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Sidewalks, Paving and Tree
K Planting Are All to Be
Pushed Along.
That the city shall construct an
eight fcot sidewalk along the
east side of South Ashby avenue for
the first block- south of Main street
and five feet wide for the other, two
- and a half blocks which it controls
as frontage - on the park site was
decided by the council Monday
evening. It is to e laid next to
"the curb and reduce the length of
the bridge which the city must
build over the city ditch where it
crosses South Ashby. The decision
concerning the location of the
sidewalk on the west side of the
street was left to the Fourth ward
councilmen after they should in
spect the situation in company with
the city engineer.
The proposition was brought up
by Chairman Nation of the street
and alley committee who wished a
sidewalk plan which would make
the least expense possible in the
bridge construction. Bideau wanted
no arrangement which would inter
fere with a row of trees close to the
street for the purpose of beautifying
the park frontage but agreed to
Freeman's suggestion that placing
the trees inside the walk if it was
next to the curb would be satisfac
tory. The council- adopted the
motion of Nation and Filson that
the city engineer in drawing specifi
cations for advertising for bids for
the bridge should plan for two
spans of fourteen feet each. The
bridge is to be wider than the
present one to avoid making it
higher than the grade of the ad
joining properties.
Bideau as a member of the build
ings and grounds committee re
t it had secured the
promise of a visit from D. J.
Walters, a landscape gardener from
the Agricultural college, for March
30 and asked the council concerning
what plan it would endorse for the
placing of the trees for the new
park drives. The other members
inspected the sketches of the park
and its environment but weredis
posed to await the recommendation
of the committee at . the meeting
next Monday night before taking
any special action. The question
of names for the city's two parks
was briefly commented on, and an
ordinance relating to and designa
ting the names was introduced on
first reading.
Bideau introduced on first read
ing an ordinance providing for
the issuing and selling: $25,000
park bonds. City attorney Brown
reported tb.it he had prepared the
transcript of the proceedings lead
ing to the issuijg of the bou 's
which the purchaser would require.
The ordinance for the paving of
South Ashby was given second and
third reading and final passage.
John Dyer was down from Emporia
for a few bourn visit at home Sunday.
fie is substituting there as engine
men's time keeper for a few weeks.
Prof. Hughes received a letter
Mon. morning from Prof, F, L. Plnet
thanking hlui for tbeoourteous and
gracious treatment accorded the Par
sons people by Chanute faculty and
students n the occasion of the con
test Friday evening. The apprecia
tion was extended also to all of the
Cbanute teach I uk corps.
Wormy children are unhappy, puny
and sickly. They can't be otherwise
while worms eat away their strength
and vitality. A few doses of White's
Cream Vermifuge performs a marve
lous transformation. Cheerfulness,
strength and the rosy bloom of
health speedily return. Price 25c per
bottle. Sold by Legitimate Drug Co.
R. H. Mullen has just received a
white Orphlngton cockerel reared and
born in England, and acclimated in
New Jersey from wheoce It was
shipped to him. This Is the fourth
shipment received by him this spring.
Mr. Mullen Is a breeder of the pure
blood white OrDblngton and S. 0.
Rhode Island Iteds and is getting the
best of new blood possible lor his
flock. 1
Born To Mr. and Mrs. A. B. To
land of 603 N. o'orest, Sunday evening
a boy. Its nsme was placed on the
cradle roll ofiue Christian Sunday
School before t lie boy was 2 minutes
Mrs. A. Cunnlngbam of Pittsburg
returned hem ) Monday after a visit
with her daughter, Mrs. L. O. Hal
lenberg. Born To Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Feuerboro, 1029 S. Central, a boy,
Saturday March 23.
Miss Lulu Cross went to Erie Mon
day afternoon for a visit with Mrs.
Earl Pendarvis.
Miss Hazel Beamer went to Inde
pendence Saturday afternoon for a
visit with her sister.
W. 8. Cochrane of Peru, Kansas
visited with friends in the city over
An uneasy feeling in the stomach
or bowels yields quickly to Herbine.
It tones up the stomach and purifies
the bowels. Price 50c Sold by
Legitimate Drug Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Grant and
daughter Katharine and Miss Mary
Nichols who stopped oil here for a
short visit with the family of Mr. and
Mrs. Gnas. E. Giagg left Saturday for
their home at CiOwn Point, Indiana.
Mrs. Arleoe Kehr went to L napah
Okla, Friday for a brief visit with
her brother.
Mrs. R. W. Graze returned to
Bartlesville Monday after being
here three weeks taking: treatment
from a Chanute physician.
Check- a bilious half-sick feeling
before It gets serious. A dose of
Herbine is the remedy, It restores
energy, appetite and cheerful spirits.
Price 25c. Sold by Legitimate Drug
Cherryvale high schoui as cbam
nlons of the Third congressional
district in debate lost to the Fourth
district champion-!, the Burlington
high school at the home of the latter
FridHti evening. The question was
equal suffaiie, the Cherryvale boys
with the negative being opposed oy
two girls for Burlington.
Wm. Newlee left Monday for Carrol
ton. Mo.. In response to a telegram
annouocloif the death of his mother.
She suffered a stroke of paralysis a
few weeks ago and was unable to re
cover from the effects of it.
Thos P. Flaherty of Webb City re
turned home Saturday after a visit yft -yy. Shannon and Chas. Atkins
at the home of his son T. P. Flaherty. were before Judge Wilfong Tues
- . . - . . I da v and entered a plea of being guilty
Headaches that come irom a ais-, - dnmk for
ordered stomach or constipated mmMtnA Mnndav.
bowels are permanently cured by, weM assessed fine of 15 and
Herbine. It purines tne system anu, - Becred and
regulates the bowels. Price 50 cents. 1 ... . I '
- D
Is here offered to the
of our community.
Read, Reflect and Act
Carefully, Thoroughly, Accordingly!
Visiting Specialists
Cleveland Institute of Medicine
and Surgery
Legally Chartered and Incorpo
rated, Cleveland, O , will pay their
first visit to CHANUTE, KAN.,
- and will be at the '
Oriental Hotel, Wednesday,
April .3.
Tell Your Sick Friends.
Sold by Legitimate Drug Co.
Aaron Zeioer was in Erie on
business Saturday afternoon,
L. B. Meeker was in Erie on
business Saturday morning.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. W. S. lvins,
1129 S. Forest, a boy Sunday March 24
You can use Bucklen'8 Arnica
Salve to cure children of eczema,
rashes, chafings, scaly and crusted
humors, as well as their accidental
ininviAs cuts, burns, bruises, etc.,
muu norfact-. safety. Nothing else
hnis so auickly. For boils, ulcers,
old, running or fever sores or piles it
has no equal. 25c at All Druggists.
Call on me and see my Big
Stock of
Furniture, Stoves
Good Reliable Goods at Bottom
Scrip takeufor KuruUure audCrp
M. J. Miller,
settled with the court.
Mrs. Mater Smith and Miss Jessie
Smith returned Monday morning
from a brief visit with Mrs. Smith
daughter. Mrs Gertrude Heiat in
Kansas City on their way home from
the aeclaiualim contest at Baldwin
Chas. SImms left Monday afternoon
Ks.. where he will
a va
work In the llurvey house,
Mrs. W. H. Hunt went to Benedict
Monday afternoon to take charge of
her millinery stock at that place
Mrs. Ed Sullivan is spending a few
days with her sister in the country
Mrs. Dick Jones.
Miss Letty Ford of Erie returned
Monday after visiting over
Sunday wtb her father, Geo. Ford
Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Dutton of Erie
marie a brief visit here Monday with
their daughter Mrs. F. S. Wilson.
Miss Anna Sebring of Roper re
r.,imd home Monday after a visit
with her cousin Mrs. Chas. Switzer.
Buy old 1 a;jf rs here.
St. Louis Globe. Democrat
r n lAarnP left Tuesday for
Glrard where he will take a position
on the editorial staff of the Appeal to
r m. E Dickey and daughter
r.ena Adams "went to Altoona
Monday to visit the former's daughter
Mrs. Isaac Holiaway.
For sale, seed corn at the Mike
Miller farm one mile northwest of
Petrol a 2M
Mrs. Chas G Chapman went to
Carthage Monday afternoon to visit
her parents.
Miss Verda Farran went to Tulsa
Monday where she expects to have a
nositlon a. teacher In the Richardson
Dres' making School being opened
V, The Correct Time
Is sometimes a matter or grea
'lmportance. A watch that doesn't
Sub. correct time I. Just ai .bad .1
now.tcb.tall. If your w.wh shows
S inclination to be eccentrlcor un
9" lay in 1 1 habits, bring It to us and
wt will put it la shape at a very rea
sonable cost. ,aTawftI
Agricultural and Family Magazine
Section of Eight Pages, Outside Cover Pages Printed in Colors.
The new Magazine Section, given each week with the Friday'i
issue, contains good stories, useful farm information ana special aruc.es,
hints' for the housekeeper, interesting features for the children and colored
t .AA,t;nn 10 this, vou eet tWO Complete newspapers every
week, with full and correct market reports and all the news 01 all tne
earth in continuous and connected form.
. w u ni nFtF.nrMCiCRAT narticularly during this
0U utCU aiiv v.
rmn1an Year. It is Republican In politics. It Is truthful
and reliable. It will be invaluable to you and the new Magazine
c -,11 anneal to every member of the family man, woman and
child. Send one dollar today for your own subscription two years, or
for two yearly subscriptions. Sample copies free.
' St. Louis, Mo.
One Day Only
8 a. m. to 10 p. m.
This Institute, composed of a group of
regularly graduated physicians and surgeons,
licensed, legally chartered and incorporated
under the laws of the State of Ohio, sends at
Its own expense these eminent medical
specialists in order to introduce the newest
methods and discoveries in medicine and
surgery, such as the system of treatment under
tc rav. Violet ray. Pinsen ray. Hydrotherapy
Etc. to give to thoes who call on the above
date, consultation, examination, advice and
all medicines required to complete a cure,
absolutely free. These specialists will diag
nose your case and give the benentjof their
skill and medical knowledge.
There is In this case no experimenting or
guess work at your expense. You will be told
whether vou can be cured or not, If your
nne is curable they will put you under treat
ment Immediately ; if incurable they will give
vou such advice as may prolong your Hie
Their treatment always gives quick relief, and
ultimately, positively enres. Being prepared
to cone with each individual case the human
system Is thoroughly cleansed of the disease
In a natural and direct manner, and improve
ment is noticed at oncer even the worst cases
are treated without any inconvenience to the
patient or the pursuing of his or her vocation
If you are Improving under your family
physician, do not come and take up their
valuable time, as they absolutely refuse to
treat any one who is under the care of the
local physicians. They, wish besides to give
each patient plenty of time and their undivided
attention, but cannot listen to long stories
not Dertninihff to vour trouble, They have dis
carded the old methods and remedies used for
ages by the medical world, and which it would
be folly to depend upon any longer, for they
are not known to cure, as thousands die
depending on tbem for relief. The following
list of diseases only are taken under treatment
to-wit; Diseases of the Nervous System.
Heart. Stomach, Lungs, Kidneys, Catarrh
(ourulent or dry). Consumption, Epilepsy
Deafness. Diseases of women. Tumors, Pseudo
Cancers, Piles, of a Chronio nature only
Thev treat Deafness by an entirely new meth
od. and hearing In many cases is restored at
once, Catarrh in all its varied forms, like
other diseases if once taken under treat
ment, is cured permanently to remain
so and to never return. It matters
not whom you have seen, or with
whom treated, do nol fail to call, as A visit
will cost jou nothing, and may reatore you to
health, or even s.ve or prolong your life, as
thousands of peraons will testify by unassail
able testimonials in all parts of tLe country
If you suspect Kidney Trouble, bring a two
ounce bottle of J our Urine for chemical and
mi,rnainninAl nnnfllmfd.
. v
REMEMBER: The free offer is during tliib
visit only, aud will not be repeated. Persons
commencing treatment upon their future visits
will be reauired to pay. but not oue cent will
h nuked from tliOBa commencing treatment
during this visit for any medicine necessary to
(fleet a euro, irrespective of your position lu
life, or the number of those who com on the
above date. Whensoever, or by whom wanted,
a positive guarantee to cur will be given un
der their system of treatment. Those having
long standing-and complicated disease, who
have failed to get well and become discouraged
t,ni-tinilnrlv Invited to call.
NOTICE : Married ladies without their HU3-
R1NDS. nnil minora without their FATHERS
will positively not be admitted to consultation
unless accompanied by one of their local phy
Office Hours: 9 a. m, to 7:30 p, m.
Wednesdav, Aoril 3- Call for
Dr. Newlon-
ii is a variety aiorc
We have named it
Variety Store
It is located at 106 west main, two doors west of
Shirley & Anderson's Grocery. You are
invited to attend our opening on
Friday Evening
March 29th
at 7:30 and stay as late as you like. A Carnation
for the Ladies and music for all.
Come Friday evening but leave your pocket books
at home as we will not sell any goods on that evening.
The store will be open for business Saturday morning
at 10 o'clock and there will be tempting bargains for
you. ,Kespectiuuy,
No. 25 For Parsons from Kansas City and Iola 6:55 a.mj
No. 71 For Parsons, St. Louis and Texas, daily 1:20 p. m
No 24 For Kansas City, Iola, Emporia, and Junction City, daily 11:45 a m
The 9
This book has stirred the typewriter world to a
frenzy. It tells about the high prices on type
writersthe so-called rebuilts and the value of
second-hands. It tells you how you can get a good,
standard, visible typewriter at a price never heard
of before. . How you pay a little each month how
you can have it on trial without deposit. Just
write for the book it's free. It's wonderfully
interesting, even if you are not now in the market.
You Might "Trade In" Your Old Machine
This coupon is intend
ed to make it easy for
you to send for the
SECRETS." There is
no obligation to as
sume no expense in
curred. No salesman
will call on you we
have none. Just write
and mail the coupon
today a pencil will do.
i Typewriter Distributing Syndicate J
i N. State Street, Chicago J
; You may lend the book 1 ypewrller j
i Addre. ,
J Town..
A Beggar's Luggage.
When Bridget Flanlgan, who a
cribed herself as "a poor lone Irish
widow woman," was arrested for hedging-
at Wells she had the following
articles distributed about her peraoni
Tea, augar, fresh cut beefsteak, pleca
of bacon, two bloaters, bread and
cheese, four buns, bag of blsculta,
cooked fagot, two apples, onions, two
clay pipes, tobacco, cigarettea and
duC London Evening Standard.
Dream Worth Holding.
"Hold fast to your most Indefinite
raking dreams." Thoreau.
A Paraphrase.
"What Is the meaning of that qud
tation, 'There is a divinity that shape
our ends, rough hew them ts wf
may'?" "Well," replied Senator Son
ghum, "the proposition 1b something
like this: It's easy enough to pass
law, but you don't know what It's go
ing to be till the Supreme court geta
through with It."
English Snobbery.
Many will open their purses to a ao
clety which has a countess for a pat
ron, but will not help the poor neigh,
bor next door. London Mail. .
Our New Line of
Heating Stoves
Kind Old Lady Gracious! Why do
you allow that lltUe boy to swear
Policeman He's got a right to
swear. He Just missed his Sunday
school picnic by ten minutes.
Are up for your inspection at right prices. Just received a
car of Corg. Iron and Briok Siding at prices you can afford
to build barns and sheds,
Can make or repair anything in our line at right prices. We are
headquarters for anything in ton or galvanized Iron work. All kind
iS.l:JS Wallace Rankin
C. E. w6wi,i""t"

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