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Urn. Helm, of 8t. Ellsabethtown, Sister
of Abraham Lincoln'! Wife Hat Been
, postmistress for Several Years and
Wants to Stay. '
I lng fight is going
! on Just now over
the postofflce at
.Elizabeth town.
.Ky., Mrs. Emily
Todd Helm, a sls-
. vr A hrft-
wil'i,LY ham Lincoln, is the
strfl U ' ' incumbent and has
tNU :i 1 ' hoon through three
admlnlst r at I o n .
Congressman Alex.
' Montgomery of the
Fourth district has asked her removal,
however, to make way for Frank Jop
lln, a young man of 22 years and one
of his henchmen. The nomination of
Joplln is "hung up" in the senate, and
Senator Joe' Blackburn swears by the
great altar of Bluegrass chivalry that
he shall never be confirmed. Senator
Lindsay, his colleague, is supposed to
stand with him In the matter and it is
expected that the nomination of Joplln
will have a powerful opposition to over
come. Mrs. Helm's husband was Gen. Benja
min Hardin Helm, the famous com
mander of the "Orphan Brigade," a
confederate division from this state,
the name being given it because of the
number of officers it had killed in bat
tle. Gen. Helm was killed at Chlcka
magua, very close to where Joe Black
burn was fighting, and hence the sena
tor feels a personal sense of obligation
to protect the widow of his comrade In
arms. All the ex-confederates in the
senate are standing by Mrs. Helm, and
because of her relationship to President
Lincoln's wife the republicans are all
with her, too.
With the expiration of this congress
Mr. Montgomery Is retired and a repub
lican will then represent his district.
Then, by custom, the senators will have
the right to name the postmaster and
they will recommend Mrs! Helm. Even
then President Cleveland may refuse to
appoint her, but the probabilities are
that he will succumb to the pressure
brought to bear on him.
Mrs. Helm Is one of the handsomest
and most elegant ladles in the state of
jl usurer
'0 V--
Kentucky. To her charms of person
she conjoins a brilliant mind and great
ability as a conversationalist. She
would claim attention anywhere and re
ceive distinguished favor In any social
circle. She was married to Ben Hardin
Helm, son of Gov. John L. Helm, when
she was 18 years old, and was then con
sidered one of the most beautiful
women in the Bluegrass state. When
the war broke out President Lincoln
did everything he could to keep her
husband on the side of the Union. He
sent for him to come to. Washington and
offered to make tdm paymaster In the
Union army, a position calculated to
dazzle any young man. But Bn Har
din Helm was made of different stuff,
and, while he thanked his kinsman, he
declined, went'home, and cast his lot
with the confederacy. Joining the south
ern army soon afterward. His wife
followed him south and was but a few
miles away when he was shot and
killed while leading the '"Orphan Brig
ade" in the famous charge at Chlcka
magua. Mrs. Jefferson Davis said since
the war that when Helm was killed his
commission as a major-general had al
ready been made out by President
When President Lincoln heard of
the death of the gallant Helm he sent
a pass for Mrs. Helm to come through
the lines, and she went to Washington
and spent several weeks a guest of the
white house. After the close of the war
mUa ivna lnft vprv nrwf unci pvpr slnoe
then she has made a gallant struggle to
suppqrt nerseu ana mmny. vvnen mra.
Hanson died, about three years ago.she
was elected at the next reunion the
"Mother" of the "Orphan Brigade," and
the old grizzled veterans worship her,
and will go their length to keep her in
the Ellzabethtown postofflce.
There are no charges against Mrs.
Helm In the manner of conducting the
postofflce. Partisans of Montgomery
pretend to say that the building In
which it is kept Is Inconveniently sit
uated and not commodious enough for
the business.
For Rifling Cannon.
A substitute for the rifling of can
non, which Is the chief cause for the
great cost of modern guns, has been
devised by Mr. Unge, a Swedish engi
neer, who also expects to put an end to
combustion of gases which the new
powders develop. He fits the projec
tile with the gas checks, which prevent
the passage of any gasses, and gives
to it the axial rotary movement which
is now obtained by rifling the barrel by
a mechan'cal device which gives the
twist to the gun Itself at the moment
of firing. The motion conveyed may
bo kept constant or Increased. He
claims that the effect Is thes ame as
that obtained by the twist In the rifle;
that the accuracy of fire obtained by
his system Is equal or superior; that by
It heavy guns can be produced at half
the present cost, and will last twice as
long a they do now.
-l: M
1 iBPi
King Georgo I. of Oreeeo Began His
Belga in 1863.
King George I, (Christian William
Ferdinand - Adolphus George,) of
Greece, whose abdiatlon Is expected, Is
the second son of the king of Denmark,
and brother of the prince of Wales and
the czarina of the late Alexander III.
He was bora Dec, 24,-1845, and alter
finishing his . education served, In the
Tinnlnh nnvv. After the. abdication 'of
Otho I. the late king of Greece, In 1863,
the vacant throne was offered to Prince
Alfred of England and to Duke Ernest
of Saxe-Coburg. Both declining It, It
sua nffprprt in Prlnrn Christian, who.
with the consent of his own family, and
the great powers, Degan June v, ism,
his reign as King George of Greece. On
Oct. 27, 1867, he was married at St.
Petersburg to Princess Olga, daughter
of the Grand Duke Constatlne.
The Site of Calvary.
As regards the site of Calvary, it has
now been very generally agreed by
those who feel that the traditional site
stands In too central a position to an
swer to the New Testament require
ments that the most probable situation
Is the knoll outside the Damascus Gate
which the Jews point out as the ancient
place of execution. Christ suffered
"without the gate" (Heb.,xlll., 12), and
"nigh to the city" (John, xlx., 20),where
was a garden (verse 41) such as Jose
phus describes north of Jerusalem (5
Wars, 11., 2), having in It a new tomb.
The site of crucifixion was conspicuous
from some distance (Mark xv., 40;
Luke, xxlli., 49), and there is no doubt
that the tradition site of execution, on
its high knoll, with Its natural amphl
theater of flat slopes to the west, Is one
peculiarly suited for a public spectacle.
Since this view was advocated In 1S76
("Tent Work in Palestine"), on account
of the tradition which was then for the
first time published and compared with
the account in the Mlshnah (Sanhe
drim, vl., 1-4), on which it is founded,
and since the discovery was subse
quently accepted by Gen. Gordon, It
has become widely popular In England
and America; and It has been pointed
out that the Bame site was advocated
by Otto Thenlus in 1S49 and Felix
Howe In 1871; but these earlier writers
knew nothing of the Jewish tradition
connected with the spot, and their sug
gestions were therefore purely con
Wnrtenberg's and Hohenlohes.
Until 1806, when Napoleon I. put an
end to the hopeless confusion of the
old Holy Roman Empire, the Hohen
lohes, who claim to descend from a
brother of Emperor Konrad I., were
sovereign princes in southern Germany
Hke the dukes of Wurtemberg. The
congress of Vienna found Wurtemberg
a kingdom and the Hohenlohes media
tized, and left them so. A part of the
Hohenlohe territory was within the
limits of the new kingdom, and King
Karl of Wurtemberg demanded of
Prince Hohenlohe a charter to show
his title to the land. Instead, " the
prince sent the king a document de
scribing a tournament' in which a
Count Hohenhole unhorsed s. count
of Wurtemberg, another describing a
wedding In which a count of Wurtem
berg bore the train of a countess of
Hohenlohe, and an unhonored promise
to pay given by a Wurtemberg to a
Hohenlohe. He was let alone after
that by the king.
latest Portrait of President Dole.
The best portrait of President Dole
of Hawaii was taken at Honolulu a few
weeks ago. The accompanying Is a, re
production of the original. It Is said
to be the most striking likeness of the
chief executive of the little' republic.
A Curious Joke.
At the annual dinner of the Society
of Medical Jurisprudence, In New York
De Lacey Nlcoll was made the victim
of a curious practical Joke. He re
ceived a letter asking him to respond to
the toast of "The Law and the Proph
ets." He accepted. When he reached
the dining hall he discovered that the
printer had put him down for a re
sponse to "The Law and the Profits."
He, however, turned the Joke on the
dotVjrs by calling thorn to account for
the enormous fees charged by them as
medical experts. During his term, he
said, hepersonally paid out $50,000 for
such testimony. In the Carlyle Harris
and Buchanan cases the medical men
got $25,000.
Russians think It nobby to be burled
in glass coffins.
af. Franeola Felix Faorr, Wis Sae
seeds Oaslmtr-Perler.
M. Francis Felix Faure, electee by
the French National assembly to suc
ceed M. Caslmir-Perler as president ol
the Republic, was a presidential "dark
M. Francois Felix Fanre.
horse" and his election Is a surprise to
the entire nation. He was born Jan.
30, 1841. at Paris. He Is very wealthy,
having made bis fortune as a ship
owner at Havre, where years ago lie
held the offices of president of the
chamber of commerce and deputy
mayor. He saw active military service
In the Franco-Prussian war, and was
Invested with the Legion of Honor for
his distinguished services. In politics
he is a Republican and free trader, In
religion he is a Protestant, and is pop
ular In society.
The Garotte Quadrille la a Favorlle
In London.
Lovers of really artistic dancing will
be Interested to hear, upon the author
ity of so eminent a London professor
as !Mme. D'Alise, that an early revival
of the older and more stately steps
and figures may be looked for. The
fashionable dance In court and aristo
cratic circles will be the gavotte qua
drille, which has had Immense favor
In Berlin ever since It ws danced be
fore the emperor. It Is a figure of
eight, and similar to the quadrille,
except that It begins and ends with
the couples facing the audience. It is
reported to be an extremely graceful
dance so long as the dancers keep to
the little sliding steps that are appro
priate to it.
The square dances are coming in
again and strenuous efforts are to be
made to curtail the waltzing and galop
ing which have of late years entirely
ruined the effect of these dances, for
which special movements and steps
were originally intended.. It will be
good news to many persons to loam
that skirt-dancing as a drawing room
entertainment for ladles is declining
In favor, owing very largely to the
dislike that the best dancing masters
and mistresses have to teaching It to
ladles who do not Intend to adorn the
theater and music hall. Asked as to
the present condition of the dancing
art, Mme. D'AJlse declares its regen
eration Is mainly due to men, who will
not learn to dance, and who are only
willing to walk through dances with
as little effort as possible.
President Dlaa of Mexico la nn Old
With the trouble between Mexico
and Guatemala, much attention is di
rected to the rulers of the respective
countries. President Diaz is about '15
years of age. His early display of tal
ents led his father to send him to the
great law school at Fueblo, which he
left to join tho'army, lighting against
M t
President Dlaa.
our American General Scott. He Is a
great fighter having gone through sev
eral wars and coming out at last in
full command of the national army of
the south. He ran for the presidency
three times before he was elected,
each time became rebellious and fled
to New Orleans. He was elected in
1878. He has 20,000 troops ready for ac
tion. He promises If pushed Into a
fight to settle this dispute once and
The Production of Gold.
The average yearly production of
gold during the ten years 1831-1840
was only 20,289 kilograms, or 052,201
fine ounces; during the ten years 1841
1850 It rose to an annual average of
54,759 hllograms, or 1,700,502 ounces.
This was Just prior. It will be noticed,
to the beginning of the third period
Into which I have divided the history
of the production of gold. Xow mark
the Increase'. During the five years
1851-1855, in consequence of the rich
harvest from the recently discovered
mines of California and Australia, the
average annual production of gold sud
denly leaped to 199,:i88 kilograms, or
6,410,324 ounces, and. In 1850-1800 to
the highest figure that had ever been
readied up to that time, and which
has never been exceeded since, except
In 1802, 1803 and 1804 namely: to 201,
750 kilograms, or 6,4840.202 ounces;
that is, in between twenty and twenty
fire years the annual average of the
production of gold Increased nearly
tenfold! Even the production of silver
during the last quarter of a century
has not Increased at that rate 1,000
pec oentl North American lie view.
ML,! Mk
?1 i
'HE U. S.
cially reports ROYAL Bak
ing Powder superior to all
others in leavening strength.
It is the best and most economical.
A special train brought one million
dollars worth of silver ore from Cripple
Creek to Denver a few days ago.
The total tonnage passing through
the Sault Ste Marie Canal during the
season was valued at 1143,000,000.
A bill was introduced in the Oklaho
ma Legislature on January 23, fixing
the saloon dealers' tax at 91,000 per
Profanity and Pain
Too of ten (o together. Ketraln from swearing
tf you are suflerlng the tortures of rheuma
tism, and seek the aid of Hostetier's Klomaoh
Bitters, whlon will eipel t, rheumatlo virus
from your Blood. Kidney and malarial com
plaints, dyspepsia, constipation, neuralgia
and biliousness are all relieved by this sterl
ing and comprehensive family medicine,
which should be kept always on band tor
A Taunton (Mass.) barber has an
idea. Business bung dull at home he
proposes to take a bicycle and go out
into the country, calling at farm houses
and shaving and triming the inhabit
ants of the rural sections.
In Clinton county, Iowa, is a certain
school district whereof every female
teacher in the last fifteen years has be
come engaged to be married during the
The Berlin Street Car Company paid
9280,000 into the treasury of the city
for the privilege of crossing the princi
pal avenue, Under den Linden, at one
A new railroad uniting the Atlantic)
and PaciBo is nearly completed. It
crosses the Andes and brings Buenos
Ayres within forty hours' travel of Val
paraiso. Catarrh Can Mot Be Cored
can not reach the seat of the disease. Ca
tarrh Is a blood or constitutional disease,
and in order to cure it you must take In
ternal remedies. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
taken Internally, and acts directly on the
blood and mucous surfaces. Ball's Catarrh
Cure is not a quack medicine. It was pre
scribed by one of the best physicians in this
country for years, and is a regular pre
scription. It is composed of the best tonics
known, combined with the best blood puri
fiers, acting directly on the mucous sur
faces. The perfect combination of the two
ingredients Is what produces such wonder
ful results In curing Catarrh. Bend f of
testimonials, free
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props., Toledo, 0,
Bold by druggists, price 76c
Halls Family Pills, 25a
A million dollars has been subscrib
ed toward an industrial exhibition in
Berlin in 1890. In connection with this
fair it is intended to dig a tunnel under
the Spreo for the passage of the trolley
leading to the place.
Including stocks and bonds, the rail
ways of the United States are capital
ized at 800,000 per mile, while those of
Great Britain are capitalized at 9320
000 per mile, or nearly 400 per cent,
higher than in this country.
A Drop Toe Much.
Jlmson Sad about poor Keeley,
wasn't it?
Slmson What about him?
"Had the jims and ran upon the
roof, stood on the edge crying for
'Drink! Drink!'"
"Then the wind came along and blew
him off." N. Y. World.
Balrs From Mohammed's Beard.
The treasures of treasures in the new
mosque at Tripoli, Syria, is a magnifi
cent gold casket in which are placed
three hairs from the 1'ropbet Moham
med's beard.
A Bank
A general banking bunine Is done by
the human system, because tu? blood de
posits in its vaults whatever wealth we msy
gain from day to day. This wealth is laid
up against "a rainy day" as a reserve fund
we're in a condition of healthy praipcrity
if we have laid away sufficient capital to
draw upon in the hour of our greatest need.
There is danger iu getting thin, because it's
a sign of letting down in health. To gain
iu blood is nearly always to gain In whole
some flesh. The odds are in favor of the
?:ernis of consumption, grip, or pneumonia,
f our liver be inactive and our blood im
pure, or if our flesh be reduced below a
healthy standard. Wlmt is requited is an
increase in our gemi-fighling strength. Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery enriches
the blood and mokes it wholesome, stops
the waste of tissue nud at the same time
builds up the strength. A medicine which
will rid the blood of its poisons, cleanse and
invigorate the great organs of the body,
vitalize the system, thrill the whole being
with neweuergy audjuake permanent work
of it, is surely a remedy of great value. But
when we make a positive statement that 98
per cent of all cases of consumption can, if
taken in the early stages of the disease, be
Ct'RKD with the Discovery." it seems like
a bold assertion. All Dr. Pierce asks is that
you make a thorough investigation and
satisfy yourself of the truth of his assertion.
By sending to the World's Dispensary Med
ical Association, Puflalo, N. Y.. you can get
a free book with the names, addresses and
photographs of a large number of those
cured of throat, bronchial and lung diseases,
as well ss of skin and scrofulous affections
by the "Golden Medical Discovery." They
also publish a. book of 160 pages, beings
medical treatise on consumption, bronchitis,
asthma, catarrh, which will be mailed oa
leceipt of address sod six cents in stamps.
Government offi
Germany has 22,287 physicians,
Boston boasts Chinese druggists.
California has 20,000,000 fruit trees.
Sandpaper is made of powdered
New York contains 3",000 Bussians
Prince of Wales' cigars cost 92.50
The consumntion Der head of iron in
Qrcat Britain is more than three times
as much as in Russia.
The new class wall linings introduc
ed in Berlin are not brittle, but they
suggest irresistibly the necessity for
residents of vitreous dwellings not to
precipitate projectiles.
There is something cosmopolitan
about the Sultan of Turkey's idea of
erecting an asylum for incurables neat
his paiacn. It has to contain a church,
a synagogue and a mosque.
In 1993 no less than 12,132,311 bush
els of buckwheat were raised, ground
into meal and made into cakes, to be
duly served with butter and the very
best quality of maple syrup.
The Brewers' Journal states that
English syndicates have 991,000.000 in
vested in American breweries, the dlv
Ident on which, at 9 per cent, hut year
was 98,190,000, and wis paid in gold.
A drug firm at Kxcelsior Springs,
Mo., will award a prize of 9.10 to the
members of the Mississippi Valler Phar
maceutical Association who identifies
the largest number of drugs by the
We think Piso's Cure for Consumption
Is the only medicine for Coughs. J issts
riM'KAHD, epringnem, 111s., uci. j, ibsh,
Algy- -How old would you take FwcdJ
die to be?
Cholly Can't say. He looks young,
but it must take yeahs of experience
to weah a monocle as gwacefully as he
dones. Truth.
"Hanson's Kagle Corn Balvs."
Warranted to cure or mon.y rvtuiuletl. Ak your
aruygut rur It. fries is cnu.
In England the rows of curls on the
wigs of footmen aie indications of the
ranlt of those whom the lost men serve.
The Queen's lackays wear eight rows,
the Prince of Wales' seven and the
Lord Mayor's six.
B iura and me tbat old and vll-trld moody, Mas.
WlMU"i Soothixo Sysur ror ennarsn Twin's-
Switzerland is about to establish a
stale bank at . Berne which will have
the exclusive right to issue b:mk notes.
The capital is fixed at 25,000,000 francs,
the Swtas Confederation making itself
responsible for liabilities.
liegeman's Camphor loe with Glycerine.
Tli. original and only genuine. Curoi Chapped Hand,
and Fac, Cold Som, o. C. O. Clark Co., N. Haveu, Cb
The City of Buenos Ayres has the
largest Rtreet car system In proportion
to its population, of any city in the
world. The total number of passen
gers carried last year was 71,348,564,
while the monthly average was 5,955,-547.
9 MXS ill 0b
If so a " Kaby " Cream Separator will earn Its cost for
you every rear. Why continue en Inferior system
another yenr at sosrrst a lxr Dairy" 'snow the
only profitable feature of Agriculture. Properly cjm
dui tcd It elwnvn rTSirell, and must pay you. you
nel a Separator, and you need the bkst, the
Mlanv." AH srvlrs and capacities. Prioes, 7o.
Upward. Send for new Catalogue.
Branca 0 fleets
f Ve-lolRicl (ilenw Is roldeis, v
routib of the political talk U Uadem. '
Yoakers Gazette.
Europe produces every year abea
500,000,000 pounds of tobacco, of which?
Austria grow about one-tnira.
Alps ai
Wheat can be rrown in the
an elevation of 1,600 feet; la Brazil, a
5,000; in tbe Caucasus, at 1.009; in Ab
yssinia, at 10,000; in Fern and Bolivia,
at 11,000. . - .
It is announced that the Turkish
minister of public works has decided
to reconstruct the acqueduct which
supplied Jerusalem with water in the
time of King Solomon.
Seal See my sealskin coat!
Bear Doesn't she think she is
proud because she wears a sealskin,
while we have to go around in our bear
Two men in Mississippi had a fight
in a room. One threw the other oat of
the window and thinking he had kill
ed him, Jumped himself. They fell a
distance of thirty feat and neither was
Unshackled "I deduct from the cen
sus report that two can live as cheaply
as one." Shackled" When yon add
to the census report you will see the
difference." Philadelphia Record.
Not Far Ont of the War.
Teacher (in femalo college, to popil)
How many kinds of poetry are there
Pupil There are three.
Teacher Which are they?
Pupil Lyrio, dramatic and
Teacher Well, and ep
Pupil (eagerly) And epidemic poet
Brings comfort and Improvement and
tends to personal enjoyment when
rightly used. The many, who live bet
ter than others and enjoy life more, with
less expenditure, by more promptly
adapting the world's best product to
the needs of physical being, will attest
the value to health of the pure liquid
laxative principles embraced in the
remedy, Syrup of FigJ. ;
Its excellence is due to its presenting
in the form most acceptable and pleas
ant to the taste, tbe ref resiling and truly
beneficial properties of a perfect lax
ative i effectually cleansing the system,
Jispelling colds, headaches and fevers
and permanently curing constipation.
It has given satisfaction to millions and
met with the approval of the medical
profession, because it acts on the Kid
neys, Liver and Bowels without weak
ening them and it is perfectly free from
every objectionable substance.
Syrup of Figs is for sale by all drug
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aaiurnll Hod" tor tncntlnit roU or sliter ere,
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a i
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