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Meade County news. (Meade, Kan.) 1900-1918, August 02, 1917, Image 3

Image and text provided by Kansas State Historical Society; Topeka, KS

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They Fit All Standard Jan ,
tMrktna Back' nnnma r.DOh
IOC rubben because they won't "blow-out"
Juhnt itenlitAtioa nor harden, ahrink or crack after
the jar tt Maled. Send 2c itamp for new book on
nteaervtni or 10c in stain ra lor I dot. ran if vour
dealer cannot supply you. A ddrmmt Dept. 64
fcam bridge, Maaa.
Kill All Flies! "IS!"
taoad anrwbarv.ltalay Fly Kilter attract andktlfaall
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Daisy Fly Killer
old fey daaUra, ar am
bf aa . anpaid. tl.OO.
MILK and
Highest Cash Price Paid
306-308 E. Lincoln St., Wichlta.Kan.
Watson B. Co.mnt
Patent Lawyer, Washington,
1. fl. AdvlMKnd hnnki frna.
RatM reasonable. Highest references BeeiBerrUea,
Come to Montana ErSKyJftffi
for Ul and map. H. B. Abbott Do., Anaossda, Mont,
Quick Action.
June Belle Is to marry Lieutenant
' Jessica The libber 1 Only yester
day he told me that he didn't expect
to see any real fighting for six months I
Town Topics.
You will look ten years younger if you
darken your ugly, grizzly, gray hairt by
using "La Creole" Hair Dressing. Adv.
Actor's Wife Did the audience ap
pluud? Actor Applaud? They made about
as much noise as a rubber heel on a
feather mattress.
Always sure to please, Ked Cross Ball
Blue. All grocers sell it. Adv.
Strong Men.
Tolstoi could lift ISO pounds with
one hand, and when nearly sixty yenrs
of age he walked 130 miles In four days
without fatigue.
It Is told of Lincoln that he was able
to lift three times as much as an ordi
nary man.
Toe was an athlete. Lamb and De
Quincy were both great walkers.
According to Dr. llogers, Johnson,
Tennyson, Wadsworth, Browning, Gib
bon nnd I'orson were men, of great
physical powers as well as great ge
nius. . Washington was able to throw a sil
ver dollar farther than any man In
his time nnd covered 24 feet in the
broad Jump, a record which stood un
eqiialed for a century. Good Health
Golf Lingo Made Clear.
Ilenry's father was a golf enthusi
ast; therefore Henry knew all about
the game. One time he asked :
"Henry, why Is It that men who play
golf always yell 'fore' instead of 'look
out' or some such thing?"
Henry thought for a second time be
fore an Inspiration came from looking
at his young sister, who was diligently
getting her arithmetic.
"You see," he replied, "It takes too
long to yell 'toot-toot, and that sounds
eo much like 'two-two' that they just
add them together and yell 'four.' "
Everybody's Magazine.
Unimportant Military News.
Provoked to an Impatience that was
little less than monumental because of
the' ceaseless reports of unimportant
news of the enemy's doings, an Eng
lish army officer recently could restrain
himself no longer. "The enemy Is con
tinuing to fortify the coast, sir," said
the subaltern. "I don't care If they
flftyfy it," roared the officer; "it'll
make no difference." The Argonaut.
An American Prejudice.
"Is yon de citizen dat referred to
ie as a Afro-American?"
Tea. It was respectfully Intended."
"Well, I'd like yon to take It back.
I don't want to hear nuffln' bout no
designation dat's got a hyphen Into It"
Many a man who was born great
failed to die that way.
Cool Food on
a Hot Dayi
for lunch!
T Ta Don
Secretary Mohler Believes $2
Wheat Guarantee Will Help
Kansas Farmers.
Action of Senate and Council of De
fense Campaign Expected to
Have Good Effect.
Action by the United Slates Senate
In placing a $2 minimum on wheat,
means a record wheat acreage and
millions of dollars to the Kansas
farmers, according to men familiar
with agricultural conditions in this
state. J. C. Mohler, secretary of the
etate board of agriculture, declared
that in his judgment the senate action
would mean the sowing of every acre
possible with the equipment, labor
and power available in the farming
Combining the action of the senate
with the campaign of the state coun
cil of defense, Mohler believes the
state's greatest wheat acreage is cer
tain. Seed wheat is high and every
acre sown In Kansas will probably
receive the best possible care and at
tention. Reports sent, to Topeka by members
of the state council of defense indicat
ed that farmers would refuse to plant
more than a normal wheat acreage
unless the government placed a guar
anteed minimum price on their crops.
Veterans Elect. Officers elected by
the Spanish War Veterans, Kansas
Department, at the encampment ses
sion in Salina, are: L. C. Housel, Sa
lina, department commander; E. J.
Lyons, Salina, senior vice-commander;
A. D. Smith, Larned, junior vice
commander; M. G. Cockey, Salina,
physician; J. B. Stone, Fort Leaven
worth, marshal; J. W. Ozlas, Military
Home, Leavenworth, chaplain; C. W.
White, Military Home, judge advo
cate; B. S. Berry, Hutchison, judge
advocate; O. A. Faulk, Topeka, ad
jutant; H. V. Hilton, Salina, quarter
master. A resolution was passed in
dorsing the appointment of C. I. Mar
tin as brigadier general.
Farm Hand Found Dead. "Joe"
Holtscamp of Breeze, 111., was' shot
and killed west of Council Grove by
a revolver in his own hands. Holts
camp was returning from the harvest
field with a companion named Steu
ver in a wagon. Steuver says they
had stopped at a schoolhouse to rest
and he had taken the team to a near
by farmhouse to water and that he
found Holtscamp dead when he re
turned. Gave $56,000 For 400 Acres. The
highest price for a large tract of land
in the Smoky Hill River Valley was
paid recently by J. H. Bengsten of
Longmont, Col., when he gave $56,000
for four hundred acres near Linds
borg to Alfred Hawkinson. The price
was $140 an acre. The land is Im
proved. Kansas Store Patriotic. When em
ployes of a Manhattan store answer
the first call for troops it will give to
the government one major, one cap-tain-in-the-making,
one sergeant of
the national guard, one private in th5
same organization and one man in the
K. U. Vacancy Filled. The vacancy
caused by the resignation of Dr.
James Nainsmith, head of the depart
ment of physical education, has been
filled by the employment of Edward
Maurice Briggs, assistant professor of
German in the university.
Dead Near Junction City. The
body of Bert Rouse, missing for sev
eral days, was found In a thicket
along the Republican River near Junc
tion City. Acute indigestion was giv
en as the probable cause of death.
Stabbed Harvest Hand. W. Som
mers of West Plains, Mo., a harvest
hand, was probably fatally stabbed by
an I. W. W. In McPherson county. He
was brought to McPherson by Dr. L.
F. Quantius. ' a
A Pioneer Editor Dead. R. O. El
liott, founder of the Kansas Free
State, the first newspaper in Kansas,
Is dead at Lawrence. Mr. Elliott
came to Lawrence in 1854 from In
diana, and with Josiah Miller, founded
the paper devoted to make Kansas
free from slavery. The Free State
lasted until 1856, when It was de
stroyed by Southern sympathizers
controlling the state government. Mr.
Elliott was a member of the first ter
ritorial legislature, the county treas
urer and county assessor of Douglas
county. He was a member of the first
free state party reaching Lawrence
and the last survivor of this group.
Beat Kansas . Farmer. Karl Frede-
rlchs.'a wealthy farmer near Attica,
may die from head wounds received
in a dispute with an I. W. W. recently.
The I. W. W. was atop a load of hay
and knocked Frederichs down with a
pitchfork when the latter tried to
climb up to him.
May Have New Hotel. R. H. Dean,
a Kansas City hotel man, Is expected
at Eldorado to consult with the local
committee in regard to the' hotel El
dorado. Is projecting. The plans call
for a $125,1100 hotel.
The War Is Draining State of Most
of Its Best Physicians,
Say Officials.
When the United States gets Its
fullarmy over to Europe, Kansas will
be exceedingly shy of good physicians
and surgeons. Most of the first-class
doctors and surgeons will be with the
troops. Of all the professions, the
medical men are showing the most
patriotism. They are volunteering by
the hundreds, but still there is a
shortage of surgeons in the army.
Next to common soldiers surgeons are
needed In tho greatest number.
It takes private soldiers and sur
geons to win a war. The outcome
doesn't depend entirely upon the stay
at home farmers, as many of the poli
ticians are now preaching. Many of
the big surgeons of the state have not
only volunteered their services but
have offered to equip field hospitals.
Two Topeka surgeons, Dr. McCllntock
and Dr. Bowen, even offered to estab
lish and run a base hospital, but the
war department has been compelled
to reject all such patriotic otters.
It Is organizing the hospitals, both
field and base, itself, and will permit
no others to be organized in the fu
ture. Early in the war game it did
give authority to one or two sets of
surgeons to organize hospitals, but it
has now changed its policy In that re
spect. Nearly every surgeon of any
consequence In the Btate has offered
his services. The surgeons are not
so particular as to what rank they are
given. They are ready to go in most
any capacity, just so they can go and
the threatened exodus of first-class
surgeons to Europe has caused alarm.
One big Topeka hospital may close
during the war on account of losing
its surgeons and nurses engaged in
war work. It is barely possible that
the hospitals of the big cities will all
have to form a pool to take care of
the home situation during the war.
Next to medical men perhaps the
newspaper profession is furnishing
the most soldiers that is, from the
professions. The training camp at
Fort Riley is filled with newspaper
Parent-Teacher Asscciatien of State
Starts a Move for Better Movie -Picture
Plans for a state-wide campaign
for cleaner motion pictures were dis
cussed at Lansing by Mrs. J. K. Cod
ding, president of t.e Kansas state
federation of parent-teacher associa
tions; Mrs. E. R. Tenney, president
of the Kansas City, Kas., federation
of parent-teacher associations; Mrs. J.
L. Beggs, chairman of the committee
for better films of the state parent
teacher federation, and Mrs. Carl F.
White, vice chairman.
As the result of a full day confer
ence, it has been determined to en
deavor to Interest every parent-teacher
association in the state in a plan
to establish "family nights" at the
moving picture houses. Although the
scheme yet is to be developed from its
embroynic stage, the preliminary dis
cussion was based upon the probabil
ity of Friday night being the most
convenient to all concerned. How
ever, that is a mere matter of detail
and the conferees devoted themselves
to consideration of the larger ..phase
of the subject better films
Mrs." Codding, who is the wife of
the warden of the Kansas peniten
tiary, has taken an active part in wel
fare work in Kansas for many years
and she believes that the "nickel
show" is one of the very greatest in
fluences in the life and on the char
acter of the juveniles of today.
Bride Fatally Burned. Mrs. Harry
Mark, a bride of two weeks, was fa
tally burned at her home southwest
of Burlington recently while starting
a fire in the kitchen stove.
Took Swimming Dare, Drowned.'
Dared by a woman companion to swim
the Walnut river at Eldorado, C. H.
Bussey, 40 years old, started across.
He. drowned in midstream in sight of
several persons.
Wheat, $125 An Acre. A new high
record for heavy wheat yields In
Chase County this year has been
made on the farm of George Miller,
who threshed fifty-three bushels to
the acre on twelve acres. The grain
tested sixty-two pounds and was sold
for $2.36 per bushel, bringing $125 to
the acre. On the same farm a total
wheat acreage of thirty-three acres
averaged forty-nine bushels to the
One Crop Pays for Land. It is sel
dom that $50 or $60 land pays for it
self with one crop, but the high price
of wheat this year is making this pos
sible In many instances. Dr. C. O.
Pin grey of Neodesha reports a yield
of 4,402 bushels of wheat on 100 acres
south of this city, which, Pt prevail
ing prices will sell approximately for
$8,800. This is $200 more than the
farm cost him.
Wheat and Oats Good. The first
car of wheat was loaded out of Bucy
rus recently and tested sixty-three
pounds to the bushel. Wheat there
la averaging from eighteen to thirty
bushels an acre and oats forty to sev
enty. Lansing Merchant Dead. John C.
Brown, merchant, 63 years old, died
of heart disease at Lansing recently.
Mr. Brown had been clerk of the Kan
sas penitentiary for eight years pre
vious to engaging In the mercantile
but like counterfeit money the Imita
tion has not the worth of the original.
Insist on "La Creole" Hair Dressing
It's the original. Darkens your hair In
the natural way, but contains no dya.
Price $1.00. Adv.
No Improvement.
T see a Michigan contractor Is the
Inventor of a motor-driven riddle
which quickly separates sand into six
different sizes."
"I can't see thnt is getting any
where. Suppose the sugar particles
are the sume size ns the sand?"
Cutlcura Is Best Samples Free by
Mail to Anyone Anywhere.
An easy, speedy way to remove pim
ples and blackheads. Smear the affect
ed surfaces with Cutlcura Ointment.
Wash off in five minutes with Cutlcura
Soap nnd hot water, bathing some min
utes. Repeat night and 'morning. No
better toilet preparations exist.
Free sample each by mail with Book.
Address postenrd, Cutlcura, Dept. L,
Boston. Sold 'everywhere. Adv.
"Why did Cholly marry that girl?"
"He claims she ran after him."
"And he didn't know what sort of
fait to ndopt. Thought It would seem
undignllied to do a sprint."
and constant use will burn out the
scalp. Cleanse the sculp by shampoo
ing with "La Creole" Hair Dressing,
and darken, In the natural way, those
Ugly, grizzly hairs. Price, $1.00. Adv.
It sometimes happens that n man is
kept from squandering his money for
mining stock because he has none to
The average woman's Ideal hero Is
K man who will eat a cold dinner on
vrr.sh day without grumbling about It.
Set Contents 15 fluid Draofai
I i,B Mi in i n i . ... -
. . .i,1T 1 DUD flF.NT.
... .t TJ.-unlc rf
1 Thereby PromoUnfiUificsuw
Uiccrluiness ami
neither Oplum,MorpWnenor
Winerai. sui llli
Vint Smt
Ancipiuin-i""-j :,
. v. r..knncc nnU
ana rcvma"--"-
resulUni therefrwnjnanty.
facsimile Sinatureoi:
Exact Copy of Wrapper,
Very Likely.
"A buttery of tho state militia of
Utah uses wooilon horses for practice.
And they sny the men have their hands
full managing them."
"Hands full of splinters, I suppose
they mean."
To Drive Out Malaria
And Build Up The System
Take the Old Standard GROVE'S
TASTELESS chill TONIC. You know
what you are taking, as the formula is
printed on every label, showing it is
Quinine and Iron in a tasteless form. -The
Quinine drives out malaria, the Iron
builds up the system. 30 cents.
Good Work.
"Mrs. Bang, next door, says the
moths have got into her piano and are
tulnlng It"
"Iteally? Well, I'll never say an
other unkind thing about a moth."
Millions of particular women now use
ind recommend Red Cross Ball Blue. All
trocers. Adv.
The biggest man on earth began life
In a small way.
but., possessed by few a beaitlful
head of hair. If vours is streaked with
gray, or is harsh and stiff, you can re
store It to Its former beauty and lus
ter by using "La Creole" Hair Dress
ing. Price IL00. Adv.
The man who sits down and waits
for fortune to come along and smile,
n him needs a soft cushion.
When Your Eyes Need Care
Try Murine Eye Remedy
Mo Smsrtlnf Jan Ky Oomforv to emu as
Dniiiliu or malt Writ for free Brm Book.
m u ma mi umadx go., cuxoaoo
mm AV'i
It's Poor Economy to to
endure a Bad J5acK
IN these days of risin g prices, we need every ounce of strength
and the ability to do a full day's work every day. The man
or woman with weak kidneys is half crippled. Sore, aching
kidneys; lame, stiff back, headache, dizzy spells, ' a duH,
tired feeling and urinary disorders are daily sources of distress.
You can't afford to neglect kidney weakness and make it easy
for gravel, dropsy or Bright'a disease to take you. Get a box
of Doan's Kidney Pills today. They have helped thousands.
They should help you.
Personal Reports of Real Cases
Mrs. Ed Ross, 619 8. Fourth St.,
Ponca City, Okla., says: "About
two years ago I suffered severely
from kidney trouble. My hands
swelled so badly that when I
touched them It left an, imprint.
My ankles swelled badly too, and
sometimes I couldn't put my
shoes on. I hud terrible pains In
the small of my back that felt as
though something was cutting me.
Rending about Doan's Kidney
Fills I used them and they re
stored me to good health. I have
felt like a different person since."
DOAN'S .'ffiS?
Sold At AU Stores. Foster-Milburn
Castorla is a harmless substitute for Castor Oil, Paregoric, Drops
and Soothing Syrups. It is pleasant. It contains neither Opium,
Morphine nor other narcotic substance. Its age is its guarantee.
For more than thirty years it has been in constant use for the ,
relief of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhoea;
allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and by regulating tho
Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation of Food; giving
healthy and natural sleep, the ' Children's Panacea The
Mother's Friend. 1
In Use For Over 30 Years
The Kind You Have AlWays Bought
O Why not
ilt Water
me of the
hore Resorts
Low Round
Trip Farea
Dulr to Spt SOtk.
New York-Boston
How About a
Circle Tour?
"Thi Woter-Ltvel Routt" You
V StHrtMfVtfw a to drlraU trltM. wfcfc Infer
Wv f'i'r given. Apply lo ymir local unt lu
NV isMst. or lot cesnpkt t kilax mutum, tail d of
A toUM arvparattoa of ftatrn.
H.lpa to onutloato doaaraC
For JUrtariae Color aai
Baantr toGrar or Fad W Hair.
frog, and tl.qo at Drurg'.U.
C. Cole, retired farmer, 2P4 N.
Buckeye St., loin, Kun., says:
"Kor twelve years I hnd kidney
trouble and hud severe pains In
my back. Sometimes Ihoy were
so bad I was laid up unable (o
work. My condition was serious
when I happened to see Doan's
Kidney Mils advertised. I got
several boxos and they restored
me to good health, llest ol all
the cure has been permanent and
I haven't had the least sign of
kidney trouble since. I know
Doan's Kidnoy Pills enn be relied
upon to keep the kidneys In goud
Co, Buffalo, N. Y, Mfg. Chemists
Cry Fop
Atlantic Coast, New England, Adirondacks,
White and Green Mountains, Eastern
Canada and Thousand Islands.
Circle Tourj Include Nugara Falls, Boston, New York, At
lantic City, Washington and many other interesting points,
and provide rail, river, lake and ocean travel, if desired.
Can Sleep
Wa paria toll par aat for old falat taata. Doou1
natter If brokan. Bead bjr paraal post and racalTa
aback br retnro malt Hank mfnrenoe. Maaar1
Toot. Spaalaltr, UNI 8. lUlu BL, rhlladalpaia, rs
W. N. V., WICHITA, NO. 30-1917.
mtrtUm rrrftn far rmjissj V . 24 f. VY A 1 J 'wT:

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