was the senti
ment of many. An hour for taking a vote on
the army bill was finally fixed.
Senator Quay was received back In the sen
ate very cordially. lie entered before the ses
sion began and was cheered from the galleries.
There were scarcely 50 members in their
places in the house, until after Senator Quay
was sworn in, in the senate. The absentees
were mostly ut the senate chamber. Tne bus
iness of the - session was consideration of the
hill to revise the postal laws. It was stated that
the bill made no change of existing statutes re
garding pay of railway mail clerks. .
The time of the senate was taken up in the
discussion of the army re-organizatioa bill.
Senator Fairbanks introduced a copy of Dele
gnte Flynn's bill for at increase of the number
of judges of the supreme co jrt of Oklahoma.
Senator Foraker made another unsuccessful
effort to secure the confirmation of James S.
Harlan as attorney general of Puerto Kk-o.
The senate continue i 4 ol. H. . Ireeman.
24th infnntry, to be brigadier general.
Senator Morgan wants an income tax pro
vision put into the ship subsidy bill.
The bouse spent the entire day upon the bill
revising postal laws It is a bill of .'1 pages.
Attempts were made to inject into the bill
amendments in the interest of certain classes of
mail employes, but the efforts were ail withcut
success Ninety-three pages of the bill were
Delegate Flynn introduced a bill to increase
the Justices of the supreme rourt of Oklahoma
fr."m five to seven
The house passed the river and harbor bill
without division.
The senate tacitly, without formal action de
cided to let the Nicaragua canal hill rest quietly
until action is taken by the Knglish ministry
upon rut oration of the Hay-l'auncefote treaty.
The senate finally disposed of the army reor
ganization biil, and if now goes to conference
for disposal of amendments. The bill has heeu
unfinished busiuess since the first da of the
session. The canteen clause was eliminated
and the effort to exclude liquor from the Phil
ippines was defeated. Kvery effort to prevent
the increase of the army was defeated.
Theclnimof tneCramp Shipbuilding company
which has been before every congress for sev
eral years, occupied the attention of the bouse
about all day. It was ut the sta-e of previous
question at the close of the session.
1 he public lands committee discussed the
question of reservoirs and artesian wells. Rep
resentative Sutherland of Nebraska, and Reed
er. of Kansas, each asking for &-i.s.O.)0 for experi
mental artesian wells. Prof. Darton, of the
geological survey, endorsed the project before
the committee Secretary Iltteheock submitted
a statement strongly supporting the policy of ir
rigation. The American Sugar refining com
pany has just reduced all grades of
refined sugar 10 points.
The Tennessee legislature has elected
E. W. Carnak, United States senator.
Lynchers Are Nervous,
Leavenworth, Jan. 10. The news
that the legislature had .decided to
investigate and fix the responsibility
for the murdering of Fred Alexander
has caused an uneasy and unpleasant
feeling in Leavenworth. Members of
the mob are greatly annoyed over the
report that Governor Stanley will
offer a reward for their apprehension.
The mob leaders were bold aud defiant
parading around with Alexander, but
they have warned a photographer not
to print any pictures showing their
Enlistment. Ar. Brisk.
London, Jan. 19. The response to
the government's call volunteering is
very brisk in both London and the
provinces. Defensive measures in
South Africa proceed apace. Seven
thousand men have joined the city
guard in Cape Town, and 3,000 others
have volunteered in the suburbs. An
unique feature of Kitchener's fighting
scouts in the enrollment of 300 Mata
bele camp followers. This is likely to
renew the color agitation.
Why He Shot Himself.
Topeka, Jan. 21. Bank Commission
er IA-eidenthal, who has been straight
ening up the affairs of the Wathena
state bank after the suicide of the
cashier, J. F. Harpster, says: "The
liabilities of tiie bank approximate
825.000. By a series of clever forging
schemes, the cashier took money from
the bank and forged the names of well
known men of the city to the notes
purported to be given as security for
the same. It will take a long time to
get the affairs of the bank straight."
' Ex-Gov.rnor Bfoant Dies.
Indianapolis, Ind., Jan. 18. James
A. Mount, who retired Monday at noon
from the office of Governor of Indiana,
died very suddenly in his apartments
at the Denison hotel. He had attended
a reception tendered by Mrs. Mount to
a number of prominent ladies of the
city, and shortly after the guests had
departed he started for a walk. He re
turned soon and sat down to read but
was stricken immediately and before a
physician could get to him he was
No Prize Fights In Kanaaa.
Topeka, Jan. 16. Fifteen minutes
after Governor Stanley was sworn into
office for his second term a telegram
from a Cincinnati newspaper was
placed in his hands reading as follows:
"Please wire us whether you would
allow Jeffries and Buhlin to fight a
limited number of rounds In your state
in case the fight ia prevented here."
To this the governor wrote the fol
lowing reply: . -
"There will be no prize fight in
Eanaa wjyle I an governor." ,
VaMlerbld Brillah. . . -
Americans offer locomotives for
rice in India at $6,300 each, to be de
livered in six months. The British bid
is 17,720; time required, nine months.
Worta'a Oldest FrsietleJas; PhyticUmrt.
Dr. Gallus Hitter von Hochberg, of
Carlsbad, is probably the oldest
practicing physician In the world.-He
Is ninety-seven years of age, looks
after the poor of the town and goes to
the theater regularly. He is an Aus
trian Imperial court councilor.
Hara'sJl at Loa Angeles.
The normal rainfall of Los Angeles
is 16.25 inches a year. For the lsst
seven years the average was only 60
per cent of this amount. Hundreds
of artesian wells ceased to flow, and
at San Diego water was pumped from
wells threa hundred feet deep. The
recent heavy rains have restored the
balance of things.
Tannallng Great Divide.
Omaha capitalists propose to tunnel
the great continental divide. 80 miles
west of Denver and 12 south of George
town, and operate an electric road
through it. It will start at the base
about 14 miles from Grant and termi
nate at the headwaters of th? Snake
fiver, Will be 7.000 feet long and 1.700
feet deep. The object is to fav-.itate
mining operations.
Win lie Prosecute Himself
A. J. King, recently elected pi-oao
cuting attorney of Vernon county, Mis
souri, may have to conduct a lawsuit
against himself. When county recorder
he was sued by the county for $4,000,
which it was claimed he owed the
county on fees collected and not turn
ed in. The case has been in many
circuit courts and has been set for a
t-ehearing Jan. 28.
Engineers Build Against nrthqnakes.
The knowledge which has been ob
tained from observation respecting the
nature of earthquake motion, and from
experiments made upon brick and
other structures, has led to the estab
lishment of new rules aud formula for
the use of engineers and builders. In
Japan and other countries these have
been extensively applied in the con
struction of i:!(rrs for bridges, tall
chimneys, walls, ordinary dwellings,
embankments, reservoirs, etc.
Officer A. C. Swanson of the Conneil
VIufTa Font Tells en Interest
Ins S tory.
Council Bluffs, Iowa, Jan. 19, 1801.
(Special.) Klndhearted Officer Swan
Bon'of the local police force Is very
popular in this city. He has lived
here for seventeen years, and has en
joyed many high offices in social and
society work. He is now Vice-Presi
dent of the "Dannebrog" Brotherhood,
the largest Danish secret society in
America, which combines benevolent
with the social features. Owing to the
constant exposure and many hours on
his feet, which his duty as a police
officer makes unavoidable, Mr. Swan-
son became the victim of serious Kid
ney and Liver Trouble. He was very
bad, but has entirely recovered. He
gives the story in his own words as
"I have been a sufferer for many
years with Kidney and Liver Trouble,
and have tried many remedies, some of
which gave me temporarily relief, and
others which were absolutely worth
less. I began to think that there was
no help for me, when my nephew gave
me a part of a box of Dodd's Kidney
Pills which he had left, saying that It
would do no harm to try them, as they
had certainly fixed him all right What
be gave me helped me so much that I
felt Justified in purchasing more, and
I grew slowly better. It took almost
two months to effect a complete cure,
as mine was a very bad case, but I can
cheerfully and truthfully say that I am
a well man today, and 1 am very
grateful that Dodd's Kidney Pills
were thus brought to my notice."
The wonderful cures effected by
Dodd's Kidney Pills in Iowa have cre
ated quite a sensation in some parts
of the state. There does not seem to
be any case of Lame Back, Rheuma
tism, Kidney or Bladder Trouble which
these wonderful Pills cannot cure.
They are certainly popular here, and
the sale through the local druggists is
very large.
Going- Sowthwest for Cheaper LandL
Nine families, embracing forty-four
persons in all, have started from the
neighborhood of Odebolt, Iowa, for
Oklahoma, where they will take up
farm land. All were prosperous farm
people In Iowa, but sold out in that
state in order to go where land is
stain the hands or spot the kettle.
A few good misses in the chorus is
apt to aid the opera in making a hit.
We pay 818 a Week
and expenses to men with rigs to introduce our
Poultry Cojipoi'nd. Javellb Mro. Co.,
Dept. D, Pabsons, Kan's as.
Those who reprove us are more val
attble as friends than those who flatter
The best is the cheapest- Carter's Ink is she
best, yet it costs no more than the poorest.
A woman's beauty is never consider
ed a goad recommendation by another
I am sure Piso's Cure for Consumption saved
my life three years ago. Mrs. Tbos. Robbuis,
Maple Street, Norwich, N. Y., Feb. 17, 1900.
The tailor-made girl is all right, but
most men prefer the ready made.
Ask your grocer for Red Cross Ball
Blue. Large 2-oz. package 5 cents.
Time is a file what wears but makes
no noise.
The only successful way of curing- a bad
complexion Is by purifying the blood and
cleansing; the system: Take Garfield Tea
an Improvement can be seen after a
tew days.
Give a man a good dinner and ii
takes the edge off his criticism.
Any cough is serious enough to war
rant prompt attention. It is what it
may result in that makes a cough
dangerous. For nil slight and stub
born coughs, for grippe, lung fever,
bronchitis, asthma and other throat
and lung affections, you ean find no
other remedy so agreeable and harm
less, or so promptly effective as Mor
ley's Honev Pectoral. Price 25 cents.
Ask your druggist.
If to be agreeable is to be easily
pleased, how easy it must be to be
CUiius Kit ht to Make Whisky.
John . Christian of Eiber county,
Georgia, the oldest moonshiner in the
state, was recently put under arrest
for the twenty-fourth time on the
charge of illicit distilling.. The old
man firmly believes that he has a per
fect fight to make whisky and has re
peatedly declared that he will do so
as long as he lives.
- Gold! uold! Gold I
The latest El Dorado is reported to be
on Nome City Beach. Alaska. Thou
sands of people are hastening there, many
of whom return broken in health. Of
what avail is ffold when health is gone?
Guard your health with the best of all
medicines. Hostetter's Stomach Bitters.
It will regulate the bowels, stir uo the
liver, invigorate the kidneys, and ab
solutely cure Indigestion, constipation.
malaria, chills and fever, it s a good
medicine to keep on hand.
The money paid the infant's nurse is
apt to be hush money.
Many causes Induce grar hair, hat Paskes's Hais
Balsax brines back the youthful color.
UlaowEcoass, the best cure for corns. 13cta.
Washerwomen are usually conserva
tive; they continue in business on the
same old lines.
A Woman's Weariness.
Woman's sensitiveness make them
subject to more intense weariness than
men. the melacc lollr, depression
and exhaustion they suffer is due to
sluggish action of their organs, which
loads the system with .impurities.
poisons the blood and shatters their
nerves. Morley's Sarsaparilla and Iron
will cleanse the system, revitalize the
nerves and give strength and energy.
Sold by agent in every town.
Sometimes people stop at a hotel in
order to escape home comforts.
Some articles must be described. White's
Yucatan needs no description; it's the real
The antinnarinn has tin nu fnr n
thing until time has rendered it use
FITS Permanently Cored. No fits ornerrnnsneas after
first day's tie of lr. Kline's 1-reat Nerve Kestorer.
Send for FREE 92.00 trial bottle and treatise.
Da. K. H. KUM, Ltd., IU1 Arch St., 1 hJladelphia, fa.
The bank towel is a sort of financial
When you buy bluing, ask for Red
Cross Ball Blue. Large package 5c.
Many a small man has a large heart
and vice verse.
To enjoy good health it Is necessary to
keep the digestive organs In perfect con
dition: Garfield Tea is the most success
ful remedy for all forms of indigestion.
Mending watches and clocks is one
way to improve time.
Take Laxative Bromo Qcimnk Tablets. AU
druggists refund the money if it fails to cure.
E. W. Grove's signature is on the box. &c
About the only thing anger improves
is the arch of a cat's back.
SlOO Reward St 00.
The readers of this paper will be pleased to
leorn thr.t there is at least one dreaded disease
that science has been ublo toMire in all its
stages, and that is Catarrh, flail's Catarrh
Cure is the onlv positive cure now known to he
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a constitu
tional disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Cutarrh Cure is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous sur
faces of the system, thereby destroying the
foundation of thedisease.andgiving the patient
strength by buildiug up the constitution and
assisting nature in doing its work. The pro
prietors have 60 much faith in its curative
powers that they offer One Hundred Dollars for
any rase that it fails to cure. Send for list of
Address F. ;-: CHENEY & CO., Toledo, a
Sold by druggists 75c.
Ua'-i's Family Pills are the best
A man must have a conscience in
order to detect the wrongs of his
Almost Blind.
Mr. D. Kessing, Bannock, Ky., says:
My little four year old girl's eyes were
so weak from birth that she could not
stand any light at all. Was treated by
several physicians without benefit. My
neighbor persuaded me to buy Morley's
Sarsaparilla and Iron from Mr. O.
Daugherty, Bannock, Ky. Three bot
tles not only restored her sight, but
made her stronger and healthier than
she ever was in her life. Sold by
agent in every town.
Soap is one of the few things that
should be handled without gloves.
Now what you want is Cascarets. Go and get them today-Cascarets-in metal box
cost tOc Take onel Eat it like candy, and it will work gently-white you sleep. It cures,
that means it strengthens the muscular walls of the bowels, gives them new life. Then they
act regularly and naturally. That's what you want -It's guaranteed to be found in
25c 50c.
bowel troubles,
neas. bad breath,
the atomaehs bloated bowel. foal
w W 1 1 las moiitli, headache. tn.Uc-e.tloa. pimple.
pains after ealin
and dlzxlneaa. 1
atlne, liver trouble, sallow complexion
ia. when your bowel, don't more rosea
larly you are getting- .Irk. Constipation kill, mora
people lain all otnar aiaeaaes toeeuier. it 1. a
starter for the chronic ailments and Ions roar, of
snfterlns; that come afterward.. No matter what
all. yon, .tart taking CABCABET9 to-day, for yon
will never get well and be well all the time antll
yoa pat your bowels right. Take our advtee; start
with CASCA R ET8 to-day, nnder an absolute goar
an tee to care or money refunded. tat
Result of a Prompt Reply. Two
Letters- from Mrs. Watson, Pub
lished by Special - Permission.
For Women's Eyes Only.
March 15, 1899.
To MKS. PLSKHAil, Lvxn, Mass. :
" Dear Madam : I am suffering from inflammation of the
ovaries and womb, and have been for eighteen months. I have a
continual pain and soreness in my back and side. I am only f.rea
from pain when lying down, or sitting in an easy chair. When
I stand I suffer with severe pain in my side and back. 1 be
lieve my troubles were caused by over work and lifting some years
"Life 13 a drag to me, and I sometimes feel like giving up evar
bein" a well woman; have become careless and unconcerned about
everything. I am in bed now. I have had several doctors, but they
did me but little good.
" Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound has been recommended
to mo by a friend, and I have made up my mind to give it a
fair trial. '
I write this letter with the hope of hearing from you in regard
to my case." Mas. S. J. Watson, Hampton, Va.
November 27, 1899.
"Dear Mas. Pinkham: I feel it my duty to acknowledge to
you the benefit that your advice and Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound have done for me.
"I had been suffering with female troubles for some time, could
walk but a short distance, had terrible bearing down pains in lower
part of my bowels, backache, and pain in ovary. I used your medicine
for four months and was so much better that I could walk three times
the distance that I could before.
"I am to-day in better health than 'I have been for more than
two years, and I know it is all due to Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
" I recommend your advice and medicine to all women who suffer."
Mrs. S. J. Watson, Hampton, Va.
This is positive proof that Mrs. Pinkham is more competent to
advise sick women than any other person. Write her. It costs you
RffVARD.-We have deposited with the National CItr Bank of Irnn. $5000.
vliicti will be paid to any person
i not creouine. or were published before obtaining the writer's special per
$ iJ C
asasT li. ar
Send name and address on a postal now. Don't delay if you are interested.
About the first thing the
doctor says
Then, "Let's see your tongue."
Because bad tongue and bad
bowels go together. Regulate
the bowels, clean up the tongue.
We all know that this is the way
to keep and look well.
You can't keep the bowels
healthy and regular with purges
or bird-shot pills. They move
you with awful gripes, then
you're worse than ever.
appendicitis, bil-
bad blood, wind
similar metflelne t tae Wtn-14. Tkla la absolute pwrfrf
el-eat. merit, aaa oar bast tartlmoulal. Wa aavo (Mta ana
will Mil CA.ncJLSLBrrm abaalatelr rmrsiUcd to eara ar
maaey rafaBtfaa. Oa
rair, adcm trial, a par simple airaeiions, lbi m.rm
aot atlae4. aftoraalaa' r-tsrn tks iBMcdfiei
box awaa the ea-ty
whom yaa aa re-ass It
its. Takeaar aTie
day. Health will aalekly Tallow and you will blss tba oay
yoa flrststarted Use ee oCAICAB CTB. Hook frea by mail.
.iadxaiM BTaUUtDiti
who can find that the above testimonial letters
Tells all about Winchester Rifles, Shotguns, and Ammunition
TO rilEKi Five mam
the first box of lASCAM-
ET1 Watts, sold. ISsJW It !
ever six Hill lost txsxee sk
M.u. nativr IsVatvai anr
bay today, two &Oc baxaa, give tbesa a.
box to as by mall, ar tas drvnirt -
it sid aetyoar maacy vmk i- --s.
key bask, Tor bata
alls yoa -start to
will bls tna oay
-no matter wbui
HhK&DX CO., MvW I OR. r CHiCAuO.
i ssa1m..aa.mMaia.-a

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