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vnc Street Sure Several
ProbabiIities--Much Sewer
Although but one petition for the
Improvement of streets has as yet
been receved by the City Commis
turners it is highly probable that
M the season advances several more
Will be submitted. Those that are
most likely to fall in line are Walnut
Itreet from Lincoln to Steuben,
four blocks on North Washington,
possibly the same number on North
Lafayette, probably about three
blocks on South Wilson.
Should these streets be improved
( it is likely that either brick or con
crete will be used for ths paving
material. A resolution for .the
paving of West Third street was
passed a few days ago, paving not
to exceed thirty feet in width. The
property owners who are paying for
the street seem to be nearly all of
the opinion that the street should
be thirty-six feet in width on ac
count of the subway, which they
hope to have through there within a
few years. The probabilities are
that the resolution will be changed
at to the width. Alternate bids will
be received for improving the street,
with concrete or brick.
West Third street will be paved
from South Forest to South Kansas
avenue, four blocks, one of which
is slightly more than six hundred
feet long.
Four sewers are under way in the
Second Ward to connect with' main
ewer number three, and it is likely
that several more will be laid within
the year. They are not very long
but extend the sewer district by a
good many blocks.
During the year 1912 a consider
able amount of paving and macada
mizing was done. The following
streets were each finished in the
year 1912 although one or two were
commenced in 191 1.
Four blocks on South Forest were
paved with brick, one on West Elm
paved with brick, four blocks on
South Highland paved with brick,
three blocks on South Grant paved
with brick and one block on West
Chesnut paved with brick.
The following streets were mac
adamized: West First, two blocks;
South Ashby, three blocks; South
Lafayette and West Second, eight
Street work is not scheduled to
commence before April 1st.
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Mrs. Sue Hudkins Wears a
Shiny Star As Badge ot
Authority for I st Time
The funeral services of Mrs. Geneva
Paul who died Thursday night at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Geo.
EnauS, were held Sunday afternoon
at the First Baptist church. Inter
ment wa made in Elm wood.
Soothes irritated throat and lungs,
ttops chronic and haoking cough,
relieves tickling throat, tastes nice.
Take no other; once used always
Used. By it at All Druggists.
Take Dr. King's New Discovery.
The Best Cough, Cold, Throat and
Lung medicine ma ;e. Money re
funded if it fails to cure you. Do
not hesitate take it at our risk
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dada, Texas, writes: Dr. King's New
Discovery cured my terrible cough
and cold. I gained 15 pounds." Buy
it at All Druggists.
Mrs. Sue Hudkins, who for years
has given more of her time and
energy toward the alleviation ot
suffering among the poor people of
this town than any one other indi
vidual, has been made an officer to luP Frl afternoon to visit btr parents
1 11 M ..I... .. J J . . . i L-..
. uccHcr uu'i wiie tuuiueasb ui town
Mrs Harrison of Welda, Kansas
came Thurs on the afternoon train
to visit her daughter, Mrs Trimble
and husband
Gertie Lless and M rs Eva Steeves
spent Wed with Tin uu. Kuuwles
and wife
. Frank Linderman and little son of
Kansas City on me oowu Thurs to
visit bis mother and family
Mrs Rosa Stauffer nf Chanute came
Thurs to visit her aun., J D Ogdeu
wbo Is still quite sick
Uert Clemens received a telephone
message Wed evening caillog him to
Dewey, Ok I a to work lu the gas fields
Bert left Thurs ou ibe afternoon
Alfred Elliott and wife were trad
ing in Cbanute Fri
Mrs Earl Foster 0' Galesburg came
be known as "Police Matron.1'
the tuimiment ot her duties as a
peace officer there is vested in her
the badge of authority on which the
inscription reads ''City Police
Numbers.' This is the first time
that a woman has ever been a
In I for a few days
Frank Pattee of Chanute came to
Earltou Moo on the atter.oun train
to attend to some business affairs
and returned home on the local
We are glad to learn that Mrs J D
Ogden, grandpas Hewnnu and Riley
are slowly Improving
TTt1n tIa u ,., r i n..i,.
A-.ICU .UIQJ 1 .V7llf UlCil, lldlMO
Ogden. Marie Crane. Mnnred Barne.
member of the police force of this Bertha Romioe, Theiru Mltbcell and
. uienn ituev are eriiovini. ne mum
. 1 , - - - - - c e-
Lois ween
. For the next thirty days we will make
you prices on buggies that will inter
est you. Now is the time to buy cor
regated iron to build barns and sheds.
Harness repair work a specialty at
r.ght prices. We carry a full line of
hangers and track for doors. Hay
carriers and track, hay rope and all
kinds of builders' hardware at close
First published in the Cbanute Times, Feb. 10,
1818. -
The Neosho Valley State Bank of
Chanute Kansas, a corporation,
A. J. Brlley. Lizzie C. Brlley
and Dott Brlley.
Cleanse the bowels and stren gthen
the liver by using lierbine. it is
fine liver stimulant and bowel regu
lator. Price 60c. Sold by D. B
Ilickey Drug Store.
Miss Alice Hedrlck of Salina, Kas
arrived Monday for a visit with Mrs
Grant Bond and other friends. From
here she will go to Kansas City where
she will be married upon her arrival
Mrs. Minnie English returned to
Macon, Mo., Monday after visiting
her daughter and Mrs. W. C,
Sears. Mr. and Mrs Sears expect
to go to Macon Thursday for a short
Snankin will not cure children of wetting
the bed, because it is not a nami out a u
eerous disease. The u. H. Howan urue w
nhlnniro. III., have discovered a strictly harm
less remedv for this distressing; disease and to
make known its merits tbey will send a 50 cent
Puckuirn securely wrapped and prepaid Ab
solutely Free to any reader of The Chanute
Times. Tbis remedy also cures ireciueni
desire to urinate and Inability to control urine
during the niltht or day in old oryountf. The
C. H.Rowan Drug Co. are an Old Reliable
House, write to them today lor me iree
mdlcine. Cure the afflicted members of your
family, then tell your neighbors and friends
about this remedy.
Our superior array of Jewelry and
Watches makes selection easy. Every
thing Is in perfect taste, and every
to ing may oe perfectly relied upon
We sell nothing we den't know all
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know about everything you ask to see
C. B. OONKLIN. the Jeweler.
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Till - m -VT . . - . v
vaii r.av npii. t.t.affir . "eu 7 01 nowHrs. jKia came
nfmn..ntr MIr1oM with ,!-, OUO I,U Y1S1 uneO-S aOQ -61H UVeS aUQ
ing noises in the ears It is an unfail- returnen Mon on the afternoon tral
inc sura 01 a tor Did liver: a conai-i i tc vni w .. -u ., i.
" i, , . 1 I w 41 -1WWIO) v HI it, WU it-n CkJKJUCt U OP
iiua wjjiut-i-jriniro ust Home wnuut. nnnrr.a or,H .. .. ..h m. a ..,
11 1 i' . , rT , . . a.uu "iiv miKj mi auaiu
BitKuess-u pegiecusu. neruiuB is rjieM are KtDDBU this week
Blanche Price came in Fri evenln
and viHited until Sun with friends
and relatives
Thomas Eoowles a -id wife spen
mod at J in jNobles
powerful tonic It puts strength and
activity into the liver, purities the
bowels and restores a fee ing of
health, vigor aod cheerfulness. Price
50c. Sold by D. B. Hlcney Drug Store
Miss Cecy le Fisher rtturoed Monday
from a week's visit In Tulsa.
Dr. Ma. me Tauquay returned to
Independence Saturday after spend
ing two weeks here caring for her
Alta McFarland of Humboldt came
Sdt to visit her u rand Daren ts S
Miller and other relatt es a few days
Gertrude Lless sneut Sun with J N
Noble and wife
Mrs Wtn Lamm orient last, week
parents, Mr, and Mrs. W. H. Edwards helping care for her mother Mrs J .s
hn ha.a hoon in I Anderson northwest tf town who has
Bert Stone and wife west of
visited the lattera brother Hud
gins and family of Chanute Fri
Dr. King's New Discovery and
give it to the little ones when ailing
and suffering with colds, coughs,! Chas Ray aod faruilv spent Sun
throat or lung troubles, tastes nice, Ws sister, Mrs George McCaus
u 1 1 I land and husband
iiai-uie.-, unue useu, Biwajra uscu. 1
Mrs. Bruce Crawford, Niagr, Mo., I Samuel Ashley nn1 wife spent Sun
writes: Dr. Kind's New Dlscoverv w,tn.tnelr eo Df S Q Ashley and
ram v
1 J v, t 1
buaujjou uur uuj uuiii m VLi ntw
sick boy to the picture of
Always helps Buy it
K.ifh i)
at All
Piatt Pickups
Jim Leatherman left town Mon for
Frank Leatherman and Harold
Angleton visited Harold Lear Sun
James C, Lock and Joe Braddock
have accepted position! with the
Santa TTp nn t.lio Pnlmar iMit.nfT that.
. v...,. . .u..u. n are oegmning to inquire
is uciuk uum nuuuuiTC-u uuivuku uvc I aDOUt 8660, OatS
counties from Dodge City. Both wilber and Robert Ellis were drag-
youog men have been employed for I ging roads Mon
some time as telegraph operators in I Miss Welch visited Leona Matties
the Santa Fe offices here. I lay
Mrs. John LaRue visited at her
Chest paios and a dry hacking P?"1' Luther Eomlne's of Grady
cough should be treated with Bal- wieu
lard's 1 Horehound Syrup Uken in- Mrs Maurlce stubblefleld visited
jemmy, anu a nerriua. neu xeyvvi nome foks Thur9
roruua riasttr appiieu to iue ujicsi,
Buv the dollar size Horehound Syrup;
you get a Porous Plaster free with
tach bottle. Sold by D. B. ilickey
u rug store
John LaRue and Geo Andeison
went to Erie Mon
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Clement and
Mrs. Marian Flanders of Boston,
Mass., are visiting here with Frank
Burr aod family and Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Luptaer, on their way to Corpus
Christl, Texas, and a tour through
the coast states.
r 1. 1 3 . . V. .
Miss Star Phillips returned Monday visited Mm Bert Ellis Mon
Guy Samples aod wifi visii,ed at B
D Ellis' Mon
Mr Mendenball and family spent
Thurs evening at Luckey Maibes
Mrs Mathes visited home folks in
North Valley district Sun
J W Ellis and wife were shopping
in Erie Sat
Verl Winans visited school Sat
from a visit in Cherry vile.
Wm Barker went to Cbanute Tues
Miss Retha Shelton went to Galena
Saturday to live.
Mrs, Luthe Cone is spending a few
days in Iola visiting relatives,
Mrs. Earl Mosler has returned home
ironi HBUUrUYrslS ID ,ne WllD ner Port, n..n. -onl. tn Vnrltnn
parents Mr. and Mrs. J. H.McKlnley, Sunay afternoon
Miss Cora Mc Kin ley accompanied her
home. ' '
T. W. Mott arrived Monday from
Wichita on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Wright and Mrs.
M. E. Osborne have returned to their
homes after a short visit with Mrs,
C. E, Strickland,
Itchinsr of the skin anywhere on
the body stops instantly when rubbed
with Ballard's Snow Liniment. One
or two applications cures perma
nently, rricef oc, oc, and 11 per
bottle, sold by L. ts. ilickey Drue
Charles White of lola, Kansas was
1q town Monday on tuslness.
Mrs, J. K. Porter and Miss Nell
Porter left Monday for their borne In
Miss Elsie Foose returned Sunday Monmouth, Illinois, after visiting for
to Hilltop, Kansas where she is I some time with Mrs. J. M. McKelvey
teaching school after spending Satur
day with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. I Mrs. T. W. Crew of Independence
Wm. Foose. I has returned home after visiting her
When Ballard's Snow Liniment is Paren'9. Mr- M". I- W, Cannon
rubbed in for rheumatic aches and for a week,
pains, it reaches the spot quickly and
the relief Is very gratifying. Price a. ft. n&nann and wife retumfd
zac, c ana 11 per Dottle, bold ty xTnHa. t.m MnMh, ,hr . the.
I K TTIpVob nriio. Kt.iv I " ' .. j
-,. j n . w
noio Yiaib-ujf uiv uiu hum vi iun
Mrs. Grant Bond left Monday for
rh.nr. Hnln . In rnnnu t.n tel.. M. i. J!. MOITISOn jell, flionaay
gram telling of the Mines of her sister. for b"slne trip through the East,
Mrs. Bond went to Denver a month I Keep It to Youraelf.
ago aod stayed with her sister for I Worry yourself. If you cannot be
nearly threa weeks. She had been PPT otherwise, but why e ;-vor to
home but a week when the second
summons came.
cause other people to worry when
there. a nothing to be worried, about f
Publication Notice.
TO DEFENDANTS. A. J. Briley. Lizzie C.
Briley and Dott Briley:
You and each of you are hereby notified
that you have been sued in the District Court
ot Neosho County. Kansas, by The Neosho
Valley State Bank of Cbanute. Kansas;
that the petition of the plaintiff is on tile in the
olllce of the Clerk ot said Court; th, defend
ants must answer said petition on or before
the 5th day of April. 1U13. or the alienations
therein contained will be taken as true und
plaintiff will have Judgment rendered nu'ainst
Qood Cleanser.
For cleansing glassware, nickel, mir
rors, or tinware, take Spanish whiting
and wet with cold water to make a
thick paste; wet only what you intend
to use at the time. Rub this over the
article to be cleaned, then let dry;
then go over It with another cloth,
dry and polish well. The dirt will
come off with the whiting and the pol
ish will be very brilliant. This la
fine for window glass, as no water 1
used, and the hands are not wet.
Buzzing Sounds Made by Intecta.
The different humming or buzzing
sound in insects is caused by the vV
bration of the wings, and the mort
ronld thn vthfAtlAn. V. - -I. v
defendants.Krantlnitit8clalmfor$:il4,7St()eth- -j ai-,n- u. -1 f . T
er with interest at 10 percent per annum fiom ! Und. Scientists have estimated thai
me common house ny vibrates it
wings about 335 times a second and
the honeybee 400 times, though e
tlred bee moves its wings more slow
ly and makes a different sound from
a fresh one. The butterfly Is content
to move more slowly and makes no
Feb, 10, 1918. and for costs of suit: und defend
ants are further notified that an attachment
has be. n levied on their reai property located
in the City of Cbanute. Kansas, desanhed 11s
follows, to-wit: Lots Ten (10) und Thirtejn(ia),
Block Thirty-live (35), New Chicago; that said
property will be sold aocordinit to law to
satisfy plaintiff's claim ; that n Decree of Court
will be (framed settinu aside tnd cancelling
the transfer of said above described real
property on the ground of fraud perpetrated
on plaintiff, and decreeing said property to be
that of defendants. A.J. Briley and Lizzie C,
Attorneys for the l'lrintlff.
Clerk of the Court.
Reggy Weally, I detest slang.
Peggy Oh! joy!
Reggy There it goes again. If you
aay "Oh! Joy!" again I shall go
straight home. I M'eally shall.
Peggy Oh! Joy! Oh! Joy! Oh! Joy!
"What" Was His Name.
A guild of godparents to save chl.
dren from Incongruous names is be
ing suggested. The late Canon Bard.
ley, author of a book on English
names, told the story of what waa
probably the most idiotic name ever
bestowed upon an unfortunate Infant
A woman had her son baptized What
for no other reason than to cause
amusement In future years when, be
ing asked his name, he should reply
"What" ,
Making All Happy.
"What I deem an appropriate pres
ent is a book, and that I must chooM
for myself," writes a correspondent
of the London Chronicle. "To leave
the selection to friends would be m
catastrophe. Every year, therefore,
on behalf of those generously minded
Individuals who have kindly thought!
toward me, I buy books for myself,
tell them, and get the money refunded.
And In the measure of monetary value
they remember me, I likewise remem
ber them in any article of their own
choosing. And we are all happy."
Hit by HI Own Law.
There are worse perils than wild
animals in Central Africa, says one
who lias just returned. Among the
natives there are terrible diseases,
Some of them are lepers; and sleep
ing sickness has laid a bold on many
of the villages. In one village the lo
cal chief had given orders that all suf
fering from the sickness were to be
taken out into the bush and left there
but the people had carried out so
many, of their relations that they re
fused to take any more. A few daya
later the medicine man of the tribe
diagnosed that the chief himself had
the disease, and immediately the ruler
annulled his law so that he could be
kept In his own hut
Balkan Ballads Are Long.
In the Balkan countries the ballad
makers have certainly been at least
as important as the makers of laws.
Servla's national ballads, commemo
rating the glories of the Servian Em
peror Duahan, the fatal battle of Kos
bovo, and the legendary exploits of the
hero Marko Kralyevich and his horse
Bharats, are of Homeric proportions,
and, sung to the accompaniment of a
guitar with cords of horsehair tails,
have kept national feeling warm for
centuries. In recent years the Servian
government published a popular edi
tlon. In Macedonia, Sir Charles Eliot
heard a schoolboy recite a Bulgarian
poem which took an hour and a quar
Troubles With Sun Dial.
Sun dials are picturesque objects.
but when exactitude Is required, that
la, scientific exactitude, they are diffi
cult things to adjust Columbia uni
versity is having trouble with a sun
dial consisting of a great brass plate
on which rests a granite ball seven
feet In diameter. When the ball waa
completed it waa found to be a little
too small, and now the brass plate on
which It rests has to be engraved all
over again to fit the ball's dimensions.
Princeton's Wonder.
In Princeton they have a sun dial
that is a reproduction of an ancient
one of an English university whose
trustees presented the Gothio column
to Old Nassau. It la so fearfully and
wonderfully marked with figures that
Dean Fine once explained to a visitor
there were only three professors In
Princeton who could tell the time by.
U. and that they could do so only
three days In the year, and thea tha
True to Nature.
The tots in a primary class in sense
training were imitating anything they
choose. When it was Hazel's turn,
she stepped into the center of the
room and wriggled her body from side
to side. No one could guess what she
was impersonating, so she waa asked
to explain. "Why," she said, "I wag;
a little dog wagging its tall."
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to your
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