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MBER 43.
Rep. 122nd Dist.
II. J Sloss, has, signed state
ment No. (1) pledging: bis vote
in the legislature to the candi
date for United States Senator
receiving- the higheat popular
vote at the general election to be
held Nov. 5th, 1912. In case II.
J. Sloss is elected as your repre
sentative he will carry out his
pledge and vote for either
Thompson or Stubbs, the one
receiving the highest number of
votes at the general election.
Has the Socialist or Bull Moose
candidates for. representatives
signe.d statement No. (1)?
"Be sure you arc right"
(vote a straight Democaatic
ticket) "and then go ahead."
Last Sunday morning, at the
borne of J. H. Randolph Mr.
Lloyd C. Ogle, of Penalosa Kan
sas and Miss Nellie Thompson
of Lakeland Kansas, were unit
ed in marriage by Judge Ran
dolph. Only the immediate rel
atives were present. .
Miss Thompson is a daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Cbas. Tbomp
son.of Lakeland Kansas. She
was one of Meade county's suc
cessful teachers. She is a most
esteemable young, has a host of
friends in Meade and is well
liked by all who know her.
Mr. Ogle is a prosperous
young man and highly respect
ed wherever he is known.
Mr. and Mrs. Ogld left on No.
2 for Kansas City and other
points for a short wedding trip,
after which thev will return to
Penalosa Kansas to reside.
The News extends congratu
lations to these young people
and wishes them oceans of suc
cess. The state needs a Governor
and a good one. Elect Geo.
H. Hodges.
A. F. Gorman and wife were
Meade visitors Friday and Saturday.
"V- O T 33
For United States Senator
Democratic Candidate
And the People's Choice
Against Stubbs, the Millionaire Candidate
Progressive Democracy,
Highest Official Service,
Best Interests of Kansas.
Is', He It a Progressive Democrat of the strongest type, and ha
the unqualified endorsement of the three greatest Democratic leaders.
2d. The President and House will undoubtedly be Democratic, and
It Is essential that the Senate should be also.
3d. He Is young, er.ergctic, fearless and aggressive, and can accom
plish wbat he proposes.
4th. He has alwaya "ilADE GOOD," and has never violated a single
oflicial trust or confluence of the people.
' 5tb. ' He Is the choice of the plain, common people Is a man of
moderate means, and his heart beat In perfect unison with the pulse
of the people.
6th. Tbl Is the first chance the people of Western Kansas have
ever had to secure this importanfrrfflce, particularly valuable to tbem at
this time when so much it desired in national legislation to secure a
greater development of this section of the state. If the people or Wes
tern Kansas will simply stand together, an 4 not only vote for Judge
-Thompson direct, but also for that candidate for state representative tod
senator favorable to his candidacy, they cm elect a "abort raas" man.
Com. 3rd Disf
T. B. Novinger, democratic
candidate for Com missioner from
the 3rd District is a man whom
the people can well trust to man
age the business affaias of Meade
County. Tom is an old timer
who knows from personal ex
perience what is to endure the
hardships of pioneer life. He
knows,! as everybody knows, that
taxes are too highland if elected
he vjeconomize all along the
line, to the end that expenses
may be kept to the very lowest
limit consistent with good busi
ness management. He is a man
of considerable experience, un
doubted integrity and unques
tioned judgment. - If elected
Commissioner his constituents
may rest assured that no- money
will be expended through any
act of his -without just compen
sation to the County, nor unless
such expenditure is necessary
for the welfare of the County.
He has seryed as Township
Trustee to the entire satisfac
tion of the people of his township
and four years ago was a candi
date for County Commissioner,
being defeated by F. M. Paul by
a majority of only one, and this
too in face of the fact that he
was afflicted with typhoid fever
during the campaign and was
unable to see any of the voters,
and that his opponent was con
sidered the strongest man the
republicans could bring out.
A vote for'Tom Novinger will
be a vote for the best interests
of the tax payers of Meade
Wm H. Thompson for U- S.
Senator, the people's friend
The Farmers Iustitute will be
in session on Saturday November
9th. President R. W. Camp
bell, urges that every resident
in the county who possibly can
be in attendance. Bring samp
lesof your corn, kaffir and milo.
The success of the meeting will
depend upon the co-operation of
the people. Do your share to
boost the Farmers Institute.
Co. Superintendent
Pearl Wood Smith, Candidate
for County Superintendent does
not have to import foreign recom
mendations for political effect.
She holds a first grade certificate
required by the laws of the state
of Kansas, making her eligible
to superintend public schools in
the state of Kansas should she
be chosen for such position by
the qualified voters in the Coun
ty in which she resides. She has
resided in Meade County for
over twenty years we now ask
the voters of Meade county to
choose between the two candi
dates whether you wish to vote
for the one coming before you
with foreign recommendations,
or the one that holds, and is
ready and willing to show you a
first grade certificate which is
the best evidence of her splendid
qualifications required by the
laws of Kansas. Mrs. Smith is
a daughter of J. M. Wood, one
of Meade county's oldest set
tlers. She has been making her
campaign entirely upon her own
merits, and has made no attack
whatsoever upon her opponent,
has not even mentioned his name
in any of her campaign literature
or otherwise. Her qualifications
for the office she seeks could
not be better, her woik as a
teacher cannot be question, in
rural and graded schools alike,
she has always given satisfaction
she is a teacher whom the board,
scholars, and parents always
"want back." Do not fail to cast
yo.ur vote for Pearl Wood Smith.
America has no more brill
iant man than Woodrow Wil
son. Elect him for president.
To the Voters of Meade County:
In this my last letter to the
voters of this county. I shall
endeavor to call your attention
to a few very important facts.
Do you know that in this toun
ty about 85 per cent of the teach
ers are ladies?
Do you know that in this state
about 50 per cent of our Super
intendents are ladies?
Do you know that our adjoin
ing counties, Clark, Ford, Gray,
and Seward, all have lady Super
intendents? Do you know that in the his
tory of this county there have
been but four men Superintend
Do, you know that the last man
who ever held this office was de
feated by a lady for his second
term? (An almost impossible
undertaking in this county.)
Do you know that the best
records we have in this office
were made by a lady?
I ask your earnest considera
tion of these facts as gathered
from the records of this county
and if after due consideration
you can concientiously give me
your support at the coming
election, I assure you it will be
greatly appreciated.
Very Respectfully,
Pearl Wood Smith.
Geo A. Neeley has made good
Re-elect him to Congress
Geo. T. Pitts, of Wellington,
Kansas, was in Meade Monday.
Mrs. Pitts is a son-in-law of Z.
B.. Ragland and came to take
him back to Wellington, where
be says Mr. Ragland will be wel
come to stay as long as be likes.
Probate Judge
J. II. Randolph, Democratic
candidate for Prabate Judge
asks your support on his past
record as Probate Judge of
Meade County in faithfully per
forming the duties of the office
in which you have elected him
to. He is not appealing to the
sympathies of the voters, or com
ing to you with foreign recom
mendations. The office of Pro
bate Judge is being handled by
a capable and faithful man which
is very essential to the people of
Meade County.
Geo H. Hodges forGovernor
promises to reduce taxation by
curtailing unnecessary expenses
A Last Word About Probate
I learn that a story is being
circulated to the effect that I am
well fixed financailly, that I am
the owner of lands, moneys,
notes, mortgages and other
securities, and that my oppon
ent, besides being a cripple is a
poor man and needs the office' in
order to help him to a living,
and that on account of this story
considerable sympathy is being
worked up for Mr. Paden.' f,v"
Now the facts are that I do
not own a foot of land, outside
of my home in Meade, but Mr.
Paden does: I have no horses,
cattle or o.her live sAock, and
Mr. Paden has. I have practi
cally no income aside from my
office. As to the matter of world
ly goods Mr. Paden is probably
better off than I am.
I ain not making a poverty
plea, nor asking the support of
anyone through sympathy, but
make these statements simply
to correct the erroneous idea
that some people have conceived
as a result of the story referred
While I deplore, as much as
anyone' can, the unfortunate phy
sical condition of Mr. Paden, I
do not believe that physical dis
ability nor financial adversity
should be a political asset, but
oelieve that all officers should be
chosen on their merits. Mr.
Paden admits that he will not
make a better officer than I have
made, so why risk a change?
If you believe that Count
offices are not charitable institu
tions, if you believe I have made
a good Probate Judge, if you are
satisfied to let well enough alone,
I ask, and will appreciate your
support next Tuesday.
Very truly yours,
J. II. Randoi.i-h.
Geo A. Neeley for Congress
The man who does things
that will live in history.
Last Friday was another big
Democratic Day in Meade, and
enthusiasm was notlacking. To
the music of the Meade band the
crowd gathered at the opera
house where Hon. Thomas II.
Gresham, delivered a very able
address. The county candidates
were present and helped make
the meeting a success. A lack
of space prevents our going more
into detail regarding the after
noon's program, more than to
ay that it was a dandy and the
Democrats received additional
assurance of a sweeping Demo
cratic victory on next Tuesday.
Thomas R. Marshall for
Vice President.
Com. 2nd Dist.
John Cordes, Democratic can
didate for County Commissioner
of the 2nd district is well known
to the people of Meade County.
John will receive the hearty sup
port of the voters of his Dist.
on Nov. 5th. Mr. Cordes is a
Progressive Democrat. He has
lived in Meade county for nearly
twenty-eigljt years and knows
something of the hardships and
privations which the eaily set
tlers have undergone in laying
the foundation upon which the
prosperity of the county now
rests. He remained with Meade
county when times were hardest
and the future prospects looked
gloomiest. He is one of the
heaviest tax-payers in Odee
township. He believes in guard
ing against un-necessary 'bills
and m keeping expenses as low
as good business judgment will
permit. If there is a candidate
in the field any more deserving
of your vote, or any better quali
fied to fill the office he is seeking
than John Cordes, let him come
Wm H. Thompson, for U.
S. Senator, the candidate who
tells the people where hestands
Car of Poultry
F. VV. Heller, of the,, Meade
Poultry Co. shipped a carload of
poultry to San Francisco, Cali
fornia. Mr. Heller is conduct
ingan up-to-date poultry busi
ness and pays the highest mar
ket price for all kinds of poultry.
The car was loaded , on Tuesday
and left Meade. Wednesday. It
will be opened at various points
oq the way at which places poul
try will be .sold. v
Mr. Heller expects to enlarge
the poultry as fast as patronage
will permit. A carload of turk
eys will be shipped aboutJNovem
ber20. ' '
Elect the whole Democratic
ticket and make life worth liv
ing. Mr. and Mrs. O. D. Beutler
who live south of Meade, were
entertained at the home of Mr.
and Mrs II. II. Butler, last Sat-
urday and Sunday.
Democratic Nomi
nee and Progress
ive Candidate
For Senator, 37th District
f i
k " ' ' i
' , j
A . . i
r !
'V . I
, ' - y
I -
For Sheriff
Thos. Martin Democratic
Candidate for re-election to the
office of sheriff has made Meade
County the most faithful and ef
ficient officer we have had for
years. The voters of Meade
County know how to select the
best qualified people for the dif
ferent offices and will prove to
Tom, their appeeciation of his
valued" services on Nov. 5th.
Wm. H. Thompson candi
date for U. S. Senator has al
ways made good.
Sheriff Martin Talks
Dear Mr. Voter: You mav
thlak that because I have not
been around to see you that I
am not interested in your suff
rage, but such is not the case.
I have been so busy performing
the duties of my office that I
have not had time to do much
campaigning. The office of
sheriff is one, which if properly
filled leaves but little time to do
anything else, and I would rath
er have it said that I put in my
time during my term of office in
earning my salary than in work
ing for a Becond term.
However I am a candidate for
a second term and I want to be
elected. There is an accepted
custom to give a man a' second
term in office always, provided
he bfis made gctfd. 'I have tifd
to make good. I have tried' to
do it with as little noise and fuss
and with as little expense to the
County as possible. How well I
have succeeded it is up to you to
say. If you think I have made a
satisiactory sherilt it is your
duty to vote for me for another
term. If you think I have failed
to make good it is your duty to
turn me down, I will be very
much pleased to have your re
commendation and commenda
tion expressed by way of your
votes on election day, and assure
you, one and all that I will ap
preciate your support, and if a
majority of you think I am en
titled to another term I will do
my best to see that you never
regret the confidence you impose
in me. v ery truly vours,
Thos. Martin.
Geo A. Neeley for Congress-
the old Veterans friend.
I wish to announce
that as a candidate for
the State Senate I will
during my Senatorial
teim, if elected, work
for, and help in every
honorable way I can in
the making into law of
the progressive plank's
of all political parties
of this state as the
same were in substance
adopted by' the party
councils of said parties
and whiqh may be rat
ified by the voters of
this district at the
election NOVEMBER
Elijah H. Hukd
Coldwater, Kansas

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