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$1,00 pkk Year.
VOL 4ft NO. 27
McCune Drug Store, Wall Paper, House, Barn and Carriage Paints. Phone 828, Street No. Ill W. Main
1 :'
J F Jersezs Store
Robbed Monday
Front of the Store Smashed in
and the Thieves Then
Helped Themselves.
The gun and notion store of J. F.
Jersezy was thoroughly burglarised
Monday morning. The robbery was
evidently committed between five
and six o'clock that morning. Mr
Jersezy, contrary to his usual cus
torn, had left his winpows full o
valuable goods over Sunday and i
was too much of a temptation fo
somebody. The thief or thieves as
the case may be, smashed both the
windows and then all he had to do
was to use his best judgment in se
lecting goods and raking them into
a grip. Whoever it was used good
discrimination in making his selec
tions, though in his hurry he over
looked a couple of high priced re
volvers that were handy. He
dropped one revolver on the side
walk that was picked up by :
Mr. Tersezv figures his loss at
from 1 150 to $oo, consisting main
ly of revolvers, watches and rings
There was plenty more valuable
merchandise in reach but the carry
ing capacity of the thief seemed
limited. Mr. Jersezy is effering a
reward of I50 for the capture of
the thief and return of the property
Since the robbery was committed so
near daylight, the thief had but
short start and it looks like he
should be caught.
' The weather Sunday was ideal
and many took advantage of it to
visit the river and creeks in order to
locate a fine fishing spot for future
pleasure. The road leading to the
east river bridge was crowded with
people throughout the day and many
rode out that we saw walking back.
Guess the sun was too hot for rid
ing. Wes Phillips reported every
thing lovely for something doing in
the bass line in the near future, and
Wes is a mighty good guesser along
that line. At Allen's lake north of
town, one man whose name we will
not mention, did no good with the
heok and line, but seeing a ten
pounder swimming around in the
shallow water jumped in after him
but the fish only gave him a good
cold water bath and winked the
other eye and went swimming off.
Clay Edwards was selected to
represent Chanute in declamation
in the contest with the Parsons high
school to be held here March 22
His selectton was "Connor" the
storv of an Irishman in America
who had made sufficient money to
send home for his wife and children
only to have his money stolen
When Connor finally earns more
money he sends for his family but
th Hi of the cholera on board
ship and the shock brings about his
own death.
Mrs M. N. Dice aod Root. Wooten
of Fredonla returned home Saturday
after Laving attended a surprise
birthday dinner on Mrs. Anna Offen
baker od Friday. Mrs. Wooten Is a
cousin and Mrs. Dice, the mother of
Mrs. Offeobaker. A sister of the
latter, Mrs. Lizzie Harrison of Iola,
was also here for the reunion.
Contract Let
vuuuvii iu aujuutuu uittuiig
Monday evening awarded the con
iraci ror tne construction or main
sewer No. 3 in the north part of the
i-nir a 11 Li wic uuucv iu 111c same iu
same to
B. J. Schulte for a total of $8686 24
for the three sections. The other
Chanute contractors competing for
the work were C. O. Boyce and
Perry Taylor. Five bids from out
of town contractors were considered.
According to-the previous action
of the council the advertisement for
the bids required that they be sub-
mitted in three divisions. The first
part called for the construction of
the outlet which extends from the
intersection of bast Chestnut street
and North Ashby avenue to the
manhole where main sewers 1 and
2 connect with the main sewer out-
let of the city. The second section
as planned extends west from the
beginning of the outlet to Forest
avenue, and the third Is the sewer
to be laid west of Forest.
Schulte's bid was 69 cents per
foot in section 1, 67 cents in section
2, and I1.04 in section 3. He made
the same price for all sizes of drain
tile in a given section. He added
a rider to his bid which stipulated
that he was to receive all or none of
the contract. Ihe division of the
construction work into three sec
tions had been determined by the
council with the idea that the con-
tract might possibly be divided
between contractors.
The council in their discussion
or me oinerent Dias sougnt to at-
vide the contract so as to secure a
lower price for the city than offered
by Schulte. Boyce's bid of 663
cents on section made him the
low man for that division amount-
ing to $ 1836. 66. Perry Taylor's
bid of 87 cents on section 2
amounted $SS93 97- Hl hid for
section 3 was 85 cents, fi.09 and
Ii.ii respectively for the lengths
of 12, 10 and 8 inch tile for which
the city engineer's specifications
called. His total bid for section 3
was $42 12. 16 which was the lowest
for this division.
The total of Boyce's bid on
section 1 and Taylor's for 2 and 3
was 59642. 79 which thus was yet
956.55 higher than that of Schulte
to whom the
council awarded the
Our Chanute basket ball tam
made a good fight at Lawrence,
beat three teams but got beat by
the Reno club in the final, score
being 15 to 17.
The girls after playing three con
test games were not in very good
eh.no tn meet their old rivals of
last year and the year before.
tit t . 1 . i
vve are .n.ormeo mac mrcc o.
Our girls were SUtterlng Wltn
sprained ankles received in the
other games and were really not in
shape to play the final.
Guess it would be well simply to
. r '
say we cot Deat tnis time duc win
lick era next time. Our girls have
held the championship now for two
years and it could not be expected
that there would not be a turn in
the road some time. They have won
two out of three from the Reno
girls so they should be rec-gnized
as the test team in the state if they
did make a little slip this year.
Miss Edna F Her and John Ewen
both of Drb? 4 were married Friday
afternoon by 'Rev. Chambers of
Earlton al the borne of the groom's
grandparents Mr. and Mrs. A, II.
Hellman In Earlton. They went
Immediately to their home on Mr.
Ewen's large and well equipped farm
near Urbana, Botb bride and ttroom
are natives of Neosho county and are
well and favorably known by many
people In their bome community.
Seeks Co-Oocration
1 j
- in rvOaCl Uraggingi
AutQ Qub Committee Wilf
. , , 0.
1 aiK witn rarmers ana
Township Officers.
"Put Chanute in the center of
the best system of dragged roads in
Southeastern Kansas" was the sen-
timent of the members of Good
Roads committee of the Chanute
Auto Club in their conference with
the chairman, Dr. T. R. Edwards
Thursday evening. H. H. McCall,
W. W. Gardner. F. B. Burris and
Watson Stewart who have special
supervision of the work in the
different directions discussed plans
together. E. A. Colaw a member
of the committee who lives south-
east of town phoned in to be
counted for the work though he
I could not get in for the meeting
The committeemen plan at once
to get in touch with the township
trustees, road overseers and farmer
friends in their respective districts
to ascertain the extent of the
cooperation which may be secured.
A state law obligates the road over
seers to designate certain main lines
of road on which they shall hire
dragging at the rate of 50 cents a
mile for single and 75 cents a mile
for double draggihg. The maxi
mUm expense per year for such
draeeine is however to be ? and
$7 respectively
As some farmers are willing to
drag roads if a drag is furnished
thenv the Auto Club will be ready
to finish the drag provided the
work ' done is upon a mile or more
of continuous dragged road. The
committeeman or some autoist
designated by him would inspect
the work done after each rkin
Not only is the Club willing to
furnish the drag but also to pay
the men who drag the roads in ad-
dition to what they receive fram
the county provided the farmers
truly cooperate.
The Auto Cluh feels that onnA
roads are a distinct advantage to
the farmers who drive buggies and
wagons and to the business men
who profit by the easier access to
Chanute. The committee prefers
to pay a flat rate for dragging a
certain amount of road throughout
the years at times when the roads
are in a proper condition,
arrangements would thus be
tually by contract but they would
necessarily be largely made through
the road overseers.
The plan contemplates having;
the roads dragged to the north
county line, to Shaw, near to
Thayer, and towards Rest and Buf-
idiuvu wai, uui always Willi
tt,m .
... ... . 1
towns and beyond which are reach
ed by the main lines- Furthermore
tlip townsliln offipre tnnof moof Via
, ... . t
committee half way in its projects
if a continuous system of good
roads Is to be secured.
The Auto Club committee plans
to meet with the similar committee
of the Commercial Club to plan
for enlisting actively the merchants
of Chanute. The latter are to be
asked to offer merchandise prizes
to create an emulation for the best
dragged miles of road in the
different directions.
Another firm got rich and quit.
Messrs. Roswall and Hambright
have sold their Variety Store to Mr.
Nethaway and son of Belton, Mo.
who have taken charge. The Neth
aways are very pleasant people and
we wish them success.
- We understand Messrs. Roswall
and Hambright will not rush away
from Chanute.
Examinations For
Common Schools
Dates and Place of Holding
Are Announced by Super
intendent Willis.
County Superintendent W. R.
Willis has set Friday and Saturday,
April 5th and 6th as the time for
holding the regular common school
examinations this year, . As the
questions have not yet been re
ceived from the state superintend
ent, the arrangement of the branches
can not yet be given.
It is recommended that no pupil
be admitted to the examination who
shall have not finished the eighth
or ninth grade work; provided that
the seventh grade pupils may be
admitted to tne examination in
reading and physiology. An
average grade of 75 per cent, with
no grade below 63 per cent shall be
required for graduation. Agricul
ture and both reading and classics
shall be required for graduation.
In order to ;e:eive a diploma,
pupils jvho pass the examination
will be required to take part in the
graduating exercises, which will be
arranged later, and to pay the
usual fee of $1. For the examina
tion itself a fee of 25 cents will be
required of each applicant, which
fee is to be retained by the exam
iners to be used in payment of any
expenses that may be incurred.
Pupils may attend the examina
tion neare.st them, especially if
they live in one township and
attend school in ..another. The
schoolhouses in which the examina
tiocs will be conducted, and the
teachers who will be in charge,
which are the nearest to Chanute
are announced by superintendent
Willis as follows: Neosho Valley,
Hazsl Gough and Ira D. Mollet;
Ear'.ton, E. E. O'Connor and Kate
Hogan; Big Creek, Charley Martin
and Mrs. J. M. Hand; Snaw, Jennie
j Adamson and C. S. Nation; Thayer,
OliE. Breuer and Myrtle Cjnrad:
an( Galesburg, Z. A. Eiton and
Brookie M. Chrisman.
Approximately one hundred aDd
flfty People enj iyed the bacquet and
! reception accorded by the membership
or lDe b Biptist church Sat.
evening In the church parlors to their
new pastor, W, W. Searcy aud family.
w. ra. uray presided as toastmaster
at the excellent two course luncheon
which was served In the attractively
decorated rooms. Rev. A. H, Coffield
returned thanks Responses were
' made by other pastors of the city who
j were able to be present, as follows
I ITl. T 1 I . T"J - i I -1 1 1
Rev. 0- A. Wilson; "The Pastor's
Relation tn Ynimu Psnnli." Rp w
M. Berkeley; "The Pastor's Relation
to the community," Rev. L. G.
Fonrler. A musical number was
given by a male quartet composed of
Clark Dickinson, Mr. Gardner, Jus
tice James, and J. L. Dodson, The
benediction was pronounced by Rev.
J, E, Bayless. ,
Chanute city has bought 1,000 elm
trees to set out In Its parks. They
are to be eight feet In height and
will cost 1300 or 30c each. The elm Is
far superior as a shade tree to any
thing that grows Id Kansas or is
adapted to our climate, soil and
natural conditions. The Citizen has
been an advocate of the elm for more
than thirty years, from the day Fre
donla was young and small, and its
publisher has always individually fa
vored this tree, The Chanute au
thorities have made the right selec
tion. Wilson County Citizen.
G. H. Brooks who Is employed with
the Santa Fe at Newton visited at
home Sunday,
Bank to Buy Park Bond Issue
The bid the First National
.Bank of Chanute, the only local
bidder, was accepted by the
council Monday evening over that
of eleven bond companies for the
purchase of the 25,000 issue of
bonds authorized for the purpose of
purchasing and improving two park
sites by the vote of the citizens of
Chanute in January. The bank's
offer was 19-16 percent premium
or $390,625. 1
This bid was not the highest sub
milted but was accepted by the
council after considerable dis
cussion pro and con on the ground
that there was much less danger of
delay in doing business with local
parties or that negotiations would be
held up through misunderstandings
or technicalities. The question
whether the outside companies
understood the requirement that
the 20 year bonds might be paid
after 10 yean entered into the con.
sideration. A motion to accept the
bid of L, D. Laning of Kansas City
for a premium of - $476 was
eventually voted down for these
causes. A motion to reject all bids
was also made at one time. The
bids ranged in amount of premium
from $312.50 to $597 50, The
bids were submitted by Chicago
firms and one from Toledo, Ohio
as well as from Kansas City.
The city in accepting the bid of
the local bank will be to the expense
of the printing of the bonds between
$30 and $40. The bond ordinance
which is to be introduced on first
reading next Monday will include
the requirement that the purchaser
pay the accrued interest on the
bonds from their date or February 1.
When the bonds are properly signed
by the city's representatives and
registered with the state auditor the
city should immediately receive the
purchase price as agreed.
A pleasant social aud banquet
was held by the membership of the
Presbyterian church Christian En
deavor society in the church parlors
Monday evening. The occasion
was planned by the lookout and
social committees to increase in.
terest in the society work. C... P.
Traxel presided as toastmaster and
called upon others present for re
sponses as follows: '.The Business
Man and Christian Endeavor,"
Bodle; "St. Patrick, Rev. C. A.
Wilson; "Efficiency In our Society"
Miss Bess Johnson. Greetings
from the Methodist church young
people and from the Christian En
deavor society of the Christian
church were given respectively by
Frank Wickstrom and P. E. Taylor.
Judge J. W, Finley on Monday
gave a decision upholding the city
in the case of Dr. J, J. Means for
violation of the city ordinance in
regard to the payment of road tax
which had been appealed from the
police court to the district court.
The case had been argued before
him by the attorneys a few weeks
ago. Judge Finley gave his de.
cision on the ground that the state
statute did not necessarily require
an ordinance. He granted a stay
of execution for ten days and it is
understood thai the defendant wiil
ask for a rehearing of the case.
T. A. Casey who has cLarge of the
bridge construction work of the J. E.
Wear Construction Co. of St Louis
was In Chanute on business Friday,
lie stated that bis company has the
contract for the construction of the
trolley between (Joffeyvllle and Par
sons via Altamont. He maintained
the larger company might be able to
extenilts service to Chanute ben it
bad built 50 miles of trolley acd thus
was able to float Its bonds. Mr.
Casey formerly lived at Walnut.
Sunday Was a Day
of Drunks Here
The Whiskey Demon Seemed
to be Loose Seven or Eight
Victims Are in Limbo.
From some cause deamon alcohol
seemed to break out afre.h Sundiy.
We do not know wheTher the bright
sunshine had the effect of thawing
out the latent Devil in the hearts of
man or had the effect of livening up
the activities of the imps of his
satanic majesty who make it a busi
ness to peddle Hell broth to poor
week mortals, any way the glorious
bright Lordsday was desecrated by
the cursing and ribald talk of the
The police got busy and brought
in seven of the poor deluded men
who either can't control their ap
petites or think it makes men of
them to make fools of themselves.
Personally we never could under
stand why men do these things, but
we suppose they get a great deal of
fun out of it and think the little
matter of lying in jail anight or
two and putting up $8 or $9 is cheap.
The offenders were cailed up be
fore Police Judge Wilfong and
took their medicine. W. M. Sher
man $5.00 and $3.00 costs. Mr.
Shei man is a Smelter man. Everet
Bowers $5.00 and $3.00 costs. For
est Allen $5.00 and $3.00 cos's. Mr.
Allen works for the Brick and Tile
Co. Ben Wrestler $5.00 and $3.00
costs. Mr. Wrestler lives . in the
country northeast of the city. The
others were three Mexicans who
were taken in the east part of town.
They had to wait for an interpreter
F. C. Warren, president of the Cha
nute Commercial Club, has announced
the committee chairmen and mem
bers as follows: Finance, A. N. Allen,
S, F. Wade, Chase W. Brown; enter
tainment, T. R. Johns, B. H. Grlfrsby,
Chaa. Larrlck; conyentlon, Bea L3vy,
T. F. Morrison, C. C. Martin; Insur
ance, S. J. Bailejr publicity. Herbert
Cavaness, E. P. Burris, Fred Alexan
der; civic Improvement, Hugh Far
ielly, D. W Loy, R. U. McCune;
membership, W, M. Gray, W. F,
Allen, Mark Gibson; good road-, R,
N. Allen, C. S. Nation, F. K B idley;
Industrial, J H. Miller, Harry
Larrick, Walter Lipham; gas, John
TerMI.J. M. Massey, C. B. Ainji;
transportation, Dan Bio mheart,
Levi Rjsentbil, John J. Jone.
The chairmen of various committees
constitute the executive committee.
The little 8 year old boy, David L.
Overby, living with his grandmother,
Mrs. Nancy Clemens on the Cor. of
7th aod Ashby who was so severely
hurt Saturday evening by being
kicked in the bead by a young torse,
Is getting along nicely. He Is peart
as a cricket and bids fair to be out
playing marbles In a few days. The
skull was crushed at the back of the
bead aod several good s'zed pieces
were removed. The boy Is the son
of Mr. and C. D. Overby of 1530 S.
Santa Fp, but for some yrars has
lived with his grandmother.
Tho new variety store man on Wes
Main street is fixing up the room In
the Lindsay block, vacated by Mr.
Bailey, in splendid shape. Carpenters
and painters can work wonders.

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