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The Only Demociatic Paper In Meade County
Official County Paper
The residence of Dr. D. I.
Roush. A nice modern
home, well located. Must
be sold in 30 days. Easy
terms. Price $2,(00
720-acre ranch ten' miles
-from Meade and one of the
best little cattle or horse
ranches in the cpunty; living
water all the year around.
In best prospect oil region.
Easy terms. Per acre $18-
80-acre farm five miles
from Meade. Contains, by
actual surveo 56,000 tons of
fine silica. 50 acres wheat
land under cultivation and
in wheat, 20 acres in alfalfa.
Per acre $42
Firii National Bcnk Bide.
Meade Kansas
Origin of Thanksgiving
One of the oldest and best be
loved holidays in the whole year
comes to us this week oldest in
our history because the Puritan
fathers celebrated it when they
did not celebrate Christmas best
beloved because it is a holiday all
our own, typically American
through and through. Nations
all over the world cehbrate
Christmas, New Years and
Eeaster. Even our Independ
ence day has its echo in the
French July 14, but Thanksgiv
ing day is the entire property of
the American people, and per
haps this adds the extra luster
which makes it a day apart in the
heart of every citizen.
Its origin was in the farms,
where the harvest season was
closed with a day set aside for
the giving of thanks for the crops
just harvested. In reality it is
a national harvest festival, but
its meaning has come to cover
' more than just the harvest seas
on alone. Now this holiday is
accorded us for the rendition of
thanks for the - blessings oi the
entire year.
We find that during the Revo
lution the observance of this day
for giving thanks had become so
general that congress recom
mended each year a Thanksgiv
ing day. This was an annual
occurrence until the end of the
war, when a day was set aside in
1784, for rendering thanks for
the return of peace. Aga:n in
1789 Washington appointed a day
of thanksgiving for the adoption
of the Constitution.
Th weather the first of the
week was a little cool and remind
ed us all a wee bit Of winter.
Married ,
Mr. Carl El.'is, and Miss Jonh
ie Stackhouse were united in
mairiage Monday, November 19
at Dodge City Kansas. ,
Mr. Ellis is the youngest son
of Mrs. Wm. Ellis, of Fowler,
and has lived in Meade county
practically all his life, lie is
among the successful stock rais
ers of the county, and one of its
best citizens.
Miss Stackhouse is a daughter
of Mrs. George Ginder, and has
made many friends during her
short residence in Meade county.
A short time ago she made final
proof on a homestead in the
south part of the county.
Mr. and Mrs. ElHsleft immed
iately for Kansas City where
they wHI make a short stay be
fore returning to Fowler to re
side. The News joins with the many
friends of these young people in
wishing them along and happy
married life.
Hemorrhagic Septicemia
Manhattan, Kan., Nov , 28.
Many reports of death of cattle
which have been turned into
fields of sorghum, corn, and oth
er crops are. being received at
the Kansas State Agricultural
college. Deaths at this time of
year may result from one of sev
eral causes, points out Dr. R. R.
Dykstra, professor of surgery.
It has been demonstrated con
clusively that these fodders, es
pecially when frosted or stunted,
or when a second growth has
taken place, contain the elements
that form p'russic acid in the
stomach of an animal. ' If they
are consumed by an animal, death
is almost instantaneous, and,
therefore, treatment l"s seldom
of avail.
The internal administration of
large doses of ordinary molasses
has been recommended to neu
tralize some of the elements that
form the prussic acid. This
treatment is of value only before
absorption of the poison has tak
en place. As a precautionary
measure, only one or twoanimal3
usually are tnrned into a sus
pected field. If no ill results fol
low, the chances are that tte
field will be safe for the remain
der of the herd. A chemical
analysis is not practical, because
only a few stalks in a field may
be poisonous.
A common cause of death of
animals in stalk fields is an in
fectious disease known as hem
orrhagic septicemia. In its acute
form death takes place quickly,
so that in many cases the owner
observes no symptoms This
disease may be prevented by the
use of a hemorrhagic septicemic
Ticcine injected under theskir.
Such vaccines are for sale by a'l
News of Their Succets Has
Been Joyfully Received
By Meade Friends
Good news has been received
from the three Meade boys
Herbert Jones, Bernard McMeel
and Scott Lcnnen who have
been in trainingat Ft. Sheridan
for the past three months.
Messages to the relatives of
each, received Tuesday, convey
ed the news that their work had
entitled tb;m to commissions as
Second Lieutenants.
Mr. Jones arrived home Wed
nesday night and will remain un
til he is called intoactive service.
Mr. McMeel will visit his bro
ther, Dr. E. J. McMeel, who is
now in the Ambulance Corps,
Sanitary train at Camp Sherman,
Cbilocothe, Ohio, before return
ing to Meade.
Mr. Lennen willspend Thanks
giving with his father in Topeka.
All Meade rejoices with the
. The following, taken from the
Salt Lake City Tribune, will re-
11 : :j . r r -i '
tan luciuenis oi rormer aays in
Meade to the old timers:
Died Id this city, November
22, 1917, Peter E Hart, aged 68
years, at the residence, 995 South
NiDth East street. Funeral ser
vices will be held at 11:00 a. m.
Saturday November 24th from
the new fumeral chapel of Eber
W. Hall, 247 East Second South
street, Interment, Mt. Olivet will
be private.
We learn from old timers that
Mr; Hart came to Meade county
from Ohio in 1S85. He proved
up the townsite for the settlers
and was appointed mayor by the
To.vnsite company and at the
CountySeat election was elected
to that office. lie served one
term, but was defeated for the
second. He was a member of
the real estate firm of Rocky.
Hart, Dickson & Nye He left
Meade in the early VO's.
W. C. T. U.
The W. C. T. U. will have a
Hoover Supper in Martin's meat
market on Saturday evening Dec
ember 1st from 5 to 7 p. m., The
proceeds will be used to buy
comfots for the Meade county
boys who are at Camp Funston.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Blau who
live east of Meade are relating a
rather unusual experience. On
Thursday evening they drove to
Meade and upon their return
home attended to them as usual
the net morning the teacher
of the Belle Meade school, Miss
Ethel Mitchell, upon her arrival
at the school bouse, discovered
the team inside, provided with
a generous supply of hay. The
horses had been relieved of their
manesand a portion of their tails.
Ni clue to the guilty parties has
been found. '
We Will Wire Your Home
For The Price of Material Only.
Only five houses will be wired at this price and
and they must be located convenient to our lines
The offer is good only till
December 10th
ii 1 1
Other causes of death of cnttie
in stalk fields arc bloat and black
leg. Bloat may be prevented by
jperm'tting animals fo fill up n
ia:customed feed before being
! turned into the stalk field, or
ithey may be turned into the
stalk field only for a short time
I at first, and the periods gradual
ly lengthened.
After animals are once accus-
' tomed to the new feed the dang
' er of bloat is not nearly so great.
! Because bloat sometimes comes
on suddenly and may terminate
fatally in less than a half hour,
it is advisable for stockmen to
have on hand a cattle trocar, or
canula, which may be introduced
into the paunch through the up
per left flank to permit the gas
to escape. Such an instrument
may usually be purchased for
A few deaths amoni: cattle
from the above cause h;ie been
deported in Meade county.
Robt. McGaffin has closed a
deal whereby he becomes the
owner of the Peter gpecht farm
south of Meade. This isonecf
the best farms in the county and
Mr. McGaffin is fortunate in get
ting it.
Better join the Red Cross. '
800 New Members Must Be
Secured From December
16th to 24th
The Executive Committee of
the Red Cross held an important
meeting in the directors' room
of the First National Bank last
Tuesday. The object of the
meeting was to complete arrange
ments for the big Christmas
Membership drive, ordered by
the National Organization' of the
American Red Cross. This is a
drive to increase the Red Cross
membership in Meade county to
one fifth of the populotion. At
the present time the membership
numbers about 300, and in order
to make a successful drive, at
least 800 new members aiust be
Cause For High Price Cotton
Recent investigation in the use
of cotton in was show:
A 12-inch gun disposes of a
half bale of cottoa with every
shot fired; a machine gun in op
eration will use up a bale in three
minutes; in a naval battle like the
one oil Jutland over 5,000 pounds
a minute are consumed per min
ute are consumed by each active
war ship; more than 20,000 bales
a year are needed to provide ab
sorbent cotton for the wounds of
the injured; one changeof appar
el for all the troops now engaged
in the war represents more than
a million bales.
Oeo. W. Day was elected chair
man of the drive committee, and
-he will at once organize an auxil
iary in each township.
The big membership drive
commences December 16th and
ends December 24th.
j 'J FREE this biS l-fCY ririk J I
Alurniiura Set ;!;!;:: jfe rtt t If iiWV7 A 1 I AID C ; T
Mwith every Hih .mitm'imml V WUlC 5 :
" llyjlilf HlfefllF j
: 'ii I ii ih Wtel ; J Range j 1
J , i h:r- A . it heats, ;
wit i , liPw (J
- u &jf. h a .u-tr
! ,Jx K 'Mmk
' K ,um llf
I 1 StffKAC -Vfllir IMTPO
Ycu are invited to visit our salesroom on
the dates printed below to witness the unusual exhibit
p, cf the greatest fuel-saving, time-saving and labor-saving
i range ever seen in this community. One-third to one-
half fuel saving easily made. with
f Cole's High Oven Range
, Patented
:j , Besides cooking and baking it heats several
;i rooms. The own is heated and bakes with the waste
' or chimney heat of , other ranges.
Oven is shoulder high no stooping or
backaches. Oven is heated on 4 sides thus making
a perfect baking, quick oven. Remember these im
no.7h.o a. portant dates and come.
December 4th and 5th

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