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Ken 4'orporn.
The Midland Dnw Company and
Daggett Shoe Company have incorpor
ated noder charters from the secre
tary of Btate.
One sfXtae Best.
Manager Cain informs us that Am
oriU to lie presented by Calhoun Opera
Coiepany next Konday is one of tire
beat opera's puc on the boards.
TlJ Wolf Bounty.
We are reu'iested to announce that
txranties for wolf scalps are no longer
taid, owing to a decision of the su
preme court, making the law unconsti
tutional. A t'irl
The editor and other members of the
family desire to thank, personally, the
News, Clipper and Democrat for the
kindly notices of the death and burial
of their brother Robert.
Merlon Ituuuwny.
Last Friday evening Mrs. Tout aud
her neice Miss Wall, living on east-D
street were thrown out of their buggy
While out driving. They were both
seriously hurt and are dangerously ill
at this writing.
The BiiiiiI CoiiciTt.
'Iloladay's military band gave thir
i second street concert of the season
ast Hat urdiiy evening. It is nwkis
tosny tlif music w::h ll.'iO a n) appii-i-i-
sited. T!m b"s k'umM n-viv-' t!i"
3pport or t-vt-o Hn".s !r!ird clti?.- ;
in Llntclii n !n.-ou .
"Outlined of Lewis F. l'ost's lec
tures'' can be hail ut V'iu.;!ov, 'a bi'ok
store. This book should bu in the
hands of every voter, as it gives the
most clear and logical exposition of
the true means of raising revenue and
is the key to the wage question.
Nat. Mitsitaky Homk, Kansas.
H.S. Foster:
Appreciating the courage and tenac
ity which the Gazette has eisplayed
in the cause of a thankless people, I
enclose one dollar to renew my sub
scription. Stay with them my boy.
You will win yet. Yours truly.
W. E. Harris.
To Hie Reform School,
Bert We'chon, Frank Baker and
Harry Barton charged with conimiting
the robberies of last winter, when six
of our citizens were held up and re
lieved of their money, watches, etc.,
l'lead guilty to holding up Bert Sev
erance Saturday and were sentenced to
there form school at Topeka until they
are 21 years old.
Civil SfrtlfB Rxninlnaton.
The regular semi-annual civil service
examination for the grades of clerk
and carrier, will ho held in the court
houso, Saturday, June 1, commencing
at 9 a. m.
Applications will be received up till
o'clock on'Monday, May 13 1895 For
application and free instructions,
apply at tho postoffice, to the secretary
of the board.
Eva Beem, Secretary.
AilTCrtltel La-Item.
The following is a list of letters re
maining in the Hutchinson postoflice
April 18, 18!W:
ladies' list.
Bm, MI-sLesy Brown, Miss Lizzie
Dyon. Ito-u Him ley, Mrs. M iry
lleuUnuor;;, VHnsM. llunti'r, Mr. naggie
leavvtiuiim, Mis-t I3ur.i .Moore, Mrs Mary K.
O'llonkr, Mm. Mmy P. Kohinami, Mrs. Milk'gie
heil,-r, Miss Klivru Hmo-on, Hose
Waiter, JomujiIiciiu AYhitlakcr Miuj Ilattio 2
omntlemln!! list.
Butler. .T. R.
iri'gir. C. 11.
l.lnillay, iV. II.
Monri'. A . s .
Mim lint U'cl;, Ciias.
tliui-iii-, 1. M .
?triHliU'r. ,l;ihl;
Wumis, Kuv. i.'. 0.
IIkvI. O n-fff-Lawjiir,
( urloy
1.m ..hi, Jo.in
MH'iiiM.A K.
I )' n un ir , W.
SM.n.-'i-, l.
Hr. ::,;, A. W.
.l'ailii'S calinur for any of thti. above
aamid lettcu will pleaso say, adver
tised. FliMi:.u l M.
M jUilnol ft.
Lippiucott's magazine for April 18!)3
will contain: Alum of Jlalfdene. Anna
-Robeson Brown; -Cheap Living in
Faris, Alvan F. Sanborn: At the Hop
Fole Inn, Mrs. Fuuitney Bigelow; Mel
ba (Sonnet), Champion Bisaell; Giand
Opera, Nellie Melon; Alien Ways
poem! M- S. I'aden; Bucolic Journal
ismof tbe West, Mary E. Stickney;
The House with the Faint wore oft,
Marjorie Richardson; Evolution of
Tau'e Kannern, Lee J. Vance; Hiram
l'owers in Washington; The Butterfly,
Wary i)awson; Woman's Ijot in Fersia,
Wolf von Schierbrand; The Defendant
Speaks, (lenle H. Itosenteld; My Tor
ientor (Foem), Robert Severly Hale;
The Womanliness ot Literary Women,
3. W. Aberuethy.
Wttrr 4a FluI Tour Aecouait.
Uavtn subscribers, with Geo. S.
May, p. m.
Burrton ubflcribers, with J. E.
Lh.igdon suUcribers, with J. II.
Abbyviile subscribers, v.itli Jaj. Mc
Lean, p. iu.
Sylvia sa' .ril-er?, vvii'a -fjcry Aus
tin, p- in.
Arlington, subdcribi-n, witli Jol.n
Lowe, merchant.
Cat!-'ton rr-idri wii! ii-id tli'-ir a
couutswitli ':,'.v. o?.t U 'r;uire.
Preuy IVairie subjtril; r D.-.
Gault, postmaster.
Flevur subjcr:j;-r3 v;.'tli 3ir. P.
Cbicc, !!tr.;..:::t.
0. 0. 8ayger,of Booth remembered
the Gazette last Saturday.
atr. John Rowland, of Clay town
hip was a Gazette visitor Monday.
Swaren & Swaren's, the lea men
commenced delivering ice to families
last Monday.
Mr. I. Smith, assessor ot Sumner,
townBhip called last Friday and bad
the ot bis paper set up one year.
J. W. and W. II. Shirley, two of
Loda township's best farmers were
transact ng business la the city last
Tuesday. ' ,
Senator Leeds passed through the
city Tuesday euroute to Topeka. Tne
senator la member, of the committee
appointed to investigate the state In
sane asylum.
Kent & Delaney, the auctioneers
b&ve opened a commission and auction
house iu the Santa block. If you
have anything to sell or buy they will
be pleased so serve you.
Jake Sayuer, formerly of Lincoln
township, but for the last year a resi
dent of this city left last Monday rr
White Hall, Montana. He will make
that country his home if it suits him.
Frank S Foster, representing the
Irrigati-n Age, of Chicago, was a
Gazette visitor last Saturday. He
formerly lived at Kingman, but now
Iiks his Ileudquarlers at Denver, Colo
W.S. Wall and family, of this city,
left last Saturday for Dayton, Onio,
where they will reside iu the future
Mr. Wall got t red of waiting lor the
ivtimi of prosperity that was to tollow
th election of the "redeemers," Mor
rill and Long.
V. L. Jiio'ilo, formerly night fori'
I mail :it Uih liarion salt works onii'icil
lii-t p'per c:ia(ii,:''il m Wii-hiut Ins
jS,iillll IV. Ill) W-ll :iCi'(-pt tll IO.l lilli
u-'l by his nroMii-r .juiiii. ui.i!, o
iii;'ini"-r for the WYsteru ieW..j. ;;!''!
I'nioii. Jonii will move 10 Ins claim
in tin-! strip.
Fon Sale: a ,ood young driving
hi.rse. Wi.j ka single or double and is
a good driver. Also a good two pass
enger box cart, at 32 Ninth east
Tlio Onfcotn Hot .Spring
The Hot Springs of Arkansas ravt
long been deservedly popular, lor the
reason that there has ueen no other
place that has filltd the requirements
of both a health and a pleasure resort,
This state of affairs has cbauged. The
Hot Springs of South Dakota have, in
receut years been thrown open to the
people and because of tneir uelightful
situation and great curative qualities
are becoming more popular everv day
Situated as this resort is, in the fam
ous BlaciC Hills, iu the midst of the
beautiful mountain scenery, possess
iug that peculiar balsamic atmosphere
which is n itself health giviug, with
waters that are pronounced by ex
perts equal if not superior to those of
any other mineral springs in tbe world,
it will soon outrank any other like re
The hotel accommodations are of the
best hostelriee with all tbe modern
improvements and conveniences. The
Evaus hotel, bunt ot pins sand stone,
with steam beat, electric lights, and
every room an outside one, is easily
to best conducted house between Chic
ago and Deuver. Fine bath bouses
are connected with the best hotels.
The rates of all tho hotels are very
reasonable. The surroundiug country
is more than picturesque it is wonder
ful. The marvelous "Wind Cave"the
falls of Fall River; Battle mountain,
the old Indian battle ground; Dead
wood and the gold fields; and tho fam
ous Bad Lands are all within driving
distance. The mammoth plunge bath
at the Springs noted as being one of
the largest natatoriums in the world.
So healthful are the surroundings, and
so many the conveniences of this
"Carlsbad of America" that it is rap
idly becoming the "Mecca'' not only
for invalids, hut for pleasure saekers as
well. The "Burlington Route'' reaches
there in a day and a half from St.
Louis. Pullman sleepers and free
chair cars on train No 15 run to Lin
coln, anc from Lincoln tree chair cars
and sleepers run through to the
For further information, call on any
"Burlington Route" Agent, or address
D. U. Ives, . Jt' and X. A. St. Louis.
I want one hundred tons of good bal
ed hay. Enquire at 215, 'ith west or 28,
:iul west. V. II. M ye us.
"Amorita" by tlio (allioiiu
Com puny.
This nperi, wbieh has had a remark-
ahlo Biiceussful career jinoe ita ft superb
plan hy tlio Calhoun Opera Company,
uud cuntinu-'s its record.
This st-Hsou th opera has been greatly
improved by niugnilicent singing, entirely
new and expensive costumes, produced
upon a grander sc.de than ever before
given to it, even at tho Metropolitan
Theater at which it was flrst produced.
This splendid company will be at the
opera house next Monday.
For Male.
On time fine yearling steers, coming
twos. 81-tf.
Brehm wants your butter.
Arlington subscribers will find their
accounts with John Lowe.
For all kinds of garden of field seeds
gc to Brehm'anew store.
Wben you are in the city and want
barber work done don't forget our
colored friend, W. A. Thomas, opposite
the Midland hotel.
Abbyviile subscribers will find their
accounts with their postmastt Jus Mc
Lean, who it uuthori.ed to receiot for
any money left with him for the
Frt'hra'a paideii seeds are In pack
age or bulk.
Horse biM
1 on po?fcr. cloth
; ( "!:e. I'i ii.i-.-i to
or rj-lM Li. -Is
buit the tkr.f's
Colin Campbell, the North End
gr.ttvr, has the most complete stnrk of
oi all kini. 5 of gr.rdcn stcds, ether 'j
l':-.:',: orb"!::.
Mountaikbubo, Ark., April 11, '95.
I did not get through with Arkansas
to my friends, in my other letter and
therefore ask space for another article.
I know there are plenty of farmers in
Kansas who would make a break for
another country if they knew where to
go. Now I am not going to advise
anyone to locate in this part of
Arkansas without first coming here
and looking at 'he country. I want to
Bay hers that , this country would not
suit every person. One farmer might
like it here while ten would think
they had got into a worse scrupe than
ever. Thoy would think the hills and
rocks worse than blizzards and mort
gages. There is only a few who in my opin
ion would be suited here. First of all
the lazy man could thrive very well
ona mountaia farm if he manages.
This l believe is the best hog country
I ever saw. There are more arcon and
nut rees to tlu acre here than any
place I have ever been. Corn enough
can be raised to fatten and make them
have the ak pearance of a corn fetd
porker, when he reaches the market.
This is not a wheat country, even if it
were it could not be extensively raised.
Tiierd are soma good bargain) in
farrr3 here A pretty good mountain
farm cati bo got (lGi) acres) for from
$350.00 io $700.00. These farms have
some improvements. There will be a
log or box Iiimi.-k-, stable and out buiUl
Uii,. that -a Kansas man can cist u!on
u'itli very iveii for iivvhilo. Them v:)l
be a l'i -A' acres cleared aod fenced with
t i o!-i fashioned rail f- nc-e, ami p-u-era'ly
the usual aiuouuc of iriortga;;;
$33.00 which places the Ai kmisau 1i-;h-leissly
in debt. There is amne wild land
belonging the to Ft. Suiuh and Little
R ck railroad which can be bought for
from $2.50 to $5.00 per acre though the
best of these lands in this part have
bdeu bought. There is the finest pros
pects for peaches I ever saw, and, Mr.
.bailors i am going to promise you
n nv, a box of lice ones this summer if
1 uave to get them like Fete Shufer got
the watermelon .he exhibited at the
News otll-je last summer. The straw
berry crop will b commenced on in
about a week. There will hi an abun
dant crjp and they will ba Hue too.
This is also a great country for wild
fruit, grape3, blackberries, plum,
strawberries and by tbe vfay the woods
are full of huckleberries.
Now, I don't want anyone to mis
understand me in regard to this coun
try, while I balieve 1 am satisQed I
would not promise others to ba. As T.
have aaid before, come first, and look
at the country; if it don't suit you at
flrst, stay awhile; then if you think
you can't stand it go borne and Uay
awhile, then come back.
Some companies in advertising this
country make it appear that one could
make a start here without any money,
but you would rind the man who come
here penniless would find it as hard
to start hero as any place else. It
would not take so much but would be
Mr. Editor I believe I could answer
every question in this article that the
Kansas man and hia wife would ask
me about this country. Some would
ask about corn and hogs, while others
would ask about moonshiuers and U.
S. marshals; but, the good house
keeper would ask, if it was really a
fact, that there are bad-bus in
Arkansas? I will answer tha latter
question now, by saying, that present
Indications lead ins to believe that
this is his homj, as well as that of the
tick and Ilea.
No v, Mr. Editors I have not written
much this tima and will not promise
to write you much at any time, but
will try and say Himething each time I
write you that will interest some one
that would lika to know siriieth-n
about Arkansas. E. Lacy.
P. S. Grant lown3hip folkj will be
pleased to learn that I hear from la.k
Paul every day or so. He is coming
right along hes.ys, out d.ia't 3ay how
Nell is getting along with the mules.
There will be great rejoicing in Ped
nuk valley when they are seen coming
over the hills. E. L.
Fin Treen.
Flory & Olmsteari hve on Exhibition
and for sale at Jones Harness ehop south
of streetcar barn a flue stock of home
grown rrult trees, raised at thn cele
brated Stooer Brothers' nursery of Sedg
wick City, flmey Bounty Kansas, and
at prices to tnlt the times. They are
tbe finest trees ever brqught to this
Teams to cut sod with disc sod cut
W. E. HoTcniNsoN.
"the Ideal Speaker."
I have a few copies of the "The
Speakers Ideal'' entertainments left
on my hands which I will sell at a dis
count. M its. JM. J. Davis,
125 8th west
Te book can be seen at the Ga
zette ollice.
Khun Ht-pnlrcr.
J. AV. III'! i 'C 0: ; -i' (il l cniiit
house, docs a.! i:tnU -jf 1-. .r. :; ! .!..
repairing J'rlce chcapct 0:1 t-aith.
C trey bujs de id li'.i-s,
Carey bii)3 (loin! ca:t!f.
'at"v buys M-'-hv; crittlc.
Carey buys hides.
Drel m'i I of dist.es are a -t
intne B.ate.
- Sanau City lire jtook.
Kansas Crrr, April 17. Cattle Receipts,
I.WO: calvM.47; ahlppfld yejter'lay. l.lUeattla,
I calves. Tba market was slow and I to lOo
lower. The following are representative sales:
m 1.310 5.8t
... 1,8H ,ft.M
3. i.m 5.00
81 1.440 t.5
l 1,443 5.81
ex 1,402 5.U
38. I.i7 5.41
SI ....1,217 6.40
ti 1.11 4.i
ItM l,i:i 4.)
18 074 4.45
fi. 6.30
2-) I.U5
10 1.2S
IS I.t! .!
1 1.S10 .M
Ucmf 1.0S4I&2) .
20. ..1,505 $V50 l,?4i$1.53
1 1,190 $.i,00
6 1,093 4.50
1 1,040 4.50
49 010 4.40
19 mix 93 J 4
1 1,3M 4.20
1 1,370 4.0-
5 8-s as
30 03 8.65
1 1.03J 2.75
50 99i v n
1 1,220 4.M)
58 749 4.45
30 818 4.35
4 7I 4.20
4 501 110
3 910 4.00
1 810 3.75
21 810 8.60
1 1.120 2.50
8 1,148 HW
25 9 2 ) 4.05
1 1,010 3.8
4 e9'i 8.50
. 910S4.20
.1,017 aso
. 7 te 8.7 i
. 520 2.75
Hogs Receipts, 13.123; shipped yesterday,
2.0O7. Tho market opened barely steady and
closed a dime lower. The following are repre
sentative sales:
S4... 83) J5.II0 63... 250 14.90 CL. .774 14.90
5S...SH3 4.110 6t...Q7I 4.9J 35. ..2W 4.90
ffl...244 4.SC 68.. .301 4.K'i 64.. .341 4.85
63... 326 4.S5 60. ..228 4.85 63...S7J 4.85
73.. .238 4.85 52...2M 4.85 8...2II2 4.85
M...275 4.S5 62. ..235 4.80 80...2H1 4.H0
23. ..180 4.8) 19.. .338 4.N0 67. ..223 4.80
6H...2I2 4.80 M...2I8 4.H0 78. ..2-10 4.89
83... 2.13 4.80 31... 275 4.80 56... 252 4.80
77... 223 4.80 57... 280 4.77S4 20... 22 J 4.77
53...2IB 4.77 60... 259 4.77'4 64... 211 4.77',,i
81. ..224 4.75 70.. .24) 4.75 JO.. .2.10 4.75
02... 227 4.7.5 78. ..205 4.75 72. ..210 4.75
86... 184 4.7.5 Oft... 204 4.7!", (W...2- 4.72'4
59. ..208 4.72W 75...2M 4T2", 84. ..20.5 4.72V.
68. ..200 4.72V4 33. ..217 4.7214 0ii...2l5 4.7-Jii
7-1., .2()i) 4.70 lil. ..192 4.7.) 5l.,.-JiO 4.71
45. ..227 4.70 73... 210 4.70 l7i)...2'l 4.7)
Sheop Receipts, 6,811; shipped yifitcnl.iy,
0"5. Tlio niLir!;et w:is slow and win lowor. Thj
follo-.via;; aro r,;pr sontalivo.s ilo.:
11 10S 1.25 2111 81 W.ll
II-.!-os Ktrclpts, I8. shiti:;ient't yo t n-.l -.v,
1!. Tiicro wore n nuinhn;- of now lru'er, ia tl:ii
mar'u-t ri.H morninj;. Th salu of tbe sti-1-;,: (.f
fur.'.'y hiir.v.s horses ill J not cnsnine:icc until
liila Tho lovers of hors. llosh f.-ora nil or
t,h country wevo ailnr.i-jng tho uoi-se an i it
wns a "lug day" at tlu burn. Tho values of
stu-.-U h.'.ve not changed. Thcro is a fair ro-
qne-.t for food (trades while oomnicn at:J
'pIitKS" avo hard to sell,
St. Louis Live Stock.
Sr. Louis, April 17. Cattle Hecotpts,
2,uuu: shipments. 1,210; murnet easlor; more
(rood cuttle than usual offered and buyers more
Independent: native steers of 1,1.56 to 1,185
pounds sold lit 5.SO'("(.5.80; steers, 950 to 1,025
pounds, J.O)r4.6.5: stookers and feeders, ?2.;5
W.2a; native heifera sold. 83.f.0ii4.80; cows,
f2.syj)l.2a; fed Texas steers. &3.75UW.00: grass-
ers. i.004.00; cows, t2.003.60. Hogs Ite
celpts, 6,200; shipments, 80); market opened
steady, but closed lower; heavy. Jl.90it5.00;
mixed, $4.80iy.0): light, ll.eoa4.9a Sheeo--
Rccolpts, 1,00); shipments, 1.200: market steady
ror good, but lower for all others; native mixed,
$4.0034.7.5; clipped natives, H40; southwestern,
t3.2fx(j,4.00; spring lambs, 4.W3.50.
Chlcaco Live Stock.
CniOAOO, April 17. Hogs Receipts. 19,000:
offlclftl yesterday, 11,400: shipments, 8,479: left
over, 2,000: market went rxfelOo below the top
point yesterday, sales ranged as follows:
Light. 4.'i&as.0O: mixed. $4.705.O3; heavy,
H65 t5.2J; rough, t4.6.V'44.8.V
Cattle Receipts. 9,000: official yestorday, 2,
609: shipments, 563; market steady.
Sheep Receipts, 11,000: oftlolal yesterday, 7,
885; shipments, 2,539; market steady.
Chicago Grain anil Provisions.
April 17. Opened HIgh'st Low'st closing
Wh't Aorll.... f-7 57 Iff 57
May.... 56'i 67l mi K'i
July.... 6714 581 fH fBM
Corn April... 45 45 4ft 45
May.... 45 45 4515 4.514
July .... 4'i 46 4n"i 46
Oats April.... 27(4 27 27H 2714
May .... W 28 27X J8i
Julv.... 27?4 S7S 20V 7"i
Pork April.... 12 25 12 25 12 2.5 12 25
May .... 12 3!V4 12 8214 12 25 12 30
Julv .... 12 52(4 12 f.214 12 4214 12 52(4
Lord-April.... 6 9714 6 9714 6 97(4 6 9714
May.... 6 9714 6 9714 6 95 6 97'4
July .... 7 1214 7 1214 7 10 7 12!4
Ribs A). HI.... 6 SO 6 30 6 SO 6 30
May .... 680 630 6 25 680
July.,.. 6 424 6 45 6 40 6 45
Kansas City drain.
Kashas Citt, April 17. Wheat met with
little demand to-day, but It was firmly held.
A sale of hard wheat out of store at 56o was re
ported. A few cars sold to arrive at 53c.
There were no samples of red wheat offered.
Tbe demand for wheat Is entirely local now,
so that quotations on the basis of Mississippi
river are not practicable.
Receipts of wheat to-day, 9 cars; a year
ago, IS cars.
Sales of car lots by sample on track, Kansas
City: No. 2 hard wheat, 4 cars 55c; No.
8 hard, nominally,, 54c: No. 2 red, nominally,
5U;ii.'7o: No. 3 red. nominally, 5"o; No. 4 red,
nominally, 54o: rejected, nominally, 52c
Only S cars of corn were received to-day. A
few samples, carried over from yesterday,
were on sale, but thoy were very Uraily held
and there was not much domaml. Com is get
ting very scarce, hut the localities which have
beon getting supplies hero do not advance their
Uecclpts of corn to-day. 3 cars: a year
ago, 23 cars.
Sales by sample on track, Kansas City: No.
2 mixed corn, I car 4i;-((i, 1 cur 41V. 2 cars
4Ij: N'n. 3 mixed, nominally, 4:l'4c: No. 1 mixed,
nominally, 4: No. 2 white, nominally, 4il4c;
No 3 white, nominally. 41c.
Soma ouls out of store were on sale and that
weakened tho murltet for samples, which were
rather numerous, and wore pressed for sale.
Receipts of oat) to-day, 4 cars; a year ugo,
14 cars.
Sales by sample on track. Kansas City: No.
2 mixed oats, II cars 29c: -o. 3. nominally, 2?o;
No 4, nominally, -Tc; No. I wblto oats, nomi
nally, &c; No. 3 white, nominally. Sio.
Huy Receipts, to-day, 24 cars: market
weak. Timothy, choice. I8.W39.00; No. I,
t7.7M38.85; No. 2. t7.OOi7.50; fancy prairie,
$8.50,49.00: choice, t7.'Od8-0); No. 1. 66.004140;
No 2, 6.00&0): packing hay, H 50 44.40.
St. Louis drain.
St. Louis, April 17. ReoelpU, wheal, T.9M
bu.: last year, 9.7M bu.; eora. II.HJ bu: last
year, 60,lu bu.; oat, 23,600 bo.; last yaar, 1,
500 bu.; dour, tMi bbla.: aalpmuU. wheat.
21.270 bu.-, corn. 6,224 btt.:oaU, MM ba; flour,
5,521 bbla Wheat Cash. April, Ml4a;
May. MSc: July, . Cora Cask, te;
April, 4!e; May, mt: July. 4J"io. Oats-.
Cuh.av AKU.WI4I Uay.S14a.
Kuuu City rmliM,
' Kassas Crrr, April IT. Kr BacalpU
light: strtotly Iresa ara ut4 m Ne per 4oa,
Poultry The racalata ara UM and Um star-
ket very Arm. In some Instaneea better price
than quoted are obtained. Hens, So; iprlhgs,
J3.(),(.iiO per dot.; roosters, lie. Turkeys are
scarce; gobblers, THo; heas, I140. Ducks,
steady, I'c (leese, slow, aUve, 4V35',4a
Pigeons, dull. 7jC per dot
Iluttu-r The market Is firm on nil good table
butter und tho demand Is good. Extra fancy
w.i.iniv-r. fair. 15e: d-lry. fancv. Ann,
IV: f ii.-. II Jic: store packed. I314.i: fair.
p.-kr I. Ml' j: packing, weak, 5 -iV; old, 4c;
st 1I0 huiU-r itiid.-, nosaio.
l'rii:t-.j:pU-. supply moderate: niar'ict
b ii ly .- i-l'- ,11 ir-io-l epnles: st::ril ir-1 r.-kd
r.t.;ed f- ..1 n. j4.:J pir bbl.; ot'.i-rs. ;-;..i.i ,
Itn; be.t f.i-icy stand. I'.OJ .. 50; Bell Davis,
I.OWi,.V; cjiii-nnn v.irie'.li-s, $.'.25.
Vo i:t:iii'.es Potatiu". t'n- niarUct is Cnr;:
ir.'.iun.-y kinds, c.-ntn4. lj:V per b.:s'j.'l;
.sw.--t pit.: i -., r -l. scrc. 2,ii'!io pcrb i.:
-J5-:D- n-r- hi- TTt i'i an.l Color-do.
nur'it f.ilr. chiU-i r- vn-u j'.'i pearl, white.
Pa.lly theftyslvtn or 4'Ainrrhiil Im
purlllca aaa Cure ! Jrlitla.
Spring time la most favorable to the
cure of Chronic Cattarrh. Hundreds
of letters are received, testifying to ex
traordinary cures.
Wm. Mandel of Sleepy Eye, Minn.,
writes: "I have been troubled with
chronic catarrh for thirty-five years
and had tiled nearly every cattarrh
cure known, until by accident I was
advised by a friend to give Pe-ru-rja a
trial. In one week from tbe timo I
took the first dose I began to feel like
a new man. I kept on using it for
some time and I am entirely cured. I
have no symptoms of chronic catarrh
whatever. I am 74 years of age and
am sure Pe-ru-na is the best medicine
I ever used aud would not be without
it in the house for anything."
The Pe-ru-na Drug Manufacturing
Company, of Columbus, Ohio, are
offering free, postpaid., two medical
books, one on Catarrh and Catarrhal
diseases, tbe other on Spring Medicines
and Spring diseases. These books
contain the very latest aud most
reliable information on these impor
tant subjects.
For free book on cancer address Dr
Harlman, Columbus, Ohio.
Where to so.
For vour seed notatops von c.:m do
best at Dr. J as Jlyers & Son
Ilrehm bow hits a full invoico of Geld
and garden siet.-iis.
l-'ii-Id :iml Garden .'4vel
t, Mvhis & Sou's Grocery. Tho best
1:1 lovtu, -0 iS. Main.
Fli ll mid Uardeii hvcil
at Myers & Son's Grocery. The beat
iu lue ciiv, -u jn. Main. zz-u.
Flolil and Garden Sefil
Myers & Son's Grocery. The best
in town, 20 jn. Main.
Strictly In It.
Colin Campbell, says he is, "strictly
in it" on sweet potatoes.
Brehm wants your eggs.
Fast Time to theNontli.
The Mobile & Ohio railroad has put
on a double daily fast train service
between St. Louis and the South.
This makes the Mootle & Ohio the
quickest as it is now the shortest route
to Memphis, New Orleans. Mobile,
Birnnneham and all Florida winter
tourist points. All trains are equiped
with Pullman Palace Buffet Drawing
Boom Sleepers and handsome easy rid
ing day coaches. The Mobile & Ohio
has always been popular wih the
traveling public, and this fast train
service will make it still more so.
E E. Posey,
General Passenger Agent.
The American Stea laundry )i
makinar a enec'.alitv of ,a-..ndrvini !'
curtains. if
Ynn pan hliu a flno nhaTYihoi oof fnr
$4.99, at Brehms that sells elsewhere
at $6.50.
.T W Tit i-g to .1. . .. '..inn t" an. r a
dishes at thfi lowpflf nrmpq In rnn Stntu
of Kansas. 13 tf.
Tlrflhm'a nam atnra in fhn
building is the place to go for your
If you want fine dishes go to Brehm's
new store.
Bel Poiatoea.
Dr. Jas. Myers & Son have a car
load of Early Rose and Early Ohio
seed potatoes at lowest prices.
Tborougbbretl Hogs for Sale.
1 have for sale some yi.ung thorough
bred Poland China Sows, with pig, for
sale, also 10 young boars of the same
bred. Call at my place one mile south
and four miles west of Haven.
1 P. Maguike.
Land Hose Seekers'
Eastern Mississippi
Southern Alabama
hare been arranged by the
CU VJ IU...,
& 01 Ii. R.
And lti connecting Ilnea In the North, Saat,
and west.
Several Excursions Each Month
At extremely low ratet for the ronnd trip. Con
necting Hoes will dsllrer puwengers at St.
Lonts, Kat St. Louis, Cilio sod other
junctloa points In tints for tbe excur
sion tra-n leaving St. Lonis Vm.
ion Depots a:H4 p. m., oo
the following dates:
Feb. 5th, Mar. 6th, A prii 2nd ond 30th,
Tickets II vtted to SO dayi will perme'it holders
to stop off, going and returning, at Corinth,
Bonneville, Baldwyn, Okoloua, Tupelo,
Verona, Aberdeen, Columbus, West
Point, Macon. Meridian, VVarnea
borf. MIm., IVer Park und
Cltronelle, Ala., or at any
other point sooth of
the Ohio River.
For llealthfulncm ami freed.-m from Malnriii,
Soutlurn ilii-sl'slppt ami Alabciua, aiv
fo Illizzard'. no suintnikc. "o swamp", no
Malnria In tM- met ion.
Thous-imla tf acres of chu.p govern inyi.t,
niilriiiitl, hhJ private Un-N f r on ,n,y
.-eriit, sniinblo for stock and r.eep reisinv,
-rnit and vlLe growing, truck and goneial lari-Inir.
uilonany Kal'roail Tckct Atent for rntcs,
Hire m.l rencial In o.mation, ortpilj to
F. W.ca8EE, K.K. POSBV,
Gi-n At. f ...Broadway, Gen. Ps At
cl". LOCI JK'fciLE,
Field Garden
Kaffir Corn.
Eastern Potatoes
Beauty of Hebron,
Early Ohio,
ana Early Rose.
11 . r4J
0BAYB5LL, the
Leading Druggist
in prices and good
goods and wants
your trade. He
can save you some
Corner Main and Sherman Streets,.
Hutchinson, Kansas.
Special attention given to the treatment of
shin discuses. Office in TJiidograph building-.
Calls In the country answered either night or
805 North Main Street.
Dr. J. E. Stewart, Surgery. Special atten
tion to diseases of women .
Dr. It. A. Stewart Eye. Ear, Throat and Nose.
Glasses proporly adjusted.
Lloma'pathio Physician and Surgeon.
OfllnH NO in North Main at.o.
Brehm's Orooery Store. '
.Residence 113 First Avenue East.
I'.ooms 1. Z. and 3 In Masonic Block.
Ollice corner of Main and Sherman St., ironj
rooms, second lloor, Hutchinson, Kansas.
Masonic Temple, - Hutclilns m, Kas.
Offlco No. I I North Main, room 8, upstairs.
Residence No. I I, Cth Avenue, east.
Com or of Main and Sherman streets In Wilcox
Attorney mt Law,
Booms 11 and 13, JtcCurdy Block, earner o
Muin and Sherman.
Attorneys at Law.
Office Room x
C- J"- ZElTDEi
Paints - Oils - Glass - Varnish
l'ainters' Supplies (.tnally.
No.30SN.Ualn - Ilutchinjon, Kas
J ' ttono Dare to;ii eie.
Myers & Son ;kI them nil in rtllino;
'coiree ami tea. They win ciVe jou ft
poun. s or goou cones ior;l iti. Don t
go elsewhere and pay ;l.oa for 4
po n a. 2tL

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