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CHAPTER I. (Continued.)
The fragment of conversation, audi
ble to the new comers, appeared to
disturb the old man. lie abandoned
his hold on the stalwart arm which
had served him on the path, and
groped for the gate. Ilia features
twitched convulsively, and the look of
furtive distrust doepened in his rest
less eye-'
"Rich!" he repeated, as if speaking
to himself. "Why should Dolores
wish, for wealth? Ahl Poor child!"
He stared at his companion ab
stractedly for a moment, and then
pushed open the door in the wall.
Under ordinary circumstances the
officer would have pursued his way,
thus evading all expressions - of
gratitude on the part of the old
man's family, but the laugh of the
girl Dolores, floating out on the sunny
air, had bewitched his ear. The sailor
on shore wished to see her. Accord
ingly, he followed his recently help
less charge, who appeared to be more
discountenanced than gratified by the
A girl, small, slender, and very
young, stood beside a fountain in the
middle of the space of garden, with
the branches of an orange tree, laden
with blossoms and fruit, brushing her
A young man lingered opposite, gaz
'jff intently at her.
The garden was full of flowers, un
trained and luxuriant in growth, yet
such life, bloom and sweetness as he
spot could Luaat belonged to Dolores,
glowing on her flimsy red and yellow
gown, adjusted with a certain grace
by means of a crimson sash confining
the little waist, the rose fastened in
her black hair above one tiny ear, and
'the softly rounded brown face, with
two large and limpid eyes. At the
moment she was a presence full of
vivacity and gaiety.
And the young man, tall, olive
hued, grave in bearing and in
dolent of movement who was he?
Was he not a lover? Did not the mas
culine instinct of hostility, ever ready
to flame in the breast of man under
similar circumstances, swiftly supple
ment in that of Lieut Curzon rival?
. The house differed from those
mansions of modest dimensions often
to be found in the locality, built of
stone, with an occasional balcony, and
even some curious effect of liarocco
ornamentation in the heads of Nereids
and Centaurs carved on the cornice.
This habitation was an ancient square
tower, resembling an old Norman
keep the base of roughly-hewn stone,
and filled in with rubble. Above the
door was an armorial shield sculptured
in stone, with the nearly effaced de
sign of a crane bearing a blade of
wheat in his beak. Like the casas
solares of similar spots, a lack of re
pair and the ravages of years were
clearly discernible in the structure,
which had not attained any height, as
if an original project of building had
been checked before the completion
of parapet Who had designed the
tower Moor, Spaniard, Sicilian or
French conqueror? Why hnd the
task been abandoned? The girl
Dolores lived here, as a rose
blooms where grim sentinels should
keep watch for an invading foe.
A do?, resembling a ball of white
floss silk, and scarcely larger than the
toy animals mounted on wheels of shop
windows, announced the new arrivals
with shrill barking, then prudently re
treated behind his mistress, and peered
forth from the folds of her dress with a
miniature countenance full of canine
wisdom and absurdly shaved in the
semblance of a military mustache
- Dolores turned her head quickly,
with a rapid change of expression to
one of surprise, and sprang to the side
of the old man.
"Grandpa! How pale you are! Has
an accident happened?" she inquired in
English, and speaking with affection
ate concern.
Lieut Curzon lifted his cap court
eously, thereby revealing his golden
curls, and apologized for the intrusion
of his presence.
Dolores regarded him with her dark
eyes diluting, and her color ebbing and
deepening with rapid pulsations of
She reminded the sailor of a pome
granate blossom, such as he had seen
ripening to perfection on the terraces
of Grenada and Seville.
He accepted her faltered thanks
with the more complacency that the
opportunity was afforded him of
studying the purity of her profile, the
piquant carves of red lips and dimpled
shin, the symmetry of slender hands
and feet He asked himself with
awakening interest how this Spanish
maiden happened to be dwelling with
an English grandfather in the mixed
population of Malta.
Dolores nrged the stranger to accept
m chair and be served with fruit and
wine. Was the irirl inspired by the
innate instincts of gratitude and hospi
tality, or mere coquetry! At the same
time she bade Dr. Busatti, with a little
inflection of authority In her tone,
test her grandfather's pulse and as
certain if he were stronger once more.
The doctor, whose aquiline features
had darkened ominously since the un
expected intrusion of the handsome
officer, found means of speedy re
prisal. "The fainting fit was nothing," he
said, touching the wrist of the old
man lightly with his long and sallow
"Nothing at all!" echoed the patient,
''You must show the young man
yonder some of your treasures," added
the Maltese, lowering his voice. "He
doubtless has a sufficiently heavy purse
to pay a just price for a Cinerary urn,
a good specimen of Tharros glass,
or "
"Or a Greco-Phflcnician medal,"
added the old man, eagerly.'
His eyes began to glisten with a
greedy light; he raised his head and
looked at the visitor with an expres
sion of kindling animation.
"Eli! I know!" he ejaculated sud
denly, and shuffled into the house.
Dr. Busatti observed the effect of his
words, while plucking a leaf from the
orange tree.
The thin and acid vintage proffered
by Hebe on this occasion may have
been true nectar of the gods to the re
cipient "You have lived here for some time?"
Lieut Curzon ventured to inquire, sip
ping his wine and continuing to look
at Dolores.
"Malta is my home," she replied,
with one of those sudden and dazzling
smiles peculiar to the Latin races,
which revealed pearly teeth. "Our isl
and is the flower of the world, Forio
del Monda"
"I begin to believe it," he said, medi
tatively. "You have not always believed so?"
she questioned archly.
"Not until this hour," was the de
cisive response.
The rosy glow deepened in the girl's
cheek. ,
Dr. Busatti thrust the orange leaf
between his thin lips, and flecked the
surface of the fountain basin gently
with a twig.
Lieut Curzon was conscious that his
heart throbbed more qulcky beneath
his uniform.
Dolores stood betweon these two
young men, her brown face softening
to a dreamy expression, the full lips
losing their provoking curves, the
gaze of the limpid eyes straying wist
fully beyond her companions toward
space, the infinite and vague. What
were her thoughts?
Alas! At this moment the grand
father approached, prompted by the
wily suggestion of Dr. Busatti, and
placed on the table some specimens of
the relics of the locality, a vase in which
the Maltese kept the Fungo Maltese;
several bronze and copper statuettes of
idols; and a number of clay or jasper
talismen, inscribed with sacred
Phoenician characters on one surface.
These objects, much worn, cracked,
and dilapidated, evidently inspired the
possessor with an interest he would
fain impart to the visitor.
The mobile countenance of Dolores
clouded, and she frowned.
Lieut. Curzon examined the relics,
and listened attentively to the gar
rulous speech of the old man. The
reveries of the previous moment were
rudely dispelled.
Dolores caught up her little dog
Florio, placed him on her shoulder,
and whispered treasonable confidences
to the woolly pate pressed closely
against her cheek. Youthful indigna
tion and mortification at the course
pursued by her venerable relative lent
an additional brilliancy to her beauty.
Doctor Busatti . smiled faintly, and
gazed into the stagnant depths of the
fountain. Cupid is apt to take wing
when prosaic barter intrudes on the
scene as an unwelcome third presence.
He had thus his revenge.
"Your collection is interesting,
only I am awfully ignor
ant about such matters," said
the officer, with easy good humor.
"Perhaps you will kindly teach me
something more of the Greeks and
Phoenicians another day."
He stole a glance at the grand
daughter as he uttered these words.
The old man blinked. A bird in the
hand is worth two in the bush.
"Here is a rare medallion, if yon
wish to secure such a souvenir," he re
joined, curtly. "It Is worth a great
deal of money, but you may have it
humph! under the circumstances, for,
say, a couple of sovereigns."
"Grandpapa!" implored Dolores, in
an undertone.
The warm blood mounted to the
girl's temples and she stamped one lit
tle foo on the ground with an Irre-1
pressible movement of anger.
Dr. Busatti became absorbingly in
terested in the orange tree, and
touched a golden ball pendant among
the glossy leaves without plucking
the fruit
Lieut Curzon's Hp curled involun
tarily. He took the medal, which was
bronze, representing Astarte on one
side and three sprigs of grain on the
reverse, emblematio of the fertility of
the island of Malta.
"I should like to send this medallion
to England," he asserted, after a
pause, with assumed fervor of en
thusiasm. "And this gold Lamina!" added the
grandfather, eagerly receiving the
coin of payment in his shriveled palm.
"I found it myself near the Grand
Port "
"I hope the gentleman does not con
sider us too ungrateful," interposed
Dolores, with a sorrowful and de
preciating dignity, which was sot un
becoming to her dimpled youth. "We
do not forget the service he has done
us in helping grandpapa home from the
The old man looked at her with an
irascible impatience, resenting frivol
ous interruption.
"Your grandpapa mutt be very
clever," said the ofiicer, thrusting the
medal into his pocket, with every ap
pearance of rejoicing in its possession,
and rising to depart
' 'Either the old beggar is poor, or he
is fond of money," was his mental ad
dition of decision.
"Would you accept Florio?" sug
gested the girl, holding the little
bundle of canine life toward him,
with a graceful gesture of deprecating
Lieut Curzon shook his head,
caressed the tiny animal, without
accepting the gift, and replied
"Thanks. Flor'o would be
sorry to exchange masters and knock
about on shipboard. "
Forio cowered back in the arms of
Dolores, inexpressibly relieved by the
"I should like a Maltese rose,"
supplemented the visitor, glancing at
the bud in the girl's black tresses. "No
flower is sweeter."
She detached the rose and gave it to
him. Her face had cleared once more,
and gratitude beamed on her stormy
"Farewell!" said the blue eyes of the
young Englishman.
"Farewell!" replied the dark eyes
of Dolores, a flash of mockery gleam
ing in their liquid denths.
Lieut Curzon had scarcely quitted
the boundary limit of the garden when
he was joined by Dr. Busatti.
"You are returning to Valletta?" he
inferred, bowing courteously. "Per
mit me to show you a better path."
"Thanks," assented the officer in a
somewhat dry tone.
The two young men walked on to
gether. The Englishman, with an in
herent sentiment of national super
iority, found the Maltese tall, thin
and slightly cadaverous, with a cer
tain resemblance to plants which have
grown up in tho shade of a damp
palace wall, or lu a church cloister.
The bearing of Dr. Busatti was in
offensive, even ingratiating. His te
nacious pride in his nativo island be
came speedily apparent in the desul
tory conversation which ensued. He
spoke of historical sites with enthu
siasm. He dwelt no less warmly on
the delicious oranges and apricots
ripened here to send all over Europe;
the cauliflowers, so superior in size
and flavor to those of Italy, Holland,
or the Island of Cyprus; the delicacy
of the artichoke, pea, and bean, in
perpetual supply for the need of man.
Lieut Curzon, in rueful remem
brance of tough beef and mutton, as
well as of months of sirocco, lent an
abstracted ear and monosyllabio as
sent Then the other adroitly men
tioned tho persons just quitted,
the eccentric grandfather and the
maiden Dolores. The old man, long
a resident of Malta, was afflicted with
a malady of the heart of which he was
ignorant, and should thoreforo avoid
all excitement while he appeared to
be consumed by a restless fever of agi
tation, wearing alike to mind und
body. A similarity of tastes in study
had led to an acquaintance between
the father of Dr. Busatti and the Eng
lishman, whoso name was Jacob Deal
try. Under the circumstances, it was
to bo expected that all means of sell
ing the little objects (for the most part
worthless) which he picked up should
be eagerly embraced. Jacob Dealtry
was poor, and possibly a struggle for
mere existence induced the restless
ness cf temperament characteristic of
Such was the volunteered explana
tion of Giovanni Battista Busatti.
Tho town gained, the young men
separated, with mutual coolness of
Dr. Busatti was convinced that the
officer had placed the rose given to
him by Dolores in his pocUelbook, as
he did not wear it in his button-hole.
"May San Gregorio confound all
Englishmen!" muttered the Maltese
as he pursued his way.
As for Lieut Curzon, dislike of the
native, whose thin lips, in smiling, re
vealed long teeth, unpleasantly dis
colored by the use of tobacco, led to
the reflection
' Dolores, poor girl, may be left
alone in the world at any time. She
would be quite thrown away on this
fellow. The cad! I am' sure he is in
love with her."
(to be continued.
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