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Switzer's Con
dition Improved
If Present Progress Continues
Young Man Will be Up and
Around in a Month
Emil Switzer the young roan of
twenty six who was so severely
Wounded last Thursday evening by
being dragged under a disc plow is
how pronounced practically out of
danger by the attending physician,
if no complications arise.
The young man continues ex
tremely weak from the shock and
from the loss of blood but the cuts
and otl er hurts show signs of heal
ing. Fever has not added to the
complexities of his hurts, and if all
goes as well as it appears at present
Mr. Switzer will be a convalescent
in a month.
Mr. Switzer, who works for R.
Fritsie on a farm about twelve miles
southwest of here, was plowing
When his disc plow caught on a
Stone, frightened his team and he
was draged over betwesn the plow
and the horses. The plow passed
over him, dragging his body for
some little distance and the disc
cutters inflicted terrible cuts about
his body and head.
I you eat some'hing that disagrees
With you, don't let It work its own
Way through. It's a slow process
f,nd makes you feel bad. Get rid of
t quickly by taking a dose of HEIt
BINE. It drives our impurities in
tbe stomach and bowels and you feel
better immed ately. PrioeSOc. Sold
by D. B. Hickey.
Cuts, Wounds. Burnt, Scalds or Bopei sa the hands or body should ba
bested quickly or they may becoas trsublesome. and hard to euro.
Is a Healing Remedy of Great Power in
All Wounds or Abrasions of the Flesh.
It mends the lacerated flesh speedily, prevents tlie formation of pus. and In all minor Injuries heals
'without leaving a scar.
As a pain relief in rheumatism, neuralgia, stitch in the side, sciatica and lame back, it acts
promptly and effectively. Rubbed in where the pain is located, it penetrates the flesh to the bone,
conveying TVarmlngr and easing; Influence that is very gratifying to ihe sufferer. It relieves chil
blains, frost bites, galls, chafed spots, contracted muscles, Ivy poisoning, stings of insect, swellings.
It Is a grand family liniment, good for all manner of ailments of tho flesh, and should be kept In
every home.
Put Up in Three Sizes, 25c, 50c and $1.00 per Bottle.
For Diseases or Ailments of the Ejrca, Stephens ,Eye Solre la an Effective Remedy.
Cnrea Permanently.
It Bases JMn .and
USoip Ano RicoMwtNotpByL
The last study meeting of the year
of the Chanute Culture Club was held
Tuesday afternoon at the home of
Mrs. George Fogleman, South Ever
green. Response to roil can were
Items of Interest. Mrs. F. A. Par
sons gave a paper on "What Womao
Has Done in Art." Mrs. Roy L.
Isham read a paper on "iDtlueDce of
Art Upon Character. '
An open meeting will be held a
little later in the season and will
mark the end of the club season for
the Chanute Culture Club.
Free Ladles and Gents Watches. Rubs,
rlrecclets and Jewelry of Every, Description.
Lace Curtains, Ruus. House Furnishings. Rifles
Movine Picture Machines. Skates lWnlinsr
Presses. Fountain Pens, in fact nearly everv-
ihinn you can think of you can tret absolutely
ee for selling our Beautiful Fancy Drawn
and Satin Striped Handkerchiefs at 10c each.
They sell rapidly. 6 can cenerally be sold In
every house. Don't send us any money, but
write us to send vou a lot of Handkerchiefs to
sell, that when sold you will send us the money
and (ret the premium selected, Selling 24
handkerchiefs entitles you to your choice of an
Elegant Watch. 8 Gold Laid Rings. Lace Cur
tains. Etc Write us today, we trust you and
take back the goods if you cnnot sell tnem.
Our superior array of Jewelry and
Watches makes selection easy. Every
thing Is In perfect taste, and every
thing may be perfectly relied upon.
We sell nothing we den't know all
about, and we tell you everything we
know about everything you ask to see
C. B. CONKIiIN. the Jeweler.
Market Report.
Kansas City Stock Yards. April 14, 1913
Top of cattle here today is 18 75,
and that price has also been refused
for some choice Kansas cattle here
today A large number of Nebraska
cattle came in today, bulk of which
sold at $9 to 88 40, including the
Stark steers at I S 35, which brought
$8 30 in St Joseph today Butcher
cattle are steady today, stockers and
feeders also Seven thousand went to
the country from here last week, as
compared with 4500 same week last
ear Forty loads quarantine came
In todav, steers at $7 25 to $7 70. some
choice heifers $8 15, other heifers
$6 50 to $7, bulls 7 Sugar mill
cattle brought 8 15 to 18 40 here to
Hog run is liberal today for Mon
day, 9000 head market sfong to 5
higher, top 89 25, bulk 88 95 to 9 20
Light weights command a premium,
which accounts for tho wide spread
Receipts of sheep and lambs today
14,000 head, sheep steady, lambs
weak, wooled weathers up to 87 ' 5 to
dav, lambs $8 i5. clipped weathers
86 50, clipped lambs late last week
H Texas goats today $4 35 and
tl 85
A. J. RlCKABl,
Live Stock Correspondent
Ragged wounds are painful and
cause much annoyance. If not kept
clean they fester and become running
MENT is an antiseptic healing reme 'y
for such cases. Apply it at night
before going to bed and cover with a
cotton cloth bandage. It heals in a
ew days. Price 25c, 50c and $1 per
b atle. Sold by D. B. Hickey Drug
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Harvey
505 West Third street, Satuiday
evening a boy.
Farmers are planting corn
Alf Warner went to Chanute Sun
wh to he bat a Job
Mrs John Bryan made a business
ttlp to Oalesburg Tues
Dr Neely spent Sun at the farm
Don Neelv made a trip to Parsons
returning Tues morning
F W Stevens has been very sick for
tbe past week or so
Mrs John McCoy made a business
trip to Chanute Tues
Dr lies was In Chanute on business
G D neilman is shipping hay thi
Miss Jennie Taylor of Iola was In
town Monday the guest of Mrs. Edna
Soankimr will not cure children of wetting
the bed. because it Is not a, habit but a dan
gerous disease. The C, H. Rowan Drug Co..
Chicago. 111., have discovered a strictly harm
less remedy for this distressing alsease and to
make known its merits they will send a 50 cent
Package securely wrapped and prepaid Ab
solutely Free to any reaaer or 'i ne cnanute
Times. This remedy also cures frequent
desire to urinate and Inability to control urine
during the night or day in old or young. The
C. H. Rowan Drug Co. are an Old Reliable
House, write to them today for the free
medicine. Cure the afflicted members of your
family, then tell your neighbors and friends
about this remedy.
Louis Globe -Democrat
Are you aware of the Remarkable Special Offer, open for a limited,
time, under which you can secure Two Years' subscription to this peer
less Combination at the price you would oidinarily have to pay for the
paper alone One Year?
Send one dollar ana you will receive the paper
Including the magazine two yearst or send one
dollar with another name for two yearly sub-
You will get the best Semiweekly newspaper in the United States, 208
papers of eight or more pages, with full and correct Market Reports and
giving All The News Of All The Earth in continuous and connected
'orm. You will also get a Complete Magazine Section every week, 104
Magazines with outside cover pages In Colors something that you can
not get with any other weekly or semiweekly newspaper containing
useful farm information and special article?, hints for the housekeeper,
interesting features for the children, helpful reading matter for men and
women, bcyi and girls, young and old.
You will need the Globe-Democrat for Reliable News During the
coming year, and you will find the Magazine Section Invaluable to eyery
member of the family. Sample copies free.
St. Louis, Mo.
Miss Ellen Daley of Nowata, Okla,
formerly of Earlton, and Wm. Jones
of Nowata were married at seven
o'clock Wednesday at the St Patricks
church by Father Nagle The bridal
couple were accompanied by Miss
Katheryn Ilogan of Humboldt and
Mr. O'Hare of Parsons, The bride
was prettily gowned in white and
wore a veil. The bridesmaid was
dressed in a dainty gown of pink.
The wedding march by Lohengren
was played and a few ehoice musical
numbers were given by Miss Mamie
Foley, Mrs. Bert Bertram and Oscar
Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt sang the
"Ave Maria" arranged by Millard
and one by Gpurod Mrs. Bert
Bertram also sang a select on from
From Con Cone Mass, there was
sung "Kyrie," "Sanctus," "Benedic
tus and "Agnes Dei," by Miss Foley.
Mrs. Bertram and Mr. Schmidt.
Mr. and Mrs. Jones left on the nine
o'clock Katy for Emporia and from
there will go to Texas for a few weeks
stay and then will be at home to their
friends at Nowata, Okla.
Tale of a Barber
in Dire Distress
For the next thirty days we will make
you prices on buggies that will inter
est you. Now is the time to buy cor
related iron to build barns and sheds.
Harness repair work a specialty at
r;ght prices. We carry a full line of
hangers and track for doors. Hay
carriers and track, hay rope and all
kinds of builders' hardware at close
Thrift of Glasgow. 0ne Bright Spot.
Glasgow sets a splendid example of An EnB1,sh clergyman was visiting
thrift and enterprise to the other 1 nls parishioners, when one of them, an
cities and towna of Great Britain. It i ol1 womftn' informed him that since
does not even scorn to collect and sell i tney met "Bned Ene through a sight
Its waste paper and to traffic in scrap 1 ' trouble. Her sister was dead, and
Iron, thus addin mnnv himrtroHa . I there wor a worse job than that tbe
year to its exchequer. Its cleansing ! pIg dIed 8,1 of a sudden; but it pleased
department does business with half tne Lord to tak' h,ra. and they nun
the counties of Scotland. It owns
nearly one thousand railroad cars, and
does a wide range of business from
bog reclaiming to market gardening
and butchers' work.
All the Trouble Checked Up
to a Defunct Water
The quickest and surest cure for
burns, bruises, boils, sores, icflama
tion and all skin diseases is Buck-
len's Arnica Salve. In four days it
cured L. H. Haflio, of Iredell, Tex
of a sore on his ankle which Daine
him so he could hardly walk. Should
be in every house. Only 25c.
ReccmmeJided by All Druggists.
Mrs. G. C. Anderson arrived Tues
day night from Kansas City to spend
a few days with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. S. Bolleoshead,
Mr. and Mrs. George Rigbon of
Weob City are tbe guests of Mr. and
Mrs. James O'Nell Bruen.
Every family that has ohlidren is
liable to have cronp; invariably at
uiffiii. 11 iinUjAKUS HOKE
HOUND SYRUP la kept in the
house. It saves coins' after thn medi
cine at an inconvenient time and
checks the attack promptly. Price
2.5c, 50c and II per bottle. Sold by
u. a uickey utag store.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Priest of
Topeka arrived In the city Sunday
evening to visit friends. Mr. and
Mrs. I. N. Hatcher of Cberryvale and
mother. Mrs R. Ward of Kansas City
met them here and the party went to
Cberryvale Monday night where they
will visit Mr. and Mrs. Hatcher.
A pretty country lass a defunct
hot water faucet, a bashful barber
and a scared darkey furnished tne
chief characters of a farce which was
played In a certain barber shop not
so far from Chanute lat Saturday
The young woman droppfd into the
barber shop about four o'clock In the
afternoon and modestly Itqulrel If
the shop gave baths. When politely
Informed that such wa Lite case, she
secured a couple of Turkish towels,
an epidermis brush and retired.
Pretty soon the gurgle of water and
the steam thereof permeated the
shop, but the odlty of the situation
soon wore off and the barter shoo for
a few moments resumed im routine
of i-crape, swi;:e aDd coorersiit o 1.
Then something got wrong In the
bath room. Tbe stettni had cdased
but the gurgles were 1 niler. Then
more steam and less gurgle, then:
"Please, Mr. Barber, I ctu't turn
the hjt water off.'' Two or the six
men in chairs were gashed fursinftirig
upright without notice and a tli.rri
ecelved a slit In the nose.
'Please-ub-Bar-b- er, I've twisted
and" and there the little girl
stopped with a sob of genuine dis
tress. "Call out the Fire Depart
ment," suggested one. '-Oh, please
don't. I haven't even a kimona,'
Eobbed tbe occupant of the bathroom
The water by this time' was over
flowing in the shop. "Turn your
back, George Washington, "yelled
tbe proprietor, turning toward the
colored boy who blacks the boots.
"Ah resigns,, Ah does" gasped tbe
porter. "Back 10, Back In" ordered
tbe proprietor sternly. "You needn't
trouble thank you, I've got It turned
off. Hope I did not cause any trouble
for anyone," came from tbe bathroom.
"Not me," was the llkethe-gentle'
man chorus from the barbers, the
shine and, tbe two with the gashes
and the one with a slit."
bow, they mun bow." Then the poor
old lady brightened up, and said: "But
there's one thing, Mester Allen, as I
can say, and ought to say, the Lord's
been pretty well on my side this win
ter for greens."
Nails Protect Piling.
Some of the pileB in use in Amster
dam are 300 to 400 years old. That
part which Is not in the ground is '
often bored by a pile worm near the
surface, but is preserved by driving In
nails with very large heads, so as to
give the pile an Iron coating. This
coating is then transformed by the
water Into a layer of rust, which pro
tects the wood from the pile worm.
This process muBt be repeated every
fifteen years.
Her Appetite Hadn't Suffered.
"Do you think, Miss Clara," he ask
ed, with infinite tenderness in his
voice, as he handed her the bill of
fare, "that one's appetite is affected
when one Is in love?" "I haven't a
doubt of It," she replied, scanning the
bill of fane; and then she turned to
the waiter and said: "Roast beef,
please, with plenty of fat, and mash
ed potatoes, parsnips, and boiled on
Does Electrocution Kill?
Does electrocution really kill? Or
does it only render unconscious the
patient dying, in point of fact, upon
the operating table, during the au
topsy? There are able physicians
who contend that such is the case.
Again, others say that it is not
Popular Electricity.
Is sometimes a matter of great
importance. A watch that doesn't
tell tbe correct time ' Just as bad as
00 watch at all. If your watch shows
an Inclination to be eccentrlcor un
steady In its habits, bring It to us and
we will put It In shape at a very rea
sonable cost.
O. E. CONKL1N, the Jeweler
Not Then.
"Parting, you know, is sweet sor
row," said Browne. "Not always,1
replied lowne. uuess you never
bad a quinine capsule part Just after
70a put It in your mouth, did you?
Thomas Cor'drey, editor of the Par
sons bun, was in town Sunday on
Bert Fanning of Fredonla visited
over Sunday with Miss Mae Cannan.
Harry Eeefe left Moo. for his home
in West Virginia. Mr. Keefe has
been employed at the Chanute Win
dow Glass plant for the past sli
Succeed when everything else fails.
In nervous prostration and female
weaknesses they are the supreme
remedy, as thousands have testified.
it is the best medicine ever sold
over a druggist's counter.
Too Often This Is the View Taken.
"I think the school teachers in this
town ought to get more money than
they do." "What put that kind of an
Idea Into your head?" "Why should we
expect the people who are educating
our children to work for $70 or $80
a month, when we pay our chauffeurs
at least $100 and furnish them with
board and lodging besides?" "But
what does school teachln' amount to
anyhow? Look at most of the teach
ers. They ain't got nothin" but edu
cation." Chicago Tribune.
Kissing Conjugated.
"Sam" Slick once said that kisses
were like creation made out of noth.
ing and very good; and another Amer
ican writer thus conjugated the verb
"to kiss." "Buss, to kiss; rebus, to
kiss again; pluribus, to kiss without
regard to numbers; syllabus, to kiBS
the hands instead of the Hps; blunder-
bus, to kiss the wrong person; erbus,
to kiss In the dark; omnibus, to kiss
every one in the room."
About Umbrellas.
Eyeglass wearers have long since
complained that people are careless
with umbrellas. Many pairs of glass
es have been knocked off and broken
by persons who selfishly refuse to
move an umbrella so as to allow oth
er people to easily pass. A few even
persist In dangerously spinning an
umbrella along a crowded street, en
dangering the glasses and sometimes
eyes of passing walkers.
Nature's Balance of Power.
In view of facts, one is almost will
ing to accept the statement of a well
known French scientist, who has as
serted that without birds to check the
ravages of Insects, human life would
vanish from this planet in the space
of sine years. But for the vegetation
the insects would perish; but for the
Insects the birds would perish, and
but for the birds vegetation would be
destroyed. Nature has, therefore,
formed a delicate balance of power
which cannot be disturbed without
bringing great loss and unhapplness
to the world.
Only Success Worth Winning.
There is nothing base in failure, bat
base failure; there Is nothing good in
success but that which is well won.
The applause of triumph Is a mock
ery to him who has not deserved his
success; if anything of conscience re
mains to him such applause must be
a positive torture, we always know
In our hearts whether we have mer
ited that which comes to us, and it is
always sweetened a hundredfold when
we know that we really have dons
something fair and true for It,
Nature's Method of Protection.
There have been brought .to llgh.4
an astonishing number of forms of
fish, and especially of prawns of a bril
liantly red color, living in the ocean
at a depth of 1,000 feet. But, aston
ishing as it may seem, these brilliant
ly colored fish and prawns, instead of
being conspicuous In the water at
that depth, are nearly invisible, when
almost any other color could be easily
Reminiscence Not Pleasing.
Once while canvassing his state
during a political season, John Quincy
Adams was approached by a well-to-do
farmer, who introduced himself
and said: "Mr. Adams, I'm glad to
meet you; my wife remembers you
well; she was in your family when
you were a boy, and often combed
your hair." "Well," said Mr. Adams,
sharply, "I suppose she combs yours
Home Work.
"Willie, why couldn't you find the re
sult of these examples you took
home?" inquired the teacher, In a.
sharp voice, "i'lease, ma'am," re
plied the shaking boy, "me father say
they wuz too hard for him, an' would
you mind giving me a few easier ones
to do?" Woman's flomo Companion-
Benevolent Old Lady (to Weary Wil
lie, whom she finds resting in thev
shade of a telephone pole) "Alas, my
poor wayfarer, traveling through this
vale of tears! What has caused you
to become discouraged and abandon
the race so early in life?" Weary Wil
lie "Tire trouble, lady."
Aunt (with her two nieces at a con
cert) Oh, but this is tedious! Let
me take your fan, Ida, so I can hide,
my yawning behind it! Olga Take
mine, auntie! It's bigger! Fliegend
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