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At Least, Only Kind Young Broker
Knew Anything About.
A -young broker in Iloston, while vis
iting a certain household In the Hub
not long ago, encountered a number
ot young women graduates whose con
versation suddenly turned to a dis
cussion of the development of the
English novel.
The dealer In stocks and bonds
speedily found himself "out of it."
Presently, during a lull, one young
woman asked him:
"What do you think of Fielding, Mr.
"Oh, fielding is important, of course,"
quickly responded the broker, "but
it isn't worth much unless you've got
good pitchers and men who can hit
the ball." Harper's Weekly.
Suffered Torments from Birth In
Frightful Condition Got No Help
Until Cuticura Cured Him.
"I had an Itching, tormenting ecze
ma ever since I came Into the world,
and I am now a man 55 years old.
I tried all kinds of medicines I heard
of, but found no relief. . I was truly
In a frightful condition. At last
broke out all over with red and white
boils, which kept growing until they
were as big as walnuts, causing great
pain and misery, but I kept from
scratching as well as I could. I was
so run down that I could hardly do
my work. I used Cuticura Soap, Oint
ment, Resolvent, and Pills for about
eight months, and I can truthfully say
I am cured. Hale Bordwell, Tipton,
la., Aug. 17, 1907."
"I cheerfully endorse the above tes
timonial. It is the truth. I know Mr.
Bordwell and know the condition he
was In. Nelson R. Burnett, Tipton, la."
The String to It.
"Why did you refuse me just now,
dear?" said he.
"I wanted to see how you would
act," said she.
"But I might have gone without
waiting for an explanation," Enid he.
"I had locked the door," said she.
Harper's Weekly.
FTPfl. HI. Vltua Doner- nnrt Ni-rvnna Plsrnocs par.
nmnvnllycMirrd by lr Klino's(lr?ut Nerv Ki'tilurrr.
K..H.I fi r KKKK fc.ttl trial tiolllri nml trvallw. ilr.
H. U. Kline, lxl., U..1 ArWiSlroeU Flilladilrjliis, !.
A man must stand erect, not be kept
erect by others. Marcus Auvelius.
IVTrs. TVInslnw's Soothtn Syrup.
Tor rbllflren torthtiix, aoftena the puma, reduces to
!UiiuUiU.luu,lUytili(tlu, curat wludcoUi:. llscabuula
The best workman is he who loves
Ms work. T. T. Lynch.
If bo, use lied Crow Hull lilue. It will make
them white as allow. ot. package 5 cents.
Greatness and goodness are
means, but ends. Coleridge.
Cleanses tKe System Effect
ually; Dispels Colds amlHead
lies Jug to Constipation;
Acts naturally, acts Truly as
Dost forMcnumpn ond Child-ren-ytmn
and Old.
f J -J- "II L- -Clt. i.
io gei us JienpjicialJjjjecls
illwovs buy the Genuine vkicH
litis the jull name of the Com
Jit Syrup Co.
by vhm it is manufactured , printed on the
front of ?vry package,
one sue only, regular price SOfwbollla.
XT. T.. nooelM tnalcts ana sells ma
mn' 3.od and 63.60 shoes than any
otlirr manufactnrvr In the world, be
rinie Ihey hold their shape, tit bettor,
and wear long-er thaa any other make,
tkwt it (II (Men, for Etry Member af ttie
Family, Men, Ben. Women, Mitta k CMIlrea
W I Dnji M h M OIK E4f null
be touted at ray pile, w. L Doiim 1 .K aaa
rf Color l4 CsMf ,B-fM4rTy.
KT-1'nks Mo ftuteatUute. V. 1.. DeufflftB
itir. &nd pnte le Btmmped on totlom. Sel-1
evrrrtirre. Shore mailril frorn (aclurj le auy
rnn or 11) worl-i. Cattilorv fret.
. U DOUGLAS. It; Sperk St.. BrecVtee. Km.
it is found only oh
made ir
PR Oct 5 3.
A Brief Review of the Happenings of a Week Condensed Into
Paragraph for our Busy Readers
Burned by Exploding Fruit Jar.
Mrs. Charles Conrad, of Salina, was
terribly burned " while canning fruit
by the explosion of the fruit can. The
hot contents of the can and hot seal
ing wax were thrown Into her face
and eyes and she may lose her eye
Ate Ice Cream and Died. The 3-
year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. James
Margarell of Holton, died suddenly
after eating two dishes of ice cream.
The child was ill only twenty min
utes. Investigation showed that there
was no poison in the Ice cream, and
the physicians are at a loss to knoAv
the cause of death.
Shoots Wife for Burglar. Mistak
ing his wife, who had got up to close
a window, for a burglar, George Par
ker of Harper shot her dead. The bul
let severed the jugular vein. Mrs.
Parker, hearing rain, had gotten up
to close the window. Her husband
awakened by the noise of the falling
window, called, and getting no an
swer, fired.
Killed by Acetylene Explosion.
Charles Williams, of Wichita, was
killed by the explosion of an acety
lene gas machlno which he was re
charging. He lighted a match whilo
working with the plant. The explo
sion was terrific, partially wrecking
the house and stratling the entire
neighborhood. Williams's skull was
broken wide open.
Whitlow Held on Perjury Charge.
Samuel F. Whitlow of Iola, was held
for trial in the district court on the
charge of perjury in connection with
testimony he gave at tho two coron
er's inquests inquiring into the death
of May Sapp last September. Hi
case will be called at tho September
term of court. He gave bond in the
Bum of $500 for his appearance at
that time.
Kansas Boy Arrested In Germany. I
An Illustration of the strict method
pursued by the German government
was given a few weeks ago when
Adolph Fahnauer, a Leavenworth boy
who went to visit relatives in a small
town near Berlin, was arrested tho
moment he alighted from the (rain.
He is charged with being a native ot
Germany, and with having left that
country without serving the prescrib
ed three years In the army.
He Wants $20,000 Damages. .1. R.
Roberts, of Altamont, has brought
suit against the Missouri Pacific rail
way for $20,000 personal damages
sustained while traveling on the Mis
souri Pacific In Wilson county. Tho
aleged injury was received at La
Fount alne, where Roberts Bays he was
thrown to the depot platform. Rou
ts was a candidate for congressman
on the prohibition ticket two years
ago and this year ran for state sena
tor on the same ticket.
Draws on Banks for $410,584. Slalo
Auditor Nation has made an estimate
of the amount of money needed for
stale expenses for the coming mouth
and drafts were mailed out to th.
banks for collection. The total "draw"
Is $U0,r,g, which is 45 per cent of
the total amount belonging to the
state on hand in the different coun
ties. The total amount on hand Is
$83:i,G93. There has not been a "draw"
since April 17, when the total was
$2S5,14. Tho fees from the different
departments which have been turned
luto the general fund since that time
have been sufficient to meet all ex
penses. The insurance department
turned in a total of $230,065 and the
fees from all other departments for
the year amounted to $203,024.
Otto Stallard Granted Parole. Otto
Stellar J, the Sedan, Kansas, banker
has been paroled. It was decided to
publish the fact of his application for
one month In Chautauqua county. Not
a single protest was sent in. Stallard
used the bank's funds to speculate.
After his defalcation was discovered
he managed to pay back considerable
of the shortage and stated that he
intended to pay It all back and only
wanted a few years to do it In.
One Vote Makes Them Candidates.
The clerk of Atchison county re
cently wrote a letter to Attorney
General Jackson asking If the law re
quired the names of persons who re
celped only one vote In the recent
primary election to be printed on the
official pallot. Mr. Jackson's reply
to the letter was received by the clerk
a few days ago. The attorney general
said that the law makes no provi
sions that would keep the names of
such candidates off the official bal
lot. "It may be a joke, as the nom
ination of many candidates is," wrote
Mr. Jackson, "but the people have
spoken and their voice is supreme
and must be respected."
Girl Drowned While Wading. Edilh
Elder, the 15-year-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. John Elder of I.lncolnville,
was drowned in Spring liver whll.i
wading with three girl companions.
An Entire Block Burned in Palco.
A twenty-five thousand dollar Ore vis
ited Palco, consuming an entire block.
A strong wind prevailed most of the
time and for more than an hour the
whole town seemed doomed-. The he-
role work of citizen with buckets
eventually extinguished tho flame.
The oriel a of the fir U a mystery. ' .
Official Voto of Primary.
Mow is published the complete of-i
ficial vote cast at tho primary of all
the candidates for state officers and
for United States senator:
Justice Supreme Court : Republi
can Benson, S8.223; Mason, 85,541;
Smith. 74.179: West, 46,484. Demo
cratic-1-Helm, 27,909; Pickering, 30,
93G; Kossiter, 20,028; Sapp, 21,401.
Socialist McMillan, 2,235; Mitchell,
2,204; Wiltse, 2,182. Prohibition
Shaw, G19; Werner, 6G4; Williams, 6G3.
Governor: Republican Leland, 52,
325; Stubbs, 70,981. Democratic
Rotkin, 21,288; Harrison, 7,992; Ryan,
13,319. Socialist Hibner, 2,310. Pro
hibitionHope, 707.
Lieutenant Governor: Republican
Fitzgerald, 109,008. Democratic
McMillan, 40,551. Socialist Porter.
2,302. Prohibition Evers, 701.
Secretary ot State: Republican
Denton, 108,080. Democratic Kem
per, 40,128. Socialist Curry, 2,305.
Prohibition Avery, 712.
State Auditor: Republican Na
tion, 107,053. Democratic Epplnger,
39,050. Socialist Welch, 2,310. Pro
hibitionKennedy, 698.
Slate Treasurer: Republican Tul
ley, 107,014. Democratic Marshall,
39,981. Socialist Barrett, 2,291. Pro
hibition Volkland, 719.
Attorney General: Republican-
Jackson, 83,066; Williams, 33,026.
Democratic Freerks, 23,807; Meeks,
16,608. Socialist Crossjey, 2,307. Pro
hibition Wolle, 697.
Slate Superintendent: Republican
Falrchlld, 107.8G4. Democratic
Burton, 38,991. Socialist Brewer,
2,299. Prohibition Carpenter, G99.
Superintendent ot Insurance: Re
publican Barnes, 105,856. Democrat
is Belisle, 38,893. Socialist Lutschg
2.2S6. Prohibition Ousler, 081.
State Printer: Republican Austin,
37,705; McNeal, 51,470; Reld, 22,348.
Democrat Ic Cobb, 23,197; Hudson,
16,550. Socialist Firestone, 2,262.
Prohibition Carruth, C92.
Railroad Commissioners: Republi
can Kanavel, 90,671; Ryan, 98,297;
Ryker, 92,930. Democratic Ayrea,
27,832; Fields, 27,152; Howard, 27,282;
JlcVey, 12,668; Riddle, 17,227. Social
ist Beedy, 2,238; Moore, 2,201; Whit
comb, 2,207. Prohibition Benson,
675; Laird, 649; Roelfs, 651.
United States Senator: Republi
can Bristow, 63,115; Long, 56,839.
Democratic Farrelly, 39,4-17. Social
ist Smith, 2,212. Prohibition
Shuuse, G53.
Negro College at Coffeyville. Cof
foyvillo Is to have a negro college,
which will be patterned after Booker
T. Washington's school at Tuskegee,
Ala. A site has been purchased and
nearly $50,000 has already been sub
scribed toward a school building.
Shot by Tramp; Dies of Wound.
Elmer C. Helvly of Argentine, died
at tho Santa Fe hospital in Ottawa,
the result of a gun wound made by
an unknown tramp wlu was stealing
a ride on tho train of which Helvly
was bnikeman. Ileivly tried to eject
the tramp.
Murder in State Asylum. J. L.
Bartly, a helpless paralytic, was mur
dered hi the insane ward in the state
hospital at Topeka by J. Wallze, an
inmate in an adjoining ward, with out
cause. Bartly lay in bed with a mos
quito .netting over him and while the
atleiulant sleped from the room for
a moment, Waltzo secured the net
ting and wrapped it around the par
alytic's neck, choking him to death.
Wultze made no denial fo the crlim.
nor did he attempt to flee, appearing
utterly indifferent.
Patents Issued for School Land.
The total number of patents Issued
for school land by the State Land
department for the year ending July
1 was 448 and this number of pat
ents represents a total of 81,231.60
acres of land and a total Income to
the Rtate of $196,336.74. All of this
land brought less than 'hree dollars
an acre. There are still thousands
of acres of school land In the stats
nnd the number of patents Issued
next year will probably be Just as
great as in the past year.
Body Found in the Road. "Tim"
Bacon, who has been a resident of
Saline county since 1870, was found
dead by Hobson Swallow, a farmer
living near Bavaria. The body was
found at the crossroads nine miles
west of Salina and, one and a half
miles north of Bavaria. Bacon had
been in Salina and it Is believed that
he fell from his wagon while driving
home and broke his neck. Coroner
Seitz, Under Sheriff Heck and Deputy
County Attorney Litowich were noti
ced and after viewing the body and
questioning the neighbors, decided
that no Inquest was necessary.
Killed by Threshing Machine.
tauis Klerfele, of Hop, who was
crushed some time ago between a
separator and a threshing engine, died
Irom the result of Ms Injuries.
Lett Leg Under Train. A young
man named Ed Huntley, 20 years ot
age, received an Injury at Alta Vista
that caused the amputation of his
right limb at the knee joint. It seems
that the young man was attempting
to board a through freight, and la
seme way slipped and was pulled un
der the train and his limb crushed. .
Buying paint used to bo like the
proverbial buying of a "pig in a
poke." Mixtures in which chalk,
ground rock, etc., predominated were
marked and sold as "Pure White
Lead," the deception not being ap
parent until tho paint and the paint
ing were paid for. This deception is
still practiced, but we have learned to
expose it easily.
National Lead Company, the larg
est makers of genuine Pure White
Lead, realizing the injustice that was
being done to both property owners
and honest paint manufacturers, set
about to make paint buying safe.
They first adopted a trade mark, the
now famous "Dutch-Boy Painter," and
put this trademark, as a guaranty of
purity, on every package of their
White Lead. They then sot about
familiarizing the public with the
blow-pipe test by which the purity
and genuineness of White Lead may
be determined, and furnished a blow
pipe free to every one who would
write them for It. This action wa3 In
itself a guaranty of the purity of Na
tional Lead Company's White Lead.
As tho result of this open dealing
the paint buyer to-day has only him
self to blame If he Is defrauded. For
test outfit and valuable boo'.det on
painting, address National Lead Com
pany, Woodbridge Bldg., New York.
A wise man is apt to know when he
has enough before he gets it.
1e Allen's FotKaKn
Ctirp&tlrrd.Hcliinii, bwi'titin f,.t. 'Em. Trial packago
tree. A. S. Olmbloil, U-ll.jj , N. Y.
Miles of Human Hair.
The average woman carries 50 miles
of hair on her head. v
Clear white clotliPR nre a pipn tlint the
housekeeper uses Red Cross Ball Blue.
Large 2 oz. package, fl cents.
A Westernized Proverb.
Out In Nevada It is said that they
change the old adage "Death loves a
shining mark" to "Death loves a min
ing shark." Western Christian Advo
cate. Her Reserved Seat.
It was raining and the car was sop
ping wet. Most of the passengers
stood, but there are always excep
tions. One big pink man with a snowy
beard defied rheumatism and wet
cloth by plumping himself down on
one of the drippy seats. His presum
able wife, with a laughing explanation
that she was tired, seated herself in
his lap. And when the conductor
came along to collect fares she in
quired, with the earnestness of one
who seeks knowledge:
"Do I have to pay extra for a re
served seat?"
The conductor spoke no words that
could go resounding down the corri
dors of time. He just grinned, and
the passengers grinned with him.
One Secret "Tootsie" Surely Never
Would Pass Along.
"John, love," said the young wife,
"you oughtn't to have any secrets from
'"Well, Tootsie?"
"You go to lodge meetings, and you
never tell me anything about them."
"They wouldn't interest you, dear.
I don't mind giving you the password,
though, if you'll promise never to dis
close it to n living soul."
"I'll promise never to tell it to any
body." "Remember it's to be repeated only
once and very rapidly."
"I'll remember. What is it?"
"What? Please say it again, a lit
tle slower."
"Have you forgotten the conditions
already? I said 'only once and very
rapidly.' "
(Tearful pause.)
"0, dear! 1 wish you hadn't told
me!" "
Restored Hope and Confidence.
After several years of Indigestion
and Its attendant evil Influence on the
mind, it Is not very surprising that
one finally loses faith in things gen
erally. A N. Y. woman writes au Interesting
letter. She says:
"Three years ago I suffered from
an attack of peritonitis which left me
in a most miserable condition. For
over two years I suffered from nerv
ousness, weak heart, shortness of
breath, could not sleep, etc.
"My appetite was ravenous, but I
felt starved all the time. I had plenty
of food but It did not nourish me
because of Intestinal Indigestion. Med
ical treatment did not seem to help,
I got discouraged, stopped medicine
and did not care much whether I lived
or died.
"One day a friend asked me why I
didn't try Grape-Nuts, stop drinking
coSfee, and use Postum. I had lost
faith In everything, but to please my
friends I began to use both and soon
became very fond of them.
"It wasn't long before I got some
strength, felt a decided change in my
system, hope sprang up In my heart
and slowly but surely 1 got better. I
could sleep very well, the constant
craving for food ceased and I have
better health now than before the at
tack of peritonitis.
"My husband and I are still using
Grape-Nuts and Postum." "There's a
Name given by Postum Co., Battle
Creek, Mich. Read, "The Road to
Wellville," in pkgs.
Ever read the above letter? A new
one appears from time to time. They
are genuine, true, and full of human
AVegefable Preparation for As
similating Hie Food and Regula
ting the Stomachs and Bowels of
Lit "
Promotes Digestion,Chccrful
nessandRcst.Contains neither
Opium .Morphine nor Mineral
Not Narcotic.
Rtapt tfOIUDrSAHl'EimCfEK
MxStnna faktlll Salts -Anist
St J
ftpptmiitl -itftrionafStdtt
Warm Srtd -Caritd
WinkrgrnH Flavor
A perfect Remedy forConslipa-
tion. Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea,
Worms .Convulsions .Fevcrish-
ness and LOSS OF bLEEP
Facsimile Signature of
The Centaur Company,
Guaranteed under the Fuodaniy
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
Smoking Car Just the One Old Woman
Was Looking For.
"Madam," said the brakoman as the
train stopped at a village station and
a little old woman started to enter
the smoking car, "the car back is the
one you want."
"How do you know?" lie tartly
"Because this is the smoking car."
She pushed past him and climbed
up the steps, and after taking a seat
she pulled out and filled a pipe, struck
a match on tho sole of her sdwe, and
after drawing a few puffs she said to
a man smoking a cigar across the
"That young feller out there don't
know half as much as he thinks he
"How so?" was rsked.
"He took me for an old woman that
had never roje on the cars before, and
told mo this was the smoking car."
"And you wanted this car?"
"Why, I never ride In any other
not unless my pipe is broke, my to
bacco all out and none o' you men
folks will lend me a cigar."
The Girl Yes, Willie, I think we'd
better call our engagement off!
The Boy Why, Genevieve?
The Girl Well, I'm just thlnkln
that any man that can sit with his
back to a girl, fishin' for four hours,
ain't very much in love!
Fine Y. M. C. A. Building Planned.
A Young Men's Christian Associa
tion building that cost to build and
equip more thau a million dollars is
to be opened in Philadelphia this fall,
with Walter M. Wood of Chicago in
charge as secretary. An effort is to be
made to recruit the membership to
4,000, so that the largest possible
number of boys may have the bene
fits of the new structure. Phlladel
phians are proudly pointing to the
eight-story building in Arch street as
one of the three finest Young Men's
Christian Association homes in the
world, the other two being the
Twenty-third street branch, In New
York, and the central building in Chi
cago. Only when a girl has a man where
he must face tho parson with her or
pose as the defendant in a breach-of
promise suit will she admit that she
has corns.
Tnke llw- Old Klandard GHOVKrt 1 AXTKI.KHd
1 1111,1, TONIC'. Tun know w hat jron are tukimr.
TIM) formula le pletnlr primeil on ererj btlii,
elKiwlOK 1Mb Bimplr Quinine and Iron In a UblflPBa
form, and the most effectual form, e'or grown
peufcie and children. Mc.
The Long Climb.
It Is said that a man' begins to go
down hill at 40, but a good many peo
ple find that the up-hill climb begins
at that age.
Your Druggist Will Tell You
That Murine Kye Remedv Cure. Eyes,
Makes Weak Eyes Stmnir. TJoemi't Smart,
hoothc Kye Pain and Mil for 60c.
The more cause one has for loss of
patience the more reason there is for
holding it Sinclair.
r JieasT-eaJ DB1 TltOOKTOa: I M!KXJ -
For Infants end Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Thirty Years
tx eem-Aua oompanv. new Toan
The Gumpot Well, you fellows can
say what you like about the editor.
For my part, I always stick up for him.
And sometimes a man gets married'
in order to have some one believe his
If you or some member of your family
were taken suddenly to-right with Diar
rhoea, Dysentery. Flux, Cholera Morbus,
or Cholera Infantum, would you be pre
pared to check it?
Every home should have a supply of
Blackberry Balsam
It is a most reliable remedy for all loose con
ditions of the bowels. All drug-gists sell it.
Positively cured by
these Little Pills.
Thpy also relieve Dls
treaBfromDyHpepala.In digest lou and Too Hearty
Ealing. A perfect rem
edy for Dlzxlness, Nau
sea, Drowaine4, Bad
Taste In the Month, Coat
ed Tongue, Pnln In the
They regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable.
Genuine Must Bear
Fac-Simile Signature
Keeps the breath, teeth, mouth and body
antiseptically clean and free from un
healthy germ-life and disagreeable odor,
which water, soap and tooth preparations
alone cannot do. A
germicidal, diain
fecttna and deodor
izing toilet requisite Fr-j)j
ui cxccpiiunai ex
cellence and econ
omy. Invaluable
for inflamed eyes,
throat and natal and
uterine catarrh. At
drug and toilet
stores, 50 cents, or
by mail postpaid.
Urge Trial Sample
with "MiaiTH ana ati
Broom Corn Shippers
or Broom Corn Associations
Correspond with us. We
want Broom Corn.
100 South Water Straet,
Quick Answer.
W. N. U, WICHITA, NO. 35, 1908.
o oai si. KltM
a FOR TRU km Tbmtik b Irru
Kbm9 Cjty. Wo.
Bears the f.
Kgnatae Jw
utv eoea bcnt rate

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