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A. H. Turner, Ed. A Prop.
Keep your overcoat bandy.
Time for the weather 'man to stop
bis -'bad gueBslng.
An Ohio man advertises for a home-
ly wife. And In leap year, too.
. It. New York Is to hnve hold-ups, 11
should restore the old stage coach.
The small boy with bat and ball
beat the robin to the green swards.
Aviators are doing wonderful
stunts, but the toll of death -does not
The hatless man and the slippered
woman are two of a kind this
A heart throb specialist tells us that
It Is possible to marry tn $10 a week,
but why?
Dogs once ran under the wagon
now they ride on the seat of the
A Chicago man wants a divorce be
cause his wife refuses to cook. What
a ridiculous plea!
No, gentle reader, there Is no re
semblance between the turkey trot
and the chicken reel.
A bee travels 48.000 miles to get a
pound of honey, but bees are not both
ered by railroad rates.
What's In a name? An expert in
forms us that clam chowder Is being
made out of jack rabbits.
Any man who tells you that he
habitually works 18 hours a day exag
gerates at least six hours.
The auto for many purposes has
pushed the horse aside, but It will
never do for an equestrian statue.
A prominent 'dentist says false
teeth are more sanitary than real
ones. 'This Is a reflection on nature.
No one likes to discuss the trou
bles In Chihuahua because no one
can pronounce the name of the prov
ince. A scientist tells us how to find out
the age of a fish. . But what rule can
he give us for finding the size of a
flsh? . :
Egg-shaped bonnets will be worn
for Easter. Another dastardly plot
on the part of the milliners to raise
the price.
A Texas preacher arises to remark
that a. man will not tell a lie if the
truth Is easier. The preacher is not
a fisherman.
A New York sculptor killed himself
because his work was inartistic, so
he must have hated the thought of
making money.
The New Yorker who wi sent to
Jail for the theft of a loaf of bread Is
looked upcm by his fellow New York
ers as r piker.
J. .
One of our scientists tells us that
poets are mad, but they are not half
as mad as the editor who Is flooded
with spring poems.
Reckless Joy riders should be put
to work on the streets and roads.
Then their speed could be utilized
with poetic Justice.
Why do sociologists declare that a
man cannot live on $620 a year when
lots of them are supporting families
on no greater wages?
Sparrows have been taught to sing
like canaries, but we have lost all
hope In the cultivation of the feline
Tom Edison says there will be no
poverty In 100 years, but in the mean
time the ultimate consumer Is not in
danger of dying rich.
A statistician informs us that there
are 170,000,000 English speaking peo
ple, but he does not tell us how many
of them speak English.
New York millionaires sometimes
make good use of their money, even
If the methods by which they acquired
It cannot 1)6 commended.
A gun made of cement Is the latest
thing In Implements of war. The in
ventor has not yet determined wheth
er It Is safer to stand at the muzzle
or at the breech.
It is said that the people of this
country t $200,000,000 worth of ice
cream last year. 11 seems that the
soda fountain clerk has developed Into
' an Important citizen.
' Five Ecuadorean generals have been
tanged, but it Is said that Ecuadorean
general's can be found hanging around
almost any street corner.
ACblcago man returned home the
other day and found two wives at the
station to greet him. Of the warmth
of his welcome there can be no doubt
Whenever a warship and an ocean
liner collide, the warship generally
gets the worst of It All of which
speaks well for the fighting qualities
of warships.
Mr. Rosewater hat become acting
chairman of the Republican national
committee through the death of John
P. Hill, former governor of Maine.
Missouri to Observe One hundredth
Anniversary of Organization
as a Territory.
Jefferson City, Missouri. There is
to be a state celebration this year of
the one hundredth anniversary of the
organization of the territory of Mis
souri. The plan was determined upon
at a conference between Gov. Hadley
and a special committee appointed by
the state board of agriculture.
It was determined that the celebra
tion should be a part of the state fair
at Sedalia, September 28 to October
5, inclusive. Special departments
will be provided for showing the prog
ress of the state the last century.
They will include agriculture, science,
art, education and general progress of
all kinds. .One day will be designated
for public services commemorating
the admission of the state.
California Discovery Wilt Make This
Country Independent of German
Washington, D. C A valuable dis
covery of soluble potash salts has
Just been made In the Mojave .desert,
In southern California, by field rep
resentatives of the bureau of soils
and geological survey. The potash
was found In a partly dried-up lake.
The government experts, who found
It, say there are Indications of mil
lions of tons of potash.
At present the United States and
other nations are almost entirely de
pendent on Germany for potash. Dis
agreement between the German "pot
ash trust" and American buyers be
came the subject of diplomatic ex
changes which occupied several years
and at -one time threatened serious
If Electric Plant to be Used at
Eldorado is Successful, Others
Will Follow.
Topeka, Kansas. An electric sew
age disposal plant, the first to be
established in Kansas, Is to be put in
at Eldorado by the engineers of the
state university and the state board
of health. The stale board of health,
which has general supervision of the
sewage disposal in Kansas, is going
to make a complete test of the new
plan of removing all contamination
.from sewage and If the -experiment
Is successful similar plants will be
required wherever it is necessary to
prevent the danger of spreading dis
ease to other towns.
Missouri Gets Deep Channel.
Washington, D. C The river and
harbor bill, appropriating funds for
the six-foot channel work In the Mis
souri below Kansas City, was passed
by the house. It authorizes appro
priations for the Missouri aggregat
ing $950,000. The section relating to
the lower Missouri directs that the
six-foot channel improvements be
provided within ten years. A survey
at St. Joseph with a view to prevent
ing a diversion of the river through
Lake Contrary and continguous lakes
la also authorized.
Indian Dies at 109.
Tulsa, Oklahoma. James Walker,
109 years old, at one- time chief medi
cine man of the Shawnee Indians,
died here. Walker fought in both
the Mexican and Civil wars an at
tracted attention last fall when, de
spite his advanced age, he submitted
to the amputation of one of his legs.
Drowned While Hunting.
Carrollton, Mo. Frederick Horn,
30 years old, waB drowned in a creek
here while hunting ducks. Edward
Oberlag, his companion, was rescued
a half mile from the point where
their boat capsized.
Bank Robbers Get (25,000.
Cleveland, Ohio. The Bank of
Berea, a private institution at Berea,
O., was broken into by burglars dur
ing the night, and the safe, said to
contain $25,000, blown open and tha
entire amount taken
Chairman of House Committee Drop
in Unexpectedly, Seeking
Leavenworth, Kansas. Representa
tive Jack Beall of Texas, chairman of
the house committee on expenditures
in the department of Justice, visited
the United States prison here, his
coming being unexpected.
Mr. Beall said it would be decided
whether his committee would, visit
the local prison after his return to
Washington. He said it was prob
able that a sub-committee would In
vestigate the institution. He said he
knew nothing wrong with conditions
in the prison, but believed that an oc
casional congressional investigation
benefited any public institution.
There are no charges of "graft"
pending. It isn't even intimated that
anybody is doing any grafting. But
it is intimated in strong, broad terms
by the representative from Texas
that in letting a contract to a firm of
architects for preparing plans and
supervising the erection of buildings
at the federal penitentiary the bars
have been let down by the govern
ment for somebody to carry off a
large chunk of the government's reve
nues for very little returns.
The government set out 11 years
ago to build a model penitentiary at
Leavenworth. Already more than
$1,000,000 has been expended for raw
material and the work isn't half com
pleted. Beall went about the grounds and
viewed the plies of building material
which has been lying there since 1909.
He made notations of questions which
he will ask when the investigation
reaches the testimony stage.
Wins Another Point in First Real
Test of Federal Control Over
Streams. i
Garden City, Kansas. Kansas has
won the second point In the suit for
the waters of the Arkansas river.
Judge Riner in Denver sustained ex
ceptions of the Kansas companies to
the multitude of claims set up by
the Colorado companies.
The present suit is that of Kansas
irrigation companies in the Arkansas
valley for their share tof the river
water, on the ground that Colorado
companies, having later decrees and
priorities, have gradually taken away
the water, leaving Kansas companies
without an adequate supply. It is the
first real test as to federal control of
Interstate streams.
Husband Dead; Wife Missing.
Pittsburg, Kansas. The body of
Enoch Sommers is In the morgue.
Three doctors held an autopsy and
satisfied themselves that he came to
his death in an unnatural manner.
Clara Anthony Sommers, his widow,
is missing. The body of Sommers
was found in bed beside his brother
at 5 o'clock a. m. by his aunt, Mrs.
Flora Hardman, owner of the house.
Advertisers Find Mates.
Muskogee, Oklahoma.--CharleB AX
flack, a Muskogee auctioneer, who
advertised for a wife, found a mate
in Miss Lena Alley. She had adver
tised for a husband, a cowboy, last
summer, but failed to find one that
suited her. A marriage license has
been issued to the pair.
Died in a Burning Caboose.
Charles City, Iowa. In a collision
here between two Illinois Central
freight trains, in which the caboose
of one of them caught fire, Walter
Wade, whose residence is unknown,
was burned to death.
Plan Suffrage Parad.
Chicago, Illinois. Fifty thousand
women are to march in a parade at
the Republican national convention
in the Colliseum here next June and
ask the party to Indorse the equal
uffrage cause.
Captured by Police as Train Drew
Into St. Joseph Had Terrorized
1 Passengers.
St. Joseph, Missouri. Two armed
men who had terrorized passengers
on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
train No. 43 from Kansas City were
captured by two police ofllcers, Ber
enberg and O'Brien, after a fight in
the chair car as the train drew into
the Union depot here. They gave
their names as Don and John Ray, 22
and 19 years old, respectively. Tickets
from Franklin, N. C, to Billings,
Mont., were found on them. Huge re
volvers and a quantity of ammunition
were taken off the men.
Passengers on the train became ner
vous when the two were discovered
examining their weapons Just as the
train drew into Armour Junction,
miles from St. Joseph. The conduc
tor, anticipating a holdup, wired ,the
St. Joseph police. They awaited the
train at one of the stops in the depot
McCurtain, Oklahoma, Scene of Tec
rlble Disaster Fire and Smoke
Retard Rescue.
Fort Smith, Arg., Mar. 21. One hun
dred and five met death in the ex
plosion that wrecked mine No. 2 of
the Sans Bols Coal company at Mc
Curtain, Ok., 37 miles west of Fort
Smith. Fourteen mutilated bodies
have been recovered, more than 30
located and 11 men escaped from the
mine with their lives.
The only men who left the mine
alive came out through the slope used
by the -mules and cars. Eight of this
number were employed In the mule
The books of the company show 110
miners on the day shift. In addition
a surveying party of three were In
the mine.
Emporia School Board Fight on
Sorority Results In Severe
Penalty for Six.
Emporia, Kansas. The first dis
ciplinary measure in the Emporia
school board's war against fraternal
orders in the high school were taken
when six girls of the old Lambda
Alpha Lambda Sorority were sus
pended for three days each because
it was shown that they had broken
the anti-sorority school law by "rush
lug" and pledging of members.
The punishment Is more severe than
appears on the surface, for the three
days' suspension means enough unex
cuBed absences to require final ex
aminations in every subject taken by
those Implicated.
Anarchist Plot in Chicago?
Chicago.-Illinois. A plot to assas
sinate King Victor Emmanuel, hatched
In Chicaeo. has been discovered by
Italian secret service men and a
score of detectives under the direc- J
tion of Assistant Chief Schuetler be
gan a search for the ringleader of the
Car Into a Canal.
Peru, Indiana Eleven persons were
Injured- when a car on- the Fort i
Wayne & Indiana Northern traction '
line, traveling at the rate of 3i miles
an hour, struck a pile of cinders and
plunged into the Wabash and Erie
canal about two miles from Peru.
Politics Burdens the Mails.
Jefferson City, Missouri. So many
political booms are being propagated (
In this city that Postmaster Conrath
has -telegraphed to the postal authori
ties at Washington for additional help
to handle the greatly augmented mails.
Kansas Doctor in Trouble.
Emporia, Kansas. Dr. J. M. Heller
of Osage City, Kan., was arrested and
brought here on the charge of causing
the death of Carrie Younge, 18 years
old, of thalfplace, as the result of an
Made Rope of Binding Twine and
Climbed Out Over Roof Pal
Tries to Hide in Mine.
Lansing, Kan. Swinging out from
the top tier of cells on a frail rope
made from pieces of binding twine,
Robert Baughman, convicted of rob
bing a safe at Olathe, and the man
who confessed to "planting" dyna
mite in the United .States Penitentiary
last Thanksgiving day, drew himself
up band over hand to the skylight in
the north cellhouse of the Kansas
penitentiary and escaped.
The escape was discovered about
ten minutes after Baughman got away.
He, with other convicts had been at
tending the" prison school. The men
were returned to their cells about !)
o'clock. The cellkeeper had gone to
the other side of the tier to lock the
cells there, leaving the cells on Baugh
roan's side unlocked. Baughman hur
ried out, threw his rope, which he
probably had concealed in his clothes,
over one of the bars across the sky
light, swung out 23 feet above the
concrete floor and slowly climbed the
rope until he could catch hold of the
bars. When the cellkeeper returned
to, that side he was out and away.
William Brinkley, a chum of Baugh
man was employed In the mine. It
was discovered that he had hidden
himself there, hoping to get a chance
to escape. All of the available of
ficers were sent down in the mine
in an effort to find him. It will be
impossible for him to escape.
lola Street Will be Paved With New
Dirt and Asphalt Combination
as Experiment.
Iola, Kansas. The board of engi
neers in the employ of a local com
pany has completed the construction
of a new road-making machine. It
is equipped with shovels that gather
earth from the sides of the road. The
earth is then subjected to extreme
heat and later mixed with a composi
tion of oil and asphalt. A conveyor
delivers the finished material back to
the surface of the road, where It Is
tamped with a heavy roller.
Tests of the machine have proven
Its success and arrangements are un
der way for the first use of the ma
chine in Iola, where a street will be
paved with It
Freight Struck Ties Near Macon,
Missouri, Intended for Fast
Macon, Missouri. An attempt was
made to wreck the limited train from
Kansas- City to Chicago on the Chi
cago, Burlington ' & Quincy railroad
near here. Two piles of ties were
placed on the track about five miles
east of Macon. It happened the Chi
cago train was a few minutes late
and a westbound freight train came
Into Macon ahead of the passenger
train. The pilot of the freight struck
the ties and scattered them from the
track. A similar attempt was made
to wreck a passenger train at Mon
roe City a few weeks ago.
Missouri Town is Jubilant Over
Opening of New Electric
Lighting Plant.
Mokane, Missouri. The current
from the new electric lighting plant
in this city was turned on for the
first time and Mokane's citizens are
jubilant over the success of the en
terprise. Just 17 years ago the first
street lamp ever used In Mokane was
lighted for the first time. It v.as a
common oil lamp, inclosed in a glass
frame upon the top of a post. Mo
kane Is the only town, lighted by elec
tricity on the Missouri, Kansas &
Texas railway between St. Charle
and Sedalia. ' ..
To Breed Army Horses.
Jefferson City, Missouri. Nearly
200 Missouri breeders of fine horses
were !n attendance at the meetings of
the Missouri Horse Breeders' associa
tion and organized a Missouri branch
of the U. S. Army Remount associa
tion. Editor is Tired cf Fighting.
Kansas Cfcy, Mo. The appeal to
Reason, the Socialist paper published
at Girard. Kan., the biggest political
paper in the world, is to suspend. "It
is too hard work the task of keeping
It- going." These were the words of
Its editor, Fred D. Warren.
National Park for Oregon.
Washington. D. C. A bill creating
a national park In Oregon to be
known as Saddle Mountain park
passed the senate. The measure has
the approval of the department of the
Killing Followed a Quarrel.
Waco, Texas. A. P. Duncan, presi
dent of a Waco machinery com
pany, died here as a result of a
pistol shot fired by Alexander John
son, another Waco merchant. The
shooMng followed a business quarrel.
Indians Up to Date.
Colony. Oklahoma. The spirit of
the recall has Invaded the ranks of
the Arapahoe Indians here In the
movemrnt now on to oust Chief Was
hoe. Petitions have been circulated
to recall him.
SEE hour flinch beller It
makes the baking
SEE hovr inach more nni
form in quality
SEE how pare how good
SEE how economical end '
SEE that yon get Calumet
Don't imagine for a
moment that all brands of
stove polish are alike.
If your stoves become rusty and
dull toon after they are polished it
shows that you are not using
I 1 At youn
Grocer's -
Liquid and Paste One Quality
Black Silk makes a brilliant,
silky polish that does not rub oil
or dust off, and the shine lasts four
times as long as ordinary stove
It is used on sample stoves by
hardware dealers. Sold by them
to those who want good goods.
All we ask is a trial. Use it on
your cook stove, your parlor stove
or your gas ranee. If yon don't
rind it the bett stow polish yon ever
usedi your dealer is authorized to
refund your inor.ev. Insirt cn
Black Silk Stove Polish. Don't
accept substitutes. All dealers
can get Black Silk from their job
bers. "A Shine In
Every Drop
Keep your rrates. registers, fenrteraand stove
pipes brichf and tree from ruitinc by using
free wilb each can rf enamel oniy.
silverware. nickc-J, tinware or brass. It wutks
quickly, easily, and leaves a brilliant surface.
It Las no equal for oae on automobile.
Black Silk Stove Polish Works
dm and betntifiM ttM hufc
IStwmtM Inrarianl IToffta.
JT&11S U UMiorfj wtiji
Hm to if YOUiruut vowk
Fnvfntt hair fallinrr.
iwo, and at PrniprM .
Writ for book Raving young; ehlrk. Send us
name of 5 friend that use Incnbatom and K"
book free Rainll Hemedr Co., Blnckwell.Okla.
p.-Jp-g of this paper desiring to buy
IUlUCIS anything advertised in its col
umns should insist upon having what they
ask for.refusing all substitutes or imitations
TH E M E W r EMCH HE M E D V. So-I.Hc .No.S.
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Brown's Broncty Troches
Hothtnc Fxceln Hit On-n rtrnwtr. No oi.fetra.
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