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fc phkooops co.
You can never plan the fu
ture by the past.
Steam whistles or foghorns
pl?y no part in this store's busi
ness methods, and if we are not
awfully mistaken in the interest
and enthusiasm evidenced
amongsiuic snoppcrs acre last.
week, there will be a liberal re
sponse and turn out this week,
as their opinions and praises of
the Leader's January offerings
reach the ears of their friends
and acquaintances.
Children's Grey Mereno Vests aud
Pants, size 10 7jc garment, rise 3 and
4c each size.
Children's Camels Hair Vests and
Pants, size 15 lOo garment, rises S and
4o each size.
Children's Boy's sad Misses' nil wool
scarlet, medicated Vests, Drawers, ami
Pants, sizes 24 to 31, choice to clear up
35c garment.
Children's Boys' and Misses' Fine
Camel's Hair Vests Drawers and
Pants, sizes 10 to 34. 29o to f 1.00 gar
ment. A complete line of Infants' Zephyr
and Fine Swiss Ribbed Vests and Saxony
Bands 25c to 75c garment.
Ladies Fine Camel's Hair double
thread, trimmed seams. France cut
Underwear, was $1, to clear up 75c.
Ladies' Jersey Bibbed Balbriggan
Vests with sleeves, 21e garment.
Ladies' Fleece lined White Jersey
Bibbed Vests aud Pants, to clear up,
89c garment
Ladies' Jersey Bibbed Balbriggan
Union suits, ankle length, to clear up,
45c suit.
Ladies' Camel's Hair Vests and Pants,
clear up, 48c each.
Ladies' Scarlet Medicated Vests and
Pants, to clear up 75c.
Children's Non-Shrinking, All Wool
Union Suits, all sizes, was $1, to clear np
Ladies 'Light Blue All Wool, Ribbed
Vests and Pants, wos $1.35, to clear np,
If your dollars find their way
here this week, they will bring
you big returns. And, by the
waydon't overlook our Sacri
fice Sale of Linens and Sheet
ings. (Signed)
T 11 I TMTk
rSTTTl I U I 1 Li
Dry Goods Co.
F.'ora tbo Arlington Euterpv.au.
Miss Jiuth Thurp, who has been
guite sick for some time past is im
proving slowly.
J. N. Ilig'u was aTopeaa visitor this
MrR. J N. Nigh returned from a
Yisifr irvthe-eaavhtiit-Sattirday;
I) in Johnson, formerly of this city,
but now a resident of the Strip, is in
the city on business.
Joe Fehr nrrtn a business tr'p to
Sterling Thursday.
Frank Thrasher and family of Abby
ville were visitirg friends and rela
tives in the city Wednesday and
From Haven Item.
Born to Amos Harris and wife, a
son, on January 5.
Born to Mr. and Mrs Lee Ward,
Friday, January 18, a son.
Mr. and Mrs. Wax. Dyson became
the proud parents of a baby boy a few
days ago.
David Taylor shipped a car load of
hogs to Kansas City Monday and ac
companied them as far as Wichita.
Herbert Asb, Joe Talbot and Billy
McGowan skated from Haven bridge
to Hutchinson and back Sunday.
Fred W. Tliorp surprised his wife
Monday by presenting her with a fine
new organ.
There was an enjoyable surprise
party at Mr, and Mrs. Whitinger's last
Friday evening, in honor of their
guests, Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Decker.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Yoakum,
Friday, January 12, u Bon,
Fred Thorp and Ira Fisher on Mon
day received a new horse power feed
grinder, and will pulverize nil their
own teed in the future. We mean
stock feed, of course.
Resubmission petitions Hie being cir
culated all over the state and the 'fel
lows having the matter in charge claim
they will get .fifty thousand signatures
before January 31.
Last- week the Burrton Graphic
climbed up the golden stairs. "la the
midst of life we are in death."
We have gone back to first inten
tions this week and agaiu send the
Item out at its original size. We hope
to be able to keep it up, but it adds to
our expense account.
Jos. Astle went to Kansas City Mon
day to meet with the Implement Deal
ers' Association, of which he is a mem
ber, ana to look after pointers for next
season's trade.
Frank McKinley had the misfortune
to re-break his leg Monday. He was
trying to go about without crutches,
when he fell and bent the newly Knit
ted bone pretty badly, though the doc
tors Iluttou and Uem'pstid, who reset
it, think the fracture is not entirely
disunited where it had healed.
The protracted meetings at Glendalo
have been a hugh success, over 70 con
versions have been affected during the
past week.
the m r
Croquet piaying is once more the
leading diversion.
Rev. Hestwood spent last Friday
with his flock in Butler county.
Miss Lou Ross was the guest of Miss
Jena is Hinds a few days this week.
Eli Grandstoff is making a spring
wagon, wnue the repair worn is ngnt.
A number of young people attended
a dance at Geo. Maylan's last Friday
Prof. J.N. Schisler has organized a
bookeeping class with a, good enroll
ment. The revival meeting being conducted
in the M. E. church is not yet much of
a success. Tue christians show no
disposition to help the pastors in lead
ing sinners to a better life, and the
preachers in turn are endeavoring to
convert the "church members" into
The band held' its annual meeting
last Monday night and admitted sev
eral new members. New horns will
be purchased and music dealt out in
large and copious chunks.
Rev. Geo. B. Afeers, editor, publish
er, postmaster, physician, liviry stable
proprietor, etc., etc., at Stafford wants
to print a Turon paper, in the Stafford
Republican office, but the merchants
here do not favor the scheme.
Publle Bale.
The undersigned will sell at public
sale at his residence five miles and a
half .south and one mile west of
Nickerson, and ene-balf mile north of
the Central school house, Reno county
Kansas, commencing at 10 o'clock
sharp on
The following described property to
wit: Five head of horses; Ten head of
two year old steers; sex head of year
ling steers; six head of cows; six head
of calves; two sets of work harness;
one phaeton; two buggies; one lumber
wagon; two cultivators; one stirring
plow; three sets of single harness; two
narrows; hay, fodder; chickens and
household goods and other articles too
numerous to mention.
'terms of sale.
All sums of $-5 and under cash, sums
over $5 a credit of 9 months will be
given, without interest if paid when
due, if not paid when due 10 per cent
interest from date will be charged. 10
percent off for cash Purchaser to
give bankable note. No property to
be removed until terms of sale are
complied with. D. MENZEL.
ffiri auctioneers
Anat Bully.
No company that we have eVer heard
of has ever come to our city with such
favorable couriers as "Aunt Sally."
They have the unanimous endorse
ment of the New York press; and this
you may rest assured, will be your
only chance to see this superior com
pany a they will be at the Ooera
tc-e FiiuUy, ju. ZZ.
I 74 00 III It llffk
' 'T It siva t.ourht mvrl ulitt in 2 ma
chines, but they wiee either not' large
enough for soma art ictt-a or they did
not work ensy, and Irtve never niaile
much money until I obtained tLelVftc
tic.il riatin.j Dynamo. 'Pliia is the
eketrieul midline iisb1 in nil thti
treat uold and silver latn ( factories.
awl fK) the work every time. Is o
sooner did people hMrtliit I lud this
! electrical Dynamo, than I had more
spoons, knives, fork and jewelry than
I could plate In a month. The first
week 1 cleared $51 50 and the second
week I cleared $75, and I think by the
first of Jjnu'iry I will have a thousand
dollars in cash and give my faim con
siderable attent on too. The plating
Dynamo is the tiling to use, und you
can learn to use it in about an hour.
Anyone can write to W. i Harrison
& Co. Columbus, Ohio, who make
tbses machines, lor circulars. As this
is my first lucky stroak, I give my
expeaience, hoping others may Le
benefited as much as I have been.
J. K. F.muiet Jin Frlca la M iU liou
There is no actor in the country to
day, who holds a higher place i it popu
lar estimation and critical favor than
Mr. J. K.Emmet, "Our Fritz " Hie
fine figure, bright countenance and
grace were the superior natural advau
tHges with wh'ch he started his career
as an actor. II is success was imraa
diate aud he was at once accepted us a
general favorite. Like a true artist.
Sir. Emmet devoted himself studiouaU
to his professional work, deepening
and broadening his artistic culture uu
til to-day he occupies a foremost
position on the American stage, and a
degree of favor in popular estimation
secoud to none, lu "Fritz in n Mad
House" ivhieh Mr. Emmet present lit
Hutchinson, on January 31, he wl.
have greater opportunities than in an.v
of the other versions of 'Fritz," in
which he has yet appeared He will
present tht same dear lovable irermmi
boy. whoso humor wins our smiles ami
whose sorrow draws our tears, lie i.s
more polished than the Fritz we h;iv
heretofore known, yet retains all tin
unworldly simpl citv that has alwa..
characterized him and won such ;i
strong hold on our affections. Mr.
Emmet will not only appear in a new
dramatic farb but will also Biim sev
eral new, which are destined to liccon e
an popular as the famous sonusulrea'h
known with his character. An essen
tial point in connection wit1' the pln
which should not be ommitted in men
tion, is, that the children will be n
pretty and sweet as in former versions
of "Fritz." Cute baby Siunott, a most
precocious tot, will play an importait
role. Mr. Emmett will be supported
by a company of actors of special ex
cellence and well known repute. The
caste includes besides, the star, Misses
Emily Lytton, Florence Foster, Flor
ence Germaine, Messrs, Hudson Lis
ten, Fred DeVere, Tbeo. DeVere,
Harry Coffin, David Rivers and others
Mpplncott'a Mngnzlne.
The complete novel in the February
I . O Jl". 1 - !-. if I 'PI..
t i ui.r i ,i actiui sioty oi. rui a
l.te in Maryland, and of a joung
widow s somewhat complicated love
atiair. it also contains:
The Diamond-Back Terrapin, David
Bruco Fitzgerald. Beyond Memory
(Quatrain), Edith M, Thomas. Qtiong
Lee, Francis Lynde. The pleasures
of Bad Taste, Annie Steger W mston
A Walk in Winter, Charles C. Abbott
With Weyman in Old Frauce (Poem)
Richard Stillman Powell. The Fate
of the Farmer, Fred Perry Powers. A
Precedent, Alice M. Whitlock. Edel
weiss (Quatrain), Florence Evelyn
Pratt. Corpus Christl In Seville.
Caroline Earle White The Begin
nings of a Cavalry Troop, Kenneth
Brown. My Discontent (Poem). Carrie
Blake Morgan. An Idyl of the Forties,
Champion Bissell Lingo in Litera
ture, William Cecil Elam.
Aunt Sally.
The above company made their in
itiatory bow before a large audience
last evening in the rural comedy.
"Aunt Sally." The play was hand
somely staged and the attention of the
audience was held from first to last
Miss Bertha Conway provee herselt a
cleveremotional actress. Her pathos
is natural aud not strained or over
drawn and Lot once did she descend to
nmt and shout but played the part
with an intenseneness that won for
her the whell earued curtain calls she
received. Her wardrobe was the
finest seen here for some time Mr.
Billy Gray held the house spell bound
from start to finish, and bif numerous
specialties were perfect. He is an old
favorite here. The company is the
company Is the best that ever visited
this city. A number of pleasing songs
were introduced. We predict a large
weeks bus'neas for the company. in
diauapolis News.
Temperance and Prohibition.
Temperance in the use of alcoholic
beverages has no moie relation to pro
hibition than has stealing or lying, as
both temperance and intemperance
are misnomers when used to express
opposition to the drink habit, unless
any use of the poison of alcohol in a
beverage may be called Intemperance;
but in no case can we honestly or prop
erly use the word "temperance" when
we mean opposition to. or, prohibition
of, the use or sale of alcoholic liquors,
in which is included the culmination
of nearly all the crime that curses so
ciety. In this connection "temper
ance" becomes a dangerously mislead
ing and wicked misnomer. From
"Temperance a Delusion." In Demo
rest's Magazine for February.
A Rmhlne; Tina.
Ifvou want a cornet woven this
spring come quick, February dates are
almost all taken now, and those crumb
Cloths and stand mats do take the lead.
City Weaver.
eed Oali.
Just received, several cars 'of choice
Texas Red Oats for seed.
W. L. Woodsut & Co.
At Elevator near Rock Island Depot.
1 u. tUu'.cliinsoa. K..u3as
A Movement on Foot to Establish an
Asylum at Excelsior Springs.
The l'i'lltlou for a SUinlaihu to 1'rcvcnM
Collection ot the Income Tax Over-
rnlcd-MlBnouri MUltlit lleef
House Reopened. .
' Excelsior Springs, Mo., Jan. 23.
There has been In contemplation for
some time a plan to establish a na
tional printer's home at this point.
The Excelsior Springs Co. has inter
ested itself in tho projuet so far as to
agree to give ton acres of ground, or
more, if necessary, for the site. The
general idea of tho home is that it shall
bo national in churacter. with doors
open, under rules, to the needy mem
bers of the craft in all sections of the
country' The home is to be properly
officered under efficient directors or
trustees, and it Is agreed that every
successful publisher and printer in the
nation will contribute to its construc
tion and support.
Wii.KKsnARKK, l'a.. Jan. 23. District
assembly No. 10 of the Knights of La
bor has decided to withdraw from the
general assembly and will hereafter
continue us an independent labor or
ganization. Tho assemby was organ
ized by T. V. I'owderly, and since his
defeat as master workman by Mr.
Sovereign the members of the assem
bly have been more or less dissatisfied.
Washington, Jan. 23. The petition
of John (J. Moore for mandamus against
Commissioner of Internal Revenue
Miller, to prevent the collection of tho
income tax, was overruled tills morn
lug by Judge Ila'ner in tho district
equity court. Tho caso will now be
taken on appeal to the United States
supreme court, in order to test the con
stitutionality of the incomo tax.
Jf.kfkhson Citv, Mo., Jan. 2S. Ocn.
Milton. Moore, of Kansas City; Col.
Charles D. Comfort, of St. Louis, and
other militia leaders are horo to urge
the general assembly to appropriate
$.j0,0ua for the support ot tho national
guard for the next two years.
Omaha, Neb., Jan. 22. Hammond's
beef house at South Omaha, burnod in
November, reopened to-day with 200
men employed. It has been rebuilt to
capacity of 1,000 cattlo per day.
The Kansas LegUliittim Solocts a Successor
to Senator John Martin.
Toi'EKA, Kan., Jan. 23. At 12 o'clock
to-day the senate appeared in the
house and the joint convention was
formed for the formal election of
United States senator. Lieut-Oov.
Troutraan presided, Speaker Lobdoll
sccupying a seat on his right, with
packed galleries and the lobby looking
on. Secretary Brown called the roll of
the cnnte and thirty-seven senators
r -.pou its i. af.er w nc.i AsLtu.il
Chief Clerk Sears called tlie roll
of the house, and 124 members an
swered. Mr. Trout man announced
that as no candidate received a major
ity of each house yesterday it was nec
assary to vote in joint convention, and
ordered the roll call. Secretary Brown
calling the roll of the senate and Clerk
Sears that of the house, with the follow
ing result: Lucien Baker, 104; Louis P.
King, 33; John Martin, 3; J. D. Bodkin, 1;
U. W. Glick, 1. The ninety-one repub
licans of the house and twelve of the
fifteen republicans and Senator
O'Bryan (dem.), of the senate, voted
for Baker; all of the populists of both
bodies except Mr. King himself, for Mr.
King; Senator Dillard and Representa
tives Schlyer and Wilson, of Darber,
for John Martin; Senator King for J.
I). Botkin; Representative Smith, of
Sherman, for O. W. Glick. The ab
sentees were Senators Price and Scott,
Senator Baker having resigned had no
role, and was not in the hall.
This morning Mr. Baker placed his
resignation as state senator from Leav
enworth county in the hands of Gov.
Morrill, because the question had been
raised that possibly if he continued to
hold his state office he would not be
eligible to the federal senatorship, and
he concluded to be on the safe side and
resign before his formal election at
The Arkansas Senator Introduces Ills Fro
posed Compromise BUI A Currency
Washington, Jan. 21 Senator
Jones, of Arkansas, introduced his
financial and currency bill in the sen
ate to-day.
Mr. Smith, of New Jersey, presented
a bill which provides for a non-partisan
currency commission of twelve
members to make investigations of fis
cal questions and for an Issue of bonds
to produce revenues for the govern
ment. He said that he had hoped to see
some solution of the present currency
emergency. He was convinced, how
ever, that so little time remained for
legislation that no bill would be passed
at the present session. Under the cir
cumstances he proposed this plan,
which would set on foot a full Investi
gation, with a view to securing the
proper remedy. It was desirable to
have a non-partisan commission in or
der that its work might commend Itself
to the new congress. v
riatt's Flxht In Vain.
A lb ant. N. Y., Jan. 23. The assem
bly has passed the power of remoral
bill, which is designed to give to ine
mayor of New York the power to re
move the chiefs of departments in the
city government The vote was 103 to
13. The bill was opposed ty ex-sen
ator Piatt and by Tammany. .
Connlerfelter Strattno Arreeted.
kt'llk k. 111.- JU L -J. wv w-
ton, a notorious counterfeiter, who has '
been playing hide and seeK v ita me
authorities of Clark county, Mo., for
. . . , jt
three voir, has Dceu arresieu im
Jo i-r-J ir, ju'J.
The Poollns Kill Favorably Reported to
tho Nenate The Indian Appropriation
Hill Paused In the House.
Washington, Jan. 2a. Yesterday the
pooling bill was favorably reported to
the senate from tho committee. Then
the Hawaiian matter conic up on Mr.
Kyle's resolution expressing the disap
proval of the senato withtheasitioii-of-
the administration in withdrawing
warships from Uawaii. Senators George
and Gray defended the administration
and Senator Lodge spoko vehemently
in opposition. At the closo of the Ila
waiiun debate tho Nlearagna canal bill
was further considered.
The house finally passed the Indian
appropriation bill, which carried $0,
6411,020, as reported, but was increased
before final passage, one amendment
adding $1,000,000 to pay tho first In
stallment for payment for the Cherokee
outlet. The house adjourned at 5
They Meet at Cleveland and Form a Na
tional Association.
Clkvklani), O., Jan. 23. About 500
hay dealers from all parts of the coun
try met in convention at the chamber
of commerce yesterday afternoon. The
object of the meeting was to form a na
tional association of hay dealers, and
to arrango some uniform method of
grading hay and of designating the
grades in terms of universal use. The
organization was formed under the
name of the National Hay Association
of the United States, and the following
officers wero elected: President, John
N. Wooliscroft, of Cincinnati; vice
presidents, Gcorgo W. Johnston of
Pittsburgh, C. Hatcher of Tiffin (O.),
b D. Woods of Illinois, George A.
lllakslee of Chicago, P. L. Kodgers of
Chicago; secretary and treasurer, P. W.
Pitt, of Baltimore. A committee of
fifteen was uppointed to prepare a re
port upon the diiforent grades of hay.
Wicliltil's Follce Hoard Removed.
Wichita, Kan., Jan. 23. Gov. Mor
rill this morning removed by letter tho
populist board of police commissioners
of this city and Chairman Georgo Dick
son handed over the keys and books of
tho office to Chief Cone. Wichita Is
thus temporarily without a police com
mission. Tho members of the old
board express the opinion that the pop
ulist senate will not confirm new ap
pointees. ResnbuiUsloii fo Maine.
Augusta, Mo., Jan. 23. In the houso
to-day, Mr. Patton, of Bath, presented
a bill embodying the resubmission
proposition so long discussed and by
tho prohibitionists so strongly object
ed to.
Woman SutTraife Defeated.
Santa Fk, N. M., Jan. 20. In the
lower houso of tho legislative assem
bly yesterday a bill to grant tho right
of suffrage to women was defeated by
a vote of 10 to 7.
A Law Unto Itself.
PiTTsnuKGU, Pa., Jan. 23. The
Standard Oil Co. has created a sensa
tion by declaring that hereafter It will
fix the dally price of petroleum regard
less of quotations on the oil exchanges.
A car load of provisions was shipped
from Carthage 111., to Nebraska suffer
ers on the 22d.
The house judiciary committee re
ceded from Its resolution Impeaching
Judge Ricks but censured him.
Two small children of Charles Nllo
denay.of Sacramento,Cal.,were burned
to death while locked in the house.
A bill is being urged in the Missouri
legislature to relieve members of the
Missouri national guard from jury
Ex-Postmaster E. E. Crafton, of Lib
erty, Mo., has purchased the Progress
of that city and will make it a repub
lican paper.
At 4:30 o'clock on the morning of the
23d two white men entered the drug
storo of Colin Cable. Kansas City, Kan.,
and robbed the night clerk of 8185.
The building of the natural gas com
pany of Cherryvale, Kan., was de
stroyed by an explosion and fire Tues
day night It was necessary to shut
the gas off all over town.
Senator Piatt, of Connecticut, has
prepared an amendment to tho sundry
civil bill to give to settlers on Indian
lands in Oklahoma two years more in
which to make first payment
The government has brought suit
against about 1,000 settlers in Dickin
son, Saline and Ellsworth counties, in
Kansas, to recover land purchased by
tho settlers of the Union Pacific rail
way. The Sons of tho American Revolu
tion of Kansas, In session at Topeka,
elected George D. Halo president; II.
J. Adams, secretary; A. K. Rodgers,
treasurer; T. E. Bowman, registrar,
and J. L. Furber, historian.
These post office appointments were
made Wednesday: In Missouri At
Durgen, Lewis county, J. Elols, and at
Pranks, Pulaski county, Thomas
Lynch. In Oklahoma At Davenport,
Lincoln county, J. Glover, vice J. Kln
zie, removed.
Among the bills introduced in tho
Oklahoma legislature on the 2-d were
the following: Taxing liquor dealers
(1,000 perannum; for the establishment
of a reform school for Incorrigible
youths, and to limit new contract in
terest to 0 per cent
The Nebraska legislature has adopt
ed resolution to appoint a committee
to investigate the state relief commis
sioner. It is alleged business is not
being expedited and that aid con
tributed by other states remains in
cars when it is badly needed.
In tho South Dakota legislature
Tuesday the vote on United States sen
ator was: K. F. Pettigrew (rep.),
100: J. a Crawford (pop.), 2L The son
ate passed tho resubmission bill by a
vote of 20 to 17, which assures the wip
ing out of prohibition in South Dakota.
A vote was taken in both houses of
the Tennessee legislature on the 22d
for United States senator, Isham G.
Harris (dem.) being chosen. Senator
Harris has served three terms already
in the United States senate and is now
eli-ctod for his fourth term of bix
!"'' 1
Advertised Letter.
The following is a list of letters re
m lining in the Ilutchiuson postoflics
J iti.24, 1395:
ladies' list.
Omy, Miss Alloo Holmes, Mrs. Win.
Kelly, Jh Ni.ncv
Mills. MIkd Kvi
Sanders. Mr. Vlnlny
rltwll, Ihn. LlirllU
Wtouson, ill" Mary
HBXTt.b.HfcN'it LlWfT
' Baker, J. H. Barton, Q A :
Hunker. Ifov. .Iaiiicm
llMdiey. J. W.
t'ownii, Abe
IU-ttnuB, Willie E.
MnrHhiill. W K.
Kuekir. WUlisU.2
St'lllD, (i. tl.
'vlfnrt, .1. A.
Freeman, W. O.
Oavponl, W. 8
rovor, t;ha. B.
Hittlo, Omnr
Mvtrf .hdin
Smith. V. O.
8tci!ions, V M.
Thompson, lilli
Walker. Jumes L.
Parties cal'in j for any of the aboe
named letters will please say, adver
tised. . Eli Mead, P. M.
Keicbnp and Pickles.
If vou want something real fine in
the line of ketchup or pickles call on
Jas. Myers & bon.
Farmers who held their wheat till
"conlldence" was reatored(V) ate now
hauling it aw ty for the same price
tbep offered at home. Oh, republican
prosperity, where art thou V Jewell Co.
Coal and! Feed.
493 und 405 No. No. Main.
Down town yurds nt 12 Sherman East,
Smith & Miller's olu stand.
A I Kinds of Coal.
FurmerB1 Trade Solicited.
Our weights guaranteed.
We will w
pay you the
highest prices
for your produce
orH crll r-iii
at prices chat
will compete with
any house in
the city,
quality considered
Call and give us
a trial.
yicDermed Bros.
213 South Main.
' The thumb In Ml nnfalllnR lnd
of character. Tbo Square Type iu
dlojitcs a strong will, gnM energy
and llrmnr!"i. Clowljr allied r the
Spatulated Type, the thumb of thon
of mlvauced Ideaa and businexs
ability. Both of these typcn belong
to the bimy man or woman; and
Dcmoreat'a Family Magazine pre
pare eerlally for audi periona
whole Toluma of new Idcaa, con
domed in a uniall apace, to ibat th
record of ihe whole world'a work
for a month may be read In half an
hoar. The Conical Type Indicate
refinement, cultnre, and a lovu of
malc. poetry, and Sctlon. A person
with tbia type of thumb will thor
oughly enjoy the literary attnicUont
of Demnreat'a Mainline. The Ar
tlatic Type Indicate a loie of
beauty and art, which wUI find rare
pleaaun in the magnificent oil-picture
of roaea, 16 x inchea, repro
duced from the original palming by
De Longpre, the moat celebrated of
living lower-painter, which will
be given to every tobtrrlber to
Demoreat'a M agaxi ne for 1K09. The
coat of thia an per b work of art was
ta&O.OO; ani the reproduction
cannot be dlatlngalrtied from the
original. Bealdea tbia), an exqulaita
oil or water-color picture ia pab
llnhed In each number of the Mo sa
line, and the article are ao pro
fntely and auperbly Illustrated that
the llagaziue ia, in reality, a port
folio of art worka of the bl"hct
order. The Philosophic Type ia th
thumb of the thinker and Inventor
of Idcaa, who will be deeply lnter
eated in those developed monthly
In Demnreat Magazine, In every
ODfl OI ill numerous uriiureu...
which cover Ihe entire artistic and
dentine Held, chronicling every
fact, fancy, and tad of the oay.
Demoreat'a 1 alniply a perfect
Family Masazine, and was long ago
crowned yueen of the MonUiliet.
Send In your subscription; It will
cot only fS.OD, and yon will have
a dozen Jlairaines in one. Ad'lresa
W. Jznminos DmoBcsT. Publt-her,
IS East 14ih Street, New York.
Though not a fa-tiion magazine. It
pert k;1 fashion piges.and iiaartlclra
on family and domestic matters, will
be of auperlaUve interest to those
possessing the Feminine Type of
Thumb, which Indicates in its small
size, slendemess, soft nail, and
smooth, rounded tip, thoe trait
which hrlon? eseentiallr to the
gentler ex. everyone of whom thould subscribe to
DernorefsMaezine. If yon are anacquamtedwlth
ita nictlu. send for a specimen copv (freei, and
voa will admit that seeing these TH1 MHS has pot
v'i In the way of saving money by fluuing in on
"Ir nri'ie ei.rv'lim to latifty tne literary wania av
j. .,.: iii j. "

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