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VOL. 5.
MTT If TT O Y?7 -n
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1 New Spring Dress
AT 23c YD.
Printed China Silks in light and
dark grounds newsst designs.
AT 29c YD.
Silk Cripes for evening wear
innile. lavender, inaise, bluet,
rose, etc. They are the latest
38-in all -wool and silk, and
wool, spring novelty suitings the
latest importations.
We mre always first to show new goods. It
does not matter what the thermometer registers
today-You want to see spring novelties. Come
headquarters for them.
One Price Cash House,
& CO:,
Grocers so,
Coal an&SFccdt
498 mul 403 No. No. Main.
Down town yards at 12 Sherman East,
Smith & Miller's olu atuud.
All Kinds 0
Farmers' Trade Solicited.
Our weights guaranteed.
Sped si rtf8 to regular borders,
men mms, clean beds -and the
tHblcs furnished with the brst
the market affords.
L. FELLERS; Prop.,
1UE. Sherman, - Hutchinson, Kns
Attorney at Law,
Rooms Hand 13. HeCardj Dlock, comer ot
Wiin and Sherman. .
Attoraeya t Law,
Office Rooit r.
r"TrfiTIVP1 rMTuitM l
m mMr tutnetUu. (4.11 M rlUtl t:ure
v. LoJft JtMti.g MCeot
4wlin r l imii,
TA35c Y D
2,500 yards Kai-Kai wash silks
in all the newest spring styles.
AT 35c YD.
vi arrived 37 pieces 33-inch
all weol French Serge in black
and a complete line of colors.
AT 45c YD,
'103 pieces ;o inch Silk and
Wool Mixtures direct Irom the
manufacturer in all the latest
95 Ujsigai.
Hutchinson, Kansas.
"Time wears all his locks before,
TiiUe thou hold upon his forehead.
W hen Lp (lies he turns no more,
And behind hi scalp in naked,
Works adjourned Iihvh tunny ftnys;
Loud demurs hreed new del iys ."
Today you can buy.
Jacob IJold'a Sugar Cured Hare?,
per pound 11c
Jacob Dold's Sugar Cured break
fust Huron, ppr pound 11c
English llellief, Sugar Cured, per
Dpnnnd - - 10c
j.ry Bait MeatR, 3 pounds for 'Joe
Aiire Home Kendered Latd, pet
pound 10c
Lard (,'ompound, High Grade, 3
pounds for o
Fairlmnks Cottoleue, ppr pound.. 10o
l'uro Cnnndii Maple Syrup, per
gallon "l.:i5
RinBlty tiugur Syrup, (pure) per
(tall on n0;
'ar Sugar Syrup, pr gallon -35c
New Urlfiiim Syrup (puiej pergal-
loa - &"c
2'2liis. cranliiteil sugar $1.00
24 lbs. Light Itrown Sugar $1 K1
2.r lb i. N"w Orleans Bugiir $.100
7 lb.. Ueans 2
4 I'm Lima I'eans 2."S
8 bs Oat M-al....2 2.jj
Were still selling.
Fine Colombo Potatoes perliii.... C5c
Oream of Kauans, fbt ack 7.";
Checkmate, per sack 80c
s Patpnr, rer suck ' iiOc
True Grit, per sack 0o
H lb Back ef Orouud Gralinni 40o
Another carload of flour just received.
Tbc Mountain Lions,
are stead io? the cold weather better
nan oni4 of the older residents of the
towa If you have not seen them, coaie
in ir.'t free,
Winno &. Silsbee,
Na 236onth Mia 8t, llutchinoa. Tele
phone 99.
The Chinese Admiral Offers to Sur- '
render to the Japanese.
The Popa Affected by the Weather -The
Brazilian Celebrate Frenldeut Cleve
htud'a Decision lu tho Mlsidonci
Arbitration Cane.
Yokohama, Feb. ,13. It is officially
announced that Capt. Nerous, of the
Japanese squadron, operating at Wc-l-Hai-Wci,
report:; that yesterday one of
the Chinese gunboats approached the
Japanese fleet flying, a white Jin?.
When communication was ljacl with
her, it was ascertained that
Bhe brought a message from Adm.
Tiny, of the Chinese navy, offering to
surrender YYei-Ilai-Wei and his vessel,
provided that the lives of tho soldiers,
crews and . foreigners were secured.
Capt. Nerous' report adds that tv for
mal surrender was yet to Le arranged.
wAK.tiui's coyni;i:i) nv xkttixo.
London, Feb. 13. A dispatch to the
Times from Shanghai says that it is re
ported in Tien T:siu that the Chinese
warships Chen Yuen, Chin Yuen and
Kwang Tin? are still afloat at Wei-Uai-Wei.
Their immunity from destruc
tion is ascribed to the fact of the Chen
Yuen having netting to protect her
from torpedoes, rind the other quick
firing guns, enabling them to resist the
Cttacks of the Japanese.
The commander of tho second Jap
anese urmy, in r.n oi'deiul report of the
operations of th'it body before Wui-Hai-Woi,
says that its loss is, from the
2!)th of January to tho 1st of February,
ciglitv-three killed, including Uvo oui-
cers, and lili wounded, including Go 11.
Otera and three other officers. During
the same period 700 of the enemy were
llo.MK, 'Feb. 13. The pope's health
has beea slightly affected by the damp,
changeable weather that has recently
prevailed here. lie, however, is not
confined to his bed, nor is he prevented
from nttending mass, but his doctor
hns ordered hira to take the greatest
care of himself and not to hold long
Eio Janeiro, Feb. 13. A publie meet
ing attended by 20.000 persons, was
held here yesterday to celebrate Presi
dent Cleveland's decision in favor of
Ura.il .as against the Argentine re
public in the matter of claims to juris
diction over the territory of Missiones.
Harkmnn Vallitlie Corrobnr iton thn Statc
nititit of f.Lxt and Ailry ilnyivard.
MiNKAPor.is, Minn., Feb. IX The
first witness introduced by the state this
morning in the Harry I lay ward mur
der case wns Peter Vallalie, tho hack
man of whom Hurry ha I spoken to
Adry as being1 willin;r to assist in
the proposed crime. Valialie's testi
mony corroborated in a striking way
one portion of Adry llayward'n re
markable story uu.l thus rendered
thoroughly untenable the defense's pet
theory as to Adry's sanity, lie testi
fied that Harry llayward had ap
proached him with (j iustions as to
whether he had ever "done auything,"
and, if so, whether his conscience
had bothered hi:n. Wayward later
asked him whether ho would drive a
hack into Lake Calhoun and let tho
occupant drown for a .sum of money.
"I told him I was no swimmer," said
he. "and that was about the end of it."
This is tho fjrsteorroboration of tho
stories of Illixt and Adry obtiined
from an entiro outside source, and ex
hibited in a striking way Haywood's
careless way of asking incriminating
questions and making damaging state
ments. Attorney Erwin at once recognir.ed
the iir ;ortanco of this testimony and
tried to have it stricken out entirely.
Tho court, however, refused to sustain
his objection, and the evidence g-oes to
the jur3'.
IMlnoWi Step! rompiinjr nure.
Chicago. Feb. !3. The Illinois Steel
Co.'s report for the year ended De
cember 31, 18!) t, was made public to
day. It shows total gross profits of
fS.VS.OOS; interest on bonds, less in
terest received and tW.seounts, ;."27, lrt."i:
proat,-830,G(7; deficit last year, 831!),
01K). The report says: "Price have
continued to decline. Competition is
intense and tho output was larger
than in 1.S93. The working force was
;iv. Mrlllnley nt Alhinr.
Al.ll.vw, Feb. 13. (lov. Melunley, of
Ohio, na a guest of Gov. Morton, yes
terday, visited the senate chamber,
wlu:re he made a brief address to mem
ber and then received thcin personal
ly, being introduced by LieuL-Gov.
i-axton. In the assembly Speaker Fish
introduced the Ohio governor, who ad
dp'ssed the assemblymen for a few
moments. In the evening Mr. McKin
ley ttpoke at the Lincoln banquet.
A a Old Loun Writ lUpald.
' Scp.AStox. Pa.. Feb. 11 l)r. Allen
M. LeeU, of thin city, haa been in
formed that Ilenry U. Carey, late of
Los Angelca. Cal., has bequeathed 3.0.
000 to hira. The bequust was madi on
account of a loan of ."X) which Dr.
iMtt made to Caray at tewarU. X. J.,
in lie:. Carry wf ot west od ani3a)
fortune. -
A Hill to Slrmictlifl.i I nnntf Atlorncji In
Favor of Nlnt Muchluca.
Topkk A, Ku , Fe, IS. Tho senate
committee on ia.-.uianoi has fecoin
aiead?d tho passage of a bill for the
election of insurance commissioner by
the people. Tho committee on bank
in;r has rscommended the passage of a
bill for the election of bank commis
sioner in tlie same maimer.
Senator Householder's bill, providing
for a state accountant, means the em
ployment of an expert at 82,001) a year,
whose duty it shall be to examine the
books of all state ollleurs and the uc
:o:nit iof all state institutions. It is
stated that this bill was presented at
the stiff-reslion of Gov. Morrill.
A number of appropriation bills
wcrts tuli-'u uo and passed. They
provide for the expenditure of 77.1,878, i
Jivi led as follows: State horticultural
society, :J.C7): chinali bir,' .station, i
:)') ): industrial school for jrii-l3, S.:),0Ti):
Topt'ka iijsauo asyaim, g-J21.5::8;
tiolJier.-.' o; p'ia:i.;' hoi.-.i-.f, vi.'l.HOO; statu
non.t.il -scliool, jMil'llo; i.tate n;:ricul-
c.u'.'il eolloiro. irlii.i;."): Oiiuwutmuie
i ayjluiu. ,i.:i t;. ;..'i ).
A'.nouj tho bilht iiitrouucod were the
foilo.vinu''. '
liy S.'i-.:itor L-jedy An act rejatinjr
to railroad corporations limiting tho
issue of capital t x:k: providing fof an
increase of capital stock; limiting t'!c
. issna of bonds and other indebtedness
'.the: '.) f, and rcquiriajr the board' of
railroad comnii.-.sioncrs of the stSHc,
upon properapplijation of any railroad
I corporation, to deter. nine the agount
of such capital stock that may beVfc.ucd
or increased.
Toi'KKA, Kan., Feb. 13. Senator
Banner introduced a bill nt tho re
quest of the Statu Association of Coun
ty Attorneys, which provider that a
county attorney may compel the pres
ence of a witness before any justice of
tho peace to iiiq uire as to hia knowledge
of any infraction of tho prohibitory
law. This measure is intended to take
the place of the law which gave to
county attorneys tho riffht to brinr
witnesses before them without the in
tervention of a court and which was
declared unconstitutional by the su
preme court.
Mr. Householder filed a petition in
the senate pravincf for another vote
by tho people on equal snffraffe. It
was seventy - feet lc-tig niH contained
more than '0,000 names, both mule and
The senate passed the maximum
freight rate bill by a vote of 24 yeas to
to 10 nays. Mr. Ditnncr, of Harvey,
was the only reoubtican wiio voted
vea and Mr. Truo tho only populist
who voted nay. Tho two democrats
divided.' Dill trd, of Uourbon, voting
yea and O'Uryun, of Sedgwick, nay.
Senator Sterne introduced a bill
which provides that slot machines used
exclusively for the sale of ci;rars shall
bo exempt from the operation of the
Cnbbison anti-lottery law, which
makes their mo a felony.
On third reading of bills the house
passed Zimmerman's bill, reulatinjj
and reducin g printers' fees; Allen s
bill, proviAin;; for an annual settle
ment between tho county treasurers of
counties in which arc cities of the lirst
class, and tho various city treasurers;
also, his bill rctfulalinjr the man
ner of assessment: of benefits and
damages in taking1 private property for
public use in cities of more than .'1,001
inhabitants. Also Mr. Kohrbaujrli's
bill, which makes the ollic.es of city
treasurer, city clerk and city attorney,
in cities of the first class, elective in
stead of appointive.
Mr. Campbell introduced in the house
a duplicate of the railroad bill Intro
duced by Senator Leedy in the senate
yesterday, prohibiting the waterin-r of
rropoiitloti to Hulld a Uaad from Leaven
worth to Toxica.
Topf.k A, Kan., Feb. The Leaven
worth w Wjstcrn P.ailroad Co. yes
terday filed, articlci of incorporation
with the secretary of state. The capi
tal stock of the company is 5100,0'JJ.
The object) Is to build a road from
Leavenworth to Topeka. The headquar
ters of the read are to bo nt Leaven
worth. It is rumored that tho Uock
Island is at the back of the enterprise,
and that the scheme is to buy tho
Leavenworth, Topeka & Southwestern
road which extends from Leavenworth
to Meriden. The Unci Islaud people
deny tho storj
CliMtor I. I -one. of tlio Seventh Kaiwas
Jolin tho Rimlm or tho r,oiillrtn.
Paoi.a. ICan., Fob. One of the
most brilliant social events of the sea
son In this city was tho marriapro yes
terday of Hon. Chester I. Lonjr, con
pressman -elect from tho Seventh dis
trict, to Mrs. Anna Hache, of thi
place. Tho ceremony took placo
at tho residence of Mrs. Col.
Campbell, and wns witnessed by a
throng of the friends of the contract
ing parties. Rev. Thaddeus Fritz per
formed tho ceremony. Mr. Lon? and
his brido left immediately for Wash
ington, where the honeymoon will be
Tka Watar Company Blamed.
ST. Joskph, Mo., Feb. 11 The St.
Joseph common council will investl
irate the cause of the destruction of the
Union depot In tbi city Saturday
night, which la now attributed to the
insufficient aupply of water. A report
la iow being made p by Chief Kane,
ot the fir uepmenL
Union Pacific Gives Orders Not to
Stop Trains at Certain Places. .
Out of l'!0 Cura Stored In a Barn Only Muo
Are Saved Struck a Itroltcn Itult
'I A Coal Ifo;prr Do
' atroyed.
0.maii., Neb., Fob. 13. Arrasts of
eoal stealers on tho line of ,.the Union
Pacilio railroad on the charge of ob-struetin-,',
justice and of larceny from
the court bavin;,' failed torchcck thefts
of coal, orders have been ffiven to stop
no trains loaded with coal at Puxton,
Clarks, Cluippell or Lodge Pole. Tho
Union Pacific claim agents . charge
that in several townships in that re
gion men 'huVo opened contracts for'
supplying Union Paeific'cojil at SI per
ton, while tho company's price' ia.ii bout
3 more. They veint.e that tho ottier.
night nt Cluippell, during a revival ser
vice a ma billed out that a col train,
was cb'miii',r,'iind instantly the church
was emptied of !U but the preacher
and the women.
C.Utl.K cai;s di:sti:ovki).
Ciiicaoo, Fob. 11. A fire which
originated from some oiled rags last
night spread with great rapidity
through the Lincoln avenue barns of
the North Side cable road. Of I ')0 nas
scnger and grip cars stored in the barn
only nine were saved. The firemen con
fined the flames to tho storage hnrn anil
the power house was not injured. There
was grave apprehension, lest a tank
containing :i.",00!) gallons of orudo pe
troleum which tho company uses for
fuel, should bccoina Ignited. Tho flro
was under control, however, before tho
tank was reached. Tho total loss on
building and curs is estimated at $300,
000. STltl'CK A IIHOliKX RAIL.
Cartiiaok, Mo.. Feb. 13. The St.
Louis & San Frnnciseo passenger train,
eastbouud, duo hero early this morn
ing, struck a broken rail 1 milo this
side of Crestline, Kan., and tho mail
and baggage cars and two coaches and
a sleeper left tho track, the latter be
ing turned upside down. No one was
seriously hurt. A baggage car and
coach pulled by the engine of the
wrecked train went cast four hours
a mo omo coat, hoppku iirnxKH.
Coi.i'JiiiL's, O., Feb. 13. The huge
coal hopper, engine room and machin
ery and several Hocking Vulley coal
cars wero totally destroyed to-day nt
Jobs. The capacity of tho hopper wa s
2-13 cars per day. Kight hundred men
will bo deprived of eaip'.oymjnt, with
no prospect of .securing work elsewhere.
Tho loss is over ;?.)0,00 .
A Uouito Wrecked hy Uncalled Natural
Andkumox, lnd., Feb. 1 . Cal. Ilcd
riek's horn ! on West Fourteenth street
was literally torn to pieces and s'.;:it to
tho four winds by a turr'uic gas explo
sion yesterday. The origin was a leak
in the !ras-pipes underneath the kitch
en. The fuel had accumulated and a
sipe had put it in connocti in with a
flame. The resalt was that tho entiro
resilience, both upstairs and down, was
wrecked, all doors, win low i, roofing,
wails, and in fa :t everythhrr el-.e, bo
in.' torn apart and demolishe I. Not
withstanding the fact tiiij the family
was in the house, none were injured,
nor did any of thu splinters catch lire.
The concui-sion shook: tho entire city,
and was one of tlio most severe that
ever happened in thu iras belt. '
An Attempt to Mow l'p Neirro Laborers on
a New Orleuiu Wharf.
Nkw Om.KAN.s, Feb. 13. A man was
arrested yesterday while storing a
largo quantity of dynamito in a halo
of cotton at Southport, just above New
Orleans, with tha intention of blowing
np the negro laborers at work on tho
cotton on the steamer Floridian, Into
which it was being loaded. A number
of deputy United States marshals have
been stationed at Southport to protect
the negro laborers at work there.
They saw a man wandering around the
cotton bales and watched him and
were rewarded by finding that he had
stuffed enough dynamite into a bale of
cotton to blow it and the entire ship
to pieces.
Injured In a ItnnniTuy.
On.vx, Mo.. Feb. I t. While ex-Sheriff
Mont P. Wade and ex-Collector W. II.
Iliesser were returning to Iicnton from
this place, their horses became fright
ened and ran away. The buggy struck
a stump and threw its occupants out
with such violenco that each sustained
serious injuries. Mr. Wado had the
flesh terribly mutilated and torn from
his hands, and Mr. Iliesser was injured
about the head and hips, and his recov
ery is considered doubtful.
Split In the Palntera' Brotherhood.
Ciscixxati, Feb. 13. Painters' union
No. 50, of this city, numbering 800
members, has withdrawn from the na
tional brotherhood and formed an in
dependent organization. This is the
second union here that has adopted
this course. The reason gdven is that
tha national brotherhood la divided
Into two Inharmonious factions.
reastaa Kxamlahlg krttMt,
WiMUtTOV, i'tb. Penaloo ex-
CX&3 f3TSt4 Wtn ayfioUtti to
day aa follows: Missouri Dr. K I,f.
Ilenry, Carthage; Dr. G. D. Andrew,
.Grandin. Kansas Dr. T. L. McCarty,
Dodge City. Oklahomu Dr. D. Ste
vens, Guthrie
The Ways and Mnana Committee Agree tn
Iteport the Hoiihb Kmolutlon.
Washington, Feb. 13. The house
ways and means committee voted, 8 to
5, to-day to report the honso resolution
practically ''agreed upon by the sub
committee yesterday, as follows:
Resolved, By the senate and houso of repre
sentatives ot -the Unite 1 Status, In congress
assembled, thnt tUa secretary of the treasury
be and Is Uoroly authorized to tiisue and ills
poso of at n,it less than par In gold coin, bonds
of the United Stale with tho qualitliw. privi
leges au.l exemptions of bonds issued under tho
act approved July li. IsiU entitle. I. "An act
iiuDioi iziiiir tho rufuniUii',' of Itrs n itlim :il clubt
lu na titiKMmt not ccoodi'i'-! .?r.lltl.-"'. InirinK
lulurcst at a rata uot oxoeuJIiu 3 pjr cent, per
annuel principal and interest payable tn gold
eoln of tlio pro.icnt standard of wcWit and
llminoss. said bonds t bo made p iyable not
more than thirty yoin aftor date, provided,
linwovur, that no part of tto proccjJs of thn
sii'c of such b u:l,s nor of tho not?.a re loomed
with Mich pro'OU shall bo avallahW f,r tU.)
puymcut of t jo current o:tjiou en of ihu gnveru
niont. A provision against the redemption
Lof. national bank notes by the treas
ury, winch Secretary Carlisle had re
quested yesterday, and which tho sub
committee hud recoraaicrle 1, was
passed over by general eotuont and
uo net ion takjn upon it, as it was
thought best not to cumbsr tli3 reso
lution with too many propositions. It
may be a subject of future action by
tho committee.,
Tlio resolution prepared bj: Mr.
Wheeler declaring tho enacting of tho
presidents's recommendation to bo an
abandonment of bimetallism, and there
fore inexpedient, and Mr. Iiryan's reso
lution for tho payment of ull govern
ment obligations in tho coin most con
venient wero voted down, as was Mr.
Cockrau's proposition for more compre
hensive authority to the secretary, but
tho votes were not recorded. There
was no formal dobato.
Indian Police Indicted for Murder for Fol
lowing tho Agut' Initruutlonii.
Deadwood, S. I)., Feb. Hi. Tho
United State grand jury has fouud in
dictments for murder against Cupt.
Straighthead and seven Indlun police
men of the Cheyenne agency for the
murder of William Fielder, interpreter
at tho nlrency.
The agent, Maj. Lillibridge, sent the
police to arrest Fielder and with in
structions to bring him in, dead or
alive. They followed their instructions
to the letter, and when ho resisted ar
rest shot him several times and brought
tho bodv In.
a ri.N.
The One I'ut. Into tho I.cuvrnu orth f'nthp.
dml S'.ild to lln Hi" l:cst. In t lit. West.
Lkavkxwoiu'ii, Kin., Feb. 13. Tho
great Catholic cathedral was crowded
last night by fully 'J,."i!)') persons to wit
ness tiio ceremonies tml enjoy tho
grand concert in coirtcclion with the
formal opening of tho new S i. odd pipe
organ, ju-t put into the edilL-o as a
memorial to the late Kt. Kyv.. .1. II.
Mioge, tho first bishop of Leavenworth
and of Kansas. Tho organ i s worked
by electricity, and is said to be tho
finest church instrument in the west.
The musical concert was the finest ever
presented to an audience in this city.
South I)iilotn Ilrlntr AWInn to Iteeover
thn Amount of the NlmrtuKc.
Nkw Voiik, Feb. 13. Tlie titate of
South Dakota is plaintiff in an action
just begun in tho supreme court to re
Wer a judgment of JJ.tr.O.OUfl against
the sureties on the ol'.leial bond of W.
W. Tiyylor. the defaulting treasurer of
South Dakota. Similar actions have
been brought urainst other sureties in
different stfitcs, and the state expects
to recover most of tho amount wiiich
Taylor carried with him when ho fled
tho country
l'l'LLMAN Ml'ST liXt'I.AIN.
i Tho Paluco Car Matrnato Called l'p for Con
I tempt of the Fedenil Court.
1 Chicago, Feb. 13. Postponement of
the Debs trial has not relieved llaorge
M. Pullman from the necessity of ex
plaining his failure to answer the sub
poena issued by tho United States court
lust week. To-day Judge (irosseup di
rected that nn order be entered and
served on Mr. Pullman commanding
him to appear in court and explain hia
Ilrlck Manafucturer.
' Cleveland, O., Fob. 13. The ninth
pnnnnl convention of tho National
I'.rick Manufacturers)' association was
called to order at the Hollenden hotel
yesterday, with President W. 11. Aslip,
of Chicago, in the chair, ltetween 300
and 400 delegates were present Tho
day's session was devoted to hearing
the annual reports of officers, and
other business of a routine nature.
Tho amount of invested capital repre
sented by tho delegates exceeds $j0,
The report of the board of Indian
commissioners just made public dwells
upon the lowness of prices, scores the
five civilized tribes hotly, declaring:
that all the statements of the Diwes'
commission were absolutely true, and
commends the allotment system.
Representatives Culoerson, Bailey
nd Bay have been appointed house
conferee on the Indian territory court
bill They will labor to retain the
' present courts at I Vis, Tex., and Fort
, tmith, Ark.

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