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Dlt.J, W, MAlHlliiu.
Diseases of Eye, Eur, Noso nnJ
OlaHfasSfli'ntlrleslly Artjnd. Offloe In Ms
aunlu rumple, IIuUiIiIiihoii, IUuiu.
TIib rage of full fevers which baa
leen quia severe Id tbls place ibis year
seems to b abating.
Mrs Dt'riDUof Norm 1'upUr Street
I) us gone to Colorado to Join tier boys,
will be permanently located In Color
ado Spring. .
Durluit tbe last week the reformatory
bas been pretty muoti running Itself
while the ollloers and employes bave
been home to vote.
E. T. Hackney of Wellington closed
his speaking trip with a sueeDlitt
Turoo last week sol returned to Wlcti
dtu via this city on Friday.
There la a notable fewness of corn
buskers in this county this fill. It Is
oaslly accounted for because there Is a
notable fewness of even nubbins for
them to husk.
A new time card went into effect on
tin Santa Fe yesterday. . It Is usual
with this road to change time about
twice a year, spring and. fall. The tri
weekly flyers ot limited through trains
will now begin to run.
The Hallowe'en crowd of boys th'
veur were rather tame. The police
were uncommonly active aud most of
the boys who usually do tbe mischief
liad to be content with Innocent capers
and harmless pranks. However there
were six arrests of bojs made for des
truutlve uilsohlef.
The two reformatory boys who at
tempted to escape and had not been
captured when the last Issue of tbls
paper was Issued have since been re
taken. They were arrested In Okla
boma City, Oklahoma. Officers were
on their track and wired ahead giving
information upon which they were ar
rested. So now they are all again
lodged behind the bars.
Mr. Webster of Lincoln township
who keeps a weather record for the
weather service department, reports
that Uotober was the warmest In a re
cord of twenty-seven years and the
weteat but one In twelve years.
This weather Is giving the new wheat
a splendid start and everywhere the
fluids are green and thriving. For
Home reatiou, perhaps because of so
much moisture, there seem to be nut
few coiiipjiilMtH of aiuage by grass
This week we announce a chanue in
tho uiiHl'iee !'"'i of The Mroivn Hard
ware Co. wlnu !us been represented
in our advertising roluniH ever since it
opened up In business. The senior
iMtinber of tho llrui Mr. Charles Drown
sold bis interest In the business last
Thursday to Mr. 0. IS. Walte. Mr
Walte Is an old traveling mau who has
resided In this city for the past eight
years and has a large business acquant
Hnce. Like bis present partner, Mr.
Jiabbitt, he has quit tbe ranks of tbe
travelers to take the more settled Hie
of tbe resident business man. iiotb
members of the new tlrm are thor
oughly experienced In the hardware
business and will no doubt be success
ful in tbe venture.
This year baa helped very much in
developing the fruit Industry of Heno
county. Notwithstanding the -(liy
. .... . r
spell la the littler part 01 inn , sumSV,
that was almost If not ' units' 'titti
dented, tbe late rains seem to 1iuV
been sullluient to bring a very large
apple crop, 80 me of our orchards
would cause some of the old fruit
growers of the Ease to open their eyes
in astonishment should they he visited
by them. Fine large red apples, juicy,
crisp and succulent almost overburden
the trees. Many of the farmers who
have been successful in harvesting
their crops have determined to adopt
new methods In handling them, rut
ting them in cold storage until tbe
most favorable time for marketing Is
the favorite method. One farmer
with a large crop has decided to work
up most of his crop In cider and apple
butter which he will put on the mar
ket. All druggists guarantee every bottle
ot Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and
will refund the money to anyone who is
not Bath-fled after using two-thirds of Its
contents. This is the best remedy in the
world for la grippe, ooughs, colds, croup
. and whooping oough and is plensunt and
safe to take. It prevents any tendency
of a cold to result in pneumonia.
Another Distressing Accident.
On last Wednesday evening alter the
Gazette had gone to press a very dis
tressing accident occurred on tbe Hock
Island track Just south of the round
house. W. G. Taylor, and old man up
ward of seventy years of age was run
over by the cars and his' body mang
led. No one saw him when the acci
dent occured and the matter as to just
how it happened Is largely conjecture.
It seems that there were several freight
cars standing on a side track discon
nected from any other, and under one
of these or between two ot them the
old man had seated himself on the rail.
While he was sitting there some other
cars were kicked down against them
with the result that I was run over.
His body was found shortly after
ward. Near where he was found a
spoon and a bottle of medicine were
found also. It ts claimed that some I
men working on some cars near by bad
called to blm a few minutes before he
is supposed to have been caught under
tbe wheels and told hlrn there were
loine cars being backed down toward
him. He lifted bis head a moment aud
then dropped It again and they thought
no more about tbe matter till his body
was found. From his son, George V.
Tavlor, who lives on Avenue F. East
and works In tbe salt works it was
learned that tbe old gentlemen bad
started down town after some grooer
les. It Is supposed that he bad been
taken sick and bad sat down on tbe
rail as above described because lie was
unable to go further. The spoon and
medicine found near by seem to Indi
cate tbe truth of this theory. The son
said be bad been quite sick only a day
or two before. However It was a very
deplorable death.
The coroner's Jury after summoning
several witnesses decided tbat there
was no criminal negligence on the
part of the rail road employes.
Of course that the road is not liable for
civil damages, though that might be a
hard thing to establish In this case.
,', J. 8. Taylor Killed,
J. S. Taylor a prominent farmer
who lived a few miles northwest of
town In North Heno township, was
found dead In his barn on Wednesday
morning. Near blm was his gun dis
charged, tbe load entering bis left
breast, A 0011 1 six o'clock In the morn
ing be got up from his bed and went to
the barn. He then returned in a
short time and got his gun, saying he
was going out to kill a skunk. He
went to the barn and In a few minutes
a gun shot report was beard. One of
bis daughters went out and found blm
as above described.
On tbe floor of tbe barn was a mark
which seemed an imprint made by tbe
butt of tbe gun when it was discharged,
n is clothes were powder burnt as well
as the flesh showing tbat the muz.le of
1 be gun was very close to him and the
charge seemed to have g( ne horri.ont
ally through bis body.
Mr. Taylor has been a resident of
this county for many years being one
of the early settlers. He is the father
of three married daughters all of whom
live in this county, and two boys who
are still at home. He and his wife
had Just returned from a trip to Indi
ana, he having returned to vote. Ho
was about fid years of ago. prominent
in church circles and wus well respected
by all his neighbors.
"I have ubed Chamberlain's CMIa
Cholera and Diarrhoea Jfamedy and Hud
It to be a gnat medicine," says Mr, E, 8.
I'hlpps, of Poteen, Ark. "It oured me
ot bloody (lux. I cannot speak too
highly of It," This remedy always wins
the good opinion, if not praise, of tbote
who uas it. The quiok cures which it
effects eyen in the severe oases make it
a favorite everywhere. For sale by all
Horticultural Boolety Revived.
The meetings of the county horticul
tural society bave been allowed to
lapee ever since about May or June
when tbe last meetings wore inter
rupted by rain and bad weather which
prevented an attendance in tbe grove
where they were to have been held.
Through tbe busy season too it was
difficult If not Impossible to keep up
attendance and Interest. A meeting
of the excutlve committee was held
the latter part of last week however
and tbe meetings will be again re
sumed. The next meeting will be held
at Twenty-One ball In this city on Wed
nesday, November Uth.
Tbe meetings which were held last
spi ing were if much value to the farm
eraand fruit growers of tbe county and
a continuance of them will no doubt
result In much good to tbe fruit grow
ing Interests of tbe county during tbe
years to come. Tbe lteno County
I Tortlcursl Society la an organisation
that should be encouraged not only by
the farmers and fruit growers them
selves but by the other citixena as well.
For tbe developing of thlsno.t tbe least
of our Interests helps the county as
well as the Individual who is himself
personally Interested.
To remove a troublesome corn or bun
ion: First souk the corn or bunion in
warm water to (often it, then pare it
down as closely as possible without draw
ing blood and apply Chamberlain's Pain
rtalm twice dally; rubbing vigorously
for five minutes at each application. A
corn plaster should be worn for a' few
days, to protect it from the shoe. As a
general liuiment for sprains, bruises,
lameness and rheumatism, Pain Halm is
uueiiualed. For sale by all druggists.
Football at Nlckerson.
List Saturday witnessed a gaunt) of
font bi.ll between tho Nlckerson Nor
mal Hiid the Kmpona State Normal
teams that must have been good. The
reason it must have been good is that
one players got his shoulder dislocated
and there are charges that there was
an attempt to drug the Nlckerson team
by the placing of belladonna or some
other poison in tbe drinking water.
Nevertheless the Nlckerson boys won
a glorious victory, the score standing
1" to 0. Tbe Emporia team is reck
oned as a good team and tied the Uni
versity team a few days ago. Under
these circumstances the Nlckerson fel
lows feel that they have earned rating
and a place in the annals ot fame.
Having nice weather; plenty of rain;
little cooler; everything is booming;
wheat is looking fine.
Mee'ing Is progressing nicely, a num
ber of conventions and some that has been
converted once have to come agiln, as
usual nt every big meeting, A good at
tendance. Not very much going on except meet
ings, Kd. Brully is breaking Dowsers Daisy
mare; guys she is easy to ride,
Mr. An.lorsoii from lYuU.is hero visit
ing Melius. hull lid v.
Watch for (iilhooley Inception at
the opera Iioiihh.
li'onrlh Year in IvimwiiH.
The Expert Chicago
Will be here again at
the Hotel Brunswick,
Hutchinson, Kan, on
Wednesday, Nov. 14th,
One day only.
All chronli), norvtus and private dlaeaMi ot
but h D.xof, iuci"ftilly treated.
(let Clark'. One M Inula lloailiche Carom
drugitoroi. Sample! f ree.
The Oldest, the ; Largest
Bank In the Valley.
Hutchinson, Kansas.
Uniled States Depository.
E. L. MEYER, Pres. W. H. EAGAN, Cashier.
rown Eiardware Co.
Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Stoves and
W&ite & Babbitt.
There inn't a man who would he seen
running through the street tunnelling a
piece of pie. Why not? Iltnium! it
would mean dynpeiiHia mill stomach
trouble? Not ut till ; but because it
wouldn't look well, As a mutter of fact
tunny a biiBluens mini snatches a lunch
in such u hurry Unit he might as well
take it oil the run, That is one reason
for the prevailing " stomach trouble "
mining nu n of business,
There la a certain remedy for diseases
of the stomach and other organs of
digestion and nutrition. It is Doctor
I'ierce'a Guillen Medical Discovery. The
worst cases of dyspepsia and ciilurrh of
the stomach have been rured by this
medicine, It cures where all other
menus linvc failed to cure,
"I IikiU (wn IxtttlrN of Dr. Tlrrrr'n C.iililrn
Mnliml Dlmiivery for utiiiuiuh Iroiihlf," wrilnt
eiitrr-iK-e Ciiriirn, )M ol Tnvliinaown, l,omlimti
Co., Vu. " 11 Old mr M ninth wind Unit 1 didn't
limr liny mure. I run rut
tiUMt anything nnw. I mil no
wru pira.ro will) II I In. i illy
kimw how to tlinnk you for
your kind liifiirniiiliun. I trtrd
wnoir lomi imiiKt
Itrfore I wrote In
you. Tlirre wan a
Kriillrinnn told me
alio u I your mull
cine, nml how It
hud etirrd In. wife.
1 thought I would
try holUe of It,
Am now iilad I did,
for I duu'l know
whut 1 would liHvr
done If It hnd not
turn for Dr. I'lrri'r'a
('.olden Mrdlcal Di
covrry." Doctor Pierce's
riciuuint IVllets
cure biliousness,
They stimulate
the si u r irish
liver, and cleanse the sys
tem of impurities. They
should always Ik- used with
"Golden Medical Discov
ery " when there is need of
a laxative.
For the latest designs in
The corrnot shapes aud tints in
. Call at .
Campbell's Book Store,
20 N. Main St.
Where you will also find the host stock of
Books, Kver
Games, Brought to
Novelties, HutuuinHon.
School Bcoks 1 Supplies
Agents for Reno County.
When you
See it in A'
Yon know it's
Corner Second and Main.
Good Goods
it all Prices-
No Trash at.
lay Price,
O 0
I Some Special Prices on -
Men's Furnishing Goods.
Wood Mfg. CO. Pants Cut Overalls, best In tho State for 75c.
Men's PantS. 100 Palis Men's Pantsall sizes, worth ll.SM aud $1.50;
slightly soiled, all In a bunch, to olose out for yga
Ouck Coats. A Urge lot of duck coats, all slr.es. We d not care to
handle these good la the future and wll'. make you prices on them be
low llrst oust.
A Rood lfM., duck coat, worth today $l,ftO; oar price .... $1 .00
A 12o& coat that you cannot match for lues than $200, for.,. $1.25
A lighter weight, that is worth 11.00 to .26; our price Is only .... 75C
Men'S SOX. Heavy dark wool Sox, the IJ5o kind, special for 25c.
A large lot of gray wool Box tljt would be cheap at 25c our price Jq(
One lot not i)uite as heavy as the last number for J2c.
Winter Caps. A few Men's winter caps In the stock through mUtuke
which we wUh to olose out. Come and see them. The price 'will suit
von. '
Underwear. A heavy fleece lined shirt and drawers to mutch worth
fiOo for llSc. The beat line of underwear at SOo ever shown. They are
worth OIW).
We have a full line of outing Flannels, Flanneletts, Blankets,
Yarns, and all goods kept in a first class dry goods store and at
prices that cannot be duplicated for first class goods. Come and see
us and we will do you good.
Corner Neoand nil Hal. II uleblnaou. Kansas.
Are you keeping up with the times?
Are you going to build T
Are you going to repair?-
If so you should figure with the
Hutchinson Lumber
and Planing Mill Co.
They handle everything that is wood
in the building line, If they haven't
what you want In stock, with their
planing mill they jnuke it. Con
tractors for all sorts of buildings.
. Bee them and got prices.
Office 1-10 Sherman West. Phone 78,
Hutchinson, Kas,
Don't oough your bead olT when you
can stop It for !To. 8ee the Midland
Drujj Co. Theyhavc the remedy.
The Midland DniR I'o's phone num
ber is -7, locution llrst door north of
the Midland hotel onicc.
N6ckwear -- -- Mo(
You Ever 8aw, jojoijJjAiiAJjA HatS,
. . 50C . . jo Buy Your Cold Weather Suit Means 50c to $3,5
' thj Choice of . . .
The Largest Clothing Stock
in Kansas .
We Had the Pick of the Wholesale Tailor's Stocks-We Have the Best from Them All.
There Is not a suit in our store tbtt we are ashamed to label with our own nami, and conuniuently every one
bears our uiHiualifled guarantee. Kvory suit and overcoat Is fresh this season and our stock contains everything
that is new and swell in Men's and lioys' apparel.
WE OKFBH you now tbe llm-Ht, Men's Suits, single or double-breasted,
in Cassluieres, Tweeds, Vicuna, Cheviot aud Worsteds, plain
goods and all the nobby, fancy patterns, splendidly lined and beauti
fully llninlied . , , ,
At $ 1 5.00. $ 1 8.00, $20.00 and $22.50
This firm is succeeded by Waite & Babbitt Charles Brown I
having on November 1, sold his interest to Chailes I). Waitc. Mr. Wailc
brings into tho new linn plenty of capital ami ripo experience, both ho and
Mr. Babbitt having for many years been representing wholesale hardware
houses on the road, MuuU new gooi's will be added to tho large stock car.
ried by tho Brown Hardware company and the new firm will make speuiul
elfort to treat all customers with uniform fairness and make this "a good
place to trade." Pemnmber tho naw name
114 North Main Street.
"A Good Place to Trade.'
OUIl BUYEK3 secured a lius of Men's Hulls
double aod single breasted sacks, with
single ordouhle breasted veBts, bomb ok 'in hm
niivi'.uaiiiLK.one side matching the suit aud tbe
other a fancy silk, which gives yon two vbsts
in one; the suits are made upof Sootoh Cheviot
Cassimeres, and Fancy Worsteds sold every
where at $13.00,
Our Price Only 1 1.80
SURPASSING VALUES iu Sootoh Cheviots
Fancy Cassi meres and Worsted Suits
that are absolutely correct iu style aud per
fectly tailored with some of them you bave
choice of single or double breasted vests
You cannot find the same values any
where else for less than $12.00 or
llil 50
We Offer Them at
You Buy of Us as Low as Other Stores Buy to Sell Again.

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