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SaiBtta Printing and Pub. Co. .
Wanen Foster, Editor. H. 8. Foster, Bui. Mgr.
Ilutolilnson, KaxiB
The reputation of Daniel Websta
teems just now to be suffering for
pant stretcher that will ?ork in mar
ble. The itching for tribute among the
New York police 'was so strong that
we suppose they would hare taken the
Itch if some ona had brought it along
The appointment of Count' Schova
loft to be governor of the city of War-
saw is significant, coming as it does
in the very height of the heavy Bide
walk season. .
James Whitcomb Riley has had a
brand of cigars "nwned aftor him.
And yet in spite of this people will
persist in saying that goniua is not
fittingly rewarded.
" The Kentucky state penitentiary
jirlded a revenue to the state amount
ing to $07,886.66 during last year over
and above all expenses. An institu
tion that makes such a showing as
that during the business depression of
1891 must have been axoollentiy man
aged. There is an agitation In Milwaukee
In favor of reducing street-car fares,
and it is proposed that people who are
compelled to stand in the cars shall
pay only three cents. The women
will not have to cling to the straps
then. Each man will promptly rise
and give the laJy his seat.
Doctors are roiterating that many
growing glris incur curvature of the
spine by practicing hours each day
without support for back or feet And
they might add that a great many
girls are loft without support after
they grow up because they have prac
ticed piano playing to the exclusion
of more useful it less ornamental ex
ercises. It is to be regretted that there
should be friction betweon the Lexow
committee and its able assistant. Dr.
Parkhurst, but it is fortunate that it
did not occur till the .work of investi
gation was so well advanced. Such a
mass of evidence has been accumulat
ed that differences between the in
vestigators can be of little advantage
to the accused.
Englishmen are considering the
propriety of investigating the bru
tality of American foot ball games.
If this thing does not stop pretty soon
we shall presently throw professional
courtesy to the winds and demand an
investigation of the persons who are
writing the jokes which circulate in
Great Britain, and the publishers who
give them currency.
The Society of the Pilgrim Mothers
In Now York city is now an estab
lished Institution and holds its annual
dinners regularly. The numbar of
women who landed on Plymouth rook
was thirty-two, and they were cer
tainly indispensable to the sixty-nine
men and children. One of the toasts
at the last dinner was "The Gentlemen
God Bless Them;'.' and if it has a
patronizing sound it is best not to say
a word about it.
A Massachusetts ludge has de
cided that it is not highway robbery
if a man's money is demanded by a
footpad and he gives it up without
resistance or rofuaal. That judge
must be on a level of intelligence with
the Chicago grand jury which refused
to indiot an alderman for soliciting a
bribe on the ground that one of the
witnesses who overheard the conver
sation from an adjoining room and tes
tified to its language, had not a gas
light burning to enable him to listen
to what was said.
' It is said that the trial of the false
claimant to the Tiohborne estate cost
the English government $300,000, the
Tichborno estate itself 1 160,000 and
made the revenue of that estate fall
cJT from $125,000 annually to $45,000,
Now it ia reported that tha real holr
has been discovered in an insane asy
lra in New South Wales. Is there to
be another chapter of thij te'lious his
tory unfolded? Are tho English read
ing people to again . b3 dragged
through an almost endless array of
facts and figures? If so, the wish
will be on many a man's lips that the
(45,000 annual income had been made
to join the rest of the $125,000.
In view of tha existing trouble be
tween Mexico and Guatemala some
curiosity is felt concerning the pur
pose of four English warships that
for a month have been lying idle in
the harbor of Acapulco, Mexico. It
is thought that their presence has
some relation to the possibility of war
between the two countries first named.
Interference on the part of England be
tween Mexico and Guatemala would be
resented by the United States as con
trary to the Monro3 doctrine. It all,
however, is a matter of vague con
jecture, yet it is difficult to' explain on
any other ground why England should
maintain such a force in that part of
the Pacific.
' An English manufacturer advertises
hop-filled mattresses as a special lux
ury. If the hops when pressed into a
mattress retain all their raising vir
tues, what an admirable investment a
hop-filled mattress for making a fel
low get up In the morning? Better
than an alarm clock.
They have gone and set up a new
kingdom In Corea, though the one they
had was terribly shaky In the under
pinning. The throne that stands will
bear the trade-mark of the mikada
nvu somewhere in its structure."
BollidDown For Busy Minds Into
Nutshells Giving Valuable) Infor
mation of tha Great Fairing Show
Gleaned from the Wire BeporU.
William Williams, a policy man, was
fined $500 in Kansas City Thursday.
Grip has become epidemic in New
York, ten deaths occurring in one day.
James Carr, while delivering milk,
dropped dead at Kantas City Thurs
day. Much interest is expressed at Wash
ington over the prospect of Ingalls'
The good people of Warrensburg,
Ho., have waged war upon those who
participate in dancing.
A special tax Is proposed in Russia
on all merchandise entering the port
of St. Petersburg.
S. L. Irwin shot Widow Cooper and
her daughter dead on a farm near
Newport, Ark., Saturday night
It is denied in the City of Mexico
that Guatemala has objected to the
amount of the Mexican claims.
An Erie freight train was buried by
a snow slide west of Lockhaven, Fa.,
Sunday, bat no damage was done.
A resolution granting suffrage to
women passed in the Idaho Senate
Friday without a dissenting vote.
Out of 11, ion emigrants to the
United States in December, only 219
were debarred and sent back.
A pension of 8100 per month has
been granted the widow of the late
Gen. Nathaniel P. Banks of Massa
chusetts. E. N. Milligan and other citizens of
Lake Charles, La., are preparing to
send a car of provisions to Nebraska
Master Regan, Jr., son of Alderman
Began of Kansas City, Mo., was ar
rested on Friday charged with high
way robbery.
The secretary of the treasury has
asked of Congress an appropriation of
325,000 for the relief of the Navahoe
Indians of New Mexico.
The W. C. T. U. of Little Rock, Ark
has adopted resolutions severely criti
cising Governor Fisiback for his fa
mous opinion on the social evil.
The fifth game of the Chess match
between Mezisses and Janowski Satur
day was drawn. The score now stands
Janowski 3, Mezises 1, drawn 1.
At Lynn, Mass., Saturday, Mrs. Bet
ty Page, 80 years of age, died after
having fasted for-seven days, liar
malady was a stomach cancer.
Captain Frazier Worley, aged 73,
one of the first graduates of Annapo
lis, by appointment of John C. Cal
houn, died Saturday at New Orleans.
The attorney general has appointed
Charles A Garter of San Francisco,
special United States commissioner
for the northern district of California.
Thomas Newell of Alaska, appeared
before the house committee on ter
ritory Saturday to urge the territory
may be accorded a delegate in con
gress. The old gas company of Kansas City,
Mo., has been denied a new franchise,
and will be forced to go out of busi
ness. A new covnpany succeeded and
promises $1 gas.
The furniture establishment of Jor
dan Jfc Moriarty, extending from 200
to 210 Park Row, N. Y., was badly
damaged by fire Friday. Loss, $73,
000; fully insured. .
Ex-Justice Bannister, at one time
law partner of Senator Lexow, is ap
pealing for divorce from his wife. The
affair has caused quite a flurry in New
York high life.
Mrs. Rachael Miller, of 041 North
Wood street, Chicago, was cut to
death with a razor at her home Satur
day. Iler husband Is rharded with
the murder and was placed under ar
rest. The senatorial situation in Idaho
remains unchanged. Sweet seems to
have nineteen men solid, one majority
of the Republican members. The
Shoup men, however, manifest great
Tomrav Rvan and his trainer .Tn
Chonyski, left 'or New York Saturday
where Tommv will finish his training
for his battle with Dempsy on Janu
ary is. Kyan is in splendid form and
weigns 17 pounds.
The business men, Irrespective of
party or social affiliations, in New
York, have plefff d the Lexow inves
tigating committee unstinted support
and asks for a general overhauling bf
everything of public character before
the committee adjourns.
W. W. Taylor State Treasurer of
South Dakota, it is learned from reli
able sources, is a defaulter for at least
$300,000. Reckless investments are
given as the cause of his shortages.
The national bank of Redfleld, of
which he was president is also involv
ed. Gen. H. B. Debray, who commanded
a brigade which bore his name during
tne rebellion, died last week at Aus
tin, Texas.
Engineer II. P. Hubbard, Fireman
Schramm and Extra II. J. Cooper were
killed in the tunnel work at Altamont,
Cal., Saturday.
Ex-Mayor R. C. Cushing of Omaha is
in San Francisco to forward the pro
ject of a railroad between San Fran
cisco and Salt Lake. He says that if
the San Francisco road is not built
one connecting Los Angeles and Salt
Lake will be constructed.
Twenty f arsons lost their lives first
of the week in a North Staffordshire,
England, colliery by the flooding of
the rne.
The president of the Fidelity Loan
and Trust company of Sioux City, Is.,
admits his company insolvent; liabili
ties $4,000,000,
Archie Gordon, a newspaper writer
and author of a number of plays, died
this week at his home at Richmond,
Staten Island.
The Wyeth hardware and manufac
turing company's factory, St. Joe,
Mo., was destroyed by fire Thursday.
Loss, $110,000.
Dr. Joseph Field, cashier of the de
funct Citizens bank at Slater, Ma,
committed suicide at El Paso, Texas,
on Thursday.
A caucus participated In by 19 of 37
Republicans has nominated Congress
man William Sweet for United States
Senator for Idaho.
Railroad traffic has been suspended
in Scotland on account of the heavy
snow blockade. Drifts are said to be
twenty feet in places.
The fourth session of the Washing
ton legisture convened Monday. New
members were sworn in and both
houses were organized.
Louis Galloway, colored, and his
wife were beaten to death with clubs
by robbers in their home on a planta
tion near Edwards, Miss.
The eighteenth session of the Ore
gon legislature 'convened Monday.
New state ofQ.'ers, with the exception
of Governor were inaugurated.
The United States grand jury of Ar
izona has Ignored the charge against
Governor Hughes, of having appro
priated $j0O interpreter's fees.
Two of the Livingston, Ala., train
robbers escaped from officers at Kosci
usko, Miss., by making a bold dash
through the lines surrounding them.
The comptroller of the currency has
appointed Milton Doolittle of Atkin
son, Neb., receiver of the North Platte
National Bank of North Platte, Neb.
Herbert Gladstone, in a speech at
EUinborough Saturday night, an
nounced that his father had resumed
the cutting of trees on bis Hawarden
The small child of Manuel Walker,
colored, of Ottawa, Kansas, was fat
ally burned while tied in a chair in
its home Saturday. Its father was
away at work.
The consideration of the charges
against Judge Ricks, of Cleveland,
was again postponed Wednesday by
the judiciary committee of the house
until Jan 14.
Thomas Walch, a trusted collector
of the Pacific Express company at
Salt Lake City, has confessed that he
stole nearly $2,000 from the company
in August last N
August Ellsner, a foreign anarchist
broke three large plate glass windows
in one of the leading banks of Kansas
City, Mo., Friday, and was sent to
jail. His motive is unknown.
2The schooner which was wrecked in
Deception Pass, Washington, was not
the Justine, as was supposed by Cap
tain O'Brien, of the steamer Utopia,
who sighted it, but was the fishing
schooner Maud and Alice, of Ballard.
Senator Sherman Monday introduc
ed a bill for carrying into effect the
resolution adopted by congress in 1390.
for the creation of a tiibunal of inter
national arbitration and other means
of settling difficulties and disputes be
tweens nations peaceably.
The British gunboat Kaurakat and
survey boat Dart which arrived at
Sydney from the New Hebrides is
lands, brings tho report that erup
tions at Amoryn island continue inter
mitting and that the island is virtual
ly deserted by all the inhabitants.
Late Monday afternoon, Louis Klip
pen, a carpenter at Duluth, rushed in
to tlin police station with two pack
ages of dynamite which he had pick
ed up on the street only a few feet
from the city hall. There is plenty of
excitement over the matter and al
though it is likely that it was an acci
dent, many think that it was an at
tempt tp blow up the city hall.
The sleairi dredge M"ouni Waldo,
which left Tanipico, Mex., Monday for
Vclasco, Texas, went down 100 miles
north of Tampico Tuesday night dur
ing a gale. All on board took to the
boats and those who survived were
blown to Hobo island, 150 miles south.
The bodies of Engineer McGce and
Cook Childress were found on the
beach. Captain Brock, his wife and
two children and three of the crew
are missing. They undoubtedly per
ished. .In dire John M. Elliott, in charging
the grand jury at Arkansas City, Ark.,
Monday, spoke of tho recent triple
lynching of Luke and Richard Wash
ington and Henry Clay Robinson, all
colored, for the brutal murder of R. C
Patton a prominent white merchant.
He emphasized the fact that justice
would have been meted out by the
court had the law been permitted to
tako its course, and denounced the
action of the mob in defeating the ends
of justice.
Editor M. A. DeYoung of the San
Francisco Chronicle and Senatcr G. A.
Perkins are the leading candidates for
senator from California.
Proceedings were begun Wednesday
at, Mexico, Mo., by John M. Marker
to contest the will of William C. West,
who died recently, aged 92 years, and
left an estate valued at S"0,000.
The comptroller of the currency
Thursday received notiee of the fail
ure of the First National Bank at Red
field, South Dakota. Bank Examiner
C. F. Zimmerman has been placed in
The Week.' Review of Personal and
General News Condensed to Short
Paragraphs for the Convenience of
Hurried Reader.
Wichita is trying to get a Normal
college supported by the state.
J. K. Hudson of the Topeka Capital
has been chosen State Printer.
The quail In Riley county are being
killed rapidly in spite of the law
gainst it
Manhattan . has lost her ice plant
but with the river frozen five inches
thick, nobody cares.
Lawrence shows her loyalty to Cor-
bett by forgetting what John L. Sul
livan's middle initial is.
Bishop Hennesey of Wichita, is dan-
erously ill in Chicago, but his physi
cians say he will recover.
The little children at Cottonwood
Falls an taught that all bad people
go to String City when they die.
Edward Clark, a prominent ticket
broker and business man of Wichita,
died in that city of apoplexy this
A great effort will be made to sup
press by legislation all lottery, policy,
crap games and gambling in Kan
sas. The police of Wichita are having
trouble with housebreakers. They
seem to be pretty numerous thieves
not police.
There are not many people tempted
as the boys of Lincoln were. The
first ice of the season came about two
weeks aga.
A prominent Wichita girl marries a
Dallas, Texas, business man at the
home of the bride in Wichita Wed
nesday evening.
General Alfred Ellet, 74 years old,
and one of the pioneers, died at his
home in El Dorado, Jan. 9th. Mr. El
let was an old soldier.
The Leavenworth Gun Club was vic
tor at the state championship shoot at
Topeka on Thursday, besides winning
a side purse of $250.
John Wilkes, aged 16 of Leaven
worth, Kans., fell from a train while
stealing a ride in that city Sunday,
and lost both legs. He died five hours
C. C Purcell, at one time a promi
nent business man of Chatauqua, died
in Kansas City, Mo., last Thursday
from the effects of an over dose of
Five inmates of the Pittsburg jail
broke out last week, and after getting
a beautiful load jaglne, came back
and surrendered at the front door to
the paralyzed jailer.
The appeal for aid from Nebraska
is touching many hearts in Kansas
who suffered in the past and asked
for help and got it from those who are
now in want
Josiah Mooso, of Winfield, aged 03
years, dropped dead Sunday night
He was the author of a book relating
his adventures among the Indians.
He was hale until the end.
It took $429 worth of coal to keep
Sedgwick county's poor warm during
the past three months, and the county
jail $329 to keep the thieves and bad
men generally from freezing.
County Attorney William Boone
done his own pleading in the disbar
ment trial against him at Wichita this
week. It is said that his oratorical
ability gained him several points.J
The band boys of Great Bend have
nranticed on their new music book
and pronounce themselves satisfied!
There is a yawning chasm however,
between their feeling and that of the
great throbbing heart of the people.
The recent snow was general
through the west and Kansas is pretty
well covered with it which will insure
sufficient moisture for a large crop
prospect. The smaller streams are
filling up and water will be plentiful.
Secretary F. D. Coburn of the Kan
sas State Board of Agiiculture submit
ted his report at the annua meeting
on Wednesday, January 9. In this re
port the Secretary outlines tho labor
done in his office anl that of the
Board during the past twelve months.
He also suggests appropriate outlines
for future work. The Kansas State
Board of Agriculture is looked upon
as being the father or guidance of the
farmer generally and it is the aim and
object to induce and bring about re
sults of benefit to all. The most im
portant reports brought out during
the past year was on the "Russian
Thistle," "Wheat Feeding to Farm
Animals," and "Alfalfa Growing."
The two latter were especially inter
esting as Kansas along with other
sections of the United States has real
ized within the last year the impor
tance of both when coupled with farm
industries. Secretary Coburn suggests
an edition of 50,000 treating on alfal
fa growing and the feeding of wheat
be issued as soon as practicable.
Ossawatoraie claimed a young man
who died of cigarette smoking. That
is nothing compared to an Emporia
young man who smokes them all the
time and still lives.
: One half the members of the terri
torial legislature of Oklahoma are
formally Kansas men, says a Kansas
paper. Well, what do people suppose
they went there for, any how?
A Silver Lake girl has carved a mus
ic rack which sold for $C5. She will
probably mirrv a man who can't find
the second joint of a duck, and she'll
have to keep on carving all her life.
TraaDAT, Jn. I. At noon today the house mt
tiled with spectators and there u aprofouns
MUneu whw Secretary Osborne end Chief Jus
tice Hortoo mounted the speaker's stand, one to
sail the roll of tha new members and tha other to
ad minuter the oath.Then Lobdell.tha new speaker,
upon taking the stand made a short speech and tha
business of the house waa proceeded with. This
was to permit tha Populists on request, to lit to-
geiner. Mats were men arawn lor ana tao sunn
adjourned until 1 o'clock tomorrow. The newly
elected officers of the senate were also swore in and
that body after transacting minor business, ad
journed till 9 o'clock tomorrow. Ben Rich waa
chosen reading clerk of the senate by a vote of iif
to 8.
When the senate convened every one of the for
ty members was in his seat except J. M. Price, Re
publican, who is critically ill at bis home In Atcm
son. The senate stands politically: Republicans,
IS; Populists, 1.1s Democrats, 1 While this body
ia in control of the Populists, the Republicans hare
such a large number in the house that on joint bal
lot the Republican hare majority of 7. The
nouse stands: Hopuoiican, ui; ropunsi, oi; dem
ocrats, J, and fusion Democrat Populist, I.
The Populist senatorial eaucna did not adjourn
till o'clock this morning and they would not give
out a single line of Information till that time. It
resulted as follows: Secretary, Drown of King
man; Scrgeant-at-anns, II. N. Boyd, Republic;
Journal Clerk, A. D. Gilpin of Lincoln; Chaplain,
J. D. Rotkin, Postmistress, Mrs. Wood, Topeka.
WinxiSDAT, Jan. 9. The features of today's
legislative doings was the Gorernor's message,
which we giro elsewhere, the Introduction of bills
and the Republican caucus tonight on State Print
er, in which Major Hudson was successful on the
second ballot. The caucus for Senator was order
ed for next Wednesday night.
Forty-tour bills were introduced, principally for
the suppression of gambling, uniformity of school
books, and one to abolish tha metropolitan police
laws. By special requeHt Mr. Cubbisou'a bill for
the suppression of lotteries, policy shops and gen
eral gambling passed to the second reading.
Appointments in the house to-day: Syl Dickson,
of Sumner and A.J. Wearer, of Sedgwick coun
ties, Assistant rjergeant-at-anne and Assistant
Door-keeper, respectively.
Thursday, January 10. Senate: The senato
convened at 10 o'clock this morning with Lieuten
ant Governor Daniels in the chair.
After prayer by the chaplain and the reading of
the journal, Senator Jumper of Osage, introduced
among other things an act for the uniformity of
text books. Senator Landea introduced bills for
the regulation of tolls for telegraph and express
companies and providing a penalty for the viola
tion of the same. Senator Householder of Chero
kee introduced a batch of bills among whirh waa a
bill concerning charities and corrections. The idea
of the bill is to remove all political influence from
the appointment of state Doarda, compelling the
members thereof to give it all their time providing
for four members of each board with the governor
ex-officlo member with the power to vote except
on a tie; also giving the board jurisdiction over
penal institutions and poor houses. Two of the
board to be selected from the party casting the
highest number of votes and two from the next
highest. Senator Brown of Garden City introduc
ed a bill against wild cat corporations and compell
ing members of all corporations to take an oath
certifying to the amount paid into the capital of
said corporation before a charter ia issued. Sena
tor Baker of Leavenworth offered a bill for the
protection of hotels against deadbeats. A resolu
tion in favor of irrigation was introduced by Brown
of Finney but was defeated. Other bills were in
troduced after which the forenoon session adjourn
ed at 10:45.
House: The lower house assembled at 10 o'clock
this morning and was called to order by Speaker
Lobdeil. Throe bills were passed, two of which
were introduced by Cubbisoo, prohibiting lotteries
and gambling, and one giving authority to the Sec
retary of State to minister oaths. In psssing the
anti-lottery bill the house broke the legislative
record. This is the quickest work ever done in tho
Kansas legislature. An unsuccessful effort was
made to protect church raffles from the ban of the
bill. The bill makes it a felony to run or conduct
a lottery or policy business, or to sell lottery or pol
icy tickots, the punishment to be not less than one
year or more than three yoara in the penitentiary.
Anions Aftv-flve other bills Introduced was Fra ti
er's bill to reapportion the state into eight districts.
A resolution was passed calling npon tne governor
to give the penitentiary coal to the destitute of
Western Kansas. It waa Introduced as a Repub
lican measure Forty-one bills were read the sec
ond time and referred to the proper committees,
aiier wuicn uie nouse adjourned tui i o ciock
Friday. Jan. 11. There was but llttlo Impor
tance in either branches, the House adiourning
soon after the noon hour until Tuesday next. The
appointments made by ex-Gov. Lewelling two
years ago ana ny Dim sent to tho present august
body to oonnrm, owing to the illoirol Senate under
his reign having no authority, created quite a
rifnie among members. The appointments, which
included all police commissioners for cities of the
first class, went to the committee room accom
panied by such a vigorous protest from O'Bryan of
Sedgwick that caused the bills' return to its start
ing point, without action. Following this waa an
other request from the retiring executive to con
firm three new men on the State Board of Health,
to-wit; Thomas Kirk of Jewell county; J. P. II.
Dykes of Stafford county for the term ending in
MM; and R. E. Jones of Wilson. counly for the
term ending in 1807. Aside from the above the
following appointments are requested for con
firmation by Lewelling, all of which were dis
tributed to the several committees for action:
Superintendent of insurance, S. H. Snyder of
Kingman, for the term ending July 1,18115; J. F.
Williams of Greenwood county, live stock sani
tary commissioner, term expiring March 26, 1896,
Van Voorhees of Douglas county, manager ot
state soldiers home, term expiring July 8, 18116; M.
Scott ot Lyon county, member of the board of pub
lic works, term expiring April 1, lf'UJ; C. E. Good
yonr of Sedgwick county, and Hoffman of Dickin
son county, regents of the state agricultural col
lego, succeeding Joseph Wheeler and A. For
sythe, whose terms expire April 1, I8U7: Honary
Clark of Douglas county, succeeding Charles
Robison an regent of the Kansas State university,
term expiring Arst Monday In February, 181)7.
House Bill No. 1, relative to theantl-lottery law,
by Cubbison of Wyandotte, went through .the
House without a disenting vote. Some opposi
tion on constitutional grounds was raised on the
third section of the bill, which provides "that it is
not necessary to prove the existence of the lottery
npon which the tickets are Issued nor the authen
ticity of the signatures." The bill, after pnssing.
went to the Senate, where It will be cut to pieces.
Saturday, Jan. 12. No business of Importance
transacted in either house as most of the members
left last night for their homes, and there will he
nothing new. in legislation till Tuesday or Wednes
day next week. The innsugural ball will be a
grand aAair and many people from all over the
state will attend.
C. II. Chase, a farmer living near
Augusta, finds his lost son in a grave
in Oregon.
The annual meeting at Topeka of
the State Board of Agriculture was
largely attended and much interest
There is a movement on foot to
build a large grain elevator at Wichi
ta, whereby farmers will get more
money for their grain.
Observations at the Kansas Univer
sity weather station showed that the
thermometer registered nine degrees
below zero Saturday night, being the
coldest of the winter. ,
Peabody Graphic; A Wichita minis
ter took for his text last Sunday, "Does
it Pay." From the number that are in
operation and the number anxious to
start we should answer in the affirm
ative. Kansas City Star: A bill is being
prepared to make the hotel deadbeat
a felon. The author of the bill is a
green-eyed Wichita tavern keeper who
thinks he is slamming the patrons of
the Topeka taverns.
Seventeen is the number of inmates
confined in the Sedgwick county poor
Jim McKinney, a bad man from Il
linois, aod wanted in that state for
crimes committed several years ago,
was captured in Wichita last Friday.
He was taken to Illinois tc stand trial.
John Doe's brother Jim has gone
wrong at Lawrence. There seems to
be a bad streak in the Doe family.
Kansas Breeze: Mr. Prettyman
knows how it seems to become a set
by himself since he moved to Coffey
Very Much Off Colo ,
Are people who are troubled with chronic- liver
complaint Bile la the blood tinges the ouUclo
and even tho eyeballs, and alio manifest- jw
presence by uneasiness In the right side and
beneath the right shoulder blade, furred tongue,
nausea, sick headache and an unpleasant
breath, it ig usually accompanied by eostlve
aeasand dyspepsia. For the aliment Itself,
and Its various manifestations, Ilostatter's
Stomach . Hitters is a speedy and complete
remedy. This standard medicine also prevents
and cures chills and fever, rheumatism, nerv
ousness and the laflrmltles incident to declin
ing years. It builds up an enfeebled physique
and fortifies It against disease. Appetite end
nightly slumber are promoted by it, and it is a
protector against the effects of a wetting, ot
overwork, exposure and unwholesome food ot
Mrs. Duffy Mrs. O'Bryan, the dear
woman, it was a great sufferer she
Mrs. McGuire An' what did she
suffer wld?
Mrs. D. It was a conglomeration of
evils that she suffered wid for years,
so it was.
Mrs. McO. An' what did she call It?
Mrs. D. Call it? Well, sometimes
"Terrance" an' sometimes "That onld
dlvvel," but he's dead now, bad luck
to him."
Podgers I've got a most marvellous
bug one of those soventeen-year lo
custs. It can count.
Dodgers Nonsense, man! You can't
mako me swallo w any such fairy story
as thatl
Podgers (Indignantly) But this
isn't any fairy story. How do you
suppose it knows when the seventeen
years are u p and it's time o come up
If It can't count?
Scrofulous Taints 1
Lurk in the blood of almost every one.
In many cases they are Inherited. Scrof
ula appears la running tores, bunches,
pimples and cancerous growths. Scrofula
can be cured by purifying the blood with
parilla Hood' s Sarsaparllla.
This great remedy
has had wonderful
success In coring this disease. It
thoroughly eradicates the humor from
the blood. Hood's Sarsaparllla cures tbe
sores and ruptlons by removing tSelr
eause impurities in the blood.
Hood's Pilla cure all liver Ills, itso.
HTODON HIODON, Solicitors ot
Patents, Times Bldg, Kaxsas Citt,
II o. Bend for Book, Free of Charge.
Thomas P. Simpson, Washington,
D.C No attv'sfoe until Patent oo.
Mined. Write for Inventor 'sOulUe.
I Successfully Prosecutes Claims.
Lm Principal Ixamlner.U.S. Pension Bureau.
3 jrs lulast war, 15 adjudicating claims, atty since.
I. 4m a at Masuuigiun, a, v.
13 TO.
fire and Lightning Proof. Cheaper than Shingles
and ten times better. K. C. Metal KooriNa h
CoRRUOaXLNO CO., 7th A Central Sts., Kansas
CUT, llo.
if,-ft)n ..
Avvrasl World 1 1,
Ccltmtlu Qtn4t
Prlts Kelt!.- k
Most Attractlre and InstmrtiT borers P
catalogue sr published! FREI to all
intending purchasers. Addi-ens at onos.
HUi Dunlins Rockford Seed Farms
lli DUOnUCB, KooKroan, J-umou. Is
Post Office Boieae v k
Louisiana, Mo., fur free sample copy telling about It.
A practlc! Frail and Farm paper, published by
8lark Bros.. 40c year circulation, 480,000 ooples.
Tha "Cream of tha Cream" give the busy Fruit
Grower or Farmer, who hami't the time or the moner
Do buy and read airreat in us of papani, what la beat
ffroiu them all what he wants to know,
what would take him days to i ear eh out for himself.
HSiJiolWiraci. (- II t before w effrrw.
'hW shall. Bontlnne
Jlbfts liberal Itrai
I St.
Is I
j tuilOM.lt A ammi
i-"Tfaarctuus om
1 75
writs to-day.
.000 In Vt,
r.p.l VAryai
Ely's Cream Balm
Price 50 Cent".
Apply Balm Into each nontrij.
Eli Bbob., W Warren St., N.Y.
The outer or tap sole ex
tends the whole length
down to the beel, pro.
teotloK the boot In diff
ering and In other hard
and don't be put oft
with Inferior goods.
f:"a ' '
W.L. Douglas
d1M FiwrtAlf iKANflAMS.
H"f f $3.49 POLICE, 3 S0LE3
Ovsr One Million People wear the
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
All our shoes are equally satisfactory
Tey give the best vslne for the money.
They equal castor shoes In style and tit.
Their wearing qualities ere nnsurpssstd.
The prices are uniform, -stamped on sola.
Prom f to 1 3 saved over other makes.
If jour dealer cannot supply you we can.
Cough Sirup, f sates Good. Use I
fy s-sj
"Wesaaaasy,' li LU

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