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Completion of the New York Central'!
Four-Track Draw-Bridge Over the Har
lem nirer, and of the 3,000,000 Steel
Viaduct From 110th to 140th Htreet.
New York, Feb. 6, 1897. One of the
most remarkable feats of engineering
on record is nearlng completion, and,
beginning Thursday Feb. 11, the pas
senger entering New York from the
north will ride over one of the grand
est examples of steel railway construc
tion yet accomplished in this age of
marvelous results In that direction.
. Going south at 149th street, the tracks
of the New York Central begin to rise
gradually, and at 135th' street they
cross the Harlem river on the new
four-track steel draw-bridge, at an ele
vation of 24 feet above high tide.
This massive structure is remarka
ble In being the first four-track draw
bridge ever constructed,- and is the
largest bridge of the kind in the world.
It is 400 feet long and weighs -2,500
tons. The draw-bridge is 58 feet 6
Inches wide, from center to center of
From 138th street south the four new
tracks run over thex steel viaduct to
110th street, and 'thence by the stone
viaduct to 106th street, where they
strike the level of the present- four
track line.
The work of building this massive
structure, which is here illustrated, be
gan Sept.,1, 1893, and has continued
without cessation until now, and will
cost when completed considerably more
than $3,000,000. The completion of the
new work will permit the opening of
all cross streets under the railway and
so admit a perfectly free passage for
street traffic.
One hundred and thirty-eighth street,
which has become a great thoroughfare,
will be entirely free, as the trains
which heretofore crossed It at grade
will pass over it at an elevation that
will allow street cars and all traffic
perfect freedom. At 125th street, the
tracks will cross the street fourteen
feet above the level of the street, and at
this point a magnificent passenger sta
tion is to be built, extending from 125th
to 126th street, under the four-track
This improvement will be. of im
mense value to the entire state in fact,
to the whole country as the bridge,
being so high above the water, will
never have to be opened, exeept when
large steamers or vessels with masts
and out of the city, the important
through trains as well as the principal
suburban trains arriving and depart
ing during those hours. This will
avoid delays, whloh have ' been, at
times, very annoying, and permit of
much faster service than could have
he.cn mnintnlrmri under the old ar
rangements; and, as speed Is one oAh
principal factors in travel in this age,
this feature will prove an important
Quite a number of the great improve
menta which have recently been mad
in the northern part of the city can
be seen from the trains as they pass
over the new viaduct Among them
are Grant's tomb, St. Luke's hospital
and the buildings of Barnard college
and Columbia college on Morningsldc
Heights, and very soon the grand
structure of the Cathedral of St. John
the Divine will be observed., Further
north, and on the west side of the
Harlem river, the now famous speed
way Is under construction and ap
proaching completion; the magnificent
High bridge, Washington bridge, Mc
Comb's dam bridge and the viaduct
leading to It, from the north, are works
of art as well as of great utility, un
der which the trains pass, and on the
right may be seen the buildings of the
University of the city of New York,
Webb's Sailor's Home, and hundreds
End View of the New York Central's new four-track steel draw-bridge over the Harlem River at 135th Street,
Greater New York. The largest stra-iture of its kind in the world.
Side view of the new four-track steel draw-bridge over the Harlem River.
outside trusses, and is carried on three
, very heavy trusses. Between the cen
tral and each of the two side trusses
Is a clear space of 26 feet, which per
mits the passage of two sets of double
tracks. The floor is corrugated and the
rails are bolted to it on steel tie-plates.
The trusses of the draw-bridge span
are 64 feet, high in the center and 25
feet high at each end. At the highest
part of these trusses is situated the
engine-house, Which contains two
oscillating double-cylinder engines,
which turn the draw, and can be
worked together or separately,' so that
if one should break down at any time
the other can do the work.
have to pass through; all tugs, canal
boats, barges, etc., will have ample
room to go unde rthe bridge while it is
The Harlem river, having been de
clared by congress a ship canal,' the
secretary of war has issued orders that
all tugs and barges shall joint their
smoke-stacks and flag-poles, to enable
them to pass under the bridge while it
is closed. He 'has also ordered that
the bridge, shall not be opened between
the hours of seven and ten o'clock in
the morning, and four and seven in
the afternoon; except for police, fire or
government vessels, the hours named
covering the great business traffic in
of other new buildings of less impor
tance. North of the Harlem river, on
the Harlem division, is Bronx park,
which is to contain the great botanical
gardens and zoological gardens of
Greater New York, and within a few
years this portion of the city will of
fer attractions which will be unsur
passed in their character by any city
in the world.
Greater New York, which is 19 miles
wide by 35 miles long, certainly offers
the tourist and seeker after knowledge
or pleasure more Inducements than any
other American city, and few cities in
Europe can equal it
And Borne of Them Were Born Uefore
Columbui Discovered America.
The great register of Alameda coun
ty, which is considered the true and
official index to the age and height
of the male residents of this city,
contains some remarkable information
concerning well-known citizens, says
the San Francisco Examiner. County
Clerk Frank C. Jordan prepared the
iwork, and he has been highly compli
mented for the excellent production
that gives full information about the
electors. Since the register has been on
the market circus freak managers and
dime museum runners have been look
ing lovingly in this direction in the
hope of securing profitable sideshow
attractions. They have read the great
register. It is shown by that document
that prominent citizens attain a great
height and live for centuries. The
oldest man in Alameda county, accord
ing to the register, is William Allen, a
carpenter Hvihg in the Second Ward,
who has 'attained the age of 776 years,
John W. Alexander, a traveling man,
is 405 years old and 11 feet high. Then
there is George H. Allen, who used to
be deputy recorder. He is apparently
a young man, but in this register he
is 326 years old and only 2 feet high.
John O. Cadman, the San Francisco
insurance man and great gunshot,
would never be recognized by his
friends from his official description, for
lie is registered 355 years and 9V4 feet
in height. There are scores of others
who ara a the official liat-
Wants to Find Her Brother.
While unpacking a sample order of
chinaware Germany the other
day, Frank C. Young, a Second street
importer, discovered a blue envelope
tucked away in a vase. On opening it
a letter written in German was dis
closed. Being an expert German schol
ar, Mr. Young translated the missive,
which read as follows: "To whom it
may concern: My brother, William
Bletzner, left Carlsbad, Germany, two
years ago, for America, where he in
tended to engage in the china busi
ness. After , a short time his cdrre
spondence abruptly ended and after
that all our letters were returned un
claimed. I am a packer in a china
house and have been placing these
notes in every order to America in
hopes that they might be seen by my
brother or some one that knows him.
Trusting that the person who ' finds
this will convey any Information which
would aid me, I remain, very truly,
Cora Bletzner, Carlsbad, Germany."
Philadelphia Record.
Sarcasm is a rhetorical flower con
cealing a bee.
It disgusts us to see others doing the
foolish things we do.
Every man who has g reat faith has
great power for good.
An investment in knowledge always
pays the best interest
No man was ever converted while
nursing an aching tooth.
Work Done by the Jesuits In . South
The pioneers of civilization in South
America were the Jesuits, says Llppln
cott's. Although their Influence Id
many respects may not always have
been what was most conducive to the
prosperity of the new settlement, yet
their mode of treating the natives was
more humane and their plan for the
development and progress of the coun
try more advanced than any other at
tempts, of that period. They sought to
establish a permanent home for their
sect with a wealth and splendor that
would equal that of the old world and
their work was characterized bv tjiti-
dence, industry and wisdom. Other
settlers came only as fortune-huntinr
adventurers to enslave the natives, pil
lage the country and then return to
their own land with ill-gotten gains.
Monuments of the Jesuits still remain
in churches, aqueducts, cities in min
and the history of 100 prosperous mis
sions; from the Amazon .to Brazil's
southern borders we sea their at
The aqueducts of Rio de Janeiro, the
hundred churches of. Bahia, the stone
water dams on the rivers of Govux.
the crumbling ruins of almost every
state of Brazil tell of the Jesuit occu
pation. Other settlers of that
left almost nothing behind them; their
mission was to destroy, tear down and
drive out the only element nf
country had, that they might establish
the rejga of terror, slavery and rapine
that cursed the country so long.
A "poison guard" may be had in tho
drug stores. It consists of a little
wooden ball with a chain attached. It
Is to bo fastened to the neck of the
bottle and serves to call attention to
the fact that the contents are danger
ous, or only to be used enternally.
It is not true according to a cable
dispatch, but Queen Victoria has be
come a total abstainer. At her two
o'clock dinner she takes a glass of weak
Scotch whisky, and in the evening sips
a little wine.
When Mr. Dingley was graduated
from Dartmouth college the suit he
wore on the auspicious occasion was a
black broadcloth suit and the trousers
were almost more than skin tight It
came from the fashionable tailor's shop
in the little town of Hanover and the
fashionable tailor was Levi Morton,
since yico ' president ' of the United
States. - -
Tho Scottish people were the Scotl,
the prehistoric invaders cf Ireland.
They ore supposed to have been either
Germans or Slanonians. Ireland was
called Seotin from the fourth to the
tenth century. In the reign of Henry
II.,-1154, it began to be called Ireland.
The Scot! also settled Scotland and
there retained their original designa
tion. '
Twins In Size, Shape and ActW.ty,
Tills Is what those Important II tie org ins, the
kidneys are wnon hcnl'hy. In (Unorder they may
d.Q'or In all three particulars. Disease usually
dustroys theci successfully, not simultaneously,
and one may be etive, wnilo tho other Is simi
pnralyzed. Giro to both a healthful impulse,
without exciting them, with Hostettor's Stomach
Hitters, which tor. stiills such dreadful maladies
as ttrlitbt's diBcnne and diabetes. Use the Bit
tors, a I i-o, for malarial, bilious, rheumatic., nerv
ous, bowel aud kkluey trouble. ,
Sig. Marconi, whose use of the eleo
trc-static system in telegraphy has
created extraordinary interest in Eng
land, is some years under 30. He is
the pupil and protege of a prominent
Italian electrician, and took his inven
tion to England to sell it there as in
the best market.
The town of Uuingamp, France,
which has about 10,000 inhabitants,
has not a trace of the cotton cloth man
ufactory which gave its name to the
fabric once the staple product.
Mrs. Wlnslow's (toothing Syrup
, For children toetlilnfr.floftenii the (rums.reduces Inflam
atiuu, allays pain, cures wind colic 25 cents a bolUe,
If the day is cold and the animal is
heated, put on two dlankcts, no matter
if he does not stand long. It may be
long enough to ruin him.
The total production of distilled spir
its in 18U0 in the United States was 1)2,-
l.r1,G."i0 gallons, of which Illinois fur
nished nearly one-third.
Pope was distinguished by a velvet
cap, wig and sword, while Buffon al
ways wore his hair in curl papers
while sitting at his desk.
Far seeing horseme a are breeding all
their well-bred mares. Prices are like
ly to go up, for the supply in sight is
Coea Cough Hulaam
la the oldest and hest. It will break np a cold qnlckei
man anyuung- eisc jt is always reliable. Try 1U
The average annual hop crop of
Washington is 50,000 bales. The aver-
ape wheat product is 15,000,000 bush
A few e.tia two and three-year-old
steers sold at $35 per head recently in
Bee county, Texas.
The Columbia, Tenn., Democrat an
nounces the sale of 850 mules at an av
erage of $06.06.
P'T8 stopped Ireland permanently cured. Noflfs
i uoy nan oi I iv. ivune'M ivreat nerve
Mirr. i- ree trial home anu treatise.
fcoud to Du. Klikk. 101 Arch St., Philadelphia. Fa
In Africa and India 85,000 elephants
were killed last year, yielding over 900
tons of ivorv.
The get of Allerton won $0,000 last
year and were placed in 42 races.
W.T i,Lfi tab flaM. 7 J
Love has a
long way to
go to reacli
the heart of
the modern
up - to - date
young man.
When i
looks for a vnc,
be expects i
rood deal. Prob
ably he expects
more than be de
serves. He wants good
looks, good sense,
(rood nature, good
health. They usually go together.
An observinir man learns that a woman
who is physically weak and nervous and in
capable, is likely to be ill-natured too. The
sweetest temper in ruined by continual
A woman whose nerves are constantly
racked and dragged by debilitating drains
and inflammation, cannot be a genial com
panion or happy wife ; and she is totally
unfitted to be a motner.
These troubles prevail almost universally
among women largely because of careless
ness and neglect. There is no real need of
them. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is
positive specific for the weaknesses anc
diseases of the feminine organism.
i It cures them radically and completely.
It heals, strengthens and purifies. It is the
only scientific remedy devised for this spe
cial purpose by an educated, skilled physi
cian. It is the only medicine that makes
motherhood easy and absolutely safe.
Miss Lauretta McNees. of Reno (P. O. Box 713V
Washoe Co., Ner., writes: " I hare discontinued
taking the 'Prescription' and will not take
any mere (at present). Last rasnth I hsd no
fiain at all and worked every day without any
nconvenience whatever. It was the first time
I sever bad pain during that ptriod, I cannot
say too muck for votir medicines, especially
the 'Fsvcrite Prescription and 'Pleasant Fel
lets.' I know of a laAj who took on bottle of
your Favorite Prescription ' and she ears she
was not sick like she was with her first baby.
This was her second baby. She thinks it a
grand medicine. So do L"
Dr. Pierce has had a life-time of experi
ence in this particular field. His 1000-page
illustrated boek, "The People's Common
Sense Medical Adviser" contains several
chapters devoted to woman's special physiology-
A paper-bound copy will be sent free
on receipt of 31 one-cent stamps to pay the
cost of mailing only. Address, World's Dis
pensary Medical Association, Buffalo, N. V.
For cloth-bound copy send 31 stamps. j
The Poles were first called such in
the tenth century. Pale-land was set
tled by a branc h of the Slavonic family
and made a duchy in 550. 1 Its history,
as a nation, ceased in 1705, with Stan
islas II., the kingdom being' divided
between Russia, Prussia and Austria.
Marquis De Moncalm, the last male
representative of the family of tho de
fender of Quebec, died recently in
France. lie transmitted his name and
title by legal process of an -adopted
We hope to sell 1,000,000 packages
Golden Rind Watermelon, the most
wonderful freak of nature smooth,
shiny, yellow rind, crimson flesh, deli
cious! It's sensational. Took 500 first
prizes in 1896. You must have It to be
in the swim., Melons go like wild fire
at $1.00 apiece. We paid $300 for one
melon! $100 prizes for earliest melon
ripened In 189G in 41 days. Lots of
money made in earliest vegetables.
Salzer's seeds produce them. Thirty
five earliest sorts, postpaid, $1.00.
Bend This Notice and IS Cents for a
Package of Golden Rind and won
derful seed book, 146 big pages, to John
A. Salzer.Seed Co., La Crosse, Wis.
The extraction of tannic acid from
the common Eaw palmetto found grow
ing abnndantly in Florida, which con
tains 11 or 13 per cent of it, in a recent
ly established Southern Industry.
Washington D. C. stseet cars may
now be propelled at the rate of twelve
miles an hour, the commissioners hav
ing issued an order to that effect last
How's This:
'We offer One Hundred Dollars reward
for any case of catarrh that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, a
We, tho undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and llnanclally able to carry
out any obligations made by their firm.
West & Xruux, Wholesale DruKKlats, To
ledo, O.
Waldlng, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, 'loledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken Internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mu
cous surfaces of the system. Testimo
nials sent free. Prico 75c per bottle. Sold
by all druggists.
Hall's Family PI1H nre the best.
Diderot once traveled from St. Pet
ersburg to Paris in a morning grown
and nightcap and in this guise prome
naded the streets of the town on his
Fiso's Cure for Consumption is the only
cough medicine used in my houxe. I). C.
Albright, Mifflinburg, Pa., Dec. 11, '05.
The pike, says Bacon, is the only fish
that has been known to live over 200
Cascarets stimulate liver, kidneys ai d
bowels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe, 10c.
Vienna policemen must be telegraph
eri. Japan has one trolley line.
A Boston Liographer of the younger
Salvini soys: yKo dark corners lurked
in his character, which may be summed
up In a single word lovable. He was
tho most, delightful and sympathetic
of companions, the best of hosts, kind,
courteous and considerate."
Joseph Strode, of Strode's Mills', Mif
flin county, Pa., has been postmaster
at that place since 1845. His picture
was on exhibitibn at the post office
department's exhibit in the world's
Over 401,000 cureri. Why not let No-To-itao
regulate or remove your desire for tobacco.
Mives money, makes health and n.anliood.
Cure g'uurantced, 60c and 1 1. 00, all druggists.
Voltaire was fond of magnificent at
tire and usually dressed in an absurd
Wren billions or costive, eat a Cfiscaret,'
candy cathartic, cure guaranteed, 10c, 25c
Arizona Indians are buying bicycles.
"It will go
away after awhile."
That's what people say when
advised to take something to
Cure that cough.
Have you ever noticed that
the cough that goes away after
awhile takes the cougher along ?
And he doesn't come back
Cherry Pectoral
Cures Coughs
Examination and Advice as to Patentability of In
vention. Bend for "Inventors' fluido, or How toUetft
Patent." O'FARRELL & SON. Watihinpton, O.
rd by U. S. Oov.'r, for Its prevention anil enn1; 10 Ins,
witli formula, SI. 00; foi inula, fioc. Slumps taken
Dr. Huzclton, 821 W. DouKlas Arc., Wichita, Kan.
SWEET potatoes:
" BBSS'" on l.ti.-ru- Kn .1
Sent out to
bo sprollted
on shares. No exnerk-neo T
quired. Directions for Hni-mitlngfrce with order.
Address T. .1. MKIXKKit, Columban, Kau.
Wl WtWMCliredlalOteSODiiTS. Nl'jttll
Cared. DR. J.L.6TEPHENS.UXlAS03,oaiO.
piTCUTP 20years experience. Rend sketehtora
l.llLnld. vii-e. (L lHane,l:iiK prm. ex;imAl'-r U.S.
faLOUluei Deaas a Weaver, llcOill Uliltf.,tv tli.D.O.
ud WHISKY ''" ""'
If nfflteted with
sum eybs. usa
Thompson's Eya Water.
W. N. U.-WICHITA.-NO. 8.-I3&7.
When answering- advertisements
please mention this paper.
I pke rust on poIl8hed metal ft!EU.RALG!A !
2 Blights and Crimps the Nervous System.
Like oil on rust Q-fc, jaCObS Oil
, removes the blight and cures the pain. 1
Walter Baker & Co.'s
Breakfast Cocoa.
Because it is absolutely pure.
Because it is not made by the so-called Dutch Process In
which chemicals are used.
Because beans of the finest quality are used.
Because it is made by a method which preserves unimpaired I
me exquisite naiurai navor ana ocior ot ttie Deans.
Because it is the most economical, costing less than orte cent
a cup.
Be sure thst you (ret the genuine article mode by WALTER
dauck x w, &.iu., LOTcncBicr, mass. ESUDIIsnea I7HU.
Extra- for Lying.
Mother Clara, I
don't like .tha
Huggard coming here bo
Old Maid (to messenger) Give htn
the . letter and if he aska you who Beiv
It, Just say "a beautiful young lady.'
Messenger I shall charge you 1
centa more for that
Clara (who likes Huggard, but wish
es to give her mother a different opin
ion) Yes; I'm always glad when tha
time comes for him to go.
Clara's Brother Yes, and I know)
why, too!
Cfara (sharply) And why, Mft.
Clara's Brother Because be alwayf
kisses you good-by at the front door!-
mi V, , lain
IRSQT.TiTOT.Y GUIBIIITrTn eof emutlpsrloa. fsscarefs sr the Idesl Lsxs-X
ADOUbUlLLI UUlnAflltLUtlr.seTerJSTiierrTipltesssj7stsrslrsuljr bml
lsd aoktst tn. 11. KTTRM50 REMEDY CO., Chleatro, Moatretl. Ob., or New lork.

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