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ButcWneon (Ifoette.
Entered at the poetoffice In Hatchlnson, Kansas,
as second class matter.
Tnui 8 or Subscription,
$1.00 fir Yeah
Tlie Dr-aggis t
Inscriptions s Specialty..
Horth Main street Hutchinson
we ni ,
With this issue we uegin giving two
papers for the price of one. Some weeks
ago we received u letter from J. A.
Wayland, of the Cominsr Nation, say
ing.tuat if we would give his paper as
a premium he would furnish it to us
at 25 cents per year.
After due deliberation wa have de
cided to do this. Two reasons prompt
us, 1st, that 75 cents will do us more
good now than 1.00 will in a years
time. 2nd, we must win in '06. If the
peopl want to retain their homes, if
they want to enjoy the society of their
neighbors there must be a change in
th policy of the government in a very
short time; two years more of depress
ion and general depreciation of pro
perty will close the public schools.
What then is the duty of Reno county
populists? The answer is plain. Edu
cate your neighbors. You who have
stood the test of five years of villiQca
tion and abuse are not in need of the
Coming Nation. I'ay your subscrip
tion to the Gazette and have the
doming Nation sent to your tenant
farmer, neighbors and to the farm
belp. Get them to read it. Do not
waste money on men who have never
felt the oppressive hand of the land
lord or the loanlord. The Zeno
Tharp's are not worth the saving. Let
us go after the oppressed of earth for
such as these the Son of God came and
taught the doctrine of equal rights -Let
us follow His example and do
what we can to make His kingdom on
earth a reality instead of a mere senti
mental moonshine.
The Coming Nation will teach the
way to bring this about. It is your
duty to see that your neighbors haye a
chance to learn. Will you do it?
The Times Herald, the leading dem
ocratic paper of Chicago, the property
of the late Jas W. Scott, has been pur
chased by Millionaire Kohlsaat. In a
a double-leaded column editorial he
gives the future policy of the paper,
which is McKinley and gold-bugism.
nis reasobs for leaving the democratic
party are that the free silver question
threatens to divide it, and knowing
that the republican party never divides
no matter what the platform is, he
chooses to cast bis lot with them.
The Topeka Democrat edited by
that patron saint of democracy, Cpl.
Whoop Tomlinson came out last week,
with colors flying as follows:
For president, Joseph C. Sibley, of
Motto: The hour strikes for the
emancipation of the people from the
thralldom of the money power.
The Colonel has heretofore been the
acknowledged leader of the stalwart
democracy of the state.
The republican party is a fraud.
John Shermax is a buy-metalist.
Watch us swat 'em on the chief
justice this fall.
"Huddle and fight" should be the
watchword this fall.
18 to 1 in the republican party
means, 16 gold buna to one silver man.
Can't we beat llorton's pet, Dave
Martin? We can if we stand to
gether. ofvlists, we have a state fight
again this fall. How are the boys
feeling in your township
The Btate committee of the people's
party will meet next month to issue a
call for a state convention to nominate
a chief justice to succeed Honon.
"When thieves fall out honest men
get their rights." is an old adage, that
will doubtless prove true this fall. The
"redeemers" are quarreling more every
If the people ever g?tnny leslslation
roui M lepubuc&i vv3. U-t'J 7.i-I
have to raise a "slush" fund and buy
it through. The republican idea is "to
him who hath H shill be given."
The News oi last Saturday repro
duced one of Dr. Warner's Safe Kidney
and Liver Cure advertisements, leav
ing out the name of Warner and sub
stituting Beebe, Bigger & Co. for it.
The republicans are in a quandary
as to who to nominate for associate
justice. The rank and file are so
thoroughly disgusted with Morrill that
they do not want Dave Martin uomi-
ated. To not nominate him might
endanger the chance for another whack
ao Morrill's barrel.
When Lewelling went out of office
be turned over to the state $6,500 from
the contingent fund. Last week
when Morrill was hard pushed for
mony to nay the ex-convicts and pros-
itutes who had been subyuimd to i"
great stale of Kaunas in uie Hives
tionofDick Chase (?) turned to this
fund and used it. Great it redemp
tion. When the right time comes the true
friends of silver will take a hand an t
matters will coire out all right.
When will it come and Sponsler and
who are its friends? The republicans
had 20 years to restore the
silver dollar, and the democrats have
had 2 years and the time seems fur
ther oil than ever. The next congress
will attempt to entirely retire the sil
ver dollar as your party tried to retire
the greenbacks the last session nnd if
there are enough Blues, and Longs,
and Calderheads, and Kirkpatricks it
will be done, too. The News is trying
to make it appear that the republican
party :s in favor of a free coinage of
silver. Intelligent people know that
more than 00 per cent of the republican
members of the last session voted with
Cleveland on this question.
Opinions of our exchanges on the
president's letter:
Newton Journal (dem.): Words of
St. Louis Republic (cuckoo): Mr.
Clevelaud s letter to the Chicago com
mittee attacks with most force the
weakest point id the silver monometal
Ilst case. In so disposing the empha
sis of bis criticism he shows the good
lawyer's skill in controversy.
Hutchinson News (rep.): It Is about
the thinnest excuse for an argument
that we have read for many a day.
The sole substance of Claveland's
claim is that a gold standard will make
lower prices all around lower wages,
lower prices for farm products and
lower prices for merchandise and man
ufactures. THE RIGHT TONE.
Omaha Bee (stalwart rep.): The
letter of Mr. Cleveland ought to have a
good effect. It is in the right tone and
Is sensible and strong. If it shall con
duce to more vigorous action on the
part of the friends of a sound and
stable currency the action of Chicago
business men in expressing their ap
preciation of Mr. Cleveland's attitude
regarding the currency will have borne
good fruit and found abundant justi
fication. HAKES A BID.
Topeka Journal (rauizwumD ren): In
his letter to the Chioairo millionairs
replying to their invitation to attend a
banquet in his honor Mr. Cleveland
has sounded the buttle cry of the next
campaign. He has hoisted the stand
ard or "honest money" and made his
bid for the leadership of the gold
standard cohorts as their candidate
for the presidency. In his declaration
that the sentiment in favor of "sound
money" must be crystalized and com
bined in his invitatioh to the John
Sherman element to rally around his
Tooeka Press (demo-DOD): The
president's letter is evidently an at
tempt to commit the democratic party
to the British gold standard.
The president assumes the lead
ership in the fartherance of this
policy. The attempt will only inten
sify the fight between the great major
ity or the democratic party ana the
eastern gold standard wing: and
in the end the segment f the party
now cheering the president will find
itself most effectually overthrown and
driven into the John Sherman wing of
the republican party. This alliance
the president anticipates when be says:
"Disguise it as we may, the line of bat
tle ts drawn between the forces of the
safe currency and those of silver mono
The Stalwart.
J. B. Crouch is in Bolivia, South
America; Senator Ed O'Bryan has
moved to St. Louis, Mo.; Colonel A. A.
Harris lives in Duluth: Billy Mitchell
has fallen through himself clean out
of sieht; "Colonel" Stambauch. of
Atchinson has blown cle.ir out of the
state; Frank B. Smith is dead; Jo
liosentual has lert Kansas, Chambers
is located in Oklahoma; Jim Orr has
abandoned politics and joined the
Christian Scientists; Colonel Jones is
his pilotof boat on the Neosho, and Dr.
Tobey has gone from Salina. Thus
have the hoys who pulled and tugeed
at the United senatorship machine
In January 1893,; scattered. Paola
Bit Four Route.
The "Knickerbocker Special" leaves
St. Louis at 12:00, Peoria 12:10 p.m.,
arrives Indianapolis 6:30 p. m. Buffalo
6:18 a. m. next day, New York 6:00
p. m. and Boston 9:0.5 p. m. This is
the "flyer" espechlly providing for
esteru business.
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nets, racket presses, racket cases, boxing gloves, footballs,
football suits, football and gymnasium shoes, . gymnasium
supplies, sweaters, etc. We guarantee better goods for less .
money than asked by other manufacturers. If your local
dealer does not keep Victor Athletic Goods, write for our
illustrated catalogue.
Makers of Victor Bicycles and Athletic Goods.
The Evldance Against tha Young Stu
dent Not Very Strong After All.
People Redlining to Think Ilurr.int Either
a Contiiiu mite Bcoundrel or a CraeUy
Wronged Man Efforts to
l'ruve an Alibi.
San Francisco, April .'t. Onief of
Police Crowley confessed last ni?ht at
the close of the second day of the pre
liminary examination of W. If. T. Dur
rant, the younjr medical studont anil
assistant superintendent of the Eman
uel Baptist church, that the evidence
so far presented to connect Durrant
with the murder in the church of Miss '
Minnie Williams, April 13, was decided
disappointing'. It Is beginning' to bo tho
general fear, in view of the weakening1
of witnesses for tho state under the fire
of cross-examination, which could
not be expected to be as strong1
now as on regular trial, that
tho church murders may yet go
down into history as unsolved
mysteriosof the San Francisco criminal
annals. Certain it is that tho police
have been totally unable to add to
their circumstanciaV evidence in the
past three days. Thoy have some Uven-ty-tive
witnesses yet to be examined,
but the public is beginning; to believe
that these also may not be able to go
through tho cross-examinations un
scathed. Certain it is that Durrant has not
lost his assurance or nerve. His de
meanor Is Huch that tho conclusion
forces itself upon the observers that ho
is either a most consummate monster
or a most cruelly wronged man.
Searchers have found blood stains in
tho church, showing that the murderer
made his way in the dark from the
library closet, where lay the mutilated
body of Miss Williams, to the wash
room back of the pulpit in the rear of
the church. The prints of bloody fin
gers were seen at intervals.. The ex
tent of the blood stains in tho wash
room goes to prove that the murderer
had no light while washing his hands,
for a judicious person would not have
spattered so much blood around if he
could havo seen what he was doing.
And it is evident if he had had a light
he would not have left tho bloody
stains on the wall. This tends to prove
that the murderer was familiar with
every part of the church building.
Durrant is making1 strenuous efforts
to prove an alibi in the Lamont case
by attempting to show that on t'.ie day
Miss Lamont disappeared ho was not
her escort from school at 3:30 o'clock
in the afternoon. Three young women
have identified him as the young man I
they saw on a car with Miss Lamont
at that hour. ' Durrant will call on his
college classmates to prove that he
was at a lecture nt that hour. It is
said that his note book contains no
notes of the lecture and that he ob
tained information of the subject mat
ter of the lecture from another student.
This matter is a question of impor
tance to Durrant, and he bases his
hopes on the memory of his fellow
students, lie was marked present at
this lecture, but, as it had been a habit
of students to answer for each other,
the roll book does not count.
A Free Library for Bedalln.
Sedai.IA, Mo., April 24. Recently
the city voted a tax to support a free
public library. Last night the library
formally turned over everything to the
city. There are 8,000 volumes in the
library proper and several thousand
volumes belonging to the Sedalia Nat
ural Ilistory society. The library has
an annual income from the city of
about 81,800
Fourth-Claa Western lotmater.
Washington, April 21. These post
office appointments were made to-day:
In Missouri At Edith, Camden coun
ty, S. Pope; at Mineola, Montgomery
county, U. Taylor.
In Kansas At Bancroft, Nemaha
county, P. Wolf.
In the Indian territory At Suagee,
Cherokee nation, S. Suagee.
TCnnt Carlisle and Blackburn to Meet.
Lexinoton, Ky., April 2t. A strong
effort is being made by the chamber of
commerce to arrange a joint debate
between Secretary of the Treasu-y
Carlisle and Senator Blackburn on the
currency qu-Htion in this city at tin
early date. Senator Ulackburn U sail
to have agreed to such a meeting.
Fatal Quarrel Over Land.
Liberal, Kan., April 24. WiiliamB.
Reed, a hay farmer living near Optima,
Ok., was shot and killed yesterday by
Tom Eskew as the result of a land dif
ficulty. Eske-.v offered to give himself
up to the authorities, but has not yet
been taken into custody. Reed was
about. "0 yom-s old and E3kcw only a
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fected, until my physician told mo 1 limn Rive up the iipo of tollmen lor tho timo being, at
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or cljfht.
'4 SHSiMA aucuainaoB.
Street, hutchinson.
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the celebrated Crosbv Roller Mil
rs ix.TUiuous to sroij suddksly
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Bioppage of tobacco you must have some
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. D. COVINQTON, Cuhhr.
Missouri National

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