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Willis Daer An Malik
Th whits deer were the features c4
(lie past direr buntlnf Mason In th
Adirondack!. Prior to the killing ol
these no Thlte deer hud been killed
In New York stato (or CO years. Both
mors purs whit bucks, with pink earn
and pink eye.
I.outalene'e Namee,
Lnnlaiuna hag bean called tho "Cre
ole State," from tho character of lta
populutlon, niauy o( the French set
tlers having married Indian or mulnt
towomon. It la also known aa tho
'Tellcan stute." Thla bird waa for
merly very abundant In the delta of
the Mlaslsalppl, and lta representation
In the atute arnia probably lnuplred the
Mronl' Irleh A a net try.
It la not generally known that Mr.
Marconi, tho adapter of wlrolesa teles
ruphy, la oa much an Irishman aa an
Italian In all but the matter of birth.
He Is, it appears, first coualn to a
leading Wexford merchant and the ion
of an EnnlBcorthy ludy. Mr. Marconl'i
maternal grandfather waa Andrew
Jumoaon of Dpphne CuBtle and Fair
field, Ennlseoithy.
' Arm or Cumberland Men,
The mon who composed the army
of the Cumberland havo had a ro
markuiblei record since the war. Three
of tho army'a generals have become
president Grant, Garfield and Harri
son. Bvery commander In chief of the
United States army, with the excep
tion of Gen. Miles, aerved In the army
of the Cumberland. Soventeon mem
bers have been In the cabinet, thirty
eight have been senators and 300 have
been In congresa.
la One Word.
It It by no means necessary for a
man always to enter Into an elaborate
explanation of his feelings lu order to
make tbem clenr. "What's the name
of the fellow who wrote the tune of
that coon aong we've Just been favor
ed with?" naked one man of another
at a mowing of the Amateur Compos
ers' Club. "Jones," returned the other
man. "James Jonca, I believe. Frank
Walloy wrote tho words." "Ah, I was
aboub to ask the name of Jonca' ac
complice" was (ho rejoinder.
For tS.OO He Guarantee to Do Tlml
for Which a Lndy Offer Win .100.
Kansas City, Mo., Feb. 25, 1901.
(Special.) 8ome two yenre ago a lo
cal druggist engaged In a transaction
which waa In Its details somewhat re
markable. He was visited by Miss
Anna P. Nichols, who had a doctor's
prescription for rheumatism, which
the druggist was Ailing. In the course
of conversation the good lady said: "I
would give one hundred dollars to get
He Immediately replied: "Give me
five dollars and I will guarantee to
cure you."
She agreed, and he at once handed
her a box of Dodd'a Kidney Pills, say
ing: "They are 60c a box. Two boxes
may cure you, but I am quite aure that
ten will."
M188 Nichols tells the story aa fol
lows: "Dodd'a Kidney Pllla are verlt
able life preservers. I waa troubled
for five yeara with Rheumatism, ao
that at times my right arm seemed
paralyzed and I could only walk with
difficulty, and could not go out of
doors if the air was damp or cold, I
took so much medicine that I think
my system was poisoned rather than
helped. One day when my druggist
was putting up a prescription for me
I remarked to him that I would give
one hundred dollars for a remedy tbat
would make me better."
" 'Give me flvo dollars and I will
gunranteo to cure you,' ho. Bald. I
readily agreed and he handed me a
box of Dodd'a Kidney Pills, saying,
'They are 50c a box. Two boxea may
. cure you, but I am sure tbat ten will.'
I left my prescription Intact and, ln
Btead, took these Pills, and I found
thorn, as I said before, to bo veritable
life preservers. Before I had finished
the second box I had my first perfect
night's rest In years. I gradually Im
proved. I had determined to use the
ten boxes before I would give up, but
Imagine my surprise to And that be
fore half tbat quantity was used I was
completely cured. This was two yeara
ago, and I have not had a twinge
Miss Nichols la Vice Grand Baxter,
Rebekah Lodge I. O. O. F., and la one
of the best known and most highly
respected ladles lu Kansas City, and
hor experience will be read with Inter
est by her many friends.
Dodd's Kidney Pills never fall to
cure Rheumatism. They are 50c a box,
alx boxea for $2.50. Buy them from
your local dealer If you can. If he can
not supply you, send to tho Dodds
Medicine Co., Buffalo, N. Y.
Mining for Timber
One of tho most curious mines that
Is worked is in Tonkin, China, where
in a sand formation at a depth of
from 14 to 20 feet there Is a deposit of
tho ateme of trees. Tho Chinese work
this mine or tho timber, which la
found In good condition and Is used lu
making troughs and for carving and
other purposes.
Gold la the Iluatle.
Soon after the death of Mrs. Betsey
C. Thllmen, in Oneonta, N. Y., a rela
tive noticed an innocent looking bustle
hanging on the wall. It was taken
down, and found to be rather heavy
An examination disclosed, carefully
packed away In the bustle, $250 In
Cold. . .
Grecian Queen'e Unique Pmltian.
The queen of Greece holds a unique
position for, on account of her groat
love for tho aea, the late Emperor Al
exander III. of Russia, mode 'her an
admiral of the Russian fleet, Instead
of giving her the customary regiment.
Her majesty la the only lady admirU
In ths world.
Citizenship Cases Maybe Appealed
To The Courts,
Washington, Fob, 00, Tho secretary
of the tuUn'lor transmitted to tho
senate an amended treaty between tho
Dawes Indian Coinmlmiion, on behalf
of the United States, and tho Choctaw
and Chlehasaw Indians. The govern
ment provides that no child born to
any citizen or frcotlnnn of either of
thoKO nations after September, 1001,
nor any white person who Intermarries
with a Choctaw or Chickasaw woman
after that date, ahall be entitled to
enrollment, and that no person whoso
name appears upon the rolls aa a citi
zen or frccduian o.' uny other tribo
shull be enrolled aa either a Choctaw
or Chickasaw citizen or freed man,
Tlio treaty also rIvcs authority to
cither tho Choctaw or Chlchasawa to
Institute legnl aotion to annul tho pro
ceedings of tho United States courts In
admitting persona to cltl.eushlp In
those tribes under tho law of JH'.W,
without due notice. Jurisdiction la
given to the United Stales court for
the southern district of Indian Terri
tory to hear such cases and appeal Is
allowed to the supreme court of tho
United States. The agreement rat I lies
the townhlte law of May 31, 1000.
le Wet Out of Cn.io Colony.
Capo Town, Fob. 20. Colonel l'luuiot
ongnged General Do Wet on tho south
bank of the Oratigo rlvor, capturing a
gun and a pompom and tnliliiir fifty
prisoners. Tho Iloers wero scattered
and are being pursued by Colonel
It la reported that General Do Wet
escaped to tho opposite bank In a boat
and is now tleolug with a handful of
. London, Feb. 20. A dispatch re
ceived hero soya that Prcsldunt Hteyn
told the Boers that they must shift for
themselves, returning to Orange river
colony as best they could. Hteyn and
and De Wet took 300 of tho best horses
with which to escape. French reports
that tho Boors nro retreating lu scat
tered and dislocated parties to tho
number of 5,000 Ln front of him. Thus
Do Wot'a attempt to Invado Capo Col
ony has completely failed,
V, ft. LmiU The World,
Washington, Feb. 2fl. Twenty-flvt
years ago the United Stales stood
fourth in tho nations of the world In
the exportation of domestto prod nets;
now the United States Is tho first on
the list. The total exports of domestic
merchandise from the United States In
the calendar year 1000 were $1,01.1.013,
(150, those from the United Kingdom,
which has heretofore led ln the race
for this distinction, wero 81,418,348,000,
and those, from Germany, 81,050,011,-
llnwnllnn Cable.
Washington, Feb. 21. The commit
tee on commerce, made a favorablo
report upon Senntor Perkln's amend
ment to the sundry civil appropriation
bill, authorizing preliminary contracts
to be mado for a submarine cable from
San Francisco to Honolulu. The
amendment makes an appropriation of
8500,000 to bo Immediately available.
Will iou flnteii on Sunday.
lM4r,,i.i v v Vnii i 'i'ii.. rv...i...
says that it has been decided to open
the gates of tho 1'an-Amerlenn exposl
tlon on Sundays. According to tho
story the management of the expos
tlon will not discuss tho subject ln any
way but tho gates will bo open the
first Sunday afternoon after tho open'
ing of the exposition.
Until l'rooea tu Surrender,
.London, Feb. 2(1. A communication
from Lord Kitchener is received to the
effect that General Botha had sent an
emissary admitting that he was out
maneuvered and asking for a meeting
with a view of arranging general sur
Lord Kitchener replied by fixing n
time for an interview; meanwhile
Kitchener is completing operations
by which ho hopes to catch DoWet. A
cabinet council was culled to consider
Kitchener's dispatch,
One Cndnliy Kldnnnpor.
Omaha, Feb. 21. The police have
arrested Jas. Callahan, charged with
being ono of tho Cudahy kidnapper,
Young Cudahy has positively ldontillod
him, as have two other parties.
Cudahy says ho was tho man who
forced him into a buggy and afterward
acted as his guard while in the kid
nappers' hands. Another says ho sold
him the horse and buggy, while a
party to tho renting of tho house whero
Cudahy was kept says he Is the man
who rented it
Ornnt (llllette Coming.
Chihuahua, Mcx., Feb. S. Grant
Ulllet to, tho Kansas cnttlcumn, bus
left for Vera Cruz, from which place
bo will sail for New York. From Xuw
York ho will return to Kansus City
and settle up big affairs. Ileforo leav
ing Chihuahua, (illlctte stated to
friends that his wife had agreed to sell
her property In Kansas and with that
money he could and would pay .50 cents
on tho dollar of his Indebtedness.
When he left here he was broke and
in vcrv low spirits.
Government Control! ths Telephone.
The tolophone service of the king
dom of Norway Is now In tha hands of
th government, which hns purchased,
at a groat expense, the prlvato tnle
phonoii In the country, and telephono
communication has been established
ietween Bergen and Chrlatluuiu, Lara
Lea In Chicago Record,
Cnlanlilng Neil rue i ,i I.llierl.
Sixteen negroes have sailed from
New York for Monrovia, west Africa,
where land will be given thorn by tho
Llberiun Colonization society of Blr
mlnghum, Ala. This organization is
said to have umplo funds and will fur
nish transportation to 500 mm and
women In the spring,
Tulierenloalt In lawn.
The Iowa stato board of health hns
Issued 10,000 circulars which will bo
distributed throughout the state to
arouae public sentiment to the neces
sity of establishing an Institution ln
that state for tho Isolation and treat
ment of tuberculosis. More than 3,000
people ln Iowa die from this dlseuso
ach year.
Deuolug Cloie a Ulinrch.
Dancing has caused tho downfall of
Holy Trinity Episcopal church In Ben
ton Harbor, Mich. Ono faction want
ed to dance and tha other faction
didn't. An eruption was tho result and
the paator, Frederick Welham, left.
The church la now closod on account
of thla danco wnr and It will probably
not be reopened very soon.
Celebrities Write row Letter.
Autogruph letters of famoiiB men
will be far rarer In the future than
now. Great men of today content
themselvea with signing their names,
often with rubber stumpa, to type
written documents, and It will bo hard
to get much sentiment from typewrit
ten mauuBcrlpts, Springfield Repub
lican, I'o Nlgnnl Ben-Coloe; Veeaele,
Wlrolesa telegraph atatlons are to
be erected at lnlshtruhull, In the north
of Ireland, and at Klldonun, Arran,
Scotland, respectively, for tho purpose
of reporting and signaling vessels at
sea. Col, Hozler, on behalf of tho
Lloyd's committee, has Informed tho
various Glasgow shipowners of the
J'ertecntlon Iluoyed film Cp.
Benjamin DlBraeli sprung from a
persecuted race and pushed his way
from humble life to the topmost round
of political and social power. Scoffed,
ridiculed, rebuffed, hissed from the
house of commons, he simply said:
"The time will come when you shall
hear mo." The time did come, and the
boy "with no chance," swayed tha
scepter of England as prims minister
for a quarter of a century.
Every man la all right in his way
but a lot of them are right in tho way
of others,
Red Cross la the beat Ball Bins the
world knows. Large package Cc.
It's a good reputation that can't ac
quire spots.
Ton Can Oet Allen's Foot-Knee Fred,
Write to-day to Alien S. Olmsted, Ls
Roy, N. Y., for a FREE sample of
Allen's Foot-Euse, a powder. It cures
sweating, damp, swollen, aching feet
Makes new or tight ahoea easy. A cer
tain euro for Chilblains and Frost-biles.
At all druggists and shoe stores; 25c.
Tho caslost note to write is tho hard
est to pay.
PI U lip "IM lilffl
Dack op a sewer, and you poison the wholo neighborhood. Clog up liver and bowels, and your stomach Is full of undigested food, which
tours and ferments, like garbage In a swill-barrel. That's the first step to untold misery Indigestion, foul gases, headache, furred tongue, bad
breath, yellow skin, mental fears, everything that Is horrible and nauseating. CASCARETS quietly, positively stop fermentation In tho
stomach, make the liver lively, tone up the bowels, set the whole machinery going and keep It in order.
Don't hesitate I Take CAS CARETS to-day and be saved from suffering
aai-sT,iw J by ' bret.
tTJ T "SOir I m Imlnroal to try GAICA ,
jT -jur" X X IXIITa I will never be ultoont them In tbe , J
Jf. y X VW bouse. My liver wm la vary bed soap, obvt
S,jf , 1 .A and mi bend eohed nnd I bed etomeob trrv
I'; ' I I 1 1 ble. Now, slnoe aeklof Oaioerete, I reel fine.
jf f -jr J 1 1 lcn Mr wife bss sleo wied tbom with fieneflolnl meo
I f i f S I f Mis raaalta for sour stoinneh " nM'
II 1 (' f 1 Jos. Knsmjwo, .
f t J M Oongresn St, Bt, Loots, Ho, play, A
I I S-r "JlT '-lit Bis np. Srtvl
OTJAK MTlin TO CTBl all Wvrel trewblee. nvnenSleltU, btlloaaaeoe,
baS kroath. bad blaaal, wlad aa tba etaaaaok. bloated baweU, f"ul month,
fceaeaabe, iBallaioaMaa, bJhibIoi, alnaior aatlaat, liver traakle, oatlaw eaaa
elailaa fa' ajealaeo. When laar kawala dual aaave roaalarlr Jroa 1 are
retUoa; elok. Caaatlpattoa kllu ware aeeple kaa all other dlaaaoeotaeelhnr.
1 la a auurtar far (he eka'aale allaaeaCa aad loaf; reara at anXrrlj) J that eeaie
roa will aavtr lit well and be
arao. jva aaateer what alia
r iiil -a aiai aw aaaiwioaii oaaara wii.
ewaramee 9m earn ar aaaaey raraadea.
ClnolnantTe Sentlble Tenement taws,
The city council of Cincinnati, O,,
has passed an ordinance requiring that
all now tenemonts shall bavt a bath
room for each suite of rooms having
a separate hallway, and that remod
eled tenements shall have a bathroom
for each three rooms. Penalties of
fine and imprisonment are provided
for violations or thla ordinance.
The Tnut I'rohlem.
To a thoughtful mind, the trust problem
Is one of serious Import. It must be
llrmly grappled with, for It c.-oeps upon
Hooloty before you aro aware -.f lis ex
Istunee, In tills respect much roKembllng
Hie various dlnorure which utlnclt tho
stomneli, such n constipation, ImllKimtlon,
.lyspermln, and blllousnens, Hosteller's
Htoniuoli Hitlers will cure all such ail
ments, nnd prevent la grippe, timlariiil
fever und aguu, lie sura to give It a trial.
Fle Timet Divorced.
Mrs. Elizabeth Lldy, 80 years old, six
times married and five times divorced,
has been adjudged insane at Peters
burg, Ind, Sho began hor matrimonial
adventures while still a girl, and she
continued through life discarding ono
husband after another, hopeful that
she would find an ideal one, A com
mission decided that this hopeless am
bition waa evidence of Insanity and
ruled accordingly.
KulUtinenU In Beotlnml.
Enlisting In the army was brlak in
Scotland In the past year. At Edin
burgh the year waa a record ono, about
1,200 recruits being secured, against
700 tho previous year; at Aberdeon
there wore 336 enlistments, 110 of them
were for tho Gordons; at Dundee, 1,005
men enlisted, nearly 300 more than ln
1890, A much better class of men are
said to have enlisted than In formor
Member of goloete Aalronomlque.
Professor Puul J. Robert of Mobllo,
Alu has received oilielal notification
of his election as a member of the
Soclcte Astronomlque de France. JIo
wus nominated by Camlllo Flamma
rlon and M, Touchut aftor writing sov
cral lunar and meteorological reporti
for the monthly review of the socloty.
There are twenty-three members ln
tho United States, four of whom are
Jurlit'e Kenton for Iteelgulng.
After thirty-five years of continuous
service Chief Justice Dcpew has re
algncd from the New Jersey supremo
bench. That his intellectual power Is
unimpaired may be gathered from a
remark ho made on announcing his In
tention to resign. "I much profer,"
said he, "to withdraw when tho pub
lic may wonder why I do so than to
wait until ths public shall wonder why
I do not."
Every man makes tho mistake of
thinking he can fool his wifo as easily
as ho used to fool his mother.
There Is no remedy that can equal
Qarflold Tea for tho cure of all derange
ments of the liver; it has for years been
the standard by which other remedies
are Judged.
The Impecunious man doesn't need a
magnifying glass to make ft dollar look
pretty big.
fiend the Advertisements.
You will enjoy this publication much
better if you will get in the habit of
rending the advertisements; they will
afford a most interesting study and
some excellent bargains. Our adver
tisers are roliable and send what they
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our Stoiiiac&i?
well all the time aaul jren n-t jour bowele
raa, otare tajcluar UAH'jtjtKia wuaj. inr
I today, aad
wader aa aboelute
All the world's ft stage and most of
tho occupants are supers who play
thinking parts.
Bnselinll jiloTers; flolf plsveri! all play
ers cbew Willis's Yuraluu wblUt playing.
n't.. i, i. .. ...
tin mini i ill ijuun it, iiiumug
cases ls seldom good at anything olse.
Lft Grlppo conquers llfo Wizard Oil
conqunrs La Grippe. Your druggist
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The strong man Is weak If he lacks
confidence In himself.
I um sure Plao'i Cure for Conaumptlon tsved
my life tbroe years nuo.-Mr. Tnos. IIoodims,
Maple Stroet, Norwich, N. Y Feb, 17, 1 000.
Judicious silence Is an eloquent in
dication of wisdom,
Tnko Laxativs Uhomo QttininbTaiii.btn, AU
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K. W.Urovo'skljinutureUuntbebox. CAo.
Ln.y men are like theories.
3eldom work,
It requires no experience to dye with
boiling your goods ln the dye la all
that's necessary.
How's TnllT
n m A. Ui.Hnuil flnlluo ManraWrl fl
nrrh LhuL cuniiut be uurod bl Hull's
tslarrb Ouro. .-.
V, J. CHUNKY a. I.U., I'rop., 'ithouu, v
Cheney for tho Ihhl 16 years nd believe nlm
uml llimnolully utile to earry out any oblige
tlons made by their linn.
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Ol Witldlni!, Kin mi u & Murvlu, Wholesale
DniKKlsts. Toledo, Ohio.
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ln dl really upon t lie blood and mucous surleuee
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tlic per boltle. Mold by nil druKgtsts.
Hull's t'uiailv 1'tlU we the bunt.
A fool ln ono thing is usually ft fool
In another.
Don't Oet ruouora! Uei rOOT-KASB.
A certain cure for Swollen, Smart
ing, .turning. Sweating Feet. Corns
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dress Allen S, Olmstod, LeRoy, N. Y.
When you forgot there are others
you aro ncarlng a burned bridge.
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world knows. Large package 6c.
Straitened circumstances cause many
a man to become crooked,
The skin sad flesh feel like
tbe fit of s new soft glove when
m st
fesi driven out
from cold.
IJVTAHJITF1 TO ClTKKi five yeare aeo ih Oral tn ofCAI
rAKKTwaaoald. JSaw It laovoralx aalllloa boo a yrar, ratr Ihaa ear
alaallitr mrdlalae In Uar world. Thle la abaolute proof of (."""V . .
anr boat totlaaBlal.
annranlerd la eare araaaar roraadod. Ua
wa nave nana, ana
f hoa, a fair, boneat trial, avo vor olaawla dlrertlena, and
..!. I ... la. aa. ralara thai ain..ad VOo hai
rrlara tha nnnaed
ill by lealC ar tha dranlat fraaa whaaa you paroiiaard It, aad rt yoar aeeavy
baok for both boxro. Taheenradvloe-tin Blatter what alio yo,i-oar today.
- - I , ,11 Wll A Klataa .Wa, van. Hr.l afairtod the 0"
atClNCAItS'ie. ttaak tVea by ntalk Advil
" I do not feci very well, I am ao
tired all the time. 1 do not know what
ls the matter with me." '
You hear those worda every day; as
often as you meet your friends just so
often are these words repeated, More
than likely you speak the same signifi
cant words yourself, and no doubt you
do feel far from well mout of the time.
Mrs. Ella Ulce, of Chelsea, Wis.
whose portrait we publish, writes that
she suffered for two years with bearing-down
pains, headache, backache,,
and had all klndsof miserable feelings,
all of which was caused by falling and!
inflammation of the womb, and afteri
doctoring with physicians and numer
ous medicines she was entirely cured by
e I 1
Mm. Ella Pica
Lydln E. rinkham'a Vegetable Com
pound. If you aro troubled with pains,
fainting spells, depression of snirlts,
reluctance to go anywhere, headache,
backache, and always tired, please re
incmlwr that there is an absolute
remedy which will relieve you of your'
suffering as it did Mrs. Rice. Proof
is monumental that Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound is the
Sreatest medicine for suffering women,
o other medicine has made the cures
that it has, and no other woman has
helped so muny women by direct advice
as lias Mrs. l'lnkhami her experience
ls greater than that of any living per
son. If you are sick, writo and got
ber advice ; her addreui is Lynn, Mans.
23XlXjJLIk Ibrnsue
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1.1. S. rtV , ntrUakwt, Ban,
The Kiowa !Uk!J,iriorPiJs
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UKUri) I qiilrlirelleftmlcureiwon
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run, sa. a. u. uuuu's ions, su a, auuu, tu.
I f HIVHVOKIt, WMhlnglmi, IT. O., they
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XVUU fell, henoe lb la uniin Milan too
lee f rereal leatleua reelakes,
lur lb etnu ptiaipaia or
Mae-nieeeNl teriual eioli
aarU elerleea laaaalvri
eaarlraa IrtlMee verlaUae,
plriadl a berl aorta,
rarjaeeealy eeeuUni! flower aeaJa
ii i mi aiaoa, auia la a.iiatuana uitaaaaaa
lapllvala four haaru,
Mat Mitt
vllaaur graal
:aitrai4 riant ana Ba Calalef . lalllne oil
HUH. a uallar Oiaaa, roaal, ImJi
imua, Sfialti, tlnlaa SA al 6(1a., ala.. all
ar i o a,oa aea chia eotM.
Cauk, iMalilv.17 worth lf la an
piaaiar of lamaa ana Tarn, tawa,
W Ln oroeee, wie.
W. N. U. WICHITA NO. 91001.
Vbco Answering Adverllstiticnts Kindly
HtoMoo This Taper.
25c. 50c
win 0011 naanii - ----r
boy lodny, two ft bamee, jlJ
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