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Rush For City
Force Over
income to 21st Larger in Feb
ruary Than in
The income of the city for the
teemth of Feb. up to the tlt of this
mouth la slightly greater than it was
for corresponding length of time In
the month of January. The 21t of
January showed that 113,396.82 bad
been collected and this Included the
three percent of the gross receipt of
the Missouri and Kaa-as Telephone
Company that the city receives each
year. For Feb. up to this morning
113,531.91 had been turned into the
tlty treaaury, which Includes a sale
of over seventeen hundred dollars
worth of gas pipe by the city.
A comparison of the various
amount paid into the city's funds
results as follows:
' Feb.
$971 86
$173 00
Electric light
Pipe sold
The tola's as
given above include
besides the funds listed, meter de
posits and miscellaneous sources of
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tt momentary blindness, with ring
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aowerful tonic It nuts strength and
activity into the liver, purifies the
bowels and restores a fsciing of
health, vigor and cheerfulness. Price
00. Sold by u. is, utcHey urug More.
Charles Wilson and Cecil Cooper
went duck hunting on river Monday
going to Sbaw and Rollln for their
birds. They secured twelve Mallards
tod reported the ducks as plentiful.
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the Best Cough, Cold, Throat and
Lung medicine . ma.e. Money re
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Louis Globe -Democrat
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St. Louis, Mo.
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Mi6S Grace McCullough and Harry
Ingel were married Saturday noon at
the home of the bride's parents near
Le4nna. Mr. Ingel is from Savons-
burg but they wil make their home on
a farm near Leanna, which Mr. Ineel
and his brother will manage. They
were married by Rev. G. G. Home
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Miss Julia Williamson returned
Sunday from Dodge City where she
has been making an extended visit.
She was accompanied home by a sister
Mrs. H. N. Owen who after visiting
here will go to Colorado City to live,
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cough should be treated with Bai
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gerous disease. The C. H. Rowan Drug Co..
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less remedy for this distressing disease and to
make known its merits they will send a bO cent
Package seourely wrapped and prepaid Ab
solutely Free to any reader of The Chanute
lum.. Thfi rmAv also cures) freauent
desire to urinate and inability to control urine
during the night or day in om or joum-
C. H. Rowan Drug Co. are an Old Reliable
House, write to them today for the free
medicine. Cure the afflicted members 01 your
family, then tell your neighbors and friends
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Mrs. Charlotte Smith died at her
home on 32 West Fourth Btreet last
Tuesday at six o'clock after an illness
of only short duration.
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Mr. and Mr, Edward dole have re
turned to their home In Pitt Dura
after attending the funeral of J. w
Cole and remaining for a few days
stay with Mrs. J. W. Cole.
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Mis Inez Miller has returned to
Baldwin where she attends Baker
university, after 4 week at home on
account of at attack of the grlppe.
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Mrs. H E. Jones has returned to
Ottawa after visiting here for a few
days with Mrs. J. D. Jones.
S. K. Fray went to Thayer Monday
afternoon on business for the Royal
Highlander lodge.
Mrs. E. O. Buchanan ha returned
to ber home In Thayer after a 6hort
visit with Mrs. E. G. Ferguson.
When Ballard's Snow Liniment is
rubbed in for rheumatic aches and
pains, It reaches the spot quickly and
the relief Is very gratifying. Price
25c, 60c and tl per bottle, bold by
D. B. Hlckey Drug Store.
E. E. Etdrldge returned Monday to
bis home In Erie after a business
trip to Chanute,
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King's New Life Pills. They stimu
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Rooted In the Human Heart.
There Is a smell In our native earth
better than all the perfumes in the
east. There Is something in a mother.
though never ao angry, that the chil
dren will more naturally trust her
than the studied civilities of strangers,
let them be never so hospitable.-
Lord Halifax.
Dickens Most Widely Known.
If It be true to say of any author
that everybody has read htm, that au
thor Is Dickens. He Is more of a na
tional institution today than Shakes'
peare, whose works, praised and per
verted, explained and darkened, by an
amaslna- mass of commentators tooay,
ax not. in our experience, really
kruwn to the average reader. London
Athenaeum. v.
Sacrifice for Art's Sake.
"You say you have devoted your Ufa
to art;" said the man who tries to bo
polite, even when surpnsea. ibb,
replied Mr. Cumrox. "I have devoted
mvielf to an effort to become rich
enough to own a gallery of genuine
old masters." Washington Star.
Changing Nature Indirectly.
Tou are constantly assured that yon
cannot change human nature; that
you cannot make people over by pro
cess of law. But if you cannot reform
men by reforming the conditions that
make men what they are, how Is It
that you can so easily debauch and
degrade them by reversing the pro
cess? Collier's Weekly. ,
Stone a Druid Relic
A large buried atone, concealed for
ever thirty years near Anwlck church,
Bleaford, England, In order to be oat
of the way of the plough, was de
scribed, the other day, to the Lincoln
shire Naturalists' Union as a Druid
relic The upper part of the stone
had been flattened and an irregular
shaped basin farmed to catch snow or
rain nsed for ritual purposes.
Some men talk In their sleep be
rause that is the only chance they get
Nothing In the world la worth the
loss of thy peace; even the faults
which thou hast committed should
only humble and not disquiet then.
Ood la full of Joy and peace and hap.
ptnets. Endeavor then to obtain a
oontlnnally Joyful and peaceful spirt!
J. Jersteegen.
Local Men Interested in Roads
in Vicinity Big Pro
jects Later.
The National Hignway asswia
tion is agitating the question t
National Highways at present, uni
even though thev are particularly
sanguine in r gard to this form
road building mey ihernseives ad
tail that it is necessarily a slo
proposition. Local men interested
in good roads are of the same opin
ion, and a number of them who be
lieve that the National Highway
proposion is a good one are at pre
sent more interested in attending t
the roads in their own vicinity ami
letting the National H ghway pro
positions come afterwards.
There is no doubt that the Nat
ional Congress is takii y more inter
est Hi good roads than i: did several
years ago. Road bil.s were soon
turned down in Congress a few
seasons ago but nuw there are
nearly a hundred bills before Con
gress dealing with r ai building in
one form or another.
This idea of good roads has been
gathering force for years and the
people are divided into classes in
regard to it. Some road associa
tions want State Highways without
our National aid. Still others want
good roads paid for by the county
throuph which they pass, without
any aid. And yet others are adva.
eating that the questicn be settled
not be counties, cities and towns
but by the nation.
Newspaper Errors.
Newspaper readers are sometimes
astonished by mistakes on the part
of reporters. Consider, for lnstanoa,
the surprise of the readers of a cer
tain staid daily so tie years ago when
they learned that a public man had
the night before solemnly announces!
that "AH reforms In this country have
been brought about by Prussia." The
word the great man had really used
was "pressure." not "Prussia." 80, too,
considerable astonishment was caused
when "curaUa" Instead of "pew rates"
were reported to be "the greatest en
miss of the church."
One of His Stuck-Up City Ways.
"Since Joe Doe's got back here
again, after llvln' a year in Kansas
City, he's too blame' swell-headed for
any use!" hyperciitlcally remarked
Pip Maudlin of Skeedee. "Why, when
he's at work and the fire bell rings
he says he's too busy to go, and Just
lets 'er ring. Something mighty queer
about such actions; nobody Is ever
too busy to go to a fire!"
For a Rubbir Plant.
When the leaves turn yellow and
fall off the plant is dying. Feed it a
tablespoonful of olive oil every two
weeks. Also wash the plant once a
week with warm soapsuds, letting ths
warm suds moisten the earth thor
ouehlv. Sorlnkle every other day.
This same treatment should be used
on ferns.
Of s Copper Hew.
Here Is an essay composed by a
boy of nine on Cromwell: "Cromwell
was a wicked man, and killed lots
of men. He had a nose of copper hew,
nnder which dwelt a truly religious
soul." Christian Life.
"Logging Engineering."
A chair of "logging engineering" has
eneer sound, but out In Washington
the lumbermen insist that, they need
It In the state university in their busi
ness. There are possibly in some
astern colleges professorships more
Impressively titled that are not of as
much practical value.
Nloaraguan "Capote."
Instead of raincoats, the Nlcaraguan
wears a "capote." which is a piece of
impervious material almost square,
with a hole in the center large enough
for the wearer to put his head through.
It Is made by pouring rubber over un
bleached muslin.
Child's Narrow Esoap.
A little four-year-old San Bernardino
(CaL) girl. Harriet Strang, recently
had a remarkable escape from death.
She pleked up a rattlesnake and car
ried It soma distance to the porch of
bar home, where she let the reptile
bltoe the house dog. Ths dog. died In
agony two hours later. The dog's
cries attracted notice and. tbs parents
despatched the deadly reptile befew
It could Co further Injury.
Good Tip.
"I should like to secure an audi
nee with your wife." lf you wil
consent to be the audience It ough.
to be easy enough." Houston Post
Attraction of Good Liar.
Some liars are so Interesting that
we feel sorry we can't believe them.
Dr. Push.
For the next thirty days we will make
you prices on buggies that will inter
est you. Now is the time to buy cor
regated iron to build barns and sheds.
Harness repair work a specialty at
right prices. We carry a full line of
hangers and track for doors. Hay
carriers and track, hay rope and all
kinds of builders' hardware at close
First published Id the Chanute Times, Feb. 20.
The Neosho Taller State Bank of
Chanute Kansas, a corporation,
A. J. Briley. Lizzie C. Briley
and Dott Briley,
Publication Notice.
TO DEFENDANTS. A. J. Briley. Lizzie C.
Briley and Dott Briley:
You and each of you are hereby notified
that you have been sued in the District Court
of Neosho County. Kansas, by The Neosho
Valley State Bank of Chanute. Kansas:
that the petition of the plaintiff is on tile in the
offlee of the Clerk of said Court ; thai defend
ants must answer said petition on or before
the 5th day of April. 1913. or the allegations
therein contained will be taken as true and
plaintiff will have Judgment rendered against
defendants, granting- its claim for H44.75 togeth
er with Interest at 10 percent per annum from
Feb. 10. 1913. and for costs of suit ; and defend
ants are further Detifled that an attachment
has be. n levied on their real property located
in the City of Chanute. Kansas, desoribel as
follows, to-wit: Lots Ten (10) and Thirtest(l3),
Block Thirty-five (S5. New Chicago; that said
property will be sold' according to law to
satisfy plaintiffs elaim: that a Decree of Court
will be granted setting aside and cancelling
the transfer of eald above described real
property on the ground of fraud perpetrated
on plaintiff, and decreeing said property to be
that of defendants, A.J. Briley and Lizzie C,
Attorneys ior me finmui.
Clerk of the Court.
Beans en a irlok.
little Ethel was only four years old,
and her mother was spending the day
with a friend who had corn boiled on
the cob on Che table when dinner was
served. Little Ethel had never eaten
ooaft cooked this way before, but was
very fond of It, and when she had ears-
folly eaten every grain of corn from
the cob, she passed the cob to ths
waiter and said, "Please mam put
soma beans on my stick."
Had No Tims.
Miss Specs "Charles, did you ever
allow your mind to pierce the secrets
of the universe, to reason that this
dull, celd world Is but the sepulchre
of ages past, that man in all his glory
Is but the soli we tread, which every
breeze wafts In an overshlfting mass,
to be found and lost in an Infinity of
particles the dust of centuries, re
united and dissolved as long as time
shall endure?" Charles-"No-o, I cant
say I have. Tou see, I've had to earn
my own living." Stray Stories..
Until the Plumber Arrives.
While waiting for the arrival of
plumber,, when the water pipes have
sprung a leak, the housewife may do
a little repairing herself. The water
should be turned off and a solder made
by miring some whiting with common
yellow soap and Just enough water to
form a thick paste. Apply this mix
ture to the leak and In a little while
the water may be turned on very slow
ly. This solder may last a day or
How to Remove Mildew.
To remove mildew from linen take
some yellow soap and rub It well Into
the linen, then scrape some chalk very
fine and rub that In also. Lay the
linen on the grass and aa it dries wet
It again and again unUl the mildew
disappears. Another way Is to mix
soft soap and powdered starch with
half the quantity of aalt and the Juice
of a lemon. Apply the mixture with a
bruah and lay the linen out on the
grass for a few frosty nights until the
stain disappears.
Strong In Memory.
Rural winter Joys Increase ta I
Inverse ratio to the square of the dis
tance, or words to that effect. It
will be noticed that Whlttler did not
write "Snow Bound" until after hs
had become a city-dweller and ths
memory of frosted noae and ears and
tingling hands and feet had become
dimmed and vague. A too accurate
memory, like acute truthfulness, la a
terrible handicap tor a real poet, Jus
ss ft is to an editor.
What la Timet
What la time? The shadow on ths
dial, the striking of the clock, the
running of the sand day and night,
summer and winter months, years,
centuries ; these are but arbitrary and
outward signs, the measure of Time,
not Time Itself. Time Is the Life of
the Soul Longfellow. i
Bird 8anctusrle.
Bird sanctuartea recently nave been
established In England and In Aus
tralia. An attempt Is now being mas
to protect the herons of Egypt, troll
whioh country ths birds rapidly ar
dlaappearlag before ths guns of ths
plume hunters. Ths blrd-proteotlv
work Is becoming world-wide In Its
manifestation. All countries Anally
are becoming to realise ths eerrio
Which the birds render to maa
Practical Ventilating Hint.
The house should be ventilated
winter aa well as In summon H ta
flsjrnlly Is to be kept In good keaJta.
Bfdrooms,, especially, should bs pro
Tided with a free circulation of frees,
air. On way to get frssh sir la a
bedroom without having a draft Is Ss
tack strips of cheesecloth serosa ta
top sad the bottom of the window s
that when It Is opened in both fimtm
lbs trash air will eater ths room aat
yet, should there be a strong wisve.
Us fore will bs breken by Oe dot.
Nature Covers leak gpssa.
The planting of the barren rnoun
of disused coalpits In the "BQsii
Country" between Birmingham sayf
Wolverhampton,. England, is beginning
to show successful results. The growth
this year of the trees plsntsd on ta
soal mounds has been very rapid, with
tan reault that many public bodies
are taking an Interest In the xpr
Eyeglasses snd Steam.
Wearers of eyeglasses are greatly
troubled with the steam caused by
ths heat of ths eye. This may be pre
vented by rubbing tbe glasses with
soap dally. They may be polished
bright after application, but aa invis
ible film ts retained which win prevent
ths deposit of molstnrs.
His Case Exceptional.
"Who's the thin little man with ths
melancholy expresaron?" "That's Ram
mer, the poet, who wrote the beautiful
verses with the refrain, 'Life Is what
you make It you can make it glad.
He suffers from chronic dyspepsia."
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
- Abeent-Mlnded tatseman.
Lord Lawrence, who was one gov
ernor general of India, was so absent
minded In matters of external display
that when the Koh-i-noor diamond,
now among the crown Jewels, cam
into his bands for transmission t
Queen Victoria after the annexation of
the Punjab In 1S49, bs kept It for srs
Weeks in his waistcoat socket. havtr
forgotten all about it and only dis
covered it there by accident
Buffer me to recommend to yon on
of the most useful lessons of life, the
knowledge and study of yourself.
There you run the greatest haaard 4
being deceived. Self-love and partial
ity cast a mist before the eyes, and
there is no knowledge so hard to be
acquired, nor of more benefit when
once thoroughly understood. Abigail
Adams to Her Son.
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