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" : 1
VOL. III. NO. 34.
Editor ano Puiusnih
ins mil . .
All those wanting wells drilled should consult
me about the'' same. It will be to your, interest.
All wells bored by hydraulic process. m Notify me
by seeing John Russell at Read's grocery.
Meade, Kansas.
's Drug Stoke
Has A Complete Line of
Drugs, Medicines, Toilet
Articles 6bc.
Paints & Glass.
DR. W. F. FEE, Proprietor.
-- Don T. Edwards,
Notary Public
John W. Bacohman,
Immigration Agent.
Send for Land Office Hand Books. Tells all about Government Lands.
- Sent prepaid for $1.
Large lists of farm lands from $2.50 to $10 per
acre. These lands are situated in Meade County,
'the best county in the west. Also have these lands
subject to homesteading under the homestead law.
Selling dates homeseekers' excursion tickets, Aug.
Sth and 19th, return limit 21 days from.date of sale.
Special Bargain No. 170.
A fine ranch consisting of 960 acres of deeded land, 1280 acres leased land, two
homesteads. Good new house 24x26, upstairs, ood wind breaks, plenty of water,
eood new Sampson windmill, open range east 2x2 j miles, west 3x7 miles. Ex-
S .. .... M-l.:- 1 :. (. r,.nnln I. thnK9Hll hH of Cattle. With
ceiteni grass, i m piatc ia wiw- v - -
this ranch goes 1 20 head of cows, steers, and calves, high grade cattle. I his place fl
is a bargain at the price of $5000. Must be sold soon to get advantage of these fig- If;
ures.. If this don't suit you write us what you want. We have it. A
Plains, Kansas. It
When in need of Cemetery work call on, or write to
- L. J. DANIEL,,
Hi i fii li i Gife
111 IS I:
To'his own interests who will not buy where he can
buy the cheapest. The following prices will be in
effect as long as goods last:
Granulated Sugar,
No. 1 Sugar Corn,
No. 1 Salt,
I have a complete line of Hamilton-Brown Shoes, also
Waddell-Siramons clothing.
18 pounds for $1.
$1.80 per case.
$2.85 per case.
$1.30 per bbl.
Fowler. Kansas.
Meade Hotel,
R. BUIS, Proprietor.
This hotel is one of the best in the west, having recently
. been refurnished and repainted.
of Formers ood siockmen qiso mm
2 . -
1 Real Estate s? Abstracts. N
Entire Charge of Property Taken; Taxes Paid.
- - 1 v - . ;
b?3F3Ti the SYinPathy of eve7 one
1 LocaI News. $
City Schools will begin Monday
Sept. ist. ,
Misses Sada Jenkins and Fay Fol
licle are visiting at Liberal this week.
Chas. Talley went to Kansas City
with a load of cattle Monday mor
ning. Mrs. John Hotz and Mrs. Fred Ellis
were visiting at Tom Hotz's this
Fred Tainter was in town several
days this week on business and visit
ing old friends.
We reproduced a photo of Hempel
& Eiier's steam plow in another col
umn of this issue.
. Mrs. Austin Ball, of Plains left
Sunday evening for Missouri for a
several weeks visit.
Ammie Gorman and Claud Blan
chard each shipped a carload of cattle
last Monday morning.
Will Shelley went to Plains, Kan
sas, Monday in the interest of his
Souvenir Book of Meade County.
Mr. and Mrs. Warren Brown, of
Dodge were visiting a few days this
week with Tom Hotz and family.
. We reproduce a photo of the farm
and residence of B. F. Bisbee, of
West Plains twp. in another column.
Misses Lulu and Ada Fick return
ed Monday evening from Santa Rosa,
N. M. where they have been visiting
E. G. Cooper and wife.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
Tom Hotz has been very sick for
the past several days. The little
fellow is considerablybetter at pres
We call attention to the advertise
ment of A. J. Brewer in this issue.
Mr. Brewer is putting down wells
and is having good success. If you
want one call on him.
Alex Tripod went to Bucklin last
Friday to see his father who is there
from St. Louis to visit his daughter,
Mrs. W. C. Osgood Jr. Alex will
probably return to St. Louis with his
' Ned Snyder, Mai com Judd and
Perry Erickson went to Garden City
Monday, to take in the fair this week.
Ned will enter the 5 -mile cow boy
race. He took a good string of
horses along with him.
Everret Dorland met with what
might have proved a serious accident
last week. He was on a rake at
Geo. De Cow's place whqre the team
ran away throwing him under the
same. He escaped without any ser
ious injuries.
J. R. Keith and J. R. Jefferson
finished the foundation for the tank
this week. It is an excellent job and
will last until the millennium. It
consists of 5 feet of stone laid in
cement. It is the best foundation
in the country.
The delegates returned Monday
from the Baptist Association at Gar
den City. Rev. Robinson, of this
place had the honor of being chosen
Moderator of the Association. This
is quite an honor and speaks very
highly of Rev. Robinson, . showing
the high esteem in which he is held
by the members of this bodv.
In another column will be found
tne witnarawai ot Austin A. .Ball as
a candidate for Register of Deeds
Mr. Ball concluded that he would
not enter politics this year as his at
tention was required at his ranch in
West Plains twp. where he is getting
a fine bunch of cattle. He recently
purchased his father's interest in the
place and the elder Mr. Ball will
shortly go back to Missouri on
visit.: .
As will be seen in another column
The Meade State Bank is am ply pre
pared, and will handle the financial
wants of the citizens of Meade
County as well, if not better, than
outside institutions or individuals,
and this being true, we will advance
our own interests hy paternizing
a home institution rather than those
located in other towns, and which
have no interest In us, aside from
the profit they can derive from our
Mr. Geo. Edwards informed us
this week that his son-in-law, Will
Hotz died at Weatherford, Oj-T.
last week from injuries he received in
an accident with a threshing machine
in which a water glass broke, badly
scalding him He leaves his wife
and a small child who are with Mr,
Geo. Hotz at present, bnt will re
turn to Meade and remain with Mr,
Edwards. It was a very sad - affair
and the bereaved wife and parents
Roscoe Smith is at Bucklin, as
relief agent.
Remember Dr. Gibbons' Meade
Hotel Sept. 8th and 8thT.
Mrs. F. C. Judd returned last week
from Ohio, where she has been visit
ing during the summer. .
Miss Ethel Black left last week for
Nickerson, Kansas, where she will
attend school this winter.
B. B. Campbell is one of our latest
subscribers. Bob wants to keep ad
vised during the campaign.
The fusion county convention will
be held on Saturday Sept. 20. . Call
will be published next week.
Dr. Gibbons, the dentist, will be
in Meade, at The Meade Hotel.
Sept. 8th and 9th to do dental work.
Mr. John Foster, of Artesian, has
been supplyingourpeople with choice
melons, during the past few weeks.
Ralph Peed left Tuesday evening
for Waterloo, Iowa, where he will
attend school the coming fall and
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Roberts Sr. re
turned Wednesday from Hutchinson.
Mrs. Roberts is greatly improved in
health. .
All thosedesiringdental work done
should call at Meade Hotel Sept.8th
and 9th. Dr. Gibbons, dentist, will
be there on these dates.
Mrs. Backe has been secured to
teach the Grammar Grade in our
City Schools. We predict that Mrs.
Backe will give excellent satisfaction.
Mrs. W. F. Fee and son, Archie,
returned last week from Denver,
Colo, where they had been visiting.
Archie has recovered from his at
tact of scarlet fever.
Fred Gray has contracted to paint
the Germ an Lutheran church at Odee.
Fred's skill as a painter is becoming
widely known and he has enough
work to keep him busy till Christ
Mrs. John Wehrle returned from
St. Joseph, Mo. last Friday morning,
where she had been to purchase a fall
and winter line of dry goods and
millinery. The goods have arrived
and can be seen at the store.
Miss Grace Bayless. who was hired
to teach the Grammar Department
of our City Schools, resigned, and
accepted the Principalship of the
Englewood Schools. Miss Bayless
an excellent teacher, holding a
first grade certificate.
For Sale or Rent.
I have telephone instruments for
sale or rent. Call on me for terms.
Roscoe Gerow.
Stock Extra.
The Rock Island will run a stock
extra on Monday and Wednesday
mornings, due here at 7.20.
To the Reunion. . .
The Rock Island will - sell tickets
to the Dodge City Reunion, Sept. 1
to 5 at one and one third fare for
round trip.
I desire to withdraw my name as
a candidate for Register of Deeds
before the Democratic Convention.
My business will not permit me to
make a canvass satisfactory to myself.
. Austin A. Ball.
-The above is a photograph of a. steam plow, owned by Hempel
& Elder, of Plains, Meade County, Kansas, in operation turning
the prairie sod into rich fertile farming land upon which will be
sown wheat, barley, etc. This plow is at work on a quarter sec
tion of land 2 miles south of Plains, Kansas. The engine pulls 7
10-inch plows, turning 70 inches of sod every round, or 13 acres
per day.
f ' JAM
jl ,
- i .
The above is a photograph of the farm residence of B. F. Bisbee,
who resides 2 miles south east of Plains. Mr. Bisbee owns 800
acres of land in this place which is utilized in farming and grazing.
He raised 2600 bushels of wheat and barley this year, owns a fine
bunch of high grade cattle, fattened on buffalo grass. This is a
sample of what can be done in drouth-stricken Western Kansas.
National Reunion.
The Rock Island will sell tickets
to Nationol Reunion at Washington,
D. C, Oct. 2 to 5, for $35 forround
trip, lickets good tor 15 days, and
may be extended to Oct. 3 1st by de
positing ticket with joint agent and
paying 50 cents extra.
J. M. Eaton, Agent.
A Picture of Your Ranch.
I am preparing an illustrated book,
descriptive of Meade County. 'Any
person wishing to have photos of
themselves, their residence, stock,
crops etc. reproduced in this book
should apply at once to the News
Office or myself for terms.
Will Shelley
Our third quarterly meeting will be
held at the M. E. Church next Sun
day. Dr. W. J. Martindale will
preach Saturday night and Sunday
morning. The business session will
be held after the sermononSaturday
night. Let everyone come and let
us have a refreshing season before
the Lord.
' Wm. Reace, Pastor.
J. W. Babb was discharged by
fudge Jenkins, yes'terday. He had
been brought up on a charge of in
sanity. Drs. Fee and Leslie con
ducted an examination and reported
that he was not insane.
Meade county, Kansas, well known for its fertility and abundent re
sources, in the south western part ot tne state. v neat, rye, oats, uapey,
cane, kaffir corn, etc.. grow luxuriantly. Wheat this year will average
about 20 bushels per acre, and other grain in proportion. There is no
better grazing land any where and cattle raising is an important and profit
able industry. The climate is most delightful, lacking the intense heat
that characterizes the country to the south and being free from the terror
ising blizzards of the north. The winters are so mild that cattle graze the
whole time and come out in excellent condition in spring. It is an es
tablished fact that buffalo grass is the most nutricious herbage known.
There are thousands of acres of the succulent growth In this county besides
an abundance of excellent hay grass.
.The county is traveled diagonally by the mainline of the C. R. I. &P.,
R. R. on which are situated several good towns, Meade, the Co. seat, in
the center of the county and the artesian well region, is a thriving and
progressive town of 500 inhabitants. Plains, in the western part of the
county, also on the Rock Island, and in the center of the wheat belt, is
a good town and is enjoying a steady and substantial growth.
West Plains township in the years 1900 and 1901 produced 54,000 bu.
of wheati The yield this year will approximate 23,000 bushels. Owing
to tne good crops for several years past the country is rapidly settling up,
and the acreage next year will be fully 50 per cent more than this year.
Steam plows are rapidly turning over the sod and converting the broad
prairies into fertile farm land. The country surrounding Plains consists
of smooth level prairie, the soil is a rich black loam eight thousand miles
This land sells at present for from $2 to $4 per acre, but is rapidly ad
vancing m price, there are a numoer 01 quarters suDject to nomestcau
entry, but these are going fast and parties desiring to enter should not
delay. -
Edwards & Boughmau, the enterprising real estate agents of Plains,
have located 73 homesteaders lately and sold a great number of farms
most of which could now be sold at an advance of 50 per cent. These
gantlemen are always ready to give information concerning the country
and will answer all inquiries with promptness and candor.
Here is where a man with money can invest and it securely and realize
a good profit. Here is where a man without money can secure a home
where he will be free from the thralldorfi of rents; at the cost of rent in
central Kansas he can secure a home which will not only give him greater
returns financially, but where he can be an independent sovereign man.
School facilities are good, and the climate is so healthful tnat the only
doctor who ever had the poor judgement to locate starved to death
several years ago.
Before renewing your present
loan or making a new one, figure
with ris. We are offering mosfe
favorable terms as to time, rates
etc.; and we are prepared to handle
any legitmate proposition whether
the amount of money involvki bi
great or small.
W. S. Bkrryman, "
J. W. BERRYMAN, President. , W. S. EERRYM AN, Cashten
C. Q. CHANDLER, Vice-President.
Capital Stock $10,000.00
Surplus $2,500.00.
Designated Depository of Meade County
LIST OF stockholders:
a D.ADAMS. B. S. McMEfiL,
This bank is distinctively a cattlemen's and stockgrower's bank-'
We solicit the business of the legitimate cattlemen and stockgrow
ers of the southwest. Money on hand at all times for legitimate
cattle loans with good margins. NO PURCHASE LOANS.
I have about 20 head of cows and
heifers that I would like for some
to take on the shares. They are all
dehorned and mostly all young.
O. B. Frame.
Meade, Kan.
Representative Convention.
Dr. ' Smyser and. wife, painless
dentists will be in Meade, Thursday
September 1 1. Fowler, September
12. Every operation painless.
'' Iocal Freight Trains.
No. 51 Local west will run on
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
No. 52 Lacal east will run Mon
day, '.Wednesday and Friday until
further notice. . -' .
J. M. Eaton, Agent.
' No Hunting Allowed.
No hunting will be allowed on the
land known as the Fick farm north
of the city. , All offenders will be
"prosecuted. -
Henry Brinkman.
Go to Mrs.
your meals.
Henry's any time for
George B. Cones went to the
at Garden City, last night-
There will be a Delegate Conven
tion of the Democratic and Populist
parties of the 124th Representative
District of Kansas, 'composed of the
counties of Meade and Seward, held
at the Court House in the city of
Liberal, Kansas, on
Thursday, September 4th, 1902,
at 2 o'clock p. m.
'Meade county will be entitled to
18 delegates, 9 Democrats and
Populists. Seward county will be
entitled to 12 delegates, equally di
vided between both parties.
1 The townships of Meade county
are entitled to the following repre
Crooked Creek 2. Cimarron t
Fowler . 2. Mertilla 2
Meade Center 4- Logan 2
Odee 2. Eand Creek I
West Plains 1.
The several townships are request
ed to select the delegates on Satur
day, August 30.
By order af committee.
P. F. Vessels, W. F. Fee,
Sec'y, Chairman.
All my book accounts must be
settled by Sept. ist or they will be
placed in the hands of an attorney
for collection. -
. E. W, Williams
of Meade, Kansas,
Vapd Locafed North of Bank.
ave a big stock of lum
ber and they are going
FT. -
2x4 & 2x6 dimension, No. 1,
$21 per thousand.
12 inch stock boards; $21.50 pex"
1x4 & 1x6 dressed fencing for bats
sheeting and boxing $20.
B A 9 U
Lumber and coal dealer carries a complete line of
Fence Posts, Post Oak and Locust,
Lime. ' '
Tar and Building Paper,
Eclipse Wind Mills,
Fairbanks Wind Mills,
Barn Door Hangers,
Roman Cement Plaster,
Plaster Paris Finish, -Champion
Mowers and Rakes,
White Pine Finish,
Poplar Wagon Box Boards,
TV 11 .
V Ciii.
Succesors to R. R.
We carry a complete stock of
We invite the public to call and inspect our large
stock of goods.
We guarantee to give you as much for One Dollar'
as any retail store west of Kansas City,
We are agents for the celebrated reering Farnc

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