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Mrs. Fuller Come to tlio Roscua of
Her Rufferlns; Bex The Newspapers
She Bay. Are Drawing a
. Flctare.
, HE city of Buffalo,
New York, is happy
in being the home
of many women of
general culture and
refinement; prom
inent among them
la Mrs. Bralnerd
Fuller, a writer of
grace and force and
a public speaker of
particular cnarm.
She la a native of MIddletown,
. Conn., her parents heing Nor
man L. Brainerd and Leora Campbell
Bralnerd. Mrs. Fuller was educated at
Miss Payne's Young Ladles' Seminary,
MIddletown, Conn., and has traveled In
Great Britain, Continental Europe,
Canada, and to some extent In the
United States. Mrs. Fuller read an
able paper at the "Woman's Congress"
at the Columbian Exposition on "Wo
. men as Political Economists." Her
Idea of the New Woman published In
Womankind will undoubtedly prove of
: Interest It is as follows::
V JnRt who tha New Woman of the day
Is, upon whose much heralded advent
many good and sober-minded people
Lave taken fright, remains so far a
mystery. Where In real life there ex
ists an individual, who acknowledges
herself to ha tha orlelnal of the type
dubbed the "New Woman," we have
not as yet been told. Then, whence
comes this strange and sklrtless crea
jture continuously held before our star
'tied ?azn. and whose nresence reDre
santad in nnwnntad and most unseemly
places is, indeed, enough to stampede a
nation back into tne customs 01 past
civilizations. Were Betsy Wig to
drink her tea in modern times, she
would Drobably make another keen (lis
covery, and exclaim, as she once did,
in regard to the existence ,of Mrs.
damn's sunnosititlous nattent. Mrs.
Harris; "I don't believe there's no slch
nprsnn " as this hind of a new Woman
And Betsy would not be so very far
from correct. In holdlnz such opinion.
That times are changing, and women
advancing Into broader fields or ettu
cation and usefulness, none In his
senses can doubt. It is equally cer
tain that the bug-a-boo new woman,
we are worrying ourselves about, lest
she Imperils the perpetuity of present
social order, has scarcely more quali
ties to insure her continued existence
than a phantom or a poorly executed
picture. In fact, she ,1s a sort of com
posite, produced by the various impres
sions of the peculiarities of living ex
tremists, which have been developed
by the fear of pessimists, the anxiety
of conservatives, the wit of lampooners,
and by the caricaturists holding high
carnival over all. The real new wo
man of America, which the nineteenth
century will give to grace the decades
of its successors will be one, who, to tho
gentle feminine attributes of her colon
ial ancestors will ad'd the strength of
self-reliance and the force of system
atic, intellectual training. Her more
liberal education obtained from her col
lege curriculum, together with a freer
mingling In the affairs ot the world
will tend to improve society, rather
than to undermine it. Education, a
wide experience in life, and an ex
tended knowledge of human nature, has
never yet retarded the wheels of pro
gress, or deracinated society, and there
seems to- be no very good reason to be
lieve that different results will prevail,
bcause women possess these advan
tages. As for the "New Woman" bun
dling up her recently acquired knowl
edge, as she would pack a band box,
and flying off with it into an indefinite
place, we call "out of her sphere," why
she never will, to any alarming extent.
Immutable nature has mapped out to
woman her sphere. The golden chains
ot love and maternal devotion bind her
willingly to it. She could not leave it if
she would, and she would not If she
could. So after the .extravagancies
and exaggerations that are now follow
ing naturally enough In the wake of the
movement which Is advancing woman
into a higher position in the social sys
tem, shall have settled down, as ex
tremes attendant on reforms have done
before, the real new woman will ap
pear, as true to herself and her voca
tions, as any of her predecessos. If
the spirit of her times extend her dut
ies, in some instances into public life,
there she will conduct herself with dig
nity and ability. She will preside nt
the fireside, a fair and stately figure,
none the less loveable because adorned
with more ot the graces of Minerva,
as well as those of Venus; none the
less companionable because of her bet
ter understanding of the things that In
terest men.
Every thine Seems Favorable for the
Carrying Out of the Project
Probably John W. Mackay will al
ways be known as a bonanza miner, and
yet to-day he has, nu doubt, a greater
fortune in telegraph properties than In
anything else. He is certainly the
largest individual owner in the world
to-day of telegraph lines, and C, R.
Hosmer io the man he depends upon to
manage them for him. Mr. Hosraer be
lieves the time Is near when the English
government will combine with her col
onies in laying a cable across the Pa
cific ocean. The colonies have, already
granted subsidies or have bound them
selves to do so, and tho entrance into
power of Lord Salisbury, with his Con
servative majority of 150 and odd votes,
Is viewed in Canada as propitious for
the Pacific cable enterprise. "The
Western Union," he went on to say,
"started to build years ago toward
Alaska with tho Intention of laying a
cable across Behring sea and reaching
European Siberia. At the same time
they were constructing a line in Si
beria. This was when it was believed
the laying of the Atantic cable would
not be a success. When the latter
proved a success the other was aban
doned, and now has practically disap
peared, although $6,000,000 or ?7,000,
000 were spent upon it."
The Canadian Poet
"The Kahn" 13 the signature ap
pended by an erratic Canadian Jour
nalist to poems and sketches that have
given him a wide reputation through
out the Dominion. He Is a poet of the
people as distinguished from the poets
of the magazines, and before taking to
Journalism he was for many years en
gaged in farming. Many of his verses
have the directness and simplicity that
characterize the work of Riiey, and at
his best "The Khan" writes true poet
ry. Like every poet engaged in Jour
nalistic work, however, he writes too
much, and the badness of his worst
productions is something lamentable;
but at his best he has a command ot
humor, pathos, and homely sentiment
that entitles him to the high esteem
in which his work Is held by many.
Unspoiled By Honors.
An American lady traveling in Hol
land writes that Melchers, the Detroit
artist who won the Paris exposition
prize in 18S9 and has since enjoyed ex
traordinary vogue on the continent, ia
quite unspoiled by the honors heaped
upon him. Though he has dined with
the German emperor, he still wears a
peasant blouse and wooden shoes on
the plea that he Is too poor for any
thing better. When he went to dine
with the wife of the burgomaster of a
Holland town he appeared In this cos
tume and soaked to the skin by a hard
rain. He apologized, not for the
clothes, but for the fact that they were
wet, and maintained that it was tho
only suit he had. His hostess there
upon provided him with a dry suit of
her husband's.
Jane Addams of Chicago.
Miss Jane Addams, whose portrait is
here given, superintendent of street
cleaning in Chicago, is ono of the most
remarkable women of the decade. She
is the daughter' of Hon. John H. Ad
dams, for many years state senator
from northern Illinois. She was grad
uated from Rockford college In 1881,
and has since been a trustee ot that ln
An Evil Report.
The mother bowed her head and hsr
frame shook with sobs.
"Tell me," she faltered, "tell mo,
kind sir, if my poor lost boy was good
to the last?"
A shade flitted across the bronze
face of the seaman.
"I don't know for sure," he answered
as considerately as possible, "but I
heard Indirectly of the natives saying
they had eaten better."
All was still but the sound of weep
ing. Detroit Tribune.
The largest mammoth tusk yet dis
covered was sixteen feet in length.'
Small and steady gains
bring the
kind of riches that do not take
indfly away.
Humility is a virtue all preach, none
practice, and yet everybody is content
to hear praised. .
Like a Venomous Serpent
Ridden In tba gross, muluna but wails our ap
proach, to spring at and last it a fit ops upon
is. There la. however, a certain antidote to ill
tonom which renders it powerless tor evil,
ilostetter's Momncli hitters is this ncknowl
idired and world-lamed tpeeillc, and It is, bo
lides this, a tborouKh curative for rheumatism.
lyspepoln, liver conipluliit, conntiption, lu
grippe and nervousness. In con ulencenco
iuu ugeit is very serviceable.
Chance opportunities make us known
lo others, and still more to ourselves.
The Kalamn, Wash., Bulletin has
!or its motto: "Grab All in Sight, and
Hustle for Moro."
A True Fish Story.
The following cllpplrtg from a paper
in Canada will readily gain credence:
A canoeing party who returned to
town last Saturday from a ten days'
outing among the back rivers and lakes,
with blistered hand and sunburned
noses, tell an a-w-f-u-1 fish story. As
they wer? quietly paddling down the
river cows were noticed standing In the
water close In shore. As the canoeist
came up to them a queer looking var
mint was observed sucking one of the
cows. When they had recovered from
their astonishment, a gaff-book was
slipped in the water and what proved
to be a twenty-pound museoilogne was
landed. The body of the fish was
swelled out to an abnormal size, and
upon being opened was found to con
tain a four-pound cheese In prime con
dition. We give the story just as it
was told to us, and as tha members of
the party have heretofore borne exenv
nlarv characters, we have no reason to
doubt the truth ot it. By the killing ot
this fish a great mystery has been
solved In that section. The creamery
closed down a few weeks previous ow
ing to scarcity of milk, and the oldest
inhabitants were unable to explain why
there should be a diminution in the
suonly of lacteal fluid. Now the thing
is as clear as mud.
Nothing In It.
What old fogy was it who said, "You
mn't make a silk purse out ot a sow's
ear?" And the remark passes current
for wisdom, even unto this day. Anu
vet there Is nothinc in it. Of course you
can't make such an article of such ma
terial. You don't want to try. It would
ha too exDensive. He might aB well
have said: "You can't r tke a black
beaver overcoat of a p:c:e of white
satin." If we should say to a man:
"You can't make a solid gold case stem
winder watch of a plug of navy to
bacco," nobody would think it was wise.
People would only say it was a painful
effort to be smart. It didn't take much
to Impress peoplo In those older days.
How tho Colonel Made Room.
"Do you think," asked tho colonel, as
he cocked his revolver, "that you can
make room tomorrow for that commu
nication of mine which ha3 lain on your
desk for six weeks past?"
"Certainly!" gasped tho editor, "If
we'ro crowded I can enlarge tha paper
"That Is satisfactory," interrupted
the colonel, still eyeing his weapon. "I
heard that you were crowded for space
up here and I thought that If I got you
and the foreman out of the way there
would be more room. Good morning."
If the Baby 1 cutting Teetn
Do mire and use tint old and well-tried remedy, lias.
Wwslow's SooTUlim Svaui for Children TeoOiln.
"Do you remember, Julian, why
they shot poor St. Sebastian full of
arrows?" " 'Cause they hadn't any
gun." Life. .
"Hanson's Kaffio Corn Balve."
Warranted to cui-o or money rufundod. Ask youl
druxgisS for it. frleo IS cent.
In a Maoriland oCke the reporter
lately wrote: "Dr. Johnson felt the
deceased's pulso before prescribing"."
Tho printer set it up: "Dr. Johnson
felt the deceascds purso before pre
scribing." New York Journal.
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh That
Contain Mercury,
As mercury will surely destroy the
sense of smell and completely derange
the whole system when entering it
through the mucous surfaces. Such ar
ticles Bhould never be used except on
prescriptions 'rom reputable physi
cians, as the damage they will do Is ten
fold to the good you can possibly derive
from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manu
factured by V. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo,
O., contains no mercury, and is taken
Internally, acting directly upon the
blood and mucous surfaces of the sys
tem. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure, be
sure you get the genuine. It Is taken In
ternally, and made In Toledo, Ohio, by
F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free.'
Sold by drugsists; price, 75c per bot
tle. Hall's Family Pills, 25c
"I wouldn't worry ao much about
that boy of yours at college," said a
friend of the family. "He's not a po
ker player." "I know he isn't," re
plied tho father, ruefully, "but from
tho size of his expense accounts I'm
afraid he thinks ho is." Chicago
" My sister was afflicted
with a severe case of scrof
ula. Our doctor recommended
Ayer's Sarsaparilla as being
the best blooil-puritler within
his experience. We gave her
this medicine, and a complete
cure wns the result." Wk.
O. Jbnkins, Deweese, Neb.
The San Francisco Call is to have a
new fifteen-story building, costing
8500,000. :
The more one uses Farmer's (linger Tonio
tbe morn its good qualities are revested lu dispel
ling colds, ladlgeitlon, paio sud every kind of wmk
neis. "What woujd you do, miss, if I
should attempt to give you a kiss?"
"Ishould certainly set my face against
it, sir." Richmond Dispatch.
Wallifnir would often he a pleasure
were It not for the corns. Xhcso posu are easily re
moved with lllndercurn), 15c, at ui'Ulsts.
There are 007 women employed in
tho national and stato banks of the
United States.
' Wild Steer VTaltos lip St. Lonls,
A wild steer escaped Its keepers
while being unloaded from a steamer at
East St. Louis the other day. It swam
tho Mississippi to the foot of Choteau
street and after plunging about on the
levee for a tew moments started on a
mad rush south, pursued by a large
crowd. At Cushlng and Toledo streets
it encountered a gang of workmen
wearing red flannel shirts. The shirts
attracted the steer and for a few mo
ments the air in that vicinity was filled
with picks and shovels. The steer
finally attacked an electric car and was
worsted. A police officer on the car sent
three bullets into its head. They wero
not fatal, but tw more officers camo
up and after an exciting fight the steer
succumbed and was carted away.
Millie: ''If you were in love with
two men and you didn't know which
ono to choose, what would you do?'
Tillie: 'Tut them to the test." Mil-
ie: "A duel?" Tillie;' "Nothing of
the sort. Walk them both by an ice
cream parlor, and see which ono turns
palest." Toledo Blade.
I use Piso's Cure for Consumption both
in my family and practice. l)r. O. W.
Patterson, Inkstor, Micli., Nov. 5, 1801.
Duluth, by a census just finished,
has a population of 52,040.
If Troubled With Sore Eyes
Jackson's Indian Eye Balvo will positively
euro them, ii&o at all drug stores.
The Fool and Ills Bet Onoe More.
Thomas McCann, of Nowburg, N. Y.,
has made a wagor with Thomas Mur
phy, whereby ha is to work one year
tree of charge for Murphy if Corbett de
feats Fitzalnimona. If Fltzslmmons
whips Corbett, McCann will receive $100
per week for a year, he to do nothing
but draw his pay.
Hereman'i Camphor Ice with Glycerine.
Cure Chapped Hands and Face, Tender or Sore Fees,
Chilblains, files, &a. C. ii. Clark Co., Mew Uaran, Cfc
'JJydear, darling, sweet papa, yon
will have a telephone put in the
house, won't you?" "But why, my
dear?" "Oh, you see, papa, my Oscar
lis so dreadfully shy. Perhaps he
would speak to you through a tele
phone!" FHogende Llaettcr.
P1T3 -A II Fit stopped f rnehy Pr. K line's Great
Nerve licstorer. KoHtsatter liiellrsiuay's ue,
SlurvrluutcuiTH. Treat Isoainl S'Jtrlal bottle (re. J
c'lltcaaes. mCuU U.iir. Llliue.lul Aichtt.,i'uila.,f a
"Oh, yes," said the cngino driver, "I
had a chance to become a hero by stick
ing to my post when the collision came
but when I reflected that my name
would be spelled TiOO different ways in
tho newspapers I changed my mind
and jumped." Tit-Kits.
Remarkable Offer I
Free to Jan. i, 1896.
I7s w Subscribers who will cut out this
coupon and send it AT ONCE with name
and address, and $1.75, will receive
Our Handsome 4-page Calendar, litho
(raphed in 14 colors. Eettil price joc.
The Youth's Companion every week till
January 1, iSgo.
The Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hew
Tear' Double Kumberi.
And The Companion
ga Weeks,
A Foil Tear to January, 1897.
Stsi Caeca, PtsMMncs r Eitras Order, sr Registered Letter,
If. "Afflicted for seven years,
' with what appeared to be a
. cancer in the face, other
ClirCCl treatment being of no benefit,
I tried Ayer's Sarsaparilla.
thCSO The result is that in one year,
all trace ot cancer has been
removed." Mrs. Joins B.
IVYOa Eivkrs, Manchester, N. H. .
Highest of all ia Leavening Power.
m. ir
11 ' v--w fJ r
Mz&m$yWS?i spurs
Three Cool l'laces.
Cashton, Wis., has a cavo about lOx
15 and 5 feet high in which snow and
ice remain the year round. The walls
and floor are still covered with ice. On
Lower Au Sable Lake, in the Adlron
dacks, is a cave of Irregular shape,
opening downward into the ground un
der enormous rocks. Ton foet from the
opening one feels the chili In the air.
Above the cave the air is cold. With a
torch one can go down into the cavo
and roll on the ice. There Is an Ice
glen on the north side of the moun
tain facing Stockbridge, Mass., whers
the ice lingers In tho lap of summer
and lures the summer boarders to in
luenzal trips.
Saved Her Life.
Ballwin Say, Winball, I will marry
Miss Helen after all, and prove myself
a hero.
Winball A hero? In what wayT
Ballwin Why, she said If I didn't
marry her she'd commit suicide.
"You wouldn't do for a cable car
conductor," said the water pipe to the
gas meter. "Why?" asked the gas
meter. "'You register too much."
Harlem Life.
"Why don't you keep horses, Todd?
My wife is afraid of horses." "For'
what reason?" "Why, you see, wo
made a runaway match." Detroit Free
Such ills as
and the like,
wSm A1
i 'nf s- ' "-'$Wir There ia no soap in the
" ; m AWfepM world that stands so high ;
J fcmh ySt in the Pmion of thought- v
i '"'Hlri ful women as . "
mhm ma y
For washing clothes or doing housework, it can't be
equalled. Try it.
The N. K. Falrbank Company, - St. Louis.
"3a Times Year.'
THERE are few famous writers In Great Britain or the United States
who have not already contributed to The Youth's Companion, but
some illustrious recruits have been found, who, collaborating with
the old favorites, will enable its editors to make the paper notably
brilliant during the coming year.
Statesmen, poets, famous scientists and travellers, eminent lawyers
and delightful story-writers will provide entertainment and Instruction
for our friends and subscribers in a richer measure than cvebefore.
Our Distinguished Contributors.
The Princess Louise. The Dean of Salisbury.
The Marqui9 of Lorne. Bishop Cleveland Coxe.
The Lord Chief Justice of England. Bishop Doane.
Sir Beniamin Ward Richardson. Sir Edwin Arnold.
The Secretary of the U. S. Navy.
The Secretary of the Interior.
The Secretary of Agriculture.
Tudce Oliver Wendell Holmes.
W. H. Russell of The London Times. Admiral Elliot.
Frank R. Stockton. Cltarles Dickens.
W. Clark Russell. Archibald Forbes.
General Nelson A. Miles. 1 . F. D. Millet.
Hon. Thomas B. Reed. Andrew Carnegie.
And More Than One Hundred Others.
Positively Corad with Vegetable Remedies
Bar cured tbonuulds of . Car euM pro
nouaced hopalsss br best physicians. From ont doM
symptoms disappear! la ten days at least twc-thlnls
aU .yniDtoma reaiovatL Send for free book te.timo
alslaof Blramlouscaraa. Tea dsj's treatment free
67 aialk If ,00 order trial send lOe In stamps to pa,
poetac. r- H. H. Otisa Kn, Atlanta, Oa. If
on order trial return this adtarUieiaeat to ua.
Tor all anrtne; Waentne
The Trade Mappllrel.
Send for whole) prtce
ll.t, Bislock M r s Co,
It Locust O.. St. Louis, Ho.
M I V T 9 i I Rod" for loratlnt- rold or llTeTor, loat
MlrtCflAL or hidden treasure. For particulars
addnjas C l. eowuta. Boa ill Southlaftoo, Coaa.
Latest U. S. Gov't Report
m All IfSifSf
vj ,i
3 irwvtf&s
The Value of Trees.
How many farmers and others, too,
whose places are destitute of fruit and
shado trees. Again, how many rented
places are devoid of trees of all kinds.
Has the land-owner ever stopped to
consider that a small orchard, a few
yard trees around every tenement
house will greatly enhance the value,
attract and bold a better class of ten
ants, make life more enjoyable and
that too at practically no cost? We tell
you there is a great deal ot selfishness
when we look abroad and see how
stingy and selfish many are with their
tenants, and oftentimes perchance some
good farmer rents his farm and moves
away and is so selfish as to reserve all.
yes, all the fruit produced, denying even
this to his tenant. Landowners owe
their tenants and the public generally,
duty by planting at least a moderate
quantity of trees. This is a wise pub
lie policy. Ornamental Tree Growing.
Wife; "Shall I pnt your diamond
stud in your shirt, dear?" Husband)
"What on earth are you thinking of)
Do you want to ruin me? I have a
meeting with my creditors this mor fl
ing. "Texas Sittings.'
The working men of Great Britain
and Ireland earn 000,000 a year, M 1
per cent of which goes for drink.
Promptly and Effectually.
Sold everywhere. Made only by
Camille Flammarion.
Justin McCarthy.
Admiral Stevens.
Admiral Markham.
Ave., Boston, Mass.
at Oar Risk.
Cleamef and beanullee the half.
lroinolef a laruiianl frowta.
Wer alia to Restore 'Gray
Hair to ita Tonthful Color.
Cans erelp dlceiMe a hair laliwc.
Hi: .rd gl um Dnnctrls
W. N. iXr-WICHlTA-VOI- 8, HO. 4S.
Whea Answering Adrcrtlaamcnts FlaaM
afeatloa This Paper.
" usaaiasi "
' ":
. fj
nciiswHtnOiuiTAiLrrf 1
liBestCoutbSrup. Taawa Good, C J 1
C J In time. 8"lrl rr drnnalita. t I
bmi auii

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