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The Chcnute Times
A. IV7UBNB&, Editor and Proprlet
Bfctored in the Chanute Postoffice at
Chaatrte, Kansas, as Second
Cleas M il Matter.
StrbecrfJprSon Rates - i Per Year
A. G. Nelson Read a Few
From Newspaper Clipping
At the Luncheon and SmoVer
given by the Automobile C!ul A.
G. Nelson reaM tro.u a newspapn
clij'i int; a few of tin las claim
to have been enacleu by Conne.- -cuC
farmers in rig .rd to autom
bil-s From uns ake off it won
appear tliat m u r i.vs in Kans
are a grat deal betle-r for the in
tons', than in C"nne ;u ut.
Anrnng tht iults uu re were a t
to th'S tffcci.
n appr .aching 1 ciriier n
the motorist e .u!d i.t see ar u
Ue should st. p Ins :, a huna
yards from t.ie co tr, toot -hortv
blow a w'iisil , fire a pis
and send sky rockets before t
all the way to the corner.
if a motorist inee: a fanner u
the road and i.ts u' un b.cornc
frightened, said motorist shall d s
mount take nrs car pieces ai;.
hide it in the gra:H u the farm
has passed.
That when a mo orist passes a
farm house, he siiai drive at a
Bpeed of one mile i-rr hour, si' (
the engine anil hand sprinkle tt .
road 50 that no dust iil blow ii i.
the house, from the car.
The speed limn shall be seen
and for violations of it a fine of out
'hundred dollars sra.l be impuS'
for one mile per h.ur over ti e
limit, two hundred dollars fur t
niijes over mc spreu limit and s...
Toast master Farrelly imm-
riiaiely i nn-UuCcd i.;., intention . !
making a motion to Hie effect that
the Ktnsas farmers ;md especially
those of Neosho county shou.d
adopt the above rule..
:i.'L. Morrison, Stacy Gordon and
A. .letters, band committee are
busy this morning with getting sub
scriptions for the support of the band
during the coi.- ng year. Cards are
printed and these arc to be filled in
with the amount one cares to give
per month to the band and signed.
Then each month collectors are sent
around for the payment. The band
committee reported good success with
the beginning of their campaign this
Had Guns But Not the Game
Some pool lonesome duck hunter
went early to the country Tuesday
morning to get some of those ducks
that the other hunters had said were
so plentiful, He took with him plenty
of the Implements of duck shooting,
having a couple of guns. But he
must have missed the ducks for only
one little specimen of the duck var
iety had rewarded all his efforts with
bis two trusty guns.
Besides the sewer from Pine to Ash
on North Evergreen avenue the com
ilssioners have on hand two other
construction ordinances for sewers.
One Is la Main Sewer district num
ber three and the other In Main dis
trict number 2.
The Committee of Teo, East side,
with a few members ot the Committee
.of Ten West, met Tuesday morning
la the office of J. J. Hurt and dls
cussed at some length the high school
proposition. At tour o'clock Tuesday
afternoon another meeting of the
East side committee was called sod
this, was a real "executive session,"
n at which they have not told the
public t Urge, as yst, about.
Couchs that kwp you awake at night also '
disturb the Bleep of tha rest of the
Ibey can' be stopped In a few mlnutea wlta.
Horehound Syrup
It Is a Remedy of Great Relieving Power
In All Lung and Throat Troubles.
Ballard'. Horehound Syrup conveys a warming nn;
flue.ee to the congested lungs. Heals soreness. J"2
Xa tlon in the throat, strengthens the voice loosen, . phlegm and
relieves all irritated
bottle In the house. It is bandy to have wb i"
a world of misery to the person affected.
Put Up In Three Sizes, 25c, 50c and
$1.00 per Bottle.
Buy the 11.00 size. It contains Ave time as much
as the 25o slue, and you Bet with each bottle a
Herrlck'a Bed Teppor Porous Plaster for the chest.
PC, wk Slht or Sore Eye., use
Wednesday's Timesett
The funeral services of Mrs. Lottie
Loiter will be held from the residence
f Mrs. Clmdri'j diuhter, Mrs.
orge P. Buehra this eveulng at
ven-ihirty by Rev. Q. G. Home,
iStor of tie Christian cliurch. The
riy will be shipped to Ottumwa, la.
r burial and will leave on the one
irty train tonight. Mrs. Lester
i lxby-ftjur years, eight nion.bs
d lxt.fm clays old at the time of
it death. Death resulted from a
.ralytic strode.
The surviving relatives are Mrs,
elstof Sprintrtield, Mr?. Fuller of
attle, Wash, and r.ne brother Mr.
oTC'nncy Uariilbs', Mo.
Smith to Tour with K. U.
Lloyd Smith is again this year one
of the Basket ball Varsity team who
will make a tour through Missouri
tins week. The bunch left Lawrence
i his morning. The trip includes
games at Columbia, St. Louis and
Warrensburg. Smith was a Varsity
basket ball man last year, winning
his "K" at that time
Tne Santi Fe Re.1'ng room enter
.ilnment ar the First Christian
ciiurch Tue-day nk'lii, attracted a
urge crowd, there being standing
room only at eight o'chek.- The
entertainment began promptly at
e-ght fifteen snd although not very
ring each Dumber appeared to please
ne audience and brought forth a
go'id round of applause. The Irish
songs of Mi-H Dorothy Temple were
t-peclally well liked It seemed and
t he ensemhle work of the company
wn fur above the average.
Many people pronounced It one Of
!.he hot, if not. the bt. ent.erMin-
raent that the Santa Fe nas provided
In Chanute.
Henry Draper's Mother Dead
Mrs. Jona B. Draper, mother of
Henry Draper who formerly on the
Timesett force, died Sunday morning
at her home in Oswego at four-ttirty,
She was fifty-eight years, two months
and ten days old. The funeral str
vices were held at the Presbyterian
church Monday afternoon at two
o'clock, Interment was made in the
Oswego cemetery.
A public buildings bill passed Con
gress last week containing authoriaa
tions for four new public buildings In
Kansas, an appropriation bill carry
ing appropriations totalling 1154,000
for the completing of buildings pre-
Tlously authorized by an act of Con
gress. The four new post offices will
be located at Cherry vale, Hiawatha,
El Dorado and Pratt, and each Is to
Co st sixty thousand dollars.
One of the Public buildings already
authorized Is the post office here for
which an expenditure of 175,000 is
authorized; already appropriated
115,000. Work will be placed on the
market In the last quarter of 1914.
For Ottawa, authorised 165.000,
already appropriated 142,500. Work
to be placed on the market early In
Parsons, already appropriated 175,-
000. Contract awarded and and work
seveity-threa per cent completed.
A. C. Caylor of St Joseph, Mo, Is Id
town 00 business.
Stephen, Kye 8-1. It ere
Market Report.
Kamns City Stock YRrds. Feb. 24 1913
Ed IlarriM'n, Greenwood Count'',
KansiJ, t.np.'ied the uiinv sieer
murKet wins one load of 1403 rourd
steers ai. $8 85 Bulk f ihe nat.lve
steers sold at. $8 and upwards-, nugar
mill stem's trum Nnrtiiein Colnrnno
$3 to $8 40, Colorado tve d 'rs 7 9t,
quaritiMne stem 7 35 to 7 90,
Colored i ciws 0 45
H-iu rc Ipts todiiy 5000, market. 10
to 15 higher, top 88 40 and bulk $8 L5
to8 35
Sheep and Iambs are irregular, with
aged nheep showing strength, and
iHmb linl'iiiig barely steady, and the
difference iietween t.hem is dosing up
ReceiptH here today 11,000, sheep
ftady, eAes up Jfi, wenUiers $6 50,
yearling worth $7 75, lambs 10 lower,
tcp 88 60
Live Stock Correspondent
Everybody's Getting One
Mrs. Monroe Walker has also re
ceived a prize for the successful
ROiviug of a "Foity Two" piece pu.a!e
for a Kansas City music bouse. This
is the second prize to come to
A petition wa received by the
Board of City Commissioners Tues
day afternoon asking for a lateral
sewer to be constructed from Pine to
Ash street in the alley east ot liorth
F.vfircreen avenue. The petition wa9
- -
signed by six of the resident property
A r Antnona TYTrkW irHrvor fnp
uwiicia UAMau.v t. B
llie laying V mo sonci. emnov
placed on first reading by Commis
sioner Johnson.
Ralph Moore went to lola Tuesday
atterniion to visit his grandfather
who is 111 of pneumonia and not ex
pected to 11 ye. The grandfather was
ninety-". x years old his last birthday.
S. M. Sifero of lola came down to
Chunute Tuesday night on business.
Vr M. Crspson ha returned
from a short visit in Eailton.
Mr. L G. Sparks of Alberta, Can.,
Is visiting her sister Mrs. J. B. Mer
rick. Born to W. T. Clark and wife of
424 West First street Sunday after
noon an eight pound girl.
Lloyd Young, Frank Stotts and
Fred Denton all of lola were Cha
nute visitors Saturday evening.
Mike Powers who Is employed In
Santa Fe Machine Shops at Topeka
spent Sunday with his parents.
Mr. and Mrs. Cheater Hill of Pocas-
set, Okla. visited Tuesday with T
C. Blankenchip on their way to Mon
Mrs, A. J. Morrison went to Kansas
City Tuesday to visit relatives.
T, J. Bumbley and granddaughter
Miss Nellie Bumbley went to Ottawa
Tuesday for a short stay.
Mrs. H. S. Wood has arrived from
Portland lnd., to visit her son Jesse
Wood and her mother, Mrs. Martha
McClatchey, who is quite sick.
Mrs. B, W. Lennox Is visiting her
parents In Nlotaze for a few days.
Miss Venus Weesener Is visiting
her sister in Vilas for few days.
Miss Gladys Wilcox has returned to
her home In Wellington after a few
days visit with Miss lather Taylor,
There Is a Difference I M"o. h. Myer od mis Ruth
r... . ,w. v Myvr of Pittsburg vlBited Tuesday
Did you ever stow to think tha .... "
u . . .with' the former's daughter Mrs. Ray
there is as much difference in Mo-1 ...
.u : tw cA. i Dlehl on their way to Kansas City,
uments as there is in Dry Goods,' '
Vrnm thorn Mlua Mnora mill an t.Cl
Clothing, Shoes, etc, etc?
, Oregon where she will be married up
Go with me to the cemetery and n .
you will soon aiscover tnat tne sud
stantial improvements made are
Chanute products. You will also
discover that there is an individual
ity about the monuments furnished
by the Chanute Marble and Granite
Works that you do not find in work
that-is furnished by outside parties.
I have been in the monument)
business in Chanute. over fifteen
years during which time there was
about on an average of $200 worth
of work shipped in by outside deal
ers and I assure you there is a vast
difference between this work and
that furnished at the Chanute works.
I have not erected any monuments
amounting to over Jioo.oo but what
are of granite throughout and these
are in no cheaper granite than that
I used for my Mother, which,, has
been a standard granite in the
United States for over one hundred
years Aly competitors can not
compete with me on this class of
work owing to the fact that the ex
pensc in local freight and delivering
the same amounts to from 5 to 15
and sometimes as much as 20 per
cent, this, as well as cost of selling
makes considerable .extra expense
which you can avoid by buying at
My competitors say they can sell
cheaper; this is true by using
cheaper material and making
cheaper designs than my conscience
allows me to use. I aim to use only
the best and I carry about fourteen
varieties of domestic and imported
granites. However, some ot my
would-be competitors build rsonu
ments out of Limestone and call it
Marble, the analysis of which is in
line with our native stone. They
back up their material with a life
time guarantee. Well now that is
cons ding when we think that a
monument should last a DEATH
TIME and if it is not built out of a
good variety cf granite it will not
stand against the elements. These
inferior materials are barred from
our large city cemeteries and well
QUI jargC CILJ LtlllLUfiva m.iv. .. w.
they ghou)d for the question is what
... . .. J
would the coming generations uu
with wrecks and ruins of cemetries
that are being dotted with so-called
monnments built out of material
that will deterioate in less than a
The best grades of graDite is the
cheapest material that should be
used for monumental work; the
same should be worked into pretty
designs and well executed in art.
Do not trust a stranger with fur
nishing, or try to furnish you with,
a would-be duplicate of a flashy
photograph when you can step into
my showroom and select the very
monument you want and at prices
that can not be duplicated by out
side parties.
I am furnishing about 90 per cent
of the work that is being erected m
the Chanute cemetery and I assure
you I can find more dissatisfied cus
tomers out of the 10 per cent that
buy their work abroad than you can
find with the 90 per cent that buy
their work at home
In my fifteen years of business in
Chanute, I have enjoyed a very
good business: as a whole the Cha
aute people have been loyal to me.
You all know me and my methods
of doing business of which I am not
Trusting you will consider these
points In buying a monument, I am
Very truly yours,
Chanute Marble and Granite Works
Free t4ies and Gents Watches. Ruga.
BraeeleU and Jewelry ot Every Description.
Lace Curtain, Bugs. House Furaishinrs. Rifles
w ua,hm M.AhnM. Skmtea Printinff
Presses. Fountain Pens. In fact nearly every-
thine you aan ioidk oi you cu n"i
Frea for soiling our Beautiful Fanoy Drawn
and Satin Striped Handkerchiefs at lOo eaoh.
Tha sail rapidly. ean senerally be sold in
every bowse. Don't send us any money, but
write 4ts to sena you a io ui n.uionu.ii v
mU. that when sold you wUl send us the money
and set the premium seleoted. SeUinc 14
haadkerohjem entitles you to your choice of an
Becant Wateh. Gold Laid Rinrs. loe Cur
tains. Eo. Writ as today, we trust you and
nan baok the roods If you eannot sell them.
mm oac toe Ijxq'cq CHICAGO. ILL.
Mrs! a A. Clarke left Tuesday for
her home la Rich Bill, Mo- after
rlsKing Mrs. W. B Shirley.
M.J. Crane of Earlton was la Cha
ute Tuesday afternoon on business.
uu uci aiiivai.
F. H. Elseoraat of Walnut Kansas
is In town en business.
Mrs. A. B. Armstrong has returned
to her home in Trinidad,. Colo., after
visiting here with Mrs. C. E. Turner,
Mrs. Emma Blngley and others.
n.- B. Meeder returned Tuesday
night from San Bernardino, Calif.,
where he has been visiting for nearly
iwo months. Mrs. Meeder accom
panied Mr. Meeder to California but
will remain for a while. Mr. Meeder
-) that the freeze of January has
mined the prospects for the orange
crop. That only two places in
Southern California has escaped
ii..uiuge from frosts', and those were
Orauge and Pomona, California.
W. M Carter went to Fredonia on
business Tuesday
Mrs. A B. Lupheris visting friends
in i'lttsburg for a few days.
Miss Nellie Caotrell of Fredonia
whs a Chanute visitor Tuesday.
Dr. T. B. Edwards went to Fredonia
this morning on business.
Mrs. W. II. Wheeler has returned
rrmn a two weeks visit witn ner
1 areuts in Mount Carmel, III..
Mr. S. Stevens is visiting for a few
days in Iola-
Thomas Gray returned Tuesday to
hi home In Topeka alter visimhk
In brothers and sisters here.
Mr. and Mrs. William McSpadden
have returned to Moline after vlsitlnii
their son Henry McSpadden and wife.
Hfs Fear.
"Wonn't van afraid to go down
stairs In the dart last night?" asked a
woman of her little son recently.
Tes, I was a little afraid," answered
the boy. "But what were you afraid
of?" asked th motfter. -win.
the boy, T was afraid there wouldn't
be any doughnuts."
Changing Hues.
"You are In love with a blonde," re
marked the fortune teller, "but after
you marry her, beware of a brunette
who" "No danger." remarked tne
patron: "It's the same woman." The
Ladles' World.
Wife's Privilege.
"That ! the wife's privilege." re
marked the West Ham Clerk to a man
who complained that his wife nagged
him. London Globe.
Sharpening Scissor.
Thn slmDlest way of sharpening
scissors is to take a knife and cut
away at th back of it, as if you wlsb
ed to cut the blade of the knife in
two with the aclssors. Do this ten or
twelve times. The effect Is marvelous.
The poker can take the place of a
Hla Unavailing Search.
"Well. James Henry Williams, did
you- enjoy yourself at the seaside?"
"Vha. teacher, very much. I liked the
eat hat I couldn't find the lnthemls."
"To what, James Henry William?"
"t. inthnmls. teacher: where it says
in the Bible, 'The sea and all that in.
them is.' "
Air Purified.
The air of a cellar or any dark store
loom can be kept sweet by hanging
lamps of charcoal In net bags. Every
few weeks the charcoal should be
taken out, made very hot and return,
d to the bags.
Aaftanhta Oranlta Slabs.
t R has been observed that, under
fevtln nondltlona which have) not
teen explained, granite will warp like
wood. A slab set in a wail naa sen
nriar ohaarvatlon in Switzerland. S
a perceptible distortion has mad It
self, apparent Harper's weexn
Jet Baker's Slcm
The oriental capacity for wsag our
Bother toftgae with Strang twists ot
unconscious humor is wall kwn, but
few examples are equal t this deli
cious sign on a Japanese) baker's
shop: "A Kartnura. Biggest Loafer 111
Tokyo." Oriental Review.
Snubbed "Iron Duke."
The Duke of Wellington, who ha4
a taste for anything that Napoleon
had ilksd, applied to David th artist,
who had painted Napoleon's portrait,
requesting David to execute on of
himself. "Sir." replied David. 1 paiat
only historical characters."
Dors at th Party.
Little Dora had been to a party, and
la answer to his mother's inquiry as
to whether she had enjoyed herself
exclaimed. "Oh. it was lovely, mum
my, but so hot that I com out an Is
a perforation."
It sometimes a matter of grsat
importance. A watch that doesn't
!tell the correct time U Just as bad a
iio watch at all. If your watch shows
in Inclination to be eccentricor un
steady In its habits, bring it to us and"
we will put it In shape at a very rea
dable cost.
O. E. CONKL1N. the Jeweler
Caue of Fall of Bullet.'
The resistance of the air and the aV
traction of gravitation cause a bullet
or cannonball ' to end Its flight and '
fall to the earth; these-two forces op
erating together cause the projeotfla -to
describe a curve, dependent on Its
Initial velocity. The greater the speed !
at the beginning the farther it will go-
Error of Intellect.
Through the ordinary course t'
mortal failure and. misfortune, in tha
career of nations no less than of men,
the error of their Intellect and the
hardening of their hearts may be ac
curately measured by their denial of '
spiritual power. Ruskla.
Law of the Harvest.
The law of the harvest is to reap
more than you sow. Sow an act and
you reap a habit; sow a habit and you
reap a habit; sow a habi and you
reap a character; sow a character and
you reap destiny; George IX ; Board
man. Generally.
The man who thinks he is one of
the chosen few generally turns out to
be one of the disappointed many. '
T. R. Edwards, AT. D.
Specialist in Disiosis of the EVE
KA K, N OSB and Til BOAT.
Otlice in Postoffice Bidg.
CUanute, Kansas
Otlice Kuums, Conklic building.
Calls answered day or night.
Office phone 157. Res. phooe 590.
Oit.ortnn r.h in Phuolun
Chronic diseases a specialty.
Office and Residence 121 S. Highland.
nuuc 100.
AaS'TMiriin in. I liQiU4..y ft t.hu Wt.mia -Vi
iind Bowels, and Diseases of Women a 1
Tucher & Alexander Bidg.
Telephone 134, : : : Chanute, Kg.
S-P BO I All ST.
Diseases of Women. Bladder and
Kidney Diseases, ' Nervous Dis
ease. Catarrh, Rheumatism
14, .it t 'iirt.nir 11 oa
5 East Main Street, Chanute, Kansas,
I ) j u.io
ruiiiie 00a.
Makes a specialty of all curable
't rrn in IiiuAuaiati t rt Pi loo dnl f oi-r
Aiia Enlarged Tonsils. Pay when you.
are well. No knife. No Ligature.
Office Heti ick BU.. Suites 4 and 5a
Phune 723.
Chanute, Kansas.
L, D. Johnson M. D.
General Practice and Surgery
Pone 631 102 S. Highland.
Onunbry calls quickly and promptly
,.t iiiv ll'l II IK Mil.
Offlf-A MprnnnMla Hnilrilnir
Office pbone 611. Residence 74.
Bear First Nat'l Banic,' Chanute, Ks.
W. P. WRIGHT, Notary Public,
ueai estate, Lioans ana insurance,
Brown McClelland Blk. Boom 5.
Phone 186.
Smith & bbobst,
Attorneys and Counselors
At Law.
Rooms 9 and 9, First National Bank
Office In P. O. block, : ' Chanute, Ks
Over Brown's Drug Store
Chanute college of musio
book's studio,
116. W. Main. Phone 848.
Teaoneror stringed instruments
Agent for the "Gibson" Instruments.
Director of
Hamilton's Msbdolln Orchestra.
Brown-McClelland Bidg. Boom Hi
DR. B. E. LIVINGSTON, Dentist,
Over Wtlder's Drug Store.
Office Phone 1040,
Bes. 419 N. Highland. Pbone 177,
No. t E. Mslo, porcelain work,
crown and bridge work, and regulat
ing as well at all other operations per
taining to ths teeth.
J. J. MEANS D. D. 8.
Over People, Horns Stats Bank
8V; -V-

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