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Hutchinson gazette. [volume] (Hutchinson, Kan.) 1895-1902, September 26, 1895, Image 5

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IIUi'CiilnO.N', K.VXS.Yd..
Preventation is better tt an
r jTh'j lfost jirevontiUiva against
tlio ills tint cold wuuWU liible to
!i in. 13 good wtinn urul r.vcar. To-.liiorro-.v
wc inaugurate a
" .' 'The quality of the different
' H'mea, and the values we quote art;
- tieyoud the conception of any buyer
in the state.
At 1 7l2c Each.
Ye can by virtue of a very
Sargo and favorable purchase show
roil a garment that would be very
! e ip at 25c, made of sea island
cotton, heavy fleeced, full sizes, spe
i.d price 17 l-2o.
At 25c Garment
We show you the fiaojt thing
in the country, double fleeced lined,
real nnco yarn, silk crochet trim
med, satin fronts, pearl buttons, flat
double stitched seam?, in fact cou'd
not bo made better, is splendid value
:it 48 cents wo make a very
p 'cial thing of of thi3 number, vests
'imd pants to in .itch at 23 cents a gar
Jersey Ribbed, Fleece Lined
Ye-'ts, runt3 and Drawers, in ecru
ond silver, this is our winner in im
xbr-vear for tin little ones, they are
warm, well made, smooth (warranted
not to scratch) and are not expen
sive. . 16 18 20 22 2:1 20 28 30 32
o7l3r2UcTo72 5e2jc 3ue 3 3e 30c
We keep vests and pants in all
i.cs and boys' drawers from 24 up.
New Idea Patterns
Arc The Bast,
Wc give a cape pattern FREE
with every pur-'liMj of cape ir.atcr
.al. Black Kersey Cloth for capes,
31 inches wide, from 73c to $3.50
Dry Goods Co.
E ich committeeman should cut this
mi tor future reference.
11)1 m Frank Field Tretty Prairie
rliu3 oil John Loive Arlington
toll J. 0. tlubbi il Ol'jott
CattlKtnn..'... T. J. 0'LiH'y ....Cdtm 0:1
C'e.i.er T. J. CrotH I'.ir'ri.lKO
;1 iy . ...H. D. TurMe llnteliiiMnn
rSiitiTtirluc. . ..' harlen I.hu .litun AliuyrllK-
3 rive A. It. Nelson -ylvlii
iir.uit Uooruo dhnw Nickers 111
rl ivon 0. S. nislmi1 Haven
U iyei I. S. Ilmitor Peace, Creek
ilaiitl.c . J. Wlgiitinan.. . .. ..I'lurna
jirgilo.i J. II. Uoim1'.. Lmigilon
l.i.t'e ltiver...J. N. Q ir at -ver Hniiler
Lbeln J. 11. Din; B"olh
f.lhi ). I. HiuU.. l!o:ie Spvllin
M'lf.inl Peter l!o ui"tt SKi.-liii;,'
t-rlr,i D.vid Uiclinoi.d ...Sif.lir
.Mla ui il. Ulcl'.in.ii Tnrnn
SI lueeoiii '). .H. Div.i L'11 tiu;.im
evil 11 iu."! I) ui!i nil "leva
item North.. . 1 . W. .t;i'.liin KmcMiieou
lluiin Simn. . ii'if.) ii iii.jn'j:.V''f
K.khoj Illicit It te I'.vtly Prairie
8 .It Ofcek. ...!). K'n! m in K t Kii'iineon
S miner J . L. (iill .".MS Hope
Sylvii W. ,1. AuiUr-on S lvii
t'l'rov .Inineto. w rllit IVrtriiluu
i Vulley I W. Turk e IIiii.i..lni:i
Wulruit (jo ) I'l.r .In Me'lins
V,'cfimini8ler.Il(;nry Mctfneiry llb'jy viilo
Ilmulrn 1111 -
1st ward L. B. JIa"l.irif
ted '
3rd " J. Ii Smith
UtwurU W. P. WlllUmn
D. W. Kant, C'.mlrmin,
h. B. MCCl.uno, Secretary,
. J. B. Dank, Trrntiiro,-.
Teuiplli'jt TlnmlN.
When your appetite is poor and you
feel you need an appetizer, go and
o HVat -Will Itemicfcs front window.
Or tf '$ on re hnnriry and nothing satis
fies you, co in and try; Ids tuble which
is the very beat in town and and at
hard time prices.
Him. Pnrka Men I.
Mrs. Parks living at 225 east .rd St.
died yesterday at noon of consumption
of which she has been a long sufferer.
She leaves a large family to mourn her
The remains will be buried at the
Pleasant Valley Cemetery nea Sedg
wick City, tomorrow.
Tbe republican j uluiial convention
met in this cky yesterJuy at 11) o'clock.
The three counties have 15 delegates
each an 1 eaoli county his a caudidite.
Uarwy county presented tin n.imo of
A. L Groyne; MjPher.-i o:i is for Jlatt
i;nps')n while the Reno delegates are
f r Jihlge Mirtin. At 10 o'clock last
niht 100 ballots h id bien Uken, e-ich
eouoty standing by its choice. This
nnrnin' the sitiu'ioa reunlns un
c'unged, and look very muuh as though
an adjournment will he taken.
JRnne Ilall.
A hotly contested game of base ball
was played here by the Hutchinson
miu Wichita traveling men's clubs
l ist Saturday. At the close .of the
game the score stood 27 to 28 in favor
of Wichita.
Mr. Ilackett of this city was run
into and badly hurt during the game,
lie finished the game however, but
was taken unconscious at the hotel,
and for several hours his life was dis
paired of and his parents were sent
for.Through hard work of the doctors
he was brought through.
A NHrrnxT EMcnp.
Last Thursday efeninj Mr. John
Gidiiand of Clay township was driving
to town, his horse became trirrhtetibd
and ran away with him. The course
of the runaway was from east Sher
man street near L A. Cig?er's resi
dence, west to Washi na;ton Street,
then north to the Red front b ur., at
which place in turning a sharp corner
threw .Mr. GillMard ont breaking his
shoulder and otherwise bruising his
person. lie was taken to the Midland
hotel where he has been ever since.
No serious damage was done the horse
or carriage, but Fatty's bull dog at the
(ire department got a broken leg by
being run over.
W. V. T. V.
The state meeting of the W. C. T. U.
couvtned in this city last Wednesday
and continued in session three days
witli a good attendance. An excellent
program was executed, and tbe visit
ors were royally entertained by the
local members. A trip was taken to
the Reformatory on Friday.
The resolutions adopted covered
about exeryth'ng. Tney appreciated
the attempt of the state efticial to en
force the prohibitory law in bomk
of the cities; deplored the Sabbath
desecration by running excursions; de
nounced the silo of hop ale and other
DOii-intnxicatiu,' driuk4, and urged
local unions t) dr ve it out before tt
becomes established; Demanded
pqual suffrage, nitional prohibition,
favored the forming of anti cig-trette
leaguee; Comtueudid Dr. I'arkhurst
in bis attempts to stamp out the social
evil; Rsq tfsted that the teachn i in
public schools devote a short wr.iW
each week in teaching kin ln-m to the
ower animals; Favore-I mtinicipHl
regulation lh.it woul I keep bovs nil
the streets nfcer nine o'clock; I'niced
the organization on record as against
mob law, capital punishment and all
lawless proceedings.
Tli" next meeting of the union will
be lit 11 at Kansas City, Kansas, one
vear from now.
Mortgage Sale
At actual wholesale price and
' less. . .
The elegant line of nice dishes
vtis-? lamps, library lamps,
hamber sets, glassware, cut
t'ery etc., etc.
entire stock must be sold in a
few wtiks. Cuine in when
you have the chance of a life
time for bargains.
For Mortgagees.
Thirty Loaves of
One Dollar
at the BON TON
Fii'CRt lino of Oanclirt and
Nuik in ibe city.
No 15
Kuitb Main Street,
WASTE:. 'everiil 'ni8tnitby frentl' men
or Imlii ' lo t-avel In Khokuk for vai.-b-llhel.
n liuli hone. Salnrv ;h:i and ex
pense Ht-a'ly imwIUoii. Km-liiHe ruleronne
ami (telf-'l(renc I en loo. 'Clio Dominion
Company, Third floor, Oiuiliu Illdg. , Chicago.
ig"The Two Johns" are the fellows
tn go to when von want anhinx in
the line of barber work. You will
find them on 8herruu east, back of
the Valley Stale bank.
A Tlioroutlibrrcl.
I will Ntand a fine timronchbrpd
Jersey bull in South Hutchinson.
Tenon $1.Q0 advance.
42 tf G. V. HallowAV,
liiK lor Nttle.
I have for sale 10 Poland China
Boars. Good for any service.
i. W. Kent,
Ilk t'rrfl.
Do not foil toH.-ml f'U- h free s-imnle
ooiiy )"' l lie W'hhXIv Gio'i, Imx 54 i, Di!
V3i', Colo , Bn illustrnr.eil bonn hii.I luin
ily puper ilevuteil to teiiipetimo'', pure
wexteru t.toiie, ininini; news, etc. Fifty
cents per yeiir. S"d today.
The Ooiacii Went
Invites yonr nt.'.eutio'i. Fabulous for
luiieii h:ive iieeu in oln ly judicium ii
ventinpatg in g i!il minin htocks Suml
A stamp for lull p-inirmUrs hOiuiC Grip
pin Creek g ild camp (o-ar Pine's Peak)
uud full partiiMilnrH liboiit our cnoipuoy .
A'drets, Pik'it Peak Minim; & Kail
E.stnt3 L'ompiiuy, (incorporated,) lJ :nver,
It's a
To know that your clothes
are right in every way; to
know that they fit; that they
will wear, and that you are
getting the lowest of low
To wear
to wear
p. 5. St D.
them Ij
the best
Ready-Tailored Clothing;
The shrewdest men in this
locality buy at our store.
They'rt buying more than
ever this spring. See our
beautiful new stock and
Youll Know
The Anrencau oie. ia-tdry 1
making a fj.jo sd'ty ji .a-ndry ng
curtains. tt
I The Hutchinson Plaining Mill is
i pr. jwiCd at all times to do work in
their line. See their card in another
column. ' tf.
Tne "Two .Johns" Hre sitna'cd back
of the Valley State b.nik. Give ttitni
a call fur a smooth shave.
When you are in th city and want
tmrbfr work done don't forget our
cuioii'd fr'pnd, W. A. 'Uiouihs, opposite
the Midland hotel.
C-irt'y buys dead hogs.
1,'iny l.iis di'siil CHitie.
(:ivy liuyt big j iw cattle.
t'rtit-V L:im !;Uleo. 1 1 -tf.
Farm and city loans made and all
I.iinhi ol iiibiiruiicc vuit't-n.
.lonv M. KlNIiLE.
tooms 2 and 1 1 Soiuh Maui.
We roc closlni' o"t iiMileu (its it r.
1... O I I,.,.. ... .tf ,U ,,U f ... ..lib!.,, ., ,i i
Ht'l"llg ll!o'il.
UKO McIvlMSTHY & Co., in with
tt,- tur Sale.
Thnrniiphhred l'olitrid-'hina pics for
p'tle iiotii s'-xes, at my farm 6 iuil.se
pnn'lieast of Haven, or address Wt
Maguire. tf
8(100 i'litl Vear iiml all F.jieiiMe
1 muni A 4 n .tt tnrtft C i ni,i'ul
Aden's to travel and Hppoint local
iigents on our new puliliiiutioiis. Wf
employ lmliesand uenilenipii. If inert
teresied write for Aiinlioation Iilank
full information. If vou cHiinot travel
wrbe for terms to local auen's. A rich
I and beautfl book bonk iost nut.. Ad
. dress. C. W. STANTOX CO. .
;H24 Deal porn St . riiicaio. Ill
For Laiirt hiki l,iiKeek, r Hull
Fr ExrnroloiiH Boo III.
il rtlf far excursions aou'h on Mav
21st and June nth, 1895 Tlie Mobile
&Ohio will-Hell tlikets for these date
at one tare, for the round trii to all
points along its line in tlm stales of
Mississippi '-nd south Alabama with
slop-over r'vileeos. For tickets an
"ly to Hnv railroad ticket agent or to
F V. GieeiH, General Agent, 108 N.
Liroadway, St. Louis. Mo.
E E Posky.
General 1'assenger Agent.
There are longer Imt no lietter ro tils
iu tins or any o'her country than the
Chicago & Alton It. K. This line makes
a permanent.' patron of eveiy traveler
tvliii once gives it a tria1. Ita tricks are
of the lie ivieit uteri mill in mnO'ilLi u
Iflass. lis roail-liHil is stone. balliiKte-d
tlironghoiit. '.Iu fipilpiiieiit in Kiiptoli.
It w8 the lir-t line ou ubio'i a I'lilmiuii
sleeping car was ever i iiu. ill" llrst. line
to adopt dining ous and I lie Disc line to
inn free ivt'liiiing rh'iir oirs. and today
its solid veaiibuled trains, cotitainiug nil
of these modern luxuries, are I'lionin
through on fn-t, tune to and from TJoion
Depots in Kansas City, St. Lmiis and
Chicago witli astonishing reguOii iiy and
ith exceeding comfort to iis evf-r in-;:rea-iui;
patrons. If you ever ntae a
trip in any a trip in any Uirection Iih.
te-n Cansas Ci'v Hnd Chicago, or K io
sas City and St. bonis or St Louis ami
Chioxgo. vud fail to patronize tli Cl'ic
ago & Alton, you may lie hiii that ou
have nusaep nt least one npyortnui'y for
increasing your happiness 10 this life)
Wo. 7 North
Is head and shoulders
sells more clothing. And why? Because they carry better goods,
and sell cheaper than all others Being the only "American" Clothing
House in Hutchinson they sell a bettr claess of Clothing and sell for
less money.
Ifwe sellto you once we, feel satisfied that we will sell to you
again, because we strive to give you such good value for your money
that you can't help but appreciate it. We want your trade! and will
do better by you than any other Clothing- store in Huchinson. Our
suits are the best, latest and most stylish in the city. Our immense
Fall and Winter stock is now complete in Men's and Boys' Suits, Coats,
Overcoats, Underwear, Neckwear, Hats, Caps &c. Remember we have
the best stock of goods, and quality and prices are guaranteed. All we
ask is a fair trial.
Call for tickets on SIVERWARE, as wo give fine Silverware, such
as Sugar Bowls, Butter Dishes, Cake Stands, Knives, Forks, Spoons &c,
Tith Clothing. Roimmbar the place, No. 7, North Main Street.
Sne'-liO' attention Klvon to thi (riatmont tn
klu iIIm) mm. (Iihtc In Upilevnitili ijiiiIiIId.
i'ii iu tho ojautry umwtwd et'ttat i.i0'lH 1
3 North Mala Street.
Or .1 E. Htuwin, Hurgory. Uprvlal atten
tion odiiojiiei oi! wum-.M).
Or. U. A. fiii-war kb Enr.Throiit unJ No9e.
Gluavw pruuuily uiljnslml-
ili)ii.(i)p:ithic rhysician and Surgeon.
Olll o 'o, 10 Nortii Mnirj Street, over
lit-ehin'i Uroorv Store.
Iit.-i.li!iicu 113 l-'liat Avi'mto Kut.
ItooniD 1. 2. mid U III Mimonle ll'ock.
Ollii-p corner ol' Main anil Shunn i'i St.. iront
rooiiix, 'euoiid iloor, Hu nlilnaon, ubiihuh.
V. WOOOAHI), 1) I). 8.,
Sonlliwo't corner of Muln ainl Sherman, Mc
Curdy-Liilleu uoilitlng
J. HUODY, t). I). S.
Miaonlo Blm'k, Hutchinson, Kanaa.
j A. TAYLOtt, M.D.
Onlr.- No. 11 North Main, Mini 8, upstatri.
Itosul nee No. 1 1, litli Avenue, eiat.'
Co-ner of Main and Sherman ttreett In Wllooi
Made a
Weir Mat,
of Me.
THE GREAT aotli liny.
2?xt.x:3rc:"rx xi.iiJ3vri3i3sr
prolines I lie uliore reolU In '30 rlny. It i td
, owei'. iilly mid iinlclcly. Cures when all others (oi..
oiniK men will reiiala thnlr lost manhood, and old
men will recover thlr youthful vm-or by uninn
ICKVIVO. It oiiickly and mircly rnNtorra Ni-rvou
ness. I.ot Vitality, Impotency. Nlnlitly EmlsHions,
I."Bt l'ower, Fatlinu Memory, Wastlnir Diseasi s. and
all effects of aelf abuae or oiensaaud Indiscretion,
which unllUonnforHinily. biiHlnessormarrlaXf. It
not only ciin-a by startlnz at tho seat of dlBeane. bii'
la a Kreat nerve tonic and blood builder, brlnic
ing bark the pink glow to pale rhcekn and ro
Ktoriiiu thn lira of ynolh. It wards off Insanity
and Conminiptlon. Insist on bavin RKVlVO.no
other. Ir can lie carried In vest pocket. By mall.
1 .00 per packairo, or fix tor SU.OO, with m posl
live written (riiaranteo to rure or refund
'hemunef. Cl rnlarlreo. Addreaa
For Sale at Gray tiili'i.
Li "
'rl: IS V" '
II 0 il B
Main Street, Hutchinson, Kansas.
above any Clothing House in Hutchinson and
orth rVfa'r:.
1 - -
Ko 'JO. Wall ami KxpreM.
No. i!4, Nljfht K.f prert
Xo tii, Fruijlit Aco . .. .
ViiMii. m
jl.il n. m,
7:o p.
li:) a
:J p. m
w rw,in
No. 1!, Jf.ill nd Kx;ir.i
No 2K, l)o.lf,-e Ci'T lixprea,..
N '.It!, Kioiijiil ad mil
No. l!runto Prittisnly
No. riinB tnrjiijf.i t- Doilga City
"en. 11 and daily except Sunduy.
No. V, Dciiv.)-. & t-i. Louis Kx..
No. iOi Wi,:liln ft K. i,. accoiii-
JOO lilllOll. ll'AVO!
No. 4.',;, si .,u,i, & Denver Ex..
No. 4HI, V. ji l.liu ,i'i-oriiiiolu'iiiii
Nil. -U, Way i-'r.:Km, i!i''a.-ri. .
U:o, u. m.
:!" p. di
';-m7 p. m.
in; ' p, m.
1 1 :""i p m.
'J i iiiim Mo. J.jl, l'. ;i iu.it 45 do But rau ou tfnn
ilui s.
('nr tiki throiifr'i to it. Louis without
li..lr iio-s ro I) ",vpi-free of cliurgj. TlilJ
tin: ilu-it iii:? io alt i iniii x?tt
n. Towni:ni, (Jen. 'as Avcm
i:L'll i;lM-iiS !. MM'Tllhlt .
So. S. Vail nnl Impress , 6:hi p. DU
No. (I, reiulit imd Aicinn 11:10 a m.
No. I, Mall and !7nc H:0i a. m.
No. il. I-1 o ! lcIi an'l M-oMi. . 3:'i0 p. ni.
Utiilf. jPilliy except Ull'!.iV .
(io-e conn,' ti-'ii in i lo nt llutchlnnou and
Kli'jr'iiin with ili-erirnn lines.
Ii.illv voniH-eiior, with s'a.;" lii J at Cameron,
rcnchhiiroud Creek nio p. in.
wkstiI'O'mi. nr.paifM.
Denver and Utah V Ex A:l()p. in
tiiiHI'ornla Limited 0:35 p. m.
Me-xlcoand California: tix. llMI p. m
ColorMlo Night Kx...... 7:4', a. nt.
Atlnntlo Kx I:fi0 p.m.
Nei York Llin ln.l K?.s 8(10 a. m.
I hU'HK Voetlhit'e Kx 1.17 p. n-
Mlaoourl rivor night Ei S:05p-. m
Greatest Retail
Store in the West
Dry Cod-Mllllnery-Ladloi' Bnlta-Notlona-Boyir
Clothing Mon'i FurnUhHiKa Shoca Jowflirjn
H'lTerware Booka Kurnllure Carpota alt
Paper Hardware Candla-Ner To ltoom.
Why You Should Trade Here
Thcaaiortment la the grotoat In the Weatr
nndcr one roof.
One order-one check-one.alilpment will fltyae.
out complete.
We buy for apot eah-or prlcei ere conac
quntly the lowet.
Money refunded on unaatlafactory gooda-lf re
turned at once.
Ilandaome Wpaite IllaatreM. Catalogue )ort
out of preaa-f rua by mail.
Come to the Dig Storeif you can.
You will ho made wolcomo. If you cnn'l cone.
Bend for our new caiuioiruo free by mall.
Emery, Bird, Thayer & Co.,
Paints - Oils - Glass - Varnish
l' tluters' Supplies Ganerally.
No. 808 N. JInin - Ilutcliinson. Ka
I . w

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