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11 . , i LJi ia M , :' jm'LF i a wee:
lc Club
1st Week lc
2nd Week 2c
3rd Week J. ..3c
Increase every Week by ic
Total in 50 Weeks
The Reasons for the Club
To provide a way for those of moderate and even small means to bank their money.
To teacb "the Banking habit" to those who have never learned it.
It makes your pennies, nickels and dimes, often foolishly spent grow into dollars; dollars
grow into a fortune. Start your fortune today.
To give you a Bank connection and show you bow our Bank can be of service to you.
C. C. Wilson and wife return
ed Saturday from a three weeks
stay with relatives in Kentucky
Mrs. R. M. Judd arrived Fri
day from Washington D. C. and
expects to remain for several
The Artesian Valley Milling
Company shipped a car of Artes
ian Cream Elour to eastern mar
ket Tuesday. N
The High school football team
will play the Minneola team at
the Meade Fair Grounds Thanks
giving day.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Fuhr will
upend Thanksgiving day with
their daughter, Mrs. Joe Conwill
and family, at Pratt.
M. T. Edmondson and family
have returned from Adonis, Mis
souri, where they have Veen for
the past suveral months.
Miss Pearl McRrght, who for
the past year has been employed
at the Rock Island depot, leaves
Saturday for a month's stay with
her parents in Alexander, Louis
iana. Dr. Dickerson left Monday
for bis home in Livonia, Mis
souri after spending a few weels
with Meade county relatives and
2c Club
1st Week. 2c-
2nd Week .4c
3rd Week ..6c
Increase every Week by 2C
Total in 50 Weeks
5c Club
1st Week.. ...5c
2nd Week. ...... 10c
3rd Week ..15c
Increase every" Week by 5c
Total in 56 Weeks
Miss Margaret Dalgarn, who
has been confined to her borne
for the past several weeks, due
to an attack of typhoid fever, is
again able to be about.
Miss Rose Colgan, of LaCrpss
'Wisconsin, arrived in Meade last
Saturday and will visit for some
time who her brothers, Robert,
and William and wife. ,
Miss Jeanette Wickstrom, of
Chanute, and Miss. Faith Pugb,
of Greensburg, are spending the
week-end with Meade friends.
Both ladies taught in the Meade
schools last year.
Dr. Nealwho is now a First
Lieutenant is the Dental Reserve
Corps, was in Meade Sunday.
Dr. Neal was er.aged in busi
ness at Fowler, prior to being
called to Camp Funston.
The Meade people who attend
ed the home talent entertain
ment at Plains Friday were: Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Backe and Mrs.
R. S Smith. They seprt en
excellent program and a big at
tendance. Certain Cure For Croup
Mrs. Rose Middleton, of Green
ville, Illinois, has had experience in
the treatment of this disease. She
says, "when my children were small
my' son had croup frequently.
Chamberlain's Cough Remeds al
ways broke up the attacks immed
iately, ard I was never wiiliPuOt '
the house. ' I have taken it myself
for coughs and colds with gsod results."
10c Club
1st Week 10c
2nd Week 20c
3rd Week.. 30c
Increase every Week by loc
Total in 50 Weeks
First published November 1,1917.
By virtue :f an Order o( Sale, issued out of the
District Court of Meade county Kansas, wherein
l.inn Frazier is Plaintiff, and W. K. Ellis, and
LIzie Ellis are defendants.
I will on Saturday the 1st day f December
1917. at two o'clock t. m. at the west front door
of the Cuurt House in the City ol Meade, County
of Meade and State of Kansas, offer for sale at
public auction and sell to the highest bidder l.ir
cash in hand, all the riirht, title and interest of
the alxive named defendanu in aud to the follow
ing described real property, situated in the
Cottntv of Meade and State of Kansas, to-wit:
Lot Two (2) and the North Twenty-rive (25;
feet of Lot Four (41 in Block No. Fifty iSi ul
Hurrt it Williams Addition to the City nl Fow
ler City.
Said property is levied upon as the property of
the above named defendants and will Iw sold
without nppraisement to satisfy the plaintiff's
claim of t"o7.5o herein, and costs and accruing
costs, according to said order ol sale.
Sheriff's office, this 31st day of October l'J17.
L. G. Krisle.
Sheriff Meade County, Kansas.
Publication Notice
First Published November 2"), 1917
Department of the Interior,
U. S. Land Office at l)nde Citv, Kansas.
November 21,1917,
Notice isherely (riven that Edward H. McDon
ald, heir ol Joseph McDonald, Deceased, ol
Hutchinson, Kansas, who, on Aug., 24th, 1'iH.
made Homestead Application Herial No. 0120S",
lor N 4 NK' Section II, N4 NW'j, Section 12,
Township34s, Raiip-e 2w, ort) Principal Me.
rldian. has tiled notice of intention to make Final
Th'ee Year Proof, to establish claim to the land
above descrilied. before The Clerk of the District
Court of Meade County, Kansas, at Meade,
Kansas, on the 29th day o' December. 1917.
Ciaimunt name as witnesses:
Arthur J . Clancy, ol Uneda. Kansas,
Henry Gruemsen Jr. of Uneda. Kansas, -Herman
D. Kohlini;, of Meade Kansas,
Harry Lewis. of Meade. Kansas. ,
Not Coal Land Register.
Cftnrv tuAmAA-Jv yrO aviAj
iwk&XA A ootniotU.
our thrjstmas Banking ClOb and it is an easy way to bave money nest Christmas. The
plan is simple! You start with 10c, 5c, 2c or lc and increase with the same amount each
Or you can deposit 50 cents, $1.00, $5.00 or more each week and deposit this same
amount each week. -
How To Join
Look at the different Clubs in table below-and select the
2c, 5c, 10c, 50c, $1.00, $5.00 then come to our Bank with the
will make you a member of the Club and give you a Christmas
the Club you have joined.
50c Club
1st Week 50c
2nd Week.. .50c
3rd Week:!. 50c
Deposit 50c Every Week
Total in 50 Weeks
For Old andYoUnU Thesensb5etDDJffor all parents to do is to join our
p Christmas Banking Club and also put every member of
their family into it. This will teacb them the value of money and how to bank add HAVE
MONEY. Maybe this little start yotl give them now may some day set them up in busi
ness or buy them a borne." ' -i--:-
How often have you wished that your parents bad' taught you early the vlue of
banking your money. You would be well off today. Don't make the same mistake with
YOUR children. " . . .
Notice of Final Settlement
First published November 22, 1917.
sStale of Kansas, Meade County, ss.
In the 1'robate Court of Meaue County,
Kansas. " -
In the Matter of the Estate of W. C
O.'good, Deceased.
To all creditors of and other persons inter
ested in said estate: -You
are hereby notified that I wish to
make linal settlement of the above-stated
estate, and, having tiled my report in said
Court, I will on the 17th day of December,
1917 at the hour of ten o'clock.A. M. in the
Pr bate Court of said County; in the City of
Meade, Kansas, present said report and my
final account to said Cotitt, and also my
claim for compensation as Administrator nt
said estate, and for attorney fee and expen
ses incurted in the administration of suid
estate, and ask to be discharged; and at the
same time an application will be made to
said Court tor an order rinding and adjudg
ing who were the heirs, of the said deceased.
Dated this 19th day of November, 1917.
Louis Hoehler, Administrator.
Trkoc Marks
r'lti1 CnmiOHTtAe.
Anyone ndtnf anketrh mid dcKrrintlon ma?
Qnlckly Mreruiln our oinlun free wliotlier an
inveuttnn ! probably ruieniiihin (VniiMimra.
thmnitrictlyconOilentliil. HANDBOOK on I'niruu
vnt froA. tlldMt auciiny for Htfcurniff pali'tiii.
J'nienu taken iiroui.-l Muna A Co. rcelvi
txriul nutlet, without cbnrce. In in
Scientific Jlmcrican.
A hanrtomelf lllnnrnlod wocklf.. I,nt ctr
culnlloii of an? miemiuc Jouriml. Tortnii. ti a
tour: four moniui, 1. Bold lt all tiewtelor.
MUNN&Co.86'8"""-New York
Hrui.tb once, Utt r BU WutalDuion, I. C ,
Fall Term September 81
Agriculture, Ejtghwerisf. Dcmeitic Science,
Yjterlniry Mcditiae, Arehiiecture, Prinlin;
Pieptr&tory 1um for rtuder.U erer iixteen
. Send for e CttaltMfue
( Poi A Pra. H J. WAT'S HiA.tlii m.
$1.00 Club
Ut Week.. $1 00
2nd Week. ....$1.00
3rd Week.....$l 00
Deposit $1.00 every Week
Totjl in 50 Weeks
$5.00 Club
1st Week: $5.00
2nd Week... ..$5 00
3rd Week $5.60
Deposit $5.00 every Week
Total in 50 Weeks
.218-219 Republic Building, 10th and Walnut Sts., ,
' " . ' Kansas City, Mo.
Specialist in Chrosfc. liervcusand Private Diseases
Consultation free and confidential. No detention from business. Ta
tients at a distance successfully treated. Charges low.
SffivitirC 2!td QE6Ct Sue.cessfu1'y treated without operationA-
. no instruments no pain no danger. ( V-
Describing above diseases free at office or sent sealed'
in plain wrapper. Latest Treatment for Blood, Poison.
Hour's: 9 A. M. to 8 P. M.; Sundays and Holidays 10 lo 12 only.
WHY NOT MAKE S200. A MONTH - - That's
$50. a Week, almost $10. a Day
Belling Victor Safes and fire-proof bozel
to merchants, doctors, lawyers, dentlete and
well-to-do farmers, all of whom realize the need
of a cafe, but do not know how easy ltUtoown
one. Salesmen declare our proposition one of
the beet, clean-cut money-making opportuni
ties ever received. Without previous experi
ence YOU can duplicate,the success of others.
Our handsomely Illustrated 2U0-page catalog
will enable you to present the subject to cus
tomers in as interesting
you were piloting them through our factory.
ul1ttmii reetv mAvifm tnil Inat.Tnotfnna for
ennvinrtnff tAlkinVtwrintB whicllt la lmnosslble
don't YOU be the first to apply from your
nt can iavor only one salesman out 01 eacu
Our New Heme. CeaaoUy 10,000 Safea
u ... -,-JI. u j 1 a i - '
i -
t (
! i
! !
II. - : 1
s... ... Hrr :, -i
1 J i ' jfi-
; ' 'r wV-nN ; ,,
t : ., -,-.'.: v-i'-fk - j
one you wish to join, the lc,
first weekly payment. We
Banking Club Book showing
$2, $3, ' $'4,
any amount
m muicx ijjougn
Men appointed as
SelliniT Safes, flrivinff
for A nrosnectivn enstnmer to denv
vicinity before someone else gets the territory t
l urum ftiiuivrimr; tu uu r
company was celebrated lv
erecting the most modern safe
factory in the world. Wide
awake mea who received our
special selling inducement,
rendered itnecessary todouble
ourtutpnt. We are snenalng
many thousands of dollars eu- -larging
our sales organisation,
but to learn all particulars, II
will cost yon only tlie price of
postal card.
' Ask for Catalogue 1ST.
CnCIMTt, 0KIQ :"

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