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VOL. 5.
NO. 21
- AT
You know what we do after invoicing. We ont the
price and cut deep on goods we don't want to ctrry over.
This time the cnt is on Clonks and Blankets there are a few
lines Wt and w are not g-Mnjt to onrry them oyer at any price.
You see by the quotations below that we fcwn busiuess.
AT $1.25 PAIR-Full 11-4 size Grey Wool
Mixed Blankets, 6 lb weight, were $1.75,
Now $1.25 pair.
AT $2.50 PAIR Sanitary Grey Blanket.?,
10-4 size, weight 5 pounds ALL W( )OL,
were $3.. 5, Now 2.50 pair.
AT $3 PAIR --Extra Fine Lamb's Wool
Scarlet Blankets, 10-4 size, full .51- pounds,
were $4.50, Now $3.00 pair
AT $2.50 EACH Ladies' Coats and Jackets
that sold for $3.25, $4.00 and $5.00,
Now $2.50 each.
AT $5.0(? EACH Ladies' Coats, Capes, and
Jackets that sold for $7 50, $8.50 and
$0.00 Now $5.00 each.
Come early--Don't delay until the best are
One Price Cash House,
$ . id-.
Great Furniture
Sale Now On.
16,000 worth of One and medium
made Furniture, to be sold by the 25
of December. Now is the time to
furnish up your bouse. I need money
and will sell you goods at about your
own price for cash. Call and look
through my rooms and you will see the
finest (election of furniture ever
ebown in Hutchinson, and prices that
will please you all- Christmas Is near.
Come early and select a beautiful and
useful present.
To every purchaser of f 14 ani ovef I
will pive a present. Call and see my
mw stock. Whetbei you want to buy
or not.
No 323 & 823 N. Slain St.
Af tar.ey al Law,
liooroa 11 aod 13. McCurdy Ulock, comer of
14Jo (ini Sliormaii.
""TrPTIUFQ irHMaienwiareali
r m m I bU I I V crrf locality tu optr
4er In.rrqrUo. Llrtl nd criminal Jc'rcUv
w .r Lorallair dMora. cnllwtlDg dcMa &i)4 com-C9rrr.p-i1cncc.
r"r .rit-u.r,,(tfl.fU wlia
uiiji AMrlwa Biuaili. Jt"tr,
laaiaaapaiia. !.
- '
Hutchinson, Kansas.
Books Free.
For one "Cap Sheaf" Soda wrapper
and aix cents in stamps.
Popular Novels
Popular Authors.
We have secured from one of the
largest publishing bouses in New York
City a list containing 100 Novels by
the wost popular authors in the world.
Many hooks on our list cannot be pur
chased In any other edition. Send us
a one oent stamp, write your address
plainly and we will forward you a
printed list of them from which you
make your own selection.
Address DeLAND & CO., Fairport,
New Y ;
To California.
Cheaply, Quickly, Comfortably
gy I J? O Barauae ths rata In
WII UMr Bleeping Car ii bill U0.
Beean roe travel an toe
y UlwU latet tram that ran.
PnM Ef ry T nwn you
IsUlaJrUIC I a tliruugh aiceptr.
already carried and all like tho .err lea.
Car Lea l'IIICACI-Evcry Tiicwlay
Via Beautiful Imllnn Territory, Teina X
Car Leave CHICAGO-Every Tburadny
Via Colorado aod Ilia Socale Koule.
Special manager goes each trip, lo
care for the many wants of the passen
gers en route.
Weean't tclljoii all the b'netu Inthl. .'.,
but for your ( allloiala trip you tbuuid uit
onrwir. Addreaa,
jso. aBATit?r, a. r.A,
C. B.I. Ii. P. Fy., Chicago. Ill .
A Bill to Abrogate It on Imports frorr
Certain Countries.
Tha Labor Arbltratloa BUI Farormbly Re.
ported from tha Committee The
Enid Townelt Patent Directed
to, Da Iaaaad.
Washington, Jan. 93. Chairman Wil
son, of the ways and means committee,
yesterday reported to the house .the
bill to abrogate the discriminating
duty of one-tenth of a oent a pound on
augur Imported from countries paying
a bounty on exports. The report ac
companying the bill expresses the
opinion that It does not believe It was
the Intention or desire of congress in
t!ie last tariff act iu -imposing the ad
ditional duty on all sugars coming
from countries paying a bounty on
exports thereof to give ground for com
plaint to foreign nations of any viola
tion on onrpartof longstanding treaty
obligations, and least of all to abro
gate such treaties. Both Germany and
Austria, however, have protested
against the discriminating duty, hold
ing it to be violative of the .most
favored nation clauses, and Germany
(the committee is not accurately In
formed as to Austria-Hungary) is now
making and enforcing trade relations
which prohibit or impede the entrance
of American meats into her markets.
It is almost certain, says the report,
that this unfriendly action of Ger
many is really a retaliation for our dis
crimination against German beet
sujjar. The committee believes that if
the irritation caused by the alleged
violation of our traditional treaty
obligations to Germany is removed,
it will at once open the way for
the removal of discriminations and
prohibitions against the entry of our
beef and hog products into Germany.
Washington, Jan. S3. The gold re
serve in the treasury is now reduced to
below SG'.l.OOO.OOO. There is a steady
drain and it is not improbable that be
fore n week is passed the reservo will
be down to SOO.OOO.OOO. There was
some talk among the members of the
currency committee of the house yes
terday of a new proposition which it is
said has the indorsement of the ad
ministration. It was to the effect that
the 5180,000,000 worth of bullion that
was purchased under the provisions of
the Sherman law should be coined into
standard silver dollars, and this coin-
ago to be anticipated by the issuing of
silver notes. Of this sum 8124,000,000
was to be utilized in taking up and re
tiring the 81, $2, $5 greenbacks and
Sherman notes, and 850,000,000 remain
ing to be used as an assessment of the
government und employed to meet cur
rent expenses. With this was to be a
provision allowing the secretary of the
treasury to issue low-interest bonds to
maintain the parity of the metals.
It is clear that the most practical
way to do anything would be for
the senate to take action first A bill
passed by the senate would be very apt
to receive proper consideration in the
house, but as long as the feeling is
strong in the house that no measure
which can pass that body will receive
even decent consideration by the sen
ate there will not be much anxiety in
the house to get to work seriously.
Unless congress does something the
secretary will have to advertise for 5
per cent, bonds within a month, and
it is not likely from present appear
ances, that he can dispose of them on
as favorable terms as he did the last
Washington, Jan. 23. The amended
bill for the settlement of labor disputes
by means of an arbitration committee
has been reported favorably from the
committee on labor with minor changes
in verbiage. "The national and state
legislative bodies, " says the report,
"are not so constituted as to be able to
give proper time to the examination of
the Industrial matters presented In this
bill, nor are they made op equally of
representative men, such as Is proposed
by this commission; nor are they non
partisan. This commission can hear,
consider and recommend in a shorter
time, and with leas expense for the
best good of all, than can be accom
plished by a legislative body or in any
other way. Congress . is the proper
body to authorize the appointment of
such a commission, as It is composed of
members coining from all parts of
every state."
Wash isotox, Jan. 33. The secretary
of the Intertorhasdirected the issuance
of a patent on thirty acres of land em
braced in the townsite of Laid, Ok.,
and known as "McGulrc's addition to
the town of Enid," to I W. McOulre.
When the townsite becomes organized
as a municipality and proper proof Is
furnished to the department a patent
will be Issued to the town of the re
maining ten acres, to be nsed for public
Tha Senate (Juleklr Acta on a Dill to 1'avor
olnot"r teternna.
Washington. Jan. 23. Mr. Palmer,
of Illinois, introduced to-day a bill
which placed on the same footing as
other soldiers, omler th- dependent
pension act of June 27, 1X10, all "ofli
cers and privates of the Missouri state
militia and provisbaul Missouri
imiHia wno served ninety days
during .the war of the rebellion,
and, were honorably discharged,
1 and the widows and minor children
! of such persons, including all such
, persons' now on the pension rolls or
J who may hereafter apply to be admit
ted thereto." It was at once referred to
the committee on pensions, promptly
favorably reported, read three times,
passed, engrossed, signed and sent on
Its way to the house, where it will un
questionably be passed with as little
objection. .
The business men of Warrensbunr,
! Mo., have decided to organize a board
of trade to secure improvements of
various kinds.
Papon Read oa Tarloaa Topics LogUlatlvt
DMlroa-Nsw Offloora Uhoaaa.
Tofcka, Kan., Jan. 23. The State
Editorial association yesterday listened
to papers by W. A. Miller, of the Coun
cil Grove Republican, on "The Best
Makeup;" C. O. Smith, of the Burling
ton , Republican, on "Folding Ma
chines;" 8. U. Dodge, of the Belolt
Gazette, on "Presswork;" W. H. Mor-gan",-
! of the Peabody Gazette, on
"Ready Prints," and Lyman Naugle,
of the Wellington Voice, on "The Best
Power;" and E. G. Pipp, of tha Burlin
game Chronicle, discussed "How Much
r-pace to Politics;" II. A. Perkins, of
the Olathe Mirror, "Personals," and H.
B. Claiborne, of the Oswego Times,
D. It. Anthony presented the report
of the legislative committee. The
' recommendation that a bill bo passed
requiring all insurance companies do
ing business in the state to publish
their regular reports in a paper in each
i county in which policies are written
and providing a penalty of 8103 for
each violation, was unanimously in
dorsed. There was protracted discus
sion of the recommendation for a law
providing that the county commis
sioners of each county shall designate
an otllcial county paper each year,
which shall publish all official as well
: as legal notices for which the rerauner
; ation shall be the regularly established
I rate.
After a great deal of pulling and
i hauling one way and the other the en
tire matter was referred to a com mi t
t tee of five, consisting of II. A. Perkins,
of the Olathe Mirror; A. L. Sponsier,
of the Hutchinson Xews; W. L. Brown,
of the Kingman Journal; R. T. Simons,
of the Caldwell News, and T. W. Eck
ert, of the Arkansas City Traveler.
The committee's recommendation that
the profits of the state printer be re
duced was voted down.
! Papers were read by XV. E. Stoke, of
- the Great Bend Democrat, on "Fair
Prices;" by George W. Bowers, of the
state printing office, on "How to Buy
a Paper;" by F. P. MacLennan, of the
Topeka Journal, on "Railroad Adver
tising," and by Charles F. Scott, of the
tola Register, on "County Correspond
ence." ; New officers were elected as follows:
President, W. II. Nelson, of the Smith
County Pioneer; secretary, H. A. Per
kins, of the Olathe Mirror; treasurer,
W. L. Brown, of the Kingman Journal;
vice presidents by district, Frank
Roberts of the Oskaloosa Independent,'
V. J. Lane of the Wyandotte Herald,
Mrs. C. E. Harbaugh of the Erie Republican-Record,
John McDonald of
the Western School Journal,' L. J.
Sprengle of the Washington Republic,
Frank Mclver of the Hoxe Sentinel
and Lyman Naugle of the Wellington
Voice. Delegates to the national asso
cition: E. B. Burnett, A. L. Sponsier,
T. W. Morgan, John Q. Royce, IV. C.
Lansdon, L. F. Randolph, J. A. Rey
nolds, J. F. Thompson, J. E. Marshall,
Ewing Herbert, W. L. Brown, Charles
F. Scott, D. Stewart Elliott, W. D.
Chambers, H. A Perkins and E. U.
The editors went to Lawrence this
morning and spent the day at Haskell
institute and the university. Lunch
was served at Haskell at 11 o'clock and
at the university library at 4 o'clock.
One hundred and fifty members were
in the party.
Senate Dill for the Kellof of Mr. Loaao
Hoaafl Debate oa Employing Clorka.
Toi'EKA, Kaa., Jan. 33 Seventeen
bills were introduced at the morning
session of the senate, the most impor
tant being one by Mr. Smith to regu
late the practice of medicine within
the state and to prevent the sale of
drags and medicines by Itinerant vend
ors. It provides that no person shall
practice medicine unless of good moral
character and a graduate of a legally
chartered medical Institution of good
reputation. Mr. Forney presented a bill
to repay to Mrs. Mary E. Lease S&O ex
pended by her and salary lout in con
testing the appointment of Mr. Free
born as a member of the board of chari
ties, to retain her place on the board
when removed by Gov. Lewelling last
Topkka, Kan.. Jan. 23. In the house
to-day the subject of employing en- j
rolling clerks came up for another
cross fire of discussion. The attorney- ;
general had advised the house that en- ;
rolling and engrossing must, under the I
law, be done at 33 cents and ;
1V4 cents a folio, instead of S3
a day, but there was a sentiment
In the house in favor of having
the work done in the latter way, and
Mr. Robrbaugh introduced a resolu
tion authorizing the chJf oomin
If Hutchinson isn't booming our price is booming low. So
you see what a cash house can do when they buy and sell for
22 Pounds Granulated Sugar.....
Colorado Potatoes", per bushel
D. Salt Meat, per lb
New Orleans Molasses, per gal
Crackers, In box lots, per lb
Smoked Meat, per lb
Country Sorghum, per gal
All California Canned Goods, per can
15 pound California Raisins
3 Pounds Best African Java Coffee
25 Pounds Navy Beans
8 Pounds California Prunes
Calfoihia Evaporated Dried Apric ots,
3 Packages New England Mince Meat
Gun Powder Tea
Japan Tea either kind
8 lbs Kolled Oats
0 Bars Lenox Soup
ft Burs White Russian Soap .'.
0 Bars Claiette Soap
Remember we,handle all kinds of Feed and
Produce and kindly solicit your orders for
same. You people living in smaller towns
can save money by trading at the only Cash
House in Hutchinson. Respecfully,
cierK to employ a sumeient number of
clerks to do the work.
Mr. Benedict fought the resolution
as extravagant and said that the eighty
' persons who wore waiting for places
; ought to he sent home forthwith.
I Mr. Benefll, with some heat, chal
I lenged the statement of Mr. Benedict,
and Mr. Bone followed In the same line
of argument.
I The debate continued with a great
deal of fecllug and some offensive allu
sions, but the friends of the resolution
were in the majority, and the roll call
resulted: Ayes, 89; noes, 8a
j Just before noon Mr. Miller, chair
man of the committee on elections, at
tempted to make a verbal report In the
case of Glenn against Wightman, but
Newman (pop.) objected. The report
when made will unseat Wightman, and
Miller's plan was to vote Wightman
out and Glenn In at once, in order that
. the latter might vote for United States
senator to-day.
I The house adopted Mr. Butler reso
lution providing for a committee of five
, to investigate 8. W. Chase, warden of
: the penltentiarr.
TheGunand Locksmith
. lias opened Bepair Shop and Is
prepared to do all kinds of repairing
' riSTOLS,
And all kin-Is of General Repairing
A'l vioik promptly done and war
rantfd. Headquarter at
tagle Grocery
No. 15 South Main Street.
n.oo '
03 j
1 .00
per ib '. 121
Have you been to mill? I will give
you In exchange for a bushel of No. 2
Hard Wheat
33 lbs of Bon Ton or Santa.
Fo Patent Flour, 38 lbs.
Air Belt or 42 lbs of
I will pay yon the highest market
price for all the grain yon have to sell,
Give me a trial and be convinced.
HickersoD Roller His,
A. D. Butler,
Par S7.C0 and t&oo wben
von on ret oooo coal
forUALVtb money ;
II iiai
ucb s LOW prlcct
WHERE aasM ?
At the Tuds of tha
Central Coil a Coke Co.
A rood coal, rnrotnmeDiletl especially tot
beating paruoaea, aud will coat joa
Only 03.50 Delivered.""
Waalao bave as Irmtn'S'txk of Canon City
Weir City. Uaare City. Mrs. Hill, Onlta, Co a
Hill, FcovylvsnU Anthraolts, Mexlcaa A-tbra
- cto

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