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T1.JE 0
$1.00 PER YEAS.
VOL ill NO. 31
McCune Drug Store, Wall Paper, House, Barn and Carriage Paints. Phone 828, Street No. Ill W. Main
Dedication Services will Ex-
tend Through One Week
Pipe Organ Recital
Dedication services for the ntw!y
remodelled Methodist church will
begin a week from tomorrow, with
the morning service and continue
through a period of one week.
The dedication services proper will
be held April 20th. The church is
finished throughout and has been
in use since the first Sunday in
March, although at that time thr
basement was not quite complete.
Bishop Shepard of Kansas C'.'y
will deliver the dedicatory 3ermon,
and will be here both rooming and
The program for the week
outlined at present is as follows.
Bishop W. O. Shepard of Kansas
City will deliver the morning am
evening sermon. Special music
will be arranged for.
An evening of or ginal produc
tions. Chanute musicians wil
furnish a portion of the evening'.-
entertainment and several origina
poems will be rear!. Among i hen
are poems by J. M. Cavantss, Kan
Jones and Esther Clark, Gu
Gardner will p'ay a clarinet s-jIo,
one of Thurow Lieuranct's own
compositions. Mus Elith Birieau,
vocal solo, Mrs. Olive Buchanan
Pipe organ, Mis V."z -beth K'ein.
organ. T. A. J It rs, solo,, the
Methodist Mate Quartette. - -
Pipe organ rec'iai in evening b)
Edward Kreiser of Kansas Ci y.
Short addresses on "Christian
Fraternity" by the pastors of the
various churches of the ' cny.
Followed by a reception in inc
church parlors by the official board
Lecture, "Civic Righteousn s,"
ExGovernor St. Johns.
Addresses, "Cnristian E iucatton"
by J. H. Hill, President of the um
poria Normal and W. F. A. S.aghi
of Baldwin.
Bishop Mclntyre of Oklahoma
City will deliver the morning ser
mon, Professor G. F. Ream of
Baldwin, the evening address, and
Rev. C. W. Odum of Cherryvale
will address the Epworth League.
Miss Theodora Arlander and her
brother Lawrence Arlander delighted
an audience that filled the Swedish
Baptist Monday, with their concert.
Miss Arlander is a gifted musician,
being not only a pianist but also
possesses a pleasing soprano voice,
Mr. Arlander plays the cornet and
violin and sings well in a baritone
The program consisted of piano
solos, cornet and violin selections and
vocal solos bp Miss Arlander and Mr.
Arlande. The two are starting on a
weeks tour, and will give six concerts
during the time.
The ordinance relating to the ap
portioning of tbe cost of four sewers,
were passed at Friday's meeting of
tbe Commission. Three of the sew
ers are In the first ward and one in
second. All connect to the Main
Sewer finished Id January. All four
of the sewers are completed.
II. P. Campbell has taken tbe pos
tlon of manager for the Dunning
Drug company.
Will Have Some Conveniences
Work to Commence
George Copley, the contractor,
who secured the contract to build, or
r.i'ler to remodel, the city jail s
tha ihere will be quarters for fema'e
prU'iners is nearly ready to com
nifn-e work on same He is wai .
in f r some material which had to
he purchased from Kansas City and
on its arrival will put the work
under way, expecting to be in the
tiii' k of it by the first of next week.
The old jail is twenty by thir.y
feet and its furniture consists of an
iron cage with a few old mattresses,
I'b'i s, and stove. The quarter
f.i-' "vomen prisoners will have a
ft , corven:en?es added to tl. .
ne.ee slides. The room will be t:
nf s'ze as the one on fh grourai
(1 r. The walls will be of bri. '
and the floor of reinforced concretf.
A 'oat of hard finished plaster will
ad 1 to the warmth and appearand
of he room. Lavatories and a
(nif.rtable bed are included in
ii.L furniture of the room and add
i r v lizing touch.
plan of partitioning off one
ii i of the room and making it a
'strong room" for violent or men
iil'y effected prisoners, h on foo
I ns would be more sightly and
-q Mi:y effective with the iron cage
inicii would otherwise probably be
Country Roads Decided On
The board of county commissioners,
composed of B. B Fltzsimmons of St
Paul, Fred Alexander of Chanute
and R. A. Butler of CenterviUe town
hhip, adjourned late Thursday even
ing uiter a full four day's session
Dining this time a greater portion
of the time was taken up In a study of
the country roads. As originally
planned several months ago seemed
ur satisfactory to a certain ex
tent, and the commissioners were con
fronted with many protests. Just be
fore adjourning the board decided
that the road as originally located
was alright with two exceptions. The
road running straight into Erie from
the south was changed to run cne
mile west and the road that originally
equally divided between Stark and
Kimball was charged so that the road
runs straight into Stark.
L. Russell et al. presented a peti
tion for a bridge to be constructed on
the north county line between Neosho
and Allen counties. The commis
sioners bad too many other troubles
this month so the petition was passed
up for future consideration.
R. N. Allen was appointed super
intendent of the Allen levee in Lincoln
Grandma Moore, mother of Mrs
John Wells of this city is reported to
have fallen and broken her hip last
Wednesday. Mrs Moore had a bad
fall about a year ago and at that time
sustained severe injuries. Mrs. Moore
is now living at Rest although she
made her borne in Chanute for some
years. '
An oil well that is reported as a
forty or fifty barrel producer was shot
forG. W. Johnson, four miles south
west of town Saturdaj. Twenty
seven feet of oil sand was found.
The gas sand was drilled through
several feet above tbe oil strata.
The correct treatment for scalds,
burns, cuts, wounds, sores, lumbago,
rheumatism or neuralgia is BAL
healing, penetrating and antiseptic
which is every th'ng that 19 needed
to effect a complete cure Price 25c.
50c and $1 per bottle. Sold by D. B.
Emil Switzer Dragged Under Disc
Plow Suffers Terrible Injuries;
One of the rnrs' horrible acci-
tn s that occurring lately in
;he vicinity of Chanute happened
o Emil Swiiz?r, wrrking for R L.
Pritsey two miles southeast of Vilas
T ursrJay afternoon between four
.nd hve o'clock when his team
litchtd to a disc plov became
'r'ghiened and ran away, dragging
S i zer under the plow and injuring
.L.n terribly. Great gashes were
'.it in his head, his body is a mass
' bruishes and when he was found
most of the clothes had been torn
from his body.
The los3 of blood was tremen
.lous and his condition is critical.
J!ty Engineer Prut, at Friday af
ternoon's meeting of the City Com
i:i'si'jn, presented thep'ausandsprcl
a iToi f i Pl.'l :d. 'n'.l i fi in for
eunt-ii'iir i a rfri ve -i;pp'v of r a .
'. C . m"' ' n- f " nn lime
:o to get n c iiiu i ciUuu wl'.h
ir n who mnde a rprclalty of mmu
f .Curing gas rescrv-jlrs and goods in
"a: line. The firm suvniUed twc.
Mr.'Dnsltiona in reply the iiq'iiry.
O.ie was for a large gas re.ervolr o.
'lis telefc pi variety of f ur pare,
'.'ist $77,000, Tt.o O'Ur was for ;.
cvlindilcal tank which ou!d hold
!iv: liunoTfld ttmu and feet of gas it
precgure of fifteen pounds, wbicl)
would be praci.ica'ly a million feet at
lie diMrlbuting polut on a baM from
four to eight ount e ci s'i S40 50o.
The amount of money nquired was
to 1 much to be spent to do anything
with the matter at pent. Com
missioner . Johnnou said that Ina
much as the sourcs of gas was not
set tled, or whether there would he a
sutlicieut amount of ga to j Jstify Mie
-lieodlng of that a tin unr, of money
The watier would, id his opinion, tie
tvst dropped completely for tbe
present at least
E. E. Long and George Copley were
the only two contractors who bid on
the building of the new jail. Mr.
Copley filed his bid at S87a. Mr.
Long at $905. and both came under
1 lie engineer's estimate as it was an
even 1000. Mr. Copley's ' bid being
the lowest he will te given the con
tract after the necessary formalities
have been arranged.
If you continually complain of
pains in your stomach, vour liver or
your kidneys are out of order He
gleet may lead to dropsy, kidney
trouble, diabetes or Br 'grit's disease.
Thousands recommend Electric Bit
ters as the very best stomach and
kidney medicine made. II T. Als
ton, of aleigh, N. C, who suffered
with pain in the stomach and back,
writes: "My Kidneys were deranged
and my liver did not work right. I
suffered much, but Electrio Bitters
was recommended and I improved
from the first d se I now feel like a
new man." It will improve you,
too Only 50c and $1. Recommended
by All Druggists.
Inspect County Road
The Board of County Commissioners
Fred Alexander, B. A. Butler and B.
B, Fltzsimmons traveled the county
road from Shaw to Erie by motor Tues
day to Inspect tbem and ascertain the
necessary repairs to be made and the
culverts tbat are needed.
G. T. Every went to Parsons Sun
day attended the funeral of his
brotber-ln-law Thomas Grabam, In
terment was made at Labett.
Coughs and colds, when neglected,
always lead to serious trouble of the
lungs The wisest thing to do when
you have a cold that troubles you is
to get a bott e of Dr, King's new
Discovery. You will get relief from
the first dose, and finally the cough
will disappear. O. H. Brown, of
Muscadine, Ala., writes: "My wife
was down in bed with an obstinate
cough, and I honestly believe had it
not been for Dr. King's New Dis
covery, she would not be living to
day.'.' Known for forty-three years
as "the best remedy for coughs and
colds. Price 50c and tl. Recom
mended by All Druggists. '
The gashes on his head and fare
are long and deep, the skull being
laid open at more than one pom'.
Not a part of his face escaped the
disr. The plow was a riding tiisc (
and when the horses cojt menced
running he was dragged over the
front of the plow almost under the
horses heels, Mr, Swiizer is about
twenty six years of age.
The accident caused considerable
fxcitment in the neighborhood of
Vilas and as a result four phys -
cians and two nurses were sum
moned from this place. The cail
led to a rumor on the street that a
riilroad wreck had occurred.
moMOBiits causing lots of mm ",;s,h;r';:eur;prd
Last summer a real lively raid wa j brought considerable money into
made on jay driving and ether v o a- )e c,ty treasury. In a , ?50 .
tions of the automobile orrllrmr.ee in f 6 haye beeQ recelved- Theiarget
force here, and for a time Jay driving items of expense and disbursera en
was tbe most talked of subject in have been f.r gas purchased ar.d
town and many a motor car ooer payi-ng cff bonds, as well as salary
was uplo Police ciurt for iffjnees ,ab0'r and material. The yea-
against tbe crdlnne.
For awhile
tilt 'motoi car driver?, naor-iirg
the police force, were ra ire consider
ate and c refut :u their drying, but
ho, t!tice spring hus made i:s ap
pearance, the desire fur spued bey'titid
the limit allowed by ordinance tseeaa
to be a most desired thing. Tl.:
police fotcj are aware of the fact that
ru itor car owners, mimv of Ihrm are
I getting careless In regard to dr'v uy
I their cars and alo coticering their
' cars being allowed to stand without
proper lights,
The police force act entirety under
the supervision uf tbe Mayor and are
dlrt;;(ly suj -ct to h'ni. for Instruct
ion'. Chief Giitdy Mid Saturday,
if Lhe A'ajoi' .t-lN.ui;'H, why
wo'il raid, but If li doi!n't we'll try
10 get the drivers 10 be more careful.
Trie only thing ahout it is that when
wo speak t anv of Umu thpv seem to
'inok that we are butting in. itiieart
of jusltn iog t,o keep things in order."
Miss Neille Ruiubiey and Li'.e
Kepler were married Sunday evening
at nlnc-forty-five in the Presbyterian
The Invited guests remained after
the evening preaching services for
the pretty wedding ceremony. Ml
Blanche Rutubley, sister of the bride
and Luther Johnson, were the attend
ants of the bridal party.
Mr. and Mrs. 'Kepler proceeded
after the ceremony to tbe home at
1003 West Mala which was all ready
for occupancy.
Miss Abbie Edgerton, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Edgerton, 105 S.
Highland and Mr. P. D. Martin of
Bartlesville, Okla. were married last
Monday at the St Patricks church by
Father Nagle, at 8:30 o'clock.
The church was beautifully decor
ated in pink, white and green, lillies
of the valley, carnation and ferns.
The wedd'ng march was played by
Mrs, Percy Nelson, Mrs. Mrs. May
Shepler sang a solo and Mrs. Chas.
Rickel played a violin solo. The
bridal party was composed of tbe
bride, Miss Edgerton, bridesmaid,
Miss Deli Martin of Waomego, ma
tron of honor, Mrs. Walter Wood,
maid of honor Miss Stella McCarthy,
Council Bluffs, la., the groom P. D.
Martin, C. L. Martin, Kansas City
and Ralph Wlxson, Bartlesville, Okla.
Little Miss Jeannette Martin was
the ring bearer.
The bride was beautifully gowned
in white and wore a veil and wreath
of orange blossoms, the real blossoms
from California. Mrs. George Faust,
Mrs. Lloyd Elzea and Miss Margaret
Cox were the ushers.
After tbe beautiful and impressive
ring ceremony, the bridal party and
guests repaired to the home of the
bride's parents where an informal re j
ception was held. The rooms were
decorated artistically with green and
pink. A dainty buffet luncheon was
served. Mr. and Mrs. Martin went
to Elsmore Monday afternoon to visit
with the former's parents for a few
Bora to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Stew
art Sunday a ten pound girl.
Quarterly Report of City Clerk
Amyx Shows ? 103,755. 06
Receipts and $51,974.05
The quarterly report for the three
months from January i to March 31
according to Ihe figures of City
Clerk Amyx is a good one, and
shows that at the end of the firs
year of Commission form of govern
ment the financial affairs of the city
were in excellent condition.
A large amount of money was re
ceived from the County Treasurer
ended with the bank balance s'and
.'ng at $66,857 59
The High School Faculty havp
ru?d"3 errar-gsmciHs with the Ki'j
for a special Irai a Siivice from Par
sons Friday evening for the litT'r
com est that will be heid there that
evening. The new train service of
the Katy on I his part of the diylsit n
enables the crowd to go down at
6-45 on tbe regular train. That puts
them hito Parsons at a quarter of
. elht" Tuere win be twij coac'.ns
which will he attached to the regular
freight train and will leave Parsons
shortly after the contest, so thai
there will b:- no necessity at stayh g
over night. The high school hope
that there will be many outsiders
take advantage of this special train
service to attet.d the contest
The contest Is an annual affiir ana
one In which Chanute, ha, hereto
fore carried off the hi nors. There
will be contests in music, declama
tion, essay and debate.
After May 1st a physician's certi
ficate plays an Important part in the
marriage line.
The first day of May the uew law
requiring people who desire to marry
to present a pbyslnlans certicate to
the probate judge before be can Issue
a marriage license, will go into effect.
Those contemplating marriage can
save themselves considerable incon
vlence, not to meution expense of
course, by getting tbeir marriage
licenses this month rather than after
May 1st, June brides are as a rule
numerous; this year April might be a
good month, on account of the physi
cian's certificate.
The case of Tom Scantlin of -Stark
charged with disorderly conduct and
the use of abusive language came up
before Justice Locke of Erie Moodav.
Tbe case was an unusual one for a
justice court from the stand point of
witnesses, Tbe defendant had sub
poenaed forty three witness and tbe
state six. Tbe case was disposed of
inBhort order and there was little
use for the witnesses. The Judge de
cided that Scantlin was to go free as
tbe evidence submitted had not
showed where the offense was com
mitted, whether in Neosho or Allen
coucty or some place else,
Mr. and Mrs. A.;Sechrlstof St. Joe,
Mo., are in town for a few days. They
will move here shortly and live at
620 West Main street. Mr. Sechrlst
is tbe senior member of the firm of
Sechrlst & Cay lor, tbat recently pur
chased The Manhattan.
Sarah Mildred Wil
mer Here May 15
A Sixth Number Added to
Lecture Course Will Inter
pret the Drama.
The Lecture Course Assoria'ua
has been able to secure Miss Wa
rner for the evening of May 15 ',
as the sixth number of the yesrs
lecture course. It was origiria'iy
the plan of the association to have
five numbers and then a surprise
number was arranged for. How
ever, Miss Wilmer had to break her
engagement which was scheduled
this winter on account of prr
health and the ''surprise numbei"
filled in for her entertainrurr.
Since then the Association iue
made arrangements with her where
by she will fill her contract on Mf.y
15'h. Miss Wilmer is known ns
one of the greatest interpreters sent
ut by the Lyceum, and her enter,
ainment is .xpect?d to be one of
t..e best, if not the best of the,
hole course.
She will appe.-.r at The Iletiick.
The e xtra number is presented f c r
he season's pa.rons without cxva
expenses to them except for the
reservation of seat?. The u::l
will b? folbvstl f.f ;t;
James Johnson, who formerly iivcil
in Chanute but is now of Erie, was
married Sunday night at nine o'clock
at the Presbyterian parsonage at Erie
to Miss Ada Kyle also of Erie Only
the ministers's family was presect.,
as none of the young couple's friend
were aware that the wedding wat tc
take place Sunday evening.
Mr. Johnson and his bride are
making their home for tire present
with the bride's parents, Mr and Mrs.
W. A. Kyle until they can complet
arrangements for going to bouse
Mr. Johnson is well known in Cha
nute and has many friends here.
Miss Kyle is also known to a number
of persons In Chanute as she has
visited here a few times.
R'ibyn Carr.tr, the s'ven year old
daughter of Art hur Carter broke ber
thigh bone late Saturday evening
but is now resting well and Is getting
along nicely. Mr. Carter isemplojed at
tbe City office and was driving home
about six o'clock Saturday evening.
Robyn saw bim coming and ran to
meet him. She could not stop before
reaching the bugifyt and Mr. Carter
was unable to stop his horse before
she crashed intojthe wheel.
The Hikers club or at least three of
its members hiked to Petrolla Sun
day. They left Chanute at eight
twenty and arrived in Petrolla odo
hour and forty-five minutes later.
They inspected the scenery and tbe
landscape in general until the Katy
noon train came through. Petrolia,
when they left for Humboldt! acrj
returned to Chanute on the six forty
live in tbe evening. The girls have
number of good soap shots of various
places of interest along their way.
Those in the party were Pansy Nes
blt, Grace Johnson and Edith Asdel.
Easy Enough Said-
Betty's uncle, a sphout teacher, met
ber on the street one day and asked
her If she were going to a party.
No, I ain't goln."
Oh, you must not say "1 ain't goin
You must say J am not going" and
he proceeded to give her a lesson in
grammer. "I am not going. You
are not going. He is not going We
are not golns. You are not going,
They are not going. " Sow. can
sav all that?
'Sure, there ain't nobody roIb

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