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Country Correspondence.
Mr, C, Dixon is hauling his wheat to
Mr.Currhas sold his cattle to Mr,
funk of Nickerson.
Mrs. George Snodgrass has been quite
tick with grip but is better at this writ
Messrs Stone and deist are engaged
to furnish violin music for the entertain
ment and box social nt the Enterprise
school house, Friday evening, Mnrch 1st
Mr. Harvey King nnd wife were visit
Ing ut Jlutchiiibon last week.
Mr. Curl Downs is training his young
horse to the sulky; going to trot him
At the fair next fall.
Mr. Burton Trostlc was visiting In
Enterprise, Sunday,
Misses Maud nnd Myrtle Gregg and
Avice Hatty visited the county seat Sat
urday. Art Bookless was visiting In Enter
prise Friday evening.
The Maguire school visited the Ijam
school on the afternoon of Washington's
birthday. A part of the afternoon was
taken up by an interesting program pre
pared by the Ijnuis school, after which
a while was spent in ciphering. An en
tertaining time is reported.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maguire enter
tained a number of friends on Wash
ington's birthday. Let us hear from
others who commemorated the 169th an
niversary of him who was "first in war,
first in peace nnd first in the hearts of
bis countrymen,"
Joseph Hill went over into into Valley
township last week nnd helped his
brother Fred shell corn.
John Dealy has been seriously sick
with pneumonia.
We understand there are some casus
of the mumps around here.
Ed Bacon has employed a new hired
man by the name of Otto Moore.
A. L. Selgrist shelled corn last week.
Corn shelling is more of a curiosity this
.Walter Splaine has been under the
weather, nursing a case of grip, but is
now better. B, A. Cohresi'ONDknt.
Current events a little scarce this week
Most of our citizens are attending sales.
Sam Hill's fine hog sale was a decided
success. Prices bid were from 20 to f.15
each for best porkers. Buyers from Mc
Pherson and other counties were inves
tors. Judson Stewart is teaching School
near Arlington.
A conumdrum for the young folks. A
young man who seemed to be in earnest
took a young "school marm" to the opera
last Friday night. Who are the parties?
Billie Moore is going to monkeying
again. At least he bought .1 big mon
key wrench at the sale the other day.
Miss Carrie Young went home to visit
her folks near Pretty Prairlelast Satur
day and Sunday.
Mrs, Geo. Mclver and children are
visiting her parents D. M. Stewart and
family this week,
Tom Khinchcart nnd family also Mrs,
Hadley nnd Mrs. Umstot were guests of
D. M. Steward and family last Sunday,
Zimrl Ramlle and family were visiting
at Ralph Getters Sunday.
Mr. J. C. Moore who has been Superin
tendent of the Harmony Babtist Sun
day school for more than a decade bid
adicw to both church and Sunday school
last Sunday. It was to many a sad part
ing as Mr, nnd Mrs, Moore have been,
so closely connected with the people of
Harmony for many years nnd will be
greatly missed by all who knew them,
They started on Tuesday to Oregon to
make it their future homo owing to Mrs.
Moore's ill health,
Mrs, Nation and George Washington
are Ihu only two American citizens who
have acquired fame by using hatchets.
However we believe Mrs. Nation has
probably done more good than little
George did with his little hatchet but
perhaps this is a dcbatcable question.
His example of honesty has no doubt
imprcHScd American youth with idea of
That bill before Congress making
silver dollars redeemable in gold which
is being pushed by leaders of the admin
istration is a contradict ion of the em.
phetic declaration made by the republi
can party a few years ago favoring both
gold and silver.
To the jointist Carry Nation and con
sternation arc synonyms.
W. S, Yeager, former county clerk of
this county, now of Wichita, is here at'
tending the funeral of W. J. Yeager, his
grand father,
The fttrnal of "Uncle Billy Yeager,"
W.J. Yeager, was held at the M. F.
church Friday, 22, the G. A. R. in charge
After the sermon by Rev. Mann the in
tcrment occurred at the Iluntsville cem
Mrs. Bennett, secretary for the order
(of Eastern Star, left Monday of last week
lor Wichita to attend a meeting of the
Masonic home directory,
Wm, Miles has begun building a res
idence in the south part of town.
The residences of Dr. Bauer and Mr.
Jergerson are rapidly reaching comple
tion. The saloonists of Kansas are seeking
their holes like frightened rats. Under
the new prohibition law their business
will melt away like1 snow in a summer
sun. '
Sylvia is now on the "dry list."
J, E. Kirk is In Okluhoma collecting
for Fair & Shank,
Frank McKeo was visiting his brother
here the last of the week who has been
laid up up with rheumatism 'and &
grippe. Kev. G. Lowther, of McPherson, lec
tures at the M. K. church Wednesday
February 27th,
Santa Fc agent, J. W. Brown moved
his family from I.arned the first of the
week, lie has bought the J, I'.. Kirk
property and now occupies it.
Plevna is a dry town since last Mon
day of last week.
Mrs. Delia Sharpley has a Gordiun
knot for the district court to untie.
Our marshal had a chase after a sup
posed horse thieves last week.
C. R, Ray's school, Obee District 23,
has been postponed until March 4th,
Mr. Ray is slowing gaining strength and
will perhaps by that time be able to re
sume his labors.
Mr. J. F. Hock who commenced his
school In District 7 and taught for four
months, is very low with typhoid fever.
His brother is also very low and has
been for two months with the same dis-
Mr. I., C. Mclver will give a box so
cial at his school in District 150 next
Wednesday night February 281I1.
The association at Arlington was
poorly attended last Saturday night, It
seemed to lack proper management,
Lack of professional interest was also In
evidence. The patrons in this associa
tion district should investigate
the records of teachers in this district be
fore giving them a second contract.
Some of them have been faithful, but
some others have manifested a painful
lack of the proper spirit. This condi
tion should not occur again.
W. A. Cole was a visitor In Hutchin
son Sunday,
The following extracts are from a cir
cular issued by Superintendent Dnyhoff:
Essay anu declamation contest:
"These contests I presume have been
held in the several school districts, al
though several pupils have complained
that thi. teacher failed to notify them.
Dear teacher dose this hit you? The
date for these contests will be March 16,
at 7:30 p, m,, at the following named
places: South Hutchinson, Emma Clark
manager; Haven, Cassie Dunn, mana
ger; Pretty Prairie, Delbert Smith, man
ager; Arlington, T. F, Kabler, manager;
Partridge, J. F. Croft, manager; Turon,
a, v. Hamilton, manager; Iluntsville
Austin Jenkins, manager.
The date of the final contest has been
changed to April 6th. The place will
be Partridge instead of Hutchinson.
Please report results of these contests
to the county superintendent just ns soon
as over. Teacher should advertise these
Common school examinations will be
held March oth and 16th beginning at
3 a. in.
On March jth will be submitted Orth
ography, reading penmanship, geography
physiology and Observation work. The
last named is compulsory with the rest.
Arithmetic, grammar, civil government,
history, and current events, will be sub
mitted March iGtli. The Nickerson
Normal College offers the following
scholarships: First, to the students
making the highest adverage, Second,
to the student making next highest aver
age. Third, fourth and fifth to those
ranking in order respectively, These
scholarships are open to Eighth and
Ninth grade pupils. Those holding dip
lomas granted in ii;oo are entitled to
compete. The Nickerson Normal Col
lego has had a wonderful growth during
the past year. I hope every pupil en
titled to try for these valuable prizes
will do so.
The Normal Institute will be held in
June, beginning on the 3rd, and closing
on the 2S1I1. The examination will be
held July 1st and 2nd. The reading
circle work will receive special attention
at this time. All persons having taught
in the county during the school year
ending June 30, upi, will be required to
pass a reasonable examination In this
work. No exceptions will be made.
The last county association will be
held in Hutchinson at Central school
building, March 23rd, 1 :3o p. m. Watch
papers for complete program. Let us
close up the year's work by a large at
tendance at this meeting, Some are be
hind with association fee. Please send
this in at once.
What have you done to help your
school along the line of school libraries?
If you have n library please add a few
voluins, If your school is without this
valuable aid, you should add .1 library at
once. Close up your school in 03 good
condition as possible. I thank you for
the interest you have manifested during
the past year, and trust you will be found
at your post of duty better prepared
than ever to fulfill the cilices of vdur
I ' -I. II! '
iiign caning.
Funnier Than Clrous.
SI Plunkard and hit farmers will be
at the Shaw Thcnter Saturday, March 3.
Si will bring his famous farmers' band
nnd show you city chaps the pride of
Fairview. Si says, "Gosh, him and his
buglers are right In It," and will parade
about noon, rain or shine, no difference,
cause all him and his boys havo got to
do is tuck their trowsers In their boots
and wade in the mud knee deep, "Si"
will' lead the bund whistling "the mock
ing bird," o don't fall to see this novel
and amusing street parade,
That accidents are largely responsible
ble for many of the ludicrous sltuutions
one sees portrayed in comedies of the
present day, is generally conceded.
This is particularly true of tho Hnyt
skites. In that masterpiece of that
prince of farce writers, "A Hole in the
Ground," which comes to the Shaw
theatre tonight, Thursday the :8th, the
curtain situation in the second act Is due
wholly to an accident of this nature
The scene represents the lntcrior-of a
railway station In one of the small
towns of Vermont. The bell was
sounded announcing the departure of
the train. Just as the passengers are
about to leave the station, the "stranger"
dressed in his red undershirt, nnd carry
ing the rest of his upper clothing in his
hand. The reason the situation was in
troduced was due to a frightened
plumber. When Hoyt was rehearsing
for the first time "A Hole in the Ground'
he was sitting in front with one of hit
former fellow workers on a Boston news
paper. "How do you wind up this scene
Charlie," asked the journalist. "Wilh
the regulation linale, chorus, but it don't
quite strike me as being strong enough.
What I want is a good strong comedy
climax to bring the curtain down," an
swered Hoyt. At that moment the
chorus assembled, and ns they began
dancing the number, there emerged
through a trap door in the center of the
stage a grimy plumber arrayed in the
conventional plumber makeup except
ng that he wore a red shirt instead of a
jumper. The women screamed and ran
about and the men, including Hoyt and
his friend, were nearly convulsed with
the humor of the situation. The re
hearsal was called off and the plumber
volunteered the following explanation:
He had gone below to change his shirt.
Hearing the noise made by the dancing
chorus he concluded the theatre was
afire, under which condition most men
are not apt to waste much time on the
matter of propriety in dress. Hoyt saw
the point, and applied it dextrously,
A Most Liberal Offer,
All our farmer readers should take
advantage of the unprecedented dub
bins offer we this year make, which In
cludes with this paper The Kansas
City Live Stock Indicator, Its apeulul
Farmers' Institute Edition and The
Poultry Farmer. Iheae three publi
cations are the beBt of tbolr class and
should be In every farm home. To
them we add, for local, county and
general news, our own paper, and
make the four one year only $1,25,
Never before was so much superior
reading mutter offered for so small an
amount of money. The three pirers
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er's favorable attention upon mere
mention. The Kansas City Live
Stock Indicator is the great agricul
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The poultry Farmer Is the most prac
tical poultry paper for the farmer,
while The Special Farmers' Institute
Editions are tbe most practical publi
cations for the promotion of good farm
ing ever published. Take advitntngo
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this olllce,
Croat ClubblnB Offer.
There la no better farm and stock
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bus, which gave its renders dining the
past year fll2 pages of eelect and prac
tical matter covering every varied In
terest of the farmer and hia family and
the agricultural and live stock industry
of the West. Any one of its "Twen
tieth Century Specials," to be Issued
during mill, will bo worth the nnuiial
subscription price of one dollar a year
Sample copy free. Clubbed with the
Gazuttf,, Doth one year for only SI 50
iHrvtliiK, Urnml l.oilgu A.O. V. W.
To bo held nt Leavenworth. For this occa
sion tho Mlnsontl Paella will aril tickets to
Leuvmiworlh amt roturn ut rato of tt1.G3. Daton
of 111I0 Foninry 8 1ml to tPith Inclusive, good to
return March "til. P. J, Lelmbarb, Acnt.
Tbe Great Ilock Island Route is pluo
Ing interchangeable mileage books 00
bo at aleall oupon offices west of Mis
souri River. These books are good on
37 different railroads and will be a
great advantago to commercial men
and travellers. The net rute is
per mile In Kansas, Missouri, Nebrusk,
Oklahoma and Indian Territory.
Nflllrrn Kale Vim Fork Inland route
To Helena, llutte, Anuooiiilii, Missoula nnd
Kalispell, Mont. Ojrdon and Suit l.ako. I'tiih
and intermediate, points f:.'i:Mior t in. I'm- Un
round trip. To all point In Montaim, Idaho,
Walilni;ion.iOrcir'H and llrltMi Columlila went
of Helena, Iliille, IHIbhoiiIii, Kallapell unit I'ol'ii
tclloS'.'S.luorSlS, (10 for tho round trlii. tie.knis
on aalo Fen. IS, 111, and March ,"th, mh, lllfh
and i'.th also April S, H.,11), !5J, and Hotli, lor pur
tk'Ulnr cull on or address K, (', Visitor Agent
Kanmu City, PVb, 2iJ.-CuUlH-rteo.lpla,
1,914; iiilvi-H, Till irmrkiH wax Hleiuly
to Mtruiitf 1111 beat heavy Hteera und hIiiw
oil lluhl nnd medium weight Hleer, Hup
roHHiitiitlve miles;
I'rlcolNn.Av. l'rlooNo,Av.
5. Id
f 40
f IX)
I7.TI fl Hi
an KM
tui nw
11 tun
:i run
4:i ilKhl
11 111W
;i wm
.infill SRI
...U'lli 4. SO
...nil fa
,,,1L"U lift
. . . ) j .: 4. 10
win :1,1m
1 can 710 3 40
2.1 mh 4 1 m ma
Imk Till s.7u I
36 lir.li 5,:in I II IIS.'
17 HlK til f li I 2i! Hik i."l
61 for sTm fun I 3 fur IIUI
J hi k 7n:i !l,m I 3 f.u- II1'
4 M
(HI Mil 4.I7W l!H II7H il.711
80 Ti.;i ll.'.u I :'7 71IS a. 10
72 771 4,4" tfl
411 LI' I 4, mi 1!) 1171
t'H yr, 4 n t 1 Sin
40 Wi Xslt I WW
04 1:1:3 4 mi I
1U Ark Kit 2,70 I 1 Ark 7il5
I 10
;i r,n
as h.Ui...
, 777 4.11
7r.J fW
HMl il,7S
tu :um
a. on
4 fin
f 14
...12WI 4,110 I H,
...m:u .'iw a
,..i".i.'i l'.i.ii a
,,, mo vi ! a
...MM 47'i! a
1 10. .
...I 4. ftl I !)..
. . . 1 il- 1 4. in in,.
,,, ida 4. aft 1 a..
rum 4, Kit
IIIKI 4, m
mo 4 as
1U7 .'i.in
2 Mm H.S!i I 0 KM 3.75
a n;o s.iia 1 1:1 111 :1,1m
17 i:a 3.311 I a etu '01 :t ar
4 sriii a.mi I a w a.an
IliiKK-lti'i HplH, PUIS, Tim iiimkw witi
Bli'iuly to Hiroiur, clunltig dull. Jt.'pri-xcrit-ntlvo
111.. '.'Ml
71.. 372
ITi.Sn I
5 Hi
Prion, ;No.
fiN..24l J.vri0
Ml,. 31 1
17.. 337
IW,. 3113
30. .313
ft.. 170
7:1.. PIS
5 40
Jl' . .115
5. 15
0. 1 r,
I 7U..I33
11 1,1
H h-i'Ii Hwi'lnlH, 6.15:1. Til" market win
ateuily to Id cunta lower, HepivrnMiiutlv
M N.M.I. . 71 $3.nn
11 liimliK...113 tl.s.1
50.1 N.M.y., M 4.70
331 Cnl.e.,,, SI D.7H
S2 Cnl.e.... 117 3.25
II IlllllliH.. 113 4.7:.
.17 old C.e.. H7 3 M
2i lk,e,,. 114 a.no
Cblrnuo I.lvn Stock.
Chlnmn, Kol). aH.-Cnllli'-Ilec'elplK, It..
50(1. Oood to prim" pteern, .VVK
HMckcrH nnd feedorx, 12.7iVi4.50; Texea fed
teem, I.U0'(I4.IK),
Hcin RiMeliitu, Mixed nnd
butrlitm, 5.lu'ifi.i'0; hulk of anion, t,",.5UiJ
Bheep-rteoolplK, 14.000. flood to oholon
Wi'tlHTH, 14,iHMifil3: weHtorn ahecp, $l.00fi
4.00; nutlvo lutnliH, $l,3t45.2!i.
Bt. I.onlx t.lvf Stoek.
St. I.nula, Feb. 2'i.-Cnttle HeeolptK. t,
300. Nmlve Hteorx. S3l.ri04jS.Ni; aluokera
nnd feodorn, 2, 401( 1.55; Texan und Indian
Hteorx, 3.l51i4.5.
IliiKH-HooolplH. 0,000. 1'Ikm nnd 1lliH,
J5.4ui5,53: liillohori'. IA.Bil4iG.tiS,
Blieep Hocelptx. (KM, Native muttons,
$4.0m'f4.:i3; lambx, If 5W; 4.6.1.
O in nil il 1,1 vb Stook,
Olimhfl, Teb. aO.-Cutlle-Heoelplx, 2,.
7C0. Nntlve beef xtoorx, $I.00.1i5,:Ti; woxiern
Hteorx, ::.7o',( I.Tio; Texox merrx, ::.mI'k:!..s.'ij
Ktnckeix and foeilerx, fi.3M l.lio.
Hoifx-Iteielpta, 11,200, Heuvy, l5.3Mi5.Wj
bulk of xnlox. $o.:ia!..()'5.30'.
Hlit'ep Itoii Ipln, (J.ilOO, Common and
atook xhoop, ;l,;i).3.sri; imnbH, 4.25'n5.oi).
Knuna City Cirnln.
Kkhkox City, Fob. 20. M'hent-Snli x by
anmplo on trnek:
llnrd-Nii. 2, (BlfiClo; No. 3, 117' illio.
Soft-No, 2. (!IK,i71Ho; Nn. :l, OtiitTOo.
Mixed Com No. 2, adis'iIlii'lti'; No, 3,
While Corn-No. 2, 37" W 37V : No. 3, 37e,
Mixed OutH No. 2, 20Vc; No. a, ai'i'd)
White Ontx-No. 2, 27'ie: No. 3, Srt'io.
Rye No. 2, nominally 6oe.
Pmlrle Ilay-$r,.0orri0.ft0; timothy, Ifl.OflfJ
10.5O; iilfall'n, $7.O0'n 10.00; clover, tS.OTXo !),00;
trnw, l.6O'y5.00.
(111 tin no Cnnh Grain,
ChlenKo, Feb. ail.-W'hent-No. 2 rod, TM
77e; No, 3, 73(fi7(lr; No. 2 hard winter, 72V4
?i7:l',io; No. 3, 7l',?i"3l,ir: No. 1 northern
Hprliiu, 7.1 77V: No. 3, (KliT.ic, Corn
No. 2. 3l',,ii(3!H!,i': No. 3. 3S-H1) 3He. Ontx
No. 2, S.I'H'iiWe; No. H. 2510.
Future: M'hent February, 7i,'fi7llVJe;
Mn red, 'iti'Hr; May, WoW,!!. Corn
Felinmry, Muruli. ati'Hei May, 410.
OntH Kebmury, 2IV May, 3,1V(3.V.1jO.
S. 1,0 u I ( ii li Ornln.
Bt. I.otilx. Fob. 2il. Wheat-No. 2 red
Caxll, elevator, 73(;o; Irurk, 7.11i73'4r; No,
i hard, 7Jo. Corn No. 2 riifh, 3S'.ie; track,
8!ii4l:i!iVao. Outx-No. 2 ensli, 2ti',ie; track,
27ii37'io; No, 2 white, 2.'i',ie,
Kunaiia City I'rodnee,
KiinmiH (,'lly, Feb. 30. HhKx Frexh, 15c
per 1 1 z .
lliilier Ci'oniiK ry, extra funey nopnra
tor, 2iV: IIihIh, 17e; dairy, funey, Kic;
pncklim Htorlt, lO'ie; northern olio.'ae,
12'.2o: Kunsiix und Mleoiirl, HU'O.
l'oullry J Ions, live, (i'jo; rnofttcrK, lli'if
30c rneh; Hprliw ohlel'.onx, 7'ioi cluoks,
yniinpt, 7':o; kooxo, ynuiift, lie; turkey lienx,
7e; younii tonix, Ho; old tnmx, 5e;
plKeonx, 75c iloz. Cholrn Hcnlded di'oi'scd
poultry In ubovo thexe prlrea.
Giiine Wild duckx, Mullnrd, redliendx,
nnd eanvnxlmolt, ii.WiWM per ilozen;
mixed, ll.oo'ol.ari; rulibltx. :Hic; xiiiilrrelx,
I'otntneH Home Rrmvn, 3jii45e; Colora
do, 7rdSoe; northern, 454i'50e; awootx, 2jfJ
3.10 bit: xeed Htoek. Kaw, i4jc; H. Dakota,
00c: Red river Btotk, 75o; liorHteni Tri
umph, tl.ixi.
Applox l''nney, J2.7iV(i,4.rifl per barrel,
Orniiherrlex, ys.OOITS.W) per barrel.
VoKetables Tomutoex, Cullfornla, $2.25
per orate, Nnvy henna, 2.2,KS2.30, Calibiige,
northern, $l.50Jil.75 per cwt. OiiIoiih, t.35
$1.50 tier hn. Ciicumberx, l2,(KXii3.UI) per
iloz. KfTB plnnt, Flnrldn, $3.00(ii2.50 per don.
Unbbnrd Hqiiuxh, Sl.OnWl.O) por cwt. Col.
orv. aoiifioc doz. Caullllowor, Tcxuu, $3.00
Then Took Her IIohIiiuiiI Homo,
Nillvlllo, X. J Feb. 28. Mrn. Km
urn. IliilioH crentoil (freiit. cxeitonieiit
In South Mlllvlllu by pnuihitliir Mrs.
Xiitlon In nmnsliiiiK' a Hnloon whioh ier
huslmiiil fiTiiiKMited. Armed with n
hnloliot she oiiloivil the ilnei unci
fiiiiinIioiI every lnittlo of lioci', nl'ter
wliloli she took her liiiubniul by the
nnn ti lid hustled him home,
Injured III mi Indlr.ir.t Train M'rerk.
Toledo, 0 Feb. 2fl. Ailvlcps ro
cehed here feoin (loshcn, lnd tiro to
the olTeet that :t0 persons were In
juvod. two fati'.lly, lint uoliiidy wns
billed, by the wivek (if llu Wuliush
passe mjcr train ut Millcrsburg1, Iud,
How Vara Ilia Orlppr.
Remain auietlv at hnmn nml intra
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy as di-
. .1 . . .i i . , .
rccicu unu a quicx recover it lure to
follow. That remedy counteracts any
tendency of the grip to result in pneu
monia, which is really the only serious
danger. Among the ten of thousundu
who hnve used it (or (rip not one cane
has ever been reported that did not re
cover. For tale by all druyjjints.
Our Ramnrkabla Clublng Offar,
1'robnbly the bent weekly rjuper for
our reader In thin Smm for ftoneial
rending and hkwh Id the Katmus City
Times. Tbe Times ia making it apeclnl
ettort to increusH the circulation of ila
weekly nnd the Qa.httm la anxious to
urn kit Ita entire list paid in advance.
We have theiofore rteitliliid to offer to
all our readura the Weekly Times free
for one year to all who will pay up nil
back accounts and a ear In advance
on thoGHZUTTic. This gives you the
two papera at the prlco of the one.
A Till It l VICTIM. "
lolin rtollu T ikenfroni Jullaud llnnefd at
lloonavlllii, Ind.
Iloonvllle, lnd Dec. 17. John IWlla,
tho ilhlid or the colld'ed men dmpli.
cau'il in l!io iiiiinler of llolllfl k...iHHi
was htiiifr to tree 'In the cuiirtliotmo
y ii I'd by ii inuli of about ion men from
ItcH'lqiurt, ni lii.'io o'clock tlila evening,
XiH i Hhil wuih tired, uml everyithliif
wax cjudnoti'd km iii1etly hh If -i he ex
ecu I Ion hail tteert one iimliT nuiictlou
oif thn law,
ItoHa wtiM Uroiiffh't ta this iiee Ilili4
aftenioon about 11 o'clnek In (iluti'ifi' of
KherulfT Aiideraini of Itlckprirt. I'puu
h.is n i' rh nl he uas placed In a cell ou
the M'coml Hour of the J . i II, and his
pn-sotice wua KnovMl tuly to a fovv
A few mLiiiile after (1 o'clock a body
of men munched tliroii;h the nrlncJpul
ttreclt of tin! 'town to the jmll and de.
liKi'inlod tliail iih priaoner ba turucd
over to tt.
HheirJIV llPnjuunlii Hudson wjx not
of imv'ii uml hlo d'iuiy, .liii.vmond
Cherry, was lit cli'ai'uu Of the jail, lie
had heard Ihti't a moli was on lis w.iy
here, and at ince made an effort, to
(reit the prisoner nul of town and Hake
liliii to KMinsyllle. but before this
could be accomplished it lie mob had
arrived and the futility of rhe'aUeitpt
became apparent.
He deelliu'd to tflve up the keyH to
th Jail, nnd the iiienilicn'i of 'ihe mob
at ouee beeani ito battel' In ithe 4nU
of itho Jalll 'With .telegraph pule,
which was handled by a dozen or
more men. As anon as a hole large
enough to iiin5t the body of a mini
was balMe-red through.. Hhe wall, six
member of the mob crawled through
wl'th sledge hammer and broke down
ithe dmr of Itollo'a cell. Inside the
Jsiiii the 'iieuio could hoar thn noinida
of tho bait toeing rum as H pounded
down 'the wall, and lie lay iixmi tho
floor in his In nn ngnny of fear.
When 'Iho men reached Ida eel! be
protected lulu innicMiee in loud limes,
begging piioously to bu spared. The
men worklmr i' dorr of 'the cell
nilglit. have boon deaf, Judging by the
nitciiMilon 'i hey paJd to the wiallinff of
the negro,
J.l'L'tlo .I'lme wtw used In breaking
into K ho edl, ii ml very mon the
thoroughly teironieit uegro wis In
Iho hands of his executioners. who
placed a ropo uroiind hla -nvelt. All
left, crawling again through the hole
by which they had emtered, dragging
tho negro after them.
A few niiuuiics' time ms consumed
in the iiKiuvh to ithe j.nil yard, where
1'he rope was thrown over tho limb of
a trc and a hundred willing handa
pulled the rope and sent ih negro's
body llylpg Into the air. The loose
end of 'the rope va tied to ai tree and
ea soon n 'the members of 'the mob
was sure 'that their work had been
completed they left in as quUtt.
manner ns 'they entered 'the town.
The contract for furnishing the
quartermaster's department of the
United Stntes ormy with 1,000,009
yards of khaki cloth was awarded
Wednesday io the American Khaki
Miils nt 22 centB a yard. There were
two other bidders John Wannamaker
nud Boesneck, IiroeBel & Co.
Agents Wanted Men or Women,
pleasant work, big money. Wrttte i
once. American Jlereun'tlle, 705 and
703 Wall streert, KaiiEias City, Mo.
A color expert declnres that a pure
rhito flower does not exist.
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A. A. LESUEUR, Editor.
The greatest metropolitan democratic weekly which has ever en
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report, to its incomparable news service, to its fearless editorial page,
to US complete new ivuuiiua.
.! .11 3 ..rtnat In
With Tiir IIi;tciunhon Oazkttb, to
navance, X
, (VrtRNATIllNAt
k. A..,l,d 25.000 NEW WORDS. Phra., Etc.
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Iro, luavlnv (likat'o via hantH he llnuie
IMi. n nun jt). IUjI, I.niurluui aiei lal tialo
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Pafies 5000 Illustration
1 ,

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