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Little Comfort for Candidate In Rea
son Assigned by Wife for Her
Being Confident.
Mr. WIIlIamB, one of five candidates
(or the office of sheriff in one of the
northern counties of Wisconsin, was
making a house-to-house canvass of a
rural district, soliciting votes. Com
ing to the house of Farmer Thompson,
he was met at- the door by the good
housewife, and the following dialogue
ensued :
"Is Mr. Thompson at home?" ,
"No; he has gone to town."
"I am very sorry, as I would have
liked to talk to him."
"Is there anything I can tell him
for you?"
"My name is Williams, candidate for
sheriff, and I wanted to exact a prom
ise from him to vote for me at the
coming election."
"Oh, that will be all right I kndw
he will promise, for be has already
promised four other candidates the
same thing." Norman E. Mack's Na
tional Monthly. '
"I'm goln' to be a farmer like pop
when I grows up. Wot you goln' to
"Me? I'm goln' to be a bunco man
an' take yer farm away from you."
Pure From Start to Finish.
There Is perhaps nothing In dally use
In the home in which purity Is so Im
portant as It Is In baking powder. On
Its purity depends the purity of the ma
terials used, the success of the bakings,
etc. And possibly the one thing that
has served to make Calumet Baking
Powder so much of a favorite with the
critical cooks of the country, Is the fact
that Calumet Is pure from start to finish.
You can rely on Calumet's purity for
the simple reason that every ounce of
the materials used Is first tested by ex-
?rlenced chemists and then mixed with
he utmost care to Insure its uniformity.
And standing In the can or changes of
weather, etc., cannot alter it In any re
spect. But perhaps the best thing of all, Is
the fact that Calumet never falls. Every
baking In which Calumet Is used, Is sure
to come from the oven as light and as
fluffy as you can wish. This not only
means wholesome, tasty foods but' a
big economy as well. Try Calumet next
bake-day It's the best baking powder
made for two World's Pure Food
Expositions, one In Chicago, 1907. one
at Paris. Prance, 1912 have given It the
highest awards. Adv.
Timely Reminder.
"We are still mining ore, growing
cotton and manufacturing st6el," said
the American host.
"Why do you tell me that?" In
quired the foreign visitor. r
"I Just wan to remind you that the
country is producing something be
tides politics."
'Palliating News.
"Oh, dear, officer, was my poor hus
band shot when you got him to the
"No, madam; only half shot."
Mean Hint.
"Men are what their diet makes
"You must have been eating a great
deal of sbeepshead fish lately."
Mrs. Window's Sootblog Byrap for Children
teething, softens the gums, reduces inflamma
tion, allays pain, cures wind colic, XSc a bottle.
More firm and sure the hand of
courage strikes when it obeys the
watchful eye of caution. Thomson.
The People's
for relieving and overcoming
such ills as
is the famous
Stomach Cillers
It invigorates tones
strengthens rebuilds
Malaria or Piles, Sick Head. no. Costive
Bowels, Damn Asm, sour stomach, and
Bdchlnn If your food does Dot assimilate and
yoa have no appetite,
Tuil's Pills
wnl remedy the., trouble. Price, 28 cent.
Preparation of Corn That Requires
Long Cooking and Watching, but
Is Well Worth It
This is a preparation of corn which
requires long slow cooking. Select
very white and evenly-cracked samp.
Wash it thoroughly and put it to soak
over-night in lukewarm water. Next
day throw that water off and cover
with fresh cold water; bring gradually
to a boll and boil for .five liours. As
the water becomes absorbed add fresh
boiling water from time to time. When
certain the grains are tender through
out drain off any water that remains.
Salt should be added with the last
water poured on so that it may per
meate the samp; allow one tablespoon-
ful to one cupful of Bamp measured
uncooked. Put the samp In a faina
kettle with milk to more than cpver.
Let it cook gently, with the cover oft,
for one hour or until the milk Is ab
sorbed and the samp creamy. Add for
the quantity given one Ablespoonful
of butter. Serve when it melts.
This is an old-fashioned southern
dish easily prepared over a low fire. It
can not swell properly during the
cooking unless it is kept covered with
boiling water.
When any is lef. over it may be
formed into thin cakes, or sliced thin,
cut in regular pieces, dipped in egg
and fine cracker crumbs and baked
brown in the oven. It will be found
Delicacy Not a Difficult Matter to
Make, and It Is Usually Appreci
ated by All.
It is not a difficult matter to make
this delicacy, which is always appre
ciated by young and old. The quant
ity of milk needed may seem exces
sive; for a pound of the cream one and
one-half gallons of good milk is re
quired, but the leftover milk may be
put to many uses, and, after all, the
ordinary family would be satisfied with
much less.
To make this cream strain new milk
Into a large shallow pan until it Is four
or five Inches deep. Leave in a cool
for twelve hours in the summer, for
twenty-four hours In the winter. Do
not disturb It in any way.. Next care
fully carry the pan to the stove and
place over a pot of hot water. The
heating should take at least one-half
hour and the temperature should rise
to 18J' degrees to develop the proper
flavor. It is done when the cream
forms a ring around the pan and is
wrinkled on the top. Let it' stand
twelve hours before skimming.
Sweet Green Peppers Stuffed.
Peel and cut fine enough mild onions
Bermuda or Spanish to measure
one cupful. Steam until very tender,
then mix with them one cupful of
fine stale bread crumbs, one-quarter of
a teaspoonful of lemon Juice, one-half
of a half teaBpoonful of salt, one ta
blespoon of mushroom catsup, two ta
blespoonfuls of finely chopped parsley
and .three tablespoonfuls of butter.
Wipe six medium-sized sweet green
peppers, remove the stem end of each,
also the seeds and white veins. Drop
in boiling water and boil for three min
utes, then drain and dry them. Fill
with the mixture, put close together
In a shallow pan, dot with bits of but
ter and bake in a sharp oven until well
browned. Serve on hot toast.
; Russian Salad.
Mix one cup each cold .cooked car
rot cubes and potato cubes, one cup
cold cooked peas, and one cup cold
cooked beans, and marinate with
French dressing. - Arrange on lettuce
leaves In four sections and cover each
section with mayonnaise dressing.
Garnish two sections with small pieces
of smoked salmon, one Bection with
finely chopped whites of hard-boiled
eggs and one section with yolks of
hard-boiled eggs forced through a
strainer. Put small sprigs of parsley
In lines dividing section. Good to look
at, fine to eat, and, best of all, not
much work.
Asparagus Stewed.
' Cut the points as far as they are
perfectly tender Into pieces not more
than one-half an inch in length. Wash
them and throw into boiling salted
water. When they are tender take
but asparagus and lay aside for a few
minutes. Have some pieces of toasted
bread. Dip them into the water In
which the asparagus was boiled. But
ter them and place in dish, laying as
paragus on top. Pour; a little milk
Into saucepan. Thicken with a little
flodr and add a piece of butter and
salt to taste. Pour the mixture over
the asparagus and serve very hot.
Corn Balls.
I Did you ever use the ten-minute
candy rule to make corn balls? It
makes splendid ones. Discard the hard
corn, that did not pop out, have In big
pan and pour the candy over and stir
In as fast as possible. Then form in,
balls, but one must work very quick,
else tbey will crisp up so one cannot
handle them. Don't wet or butter the
bands. It is not necessary.
To Renew Chiffon.
' Spread s wet cloth over a very hot
iron and hold the chiffon over the
steam until it is free from wrinkles.
Renew both cloth and iron as soon as
the steam flows feebly. Allow the
chiffon to dry quickly. Ladles' Home
8almon Croquettes.
Pick bones and skin from one large
pan red salmon, add one raw egg, mix
with cracker crumbs in small cakes,
roll In cracker crumbs and fry in but'
tor. C. J. U s
Point to Hidden
Kidney Trouble.
Have you a
lame back, ach
ing day and
Do you feel a
sharp pain after
bending over ?
When the kid
neys seem sore
and the action
i r regular, use
Doan's Kidney
Pills, which have
cured thousands.
A Washinnfon
PaCA Etfty Firtart
H. R. Hatch, 251i Cedar St., Everett,
Wash., says: "Severe pains In my baclt
made me miserable. The kidney secre
tions burned In passing and looked Ilka
blood. My back got so bad I could hard
ly walk and any Jar sent sharp stabs of
pain through me. After specialists failed,
Doan's Kidney Fills completely cured
Cat Doan's at Any Drug Store, 50c a Bos
DOAN'S lrfi"i!T
FOSTER-MILBURN CO.. Buffalo. New York
Kitty (blushing) I am angry with
Horace, and I only gave you that kiss
through revenge. t
Harry (laughing) It reminded me
of revenge.
Kitty In what way?
Harry Well, you know, "revenge
Is sweet."
A While for a Time.
A Cleveland school teacher writes
that she asked her class what was
the difference between the expres
sions, "a while," and "a time," says
the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Nobody
seemed to have any Idea on the sub
ject. Finally the light of intelligence
was seen to shine in the eyes of one
little boy, and the teacher called upon
him to save the intellectual honor of
the class.
"I know, teacher!" he cried eager
ly. "When papa says he's going out
for a while, mamma says she knows
be's going out for a time!"
That's one way of looking at it
1613 Dayton St, Chicago, 111. "My
face was very red and irritated and
was covered with pimples. The pim
ples festered and came to a bead.
They Itched and burned and when I
scratched them became sore. I tried
soapB and they would not stop the
itching and burning of the skin. This
lasted for a month or more. At last I
tried Cutlcura Ointment and Soap.
They took out the burning and itching
of the skin, soothing it very much and
giving the relief that the others failed
to give me. I used the Cuticura Soap
and Ointment about three weeks and
was completely cured." (Signed) Miss
Clara Mueller, Mar. 16, 1912.
Cuticura Soap and Ointment sold
throughout the world. Sample of each
free, with 32-p. Skin Book. Address
post-card. "Cuticura, Dept. L, Boston."
Mother Goose In Poultry Trade,
It is reported that the following oc
curred in a small poultry store
kept by the widow of the deceased
"I should like to see a nice fat
goose," said a customer, entering the
"Yes, sir," replied the boy. "Moth
er will be down directly." Woman's
Home Companion.
"Darling," said the fond youth, pro
ducing a ring, "which is the right fin
ger?" "For goodness sake, Algy!" re
sponded the maiden, "don't you know?
Nineteen years old , and never been
engaged to a girl before!"
Not New.
First Neighbor Have you beard
tell of them new-fangled trial mar
riages? Second Neighbor I don't see noth
ing new-fangled about 'em. Mine's
been a trial for me for the last twenty
years! Judge.
Good Time to Do It
"In your daughter going to practice
on the piano this afternoon?"
"Yes, I think so."
"Well, then, I'd like to borrow your
lawn mower. I've got to cut the grass
some time, anyway." Judge.
It Is easy for a girl to pretend to
love an old millionaire and fool him
into thinking It Is real.
BoauM of tho
Hope of Becoming Millionaires About
on a Par With the Washer
woman's Delusion.
Prof. Warren M. Beldler of Bethel,
Pa., in a recent address made the
striking assertion that the African
people, money-mad, taught (heir chil
dren how to earn a living, but not
how to live.
"Thqre 1b no viler, and there is no
vainer ambition," said Professor Beidj
ler (o a reporter, "than that 'of the
American boy to become a millionaire.
What percentage of our boys do .be
come millionaires? It would take a
good many decimals to work that out,
believe me!
"The boy who sets his heart on a
million fares like the washerwoman
who set her heart on a cross-eyed
" 'I hear you married that cross-eyed
teronaut last week?" said a friend.
'"Yes, I did, replied the washer
woman, as she rocked back and forth
over her tub. "Yes, I married him,
and I gave him $500 out of my buildln'
association to start an airship fac
tory.' " 'That so?' said the friend. 'Where
Is he nowf
" 'I don't know,' said the washer
woman. 'I'm waltln' for him to come
back from his honeymoon:' "
Explains the Undertaker's Grouch.
"Who is that fellow sitting humped
up and muttering to himself out there
on the horse block?"
"Aw, that's Ezra Toombs, the under
taker," replied the landlord of the
Skeedee tavern. "He's feeling sore
over the way his business haB been
going of lfite. You see, the doctor
gave Judge Feebles two weeks to live;
that was six weeks ago, and the Judge
is up and around now and flggerln' on
marryin' again. Every time Ezra
meets the doctor he asks him, How
about it, hey?' and they have a row.
And now be's slttln' out there watch
ing a tramp painter gilding the weath
er vane of the church, across the
street Ezra says, by Heck, be's about
ready to move away, things 1 so dead
here." Kansas City Star.
A college professor noted for his
concentration of thought, returned
home from a scientific meeting one
night, still pondering deeply upon the
subject that had been discussed. As
he entered his room he heard a noise
that seemed to come from under the
"Is there someone there?" he asked
"No, professor," answered the in
truder, who knew his peculiarities.
"That's strange," muttered the pro
fessor. "I was almost sure I heard
someone under the bed."
Call to Arms.
"Bang!" went the rifles at the ma
neuvers. "Oo-oo," screamed the pretty girl
a nice, decorous, surprised little
scream. She stepped backward Into
the surprised arms of a young man.
"Oh," said she, blushing, "I was fright
ened by the rifles. I beg your par
don." "Not at all," said the young man.
"Let's go over and watch the artil
lery." Reason Was Plain.
"My husband has deserted me and
I want a warrant," announced the
large lady.
"What reason did he give for desert
ing you?" asked the prosecutor.
"I don't want any Hp from you. I
want a warrant I don't know what
reason he had."
"I think I understand his reason,"
said the official feebly, as he proceed
ed to draw up a warrant."
Takes Ugliness Philosophically.
A man whose face is heavily pitted
through a case of smallpox' In his in
fancy, has been able to extract amuse
ment from his appearance. Once he
gave an explanation of it by say
ing that he had fallen down a shot
Asked how he was able to shave
himself, he answered:
"With a belt punch."
Big Difference. -
"Did you have any osculatory enter
tainment at your party?"
"No; only some klsBlng games."
God has placed the genius of wom
en In their hearts, because the works
of this genius are always works of
love. Alphonse De Lamatina.
OAmmanvoAfarTt&fa.etvanlmwxT&y. One 10c packsfrecolora all fibers. They dya In cold water better thn arty other dye. Youcaa
lye any garment without ripping apart. Write tor free booklet How to Dye. Bleach and Mix Colors. MONHOE PBIJO COMPANY, Qulacy, lit,
Daddy's Whack-Whack.
On the occasion of her last visit to
a certain Baltimore household a young
matron of that city found a little
friend In tears.
"What's the matter with little Ma
rie?" she asked, endeavoring to con
sole the weeping child. (
"Daddy has just given me whack-
whack," the youngster replied between
"Thoughtless daddy 1" exclaimed the
young woman, repressing a smile.
"And where did he whack-whack little
"On the back of my tummy," waa
the answer.
ugly, grizzly, gray hairs. Uh
Wise Young Man.
That was a very wise Cambridge
student of whom the London story
tellers were talking some time ' ago.
One of his college friends finding him
self without funds, went to this Sol
omon of students to borrow. He found
him in bed. . Seizing him by the shoul
der, he shook him.
"I say," he said, "are you asleep?"
"Why do you ask?" queried the
other, sleepily.
"I want to borrow a sovereign."
"Yes," said the other, turning over
.nd closing his eyes. "I'm asleep."
"Miss Comeup is now in the swim."
"She ought to take naturally to it.
Her father was a milkman."
AVegdable Preparation for As
similating theFoodandnegula
ling the Stomachs and Bowels of
Promotes Digestion,Chcerful
nessand Rest Contains neither
Opium.Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narcotic
i p
i.t m:inna,;ii:iM,r;i!i;TiTTTinnmraa
Jlx Stmtm .
fMUS.rtt ..
A perfect Remedy forConsllpa
tion . Sour Stomach.Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Feveri sh
ness and LOSS OF SLEEP.
racSimilt Signature of
The Centaur Company,
Guaranteed under the Foodarjl
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Faultless Starch Twin Dolls
KiMLfflj Wtitt and Miu VhotU Prima.
If yon will W9 the boot atAmh tnndo both of thea
rail doll, at b 121-1 Inuhoa blah and ready to cot oat
nd ntuffl will be tent to any addroM, port paid oo r
eirtof Ii fronUof WfvntFauHl KtarchpackttHO,,
or two I ro front of ft oonfe FaaltloM Starch paokagua
and 8oanta In atamna to oorer pontage and parking.
Or Ithnr doll will be acmt on rooHlpt of threa 10 oent
front or also cunt front and 4 oimta In tamr. Out
out tM ad.. It will ba aoooptod la place I on W
ooiit front, or two 6 oont f routa On) one ad will
bp aooopteqjrlth each application.
3.00 3.50 M.00 4.50 AND 5.00
Bhvb wwrnf W. L. Oouglmm $3.00, 02.BO 03.OO School t
Shoom, bmomimm on pair will pomlllwmly oulwmmr two V'
pairs of ordinary ahooa, aamm mm
W.LDouglas makes and oil. mora $3.00,$3.50 & 4.00 shoes f
than any other manufacturer in the world. I&mI
The workmanship which has mada W. L. Douglas shoes famous the world
over is maintained n every pair.
Ak your dealer to show you W. L. Douglas latet fashions for fall and winter
wear, notice the thort vamp which make the foot look smaller, point in a
shoe particularly desired by young men. Also the consarvatlvo itylti which
have made W. L. Douglas shoes a household word everywhere.
If you could visit W. L. Douglas larga factories at Brockton, Mass., and sea
for yourself how carefully W. L. Douglas shoes are made, you would then un
derstand why they are warranted tq,fit better, look better, hold their shape and
wear longer than any other make for the price. Fart Color y lit:
CAUTION. To protact you awliut Inferior .ho, W. L. Dourfu stamps lib nam on tha boa,
loin. Look lor tha stamp. Bawara of nibrtilutas. W. L. Douala iboas ara sold in 78 own
Moras and ho. daalars ararywhara. Nomattar whara you lira, tharara within fourraaca.
If your daalorcanoot aapphr you, writa diraet to factory for catalog showina how to ordaf
by mail &hoa mmat ovary wbara. dalirary charge prepaid. WX.Doula, brock too, Maaa,
Official Scoring.
"Should Blucher get the credit for
winning Waterloo?"
"No; that victory is properly cred
ited to Wellington. Blucher didn't re
lieve him until about the ' eighth In
Take tba Old Bmod.rd uaoVHS VaaTMi.kvd
5IULL '1UN1C run know what yoa ara taking,
ba formula Is plainly printed on erery buttle,
howlD ll Is simply (quinine and Iron In a taatelefts
form, and the nM.t effectual form, kor gruwa
people and ni Urea, 60 oeota. Ady.
Accounted For.
"The piece was very raw."
"Then It deserved a roasting.'
LA CREOLE " HAIR DRESSING. . PRICE. tl.00, retail.
For President
T.W. W.? T.R.? W.H.T?
But for your next Tea Partj
Wnf son K. rolnmnn,Wufc
lnUjn,i.C. ltock.sfree. Hlgn.
W. N. U, WICHITA, NO. 42-1912.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
For Over
Thirty Years
Pink Eye, EpIzooMo
Shippinii Fever
& Catarrhal fever
i M.- n M.MI i
fhire cure and pntltlra preventl re. no matter how horww at any are lnfeate4
or"ekKMt.' Liquid, ifivmi on the rirriiei act nit ttto .lootl yul (ilwulsi expels tba
folnonouB irermii from tlie body. Uiin llnteitier In lrrn unit Hhiwp and Cholem la
oultry. lArRMit Mtllliiif II voitoek rvmrtl. Cur I drlpim inontr human belnrj
ud I a flne kidney ritiiitMly. boo and HI a hot tin i 9b aud HO a (Iobiti, Cut thlioul
kfenlt MinwwyoiirflruKffl"t,wliowlll mtuforjou. b'rv lkwkiefc "UiMUtnpf
CauneaandCuroa," bpoolal AfltmU wanted. i
tho mon'm mhoma. M,,;'.-:::
904 E. Douglas Ave., Wichita, Kan.
If yorj fi ool of orUH "mil down'or,,ot lb
blOM.,"iu Iter f rota kldnef,bladder.nerrousdiRaUe
chroDio weakmtsfles. vlcon, skin erapiluui.pl Im.Ao
writ form- FUttMbook. H 1st bo no lottrnctiT
madlral book over written. It twlii all about tbnm
fliMWAe. and the inmrkablecnreafTeoiaMlbrttieNvw
f ranch Kmedr MTI1 KKAPION No. 1, No.l No !
and 70a can decide for yourself If ItU lb remedy for
our ailment. IXin t Bend a eenU lt't abeoloteir
HUH. No"follnw-tip"clrcalan. Ir.l,e lrrrMed.
Uk. aUiiTeratock ltd.. aUttmpaUu-ti J

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