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IM .
j Malta basked ia
spring sunshine.
The glow of light
was intensely brill
iant on rock and
rampart, after
weeks of rain, and
, already suggested
.. '. proacU of blighting
Bummer heat
The harbor of Valletta wore the
usual aspect of European animation.
The Russian Corvette Ladislashad just
east anchor, having on board a young
grand duke, who waa making the tour
of the world in a leisurely and princely
fashion. Mercantile steamers came
and' went, amid puffing tugs,
launches and yachts, while the native
shore craft, the dhjaisos, darted about
laden with fresh fruit, or transporting
nimble tailors and washerwomen in
search of work. Occasionally a tor
pedo boat of sinister appearance
glided through the throng of ship
ping, and vanished in some adjacent
inlet, or the gig of a man-of-war cleft
a, passage with rhythmical flash" and
dip of oars, toward the quay.
One of the latter, quitting the side
of her majesty's ship Sparrow, recent
ly arrived from Suda Bay, . brought
Flag Lieutenant Curzon to the shore.
The young man made his way
through a noisy crowd, and ascended
the steps to the city of Valletta.
Below him stretched the sparkling
Mediterranean sea, and docks and
ftaoles thronged with shipping. Above
kim, towers, churches, palaces, with
attaint balconies and a margin of
tone wall, rose with a background of
felue sky. His eye was attracted by
wayside shrines at the angle of build
ings, where lamps burned before saints
gaudily adorned, shops displaying fila
gree ornaments of gold and silver, and
whole webs of Maltese lace, and
groups of soldiers, nuns and priests.
Bis nostrils were saluted by the fra
grance of flowers, coffee and those
latent odors of the southern seaport,
garlic, and fish frying in oiL EI is ear
was stunned by the jangled peal of
church bells, mingled with the hum of
- Lieut Arthur Curzon was supple.and
vigorous of form, and alert and de
cided in manner. His golden hair
curled tightly on a small and shapely
head, a closely trimmed beard framed
a handsome face, with clearly-cut
features, and lighted by a pair of keen
blue eyes, capable of a great variety
of expression. The sun-bronzed tint
of the cheek, below the margin of a
fair and open brow, revealed by the
removal of the cap, and certain ac
centuations of resolution and maturity
gradually deepening around the lips,
alone redeemed the entire physiog
nomy from a youthful insouciance and
merry audacity which were eminently
attractive and boyish.
Climbing the stone steps from the
port to the old town on the height of
this most populous f islands, he may
have aptly represented that
"The. sword of war opens the way of com
merce." Truly the officer was ready to cope
with any adventure or danger which
fate might have in store for him on
this day of fitful spring weather.
He came of a family noted for in
taepld courage and originality of mind
and character. A commonplace world,
devoid of enthusiasm, pronounced the
race eccentric, perhaps a trifle mad.
Descended from Scandinavian sea
rovers, who had settled on the north
ern coast of Scotland centuries ago,
the Curzons numbered prelates, sol
diers, and faithful followers of the
Eftuarts among their members.
' The first object ever noticed by
Arthur Curzon in infancy had been the
portrait of an ancestor suspended
above the chimney-piece in his grand
father's castle, wearing a helmet of
different colored metals, a gold chain
around the neck, and carrying a horn
of the chase, studded with precious
Lieut Curzon had won honorable
mention at the Btorming of Alexan
dria, and aspired to promotion in the
service by fresh exertion, when oppor
tunity offered. For the rest, he was a
sailor on shore for a holiday.
He directed his steps to the K trad a
Zecca, and paused before a palace of
somber aspect with a projecting roof
which cast a deep shadow on the pave
ment below. Tbe memory of the
Knights Templar seemed to brood
over the spot, undisturbed by modern
innovation or change.
The visitor was met at the door by a
servant with the Intelligence that the
mistress of the house was absent on
n excursion. Mrs. Griffith had left
t charming note, written on pink pa
ler, in three lines of glgantio feminine
ghirography, urging the young officer
to return for 5 o'clock tea in event of
his obtaining leave to come ashore
that day.
"Lieut Curzon read the note and con
sulted his watch, which indicated the
hour of 3. How should he while away
the time until the return of his cousin?
He loitered in the shops and bought
a festoon of lace in a helpless, mascu
line fashion, wherewith to cheer the
declining years of a maiden aunt
dwelling in a provincial town of Eng
land if permitted to escape the Malta
postofllce. He bethought him of a
bevy of little cousins in Devonshire,
launching recklessly into the pur
chase of silver filagree crosses - for
their benefit lhen he decided to
stretch his limbs by means of a coun
try walk.
Quitting the streets of Valletta the
young man soon left behind him the
encircling fortifications, with a sense
of freedom in movement after the
cramping inaction of shipboard. The
unattractive aspect of the country
could hot rob the spirits of the sailor
on shore of unwonted elasticity. Be'
fore him extended a gray and nearly
treeless region, broken by villages of
flat-roofed houses clustered about the
church with a dome. The intervening
spaces were chiefly subdivided by
stone walls, as a shelter from the wind
for the crops fostered in the soil
brought from Sicily.
The pedestrian paused at length,
weary of the dusty highway. He
glanced wistfully in the direction of
the arid ledges of the shore, and the
sea beyond, which glittered in the sun
shine, with changing tints wrought
by passing clouds, and broke in white
foam among the rocks.
He chose a short cut to gain the
shore. If the measure led to trespass
ing upon his neighbor's ground, he
trusted to personal adroitness to ex
tricate himself from all embarrass
He skirted a deserted chapel on a
ridge, and was descending the slope
beyond, when an object attracted his
keen eye, and brought him to a halt
in his rapid walk. A human hand
and arm, clenched and rigid,
as if in death, projected from
the entrance of a half-
ruined structure in his path. Had the
arm not been thus extended, Lieut
Curzon would have passed on without
noticing, especially the building.
Strange whim of destinyl
He approached and peeped into the
place. Shadows obscured the interior,
but he recognized a temple, probably
of the early Phoenician settlors of the
island, built of rough blocks of stone.
Traces of a primitive altar were dis
cernible, still adorned with the rude
idols of the twelve Children of the Sun,
the Kabiri, once worshiped here.
Tho spot was silent, humid, chill, save
when a stray sunbeam filtered through
the pervading darkness to gild the
semblance of nearly effaced carvings,
mere rudimentary hints of decoration,
on wall and roof, or danced with a
flickering motion above the pavement.
weaving a pattern of mosaio with
motes and shade.
An old man lay on his face, motion
less, and with a fragrant of marble
table overturned beside him on the
The officer's first suspicion was of
murder. Anticipating some accident
he lifted the victim of foul
play, as he supposed, and
speedily ascertained that no trace of
violence was perceptible, either on the
pinched and shriveled features, white
hair, or small body. He was further
reassured when tho old man gave ut
terance to a feeble groan, and opened
his eyes, with a manifest effort to col
lect his thoughts, bewildered by an in
terval of insensibility.
"Tho place would not be safe," he
muttered in English. "No! Nol Far
from safe, this ruin."
"Do you live near by? If you can
pull yourself together a little I will
help you home," said Lieut Curzon,
in a tone of encouragement
The old man was silent He passed
a trembling hand across his brow, and
then shaded his eyes, the better to ex
amine the face bending over him,
while his own features expressed a
scared surprise, agitation, and even
furtive suspicion and distrust
askance as he struggled to regain as
upright posture.
'You have had a fainting lit, a ver
tigo, I fancy," said the officer, glanc
ing around the spot in. the hope of
descrying some person to whom he
might consign tbe human burthen
thus unexpectedly cast upon his care.
No aid appeared.
The old man placed his hand on the
sleeve of his companion, as if to aid
his : vacillating movements. Lieut
Curzon was inspired by a senti
ment of repulsion, mingled with the
compassion of the strong for the weak.
The band, thin and nervous, resembled
claw, and the fingers, infirm yet
groping, clutched at the muscular arm
of the sailor with a disagreeable tena
city of hold. This member was the
same which had attracted his notice,
stretched forth from the entrance of
the temple.
"Did I speak? Did I say any thing-
odd?" demanded the old man, eagerly.
"Nothing of importance," was the
brief rejoinder.
"People will seek here for traces of
the Greeks and the earlier Phoenicians,
but there only remains rubbish, yon
understand, absolute rubbish!" He
broke off with a short laugh.
"Ah!" assented the other, drily.
The old man emerged from the
temple, still clinging for support to'
the opportune aid vouchsafed him by
chance. Lieut Curzon, a trifle bored,
submitted to the task of assisting him.
What did it matter, after all? He had
to deal with a feeble and aged
creature, who was possibly a little
cracked as regarded brains, and who
had exceeded his strength pottering
about a ruin intent on archaeological
research. Surely the old man's family
must have looked him up in time, even
if he had not taken the direction of the
temple, and discovered the other fallen
in a swoon.
Tho pair traversed a considerable
distance, walking slowly and with
some difficulty. The old man
paused to rest occasionally, and
wiped the moisture from his temples
with his pocket handkerchlet tie re
peated, with a garrulous insistence, his
first assertion that the temple contain
ed no relics and was wholly unworthy
of a visit on the part of a stranger.
The conviction was gradually forced
on the frank and unsuspicious mind of
the sailor, that ho inspired uneasiness
m fi!
"I have not the pleasure of knowing
you," he retorted, after a pause, and
with perceptible petulance.
Lieut Curzon smiled involuntarily.
"Shall I call your people?" he sug
gested, with unabated good humor.
"No. I must have stumbled overthat
fragment of table. How did you find
Hit manner was more collected and
confident but he eyed tbe stranger
and fear in his companion, instead of
any sort of confidence. Why? Ha
could not determine. He checked
final allusion to the temple by a curt
denial of personal interest in the relics
of Malta. This decisive assertion was
possibly misunderstood by the weak
ened faculties of age, as suspicion
seemed to increase rather than be at
Thev trained a blsrh wall such as
elsewhere proteoted the fruit trees
from the sirocco, and a house, which
resembled a tower, was vis'ble within
the Inclosuro.
As they approached, a voice, youth'
ful and fresh, proclaimed in Italian
"What would I like best as a fairy
gift Dr. Giovanni Battlsta Busatti?
Very well then, I should like to be
rich, very rich, incredibly richl
might have a new dress in that case,
and go to a ball. After my visit to the
Monte di Pieta, you will understand
that my friend."
A man's voice replied, slowly and
distinctly, with a slight vibration of
emotion perceptible in the tone
"You are already rich in beauty and
amiability, Siguoriua."
A laugh, delicipnsly pure and sil
very, was the sole acknowledgment
vouchsafed for the compliment
An expression of amusement dawned
in the bright blue eyes of Lient
On tbe other side of the garden wall
dwelt a girl who longed to go to a
ball Was she pretty?
Bow Bavarian 1'rlghten Spirit.
In the little village of Egmanting, in
Bavaria, a curious nocturnal exbfgi
tion has just taken place. A ttn
minutes after midnight there sudden
ly appeared in the village a party of
150 armed men, mostly peasant pro
prietors, driving apparently some
imaginary specters before them.
Presently every man discharged his
firearm. Many of tbe inhabitants who
were indoors, behind strong barriers,
trembied at the thought of tbe carnagi
that must have ensued. '
Then a specially appointed person
recited the "Record of Deadly Sins" by
way of exorcising tho spirits of evil
supposed to be hovering about As a
rule, nobody dared venture out; but
one more bold tban his fellows did
open his door and expostulated against
such an unwarrantable disturbance of
the night But the firing party heeded
him not This ceremony of exorcising
the evil spirits from tbe village con
tinued for an hour. And as suddenly
as the party had arrived so suddnnly
did they disperse. There was astiong
smell of powder in the air, but not a
trace of brimstone.
Bolata, a new discovery in the for
eats of Surinam, is a 'uti.titute for the
rapid. dlsappearic "udia rubber and
jruttf percha. -
, loeUty Mot.
Old man Snobberly of Fifth avenua
came borne one day last ween ana
found bis wife in despair, shedding;
bitter tears, etc.
"What's the matter7 Any misior-
tune occurred?"
"Just think of it our Gus, the pride
of our life, has gone and "
"And what? Speakl Don't ueep
me in suspense!"
"He has gone ana engaged nimseu
to a sewing girl."
you aont say soi wny wis u
something appalling!"
"And they say sbe is respeciaoie.
"Eespectab.e? Worse and worse!
He may bring disgrace on us by ac
tually marrying her." Texas Sitt
. A Wandering; Gourmand.
Meanderinir Mike (the tramp) I am
not really hungry, missus, but will be
E leased to sample anytning you may
ave in the line of salads. I am trav
eling through the country getting a
few points for a book 1 am writing on
The Wife of a Farmer How do you
Meandering Mike Well, mostly on
foot, as it gives me a better chance to
pick up things as I go along. Truth.
Seeking Foreign Clin
In search ol pleasure or business, should he
preueued by the purchase of nature great in
vujoralor, Hob letter aiouMuu iJHlora, tue
bent auu moi geuial meuiuuiai aaieifuard in
exmieuue, juurwere. niuicm, louuuorutei trav
elers, tourists, aim all wuo truvet uy uuiu or
seu, upturn ol it ui tue nigueal term. Malaria,
uinuuuoa, couaupuuuu, luuiatsauon, rueuuia
Uuiu, uervouBueiu auu aiduey trouble are rem
euieu by it.
Lord Chief Justice Russell, of En
gland, has decided that gambling in
the rise and fall of stocks is not gam
bling. This will ease a good many
troubled consciences on the street
Mother That note paper is cer
tainly very quaint, but are you suro it
is fashionable?
Daughter Oh, it must be. It is al
most impossible to write on it N. Y.
The first article of human clothing
mentioned in history was an apron. It
is spoken of in the book of Genesis, B.
C. 4004.
f '(.. ranch naJaana
! thenldmt and bwt it will bro.k up a Ooli) quieten
(baa anything cue. It I alwaji rtuaui. i ry .
A Sllffht Distinction.
Senator Siders What made Senator
Waybaok withdraw his bill? Didn't
he say he'd never give up until mo
nopoly was Kiuear
T.nhritrisf Nnt. Mapt.lv: he Said he
wouldn't yield until the monopoly
gave up." rucK.
If the Babv la Catting TMt
B nre and no that old and well tried remedy, Ma.
WdiloW Soorauie Bravr for Chlldm Teetmng-
Literally True.
"How could you conscientiously tell
Aiiss aiaer mat ene is me oniy womuu
:vn ver loved?"
"It is a fact Compared to her the
others are mere girls. "Boston Bud
A rtttllrtlnrplnt. nt Vllfrh rpnutft In Au
thority for the statement that there
are 73 languages spoken in Kussia.
(Colorado has one copper mine.
& sea otter skin brought 91,000.
The Door ol Life.
The fear of pain
and the dangers
of parturition fill
many a woman's
breast with dis
may. There is
no reason why
childbirth should
be fraught with
danger ana distress.
It is a natural function, and should be
performed in a natural way without un
due suffering. Nature never intended
that women should be tortured in this
Taken during gestation Dr. Pierce's
Favorite Prescription robs childbirth of
its dangers to both mother and child, by
preparing the system for delivery, thereby
shortening labor, lessening pain and ab
breviating the period of confinement.
I I II1CC Mndtwo te. tump wit aaaw, aga,
LIU 1 1.3 addrew and roll detorlptlon and b
come a member of the IOWA OORRK
ToSnSTciUB, MechanleerUle, Iowa. Box O.
34-pigri. 2e. All about meklng turner In Oraln and
Etocki by "icalplna the market" on marglni of t'JO
to 11.000. hr.'t method yet. All eo Ipcre make
money. LANflN'O CO., 113 Qulocy St., Chicago
llluetrated Catalogue allowing WKI.i
AUQKrl". IKK Dttll, l.N in UHAI'i,
Bbnt r kick. UaT bvan tested and all
fiowell & Chase Machinery Co.,
1217 I'nlnn Artnne,
Kansas civ, iiieaoiBi.
I iff The Itrmgett and jmren Ly
1 , I made. Unlike other Lye. It being
V Tfl "n powder and packed In a can
ti ii"ita reinoTable lid. the content
J 2& wr .!.,.. r.'jlv Inr nue. W.ll
t J
make the bnt perfumed Ultra 8otp
in minutes vmimui onutng. ii
the bril for cleansing waa to pipe,
doinfetlin sinks. cluscU, wftS&Hf
buttle, paints, trees, etc
Geo. Agents, Fblla, Pa.
for vour
want, It lo H ( J 1 , ,
inche. fcga,t :'
TiM. I to in- .
rhei wlde-fe Is
ban to IttenT ( 1
ail, Havre I ' i
Ce.c m a a y
tfmeala a eea.
on to hara et
r low wheel
to 111 roar waaoa
grala,rodUr, aui
era. ", Ao, Ko.
rmtttng of tt
Catl'gra. Addl
Baa el re aura. da.
P. U Bos U, olaey, Ok
vrw n
Latest u. Absolutely pUP
England buys Manitoba butter.
Pipes are thawed by eleotrlclty.
Gas engines propel Dresden cars.
Brazil's diamond output is decreas
Central FaciQo has an 80-ton locomotive.
French soldiers' shoes have rubber
In certain Parisian re tiuranta a
shilling is charged for the use of tablecloths.
The manufacture of razors by ma
chinery has become an important in
dustry in Germany.
There are about 13,000,000 houses in
this country with less than six people
to each on the average.
John Fox, of Zceland, Mich., is to
tally blind, but makes a business of
repairing sewing machines.
Atlanta has more churches than any
city in the South, and their seating
capacity will accommodate 0j,0UU people.
Think We Have Angry Face.
Japanese, unused to visitors from
the Western world, speak of their "an
gry faces" because they do not smile.
Japanese children have been known to
run shrieking from an American or
English lady, frightened by what
seemed to them her huge size, fierce
face, staring blue eyes and white, un
canny skin.
Student Isn't it strange that me
ters and feet are ufed as a measure
ment of gas as well as poetry?
Professor Not at all. Gas first
camo into general use about the time
that modern magazine poetry became
prevalent Brooklyn Life.
The new water works tower just
completed at Eden park, Cincinnati, is
the highest artidcial structure in
America. The floor of the tower,
reaching by elerators, is S23 feet above
the Ohio river. The base is 404 feet
above the stream. If the height of tbe
elevator shall be added to the observa
tion floor the grand total height is 689
In tho Hank of England 60 folio vol
umes or ledgers are filled daily with
writing in keeping the accounts.
mm mm mm lupii
-a- -A- Sa. A. m
lor twenty years iolks all over the world have cured
rheumatism, neuralgia, and all other pains and aches by
using St. Jacobs Oil. There must be something in it, A
for you couldn't fool all the people for so many years. K
a y jgai vp F" yF j a nyr Tw''B
Pilfttr rf J9w J -" 1 J
2d PrizeSidebar buggy 150.00
. 3d Prize Pneumatic Tire Bicycle. ..... 85.00
4th Prize A Diamond Ring.. 75.00
5th Prize A Moline Farm Wagon 60.00
5 PHIZES -TOTAL VALUE .$1,120.00
The above prizes are offered to those
Who cowitruct or form the largest num
ber of words out of the letters found In
the prize word
Flret The flret prize will bo won by the
tax rest list, the second priie by the next
laxroat Hat and so on to the fifth.
Second The I let of words must be writ
ten in ink plainly, must be alnhabotlc
illy arrang-ed, numbered, signed by tho
contestant and sent in before May 20,
when the contest closes.
Third Words used must be English
and must be found in the dictionary.
If twe words are spelled alike only one
can be used. Abbreviations, obsolete
words and names of persons or places are
barred. Lists purposely stuffed not con
sldered. Feurth The same letter must not be
used twice in one word, except the letter
T, which may be used twice In any word,
as it appears twice in the prize word.
Fifth Each contestant must become a
subscriber to tbe Omaha Weekly World
Herald for one ytr, and must send hla
dollar to pay for hla subscription with his
list of words.
Sixth Every contestant whose list eon
tains as many as thirty words, whether he
wins a prize or not, wMI receive a port
folio containing; handsome photo engraved
copies of sixteen famous palntlnxs else
of each picture 10x12 inches, with his
tory of the painting;.
Seventh In case two or more prise win
ning; lists contain the same number of
words the one that Is first received will
be given preference.
Eighth Prizes will be awarded and
shipped to winners within ten days after
the contest closes.
The Omaha Weekly World-Herald is the great free silver
coinage family paper of the northwest lis editor is Hon. W. J.
Bryan the champion of silver, who has just retired from con
gress. It is published in two parts, one of eight pages on Tues
day, and the other of four pages on Friday of each week, hence
it is almost as gord as a daily for news. Its agricultural page,
edited by G W Hervey, its litrrary department, its house
hold articles and its short stories make it a welcome visitor in
any household- Subscription price $1 00 per year. Address
Omaha. Neb.
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Try it
will go farther in doing the family wash
ing or doing the housework than a quan
tity of ordinary soap
Sold by all Grocers. Made only by
'The N. K. Fairbank Company, - St. Louis.
f ajinhrWarift iifT-f" '"7t--t nf-r-"-iriaf yVj-v-.Mr-.rtttt-J-ki-'VeTi -iiyViiiii inraMisi isriiliiiiiitsiMswsMiJ
Patents, Trade-Marks.
Examlnatlea and Ar1 a te ratntablllty ot
feTtaUoo, Hind (or InTenton' Outd. or How (o OW
t W. K. P, WICHITA-VOL. a, NO. 1.
Whea Aaswerlnf Advertisement Fleas
Hratioa Thl Taper

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