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ii. -
Ja. G.. tofant son of W. J.and
Mar lb a Blaine died Monday morning,
aired 13 months and 12 di'.ys. llie tun
i-fti waa -hpld Tuesday afternoon at
the residence 819 Park street.
The tonsorial artists will next Mon
day cross bats with the typographic
mechanics in a came of base ball
iiets as jet have been announced owing
to the Cubbison anti-gamblinu law.
Vbunged II an tlx.
Daniel Gibbs and G. O. Combs
hnncrhtthe Allen Bros., confec
tionary stock, the iirst door soutn of T.
Martin's1 They are putting in more
Doniift and will make a specialty of
summer drinks, ice cream, etc.
A Fin Entertainment.
Amorita Riven by the Calhoun Opera
Company, was greeted with an over
flowing House on Monday evening.
The costumes wore fine, the singiuj?
superb and all together was the flne-t
operatic company ever in Hutchinson.
Reserved ScnU.
The seats for the Musical Jubilee
are going at a great gait. Mr. Hoag
land informes us that a great niiuy
more visitors will be here than last
year and he advises our readers that
they secure their seats before band.
Sew Beat Estate Firm.
Smith & Parks is the style of a new
firm in this city. Their business is to
brinn buyers and sellers of real estate
together. Mr. Parks is a new resident
of our city, while Mr. Smith is known
to our readers as Fay. Their office 1b
on east Sherman street, near the Val
ley State bank.
The Baud tloae.ai.
The band boys erected their stand
at the Midland corner last Saturday
evening. The music, though, was cut
8hort by a sprinkle of rain that began
about the time the boys were getting
their horns warmed up to business.
The boys will be on hand Saturday
evening again.
Church Sold.
The First Baptist church of this city
was sold at the court house lastThurs
dav to satisfy a claim of j,000 by the
Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Company. This is only an other testi
monial of the fact that a great wavo of
prosperity is just now sweeping over
Kansas All hail to the redeemers.
Muile'em Oil, Yon B et.
While Hutchinson has some draw
backs we have also some good features
that few cities can boust of. One of
them is we . have a brave mayor and
at least one brave councilman. Last
Thursday noon, while the policemen
were all enjoying their daily repast
the mayor accompanied by Council
man Watson, unarmed and alone drove
fifteen hungry men out of the city.
Nlncle Tax Lecture.
Louis F. Tost, of New York, deliv
ered his lecture, '"God's Two Gifts t.i
Man," last Sunday afternoon to a
small but appreciative audience,
which would have been rau:h larger
but for the inclemency of the weather.
Mr.Post was on lm way east from a
lecture our in the west. To say that
Mr. Post is a master of logic, of rhe
toric, of ease and grace as well hs
master of his subject, is but a feeble
stateme.it ot facts.
Civil Sendee Exnmlnnton.
The regular semi-annual civil service
examination for the grades of clerk
and carrier, will be held in the court
house, Saturday, June 1, commencing
at 9 a.m.
Applications will be received up till
6 o'clock on Monday, May 13 1S95 For
application and free instructions,
apply atthepostofflce, to the secretary
of the board.
Eva Beem, Secretary.
Teams to cut sod with disc tod cut
ters. W. E. ilUTCniHSON.
WlnMeld Vhanlanqna Assembly.
Arrangements for the Ninth annual
session of the WinQeld Chautauqua
Assembly to open at Island Park.June
18, are now about completed. One ot
the finest platforms ever offered at an
assembly will be given. Frank G.
Carpenter, Washington; Dr. F. W.
GoDsaulus, Armor institute, Chicago;
Jahu DeWit Miller, Philadelphia;
Frank Beard, New York City; Dr. T.
IL Dinsmore, Emporia, Kan.; Hon.
W. J. Bryan, M. C, Nebraska; Dr.
Z.T. Sweeney, Columbus, Ind.; Ed
ward P. Elliott, Chicago; and John
Temple Graves, Atlanta Constitution ,
ire among the attractions already se
cured' The departments of instruc
tion each under a specialist of reputa
tion and experience are as follows:
Bible Normal, W. C. T.U. School of
Methods, Parliamentary Usage, Nat
ural Science and Chemistry, Physical
Culture, Political Science and History,
Household Economy, Nurses' Home
Training, Kindergarten, C. L. S. C.
Bound Table, Fraternal Society Re
unions. Camplires. The C. L. S. C.
nnnd Tables and Recognition Ser
vice will be in charge of Miss Kate
Kimball of the home dike. For in
formation send for copy of Assembly
Herald of nddress
A. II. Limei'.ick, Sec .
Wloti'.ld, Kansas.
B. O.'Davidson returned from Iola
this morning.
Father Freeman, of Booth, was in
the city today.
Dr. Horton, of Plevna, was a Ga
ettb visitor last Saturday.
Supertindant Hatch anc Senator
Armstrong are In the city.
W. L. Brown, of the Kingman, Jour
nal ate supper at the Midland last
Cal. Stevens, one of Grant township,
teachers has moved to 302 west Ninth
W. P. Fieeman, is visiting his family
in this city, tie is witn me oiar nur
sery of Ottawa.
Will Davis, of the Daggett Shoe
Company, was called to Wichita Tues
day by the sickness of his mother.
W M Wolla nt Smith .Hutchinson.
wane to Mcl'herson, yesterday, having
Keen euoeoneu as a wiiueaa iu mu
Inman robbery case.
A "Reilemer' Licked.
Last Thusday Mr. Jas. Courtney and
Dan Reed (the News pet) got into a
difficulty over u debt due Mr. Courtney.
a few words were passed when Reed
exiled Courtney a liar which he resented
with his cane bv bringing it down on
Reed's head. This is the first blood
ot the season and the pop won.
Four Yeais.
Jud?e Martin, yesterday forenoon
denied the petition of the attorney!
in the Oliver case for a new trial. He
pronouced sentence on him, which was
for four years at hard labor in the
state penitentiary.
The man Hart, who bad plead
guilty to breaking into a car of gro
ceries at Nickerson sometime ago was
sentenced one year.
If vou want fine dishes eo to Brehm's
new store.
Two AeeldenU la On.
Tuesday evening Santa Fepasanger
No.2 ran into a horse between here and
Kent. The horse was killed and a
railroad man named Zipp who was
riding on Jthe cowcatcher was unfor
tunate enough to have his leg broken.
lie was carv ed to Newton but the
authorities finding that the accident
occured in this county sent him here
on ilrst train, He is now at the Grand
Central Hotel.
A fpw first rliiua fiirin InnnR.
The Kansas First Mortgage Co.
Advertlsod Letters.
The following is a list of letters re
maining in the Hutchinson postofllce
April 2"), lbO-5:
ladies' list.
Ilnyur, Mliis Alice Buckingtnn, Mies Slary
nrown, miss t.enora uuan, irs. r . A.
Caliu, Mist Ktliol Daiilord. Miss Carrie
Horn, r, Miss Li lid Ilntchlnsnn, Miss Delia
Johnson Miss llei'KIp Luuson, Leuora
Huggles 11 us 'Irons.
Bnln, C.
II own. E. L.
Benlln, A. I.,
ihrist, Fred
Cnv, M II.
D.mley, Eildle
I arris John II
LeVnlley, Kred
Shllllngtitirg. t
I'ox, Jamt
I.ilwiinls, rrunli
Dean. J. M.
Htckov. Eirnfat
I e:uirin, A. E.
Silver. 0. W.
Slti.;klcr. Willie.
Parties callini for any of the aiwe
named letters will please say, adver-
Eli Mead, P. M.
Cattle Wanted.
I want about 00 head of cattle or
horses to pasture. D. A. Beckhn.
4 lit. 3 miles north ot Kent
Remenyl Com I tig.
Our people wi'l be pleased to learn
that the great and only Remenpi and
his famous concert company will ap
pear in this city on the night of May 1.
Remenyl has played the violin in ali
the countries on the face of the globe,
and is given up to be the finest per
former upon the violin that ever en
tertained an audience iu Kansas. The
price has been reduced to 75 cents for
all seats on the first floor, and there
should not. and doubtless will not be
a vacant seat in the house. Get your
sests at the Opera House Book Store.
Mad Tax.
About two hundred men, women
and children assembled at the auditor
ium yesterday afternoon to listen to
the lecture ot Lewis F. Post on "'God's
Two Best Gifts to Man." Quite a
number had gone there thinning it
would be a religious address, coming as
it did on Sunday afternoon and were
considerably disgusted when it turned
out to be a "single tax" lecture.
The above is as fair or truthful aa
the News ever is. The meeting was
advertised in Saturday's News as a
'single tax', lecture, also by handbills
on the streets. No one left the room
during the lecture except Dad Quar
terman, the city council reporter of
the News. 'Tin true the people all be
gan to make ready to go when the
News egotist, Mr. Eccles began his
harangue ot unpractical and visionary
questions There were also some re
publicans on the outside, as was made
manifestly a brick which was thrown
through an opening in the roof of the
building. Probably it was thrown by
some one who was disgusted in learn
ing It was to be a single tax lecture.
That is a "redeemers" principa largu
uient. HAY WAXl'ED.
I want one hundred tons of good bal
ed hay. Enquire at 215. 'ith west or 28,
2nd west. C. H. Myeks.
For dale.
On time fine yearling stetrs, coming
twos. 81-tf.
W. E. UUTA.lNif.
The Ifontewire, the Farmer and the
Toiler or all Vacation.
Depressions of the nervous 'system
at the approach of spring is a fertile
soiirce of blood impurities. That tired
feeling, which is the natural result of
the depressing effect of warm weather
immediately after invigorating cold of
winter, quickly disappears when Pe-ru-na
is taken. Thousands are dally
testifying to its priceless benefit. Gen
eral lassitude, dull, heavy sensations,
continual tired feeling, with irregular
appetite and sometimes loss of sleep.
Pe-ru-na meets every indication and
proves itself to ba perfectly adapted to
all their varid peculiarities Pe-ru-na
invigorates the system, rejuvenates
the feelings, restores the normal appe
tite and procures regular "sleep
This tired out feeling is especially
true of the housewife in spring time
used up fagged out jaded and weak.
There are thousands ot them every
where. A few bottles of Pe-ru-na
would do them untold benefit. As a
tonic and nerve invigorator it has no
equal. It builds up tin nerves, it gives
strength to the circulation and at once
restores the appetite and digestion.
No feeble woman should be without
A finely Illustrated pamphlet on
Spring Medicines sent free by The Pe-ru-na
Drug Manufacturing Company,
Columbus. 0.
For free book on cancer address Dr.
U art man, Columbus, Ohio.
Brehm wants your butter.
For all kinds of garden of field seeds
go to Brehm'snew store.
When you are in the city and want
barber work done don't forget our
colored friend, W. A. Thomas, opposite
the Midland hotel.
Brehm's garden seeds are In pack
age or bulk.
Hnrap hill nrlntflrt nn noster. ninth
or card boari at this ofllce. Prices to
suit the times.
Colin Campbell, the North End
grocer, has the most complete stock of
of all kinds of garden seeds, either '.3
package or bulk.
Carey buys dead hogs.
Carey buys dead cattle.
Carey buys big-jaw cattle.
Carey buys hides. 11-tf.
Brehm'e I of dishes are not excelled
inttie slate.
"A Last Trlltnle."
In an article entitled "A Last Trib
ute" Ex-speaker lived in the North
American Review for April, turns the
republican toarch light of criticism on
the most important measures of the
fifty-third congress, and expresses ins
opinion of them, dealing particularly
with the question of financial legisla
tion. J. M. Bis.ku w i. o..j'iiua 10 r..s
dishes at the lowest prioes in tne State
of Kansas. 13 tf.
Flue Trees.
Flory & OlmnUad hv ou Exhibition
and for gale at Joues Harness shop soutu
of street cht hum a fine stock of home
grown rruit tres, riUHOil lit the cele
bi ated Stone r urotbers' nursery of beilj;
wii:k City, Harvny Bounty Khii8U!, ami
at. prices to t nit th times. Thay are
the llneit trees ever brought to this
Tlie Ideal Speaker."
I have a few copies of the t-The
Speakers Ideal'' entertainments kit
on my hands which I will sell at a dis
count. Mrs. M. J. Davis,
125 8th west.
T'je book can be seen at the Ga
zette oflice.
White Repairer.
J. V. Iluffine, opposite old court
house, does all kinds of boot :nd shoe
repairing. Prices cheapest on earth.
Uow lotnrt Yoimeir While Uslufc
II. The tobacco habit grows on a man
until his nervous system is seriously af
fected, impairing health, comfort and
happiness. To quit suddenly is too se
vere a shock to the system, as tobacco,
to an inveterate user becomes a stimu
lant that his system continnally craves
Bacc-Curo is a scientific cure for the
tobacco habit. In all its forms, carefully
compounded after the formula of an
eminent Berlin Physician who has
used it in his private practice since
1872. withoat a failure, purely vege
table and guaranteed perfectly barm
less. Yon can use all the tobacco you
want while taking Baco-Curo, it will
notify you when to stop. We give a
a written guarantee to permanently
cure any case with three boxes, or re
fund the money with 10 per cent inter
est. Baco-Curo is not a substitute,
but a scientific cure, that cures with
out the aid ot will power and with no
inconvenience. It leaves the system
as pure and free from nicotine as the
day you tok your first chew or smoke.
Sold by all druggists, with our iron
clad guarantee, at 9100 per box, three
boxes, (thirty days treatment,) $2 60 or
sent direct upon receipt of price
ical & Manufacturing Company, Man
nfacturing Chemists, La Crosse. Wis
consin. 22 tf.
Eaettralaaa la Texas aal the Haatn
Are you contemplating a trip south,
southeast or southwest? Do you know
that the Mo. Pac, In connection with
C. R. I. T. Ry. at Wich'ta and diverg
ing lines at Ft. Worth Is tho best,
shortest and most pleasant route to
above mentioned territory? Close
connections at all points, the splendid
equipment and good service afforded
by their route make it to your interest
to Investigate facilities offered by our
Hops before starting on your Journey.
Call on or address.
PI. LiEjinAcn,
Ajt. Mo. Pac. Ry.
' e.'t.i i f Vii and Us', an. To an un-in-ji!ii
s'lirri.'iiUt.n of prices an in-
. cf'"Hf.l ;.(H'. ill' all lu'ciii of Ills .(mintf
iii.i! i...)iit lo ins pomou. while lie is
ti'r li.mirt.iur' v'irxi-d wii.li vanishing
:v J :..- ..- iwrviuMd wages anil an
; e.i-t!-1 in I'Ue p;ti8 of history and
j tK;i' .'i ii'ikv ttra lir.l uf thuse lessons.
, ;p !;-:iiiii)!is .ttietrtpt Mmj'.la to create
" ii ;' j : u' t'ii 'i 'lie n ivocaU's of a
b ; iii-t J').inu 'Mnvin-yuy the insiuu
a ."jr. , nui e nr k-xs 'iliec'ly ma Ih, that
t . i ' v ix-N.nu; ; the tinancbil and busi
up s ,: Hiiil uie the retire not only
0 i: .'i i , .i'i,iiti ii h idiiiiniiii people
n i- i.'.i.l, lt:t lor s:lfl:-u and wicked
piii .'.! 4ir v.iliio; to MucrihVe the in
i. i . ., .1-, i,ini- tii. ini. lo titir vi role.
J -.e ti;.i'. fiipitul iiiid wealth
ti i i' : I'jmli'iiii: Km uii'i orher means,
e.... . :.. gam an undue advantage;
t-, ' .: ii'im:; 1m) coiu'Hili'd (lint llie
iii -...!!.: i( v sou nd ounvney may,
1 - , --. iiiVi-sU''i Willi a greater
it. ' '.oijK ri niu'.f mi iiidivi'.iuals ac-
; i t ,... : '. i iMiisliticm- tinl cir-
i-. . .. .1 1 !:, I'owevi'r, only a
d ii :., i ii i' k oi-iiw is is utterly
'in. i .iiijiji',' in onr broad
'.. " m;-' -.vlr.Ui-VHi' may he
II : '
; ii
t. -ni l ' i:vt,ht:l- il'Afllinx
tin!i;ii-'f hii'I comnierca
,' r u i. i : nui" domain,
ii iifi'i. ' tl ( a tinancial
i-tii-ii-iiciai in uil our
' ,i;iyon; .should i'O ex
i '.'n:,,iiiviu rtii'i universal
:m s.ii'-' cnaracter and
'i tin' vurn'tirv.
Mt" '
P .
St .11 1
ill' i". - s
ii ic this question we
art- tl.
fii: -'
opi r i
tlepnli I
ar-in .
ever : ii
' Ml III
"' tt i
!'.,!. 1,
si oi fur .-.11 It'iy and
i n tv- in do Willi lloanCi!
v nil t'.uo tnoiii'y and
: t'auiioi. n.i'.ipn our inter
Meivliants Jand dealers
:n-i!?riiiirli.Mid, nod ai:h
v V
vii.:,is i.i un.it'iini ur-'i-es. Wher-
iriisM m.'iii exiit bimmegt
un.l tl .:-,. n .-:tiij iJimm-h are found
reiait-ii in Mini ii:ri rtlou to those whose
wao'S i li'-'t iv:i:f v. dinl in lino her to
the iu "iv. xtt'M.-.ivn ImsKiess and finance
to vvifit- Uii'v ;ii - tributary. A fluc
tuatioo in int"s at. tin' seaboard is
kovviMli me 'I iy or hour in the ro
undest ii.-iiiilft . inn discredit or de
preciation in tin inci tl centers of any
form i iii'inev in Hi" liiind-i of the
people is ,i nigral of im ue'liate loss
everyrtere If ir. micas discontent
and wild expi rnnenis should sweep
our curroi'C.v from its safe suuftort, the
ma4 deienscl' s if who miffer in
the time of dist.r ss iind naiioital dis
crcilii. would W t fit poor as they
reckon then lost in tiicr seamy sup
port and the laborer and workitigruan
as he ace-th' tnoMcy be h is reo'ived
for bis mil shrink and shrivel in his
hand when he tenders it for th- neces
saries o supply Ins li'imhle home.
Disguise it as we m-tv . the line of
battle is drawn between the forces of
the safe currency and those ,t silver
monotuetall sm I will not tielieve
that if our people urn . HiToriK d nn in
telligent ipportiinity for sober second
thought they will sanction schemes
that, however cloaked, mean disaster
and confusion, nor that they will con
sent by unilerminingthn foundation of
a safe 'currency to endanger the bene
ficent character and purposes of their
government Yours very truly.
Three t'rop n Year.
Can be grown on the same land in
eastn1 Mississippi and southern Ala
bama along the line of the Mobile &
Ohio Railroad. Tlie summers are
are cooler, the winters are milder, the
death rate is lower than in the north.
Improved latins $10 to $15 per acre,
unimproved land $3 to $-5 an acre near
railway stations. It is the best por
tion for raising fruits and early vege
table. Block raising and general farm
crops. L'inn's are advancing, now is
the time to buy. Very low rate excur
sions monthly
Tlie Mobile & O'nio has put on two
through fa.it trains each way daily be
tween at. Louis and Mobile. It is the
shortest and quickest route to the
Mi illustrated pamphlet telling all
about our country will be ssnt free to
a l who wish if.. Apply to F. W.
Greene. General Assent, No. -103
North Broadway, St. Louis, Mo or to
E. E. Posev. Genaral Passenger Agent
Mobile & Ohio Railroad, Mobile, Ala.
Tho Civic Awakening.
In the Arena for April Miss Adeline
Knapp, a well ktown journalist of San
Francisco, who has an especial apti
tude for political writing that is al
ready' widely recognized, writes on
"The Civic Awakening in San Fran
cisco." She presents tlie whole lurid
picture of San Francisco polit'cs, and
shows how the exploits of Tammany
have been duplitcated on the Paoilic
coast. The paper is valuable, for It is
another indication that there is a turn
ing of the tide in American municipal
lines lor Hale. '
Thoroughbred Poland-China pigs for
sale both sexes, at my farm 6 milse
southeast of Haven, or address Wra
Maguiru. tf
'Oman : BernJInt tmtitti for lb tomlM tmt,
fJtrald Mr. m fcp daU tr la jrmr'a ri t Am
twor, or, ml tout, m m ham fan in tk part, WI wwv
omr M of ry ftMRfyJIrt windmill tknt ar aoht. Htmcm
tmmmcia UuiaUIn UH, Wl fC NU 4MC
W At Dot utrllNtt till Mrlr lt4 nmi tatlrtlr It ttr
forts, bat I tht Bopohority of lb food whicli rot tut.
BuitiiL Dm. Ilrbant, III., rtanury l, l ''
UimiMi : Wo booiht U)d pat Aonaotor no. I; tlta
oat of Hit Irat ittjr which rot tudt wt ktt UlirUtt. Sttct
Hut Iim t tort Hll iboti
Is our mail ttmtofT fa pwatJ tb tifftttry of tb ionMtar
and (ha Arnotor Coavpuiy trw iba hef inniDij to U pmnk
konr. That tutlMf to OM W tf.nbrokta trmnph.
Aid from Ota HrmaUx 9 T T Iew
UMrwtDdMillaMtgB .r
noofh with which to -how
tho Inflmio f ft
Anaotor la doaifa,
Km" compare and
w-im 1 workvnahip.
W tfttr com pi.
lion), and ilMhty to ran
whon all othort lUod
Wo thonJd hat aoid aftoro, m
auppiiod wit wind pvmr i
A1 Idia (or want ot wind.
bat thit rtfioa waa wall
hon tho Aonnotor ap-
ord, II hoinf onlyW mim
to Chieafo, asd had for
yoan door tno dmim fTotma
I't u or iwoito os i no
urftm. nh kbvowh ana
troottu windmill ohh
hlch nir om nt
within so miif or .
OT HI It rxtuTisriC-
ruruu wnotu aio
too. hero d urine 'ho put
to-it yur i mord by
yoa rxptict to douMo for
AKU1UTOIM. Tow aay
yoor agrratafd any pro-
aboot onhAlf. and that
last year's eQlut tho
CAUini year, loaotoaas
tho AarotOtor naror atood farther tloT all eompctitnr fn rpa-
for our portion or it. iot
Mum and in fact than to-day. Sana ttaian, MartOfO, ui
Pahraary . Iim."
ThntATororad.wtMtMf pvap. W shall effarfor
$7.50 a $15
thrr y fore pam. All d,lon tbotild haro It or "n 1 it
to toll t that pneo. All Arrmolor mrn lll kit! It. Tho
fnllowinf .rill oppoor yr aaTrnlotPMnt of fml.inhrd otorl
Unit t iH mtu por folloil. Thty peithtr thrialt, look, rttt,
tut uio r atu b4 Asrmotor Co.j wgti
Uarrf Tafs Slrl Srjio!ody.
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Several Excursions Each Month
At extremely low rittpn for tho ronml trip. C' b
uuctlng Unea will deliver jus-cifr at St.
Lonia. Knst St. Lnulo, C.ilio und other
junction points In time for tle excur
sion t ru it hmvlnit Mt. Louie Un.
ion Depots ul:-1l p. in., oil
the, following dates:
Feb. 5th, Mar. 5tb, A pril 2nd and 30th,
Tickets llrr ited to 3i days will ptrmfnt holders
to stop oil, going and returning, nt Corinth,
IJiinnovllle, Balilwyn, Okolona, Tupelo,
Verona, Aberdeen, CoIiiuiIiuk, ('Bt
Fmnt, Mhcuu, Atrridian, W iynef
borf, liisa., IHer fark hnd
Citroiielle, Ala., or nt any
Oiher point louth of
the Ohio liiver.
For Healthfulness anil freedom from Malaria,
Southern Mirallppi and Alitbama, are
No Blizzard, to nunatroko. no twnmp, no
- Malaria In this section.
Thons-inilJ of acres nf cheap government,
railroad, sad private lands f r sale on .any
term, suitable for stock and sheep raising,
frnlt and vii.e growing, truck and general 1 arm
ing Call on any Railroad Ticket Agent for rates,
time and genet al iufo:uiallon, or apply to
Qen Agt. loSN. Broadway, Gen. Pts.Ait
Pabllcatlsat of RommoDt,
First published April 2B, 1895.
District conrt Reao county, Kansas.
Rachel Eabner,
Edward KabnT,
To the above asmed defendant Edward Rab
nr. yon are hereby notiled that yoahave been
sued In the dltrlct tourt of Keno county,
Kanrna and I hat vou must auswer the petition
of tbe plalntifl one or iHfore tbe sixth day of
jane ih'.m or saia pennon win oe iaaen us irua
and Judgment rendered therein as prayed.
B.C. ( LARK,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Dated this 511 h nf April 1.
Atust: Z. W. WiimiBT, Clerk.
Greatest Retail
Store in the West.
103 DEPARTMENT S-TOCK, li.igo.ooo
Dry Ooods-Mllllnery-Ladlei' Salts-Hottons-Boyi'
Clothlng-kten'a Farnlihlnga-ShoesJeweiry
Btlverwsre-Booka-Fornlture Carpets WaU
Piper Hardware-Candles New Tea Boom.
Why You Should Trade Here
The assortment ta the greatest la tbe Weat
under roof.
One order-one check-one shipment wUl ntyon
oat complete.
We bay for spt esk-oar prices sra conss
qaently the laweat.
Money refunded on unsatisfactory food If re
turned at once.
Handaome lpae niustnted Catalogue Just
oat of preaa f ree by mall.
Come to the Big Store if you can,
Too will be made welcome. If you ean't come,
aend for our new catalogue free, by malL
Emery, Bird, Thayer & Co.,
SDOcassoas to
Field Garden
Kaffir Corn.
Eastern Potatoes.
Beauty of Hebron,
Early Ohio,
ina Early Rose.
Leading Druggists
in prices and good
goods and wants
your trade. He
can save you seme
Corner Main and Sherman Streets,.
Hutchinson, Kansas.
Special attention given to tlia trratment of
klu difeusos. Office In Upilegraph building.
Calls In the cjir.ury answered cither night or"
30-5 North Main Strea t.
Dr.J. E. Stewart, Surgery. Bpeclal atten
tion to disomies of women.
Dr. It. A. Stewart Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose,.
Glasses properly adjusted.
Homcepathlc riiysicinn and Surgeon.
OIHco No. 10 North Maiu Street, over -Bream's
Grocery Store.
.Residence 113 First Avenue East.
ltooms 1. 2. and 8 In Masonic Block.
Office corner of Mala and Sherman St., iron!
rooms, second floor, Hutchinson, Kansas.
Masonic Tom pie, - Hutchinson, Kas.
Office No. 14 North Mala, room 8, apatalrav
Residence No. It, 8th Avtaue, east.
Comer of Vain and Sherman streets In Wllcosr
Attorney ( Law,
Boom. 11 and II, KcCurdy Block, corner o
Main andSheiman.
Attoraevs at Law.
Offlcs Room x.
Paints - Oils - Glass - Varnish
1'alnters' Supplies Generally.
No.808 2f. Main Ilutcblmon, Ka
Man. Dart loiiipeie.
Myers & Son ead them all in sellinsr,
coffe ar.d tea. They will (jiva you C
potirxls f f good cotfee for$l 0. Ilon't
fa eleenbere and pay M.00 Cor 4
pounds. Zo-IL

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