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NO. 4.
VOL. 6.
At 49c Pair
10- 1 Cotton Blankois In solid white and white
".ad groy with fancy borilcra, good Weight.
At 85c Pair
11- 4 Heavy Cotton WitnUe's In white ond silver
Krcy with fancy boriii H extra jjood value.
At $1.75 Pair
10-1 Scarlet (nil wool) blankets Willi black
harder, good weight.
At $3.00 Pair
1M Fine Australian lambs wool blur.kets,
f. ncy borders extra tjocd weight.
At 4c Garment
Children, Muses' nnd Boys' heavy Merino
vesta, pants and drawers.
H.e-lii, 18, 21), Vt, 54, 20, 28, SO, 82, 84,
Price 4c, flc. 8c, lie. lie, 10c, 1C, Sic 250, 25c
At 49c Garment .
Mens heavy fleeco lined vests and drawers,
French neck faced, elastio ankles and
We arc sole Hutchinson agents for the celebrated Butterick pat
terns. By using these patterns, you.run no risk of spoiling your
cloths and having to wear an ill cut, ill fitting garment.
Hutchinson, Kansas.
M. O. Dept.', Attention Strict and Prom pt
Big. Four Kouto
National Convention Knights of St John,
E-unmilii!, Ind., J tin. and ill.
Interniition.il Conference Epwortb
Chafnnona, Tcun., Juno 27110.
National Young People's Union,
Eofti, Mas., July 10-11.
United rWicty Christian Endeavor,
liultliavr.', Md.. July 18-21.
Knights TVmrhir Triennial Conclave,
ISor-ton, 'JIai3., August 2C-:10.
G. A. 1'. Kutioiril Ocinipment,
LouUviilc, Ky., St-ptcmbtj- 10-11.
Wrlto noa'Cft a-jeiit "Bli; Vov.r Itoute'' for
routes, rates and tail f aniciilurs.
rus.Trffln JIuna. Oen'l Pafs. & Ticket Act.
SI 0.00 in PRIZES
for Reno conntr prolnctloa I will slv
to thu perron or pervons who will bring
ta my store betweea the dales of Aognit
16h and Dreemner lt, the lurgeotor the
followlog ''escribed products raised in
lieno county, payahlo In cash : ,
Largest Ear cf Corn, - $5,00
Largest Apple - 250
Largest Sweet Potato - 2.50
At the expiration of the above date
ri product will be eiamined by toi
fwtent and uninterested parties and
jirixes jus:ly awarded.
Cerner Muio tnd Sherman Streets,
The W3stern Pacific Tea Co.,
No. 0 South Min.
Tbennly exclnslve Ten, Cnfee. Baklnir Powder
and spice taon.o in this el'y. A valuable
preneut given wlihiach lb of baking powder
xtah 1'of.stcd Ccffce 20c per ponrr1,
waists est'coiully well finished, you nsually p."y
01 c for them. Only 40o each at Maitlns's
At 25c Garment
Ladles' Jersev ribbed vests, heavy llesco
lined, elastic scam, sutln faced silk ribbon
and crochet finish in ecru, white, sliver, grey
and natural, made of test aca Island Cotton.
At 98c Pair
Chililr-n's "Youcg America" school shoe",
oil aud glove grain, s le leather tins, counters
and inner sole .
Bizes:-tl to ti i.t tS'pr., 9 to 13 at $1.10 pr., 12ft
O'i atil.Sa pa ir.
At $1.75 pair.
Ladies' denje la kid button fhocs In nnrrow
6qutiroi, and operq toes, pat tip. Warranted all
At $1 .25 pair
Men's one bucklo "Or. edmoor" plow shoes
all solid.
At $1.75 pair.
Men's stoga standing leg boots saddle seams,
sole leather counters and Inner boles, the best
for tho money that Is made.
Con 1) filled by u- (if Its p'ocrriert you nr! look.
ing f..r) tit a Imvrr r.ito than ivvi I, jiiu s. e
wnat we .-nil till it f..r,
Vo ni'1'1 ;ive im ;im nnle:' tlMit wa ennnt
H'l ri:her. You'll s i'1' pi bear I'int 1 im.ry
( xiis.-, "jii.t out" r: -e-it'i (-oi'iM up W
AflythinK.vid everylhipj t'T.t a '.trori ry otor.'
in suppuai il tu, Imhl, that you will Hud HlliiiC
i.ur tioro.
tuii8; y?u i!r.ip In and sre oi:r
oi 10 cents per sack on
Halstead Flour.
Cream of Kan., per sk - $ 95
Crystal, per sack - 1.00
Checkmate, per tack - 1.05
Boss patent, perse - 1.15
True Grit, per sack - 1.15
7 pkgs. Roeeiii Washing Powder. . 2-5
7 bars Silk wap 2-5
7 lhc White X'avy Beans 25
18 lbs GrnuUtd Snsar. l.l'O
1 Hican Winne & S.lsbeo J5king
Powder 20
Best S. Y. full cteam cheese 2')
2 lbs full cream dteeHj 2o
" ' wholesale.... 10
Daisy hame, per lb V)
Ihcod )olil miliar cured hutu pet ii V-i
Dry Rait meat, a II) I... 2-5
Qf tin fruit, cans, per d;;z 0
Aili::gtoD Creaur.ery Uulter V-
X2? South Main stieet, Ilri'chlngoD
Telephone 09.
It's All Right for tho Bankers and
! Siijar l'lnnn ami Via for the I.ar.y anil
Gluttonous Uityonet Iiijeetlons, -I'rlitoin
and Soup-House
for the Industrious.
Paternalism Is tho demasofric wail of
the follows who have both hands In Un
cle. Sam's inside pocket
It Is all right for the povornment to
nurso and coddlo corporations, trusts
and syndicates of money-lenders, ex
ploiters of labor, Ramblers in produce
and makers of ''hell juico." Hut any
thing tondinff to protect and benoflt tho
common people oh! horrors!! what
madness! ! ! paternalism! ! ! !
The government was not Intended for
protection of the peoplo and as Klnj?
Charles assorted on the scalfold, where
ho was beheaded for treason, "a share
in government is nothing pertaining to
the people."
Governments are instituted among
mm solely for the protection of prop
erty and to encourage the building up
of an aristocracy to manage tho common
catt'.o whom God has callod to do all
the work of the world.
Tho government may lend tho banks
money at 1 per cont. interest, hut to
lend money to tho pooplo would he pa
ternalism. Tho government may build a railroad
across the continent, make a present of
the whole tiling to C. P. Huntington et
al., and throw in twelve million acres
of land for good measuro, and that is
statesmanship aud broad-minded de
velopment of our great national re
sources. Hut for the government to ro
tain tho ownership ot'tbe railroad for
the benefit of the wholo people, and
give the land to the people who need it
for homes why, that would bo patern
alism. The government may grant the power
of issuing money to banking corpora
tions, but when it deals with those same
banks cannot compel tbem to accept their
own money, but must pay them in gold.
The government may protoct alien man
ufacturing corporations with a tariff,
but to protect American worklngmen
from imported pauper labor would be
The government can protect the In
dians, but honestsettlers must bo driven
out of Nebraska with Federal bayonets,
and further West tbey may bo butchered
with impunity by the Scotch and Eng
lish cuitlu kings.
The government oan oppointreceivors
to build up swindling corporations and
turn them back to tho stockholders
without expense, but tho shorilf and
tho auction Hock are good enough for
the mortgaged farm and household
goods of tho farmer and workingin.in.
The guvernmentcan by contraction of
tho ciirri'ney enahlo tho creditors to
confident:) the debtors' property to tho
amount of tho contraction, hut to ex
pand ttio currency by free coinage of
silvT ai.d tho isue of legal-tender
greenbacks sulllcient to restore prices
and enahlo tbo debtor to recover tho
property that was confiscated would bo
The government can store whisky,
but to provide storage for wheat and
cotton would bo paternalism.
Tho government can operate l.'i! rail
roads for tho benefit of English and
American money kings, but to operate:
ono for tbo benelit of tho pooplo who
pay the freight would bo paternalism.
Th'f government must maintain a
gold reserve for tho solo purpose of ac
commodating bankers, importer? of
foreign goedt and exporters of g')ld. It
must bank agair.st all tho money brok
ers in the country to protect thoircredit
but to uo a banking business for the
beneiit of tho wholo peoplo would bo
Tho government can issue bonds to
provido a afo ar.d profitable Investment
of capital, but to provide employment
for tbo bomeloss and destituto would bo
Every franchise granted to corpora
tions is for the '"encouragement of en
terprise" or "infant industries," but to
encourage enterprise in the common
people, or to pretect their homes and
the little farm industry would be pa
In short, all the helpful offices of this
fatherly government are for the rich
and greedy, and the whippings which
all good fathers should sometimes be
stow on their children are for the weak
ajtd poor.
:Hugar plums and pie for the lazy and
gluttonous, bayonet injections, prisons
and soup-houses for the industrious and
JftnsllKg Voters.
Fr'iTv the Dem icrat.
1 1!" t p-i'dieaii fouu'v ronrention in
ihiif ( ''v. vh howling m.?c-'ss. o far
iH th- la"! power of (Vlei!nte con Id
iii-iliH it. ling whh l)iint the only
riftiiHn,n'ls,ion it hiil The conven
"on wsm-ontr'illeil hy 1L0 ronrt bome
riijr thir little oilier of ii'n'n i-
w-An-i ih h ls and Hie rand'
u'iMiiui"l 1 11 cut MM'Hnt-il a week b
for tiiu eonvdirinn im t.
Tliev wer "ici c-iwanllv to ns'tt
..- hi th hilver nues'.io'i ml
dotvned Sjjou ie.-aud the 2ivvi i h a
vengence. Tliejr nbility to flimhile
would excel n fnar-hoi'-e b nehack rider
tn aiirem. L'nniiid itis cm b t anjtlniig
or nothing, oil isMl-. Their lmsineHs
aB they loiuii over tli co'tnty will li- to
mUe vots uo mutttr how they .make
tliun, so that they get them for the ie
pa' liiMu ptuly.
With the txeepMon of Shen'fT Pitlen
there is not a i-troiig iiuni imi te ticket
and all will by plyant tools of the court
tnmse iliigimd nmreh to the tune of ru g
dictation. "The Ass kno'Yotu hid imti
teb Hud his mas'iOi's crib.
Fnim Sylvl.i Ranrer.
r. K. Niihuiil was dereiv etl and
uck-cil iu at ihe Hutchinson lust Satur
day, lie fell down before he really get
nv'pr). A 11 Im ", ' "f M l-i -i-'
t . i, t .. In. me H'Ui -l e f At ii go,
. ;.b Moitnii tin . u I. i. v i i.er.
Bill Yexger b id the lucky number at
the II utctiincoa drawing lust Siturday,
and is very Ivppy over the results. "Hut
there is ninny -i riip twixt cup and lip."
The tiiml piiz is yet to b won. Billy
will find n ''T;i Hie" a most formible op
ponent beli r be reuches, the coveted
noui t houte on the sunny b.iuks of Cow
From the New.
The Sumner omin'y republicans wore
is cowiif'ly ns lb" Ilt'iio county repub
licans and refused" to adopt any sort of a
A week bis rfls3d nine the republi
can count convection, mid evorytliin j
sjem treTtt! perfectly h irm niious ex .-t t
me iliss-ttisriiotion owing to the fact
that the convention: took such an ml -virced
bland ou the pension, question n
to condemn the action of Hoke Smith in
the ubsenco of any expreg-ton on that
subject from the uationnl convention.
The masses seem to be ustouinheil thut
the astute politicians who ran the con
vention should permit any expre.s'.ou
upon a subject of such national ncope
until the positiou of the great trusted
leaders had been duly set forth in state
tnd national platforms.
From tho Herald.
The great daily was endorsed any way,
we don't think!
As far as free tulver is concerned, we
deaireto remark, "we told you so!"
The Ilutohinson combine was badly
knooked out, but they deserved it.
If there is anything republicans, true
geuutne, republicans, believe iu, it is
honest money and ohedience to law.
The great da'ly managed to get i's en
tire editorial force jn'o the convention
is delegates, but its silver lunacy was not
.' It, will be pretty liar I work, after thir
ty years of lepul lic nt gomi money, to
lie people to adopt fire silver lint, lun
icy, or any other pop democratic prin
ciples. . Tinli v for Hnrtis!
Bully for Patten!.
Bully 'or Ve .gei !
. I'ully for Kilmry !
Holly for Kutl-ili;-!
. Hull v for the ticlio !
Bally for i'iiiiil roonei !
- Bully for H.-n H-igbuid!
! Bully for Hoi k I'.-ivimr
Bully for Judge M utin!
Bully for law anil ileeiMii'.i !
i Baby for th" rcj u!i!u-u:i p.it'lj !
. A 'id v.e niiu'ht. ;c'.l :
B lily for i''ai!
B.illy for 11 !j.'lan'!
B li y for prohibit-on!
B illy for w!ii.-ke !
Bully for gold t in litvd!
Bully for more M it.; ige!
Hully for more fclienif 8 1 1 1-1
Bully for F'.etch Meriditli for r.ongres-!
From Nlcki-rvon Ar;i sy.
In 1S!2 ;- iii)County giv a lii iju'.tv
of HI -1 actiiti'-t llo- pops, 111! of . Iin li w i
.'iwn in this 1 i : e i t v . t.n' yeir tin
iliicjor;t' was ill f. III. h i-niiie
'n tl l.!:'!s Ci'v. We Mint l!ie ivpuhij.-nu
m.ioli.i s to l.ei;r t'ns in mind.
In tb-r-o '!ite:iiiipui;ii before tli.. re
P'.lb iraiM-oiVl-li:i'l, ih" j o pie o!
y, ckn-cu mi 'Ic-ir- u they cmi! I ri-rlniu-ly
have had mi idliee as it, lii l nlr-adv
Oecn (occeileii them thct t f lei-'er l
Hut no. They nirst try to not n 'lio'
and H8 most evriyone exp'-uiieil th-ma1-"pr
nt i be time ''they i-ouhl !ot lioth.''
I'liis fo'ly uud nearly ev rono w have
talked with since have nuknowledgril
their error. Instead of eolrlly sujipiu t
inn a candidate who hud strength, tliev
nihke ft fiflit on A fmall ii-sup, and l!. low
ibeir f npioi t to a candi-'nte who had no
trentb of his own aud not able to con
trol any as the proceedings of the c in
vention w ill show. It w as a mistake and
one which the people cannot help but
iv no-v that it is too late. Nickerson
The Record's statement is :rue. The
"hog" act was prefoimed bo the Kecord'f
friends and they got lift. Turon givoan
object lesson il the convention. A Pol id
delegation for to. Wnen one went
diwi iu bom ralile d"feut the otlir was-
taken up and nominated. Nick-r-on
mi'i'it have done the i-ame tiling if ('o'.
B-iu'litman liud not lit.emd to very poir
Jn 1.1 k.- Kftuino.
TIip cry in Co'ni ai'o l fore the Intt
elect ioi, ivh?: e min-t vote the ie-
piiblii'an tnkot once tuore "to redeem
Coloradi).'' Now the speukeis all ovei
tbi stale are sneaking truiu Ihe text.
Hell Let Jiosp." We. told thein
Si. if thf v voted fur ti e p o. mill
f...iied H eniivice df J. Klie:i I'.-eier.
wi n to!. I I linn (hut morn1 linv- v
p'ace in party politics. Helen 31. (Jo-
lilliil 1 lllifPFill
ly-'M'-x 4 hi i'h i i J I I ' i m
p Up 4 h f my I ft m
I. Thursday,
Friday and
1 SEPT. 26, 27 28, 1895. 1
1 ffoioveSties and I
S iew Creations
I -,fJ- I
I Fall Millinery I
' - A I
Docherty, Kramer & Thompson,
The Pippin's
ti iiis baa'
11 t'1! Y'i f''
Closing: Out at CostJ
fj) Of Boots Shoes nnd Oxfnula fur men, wdincn nntl ehiUlieu. Now Ql
is tliu time to tct )
li.'iliv sliiies. f i.rs (I tn .", !!(!! a. pnir.
CliiM's Spiinti ller l. Tl'c. 7.. $1 mi tuid $1.1.1
l.iuiiis" Billion Mump, 1.1.1, 1.2-1, 1. ,",(), '.'.(ill, U .10 .mil (I.).
Ladies' Oxfonl Tic-, bitick mill tn", Mil), 1.1.1, l.IJO, 1. !l' and
1 7.1.
Boy's Shoes. Idack nnd tun,
Mci.'s (Vrcicss iii.d Ltitc, f.le, 1.C0, 1.1.1, 1 2.1, 1.50, 1.C0, 1.71
2 (10. 2 2.1 and .'i.UO.
Men's lh.ut.v l.."0. 2.00, 2.2.1, 'I 'M, ) lit), 1) 50 Calf, Kangaroo
,v Calf and Kipp.
And many more bargains, but cur space is limited,
j Cue us a i all r.dwewiil gie you priccs--the same as
) No. 18
M'c wish to tall jour attention to .the fact that we are
making a special price on Tanks for Irrigating and Stock ptu
poscs. If 3'ou arc needing anything in this line call nnd get prices.
Our Bed Cypress, Tanks are guaranteed aud at prices that
defy competition.
The Hutchinson Planing Mill,
OIT.'C ncd Mj:!,S'.:-.r3ia: T.rccl T.-st.
I i'i'
TJurgain Giver?.
l.:'1. l.-lli. I .1(1 nnd 1 (ill,
North Main.

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