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Foresight and good mer
chandizing go together.
r Foresight
Told us
were a good thing-wc
bought all wc could get
of them, because of the
good quality and the
low price 27 inches
wide, line heavy card,
black and colors for
waists, skirts and fac
ings 75c Yard.
The old 5 1-4 a pound
--Price for raw cotton
still holds good with us
in all of our Cotton
Goods we bought
heavy before the raise,
.and have enough to
carry us through this
Cotton Ratts.
a- a asw rw aa WW J
Hosiery and
All at Old Low Prices.
Cotton Eiderdown
Baby Cloaks, Angora
Fur trimmed, sizes 2 3
and 4 $1.00 grade,
At 73 cents.
20 inch Black and
Seal Brown Farmc's
Satin fine quality fast
colors just the thing
for cape and cloak lin
ings the best 50 c
At 35c Yard.
Seal Brown Silk
Serge, 36 inches wide
lor relining plush sac
rfjues and capes
Only 59c Yard.
Full weight Import
ed Saxony, all colors,
fine quality.
5c Slsem
are the best Only 10c.
Dry Goods Co.
Quite l Trxn..
Mrs. E. li. Wilcox his pone to
floualo.i, Texas, to torn her husband
who Is in business Ui ere. Sho whs ac
companied by Miss Nellie Malcolm
who goeiin SHarcu of better health.
.AC III. If. li Cliurcb.
A series of gospel meetings weie
opened at the United Brethren church
ld C street eas; last Tuesday eveuiug
and will continue through the week.
A. cordial invitation is extended lo all.
Treated Mctly.
Mr. Arnold speut part of last week
i.i Medt'oidaud Wit I ma towubhips,und
was treated loyally uj the people
t a-ru. lie udded several now aamcS
10 the list .or which we lake Una
means to return our thanks.
Hill t.iilerliWu.
TheA.O. U. W. loJ'e of this city
will give an eiiteiUiuuicut next Tuei
day m Uio way of a big dinner at their
Master Workman Wallace, of Kim'
wiU'behTd and will deliver an ad
dress ou the "Aims aim Work ut lue
1 lie I'liriMIInu . Unroll tun venlioll .
The convention of the Christhiu
church of the 7..U Ktuiu.s dis'riet,
comprising Iteuo, Sumner, S.a'furd,
Mcl'uerson, ltice, Sddg.vicK, I'ratt,
Kingman, Harvey, Harper, Barker
and Barton counties has ben in session
in this city tor three days with a fair
Mrs. Mary E. Lease
will deliver her great
lecture, "Unamerican
Tendencies" at the
Christian church in
this city Friday even
ing, Nov. 22.
VnlttriMUal Church.
Services at Universalist church next
Sunday morning and evening, 11 and
7:30 o'clock. 1'reachingby Kev. Geo.
N. Falconer. Subjects: "Iteligious
Idea oldand new" and Friendship."
Sunday school at 10 a. m.: Junior
meeting 4 p. m. and Y. 1'. C. U. 0:30
p. m. We welcome every body to theo
Our Nollcllor.
The Gazette management Las
placed Mr. Lee Arnold in cue lit. Id to
aolicit new uubseiibertt and to collect
subscriptions due. Out readers will Hud
Mr. Arnold one of the best fellows on
earth, a redeemed democrat, a man
posessing all the qualifications of a
true southern gentleman. Any favors
snowu him will be appreciated by the
bosat this end of tue row.
Bllteu ltjr a IIok.
During the sale of Cue ho 33 0
Meosrsr Uresham and Maguire's at the
Blue Front barn Tuesday two fine
boars belonging to Mr. Gresuam began
fighting and Mr. Maguira attempted to
seperate them when one snapped at
him inserting one of his tusks iu his
leg under the knee. While the wound
is nut considered dangerous Mr. Ma
guir has suffered very much from it.
Hog. fur Sale.
I have for sale 10 Poland China
Boars. Good for any service.
U. W. Kent,
The 111 Ullnii t'hurcli.
The lecture course of the Christian
church opens the season Friday
evening with Mrs. Mary E. Lease r.lio
will deliver her celebrated lecture ou
'Unamerican Tendencies."
There will be (lye e-.itortainnients
during the winter and one dollar buys
a season ticket which admits to all.
An admission of 25 cents will be
charged for those not holding season
Streetor, the popular restaurant
man. U serving meals at 13 cents, at
he old stand.
I11 anne.
J. II. Nanney was brousht up from
Haven last Monday evening in a de
mented condition'. He and his wife
were in search of a home and were go
ing to Arkansas from Western Kan
sas. On last Saturday they reached
Haven where the first signs of insanity
were shown. He was placed 1n the
county jail where be is being treated.
In all probabality he will be sent to the
state insane asylum.
In order to get out of business Mr
Goldberg is elling one certaiu lot of
J3.00 and $3 50 hats at only 18c.
Licensed to xrttl.
Probate Judge Fontron has issued
licenses to the following parties: Wm
Weidelneger' of Little Rock. Ark., and
Gertrude Marrow, of Hutchinson; J.
Albreoht. of Albion, and Frances Zer
ger, of Hutchinson; J. J. Alhrecht of
Albion and Mary Zerger. of Albion;
Gecrge Wadsworth, of Buffalo Gap.
S. D.. and Frances Caldwell, of
Medora, Kansas; John 8. Edigerof Mc
Pherson county, and Mary Nickol, of
Medora Kansas; Chas. II. Baker, of
Arlington township, and Alics A.
O'Djncel of Malta. Ohio; George II.
Moore and Emma F. Kissick, of Nick -cr:rn.
mtii? a TWPxrmTOTia
What They Believe in Regard to the
Present European Troubles.
Chicago' Police Forca to Be Trained 80 as
to Develop Their Musolea The Salt
Combine Raise Their I'rlcos
on the Commodity.
Ei.woon, lnd., Nov. 2a In an inter
view concerning the Adventist belief
regarding the present Turkish troubles
In relation to prophecy, Elder W. H.
Ebert, of Frank ton, lnd., one of the
leading exponents of that belief, said:
"We Seventh Day Adveutists believe
the present Turkish crisis foreshadows
the end of the world, the destruction
of its kingdoms and the second com
ing of Jesus Christ. Wo base
our belief upon the fulfillment of
prophecy and sea in the present move
ment of nations the gathering together
of the nations to tight the lust great
battle of the centuries the battle of
Armageddon. The Ottoman power, or
Mohammedan power, is the one
mount in the ninth chapter of
ltevelations, which was to he
given power to torment men five
months, or ISO years in prophetic
time, when it, was to gain supremacy
and be srivjn power to kill men 391
years and fifteen days. The Ottoman
power fulfills all these conditions for
it was founded by Othraan July 27,
12!)'J, and for l.'ij years tormented men
when it became supreme until August
11, 1810. The nations are now moving
towards that battle Held, and all their
terrible implements of modern war
fare will be there when the seventh
vial is poured, when the battle of
Armageddon, which is described in sym
bols in Revelations xvi., 17-31, will re
sult. The United States will probably
not be represented in this battle, but
will be among the remnant left to be
destroyed afterward. When this battle
occurs, as it shortly must, its climax
will be the second coming of Christ
The end of all things is even now at
the door, and the nations cannot long
strangle the Turkish complications, as
the unrest of nations is urging them
on to bring about these things, for fear
of which nations are trembling. The
time Is near; watch."
Many Hold Land Swindle..
Sioux City, la., Nov. 20. F. B. Rob
inson, an attorney of this place, has
just succeeded in unearthing the oper
ations of a Des Moines concern which
for some time has been engaged on a
large scale in the manufacture and
sale of bogus deeds and mortgages.
The, company usually selected a piece
of land in some remote district, gener
ally in a swampy or heavily timbered
country, the exact location of which
could not be proved except at great
expense, prepared a deed covering it
and exchanged the deed for encum
bered land which the owner was
about to lose uud for which he
was glad to get whatever the
company was willing to give
him. The concern then paid off
the encumbrance on the property so
secured and sold it at a profit. The
locations usually selected for the
spurious deeds were Christian county,
Ma, Washington county, Ua.,and Wy
oming county, W. Va. The deeds had
every appearance of being regular and
were accompanied by abstracts of title
purporting to cover the entire period
from the time of the grant by the gov
ernment to the day of the transfer by
the company.
Athletic for Chicago Policemen.
Chicaoo, Nov. 2a Chicago's police
men are to be trained athletes, and, if
the plans of Dr. Joseph Hawley, medi
cal director of the civil service commis
sion, are successful, they will soon be
able to compete physically with the
trained "hobbies" of Scotland yard.
Dr. llawley has secured the consent of
both Mayor Swift and Chief Iladenoch
of the police department to tho intro
duction of a system of athletics and
drills in the department extensive in
its scope and calculated to make ac
tive, athletic, brawny men out of the
oOioers. The system is to bo intro
duced in the next ten days in every po
lice station in Chicago, and within two
weeks there will bo a well equipped
gymnasium provided for the exercise
of the men.
Salt Trice Cornered.
Chicago, Xov. 20. A local paper
says: "The leading packers In the
stock yards, ns well as the lesser ones,
are worried by the salt combine, which
has raised prices until now it seems the
effect of the salt trust's squeeze will
cost the packers n matter of
Jtoo.000 or S:00,000 a year. Rock
salt has advanced in price
nearly 100 per cent. The packers dis
patched trusted men to find out
whether salt could bo bought else
where. Their agents have returned
and reported that the combine seems
to have secured everything. Packers
instead of paying Sfci 7.i a ton, are now
paying $4.73 a ton for their rock salt."
Iran k HnlTman, a Missouri Desperado,
shot lir Hickory County' Slier I IT.
Sim(Inokiki.I), Mo., Nov. 20 Frank
Huffman, the notorious outlaw, who
had long delied the authorities, was
killed last night by Sheriff James K.
Moore, of Hickory county, 50 miles
northwest of here. Huffman was the
leader of the Otterville train robbery
on the Missouri l'acific railway ami
broke jail in Howard county e:?lit
months ago, since which time he had
been hiding in the hills of Hickory aud
Cedar counties.
tor the M order of a farmer.
Toi'KKA, Kan., Nov. 2.1 Uov. Mor
rill has inaile a requisition upon the
governor of Iowa for liill Heddy,
wanted in Norton county upon the
charge of being the murderer of Al
bert Anplegate, an old and respected
citizen of that cnu.it.v. whose body was
found in his cornfield November 8,
where he had been shit to death. Cir
cumstance pointed lo Heddy us the
! -i.r .!.;. u . . ..-., 3t M5n?t
The Financial fauna Dltcnesed Before the
New York Chamber of Commerce.
Nkw York, Nov. 2a The 127th an
nual banquet of the chamber of com
merce of the state of New York was
held at Delmonico's last evening. The
yearly dinner of this organization is
among the most important 'events of
the metropolis. Utterances that have
moved the policy of the government
have been made on those occa
sions. It was somewhat after 0 o'clock
when President Orr, in a brief speech,
i(,.,i,,,l y. ., r,.nlu mk.
Introduced Secretary Carlisle, who
cnnlra nn Oiie Pnwnntf SivB?.rtm " i
t hive but little to uy this evening, and will
take but little time to suy lb Two years ago.
nt your annual banquet, I sold that the dispo
sition an I ubllit ' o( the povernracnt to m:iin
t iln its own credit al th j highest standard, and
to preserve tho integrity of ult forms of cur
rency in circulation am'ng the people, could
not be reasonably doubted and ought not lo be
the suliji-ct of further controversy. Hut the
task is both (llllleult and expensive. Since that
declaration was ma lo here, inturesi-bvaring
bonds to the amount of nv.VU . UK) h:ive been
i-.su'd to procure gold for the redemption ol
the United States notes
The funi'.aniontil vice in our currency sys
tem is the le;Ml teii.ler nolo redeemnblo in
coin by the u".vernmeat and reissunble under
t'no Ww. There are other defects, but this
theatens tha stability f the whole volume
if our currency. So long as theso notes
nro ouutau ling the slightest diminution of
the coin reserve at once excites u feeling ol
nopreht mlon and dl-lru-t affects, the v.ilucs
of all so unities, curtails investments and j
more or le-s scriou.ly embarrasso 11. 1 the;
business urriir.s or tan d;:iiip. in aiierniKing 10
provide a circulating tnediir.n consisting of Its
own not, s redeemable in oin on presentation
and rclssiiahle after redemption, the govern
ment of the United Stat "s is engaged in a
business for which it it wholly untitled andi
which was never for a moment eonlemplulc.1
y. its founders.
No changes made lu onrcurrency system will
uHord relief unless it provides for thu retire
ment of the legal tenders.
Tho circulation of legal ten lers his a ten
dency 1 1 drive out of use und out of the coun
try the very coin in which the government is
compelled to redeem til tin und it has expelled
millions of dollar from oar borders. Although
the government und our own p jo.ilo are com
pelled to rocelve theai, they will not discharge
inluriiation il obligations, und gold must be got
to settle ull final balances ugilnst us. No
other government In tho world is required to
supply gold fro.n Its treasury to discharge the
private obligations of its citizens.
The theorie th it the government can create
money by placing its stump upon puper or
other material t nit u legislative enactment
can make M cents equal in value to I'M cents
that arllllcWIly 111 lint d prl cs paid in a depre
ciate I currency lire better for the people than
natural prices, paid in a sound currency und
Turious other vagaries now flowing like bub
bles In the political atmosphere are ull attrib
utable to the long continued us j of legal ten
der piper. Tho proposition that a promise of
the government to puv money Is money, is
just us absurd as is the proposition that u
promise to deliver a horse Is u horse, aud yet
there ure eminent men high in public coun
cils who be.leve that the United Stutes
promissory note is actual in may, an I tint the
statute which compels all the people to re
ceive it as actual money is constitutional
and ought to by continued i.i force. The agi
tation for the free coinage of legal tender
silver is predicated upon the sumo vicious
principle that underlies the legislation mik
ing paper promises a legal tender: but there If
a practical difference between the two sys
tems. The United States note was a forced
loan from the people to tho government, which
the government promised to repay In dollars,
but the free coinage of le gal tender silver at
tho rutlo of ID to I would be a forced loan from
tho people to thu ownirs of silver mines and
silver bullion without a promise of repayment
by anybody.
Much of our financial trouble has been
cause) by doubt and speculation here and
abroad, concerning the views and purposes of
our people at large and the policies of the po
litical parties to which they are attached. This
Is a government by purtles, and Investors
watch with' the greatest interest and solicitude
every manifestation of popular opinion, es
pecially1 changes to be made in the chief execu
tive office. It Is of vast Importance
that these doubts and speculations
should be set at rest In order that
the world mny certainly know what
is to be our (icrmancnt monetary poiiay.
Vague and Indefinite declarations by the groi'.t
political organizations of the country not only
increase doubt and distrust ubroad. but en- I
courage harmful agitation ut home, und I hold, j
therefore, that it is the duty of all wh ure or
may become in uny degree responsible for the
welfare of the country to Insist tbat there shall
be no further equivocation or evasion iu our
treatment of this great subje :U
Let us have no more ambiguous phrases, no
more inconsistent und Irreconcilable clauses
In party platforms or in public utterances, but
let us make our meaning so clear and our pur
poses so plain that they can bo neither mis
understood nor successfully misrepresented.
If a majority of the people of the United States
ure in favor of the maintenance of the present
standard of value, they ought to have an op
portunity to say so. Ou tho other h ind, if a ma
jority of our peoplo are In favor of abandoning
the present standard of value and establishing
sliver monometallism, they should have an op
portunity to say that. When this Issue is pre
sented we need not fear tho result. Such an
appeal to common sense, the commercial In
tegrity and tho national pride of our people 1
will not bo in vain, and when tho contest is
over the question will bo finally and coticlu-
slvely settled In accordance with tno general
Judgment of the most advanced nations and
the real Interests of our own country.
After .lan. 1 Mr. Goldberg's address
will be Kansas City, Mo. No is your
time, if you wish anything in his line.
Thejr are Clrent.
What? Why some of the cood har
aains offered iu 1. Goldberg's closing
out sale.
Nome People are Sever Sallnfleil.
But then some others are. Myers &
Son. the erocers. are only sitislled
with the largest and best trade in the
citv which they now have and if you
will g'landHPe them you will know
the whv: They have the best stock
and treat their customers the best of
any iirm in the city.
New llnrne Shop.
Mr. ('. C. Uolee has severed his con
nection with the old firm of Jones &
Odee, and has opened up a new shop
at No. 5 Sherman street east where he
will be pleased to meet all bis old cus
tomers and as many ntw nnea as he
can. If you need any repairing don
this is the nlace to go. Don't forg
ehe ulace. No. 5 Sherman east. 3 tf
No Cure No Pay.
Johnsons Lightning Pile remedy is
guaranteed to cure lillnd, Ulcerated,
Itching or Bleeding Piles. It absorbs
the tumors, acts as a poultice, allavs
the itching at once and gives instant
trelivf. it is prppafn oniy ror pnes
I and is not a "cure all" for the ills the
llesh is h"ir to. A fifty cent box will
I cure via, or your money will be re
turned. Forsalebyall druecists in
I Ilutchinion. If your driugist doe3
! not cany it send dirpct to me.
! W. L. Jonvsox.
,U0 If. II-.:'.:L:ns5n, Kansas.
Special attention given to ths treatment o
kin iiiese. Oittce In lJMleTxiih bulletin.
'all 111 tile ciinatry anawerud either ulgbt or
m North Main Street.
Pr. .1 E. Stewart. Surgery. Special attca
tloa ndUpaiw nf women.
ir. n. ft.owwurr itye. cur, mroainnaaose.
G1.,HS .., ,,.',,,
llomrt'pathic Physician and Surgeon.
Ofllie Nn. 10 North Mala Street, ovei
Brenm'a OrncPrt Store.
Roxlileitoo ll:i first Avenue Eait.
Room 1. 2. and 3 in Masonic Il!ock.
OlWe iTirnor nf Main 11ml Shornnn St., iront
rooms, remind Itnor. 1 1 u n-li I nsotl, Kftnn.
y wom)ARD, r. . 8.,
js .
Sontlnvp't enrner of Main and Sherman,
Curdy-Uillett building.
J. UUDDY, t). I). 8.
Hutchinson, Kana".
Hock ,
OnWNo. 14 North Main, room 8, upstairs.
Residence No. 14, 6tn Avenue, eit.
Cn-ner of Mni n and Sliermun street! in Wilcox
WANTEP: Several trustworthy gentlemen
or ladles to travel 111 Kxii-hs for estab
lished liou-e. Hulary $7H0nnd expenses. Htcsdy
position. . Enclose reference timl self-addressed
Ftanip.-d envelope The Dominion Company,
Third Hoor, Umuha Itldg , Chicago.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Hutchinson Gazette.
Will be furnished our suhsorihers on the
following terms, whioti ia the regular
suhscriptiou price of
The Post-Dispatch Alone.
Daily and Stind.iy Post-Dispatch and
Gakbttk 85 00
Daily Post-Diapatoh (Sunday Excepted)
and Hie Gazette, one year 3.00
Sun lay T'.'Bt-Dispatch ud the Ga.bttb
one year 00.
In other words, if you order Mih l'ost
Dispitch throiiifh th- (UzttTTB you get
jour home pa, tr FIIEK.
Tho Post-Dlspaton 19
The best
The Best
It is the ouly St. L'him Paper that
And for Western
Men and Measures,
For lh e people against the Plutocrats,
Trustii and Corporation Oppression. It
is now edited and managed by C. II.
Jones. Thipeiple of tie w.st kuow
his ability ns a journalist; wheie he
stands on all public questions and what
be is for. lie never leaves 'hem in
doubt. His ideas aud sympathies are
with the western aud touthern people
and not with Wall street.
Ia which the prelimin iriei for the great
contest iu 19'JO wiil ba fought.
This Offer is Special
and Limited.
Send in your or Jew at once to Tub GA
ZETTE, Hutchinson, Kausts.
Rocky .ttounlHlit Vlewi.
Set of six beautiful Alhertype views,
including Castle Gate, Garden of the
Gods, Summit of Pike Peak, etc., on
11x14 pauer, with wide margins, suit
able for framing, sent to any address,
postpaid upon receiptor tifty cuts, by
F. A. Widh-izi'. U I. ."oT. A., llo
t.ii.iii'!e V.'i-j.ci i, I! j .j.. ihe City,
No. 20, Mail and Ki press tiUOo. m.
No. 24, NUrht Express MM p. m.
No. ea, Freight Ace n.4(). m,
No, 1i, Hall and Express 7:M p. n
No. 2S, Dodge City Express :30 a. m
No. 61, Freight A worn p. m
No. 1!) rant to Pratt only
No. runs tliroug-.i to Dodge City and.
Mos. S3 and H dally except Sunday.
No. 8. Sonvei & St. Lonls Ex.... U:ui a. m.
No. US I Wlohlts A K. u Accent-
moimtlon. leaves 4:00 p. m
No Hid, Cienosi'O Aoioinmodo-
tlnn. arrives 6:!5 a. m.
No. 4.VI, Si. I.onls &DonverEx.. 7:07 p. m.
Nn. 4l, Wichita Ai'comiiiodaiinn n:40 p. m.
No. 4ii, Wity KroiKnt, ileum. 1 1 ;0-") p m.
Triims No, ),"!, 4ltf and 405 do not run on Sun
davs. Curs run through to St. Louis without
Chi'ir Ciirs to Denver free of charge. This
the slu.it Hue to all points west.
H J. I.kimiiach, Agent.
II. O. Townsknp, Gen. Pus. Ai?ont
HC'J'l II1NSOV & SOL'TllKlti.
No. 2. Itnil nnt Express 6:10 p.m.
So. , , Vt-f in ht iind Aeenin II :( a. m.
No. 1, Mull und Express S:o"i a. m.
No.ii. e'ri'lalu anil aci-uhi !!: p. in.
lliiilv. Daily except .uiniuy.
CliiM! roniiM'tlon i:i;nln at llutchinanu sad
Klnirimin with diverging lines,
lliiilv unnnei tiiin wiih taw line at Cameron,
reaching I'uiiil Creek al.l p. in.
Denver Hiid CUili V Ex 4:42 p. in
CulifoMila Limited 8:116 p. m.
Mexico and C.illlornla Ex 0:M) p.m.
Cnlnrnlo Night Kx 7:011 a.m.
Atlantic Ex 11:15 j. m.
New York Llin, ted Kx :I5 i. m.
Chicago Vnetllin'c Ex 11.15 p. m.
Missouri rivnr nlL'ht Ex 8:Wp, m
Accoiniiuidiition. leaves H;1r a. m.
Accommodation, arrlrca 7:50 p. m.
Hot Water,
Gold Water.
.The State of..
Has more Miueral Springs, both Ho
und Cold, of trieii medical ((Utilities,
than any similar ura in the
World First Class Hotel Ac
coinui'xlntious. Iteuelied
only via the
Denver & Rio Grande R. R.
Tourists and
Health Seekers will
find in tbe Hooky Moun
tains Henltli, Hiid Wealth and
Pleasure, Bend fur illustrated pamphlets
B . T. Jkiteky, Pi ps.
A. 8. ikr.HKs, TiMlllo Mai'n'r
S. K. IIooi-KH, 0. 1. & T.
Denver, - Colorado.
Thirty Loaves of
One Dollar
at the BON TON
Finest linn of Candles and
Nuts in the city.
No. IS
Noitb Main Street,
Jones & Hansen, Props. A i
full line of fresh and Salt
Highest Market Price
for your chickens. We also
buy your fat cattle. Give
us a call.
32.1 North Main Street.
R. a. COVimTOS, Cashier.
M issouri National
Made a
WpIIt Mar.
v :i .'a I I .:v " "
13tUDay.il 0f Me.
proilnres the nhove revolts ln'30 days. It arV
jfowertuily and quickly. Cures when aU others fal
Younc nu n will regtio their lost msahood.sndokl
mn will recover their youthful ior br tuinir
KKl'IVO. Il niilcklyandsurelrreiitoresNi-ryoiw-tirv.
Lmit Vitality. IrapoteDCT. Nishtlr Erolwlcne.
Lot rawer. FailiiiR Mrniory, Va.stiM Diseiws.uul
all effect of self.ahusa or exccusnd indlscretioii.
which unfltKone for rmiiIt. bnin"fwormrrie. It
not only cures br utartlnu t thewtt of disease, bo"
Is a great nerve tonic and blood builder. Unne
ing bu ll the pink clow to pnlo cheeks and re
storing tlvi lire or yonth. It wsnls off tnnsmty
ml ConMinit'ti. n. Insist on having RKVlSO.ni
rtUcr. It can Iw carried in Trt pocket, fly maiu
atljioperiwliase.or i lor S.OO. with a poul
' ve u !!'! i.n:"ri to ear or refund
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