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The Chanute times. (Chanute, Kan.) 1897-1913, June 25, 1897, Image 4

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C. S. NATION, Editor and Prop.
FRIDAY, JUNE 2$, 1897.
The appointment of Dr. Pllcher to
be superintendent of the reform sciioo
at Winfleld has been hung up till the
the next meeting of the board.
There are a number of oftlccs hi Ne
oslio county which will become vacant
In January unless some of our states
men conclude to ask for them. Who
is willing to mako the sacrifice?
We have been trying without suo
cess, to find an old fashioned "rcfor
mer" who had cut loose from the old
parties, because they were "both cor
ruptone as bad as the otner.
If the dods and democrats (?) fuse In
Kansas, and it is necessary to call a
delegate convention on what will the
democrats base their call for tue ais
tribution of delegates? They had no
ticket In the field last year.
The rain Saturday night and Sunday
morning wasoneof the heaviestof the
season and the farmers who are willing
to nut their shoulders to the wheel and
help make "that wave" are rejoicing;
the croakers seem disheartnea.
EdC. Little thinks Missouri has
hogged Kansas out of a strip of land
one-half mile wide, running from the
mouth of the Kaw River to the Terri
tory line. If Ed secures this strip of
ground, it will throw the Union aepoi
at Kansas City, Mo., into Kansas.
Since horses, cattle, corn, wheat and
in fact almost every article a farmer
has to sell has gone up, the reformers
are beginning to admit that times are
better, but some of them insinuate
that the Leedy administration has
had more to do .with bringing about
the result than the election of Mc
Kinley. Last week the pops declared
that the weather would ruin the
corn and flax crop. Now that we have
had bountiful rains, they assert that
the outlook is favorable for big crops,
but that the price will be so low that
no one will be able to make any money.
This is all folderal; every man who fed
his corn to hogs or cattle last wear got
from 25 to 40c per bushel for it.
The pops are making a great bluff
about firing L. D. Lewelllng from the
board of railroad commissioners; they
will never do it; Lewelllng seems to
have some unsavory record during the
last session of the legislature, but the
other fellow dare not squeal on him.
Lewelllng is as good as the other re
form leaders, and will be allowed to
draw his salary as u railroad com
missioncr for two years.
The pops and democrats in Kansas
are trying to fuse ou county officers
and will succeed if the division of
spoils can be agreed on. We would
suggest that.as there were not enough
democratic votes cast in Kansas to
give a democrat a place on the ticket
at ail, under uur present ballot law,
the alleged democrats be given coroner
and surveyor as their reasonable share
of the swag. These offl'.-es seem to
be about the size of the democrat
party in Kansas.
Lieut. Gov. Woodrutf, of New York
said in a speech to a board of trade
last week, that although the popula
tion of this country is 20,000,000 more
than it was eighteen years ago, there
are fewer persons out of work now than
then.- The Troy Times says the as
sertion is true in that city, as anyone
can see who looks at the streets with
"their well-filled street cars, their fast
succeeding bicycles, and their nicely
dressed and plump-faced pedes
trians. "Globe-Democrat.
Mr. Bryan is about to make his sec
ond visit to the state since the elec
tion. During the campaign he would
not come at all, and his friends insis
ted that it was because he considered
the state safe for him and would not
waste valuable time here. By the
same line of reasoning, his frequent
visits now would indicate that he con
siders the state is slipping from his
grasp. And he is right. If Mr. Bryan
should visit us every month until the
next election.he could notsave Kansas
to the pop party. Topeka Capital.
E. V. Debs has a scheme to form all
the labor organizations in the country
into one gigantic concern with him
self at the head. He also wants a new
political party to be the Social Demo
cratic party. In view of the fact that
the half dozen or more democratic
parties are hardly on speaking terms,
it seems meet and proper that should
another one be organized, it make an
effort to be a little more sociable and
if there is anything in a name, the
Social Democratic party ought tp suc
ceedjust like the rest have done.
The appointment or C'y Leiand to be
pension agent at Topeka is meeting
with approval from the soldier ele
ment of Kansas. Cy Leiand wore the
blue for four years, and understands
the meaning of the word comrade.
Tom anderson had a big petit ion ask
ing that he have the place, and any
other representative soldier republi
can putting forth the same effort
could have had as big a one. It is all
bosh that any one man lias a cinch on
any particular place. Tom Anderson
has a job with the Rock Island people
and his work shows him to bo emi
nently fitted for the place, while the
course he has pursued since Leland's
appointment shows him to be a very
ordinary politlcan. Better stick to
your Job with the Rock Jsland.Tom.
It has been discovered that when
the "Omnibus" bill passed the Senate,
repealing a number of sections of the
statutes which were supposed to be ob
solete, that some sections were repeal
ed, which provided for holding the
terms of district court In a number
of districts and the judges of these
districts to know whether to go ahead'
or not. Judge Skidnxue of t he Chero
kee-Montgomery district has con'
eluded he has no right to hold court,
and has adjourned. Wonder what
else this conglomeration or misfits got
mixed upon. The chances are that
they should be excused however, for
if they tell the truth, they wore kept
so busy keeping away from Boyd.lut
cher and others of their pop friends
who were trying to buy them, that
they had little time for the consider
atini of business.
"Where is that wave of prosperity?"
shout the pops. With the same pro
priety might be asked, where is that
wave of dire calamity that the pops
predicted would strike the country a
broad-sider if McKinley was elected?
One pop is reported to have said dur
ing the campaign that if McKinley
was elected, ho was going home to
shoulder his gun, Another is reported
to have said he didn't want to live to
see McKinley iuaugcrated president.
All over our land and almost on every
hand are evidences of prosperity. In
dustries are springing up. manufac
turing establishments are resuming
work and collections are easies. The
car of indnstry is pushing ahead. If
a chunk of prosperity as big as the
pyramids of Egypt was to strike a pop
he would still howl calamity because
it has become his second nature to
howl. He draws his Inspirations from
the misfortunes of others, and he
stands on the ruins of his fellow man
howls calamity till the atmosphere
turns blue and the heavens above and
the earth below echo his dismal moan.
Walnut Eagle.
market Gardening.
As years pass and the people be
come more and more convinced that
boom times are not likely to occur
again, they are beginning to look at
matters in a more serious manner, and
those who are studying the situation
are beginning to realize the fact that
booms almost always hurt rather thau
help the people as a whole. The facts
are that booms simply means sudden
udward tendencies In prices unt il they
reach Imaginary rather thau real val
ues. When farm land gets so high in
price that the owner's share of the
crop will not yield him a fair interest
on his Investments, it is too high.
One of the troubles with Kansas is
the craze of platting too much proper
ty adjacent to town into town lots;afew
lots will be sold, some cottages erected
and a lot of ground that ought to raise
a crop be removed from the channels
of business and be thrown out as a
common and be of no value to anyone.
It Is a mistaken idea that a lot of peo
ple getting together and forming
themselves into a corporation makes a
good town; they must have something
to do to make a living; when ever so
many merchants get into a town as to
prevent any of them from making
money.there are too many merchants;
whenever there are more laboring
mon in town than there is work, there
are too many laborers. What a town
wants is employment for its inhabi
tants; it must get some manufactories
and not ship its raw materials away.
Chanute is all right, but could just
as well double its population if there
was something for the other 4.000 peo
ple to do. Ninety per cent, of all the
(lour used in Chanute is shipped in.
The wheat from which it is ground Is
first shipped out and the consumer
pays the freight both ways, besides
laboring men at Ottawa, Topeka or
Lawrence get a living out of it. Why
can't Chanute have a first class grist
mill that will grind the flour we use
and give the men employment instead
of shipping this important' product
from other points?
The same maybe said of canned
fruits; a canning factory could certain
ly do well here. I f farmers liad ready
sale at a fair price for berries and
fruits, more would be raised. The
farmer who has a few cows, a few
chickens and a few acres of berrie scan
live if his corn fails. We need smaller
farms and better farming.
r Spirit Confesses.
1 W. II. Rehfus, of Kansas City,
confessed one clay this week that he
had been playing spirit at the senaces
for a man named Stewart; when more
than one spirit was needed, his wife,
or hired girl, or both were called into
the game. Many of the Kansas City
people, some of 'whom are credited
with a fair amount of intelligence,
have been duped into contributing
money to get a chance to taik to their
dearleparted.- .spiritualism nas oeen
exposed in all sorts of ways, yet there
still seems to be pient7 or people win
ing to be duped.
FirBt published in the Times May 28, 1WI7.J
In the District Court of Neosho County, Knn-
J. J. Hurt, Receiver of Oniley' Rank of Clin
tutus Kansas, Plaintiff,
J. B Lawrence, Miuwio V. Luwrenoo, D. K.
Morvy, W. C. Venters, The Armour Packing
Compnny, Tho I. Staddou Grocery. Company,
Kunico Smith.The Chanute BuildiiiR and Loan
Association, and the Burlington National
Bank of Burlington, Kansas, Defendants.
TJY virtun of an order of sale tome directed and
and delivered, issued out of the Seventh Ju
dicial District Court of the Statu of Kansas, sit
ting In and for Neosho County in said St:ito, I
will on the 2fth day of June, A. P., 18117, at the
hour of 10 o'clock a. m. of said day nt'the court
honse door in Erie in the County and State afore
said, offer at public salo and sell to the highest
bidder for ensh in hand, the following described
reol Iproierty situated in Neosho, County,
Kansas, to-wit: The undivided one-third of
lot twenty-four 24 in block fifteen 15 in Jones
4th addition to the City of Chanute as per re
corded plat thereof ;also the undivided one-third
of lots seven 7 and eight 8 in block eighteen
IS in the towu of New Chicago (now included
in the City of Chanute) as per recorded plat of
niil town :tha undivided one-linlf of lot seven 71
in block four 4 in Jones' 2nd addition to the
City of Chanute as per recorded plat thereof ;
nlan the undivided one-hulf of lot thirteen flit
in block twenty-four :21 in said town of New
Chicago ; also tho undivided one-third of lots
one; 11 two 2 and the north half of three
(3) in block thirteen (IS) in tho town of Tioga
Oinw included in tho City of Chnnute) as per re
corded pint theroof.nlso lots one,(l) two (2) and
tlm east half of lot throe (3) in block four (4) in
Jones' 2nd addition to said City of Chanute ; al
so tho undivided one-half of lots two (2) and
three (3) in block two (2) in Benedict's addition
to the City of Chanute, as per recorded
plat thereof, with all the appurtenancos,
and all the estate, title and interest of
said partios therein. Said property to be
sold as cominnndid by tho said order
of sale, and in pursuauco of the Judgment in the
above entitled cuuse.
Given umier my handlthis 21th day of May,
1H97. C. F. Pbanoe.
Sheriff of Neosho County, Kansas.
(First published in the Times Friday Juno IP.)
Notice of Appoinimcxit of Adminisiratars.
In the Probate Court in and for Said County.
otice is hereby given that the undersigned
1 was on tho Dth day of June A. D. 1M)7, by the
Probate Court, appointed administrator of the
estate of AlexuudnrAllison decensed.lnte of said
County and State. All persons indebted to the
estate are', requested to make immediate pay
ment; and those having claims against tho
same will present them, duly authenticated, to
the undersigned for allowance.
Dated June 9th A. D., 1x97. 7-0.
c H CO
( 2 3 hH
i o HH
1 1 Ml P An
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prevailing idea
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The First National Bank,
of Chanute, Kansas, at Chanute, in the State of Kansas, at the
close of business, May 23, 1897.
Ixmns and discount '.l!?'fi
Overdrafts, wcured and un.-vcured .T'f-r
U. 8. blinds to secure circulation Il.Wi.t W
Stocks, securities, etc , .
HimkiiiK house, furniture and fixtures ll1"' w
Other reul estate and morttfnKei) owned ,his uu
Checks and cash items J
Due from approved reserve agent -
Notes of other national banks itS Ui
Fractional pajier currency, nickels and cents HI
Specie....' 1.I9P'
IeKal tender notes 15,S(M UI
Redemption fund with U. S. Treasury. per cent of circulation .VTJ .VI :il,X0S 30
Capital stock paid in t .),( W
Surplus fund J J)
Due to state banks and bankers
Undivided profits less expenses a nd taxes paid H.6M W
National bank notes outstanding. ... V.iM Ok)
Due to other National Ranks lw l(l
Individual deposit subject to check t (M.022 S7
Time certiilcates of deposit .' KM" M HAg
State of Kansas, County of Neosho, ss:
I, D. M. Kennedy, cashier of the above named bank, do solemnly sweiir that the above state
ment is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. D .M. KENNEDY. Cashier.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 2Kb day of May, 17.
My commission expires January 4, 1
CorrecV-Atfest. J. J. HiKT, Notary' Public
K. N. Allen, )
V. Thahp, Director.
A.N.Allen. )
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